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Coffee & love.

Chanyeol × reader.

Word count: 1125.| Genre: Fluff.

Summary: a coffee date with your boyfriend Chanyeol.


“When will you understand that I don’t like coffee.” I rolled my eyes for like fifth time.

“But you can get tea instead lovey, um.” He insisted once again, while smiling cheekily.

I let an out a loud breath, turned around and started walking away from him.

This was the kind of stuff we argued about, the little things I loved about our relationship and I wouldn’t change it for anything, never.

“Is that a yes then?” Chanyeol asked as he followed me, but I stayed silent.

It was a beautiful day outside, the sun shining up in the sky and the blue pigment making itself a canvas where clouds, high trees and birds were being painted as you walked by. The weather was lovely too, a quiet breeze blowing in the air. It was the perfect scenery for the perfect date on the perfect day.

We arrived at the cafe and took seat not near the window, because I hate that and he knows it. The smell of coffee and sweet pastries made its way to my nostrils. I wasn’t mad at it even though I didn’t like it.

It felt warm, maybe like home.

The shop was small, not more than six or seven tables were spread around the place, along with the bar that sat at the bottom of the room.

“Good afternoon, my name is Livia and I’ll be your server for the day.” The petite girl with orange hair said while putting the menu over the table.

I smiled at her in sign of thanks and she looked at me with the most welcoming expression on her face.

“Okay, so I’ll leave you guys so you can decide what you want to order. I’m going to be around the bar.” She said and walked away leaving us alone.

“You’re quiet.” The guy in front raised his gaze directly to me.

“Food is serious business, you know that.” He said jokingly replying to my previous statement.

“Yeah, I do know that.” I smiled and kept looking down on the beverages list on the menu.

“What about the black tea? You love black tea.” He asked not looking at me.

“I was thinking a about that one, or maybe the green tea with strawberries.” I suggested to him, even though I was the one who was going to drink tea.

“That one sounds good. And what about cinnamon rolls…for me of course because you despite cinnamon.” He said dumbly and laughed.

“I’ll go with cheesecake.” I said and I tried to the attention of the waitress so she can take our order.

“You guys ready to order.” The girl said as she pulled out a note pad and a pen from her apron.

We ordered our appetizers and drinks. The girl came back with our food in less than five minutes, this is what I call fast service.

“Is it good? The tea.” Chanyeol asked.

“It is, thank you for convincing to come, I really needed this warm feeling since is kind of cold outside.” I thanked him and took another sip of my tea.

“Don’t have to thank me. Therefore, I’m here, to make sure you’re happy.” He said and grabbed my free hand on his. It was warm and I loved the feeling.

He came closer to me and pecked my lips and I broke down a smile. He was so pure, I loved that about him. The way he always appreciated the little things, the things that anyone but him notice.

The fact that he was in my life made me simply happy and I really wanted him to know that, I wanted him to know how much he meant to me and how he has changed my life.

“I love you.” I told him and intertwined our fingers.

He smiled.

I smiled too.

“Let’s go somewhere else after this.” He said after a couple instants.

“It sounds good for me.” I nodded and ate a spoonful of cheesecake.

The day was beautiful if was still mesmerizing to me, like I will never be over it.

Chanyeol’s arm was around my shoulders giving me a sense of warmth and I wasn’t mad at it.

We arrived at a little park with a playground near our place and of course my six-year-old boyfriend was going to get excited about it.

There was this little wood horse and I bet he didn’t think twice to go on it.

“Come here babe, there is another here one for you. It’s a free ride for fun.” He shouted from his spot. He was still holding his cup of coffee on his hand and sweet smile on his face.

I took out my phone to not forget this moment and snapped a picture.

“Okay I’m going to act like you aren’t there taking a photo.” He laughed and posed for the picture afterwards.

“You’re doing it great baby, keep going.” I said laughing as well.

“Show em’ to me.” He insisted and I walked over where he was. “Now sit with me, I want to see your work babe.”

He holds me by my waist and I sat comfortably on his lap, while he was still sitting on the little horse.

“I feel like we’re going to fall from this and I’m going to be the most affected by it.” I said and tilted my head to his way so I could see him better.

“Don’t be so negative.” He pocked my cheek and continued to see the photos I took of him.

“Umm, these are pretty good. How do I pay you? Do you take kisses as pay?” He teased me.

He is the cheesy one in this relationship because I tend to be the grumpy one.

“Umm, maybe. I don’t know, to be honest I need money that could be good too.” I teased him back.

“So funny, you can have a show.” He said sarcastically.

“If I wasn’t studying arts I would’ve been comedian or maybe a clown. Kids loves me.” I told him proudly.

“Most kids fear clowns.” He fired back.

“Can you stop it; my dreams are crumbling down because of you.” I faked sobs and tried to walk away from him.

“But if you ever decide to become a clown I’ll be your helper.” He kissed my cheek multiple times. “Will you let me work with you?” Chanyeol looked at me with puppy eyes as he waited for my answer.

“Just because you’re cute, not something else.” I kissed the tip of his nose and then his lips.

“I’ll be cutest and handsome helper. I’ll be a prince if you want it.” He said hugging me and filling every spot of my face with kisses.

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Hello, so happy to see a new blog I can follow! Ok, so I have been having an insane amount of trouble finding a job and I was wondering if you could do some Jumin, V, and Zen comfort fluff?? You can do more people if the inspiration hits, but those are my 3 favorites lol. Thanks!

Thank you kind anon for your request, I hope you feel better soon and have faith! A job is coming your way, I can feel it! I done these in scenario form I hope this is ok. Enjoy :)



Joke. That was the only word you could think of to describe your week and it made you feel like shit. Zen didn’t have to worry about his job, his charming attitude and talent brought work offers his way in droves all the time, he was fine. You on the other hand, had been having difficulty even scoring yourself a miserable interview at the nearest fast food restaurant.

It shouldn’t have been such a big deal to you, it was just a job, you and Zen were living comfortably now anyway, what would your meagre wages bring into the equation? Still the negative thoughts weighed down on your heart as you turned your key in the door with a ‘click’.

Kicking your shoes off and shrugging away your coat, you sighed heavily, drinking in the view of your shared apartment. Zen wouldn’t be home from rehearsals for at least another half hour, right? Not that it mattered anyway. You knew you would probably cave in eventually whether he was present or not.

“Home at last. The home that I didn’t pay for. The home that I share with this incredible hard working man with for free.Yay.” You huffed sarcastically, shuffling into the bedroom.

You couldn’t seem to stop yourself from hyperfocusing on every detail of your home, inviting a string of negative thoughts into your head. ‘This wasn’t my hard work, it was his.’ Glancing over at the T.V., ‘That was his money, and so much of it. I’m such a failure I could never afford that even if I did manage to get a job.’ Did you even deserve Zen? He was so hardworking and gave you everything even if you could barely return the favour.

Morbid thoughts began to swim around in your mind as you let your body sink into the mattress. You couldn’t hold back your sobs anymore as a wave of trembles ran over your body. You clutched at the pillow desperately, suddenly craving his strong arms around you as he whispered sweet nothings into your ear. Shaky cries left you as you burrowed deeper into the pillow, hiding yourself in your (h/c) locks.

A soft creak sounded in the hallway but your sobs never halted long enough for you to notice, as Zen crept towards your room. When your weeping fell upon his ears, his heart shattered. He rapped on the door softly with his knuckles before approaching your curled up form.

“Princess? What’s going on?” His voice was laced with affection and concern which made you cry even harder. Why did he care about you so much when you couldn’t even provide anything? Did he really need such a deadweight scavenger to be soaking up all of his love and affection like this?

“Babe, please tell me. You know I’m always ready to listen. Did someone hurt you?” His long arms snaked around your middle, effortlessly lifting you from the soaked pillow and into his lap despite your feeble attempts to shrug him off. It took a few more breaths for you to calm down and look up into his scarlet eyes that were entirely focused on you. Bringing a hand up to push your hair out of your face, he pressed a chaste kiss to your cheek

. “Are you ready to tell me now, hm?” He hummed quietly into your neck as you gave a small nod.

“You know I h-had those job i-interv-views this week and…well none of them really went well. At all. I’ve just h-had a really terrible week and I wanna help you out, I wanna p-provide for you too but I can’t even land a stupid j-job!” You sniffed, and nuzzled into his warm, broad chest, signifying that you didn’t want to talk about it much more.

“Princess, you don’t need to worry about something like that, this is just a bump in the road. Bigger things are on their way, I know it. Everything will work out and you know what?” He brought a long finger up to tap your nose with a feather-light touch.

“What?” He gave a deep chuckle that caused his chest to vibrate soothingly against your ear.

“Those employers would be lucky to have someone like you working for them. I wish you could work for me instead. You’re dilligent, kind and smart and everything I would look for in a worker. Which is why…”

“Which is why…what, Zen?” You raised your head questioningly and looked up at him with your big shiny puppy-eyes.

“Honey, how would you like to be my manager?” He asked as he squeezed you tighter and you could smell his intoxicating cologne right beside you. A small squeal escaped you as you wrapped your arms around his neck and let him pepper your damp cheeks in kisses.

“Zen I would love that, thank you!” Tears of joy this time threatened to spill as he held your face in his hands and squished your cheeks lightly.

“Great, now come on, cutie. No more tears, I’m taking you out for a treat.”  

🍷 Jumin:

Jumin had made it clear from when you two became a thing that you wouldn’t have to work for what you wanted, he was more than willing to provide you with piles of diamonds like it was nothing and you wouldn’t even have to ask, but you felt like you were cheating, taking advantage of his wealth and love, and you couldn’t let that happen. You made it your duty to find a job to prove that not only were you capable of doing so, but that you were not using him as a means to find wealth.

Your hopes began to start shrinking though as job offer after job offer started to slip through your fingers like sand before you even knew what was happening. You opened the door to the penthouse with bated breath, trying so hard not to scream in frustration at your recent failures. Jumin was already sat on the creme couch cushions clearly awaiting your arrival. He quickly rose from his seat to envelop you in a hug as a smile spread across his worn out face.

“Any luck, my love?” His low, smooth baritone voice soothed you as he led you to the couch and handed you a glass of cool scarlet wine. A simple shake of your head and wobbly sigh was the only signal he needed to hook his long arm around your exhausted figure and pull you in close, breathing in your scent as he pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“Kitten, I’d like to remind you that you do not need a job, it fills my heart with happiness to know that I can provide you with anyth-”

“I can’t let you do that. It’s not fair.” You huffed

“Not fair?” He cocked an eyebrow.

“Not fair.” You returned. “ I can’t let you do all the work as I just sit in the background. I’m scared that you think I only use you for money and I feel like a failure and I-”

Your panicked sentence was cut off as he leaned down to kiss you on the lips. He tasted of wine as lazily ran a hand through your silky (h/c) strands and stole your words.

“You are not a failure, in fact you are my greatest success whether you are employed or not. Status of employment does not define you, and I’d like you to realise just how special you are to me regardless of your money source. You mean the world to me and I know that you are an amazing person who has changed me more than I can say, which I do not believe is a failure in any sense of the word. I love you, MC, and I know you love me too. Please don’t ever think differently.”

All you could do was stare at him as a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. “Thank you, Jumin. I mean it. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.” This time it was you who pulled him in for a passionate kiss as your eyes started to water with happiness..

📸 V: “Miss MC” you read out confidently, clutching a piece of paper in your hand.V sat on the armchair across the room from you, beaming at your confidence.

“We regret to inform you…that your were unsuccessful…blah blah blah” you trailed off as the paper became crumpled by your trembling hand, your heart swelling with disappointment. Another. Failed. Application.

“Angel?” His gentle tone drove the dagger further into your heart as you let yourself believe he was disappointed in you.

“I’m…I’m fine. Really. It’s just I was really hopeful about this one. I really thought I had it in the bag this time. I guess…I guess I didn’t.” The paper floated downwards jaggedly as you shrugged and ran a shaky hand through your hair. He knew you weren’t fine, of course you weren’t. So many places had turned you down, and who knew how many more were waiting to do the exact same thing? He quietly stood up from his chair and draped his arms over your shoulders, locking you in his warm embrace.

“You already know what I’m going to say, right?” He questioned as his cyan locks tickled your forehead as you nodded and turned around to bury your face in his chest. “Good. I always want you to remember that I’ll be right here no matter what, and it’s okay for you to rely on me. You know I don’t mind your status of employment as long as you are happy. Now you get comfy on the couch in a blanket and I’ll go make us some hot chocolates. What do you say to a movie day to take your mind off things?”

You happily agreed and spent the rest of the best movie day ever cuddling your blueberry boyfriend.

So guys I’ve never written properly before so tell me what you think and be sure to send some requests our way! 😁 - Admin 303

A Friend In Need

A part of Angstmas 2017.

Mabel sat back, head leaning against the wall above her dresser, tears trickling out as she took sobbing and ragged breaths.

Relieved. My apartment got busted into a few hours ago, and I’m relieved. She snuffled, wiping a sweater sleeve across her face to remove some of the mess, smiling ruefully while alone in her bedroom. Well, Derek flaked off like Mom always said he would, so I guess I should be glad I wasn’t home at the time.

She opened her clenched hand, revealing a cheap, fine chain in a silvered metal, attached to a sterling-plated pendant. The pendant was half a heart, broken in the middle in a distinct, ragged pattern, and she could make out the enameled half-message still visible on it:


“One heart, two bodies: our love,” she murmured to herself. The necklace was priceless; it was a vending-machine piece of cheap metal, worthless to any appraiser, and yet beyond all wealth to her now, at this time, at this place in her life.

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Hey so this is dedicated to a dear friend of mine

yEAH @confinesofpersonalknowledge I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU, YOU COOL HUMAN!

So I know you’re going through a tough time, and that post about you being catcalled reminded me a story/memory that I felt I needed to share. This story is very personal to me and I’m vv nervous to be sharing it with you guys bc I’ve never rlly done anything personal or deep BUT by doing this I hope to offer you at least some kind of positivity…?

Thana, I just want you to know that you’re not alone…Because I have dealt with a similar problem. 

[[Btw in this story there isn’t anything gruesome or scary, just an experience of catcalling on a very small level (that perhaps not be as serious as whatever happened to you) that still ended on a positive note. If catcalling is an uncomfortable topic for you, feel free to scroll past this, but if you’re up to hear a story about body positivity and how I conquered rude ppl then this story is for you :)]]

It was that time of year. Everyone’s blasting music from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, ppl are making as many skeletons memes as possible, adults are scared and kids are reveling. 

Heck yeah, it was Halloween. 

Halloween’s awesome, and I’m fortunately still around that age where if I went trick-or-treating I wouldn’t be judged so badly. But this story began in the beginning of October, when I decided that I was going to be Wonder Woman for Halloween. 

The movie had just come out and I was still being a huge fangirl and Gal Gadot is a gorgeous queen so I thought why not?? The costume took me an entire month to make but I managed to get it done! And I was super proud. I was really, really excited because it was my first Halloween where I wasn’t lazy and just bought a costume. So I wore my costume to school…and well…

Ok, so you’re probably like ‘this is where the catcalling happened right??’ well you’re correct! But there wasn’t a specific moment that I was catcalled. In general, I just experienced a lot of nasty students just being a little…weird. 

It started with the stares. The ones I remember, the ones that really stuck out in my mind…they were not from amazement. I think…I think it was like they were checking me out?? And yeah, I suppose I do have some redeeming physical features, it’s in my genes, and my gay friends love to point it out and joke around with me, but I still found it endearing. 

But this…was different. It was almost like an invasion of my body, an invasion of my privacy-like I was doing something wrong by wearing a flipping costume

And something I truly remembered that stuck out in my memory was that noise. I was walking through the hallway and I hear some voices, and a group of boys (that I believe were from my grade I don’t remember) walk past me. Then it came.

A whistle, loud and sharp.

I hung my head. U g h

What was worse were the comments, when people actually came and talked to me. There were students that I didn’t even know, students in one grade below mine, coming up to me and asking that one question,

‘Don’t you think that’s a little…um y’know…too revealing?’

Like holy heck. Y’all have no idea how much I hated that question. I believe I was asked that twice throughout the day?? But it was just so disrespectful. Like wooow haha  *claps hands sarcastically* my knees and shoulders/collarbone are just too scandalous for you, huh? 

And it felt bad…really bad. But things got better. So much better, I promise you. Though that negativity is still buried deep in my head, it’s the prominent, positive memories that made that Halloween unforgettable-in a good way. 

Mostly, it would have to my friends irl. They are really hecking gay and I love them with all my heart. When I first walked into my homeroom class, the students there (it was French class and I’ve been taking the language for 3 years so ik the ppl well there) immediately complimented me. My two friends there were dying and repeated called me thiccc 👌👌👌 which was really hilarious XD When my other friend saw me, she told me she was speechless at first before she started to praise the heck out of me ahh I love her

And there were two moments that I also couldn’t forget. One, was when I won the costume contest. 

Yep! One of my favorite part of that day. It took place during lunch and I was anxious about taking part in the costume, and when I asked my friends, they just looked me in the eye and yelled, ‘YES’ so I did 😆

And during art class, it was announced that I had won ‘Best Homemade Costume’ which was simply incredible! The pride that swelled in me when I stood up and the students in my class started to congratulate me was great. It was even better because all the students in that class were girls and it kinda made me feel like I did Wonder Woman some justice y’know? It was just nice

But another memory that I can’t forget was in the back of my bus. My friends on the bus congratulated me and complimented my costume and I couldn’t stop smiling. And all the way in the last seat…was a pair of eyes. I tensed up, thinking back to all the stares but I instantly relaxed when I really saw them. They were sparkling, shining. It wasn’t greed or lust, but awe. It was this quiet boy that sat all the way in the back of my bus, and he seemed shy so I hadn’t thought to approach him. 

On that day, I gave him a polite smile and waved. He apologies for staring at me, and stammers as he compliments my costume. I nod and give him another grin, saying thank you and asking him if he liked Wonder Woman. And he flashes this bright, geeky grin and then proceeds to announce that, ‘UM YEAH OF COURSE’ and we both continue to have a nice conversation about DC comics and Marvel and he was so kind about it and wowie that was just really great.

So, yeah! Don’t be afraid to be yourself, and wear whatever the flipping heck you want to because you’re a queen/king/or literally just royalty and you deserve praise and compliments once in a while ❤ Be strong, you will get through this.

And ummm lesson is: there’s nothing wrong with geeking out over superheroes 😂😋

I love you all, and I hope you have a lovely day!! 💙💛💖💜

Sweet Talker

A fluffy Strange Magic Art School AU drabble inspired by THIS post. 

Also I blame dainesanddaffodils because she tagged it #marianne and gave me this idea. 

Thank you to jaegereska who read it over for me.

if I seem

a little strange

well that’s because

I am

Bog considered the sign for a few moments. It was assembled out of foil letters of various colors suspended on strings held onto the wall with thumbtacks, the weight of the letters making the four lines of text dip in the middle. He recognized the letters as being from one of Dawn’s projects. However, it was not the younger of the Summers sisters who was responsible for this interesting statement. No, it had to be Marianne, who was currently laying on the couch with her face buried in a pillow.

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nothing lasts forever - chapter 5

Summary: after 8 years of marriage, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are in the middle of a divorce being closely watched by the media. Between protecting their kids from the attention and moving on with the divorce, life (and truths) can be tougher than expected for these two superstars.

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

a/n: this chapter is kinda boring, but I need it to make a time transition. It’s not long either, because I have this writers block, and it’s killing me. I promise teh next chapter will ake it up for this crappy one. Anyways, I hope you like it. :) P.S.: please listen to the song while reading, gives you the chills.

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