i was so underwhelmed by origins but now i have to buy this one!

Summary: Katniss Everdeen is in Manhattan for one night. Her wedding ring is off, and she’s planning to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

A/N: Modern AU. A one shot originally written for The Love Games. With many thanks to @fyeah-everlark for hosting, to my amazing betas and homegirls @dandelion-sunset, @jennagill, @myusernamehere, to everyone who read or voted for my story, and last but not least to the ridiculously talented @loving-mellark for making a banner that is, once again, way sexier than anything I could write. I don’t question how you do what you do… I’m just thankful for it. Ich liebe dich, chica. <3

Rated E for explicit language and sexual situations. 

Trigger warning: Infidelity

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“Excuse me, madam?”

Her gray eyes flit over to the source of the voice before making their way back to the window, looking out to the same spot where they’ve been anchored for the past twenty minutes, watching for some sign of him.    

She hates how obsequious and polite that voice is, how its owner is reduced to servile smiles and ingratiating nods and bows. Some part of her feels compelled to tell him to relax, that he’ll get his twenty percent, that no one should have to dehumanize themselves to earn their bread.

“Yes,” she answers instead, her eyes surveying the wintry scene outside, taking in the sight of the whirling eddies of snow floating languidly through the air and the taxis inching their way through the heavy evening traffic, crawling slower than the pedestrians slipping along on the icy sidewalk.

“Can I get you another glass of wine while you wait?”

She runs her thumb around the rim of the stemless glass, smudging the lipstick traces she’s left on it, and considers the question.

He’ll show up. She knows that. Of course he will. Why wouldn’t he? Unless something’s happened to—

No. She’s sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why he’s running late. He’s probably even texted her to explain. She bites the inside of her cheek, frustrated at herself for leaving her phone back in her hotel room. She’d just been so eager to get here—to see him—that she didn’t think to grab it as she dashed out the door. She imagines it on the bedside table, its screen uselessly lighting up the empty room with messages from him: I’m on my way. Hang on. I’m so sorry. Don’t run off with someone else. ;) And then, because it’s been far too long: I need to be inside you. I miss you

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readerofthewilderwest  asked:

Do you have any thoughts about the CEG finale?

oooh, plenty. since i haven’t done my second viewing yet and my thoughts are kinda scattered, i’ll just give you the random, unorganized bullet points:

  • biggest Mood: when will the writers remember that josh is one of the primary characters?? for an episode supposedly focused on rebecca atoning for past bad behavior, josh sure was slighted this episode. WHERE IS HIS CATHARSIS 
  • i’m still grappling with the fact that bringing trent back was not originally intended to exacerbate rebecca’s self-reflection. he’s Always been her foil (she’s the josh chan to his rebecca bunch), so of COURSE having him around is going to force her to confront the way she treated josh. or that would be the best way to utilize the character, anyway
  • the fact that they changed the story last minute probably improved what they already had, but it definitely didn’t do any favors for this Very Important arc. it was sloppy and last minute, which is a shame because that’s what the last half of the season should have been building to the entire time
  • the trend of them using nathaniel’s (way too) abundant screen time in the stupidest ways continued. the scene with the rug??? why??? i’m sure that time would have better served another character, but if they were gonna give it to nathaniel anyway, it should have been redistributed to how the fuck he got from ‘you’re not invited to my party’ to ‘rebecca i love you and i think you love me too’ because…when? where? why? how?
  • thank fucking god we’ll never see mona again, though. she had my sympathy and managed to be kiiiiiinda interesting, but we really don’t need her sucking up any time that could be dedicated to heather or valencia
  • the pregnancy plot conclusion felt SO WEIRD. it’s not like i actually wanted more of it (the finale was pretty crowded as it was) but there was so much buildup about the pain of childbirth and heather’s fear only to have us miss the whole process entirely. why?
  • rip my enthusiastic love* for maya. she got progressively more annoying this season (*i still love her, she’s just not a favorite anymore)
  • george though! i both laughed and felt a very protective fury when he called rebecca a stupid bitch. i don’t understand his devotion to nathaniel, but i certainly enjoy it
  • i found paula’s song underwhelming? i’m also a really squeamish person, so maybe the ick factor put me off. 
  • nothing is ever anyone’s fault was SO MUCH FUN. like. what a disaster, but a fun disaster because we, the audience, know it’s disastrous. also? it was beautifully performed. definitely scott’s best number since let’s have intercourse
  • paula’s story these past couple episodes has felt really off to me, and i did not enjoy it at all. first of all, her utter lack of concern for rebecca’s situation with trent – especially since he was being scary stalker and not his usual blend of amusing and off-putting but largely nonthreatening – seemed out of character. so too was her staunch position against scheming. i guess the law school angle made sense, but just in 3.08 she was unable to help herself. i’d buy that she did a lot of reflection in the eight month time jump, but that leaves a lot of inferring up to the audience. the story did not track well in the actual content we got. and i would have still liked to see paula reach her breaking point with rebecca, but, again, it would have come across better if they’d spent the entire back half of the season building to this big examination of past actions…maybe let paula have her own moment coming to terms with everything she did to help rebecca win josh. i just….so much of what happened wasn’t EARNED 
  • and, finally, the court room scene was way heavy-handed. i appreciate what the writers are doing, but it felt contrived to me. i kept expecting the judge to break into rebecca’s speech to be like ‘now isn’t the time just tell me how you plead’ and it was weird to see paula so proud? of the fact that rebecca’s probably going to prison?? like, i get the emotional balance they were trying to strike there, but it still felt a little strange. and, again, they might have been able to play this moment better if they’d spent more time working up to it. 
  • (the fact that they didn’t is largely nathaniel’s fault–mister plot monopolizer that he was–so way to go. u ruined everything u stupid bitch) 

I can remember buying this issue of Plastic Man at my regular 7-11, but I have no idea what possessed me to select this comic that week. Certainly, it’s a more typical and genuine jeopardy-laden cover image than one would usually expect to see on a PLASTIC MAN comic. It could simply be that I was expanding my horizons and trying something new. And while it’s a very fun comic book that holds a lot of appeal for me in the present, at the time I was underwhelmed by its silliness and overt cartoonyness. Like almost all nine-year-olds, I took my super heroes seriously and I expected the same from those who were writing and drawing the stories.

A pretty good indicator of what was to come is called out directly on the splash page, which touts the return of Carrot Man, the Vegetable King of Crime. I obviously hadn’t read his previous appearance, but I could tell right away that this pre-era Flaming Carrot wasn’t really to be taken seriously. Strangely, I didn’t have the same reaction to Plastic Man posing as a fire hydrant. Go figure.

Writer Steve Skeates and artist Ramona Fradon are clearly having a lot of fun with the material in this series, which is why it’s fondly recalled today. It stands among the best revivals of Plastic Man since the demise of the character’s originator, Jack Cole. The story opens with a roomful of Italian gangster stereotypes right out of the Godfather lamenting the fact that Plastic Man is working with the police and kiboshing their criminal activities. Things are so bad that Boss Annova (yes, really!) puts in a call to the greatest hit-man in mob history: Rice O’Rooney (again, yes, really!) Annova wants Plastic Man whacked, and O’Rooney has just the weapon for the job…

The weapon is the Snuffer, a cyborg killing machine that Rice O’Rooney keeps in suspended animation like the later-era Winter Soldier for those times when a murder really has to be special. And now, the Snuffer has been unleashed on Plastic Man. Unaware of what’s coming at him, the pliable policeman visits NBI headquarters and tries to get the Chief to take him off loan to the cops. But the NBI’s profile is pretty bad at this point, so the Chief needs the good P.R. that Plastic Man cleaning up crime provides. Elsewhere, Carrot Man smuggles himself out of prison amidst the refuse. Without his elongating agent, the Chief is forced to put Woozy Winks on the job of recapturing Carrot Man.

Out catching purse-snatchers and other lowlifes, Plastic Man is stalked by the Snuffer, who sprays our hero with a coating of lacquer, preventing him from stretching or changing shape. Powerless, Plas has no recourse but to flee the cyborg assassin. News reports clue Carrot Man in to the chase, and he’ll be damned if any other villain is going to wipe out his enemy Plastic Man, so he joins the parade–followed closely by the pursuing Woozy.

Eventually, Plas tires and is cornered by the Snuffer, who comes prepared with plastic-piercing pellets in order to rub out the ductile do-gooder. But before he can fire, on the rooftop above, Woozy tackles the observing Carrot Man, and the pair falls atop the Snuffer, he and Carrot Man head-butting each other into insensibility.

Not only does the impact knock out the Snuffer, but it also reverses the effects of a previous impact on Carrot man, one that turned him into a criminal in the first place. What’s more, the observing reporters have mistaken him for a super hero, so he gets the credit for saving Plastic Man, all memory of his former misdeeds forgotten. The Snuffer flips on Rice O’Rooney, resulting in his capture, and so Boss Annova is now sweating. But his day is apparently about to get even worse as a mysterious Kolonel Kool arrives to see him–one wearing goggles similar to Plastic Man’s, and a large, false beard. (This isn’t actually Plas, but fellow agent Foyle in disguise, and attempting to bring down the big boss as a way to restore his standing in the NBI. But I didn’t know that at the time.) The whole story is pretty absurd, but it’s infused with enough fun to make it all lively. Not really my cup of tea when I was nine years old, however.

Digimon Adventure tri. - Chapter 4: Loss | Thoughts

So … I thought it was pretty good? I did read a few spoilers and people seemed to think it was really, really bad. So maybe because I expected it to be so bad that when it wasn’t that bad, I thought it was pretty good? If I were to rank the films so far, from best to worst …

3 (Confession), 4 (Loss), 2 (Determination), 1 (Reunion).

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Title: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018)

Director: David Yates

Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, Zoë Kravitz, Callum Turner, Claudia Kim, William Nadylam, Kevin Guthrie, Jude Law, Johnny Depp

Brief Synopsis: Grindelwald has escaped and it’s a race to reach Credence first.

Review: I did not enjoy this movie.  Of course there are parts of it that I liked but more because it alluded to the Harry Potter series but sometimes even then they did it so cheesy.   And let’s talk about this title.  Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  There’s no flow to this title.  What does fantastic beasts have to do with this anymore?  Like the Lord of the Rings series having that continuous part in the title makes sense since it’s all about the rings. Harry is about Harry Potter. Percy Jackson is about Percy Jackson. This movie was not about Fantastic beasts.  Were there animals?  Yeah, but not in a way that convinces me that this should have that title any more than any other Harry Potter movie.  There was also a plot hole that really bothers me when it comes to bloodlines, you know, a really focused thing in these stories.  And the biggest thing that bothered me?  Nothing.  Happened. This isn’t like a plot in the overarching plot of the series.  This movie was set up for the next movie and I do not like that.  And the camera work was messy and difficult to follow.  I was getting nauseous early on in the movie and about halfway through, I gave up paying attention whenever they did the swirling and shaking cam.  The actors did do well.  The only good takeaway.  But even so, these scripts aren’t giving them much depth.  They are very basic characters without any deeper feelings.  We are expected to accept Newt’s presence in this story and although I like his demeaner and the actor does a fine job, but why is he here?  And it kind of just felt like they knew where they wanted to end up but didn’t have a clear idea as to how to get there.  *Spoilers from now on* Okay I don’t believe Queenie would go to the bad side.  Like they were trying to do the whole “people thinks she’s crazy” and that’s what drove her to it but she isn’t crazy in that way.  Like Bellatrix was crazy and bad but she was a psychopath, Queenie isn’t.  And theyre trying to make Grindelwald this bad guy and there was no real build up to it. Like he was showing stuff from WW2 as proof to be in control of muggles but none of that happened yet and then we have to believe that somehow they found someone who can tell the future (which isn’t that out there) AND somehow be able to show pictures for everyone else to see.  Unless that wasn’t been shown for the rally but for the movie audience and that just makes it worse.   Don’t spoon-feed us; trust that your audience will understand you or rewrite the scene.   .  Also, I’m supposed to buy that the way to defeat the holocaust is to enslave the whole muggle race?  And that Grindelwald was so convincing in one rally?  They are alluding to Hitler and all those types of people but that took a long time for them to build up a following.  And a huge plot hole is the Lestrange bloodline.  If that bloodline died at sea then how did Rodolphus Lestrange come to be? If there is an answer to this I would like to know it.  I was a little underwhelmed by the reveal as to what happened to the Lestrange baby.  It was so mundane and how can you not notice a different baby?  I just think that this movie series isn’t nearly as good as the original Harry Potter, even with its flaws.  It’s not as well thought out and that’s really disappointing.

Bionicle G2 Rant

It just feels bad.

G2 was not good. Like, the sets were good, better than most of G1’s offerings, but the story was overly simplistic, the Toa never really got to develop, the villains were uniformly underwhelming, etc, etc, etc.
But it was headed in interesting directions, there were some interesting ideas thrown out even with the basic-as-fuck lore, and on some level there was just this sense of comfort in knowing that Bionicle was a thing again.

So the cancellation was shitty on multiple levels. It turned out it was a rushed product with a messy and incomplete story bible; the advertising was poor, and there’s still this distinct lingering possibility hanging over our heads that maybe Bionicle just isn’t suited for the kids of today and was doomed from the start. But the real kicker is that even though I understand from an intellectual standpoint that Lego must have been hemorrhaging money to shut things down so relatively early and can’t blame them for making a sensible business decision, I’m still salty that they didn’t at least give us the three years they’d promised, and cut it down just as it was beginning to get interesting.

I know some people (not naming names) are legitimately happy it’s over, for whatever reason, but I think I’m entitled to respectfully disagree. G2 was a flawed mess, yes, but it was still Bionicle enough that I can’t honestly say its ending doesn’t make me feel bad.

Then there’s the matter of the community, ‘keeping Bionicle alive’ as I believe the saying goes. Pereki Animations and that “Struggle in the Drifts” short from ages back. Brickonicle and Bionicle Revolutions, however they may turn out. Nova Orbis and Reviving Bionicle. Project Afterman and that new Masks Of Power fangame. Etc, etc, etc. I’m of two minds there, and both make me feel equally like a shitty person for thinking that way.

On one hand, it doesn’t feel like enough. They’re all sporadic, limited by the creator’s time and ability, and so even if they pour their heart and soul into them, it’s a fleeting thing, not something I can reasonably expect to really last. Plus, with certain projects, there may be creative decisions made that I may not necessarily agree with, that sour the thing for me in the first place. (Here’s looking at you, Brickonicle and Revolutions) These people are pouring passion into these things, but I’m still looking a gift horse in the mouth.

And then on the other hand, I’m still upset when they move on. Nova Orbis has stalled because Nickon has been working on his original Graphic Novel (which tbh sounds pretty good and I want to buy.) Yet when given the choice between working on my G1 rewrite; or working on my own original projects, I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in going with the latter. Yet even if I’m trying to be understanding on an intellectual level, there’s still this selfish emotional double standard that has me wishing Nickon would just hurry up and get back onto Nova Orbis.

And then underneath all of that there’s another layer of bitterness. Why am I even so upset over a line of plastic toys for children in the first place? Sure, the argument could of course be made that I grew up with it, I have an emotional attachment to the characters, etc, etc, etc, and it’d be true. But… why do I feel the need to have Bionicle in my life all the time? In fact, when G1 ended, there was this initial disappointment, but I moved on relatively easily and got super into MLP and such for a while, remembering Bonkle fondly and still sometimes revisiting it, but not feeling too crappy over its ending. Now, though, over the death of a clearly inferior incarnation, I just feel so many different layers of bitterness and depression that it’s not even funny. No seriously, it’s not even funny, this is just pathetic.

But regardless, that’s the state of things at the moment. And it just won’t go away.

So anyhoo ...

The Flash’s story editors seem to think that they are creating tension and suspense by needlessly dragging out the big Savitar reveal, on top of under-developing the character. 

But I didn’t see the sense in it. Whoever Savitar is, especially if it turns out to be a version of Barry Allen, he should have been revealed before the show went on its monthlong break. Now we only have four episodes left to cram in Savitar’s true origins, motives, how his plan really came together, his relationship to Caitlyn, th team’s reaction and where they go from here. 

The story is going to be hurriedly smashed together to tie up the season, and it might end up in yet another cliffhanger that leaves someone in grave peril.

It was an underwhelming comeback episode, even with the new suit, and Mirror Master and Top’s intensified powers. 

And yet a few things stuck with me: 

Would Joe West be as pleased to reconcile with Barry Allen (from 2017 or 2024) if Barry were the one who killed Iris as Savitar? I doubt it. And even if Joe West didn’t know Savitar’s identity but Barry Allen did (and he knew it was an a different version of himself) wouldn’t he be just as wracked with guilt and confusion over so utterly failing the man who raised him under his roof? Somehow I can’t see the dynamic existing between them, as presented in “Once and Future Flash,” if that is the case. 

Good and pure Cisco. Still hanging on to the hope that his old friend will return to form, reunite the team and be the hero to Central City he was meant to be. Cisco and Iris have got to be the purest, most endearing characters on that show. 

This is why … 

Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow is dead to me now and forever. Watching Cisco’s gifted mechanical engineering hands disintegrate before his eyes was the final, FINAL straw for me. Of all Caitlin’s missteps, manipulations, betrayals and “I can’t, even if I wanted to,” I just cannot abide what she did to the boy who only loved and protected her from episode one. Cisco is the one who fell to pieces as Caitlin died. He tried to stop Julian from ripping off the dampening pendant because he knew Caitlin would rather die than to live as a monster. 

Or would she? Because back in 2017, out in the woods on the edge of town Killer Frost had only completely emerged for what, an hour? And it didn’t even take long for her to flip. Caitlin Snow was still prominent, and once Savitar came out of his suit, he connected with Caitlin as much as he did with her supposed dreaded alter ego. If Plastique and Magenta (and Wally, and Cisco and Barry) have taught us anything, it’s that metas all have a choice as to who they can be with their powers. This is who Caitlin is, and I don’t care if they write her the most incredible redemption arc, which they’re not capable of doing, BTW, I’m done with her. 

One other thing about 2024: I would have preferred a different version of grieving Barry. One buried under the surface of an affluent, selfish, tatted, motorcycle riding, jerk random hooking up with random women. (Or is that too much like Flashpoint Cisco?) Yeah. I mean, he could still have disconnected from everyone, shut down S.T.A.R. Labs, but it’s not believable that it’s in ruins one day and on the other the main computers are up and running again like old times. The Loft could be left intact because he won’t change anything in there or sub-lease it out to anyone because he just wants to buy the loft next to it and keep it the same. It would have just made things more poignant to see Barry indulge in selfish pursuits, seeing as how being an unselfish hero who always chooses the greater good actually cost him almost everyone that he holds dear. And then 2017 Barry could lecture him about how blowing everyone off, neglecting Joe and letting criminals run amok is no way to honor the memory of Iris for making him the man he was. Wouldn’t you have loved to see 2017 Barry backslap 2024 Barry after seeing some random girl do the walk of shame down the hall of their building? 

anonymous asked:

In Paris, Jamie is struggling to write with his tired, scarred hand. Claire volunteers to help write the letters he dictates, but that leaves his hands free to wander.

[Liv says: Ach! Apparently I need to pay closer attention…I misread your prompt, wrote the fic, and then…well, this happened. Hope you still enjoy!]

At the sound of a knock, Jamie allowed himself a moment’s respite from the day’s work. His hand throbbed, aching from a morning spent with quill and ink, and he tried shaking the stiffness from his joints. They popped and cracked before settling finally into a steady spasm that made him wince. Holding the bridge of his nose, he sighed.

“Come in, Sassenach.”

It’d be his wife, surely, come with her own copies of the documents – and maddeningly indisposed by the hour she’d spent writing them. He’d been hesitant to accept her aid, but then Claire could never be swayed when it came to matters of his health…

“Jamie,” she prodded earlier. “You’ve nearly thirty more to go. Let me help you.”

She shuffled through the pile of half-written rejects – each one ripped or crumpled in a burst of fury – until emerging at last with a completed page. Using it as a template, she quickly mirrored its contents in the margins without the slightest difficulty.  

“See?” she said. “I’ve forged handwriting often enough. No one will ever be the wiser.”

Jamie paused, torn between an unremitting pride and a desperate need for relief. Thirty more to go, yes, and then a meeting with his cousin after that.

Taking his silence for consent, Claire had gleefully pecked his cheek and swiveled on her heel. She marched out of the room, chin up and mind set, like a soldier armed with ink.        

Claire stood in front of him now, face as equally determined as it had been an hour before. She placed the copied letters beside their originals, welcoming comparison.

“Here they are!” she announced triumphantly. And rightly so, too. Despite his embarrassment, even Jamie had to admit they were perfect imitations. The y’s were impressively flourished, the r’s like chicken scratch, and if Jamie’s memory were less sharp he might have thought himself their author.

Reluctantly amused, he snorted and shook his head.

“I’m married to a deviant,” he muttered. This underwhelming reaction was met with his wife’s tapping foot and narrowed eyes.

“A bad thing, is it?” Claire asked, challenging him. He laughed.

“Weel, if ye must know, it gives me a fierce headache from time to time…” He ducked beneath her swatting palm, a practiced maneuver he’d spent the last year mastering. “But aye, Sassenach – it’s not without its charms.”  

Satisfied, she smiled.

“I think these might also be of interest then,” she said, offering a second sheaf of papers. These, though, differed noticeably from the others. Written in a nurse’s careful hand, they bore no echoes of Jamie’s messy penmanship. Ranks of small, precise letters paraded down the pages.

“Sassenach”, Jamie began, puzzled by the scribblings. “Why have ye given me a log of every tavern, city, and river between here and Scotland?”

The list held no rhyme or rhythm, random locations spanning from north to south and east to west like a crude road map. The majority of these bore check marks beside their names, all glaringly boastful among those without.

“‘Louise de Rohan’s carriage, Mrs. Fitz’s broom closet, the kitchen table at Lallybroch…’” Jamie read aloud, each place increasingly unrelated to the last. “Angus Mohr’s tent, the springs beneath St. Anne’s…” He paused, considering. “Sassenach, I’ve no’ been in that godforsaken abbey since – Oh.”

Understanding came as a twitch in the groin and an unbidden thirst. The room swam before his eyes, smoking with a heat that left lust straining at his trousers.

“It’s a record of sorts,” his wife explained, one eyebrow raised in mischief. “Of all the places we –”

“Aye, Sassenach, I ken what yer about.” His palms were sweating now, limbs tingling with the echoes of former satisfaction. They screamed to hold and be held, atoms and nerves yearning for the contact of skin to skin. And beneath this growing desire? A certain sense of pride for having achieved such a geographically vast – and often logistically challenging – feat.

“You’ll notice there’s no check mark for ‘Jared’s study’.” His wife took a step forward, face lit like a candle.

“Mmm,” he hummed. Full sentences would compromise what composure he had left, and he was already struggling to keep his arousal hidden. Ye’ve work to do, ye bawheed.

“Just a wide…open…and unticked box…” Claire continued, achingly expectant.

Oh, he’d take care of that presently – and have her legs wide and open, and hardly “unticked” in the process. He bit his tongue, hearing quill and ink admonish him silently from Jared’s desk. Sensing his hesitance, his wife’s mouth quirked into a sly cat’s grin.

“I’ve helped you with your work, after all. It’s only fair that you return the favor, hm?”

Jamie choked on the mental images flitting through his mind, half-shamed by the childish cries ringing from the Parisian streets.

“Have ye no’ heard the saying, ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’, Sassenach? It’s a sound piece of advice.”

“It’s been mentioned once or twice,“ she quipped. “But I hardly think it matters. I’m not sure I need my eyes for what I have in mind.”

“That so?” Jamie swallowed. “And what exactly do ye have in mind, Sassenach?”

His wife’s eyes twinkled, and a hand teased the place where a pale strip of flesh winked from the edges of her neckline. Months into pregnancy, she’d become all curves and soft lines, irresistibly rosied and incandescent. It was all he could do to keep his wits about him.

“Ahhh,” she purred. “That’s what this is for.” She procured yet another leaf from the valley of her breasts, fingers brushing his as she deposited the document into his palm.

The words danced like flames, leaping off the parchment and straight to his…

“All anatomically correct, I might add.“ she said, flushed with victory and anticipation. “And with no shortage of detail.”

He kept reading, unable to look away.

“Well?” Claire leaned back against the desk, lifting her skirts to expose a stretch of vulnerable thigh. A growl rumbled in Jamie’s throat, and he stood abruptly from his seat.

They all but leapt on each other, bodies crashing and lips devouring every inch of available skin. Claire fastened her teeth onto Jamie’s neck, pinking him with gentle nips that spread up and along his jawline.

“Sassenach,” he croaked, utterly breathless. “It’s a good thing yer not a writer.” She continued kissing him, a greedy tongue moving to lick and suckle his ear lobes. “For I dinna think there’d be a place in all the world left unchristened.”

She moaned into his mouth, breaking quickly away to drop to her knees. Deft fingers moved to the front of his trousers, tugging and pulling with a fervency that matched his own. Finally freed, Jamie felt her take him into her mouth and groaned.

“On second thought…” he gasped, head thrown back. “Perhaps I’ll buy ye a printing press…”