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Hi if you don't mind telling me, what is "kin culture"? I see it so much on my dash as a joke and how people take it too far .

Basically it’s just how there was a community that was formed around being otherkin/fictionkin (which was popularized in 2015) just started going off the deep end REALLY fast due to people desperately wanting to feel special and marginalized for an identity that wasn’t even that big of a deal.

I shit all over ND tumblr but honestly ND tumblr has NOTHING on the trash fire that is the kin community. Off the top of my head I can list off the shit that made this community a mockery in a matter of a few years:

-Claiming that no one is allowed to be otherkin/fictionkin unless they are mentally ill, and anyone who does it for fun/coping is a “lesser” kin who has to call themselves a copinglink

-Claiming that hating otherkin is ableist

-People blocking, harassing, antagonizing and straight up stalking others for simply sharing the same identity as them

-^^How this shit was often encouraged to their friends which made this turn into a domino effect of awful

-Demanding for people to not kin outside their race (admittedly I took part in that a few years ago and I’m still trying to hide that shame), gender, sexuality, mental illnesses, disability and even demanding for abuse victims to out themselves to justify what they were doing

-People faking their race to not get called out for ID’ing outside their race

-Some kid attempted suicide because ONE person told them not to identify out of their gender

-the fact that the whole “id’ing out of your race is wrong” shit was invented by a bunch of abusive white girls that just wanted to have as little doubles as possible

-People throwing tempter tantrums and accusing the artists of being overdramatic simply for saying that they’re uncomfortable with ppl tagging their works as kin

-Edgy Abusive kinnies getting angry and acting like they’re oppressed for being avoded

-People justifying being assholes by saying “well my kintype is like this so it makes sense!”

-People straight up identifying with rapists????


-Someone straight up made a “fakes” list of all the doubles they could find

-So many fucking callouts holy shit

-kindating aka searching for ppl who are kin to their kin’s soulmates (some people would actually attempt to find a sibling to ship themselves with)

-People unironically inventing factkin and defending it aka “I believe in this actual human being”

-People who were deadass convinced that they were a character to the point of being destructive about it were never told off or corrected because apparently it’s ableist to try to help someone’s dangerous delusions???

-Again people being super SUPER fucking rude to content creators and demanding to be catered to like the sad losers they are

-Back To The callouts thing, there were a SHITTON in 2015-2016 because people were trying to use their petty vendetta’s against someone to call them out. “This person called me ugly but UMMM they’re WHITE and kin TWO Japanese characters???”

-that weird shit where white kinnies deadass gave themselves ethnic names and tried to police people on racism

-Alters??? With kintypes?????

-Kin Drama blogs

It was. A dumpster fire

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The most difficult thing is, the Host not only has to learn how to deal with Anti, he also has to do it in a way that Anti doesn't glitch out of nervousness, cuz that'll hurt him

The Host takes a deep breath and repositions himself in his armchair. “Anti, when you were in that other place and you learned about what happened to the others, how did it make you feel?”

Anti frowns and wonders if this is somehow the Host’s way of avoiding his question. “I felt kinda cold, like I was empty and cold.”

Host nods. “I want to save the others from feeling that if I can, and I’m afraid of failing them. I’m afraid of having all these talents but never finding a happy ending to this story. I’m afraid fading a failure, if you must know!” He gets up and stalks off out of the lamplight.

Anti glitches when the Host yells and then yelps in pain. The Host turns back to him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

Anti shifts uncomfortably. “‘s okay. Not the first time I’ve been shot ya know.”

Host smirks. “Yes, I imagine it’s not.”

“You stopped doing that third person thing,” Anti points out, and the Host makes a face. Anti grins. “I’ll leave ya alone. The Doc likes ya at least, so I’ll keep my pesterin’ to a minimum.”

“Thank you,” Host says with a laugh. “Now, will you please let me help you?”

Anti shrugs. “I suppose.”

Host seems to jump a little in surprise. “Really?” He picks up his cane. “Alright then, see that radio there on the desk?”

Anti nods and grabs the portable radio. “What’s it do?”

Host smirks. “Turn it on.”

Anti switches it on and listens as it comes to life. A movement in the corner of his vision catches his eyes, and Anti glitches again when he realizes it’s another one of the triangles.

“Now, now, steady,” Host says softly. “You control it, not the other way around. Who ever heard of a glitch that’s afraid of triangles anyway?”

Anti nods, his face growing hard and determined. “Now what?”

You & Me

I don’t think many people write about this topic and I wanted to write about the different ways people deal with it. I also want to write about things that are important and true to me. I have never been through this but I have been harassed and I know so many others have as well. If this makes you too uncomfortable,  then please don’t read it. Also, thanks for the love on Bad Again. I’m so happy you enjoyed it.

TW: rape

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I’m your best friend and I love you. I need you to be okay.” Harry said softly as you were wrapped in a blanket on his couch. He was sitting next to you but with a good amount of distance between you.

“I’m not okay. I won’t ever be okay again.” Your voice cracked, it was the first time you spoke since you showed up crying on his doorstep.

“Y/N, what do you mean? Did someone hurt you?” You didn’t say anything, that’s when Harry knew that it was really serious. “I swear to god if anyone hurt you, I’m gonna kill them.”

“H, please.” You whispered. You hated violence and after what happened earlier, you don’t need any more of it.

“What happened, love?” Harry asked you, but you didn’t say anything.

“Please, don’t make me tell you.” You begged with a weak, tired voice. “I’ll tell you soon, I promise, but I just can’t right now.”

Harry was clueless, he had no idea how to help you and not knowing what happened didn’t make it any easier. He felt so sorry for you, he didn’t want to see you like that - ever. It wasn’t the first time you showed up crying on his doorstep, but he’s never seen you so broken.

“You don’t mind if I go to bed, do you?” You asked Harry timidly, you were never timid. “I know it’s still early but I’m just really tired.”

“Yeah, I’ll set up the guest room for you.” Harry rushes up to the guest room and fixes up the room for you. You’re so thankful for Harry right now, he’s doing everything in his power to make you feel as okay as you can be.

You tried to get up, but it was painful. As the pain came, so did your tears. You didn’t want to be reminded of what happened to you. I need to shower, you thought. You needed to wash away the pain. Harry was gone for a while, maybe he was getting himself ready for an early night too. So, you decided to head upstairs and use the bathroom.

You barely made it up the stairs, and Harry noticed. Were you really so sad that you could barely even walk? So much was going through Harry’s mind, his best friend was going through something so painful all by herself and it was hard to watch.

You were sitting on the bed with your knees to your chest. You didn’t want to be crying, you knew it didn’t help. You knew nothing was your fault, that the tiny but of alcohol in your system didn’t mean that you were to blame. But felt disgusting and you felt violated. You could still feel him and you could still smell him and you could still see him. You wanted it to stop. You didn’t know what to do with yourself, or how to deal with it. You knew you wouldn’t sleep, you didn’t want to. Every time you closed your eyes, you saw him - sleeping wouldn’t help.

There was a knock at the door, you didn’t know what Harry wanted. He was probably just checking on you. You opened the door and Harry was standing with all of your favourite snacks and a cup of tea.

“I know you might want to just be alone, or not eat but I know that these are you favourite. Thought we could watch a movie or something to get your mind off of whatever’s going on.” Harry looked at you with hopeful eyes, there’s no way you could say no. You took the tea from his hands so he could come in with all the snacks and put them on the bed. 

You felt weird being in the bed with Harry, and the weird feeling made you feel even weirder because this wasn’t new. Yourself and Harry had shared a bed before, you’d have a little cuddle as you watched a movie or just fell asleep. But now, you just hoped he stayed on his side.

“Thanks for letting me stay, by the way.” You said randomly. “I know I kind of just showed up, it’s a good thing you weren’t busy.”

“I could never be too busy for you, especially when I’ve seen you like this.”

You watched a random movie, you didn’t really care for it. You heard the words but you didn’t listen, you looked at the screen but you didn’t see anything. For the first time that night, you weren’t thinking and you loved it. That was until the sound from the TV brought you back to reality - it was a sex scene. You tried to look for the remote but you couldn’t seem to find it.

“Harry, turn it off.” You said frantically.

“Why? What’s up?” He asked you, the sound of the TV seemed so loud and you couldn’t take it.

“Turn it off!” Your voice was the loudest it had been for the whole night. Harry was shocked but he listened and turned it off nonetheless. “Fuck,” you muttered - you were so frustrated.

“Y/N? Please tell me what happened.”

You were with a couple of friends from university. You had all graduated almost a year ago and you decided it would be nice to catch up. You were all older now, so going out and getting drunk didn’t seem as fun as it did when you were nineteen. While you could definitely appreciate alcohol, the four of you weren’t really up for that. It was you and three other friends - Avery, Ethan and James. You were close with all of them because you all had the same classes, and James was even one of your flatmates. You all decided to just spend the evening at James’ new place and since he had spare rooms, you were just gonna stay there if it got too late.  

“So, Y/N, what’s your love life looking like?” Avery asked you, you really wanted to roll your eyes.

“It’s not really looking like anything,” you explained. “I’m not too focused on that if I’m honest. You know, I have work commitments and things like that.”

“What about Harry? You guys have been friends since I can remember, how is he?” James asked. The few times Harry and James encountered each other, they seemed to get on really well.

“Conquering the world as always.” You smiled, you face probably lit up just talking about Harry. “But he’s actually home now so I’ll probably spend most of my time with him before he goes on tour again.”

As you continued to converse with you friends, you couldn’t help but notice how quiet Ethan was being. He didn’t say much and every time you eyes flickered to him, he eyes were set on you. You know when you catch someone staring and they quickly look away? Ethan didn’t do that and you felt extremely uncomfortable under his gaze. 

You were all on the couch now, it was around two in the morning and you were all beginning to fall asleep. There was a random movie playing quietly in the background and that was the only source of light in the room.

You must have fallen asleep, when your eyes opened, you noticed that Avery wasn’t there anymore - she must have gone up to the guest room. James was on the other couch, he was out like a light. You remembered that he was always a heavy sleeper. But where was Ethan?

You heard something from the kitchen and you were sure it was Ethan. For a while, you stayed on the sofa - you were too tired to join Avery in the guest room at the minute. You decided to grab a glass of water from the kitchen because your throat was really dry for some reason. When you walked into the kitchen, you found Ethan sitting at the island with a drink - you assumed it was water. 

“Hey, what are you doing up?” You asked him as you took a bottle of water out of the fridge. Hopefully James wouldn’t mind.

“Couldn’t really get to sleep, just thinking.” He told, he didn’t even look at you at - he just stared at his glass. “What about you? You looked pretty peaceful while you were asleep.” 

So, was he watching you while you were asleep? “I guess the couch didn’t really cut it. Honestly, I don’t sleep well unless it’s at my place or Harry’s.”

“I take it Harry hasn’t made his move yet.” He chuckled, it wasn’t a light-hearted chuckle, it was darker than that. Honestly, you were a bit offended. “Don’t look at me, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were together.”

“Well, we’re not together. Harry and I have been friends since we were kids, that’s just… weird.

“He must be crazy - it’s obvious that he’s in love with you. I don’t know what the two of you are waiting for, you clearly in love with him too.” Ethan couldn’t stop talking, and he sounded very judgemental to you. 

“What? Harry’s not in love with me. We’re not -”

“Does that mean I’ve got a chance then?” Ethan said bravely, it caught you off guard. He was moving closer to you and you were honestly confused. “You know I always had a bit of a crush on you.”

“When we were twenty,” you reminded him. “Then you got with Jess.”

You didn’t realise how close Ethan was to you until you were trapped between him and the counter. “Well, you turned me down before. But here we are, I’ve got my chance now. We just can’t wake up the others.”

“What the hell, Ethan? I’m not doing this with you. You didn’t have a chance then, and you don’t have one now.” You managed out, you could barely breathe because he was so close. You knew Ethan could get angry quickly, and right now, he was fuming. “Seriously, get off of me.”

“Just go with it…” He whispered as he attached his lips to your neck. Usually, when guys try to make a move and you say no, they get the hint. But Ethan just couldn’t seem to understand, and now you were scared. 

Ethan was gripping on you waist and he was leaving kisses all over you. You tried to push him off, you really did. He was strong - he had always been strong. You had absolutely no chance fighting him off. No matter how much you tried, he wouldn’t move. He removed his lips from your neck and his dark, lustful eyes met your teary, fearful ones for a brief moment. He knew exactly what he was doing. You didn’t quite know how you ended up over on the island - but that was your current situation.

Your face was pressed against the freezing cold marble and his hand were in your hair. It was painful as fuck. You’re prominent hipbones were being pressed against the counter, you wanted nothing more than to get the fuck out.

“Ethan,” you tried but his hands didn’t stop roaming your body. “Ethan, please…”

He didn’t stop at all, it was like he couldn’t even hear you. All he did was pull harder at your hair, probably to make you shut up. His blunt finger nails were digging into the exposed flesh of your hips, you knew that there would be bruises. You wanted to scream, you wanted to kick him or punch him, you wanted to do something… anything to make him stop. You were frozen, though. For years, you had told yourself that if you were in a situation like this that you would do anything to get out of it, you told yourself that you would do anything but let it happen. But what did you do? You fucking froze. 

Ethan forced himself into you before you had time to move, and it hurt like a bitch. You hadn’t had sex in a while so the pain was excruciating, it was almost unbearable. The pain didn’t die down either, even after he started moving. Why didn’t the pain stop? While this was all happening, you eyes were closed and tears were pouring out - but you were silent. It was like you physically couldn’t open you mouth to say or do anything. You could feel everything, his hands, the way he was moving in and out of you. You could hear him too, his brutish grunts and nasty whispers, telling you to keep quiet. You had always heard stories about people going numb and not being able to hear anything. Well, that wasn’t the case for you - if anything, all the feelings were heightened.

You don’t know how long it lasted, it was probably quick but it felt like it was never going to stop. When Ethan decided he was done with you, he finally pushed himself off of you. You didn’t want to look at him so you didn’t move, you waited for him to leave. What were you supposed to do now? What if James or Avery had woken up? Why didn’t they? When Ethan left the kitchen - he didn’t even look at he, he just walked out as if nothing happened. 

What the hell were you supposed to do?

“I’m gonna fucking kill him,” was the first thing Harry said when you stopped talking.

“H, please.” You cried, you really didn’t need him to be angry right now. “I just… need you here.”

Harry eyes softened as soon as he saw the pained look on your face. He couldn’t believe that anyone could ever do that to you - or to anyone. Someone you classed as an old friend, someone he met and spoke to and had drinks and joked with. He was disgusted to say the least. No man, woman, or child deserved something like that. He knows that his best friend, whom he loved so dearly, didn’t deserve that.

“I don’t know what to do, H.” You were sobbing now, you were sure you’d run out of tears soon. “I want to tell, I know I should but I’m so scared.”

“You’ve told me, and I can’t begin to imagine what you’re thinking or feeling. When you’re ready, we can tell the police - only if you want to. We can send him to prison so he can never hurt you or anyone else again.” Harry’s voice cracked, you knew it must’ve been hard for him to hear. You knew that he was kicking himself because of the pact you made when you were eleven to always protect each other.

Your elbows rested on your knees as your palms dug into you eyes in attempt to stop your tears. But nothing seemed to be stopping for you at all anymore. “I want to tell the police, I really do. But they’re gonna make me strip naked and take pictures and look for bruises. They’ll look for evidence. But how much evidence are they gonna need?”

“Y/N, look at me.” Harry said and you looked up at him slowly. “You’re so fucking strong. You and I both know that. And maybe right now, you don’t feel like that, maybe you feel like the weakest person in the world. But I’m gonna be here for you the whole time, we’ll get through this together. Do you remember, what we promised each other when we were like thirteen?”

“We said that no matter what, we’d never leave each other’s side.” You whispered, remembering clearly what you told each other. The both of you were walking home from school and it had been a rough day for you. Harry promised that he’d never leave you if you were upset or down, and you did the same. Neither one of you had broken that promise since, even after Harry went on to rule the world.

“Exactly, I don’t plan on leaving you.” He told you, pressing a kiss to the side of your head. “You and me forever, love.”

“You and me forever.”

You and Harry stayed in silence for a while as he held you, he didn’t have to say anything to make you feel even the tiniest bit better. You were both broken out of your trance when your phone went off. You assumed it was Avery asking where you ran off to, so as much as you didn’t want to, you picked up your phone.

Ethan Davies:

Did you have fun last night?x 

Guys, this was so hard to write, I’m literally crying. I really want to do a part two to this so let me know if you want that. I know this was really intense and Y/N didn’t come to a conclusion in the end about what she wanted to do but I feel like that’s the case for most people. If you have anything else you’d like me to write, please let me know. Thank you all x

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I dont have any sonic ocs, but drawing other people's ocs is very kind of you, and it encourages artists, so thank you!


Sadly a lot of hate get to this fandom

And what I hate the most is people say they “all” have bad or cringe art and that’s not true

There are a lot of artist on sonic fandom can draw very VERY fantastically

So when I see a good arts get called a “ furry” or “ cringe “ for drawing what they like even when it’s sooo beautiful cool amazing it’s so sad to see that

I have been bulled and called a furry a lot just a fact that I told people I enjoy playing and drawing sonic

and it’s makes me uncomfortable when they call me names and I started my childhood without friends and all that because I like to draw and play sonic that’s crazy…

Sometimes people just forget ,first he is just a fictional character ,and second if you see someone is bad from sonic fandom that’s dose not mean we all the same

Sonic is a likable character he is known from millions of people and these people are all different

Yeah it’s fun when we or you laugh about the character it’s really enjoyable seeing the Jokes

but don’t go hurt people for liking sonic please

maybe even if it’s silly or stupid to you ,there are some people really care about sonic and adore him maybe even more than themselves some of them see him very important to them

Thank you for reading 💖💙

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iiaat to not notice you're uncomfortable until the source of the discomfort goes away? just 1 example, sometimes if the fridge is humming i'll be aware of it but when it stops i'll feel this huge relief and realize it had actually been hurting my ears the whole time. also, could something like this lead to irritability/exhaustion? like if i'm getting overloaded but somehow i don't notice?

Yes, the discomfort could definitely cause overload even without you being aware of it, and that could definitely make you irritable or exhausted.

Not noticing that you’re uncomfortable until the source of discomfort goes away could be alexithymia (difficulty processing or identifying your own emotions), so yes, that would be an autism thing.


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this is probably a weird question, and you don't have to answer it if it makes you uncomfortable or anything, but do you think that people NEED to be in a romantic relationship to have sex? like, two friends could have sex and still be friends and have it not be awkward or whatever?

Alright this is way more complex than a “yes” or “no” answer, so let’s unravel it slowly, shall we? 

I’ll start by saying two things. First one being, that the answer to this question depends completely on who you are as a person. Some people aren’t interested in sex at all so they wouldn’t even consider this. Some sexually active people wouldn’t feel comfortable with this, other people would. There are a lot of little variables to consider, and there’s no right or wrong answer for these kinda questions. The second thing I wanna say is that I’m a firm believer that everyone can do with their bodies as they well please, sexually, as long as they’re not hurting anyone and hopefully not themselves either (in a bad way y’know, kinky stuff is A-okay).

Now for my answer to this question, my personal opinion is that people can absolutely have sex and be nothing more than friends. If I said otherwise I’d be a hypocrite because I’ve done it before. For me to be comfortable having sex with someone the only thing I need is a strong bond with the other person, and to me that bond can be romantic or platonic, I don’t give a damn. As long as I love them and trust them. I think friendship and romantic love are on the same exact level of importance, and people often mistakenly pitch both concepts against each other, and try to give more value to one or the other when there’s no need for that. Being a friend is not less than being a romantic partner, and vice versa. 

So, with it being a strong bond, if said friendship is good, and healthy, I assure you it wouldn’t be awkward afterwards. It was never awkward for me. If you’re really close friends and you happen to find each other sexually attractive, why not? There’s no need to commit to a romantic sitch, there’s no need to immediately label yourselves something else. Friendship is enough. Friendship is a big word. 

Just make sure these are real friends we’re talking about, and no harm would come out of it, ever. Plus in my humble opinion, and experience, being friends can sometimes make it less awkward and more enjoyable. For some reason there’s this pressure that immediately falls onto you when you start a romantic relationship with someone who isn’t a very close friend. Like everything needs to be perfect, and you need to look perfect, and it takes time to build sexual confidence etc. If something really bad happens, if you’re not compatible, you break up. And no one likes break ups.  

But with friends? It’s chill. No pressure. No need to pretend you’re perfect because they’ve probably seen you watching a TV show in a onesie with your chest full of pizza crumbs. Because you talk about everything and anything and banter builds trust, and trust makes you share things you wouldn’t with someone that you don’t wanna scare away, but you know your best friend won’t turn tail and book it if you tell them you wanna be rawed by Bowser. And that level of confidence and intimacy gives you plenty of breathing room when exploring stuff like maybe hooking up with each other every once in a while.

Doesn’t work? Doesn’t matter. You go back to watching tv shows in onesies. 

I won’t get into the whole “your romantic partner should definitely be your best friend” thing today but this is the biggest of truths and it’s very linked to everything I’ve said above. Your romantic partner should be your best friend. But your best friend doesn’t always need to turn into your romantic partner. 


Another thing

Warnings: violence, temperature torture, restraints
while i figure out how to art properly again, take another not well thought out story thing with Kenji ;0

It was a shame that I woke up feeling like that.
Not that I really wished to get rid of them just yet, but… it had just become too repetitive. Too quiet as I had let them rest a few days. Too warm and comfy down there. They were probably hungry by then but I didn’t feel like cleaning up their vomit, so they had to make do without food.
They had to.

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I see this happening all the time, particularly on Instagram and I just wanted to give a reminder that they are children! Finn is almost fifteen, Millie will be fourteen in a few months, Gaten and Sadie are fifteen, Caleb is sixteen and Noah is thirteen. That means that you shouldn’t be posting things about them that could be seen as sexualizing them. You also can’t ship them! They have said COUNTLESS times before (particularly Finn) that they don’t like being shipped with their friends! So stop! It makes them uncomfortable and it’s innapropiate!
You also shouldn’t be describing them in ways that are in anyway controversial.
Sure you can admire their looks but don’t phrase it in a way that is unsettling.

They are not ‘sexy’
They are not ‘hot’
You cannot call them ‘daddy’ (you know which way I mean)
You cannot make comments about they’re bodies
And if you are an adult you cannot have a crush on them
(and just because you’re their age doesn’t mean that you’re excused from the rest!)

You can call them ‘cute’
You can call them ‘beautiful’
You can call them ‘talented’
You can call them ‘good looking’
You can call them ‘handsome’

Just don’t say anything that you know would make them uncomfortable if they saw it or you uncomfortable if someone said it about you!


i have so many unanswered asks right now, and they’re all asking for advice.

i’ve said from the start that i’m uncomfortable with advice asks, because i have zero experience and i’m absolutely not in any position to give out relationship advice, coming out advice, gender advice, etc. the best that i can do is toss you to my followers, but that doesn’t feel fair to them, and it doesn’t feel fair to you, because not all the asks get replies, which basically leaves you hanging!!

i know that this is a pansexual blog, but i didn’t start this with the intention of giving out advice. just please please keep this in mind, and don’t be upset if if i can’t give a good enough answer, or if i don’t answer your ask for a while. thank you!!

Always ive been thinking and it makes me very uncomfortable when people i dont know very well call me a girl or ask me “girl” questions

So ive been thinking by going as she/they insted of just she and changeing my “kirafrog talks to herself” tag to “themselfs”

I dont really fully feel like a ‘girl’ i feel genderless most of the time, idk what that really makes me but thats how i feel

i really have known so many adults who thought it was quirky and fun to make me uncomfortable with kink jokes! it is so obvious that the punchline was based on crossing boundaries that i tried to joke about having so i wouldn’t seem boring or prudish by setting them firmly. even people who aren’t adults that go out of their way to like, parody those people or something, by doing the exact same thing … please find a new comedic formula! i am very tired of this trend!

HAPPY THANKS GIVING to everyone in the USA!

I know I haven’t been on in forever bUT AAAAA



And for those who have to deal w/ bad situations today (with family and other stuff) I hope you all the very best. You’re great, you’re amazing, you deserve the world. Don’t let them put you down. You deserve the very best, and I hope you don’t have to stay among toxic people too long. If you can avoid going to places that make you unhappy/uncomfortable, please do so! Spend some time with friends, or stick to the family members who make you the most comfortable! If not, take some time off. Go outside, take a breather. 

Wishing you all the best!! Love you all!! ; v; 

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im nosy,,,, who gonna pay,, feed me the drama,,

It’s actually just preemptive in case of incoming curses because I’ve been making people uncomfortable speaking some truths for the last month or so. Also the ghosts at my workplace have been getting pushy, so it’s good to remind them who’s in charge every now and then.

There’s one other person, though.

He’s been peeking his head into my life lately. 

If he decides to make a reappearance, black salt will be the smallest of his problems.


Some more Liu Hai related stuff because that’s what my life has become dedicated to. A one off villain who appeared for 15 minutes at most.

(Also I blame @scribblesteph you and will make sure he doesn’t fade from the minds!)

So here’s a little toad demon, and his totally not a jerk in the slightest I swear Uncle Shū. He’s based on the Jade Emperor in Chinese mythology.

He runs EVERYTHING. He’s also very prideful and likes everything to fit into the place it’s designated. If it doesn’t well, you have a very angry rooster god on your hands.

So basically, Liu Hai in his early years wasn’t the jerk he is now. He was actually quite uncomfortable with people (mortals and deities alike) only seeing him as a means to success or entertainment. Uncle was always getting on to him about his “ridiculous worries” and treating him like a bauble than an actual person. A lot of people did, actually.

Long story short that I’ll probably get into later, a lot of crap happened to him and he eventually snapped and cut himself off from everything and created the gambling house and became what he is today.

And scribblesteph’s OC (Also named Shu, there’s a fun bit of trivia behind all that) plays into it as well. Like….a lot. XD

We went to a really cool Winnie the Pooh restaurant for Thanksgiving since I couldn’t cook.
They sat us at a two person table and it was too small with a dog.

I couldn’t find the server so I grabbed a manager and explained that while I could make it work I was super uncomfortable.
The managers were super nice about it and said they’d reseat us. He not only got us a bigger table, but one in a corner and he removed a chair so Hades had a nice corner spot to lay in where he couldn’t get stepped on.

Server was really nice too and offered Hades a bowl of water. I don’t let my dogs drink inside restaurants, but I got Hades a cup of ice water to go instead.

Another employee offered to help me with the buffet because I had a dog and a broken arm.

It was little things but they were so nice and accommodating and it made my night.

I got their names so I can put in a guest positive (Disney word for compliment) later in the week when I’m at Disney again. Zac was too exhausted to wait for me to do it tonight.

anonymous asked:

I could really use some positivity right now because my dad's been shitting on trans people all day and calling me his "best [deadname], best girl, and best daughter" and I hate it so much and he never listens to me when I say I'm uncomfortable, he calls me autistic as an insult (even though I've only ever been diagnosed with anxiety and depression) and makes fun of me for wearing sports bras bc he only really hugs me to see if I'm wearing one I want to cry help me please - Rowan Alasdair

I’m so sorry Rowan that’s awful. Could you try to spend some more time in your room/avoid him as much as possible?
Maybe try hang out with other family members?

Good luck, and feel better 💙 -Matt