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Standing up (Jacob Black/Imprint) pt 2

So, by far, the part one of this imagine is my most popular imagine on my blog. So, by popular demand, I present you the LONG awaited part 2 to Standing Up.


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“Dear, maybe you shouldn’t have been so harsh with your sister,” Emily spoke to the younger imprint as she sat next to her, taking the muffins out of the tins and onto the cooling rack. The entire pack knew about the fight between the Swan sisters.

“Why? I’m sick of her,” The younger imprint was very much like Jake with her stubborn nature. Y/N was tired of the wolves being labeled the bad guys and Bella having no regard for her family’s safety.

“I know you are, but some of those things, especially however he portrays them, can have a lasting effect on whatever sisterhood you have with Bella,” Emily explained, washing her hands and putting another tin of muffins in the oven. With being the pack mom, there was never enough food.

“Can we please talk about something else please,” Y/N pleaded. She’d rather talk with Emily about her nonexistent sex life. Not that Jacob didn’t want to. Oh, he wanted to, but he also valued what Y/N wanted. He didn’t want to force her into something she was 100% sure about. Even when they were kids, Y/N could talk Jacob out of his antics, and he wouldn’t push it.

“Did Jake tell you about the council meeting tonight?” Emily asked, changing the subject. Y/N always loved going to the council meetings. Especially now, now that she knew more in depth about the tribe’s histories, and what role she now played. A secret part of her was happy that Jacob didn’t want to take his birthright as Alpha, even though sometimes that choice haunts him.

“Yeah he did. We’re going to stop at his place before the meeting so I can get changed, because I am not going back to see my sister.

“Well if it isn’t the fighting Swan?” Paul joked as he came in with Sam and Embry. When he passed Y/N, he pulled her in for a hug. He and Y/N were pretty close, even with his bad temper- not that she wasn’t used to the occasional temper tantrum and bad temper. She knew when a line was about to be crossed with Paul, and for the most part, she didn’t cross it.

Without even realizing it, a smirk was playing at the corner of her lips, making Embry put his arm across Paul’s chest, almost holding him back from the pale brunette.

“Oh god no, it’s the smirk! Run!” Embry darted out of the house, earning a laugh from everyone in the house, and a muffin to be chucked at his head from Y/N. When he came back in a couple seconds later, he already had the wrapping off and had a couple big bites taken out of it.

“Thanks Y/N, you always know, hand delivered muffins are always welcome,” He laughed and the Swan girl rolled her eyes.

Emily moved to Sam’s side and he pulled her in for an embrace. Y/N looked upon the scene, happy that what Sam and Emily had- the constant adoration and inkling of what the other wanted- was in her grasp. She thanked the pack mom for suggesting talking to Sam about her question a while back after Jake imprinted on her. For this task, there was no better person. Jake would be too afraid of hurting her, Paul was out of the question for obvious reasons, and the other wolves didn’t possess the self control Sam did.

“I need you to do me a favor,” Y/N began and Sam nodded for her to continue. She took a breath before speaking again.

“I need you to teach me how to fight,”

“I thought Charlie taught you how to fight,” Embry interjected. It was a safe bet that the chief of police would teach his daughter how to defend herself. Which, he did, but in light of recent discoveries, she wanted to know more than just the basics.

“Alright. I want to see what you remember of what Charlie taught you. How about you spar with Seth tonight at the meeting. Why would you need to know how to defend yourself? You’ve got Jacob. He wouldn’t let anything happen to you,” Sam did bring up a good point to the Swan sister. Y/N was always Jacob’s first priority, for understandable reasons, and Jacob was more protective than most.

“That right there is my point. I’ve always had people protecting me. My dad and Jacob. Never have I been able to protect myself. I know Jacob wouldn’t let anything happen to me, but what would I do if Jacob couldn’t help me, cry for help and hope it comes? Sam, you know me, and you know I can’t do that,” The alpha nodded. You brought up some good points he couldn’t and wouldn’t argue with. It was always a good idea for the imprints to learn self defense.

“Nothing happened to you at school, did it?” All the wolves looked to Y/N. Not only was this Jake’s imprint, for Embry especially, this was their friend. If there was a creepy human kid messing with her at Forks high, it wouldn’t be hard to get them to stop.

“No, and I’d rather have it stay like that. I like not being messed with. But, if someone does try messing with me, I’d like to be able to take care of my own,”