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Hi! I wanted to know about your headcanons on the Hamilsquad (plus GWash, TJeffs, and JMads)'s reaction to an S/O who's scared of horror movies? I'm writing a story with a scene like this and I'd love to hear your headcanons! ❤

Alex: He would be confused as to why their S/O is scared. They’d tell them that it’s fake, and there’s really nothing to be scared of. He’d be calling all the characters stupid, and make loud commentaries that would distract you from the scariness of the movie. 

John: He’d be a freaking tease. When he finds out, he’d literally be the bf to scare you in the middle of the movie. It’s annoying, but you get the last laugh when at the final jumpscare, he screams and jumps along with you. 

Laf: He’s scared along with you. He’ll pretend to be the hero, but when it comes down to it, he would pee his pants in fear. You would be clutching each other throughout the whole movie until one of you would finally stop the movie, and watch a rom com instead. 

Herc: Indifferent. There’s something about horror movies that doesn’t do anything to him. He would sob for days when a puppy dies (I mean, who doesn’t right??), but with gore and horror, he’s like meh… He wouldn’t do anything during the movie tbh. He’d comfort his S/O when they’re extremely scared, but don’t expect him to be spending hours debunking all the horror cliches. 

G. Wash: Similar to Herc, he’d defs be indifferent to the horror movie. He’s more of the analytic guy so while you’re watching, he’d had 20 different escape routes that the characters could’ve done. He wouldn’t comment on it though (he’s a silent observer). He’d tell you if you were really scared, and unlike Herc he would be willing to spend hours explaining why you had nothing to be afraid of. 

T. Jeffs: He’s a mix of John and Laf. He’d laugh at you at the beginning, but he would really get into the movie. While he’s really into it, leaning into the screen, you’d jump on his back making him scream like a banshee. You may or may not have recorded it all on your phone, and used it as blackmail. After you stopped laughing, he’d grab you for a payback… in the bedroom. 

Honestly, I’m drawing a blank for J. Mads :/ Sorry about that, friend! I really can’t think of any headcannons for him bc I don’t know much about his character. But I hope you draw some inspiration from this (and tag me when you post your fic!). 

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Can you do a Tyler Joseph imagine were you are having insomnia really bad one night and you end up having a horrible anxiety attack but Tyler (your boyfrend) helps you get through it and it is all emotional and fluffy? Thank you!

ok so tbh i wrote half of this while sobbing bc of the msg show tonight so im sorry if its a mess, but here you go!


You stared at the clock and determined that if you fell asleep at this very second, you would get exactly four hours of sleep before your alarm clock went off.  You rolled over, yet again, this time on your back. You stared up at the ceiling fan, too afraid to close your eyes.  You watched as the blades spun round and round, hoping that the methodical motion would help you calm down.  Instead, your breathing becomes shallow and your head begins to spin.  

You sat up straight, curling your knees into your chest and resting your forehead on them.  Deep breathes, you remembered trying to ease your nausea.  Your head felt so full tonight.  Thoughts and voices bounced around.  There was an abundance of pressure built up inside.  It felt like you eyes might pop out at any second.  

Your mind raced about nonsensical things and you couldn’t shut it off.  

Stop freaking out, you tell yourself. What if Tyler wakes up and sees what a psycho you’re being? But you can’t stop.  The harder you try to steady your breathing, the more irregular it becomes.  You make a poor attempt to silence the choppy hitches your throat keeps making because the last thing you want is to wake up Tyler, sleeping so soundly beside you.  But you’re just restraining your breath even more, and pretty soon, your lungs are burning for oxygen.  

You inhale sharply and start rocking in the bed, pressing your forehead roughly against your kneecaps.


You exhale a shaky breathe.

The voice inside your head gets louder.


You rock harder.


The voice is screaming now.







You let out a choked sob that echoes through the room.    

You feel the bed shift beside you.

Now you’ve done it.

“Oh my god—“



He’ll be gone by the morning.

You reach around your legs and grip each shin with your hands, digging into the skin with your nails, trying to alleviate some of the pressure inside of you.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Tyler’s worried voice grows closer, but you can’t look up.  

“Babe, stop,” Tyler says and you feel his hands around your wrists, pulling them off from your legs.  You look up, tears falling down your cheeks and you stare down at your scratched flesh.  You broke the skin.  Small droplets of blood appear slowly in one spot and you stare, momentarily mesmerized by the brightness of it.  

Your face scrunches and your chest inverts.  Now that you’ve stopped rocking, there’s no alternative stimulation to distract you from your shallow breathing.  Why can’t you just inhale and exhale normally?  

You refuse to look at Tyler.  You can’t watch the horror brewing on his face once he realizes what a psychopath you are, so you press your head into your knees again and curl into a tight ball.  You compress every inch of your body that you can, wanting nothing more than to disappear into nothingness.  

But it doesn’t last.  

Something is gripping underneath your arms and pulling you backwards.  You don’t fight it.  Instead, you let your body unfold until it’s resting lightly in Tyler’s lap, cradled like a small child.  You press your face into the crook of his neck, hiding.

He has one hand on your back, rubbing lightly up and down.  The other is cupping your face, the pad of his thumb running up and down your cheek.

“Shh,” he’s whispering and he begins to rock side to side.  

Your lungs are on fire from holding your breath yet again.  Your body is so desperate for air that when you finally release the tension, you let out a gasp, followed by some hiccups.  

“Breathe,” he instructs softly, and you really do try.  But you’re so shaken and embarrassed that breathing turns into crying which turns into ugly sobs that rattle the room.  You don’t really know where it all came from, this sudden overwhelming intensity, but it hurts.  You reach out, clinging to any part of Tyler that you can find, because all you know is that you need him here.  

“I got you, I got you, I got you,” he says, pulling you closer and letting you grip his T-shirt in your fist.

“Tyler—“ is all you can manage to say between sobs.

“It’s okay, I’m here, baby.  I’m right here.”

So you ride it out.  And you ruin his shirt with your tears.  And he rocks you back and forth and kisses your hair and whispers soft, calming words of reassurance.  And when the crying finally stops, and your vision is no longer clouded by tears, you gently release the fistful of fabric you’d been clinging to and shift your head slightly so that you’re looking out at the bedroom.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper into the dark.

He doesn’t respond quite at first.  After a few seconds you start to doubt whether or not he’s heard you, but before you can repeat yourself, Tyler lets out a soft sigh.

“Don’t apologize—“

“You’re not mad?” you whisper softly.

“No,” you can feel his head shaking above you.  “No, I’m not mad.”

He takes a deep breath, “But I’m kind of worried.  Y/N, what was that?” he asks, pulling back, but only so that he can see your face.  

You break eye contact, embarrassed again, and start digging at one of your fingernails.  

“I get these— these panic attacks, I guess.  They used to happen more, like almost everyday.  Little stuff would trigger them like thinking too much about certain things or whatever.  But they stopped since—“ you sigh, “since I met you.  This one just came out of nowhere.  I’m sorry.”

Tyler’s face softens and he pulls you back into his chest, his arms wrapping around your body.  

“Please stop apologizing,” he insists.

You nod against him.

“What, uh, what triggered this one?” he asks quietly before starting to run his fingers through your hair.  

“I couldn’t sleep and I just started thinking too much,” you say honestly. “And then I started worrying about waking you up, and then I just couldn’t breathe.”

“You can wake me up,” he whispers, but it’s barely audible.


“Next time.  If this happens again, you can wake me up.  Before it gets bad, I can try to help.”

You nod.

You both readjust, Tyler scoots back so that his back is pressed against the headboard.  You curl up against him, letting your head fall on his chest.  He wraps you up again, and lets his fingers trace light patterns against your arm.  

You want nothing more than to fall into a deep sleep.  But your brain is weighing full of everything that had happened that night.  

Tyler senses your uneasiness.

“Still can’t sleep?”

You shake your head.  

The room then fills with the soft hum of Tyler’s voice as he starts to sing to you.  It’s raspy and tired, and you can’t help but marvel at how beautiful he sounds.  The dark thoughts that your mind had been brewing are replaced with a soft melody.  His voice.  His scent.  His touch.  All filling you up.  You close your eyes and take a deep breathe, inhaling everything that was just Tyler, Tyler, Tyler.  You close your eyes and exhale softly, your breath even.  You finally felt at peace.

i need youngmin and jaehwan and sewoon to debut ok i need it to carry on i need them to debut so i can stay sane i need them to debut so my acne will be cleared and so my crops will grow and so i can live my life without worrying ok listen them debuting is the equivalent of all m y dreams being fulfilled it will be tHAT moment of running through a field of dandelions with my arms wide open and i am smiling and the sun is shining down on me and i didn’t forget to put some spf on and i don’t sneeze because my allergies will be cured too do u understand??? i need youngmin and sewoon and jaehwan (lemme add in jisung and my bby sungwoon too) to debut! pls!

silent selfie with the forever mysterious guy *sigh*

Here’s the Dazai one! 

x___x; Idk how I suddenly went a little more….mmmm…deep? Something like that. But to be honest, I do feel Dazai is the kind of lover/significant other who would be more gentle and more affectionate - I mean, if you guys read some of my Dazai x Reader fics, I do portray him a little like that. 

That and I think I may have gotten a tad carried away with Dazai XD; Welp! I’m already planning to do more of these. Took a little while with this one because chores, then tried to construct the words properly and all. 

I hope, for some or most of you, Dazai lovers or not, you’ll find these helpful and brighten your days ahead.


Tampon breaker Namjoon :

Everything is under control for Namjoon and he planned his periods weeks in advance…well that’s what he wants to actually believe. He’ll skip out of work to get a massage and maybe break a couple of stuff along the way.Namjoon can’t open a pad package and always breaks tampons by accident. “ F*CK NOT AGAIN. I dropped it in the toilet again!!” You don’t even want to imagine how he’s supposed to put in the tampon.This montly week shall be a bloody hell for him. “ The best tip to survive your period is to only use Pads, cause tampons break…well in my hands that is”

Zen Yoga Master Jin :

He’s that one individual that never seems like he’s on his period, cause’ lets be real, Jin knows how to keep his pain with the various activities the does.He go swim and do some relaxing Yoga that’d stretch his abdomen and stop him for getting in pain.This dude is zen for seven days, except when it’s related to his food.Never steal food away from him, unless you want that fork to stab your face. “ You touch my food , I’ll bite your face off”. Jin’s best tip ; “ Bitch, If you want to survive,just stay away from me and my food or else I’ll send my eggs to haunt you”

Boob Pain Jimin :

Jimin is the type that’d start complaining about his period to his whole squad and even include his neighbourhood.Everyone knows that Jimin’s boobs are hurting when he’s in his period, cause’ he feels the need to share everything.Jimin gets moody and wants people to reassure him,which is why he shares his despair with everyone.He also gets extra clingy and wants more attention.He may also want Jungkook to give him a  boob massage *wink* “ Jungkook-ah… come here and massage hyung~ *perverted giggles*”

Melodrama Taehyung :

Ladies and gentlemen, you can grab yourself some pop corn cause’ you’re about to watch a melodrama. Tae turns into some crazy ass melodramatic person when he’s on his period. He watches romance movies while sobbing like there’s no tomorrow.He needs a hug and a mug of  hot chocolate tbh.  “ Why do everyone ships jikook so much?! I spotted Jungkook first.Jungkook probably don’t even like me back * sobs* ITS BECAUSE I’M UGLYYYYY …I’m bleeding and my hair looks like shit *le cries*…F*ck, now my cramps are back *cries even harder*”

Unconfident Jungkook :

Kookie is probably the unlucky one out of the squad that happens to have his period dripping in his pants during math class.Every time this horror movie happen in his pants, he can’t help but feel unconfident.He ain’t smug and acting all smirky with ppl anymore.He is extra sexually frustrated halfway the week passes by, cause’ his hormones act up in all impossible ways. “F*ck , Please help me to sign off from this. I want my active life back.I want to smirk and wreck bias lists again! Now I’m having cramps and I can’t even stand up.”


Hoseok would probably compare tampon and pad brands while telling stories of his past experiences with periods to all of his friends.He ain’t ashamed and is taking this week pretty good .“ OMG GURRRLLLL, I RELATE SO MUCH!! You know when it suddenly starts leaking  when you’re in a public place or again when you sneeze and it s like a f*cking river down your pants.OMFG BRUH.I can’t even  ”. He gives way too much information about what’s going on down there and you don’t really want to know * hides in a corner*

Cramping Yoongi :

Yoongi can’t find a proper position to sleep now, because his cramps are killing him. He cannot sleep and that is making him moody af.You better avoid him at all costs or else it might cost your dear life. Also do not buy him the wrong brand of pads, cause’ the day you do so, it’s your f*cking death. “ I ASKED FOR Always maxi pads not f*cking cheap KOTEX,Do you want to become as bloody as my pads? NO? WELL GET YOUR F*CKING ASS TO BUY THE RIGHT BRAND”

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spotify ads annoy me so much like if im in the middle of sobbing while listening to dear evan hansen i dO NOT APPRECIATE IT WHEN YOU PEER PRESSURE ME INTO BUYING SPOTIFY PREMIUM LIKE MAYBE I DONT WANT TO PLAY ANY SONG ANY TIME I LIKE DID YOU EVER THINK ABOUT THAT SPOTIFY, HUH?

and no im cheap so i aint spending money on premium i will sit through the ads and watch my sanity slowly slip away if thats what it takes

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If the girls receive their first win from this (a girl can dream right lol) I'm going to sob for all the members who reasonably moved on but put all their heart and soul into this group while they were active, it's been such a long time coming and every single member, past and present, has/had been through hell :(....a first win would be bittersweet at this point tbh

Yeah I know what you mean, they should have won years ago, so if they do win this time around then I’ll feel bad for the ones who left before getting what they deserved…

But, I figure a win for 9muses in any form is a win for all past and present members! And I’m sure the former members will be happy for the current lineup :)

Either way, I’m saving up my money starting now!

Alex Danvers and her Alien Dad

Okay y’all, buckle up and get ready for some feels. 

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Meet Alex Danvers.  As of S2, she has come out as Gay (SHE IS LESBIAN, FIGHT ME ON THIS)

She has a sister named Kara Danvers (Kara Zor-El), who is Supergirl, Superman’s cousin. 

Alex’s father died when she was in her childhood.  She grew older without Jeremiah Danvers, and became strong.  She has a Doctorate, and she does BioEngineering AND she is a field agent with the DEO. 

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This is Hank Henshaw - Also J’onn J’onzz.  J’onn is the last Son of Mars, and has morphed in to look like Hank Henshaw, a man who tried to kill him.  J’onn is the director of DEO.

He’s also the one who seems to be the closest this to a father Alex has right now. I mean, look at this girl, trying to hand off Thanksgiving Leftovers to J’onn at the DEO. 

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And you have to remember, J’onn took the blame for Astra’s death after they realized that yes, Kara would be absolutely pissed.  Alex was so messed up emotionally, and so was Kara.  But J’onn took the blame and held strong, and he took the emotional outlash from Kara when the adult got angry. 

And when he realized that Alex was going to let the cat out of the bag, because she couldn’t hold it in anymore, he tried to stop Alex because honestly, that’s kinda what a father does.  I know that my dad, an amazing Retired Marine, tries to keep me from doing shit that could be seen as stupid as hell. (TBH, Alex was a little stupid. Kara was struggling with it all, and she was kinda dangerous at that time.)

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Thankfully it all turned out okay, and Kara just held her sister while she sobbed, because honestly, that’s what sisters do.  

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And there’s our part alien, part human family right there. Kara reached out and grabbed on to J’onn as he tried to leave, to allow Alex and Kara a moment or two. 

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Another from that Scene.  

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And then there was the time that Alex brought J’onn some candy bars and snacks because he was locked up.  And she knew his favorite.  

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I wish Meddy had a syringe as a secondary standard weapon tbh like a sword or something—

also added some random stuff to her desgin??? like ribbons and frills eeeee

I don’t think anyone will ever understand how much I love and adore this boy.

Min fucking Yoongi.

Lord, I get emotional just thinking about it.

Yoongi does so much for ARMY ( I think it was his birthday, correct me if I’m wrong, and there was a fan sign so he decided to give fans some treats and a hand written note. He worked on that for a couple days until the meet up) ksodkdndm

Tbh, he’s boyfriend material. Yoongi is quiet yet loud at the same time. You can liTTERALLY DO ANYTHING AROUND HIM AND HE’LL FIND IT ADORABLE IM SURE ugh he hurts my heart. I was actually sobbing while making this bc he’s too pure for this world and he makes me cry okay I’m done 😂😂

remember that heartbreaking episode of grey’s anatomy after denny died when izzie just laid on the bathroom floor in her prom dress for days because she couldn’t bear to even move?

i want a fic where scott does the same thing. where after allison dies he goes home and locks himself in his bathroom and just cries. and he stays there for days, in the clothes covered in allison’s blood, laying on the bathroom floor because it hurts so much he can’t do anything else

and everyone comes to see him, tries to talk to him, but he won’t open the door for anyone. not his mom, not lydia, not kira, not isaac, not even derek. and he feels like a dick for it, because he knows they’re hurting too, but he just can’t bear for them to see him like this, all weak and raw and broken.

but then stiles finally shows up, and he says “i’m sorry i took so long to come see you, i was just…you know,” and scott gets the unspoken message loud and clear. that stiles blames himself for everything, for allison, and scott’s chest aches.

and he opens the door and lets him in, because it’s stiles, and stiles has seen him at his worst. he was there when scott fell off his bike and had to be rushed to the ER when they were nine, he was there when allison broke his heart the first time, he was there when his dad left him and his mom. he’s always worn his heart on his sleeve for stiles. 

so he lets him in and he sits back down on the floor, back leaning against the bathtub, and he doesn’t say a word, because he can’t. and stiles doesn’t say anything either, he just sits down next to scott and puts an arm around him and lets scott put his head on his shoulder and they just sit there in silence

and awhile later scott tells him “you don’t have to do this, stiles,” because he knows it’s stiles’ m.o. to talk his way through shitty situations and he feels bad for pulling him into this silent pity party

but stiles just shakes his head and says “first of all, i’d do anything for you, period, so don’t give me that. and second, i’m not just doing it for you. i miss her so much it feels like i’m dying, man.”

and then the brave face stiles had tried so hard to keep intact crumbles and he’s sobbing, and scott’s been there for so long that he’s all cried out but he reverses their roles and lets stiles lean into him and he holds him while he cries and his heart feels like it’s going to explode with how much he misses allison and how much he loves stiles

the signs as shit I've said about Dean O'Gorman
  • aries: I'm gonna talk about him every day of my life, I don't even care anymore. Try to stop me. I DON'T EVEN CARE ANYMORE.
  • taurus: I want him to keep the mustache for like a year and then when he shaves it off I want him to mail it to me
  • gemini: I just physically and emotionally and spiritually hate him so much
  • cancer: *sobbing while drinking wine* god I hate my life so much. He makes me hate my life. Why do I care so much about him? DONT YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HIM I LOVE HIS CROOKED NOSE. *cries*
  • leo: I just really need him to know that I'm alive, that I exist on this planet with him. I'm not even asking for a lot.
  • virgo: I have zero motivation for anything else in my life, but like if Dean would want me to do my laundry then I'm gonna do my laundry.
  • libra: tbh he could just like keep me in his house all day and I could just watch Netflix, like whatever he wants
  • sagittarius: I mean I would travel the world, like jet set super star status just to see his dumb face. i'm talking like ridiculous amounts of money. I would do terrible things to get the money. beautiful yet terrible things. unspeakable mostly but I'm willing. like I would just toss that money around like I was a rich heiress, like no fucking worries I would just follow him around everywhere in style.
  • capricorn: This song reminds me of Dean. All songs remind me of Dean. I'm in constant agony.
  • aquarius: someone should do a gofundme so I can meet him. like kickstart me meeting my fave.
  • pisces: I fucking hate those overalls. They're disgusting. But I love them. Should I tweet him? I'm gonna tweet him.
Blurb - Period Pains (4/4)

Like honest to god ashton would be so sweet and giggly and cuddly when he finally saw you when he got home after he was done recording and you’d just snap at him because cramps and he would be super confused like wut did I do. Then you’d just be like in the fetal position on the couch nearly sobbing and he’d put two and two together and realize it was your time of the month and he’d run into the kitchen and bring out your fav candy and plop down on the couch beside you and he’d rub your stomach to help ease your pain while you munched on the candy he gave you and sweet jesUS I NEED TO STOP

mmkay like michael tbh would be super oblivious at first. so he’d be so wrapped up in his video games that he wouldn’t notice how your 30 minute power nap somehow turned into 4 hours. Then he’d walk into your bed room and see you crying and he’d try to make you giggle with some lame joke yes, I’m thinking the titanic pick-up line one and it would get a chuckle out of you and you’d roll over to face him and he would run out to get the heating pad for you and then he’d hold you as you tried to relax yep. i’m done.

SOOOO luke my little cutie would be that clichéd guy and he’d see you in sweats and a messy bun on the couch and ask you a bajillion questions about how you were doing and seeing if it was your time of the month or if you were just having a rough day because he was super worried and you’d end up falling asleep bcuz period cramps + exhaustion = worst thing on earth and whenever you woke up, luke would be right there with a cheesy rom com that you loved with a pint of ice cream and two spoons and like a super large container of midol so you’d laugh and chug down a couple midol as luke cuddled you while watching the rom com ohmygod I need this to happen

finALLY calum SWEET LORD he would honestly catch you at like 2 am raiding the cabinets for midol while clutching you stomach for dear life but out of no where BAM calum shows up and is like wtf why are you up come back to bed and you just start sobbing bcuz pain and he is like oh crap what did I do and you start laughing bcuz Calum’s so confused and then you’re like I need midol more than you rn tbh and his eyes would go wide and be like babe shoot I’m so sorry are you ok and you’d be like mhm cool where’s the midol and he’d find it for you and then he would usher you back to bed and he would wrap his arms around you and rub your back while you tried to fall asleep again. CALUM WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MEEE