i was so obsessed with her

Yo its the night shift greenwalls employee again

Something happened tonight that i cant even be mad at but it was still just. Ugh.

This woman came in wanting photo cards for her daughter and son in law for a late mothers day present for her and a fathers day present for him because they had just had a baby. She stayed for four hours.

Four. Hours.

Every little detail she obsessed over. But she was so nice like you could just tell she was so /lonely/.

Like she made a few questionable comments about not being invited to go see her daughter with her husband and how her daughter wouldn’t let her hold the baby. And trust me, as someone with parent issues myself, i get not trusting your mom, and not wanting to have her in your life after certain instances but this woman was so sad. And you could really tell she was trying to be peppy and upbeat for both her sake and mine but it hurt to see her that way, you know? Like she wanted everything to be perfect since she couldnt be there.

I dont know. It was annoying because she was technologically illiterate and had me walk her through each step of the photo kiosk but honestly like after she saw the cards she hugged me and teared up

It just made me sad. Idk. Knowing what i know about shitty parents and working retail she could have been a manipulator and maybe im a sucker but i felt for her.


Loona Theories on Kim Lip, JinSoul and the July Girl

Alright, so you know how the first five girls had not only their animals and colors, but places associated with them? Well, this time around I think the next Loona unit will have animals, colors and shapes associated with them. 

First was Kim Lip - her color was obviously red and animal was an owl. But there was a lot of circle imagery in video, which I initially thought was just a coincidence/artistic choice on behalf of the MV producer(s).

But with JinSoul’s video, we get the obvious representations - color is blue, animal is a beta fish/fish - but we then get the same shape representation - squares/rectangles - throughout the video. 

Dancing on a square/rectangular stage. 

The dancers form a square around JinSoul with the rods. 

And those are obviously different rectangles/squares surrounding her. 

It could mean nothing, but knowing BBC they probably did this consciously. So, my guess is that the next girl (presumably the July Girl, although we know they’ve skipped months in the past) will be symbolized not only by a color and animal, but a shape as well. 

My personal - probably obvious - guess is that the shape will be a triangle. When it comes to the exact animal, who knows, but I’m guessing it will be something land oriented? They seem to be going with more elemental symbols for this next sub-unit and the owl and fish could be seen as representing the sky and sea respectively (i.e. something “earth” or “land” related would make sense for the next girl). Color wise I have no clue, but I’m leaning toward purple (for no other reason than red and blue = purple) or a bright shade of yellow. I know Hyunjin’s color is a marigold-like yellow, but we’ve seen them do variations of the same color before with Heejin and Vivi. A bright yellow paired with red and blue would be the three primary colors you probably remember from grade-school art class and be kind of cool symbolism in itself. 

twinkle, twinkle little star

“There’s an old story that was told long before we came to this island,” Antiope said. “It said that the shooting stars were the souls of heroes who could not be contained by constellations alone. The gods gave them the power to fly across the sky so that the world could be reminded of them.”

my first wonder woman fic because really i can’t be this obsessed with something without taking a crack at it.

1,990 words

also on AO3

“Mother, is it true that there are heroes in the sky?”

“Let me guess who told you that,” Hippolyta replied with a hint of laughter in her voice.

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This is super random but I'm mid heights obsession and I needed to share my random Sonny headcannon - which is that his full name is Madison Mateo De La Vega like maybe there was complications when he was born and the doctor who delivered him was Dr Madison and his mom was so grateful she named her son after him/her and Usnavi is the one to nickname him Sonny like people keep assuming he's a girl so Usnavi starts calling him Sonny-Boy and it sticks but when he's in trouble Usnavi uses Madison

I think the best part about all this is that, yes, Sonny HATES that name, and that became VERY apparent when school was about to start. Sonny didn’t want to go because he didn’t want anyone to make fun of his name cause it’s a girl name (although it WAS a boy name in the past) so Usnavi coined the nickname, Sonny, and Usnavi’s parents told the attendance office that before Sonny came, so when the teacher called attendance for the first time, they called Sonny, instead of Madison. Unfortunately, the young barrio didn’t know about that name until they were older. Usnavi doesn’t pull out Sonny’s FULL full name unless he’s in BIG trouble, like, ‘Usnavi’s going to kill you, ressurect you and then kill you again to dance on your grave’ kind of trouble. It only happened ONCE, and it just happened to be when all the barrio dwellers were nearby. Sonny’s trying to sneak away, and Usnavi just bellows ‘MADISON MATEO DE LA VEGA!!!!!’ Sonny freezes, everyone stops what they’re doing, not knowing who Usnavi’s talking about, until Sonny slowly and begrudgingly walks towards Usnavi. The two go off for Usnavi to get on with parenting, and everyone’s just in silence until Benny just BURSTS out laughing and everyone else either joins in or are just in awe by this revelation ‘SONNY’S REAL NAME IS MADISON???’ Luckily, they don’t really make fun of him, they just poke at him and hold it over his head. Benny WOULD NOT let it go, even going as far as to call Sonny Maddie, until Nina grabbed him by the ear and told him to knock it off.Every since that day, even when he’s out of earshot, Sonny feels a shiver run down his spine every time his real name is uttered.

IkeSen coming out~

English Version!

So happy since I wait for it for so long and end up playing Japanese version~

The MC is awesome, right? Hands down my fav MC since I read the prologue back then. In Jap not much differences of meaning and context, it’s just the uses of politer version of language (sonkeigo, kenjougo, masu-stem, nuances so on so on LOL *remembering all the lesson and the agony*) tones her down a bit? Since Japanese usually known of being reserved.

To cater to international audiences, Eng Version makes her even sassier~ That’s still cool tho! Hats off to Cybird official translator and proofreader~ I love every moment reading it with her being so freaking funneh smoothly. 

Currently I’ve done reading Ieyasu’s route and currently in Kenshin’s. The plot is really good, especially Kenshin! Despite being yandere, he’s cute (he’s naming all of his rabbit ahhhh) and know his boundary a bit? And I kind of liking it, my fictional guy obsessive over me xD

Kenshin route comes out during Cybird Jap ikemen election if I’m not mistaken. He surpasses Nobunaga who’s being on top before~ Let’s wait a while for his route, he’s no 7 tho! After Hide > Ieyasu > Shingen > Kenshin (not remember on yasu and shingen order, might be switched over)

While in Eng version the endings choices are romantic route and dramatic route, in Jap they are 幸福な恋ルート (kōfukuna koi rūto) & 情熱の恋ルート (jōnetsu no koi rūto) which means happy love route and passion of love route respectively~

Anyway, it’s even fun playing now since it comes for international release and seeing all the excitement, influencing me too~ I can’t wait for both Mitsuss coming out~ Would translate their previews as soon as they come out~

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Right, so, I got to 1k!!

I thought that maybe I would do a little get-to-know-me for all the newbies :))


•Name: Chloe
•Nickname: Chlo
•Gender/Pronouns: cis she/her
•Sexuality: bisexual
•Why I made my blog: I love Dodie Clark (what a goddess) also I’m lowkey obsessed with the yellow aesthetic (the hufflepuff tag has defo not helped me).
•Interests: I have recently become super obsessed with Brooklyn-99 and with Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa Diaz). I like dan and Phil, thisbedottie and various other yourtubers. I really love to paint with watercolours and draw and I occasionally do edits using the Adobe Draw app for iOS.

•Blog shoutouts!! : Dodie blogs: @dodieanddottie @doddleaxolotl @earlgreydodie // aesthetic blogs: @dulcetkid @straw-bb @anovembersparrow @stargogh @teacupboats // positivity or advice blogs: @cafegogh @letters-to-lgbt-kids // Sherlock blogs: @very-grumpy-bisexual @thelostsmiles @the-7-percent-solution // and these blogs you just need in your life: @the-glitter-clit @thatsthat24 @just-shower-thoughts @fromanotherroom // finally just general loveliness: @writerdan @boooitsbecca plus others that I wish I could’ve shouted-outed but I really don’t think my mobile device can cope, also there are some people which fit into more than one category. Thanks to the spammers and
c h l o e  is  oUT. 

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Do you think J and Harley would have matching tattoos? If so, what would they be? Also, what kind of toys do you think J gets for his baby girl? Does he play with her all the time? I picture him like the coolest dad ever, I'm obsessed with him being a daddy. So you must know how much I ADORE your blog. Lots of love for you. 💚♥️💚♥️

Thank you so much!!!! I definitely think Joker and Harley would get matching tattoos. I think they kinda already do like he has his jester on his chest and she has the one of her back. They aren’t the same but they are related. But I really do see them getting ones to match maybe a symbol for arkham because it’s so apart of them or something to symbolize the chemical vats or just the joker in general. As far as toys I think he’d try and get her whatever her interests are but always incorporate a piece of himself. Like I see him getting her his own action figure, cause in gotham people definitely would sell batman and joker toys ya know haha. He’d get her the batman one and paint it green and purple then gift her his own just to see her playing and creating scenarios with them.

Ezra “Chick Peas” Fitz is Charles the Great?

“I have a masters degree in American Literature. There’s nothing I can’t handle.” - Ezra Fitz, Pretty Little Liars Ep. 7x19

After 7 long years, our beloved Pretty Little Liars is finally coming to an end in just one day, can you believe it?!  After investing so much time and effort into this show I really needed the “Who is Charles” mystery solved before the finale airs because it has been driving me crazy and I won’t be surprised if I end up in Radley next to Mona after the show ends.

Originally posted by heydollface143

So, after a thousand red herrings and a million characters to sift through, I need this mystery to not only be solved but to make sense! Like any obsessive PLL fan, I have been scouring the web for theories convincing enough for this particular character to make sense and after countless hours of my life wasted I am convinced Ezra Fitzgerald is Charles DiLaurentis. With that being said, could this be the ultimAte clue we needed in order to crack this mystery all along? 

3 Important Takeaways from the above screenshot from Wikipedia regarding the history of chick peas:

1. Chickpeas are mentioned in Charlemagne’s Capitulare de villis. We all know the name Charlemagne is the root name for Charles, and Charles is a HUGE part of this show’s mystery. We have all been told to believe that CeCe/Charlotte Drake is the real Charles and that he is transgender, but I think this is one of CeCe’s biggest lies. Why would she lie about that? To protect the real Charles, of course. Her own flesh and blood, her brother Charles DiLaurentis a.k.a. Ezra Fitz. This explains why Ezra had CeCe on his payroll. She was playing the game with/for him.

2. In 1793, ground-roast chickpeas were noted by a German writer as a substitute for coffee. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Ezra owns the Brew, a coffee shop.

And wait a second, did I just spot a clue within a clue! Does that label say “Sun Sun” Chick peas with a big bright sunshine on the label? A Bethany clue? Is Bethany Young Ezra’s sister?

3. In the First World War, they were grown for this use in some areas of Germany. The WWI and German references. Enough said.

Let me know what you think! Is Ezra really Charles?!

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Red~ I saw you mention the Edith Finch house and let me say that THAT HOUSE IS WONDERFUL OMMMM- Also I am joining as the older teenager who is obsessed with red so everyone calls her Red (<- true story. I even have the stuff to make red-velvet cake in my kitchen basically all the time. Red walls in the room, red hair, red lipstick, just a lot of red. I also talk too much, sorry.)

Red is my favorite color!!! Ii love it so much. 
And I want the Edith Finch house. It’s amazing!!

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Yes hello so i'm scrolling through the sasusaku tag super late at night and I come across this one story (breathe me in.) and I feel like I'd read it before.... and I realized that I've followed your updates on FF since I was in 6th grade and I'm now a senior in college (who has rekindled her love for naruto bc I'm finally getting around to finishing the series) so it's been like almost 10 years so I just wanted to say that your writing is amazing and thanks for feeding my sasusaku obsession

omg…. if it’s been almost ten years then I think you’ve literally followed me from the start… cause i started posting stories at 15… and now im 25…. OMG

this is incredible. thank you! wow. omg.

We are having to board our dog while we go out of town for a week because when she knows I’m around she wants to be next to me and scratches and destroys doors and fences. Obsessed much?

Anyway so she went in for a day to test it out, see how she was with other dogs and in the room she’ll be staying in. They said she was good, happy, played well, ate great and so on. 

They also sent me this picture of her. She swears she’s auditioning for a modeling gig. 

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Spence doesn't name his daughter Diana, he named her Artemis. Pertenous yes, but his mom's still alive and well, she's been taking her meds, so it wouldn't make sense to name her after his mom.

i am so obsessed with wonder woman that i thought he had considered naming his daughter diana bc of her, and your icon isn’t helping

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"Stop protecting canola she seems so fake and shallow like sometimes I wonder all d charity also is just fr her image and her obsession with winning over stans. She was racist still probs is lowkey" Just because you don't like canola doesn't mean all the shit she does is fake. I'm sorry yall are so pressed that you can't let some 5 years old text go. I'm sorry yall so pressed you can't make a point without bringing her into it, I'm sorry your fav are so boring your asks are still 90% about her

Lmfao Ally’s far from boring tbh, she’s the life of the group. As a black person, I can’t forgive someone for throwing around the N word like it’s nothing, especially in regards to her other group mates. If you aren’t black, don’t tell me to get over it because it’s not your place. But if you are, that is your decision to forgive her. I am a person whose dealt with racism straight up so forgiving people for actions like that is hard for me, unless they give a SINCERE apology and show that they’ve changed their ways. Just because it was years ago without any change in her actions, I’m just supposed to be like “ok lol she’s an innocent angel now blessed by the gods”??? No, boo boo. That’s not how it works.

- N

Delayed by a beautiful distraction called....

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Recently I’ve expressed falling in love as delaying my work…well I finally got back to working and then I hit another wall :P.

She and I have become obsessed with the new Zelda game. God help me I think that game is the Sirens call. I had to give my Nintendo to her to keep so I’d stop playing it.

Now I’m back to working on Choptalk…on the last few minutes of “Double Agent Droid” with “Blood Sisters” behind it. 

I’m reaching burn out sadly so i have to try harder to get back on the horse (Epona).

Anyway just letting you know to continue to be patient with me.

Popularity on YT is continuing to climb so thank you to all who’ve helped there.

(Is anyone interested in me posting ENTIRE episodes that include Choptalk subtitles?)

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I know XV is a flawed game but I think we can all agree amongst each other that the devs making baby chocobos wide and fat with teeny weeny feet is one of the best decisions ever made like. How many games are there that have been ruined by fat baby birds? none, that's how many. fat birds make everything better, especially fantasy birds. they didn't make prompto obsessed with them for nothing.

OH! I didn’t get this right away but yeah they’re amaAZIDNGI!!! I love the invincible fat babies so much I cried abt them while drunk to friend and she was like ??? Tf and then I showed her the babies from the chocomog carnival and she undersTOOD

A Mother's Reckoning

So I couldn’t help myself, I know I said I was gonna try and wait to read it on vacation, but I totally caved. I’m only 20 pages in and I’m obsessed. Sue is such a strong woman, what I’m beginning to understand is that she accepted her son’s death more easily than the fact that he caused other people pain. I am so glad she decided to write this book, and I hope she continues to help educate everyone around the world.

fun story I first became obsessed with the harry potter series and hermione in particular in yr 3 of primary school and I decided I wanted to be like hermione in every way so I started reading *lots* and working super hard in school, got a reputation for bookishness and being the smart kid that I kept up into high school and lol here I am graduating in a few weeks from Cambridge all bc I adored this clever bookworm in a children’s book series and absorbed her into my personality as a child like ???

basically long story short female role models in kids media are EVERYTHING