i was so nervous posting this

I want you guys to know… all the creepy stuff, all the horror writing, all the stuff that’s been giving you shivers…. 

It’s @afangirlsplaylist‘s fault.

She got me into this. She got me curious. Without her, I would’ve never tried to write fluff. And because of her I got curious about how horror might be received, and started down that path. 

Thank her for these fics. Because if she hadn’t been encouraging me to start, I don’t know that I ever would have.

Amnesia Part I (Reader X Ethan)

So this is my first chapter of this series. I’m really nervous about posting it because idk if you guys will like it. I worked really hard so I hope you guys like it. I wrote this but one of my best friends @thedolantea corrected the grammar. So big thank you to her (love you girl💙💙). But anyways here is Amnesia! (THIS WILL DEAL WITH ABUSE but not in this chapter)


Piercing white was all I saw as I woke up. Just looking at the radiant color made me wince. Beep beep beep. I looked beside me and saw a monitor that had my heart rate on it. I guess I was in the hospital but why was the question. I quickly tried sit up but a pain shot right through my head and coursed through my body. I let out a groan and quickly laid back down. Just then I heard somebody open the door.

A lady, maybe in her late 20’s, waltzed in. She was dressed in a baby blue doctor’s uniform and was holding a clipboard. Her blonde locks were in a tight ponytail which would sway side to side every time she walked.

“Hey there Y/N. How are you feeling?” She asked as she went to the sink to wash her hands. Her voice was so smooth and calming, almost angelic.

“I’m okay, I guess,” I said, wincing from my headache.

“That’s good to hear!” She said in a sing-song voice. “You’re lucky to have survived you know,” she said as she walked around the room. She would check the monitor beside me then quickly scribble something on her clipboard.

“Why am I here? I don’t remember coming here,” I spoke as I pushed my brain to think. “Actually, I don’t remember anything.”

“I’ll explain everything but first I need to inform your mother that you’re finally awake,.” she said, still jotting stuff on her clipboard. “I’ll go get her. Don’t try to stand up or do anything because you’re not in the best condition right now- Oh I forgot to introduce myself! I’m your doctor! Well of course you probably know that already but- sorry I ramble a lot. Anyway, I’m Sarah,” with that she was gone.

“Well that was weird. But why am I here? Why can’t I remember much?” I asked myself, looking down. I noticed that I had a cast on my left hand and my foot also had a cast. “*Sigh* What did I do now?”

“Honey! You’re okay!” I heard a hoarse voice say in between sobs. Now there was a new lady, but she looked and sounded familiar. She ran up to my bed and grabbed my hand. “I’ve been so worried about you! I thought you were never going to wake up,” she quickly hugged me and I could feel her tears fall onto my thin hospital gown.

“Excuse me, but who are you?” I asked in confusion. She quickly pulled back and looked me in the eyes. She cupped my face with her soft hands and said “Y/N…. do you not remember me?” She said, her eyes started filling with tears.

“I’m afraid Y/N has a severe case of amnesia, Mrs. Y/M/L/N. The car crash had a bigger impact than we thought it would. She broke her arm, her ankle, and a couple of ribs. She also suffered from some internal bleeding,” the doctor said, her bubbly voice now dead serious.

“What do you mean she has amnesia!?” The lady said as she got up and faced the doctor.

“We weren’t expecting this either, Mrs. Y/M/L/N. We did think there was a small possibility but we didn’t think it would actually occur.”

“Will she ever remember anything?” The lady asked as she gave me a gloomy look.

“We aren’t really sure right now but we shouldn’t try to make her remember anything right now,” the doctor said and quickly wrote something down, “but we offer therapy to treat amnesia patients. We can start those sessions whenever she feels ready.”

“Wait. How long have I been asleep?” I asked, turning to look at my mom.

“I should give you two some privacy.” The doctor said as she walked out of the room.

My mom then went and sat down beside my bed. “Honey, you’ve been in coma for 3 weeks. I thought you would never get out of it. I was so scared and you have no idea how I felt when I got the phone call from the hospital.” She said as her eyes started tearing up again.

“Wait. What do you mean I was in a coma? What happened?”

“We aren’t sure why but we do know you were in a car accident. You went off the side of the road and-” Tears started flowing out of her eyes.

I quickly grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. She gave me a weak smile and asked, “Do you remember anything? Like anything at all?” as she wiped her eyes.

“I don’t know if it was real or not but”, I looked down at my hand and balled it up, “I remember somebody. I don’t know who he was but I remember hearing his name.” I furrowed my eyebrows as I tried to remember the stranger’s name. It was on the tip of my tongue but I just couldn’t seem to remember, then it hit me like a train.

“ETHAN!” I yelled and I immediately regretted it as another wave of pain shoot through my body.

“Who is this Ethan? Did he does this to you?!” She hurriedly stood up and started to head for the door. “I’ll go get the police so they can-”

“No! Mom stop!” I grabbed her arm before she could go anywhere. “He saved me mom. Or at least I think he did..”

Suddenly the largest pain I had ever felt hit me. It felt like everything was heavier. “Ugh. What is happening?” My vision started blurring and I could hear my mom panicking.

“Honey! What’s wrong?!” she ran to the door and screamed “Somebody! Please! Something’s wrong with my daughter!”

Every sound I heard was like an echo and felt so distant. Then everything went pitch black.


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*waves* um, so i'm that lurking anon who was nervous about posting fic, and this is me de-anoning (sort of). Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the encouragement; it really helped me get over my anxiety. For those interested in reading my foolishness, I've posted the first chapter over on AO3. My username there is AlreadyBoss and the fic is called 'Fear-Boners and Other Methods of Flirting'. Thx again for being so welcoming; I hope anyone who reads it enjoys.

We’re glad and thankful you’ve decided to post your story.

For those interested read it here:

Fear-Boners and Other Methods of Flirting by AlreadyBoss                

Tentatively poking my head out

Some may have noticed that I’ve been posting a little bit lately, kind of taking hesitant steps out of my anxiety-induced hiatus. Yesterday I even posted one of the stories that I had previously only sent to my mailing list a couple months ago. People seemed to like it, so …

I’m considering beginning to post chapters of the Deaf!Phil AU I’m currently working on (with four chapters already having been sent out to the mailing list). This is the first AU I’ve ever written, though, so I’m even more nervous about posting it then I would be about posting my usual style of fic.

I don’t know why I’m even posting this, because I’m not really looking for encouragement or anything like that. I guess I just wanted to share that I am actually considering starting to put more of my writing out there publicly again, because it makes me kind of happy to feel like a contributing member of the phandom again. I missed you guys. 💜

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Hello! I was wondering if you ever get stressed out or nervous when posting/writing your fics? I'm just wondering because every time I finish a chapter or post a fic I get really nervous that no one will like it and either don't share it or delete it right away!

yeah, i do get nervous, plus i’ve got perfectionist tendencies im trying to unlearn so that makes it harder for me to post stuff as well. so i get where you’re coming from. i used to go reread the stuff i posted immediately afterwards and kind of tear it apart in my head, but recently i’ve stopped doing that and every time i have the impulse i try to remember to be confident and have trust in myself. it’s a conscious choice on my part, and it’s difficult to get into the mindset at first but it’s a really nice mindset to have. it feels a lot better than second-guessing myself all the time, that’s for sure. so, if you feel like taking my advice, i’d tell you to be confident and proud of your work, and know that with everything you create, you’re improving. good luck on your writing, and godspeed =) 

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I've noticed lately that a lot of people in this fandom are all friendly or are all sending each other messages and interacting. How do you do that? I'm nervous about interacting with the people on here.

hmm i’m pretty sociable so this is a bit hard to answer… but maybe you should put some comments on your tags when you post/reblog stuff. it’s a little insight into your personality and sense of humor and opinions and whatnot. eventually there’s gotta be somebody who will relate and hit you up. or, if you already do that, you can be that person who hits somebody up after reading something you like in their tags. unpopular opinions tend to especially unite people. (and by unpopular opinions i mean actual opinions like enjoying/hating something most people don’t like/care about, not hate speech. sounds pretty obvious but y’know. just a disclaimer.)

being formal doesn’t do much favors tbh. if you hit someone up like “hey can we be friends”… chances are it ain’t happening. it’s much better to act naturally and idk bring up what you have in common with them. also let me tell you that many people you see interacting and joking w/ one another aren’t even all that close… i have never dm’d some of them and yet we’re joking together. (i’m not comfortable w/ getting too close so this is great imo)

there isn’t really a formula to any of this and you can’t force it into existence. so sorry if this wasn’t exactly the answer you wanted but i just… don’t really know how it happens.

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Pastel forest demon is legitimately my favourite new aesthetic. Woah.

Ahh, this made my day!! Thank you so much bb, you’re very kind and I appreciate your messages so much c: I’m really happy you like the look, I’m always super nervous posting natural lighting photos. The forest was pretty gorgeous (especially, I mean!) that day, I had to post them! 🌿🌲🌱🌻

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Aww, poor Tom! Can I get a continuation where Aax, Marco, and Tom meet again with Tom translating his Uncle's tongue? I'm pretty sure Aax acts like a total mom and refers to him as "Tommy". XD

Sure I can! I’m so glad you liked the story! I just wish I got it when the first request was sent out, because it may have been different. But like I said, I had a computer virus and junk hahaha. Anyway, I hope you like the story! Enjoy!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/164193142082/hey-can-i-get-some-tomco-fluff-maybe-where-marco

“Okay, stay behind me.” Tom told Marco. Something about him seemed different. He seemed on edge and nervous, and he was gripping Marco’s hand tight. He was pulling him in every direction to get through the Dead Area. And he would push Marco aside and hiss for him to hide, his eyes would light up, and then after a moment when he was sure it was safe they would continue.

“How do we know where your uncle is?” Marco asked, very quietly and very softly. Tom shrugged, turning around to pick Marco up and carry him like a bride.

“I don’t know, hold on to me.” Tom commanded. Marco held on tight and Tom jumped over a large ditch. As soon as he made it safely over, large claws and tentacles came out of the ditch and tried to grab them, but Tom held Marco tighter and zipped away. “Don’t worry, those things won’t come after us, they can’t survive out of the darkness of the crevices.” Tom assured.

“You think you can put me down now?” Marco asked, blushing a bit. But Tom just shook his head, his eyes glowing a bit brighter.

“No.” Was all he said. His ears kept twitching like he heard something in the woods, and he would hold Marco tighter. After a minute he set Marco down. He then walked over to a tree. Tom then grabbed Marco and held him on his back, and climbed the tree easily. When they were at the top they could see the entire dark and ominous forest.

“There!” Marco called, holding tightly onto Tom’s shoulder, and he pointed with his other hand. “That could be where he is.” He motioned to a small place in the forest that was surrounded by the same black smoke that enveloped Aax’s body. Tom nodded.

“Yeah, that’s him.” Tom agreed. He slid back down to the ground and put Marco down, grabbing his hand and running quickly. When marco was having trouble keeping up, Tom just scooped him up in his arms again and held him tight, running faster.

Pretty soon they made it to what seemed like a wall of this black smoke. “U-Uncle Aax?” Tom called softly, putting Maroc down. There was no response. “Avunculus?” Tom tried, even softer. After he called that a figure emerged from the smoke. It was the same tall lanky and crooked thing that chased Marco earlier. It was terrifying, and looked like his limbs were snapping and bending in unreal ways. But then it spoke.

“Tom?” He asked. Tom nodded and two big shiny red orbs appeared on the monster’s face. And he dove down like a vulture going in for the pray. But instead of hurting Tom, he scooped him up in a hug and held him tight. “Tom! Tom! filium meum!” He cried.

“Avun Aax! Et vos desiderabat:!” Tom exclaimed. The monster held the demon tight and spun him in circles, rambling on and on and on. After a moment he pulled back and looked at Marco confused. He moved closed, letting his big red eyes travel up and down the human confused. “Oh! Aax, this is Marco! My boyfriend. You saved him last time he got lost in here.” Tom introduced. Marco smiled and held his hand out.

“I’m so sorry for running I… I was so scared. I didn’t know you were trying to help me. But you saved me from that fairy and, thank you.” Marco shook hands with the demon. A big shiny grin appeared on Aax’s face. His sharp teeth and big mouth spread across his whole face.

“Quam dulcis pueri. Tom tu tale sit hic et angelus venit?” Aax said, looking at Tom. Tom smiled and looked at Marco.

“He said you’re really nice, and he’s mad at me for bringing you to such a dangerous place.” Tom laughed lightly, looking up at his uncle. Marco blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

“Oh, well Tom took very good care of me.” He assured. “He practically carried me here the whole time.” Marco recalled. Tom then smiled big at Aax, who laughed. His laughing sounded like scary gargling. But it was cut off by a hissing noise from the woods.

“Nos have ut vado. Huc tibi tuta parumper tenere spiritum et finem aliquando adepto praeteritum obice eris.” Aax spoke fast and ushered them in.

“He says it’s dangerous out here.” Tom started. “We have to go inside. We’ll be safe there.”

“Won’t the smoke hurt me?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“Just hold your breath to get past the barrier then you’ll be okay.” Tom assured. Marco nodded and took a breath, running through. He opened his eyes and saw the thin wall of smoke led into a small and nice looking home. Not what Marco would expect from this area. He heard Tom’s uncle say something and Tom translated.

“He says to sit and make yourself comfortable.” Tom told Marco. Aax came over and led the human to a chair, smiling and saying something else. “He wants to know if you’re hungry of want anything.” Tom laughed a bit. Marco giggled as well.

“I’m okay, thank you very much. I would actually like to get to know you. Tom spoke very highly of you and… I just wanted to meet you.” Marco admitted. Aax fell back and thought for a moment, he said something to Tom, who just shrugged.

Aax began to speak and then Tom translated. “He says there’s not much to say other than he adores me.” Tom stopped and blushed a little. “Avun cut that out. Marco’s here.” Tom mumbled and then continued. “He raised me as a baby and little child because my parents were busy with the kingdom, and he really loved his old job as a teacher.” Tom finished.

“You were a teacher?” Marco asked. “What did you teach?” He asked. Aax spoke and Tom translated.

“He taught young cubs the history of demons, our ancient ways, and ancient scrolls.” Tom spoke. “He always was told to teach me separate because I was the prince, but he would sometimes read stories to all the cubs and he would sneak me away to play with the other cubs.” Tom laughed, rubbing the back of his head.

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” Marco cooed. “You guys were really close, huh?” He asked. Aax nodded and gave his nephew another hug. He said something that Made Tom smile lightly and look away. “What did he say?” Marco asked.

“He said he can’t thank you enough for getting lost that day or… he would have never seen me again.” Tom started. “And that he missed me so much and… he already loves you.” He finished. But then Aax took Tom by the shoulders and said something with urgency.

“I promise.” Tom nodded. He looked over at Marco. “He… as much as he wants to see me again. He doesn’t want us coming back here. It’s dangerous and he doesn’t know what he’d so if we got hurt.” Tom finished. Marco nodded and got up, to take Aax’s hand.

“I promise to keep your nephew safe.” Marco vowed. “He’s my demon, and I’ll make sure he’s just fine.”

hi ok… just said bye to my parents and cried a LOT lol but idk my roommate is in the exact same boat? and like its nice having that… but i feel so sad. and ugh im the person who likes to have a few very close friends as opposed to a lot of friends that im not close with (it makes me depressed and more lonely if that makes sense) and rn im like that but its literally bc ive been here for 3 days…. so obv i cant just be close w ppl jkjksjdfjh im a dumbass but im nervous too and idk but ik its normal. so idk i just downloaded Pisces Queen Herself And The Great Blue Sea again i wanna replay it bc its a HUGE comfort thing to me… and i just started it and i already feel better omg the ost is so beautiful and nostalgic (even tho i just played for the first time like in may) but ya idk be ready for some more emo posting im in a bad place but itll be okay


i was tagged by @drowningdollie ((thank u!!)) to post the last 6 albums ive listened 2,, and they r;

  1. The Wilderness by Cemeteries
  2. Placebo by Placebo ((lmao obvs))
  3. Colonists by Nero’s Day At Disneyland
  4. Uber Capitalist Death Trade by Cabbage
  5. Mezmerize by System Of A Down
  6. Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid by Die Antwoord

uuhhm soo i tag @mossbug @n1ghtcrawlers @meatzurkus @circusqoth @67443 @creepycrawlygirl @cryptidclown @mudclown @angelgirl777 @sl0p @barbaloots @foamywater aaaaaaa idk im 2 nervous + now im overthinkinggg

ok so i tag any1 who wants 2 do this + also u dont hve 2 do this if i tagged u

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Tagging: @outofmychair @ebonyforthestrategist @ofguidanceandcharge @sunshinetechnophile and anyone else who wants to do it

RULES : Answer the questions  in a new post and tag some blogs you wanna get to know better!

A  -  AGE :  31
B  -  BIRTHPLACE :  London, England 
C  -  CURRENT  TIME :  1:21am 
D  -  DRINK  YOU  HAD  LAST :  Decaf green tea
E  -  EASIEST  PERSON  TO  TALK  TO :  I am bad at talking. I am a nervous potato. But I’ve known @ebonyforthestrategist for ages, so I’ll say them. xP
F  -  FAVORITE  SONG :  I don’t have a single favourite, but hey… this is fun ;P
G  -  GROSSEST  MEMORY : I once fell asleep in a friend’s lap and woke up just in time for them to vomit all over the back of my head.
H  -  HORROR  YES  OR  HORROR  NO : I LOVE horror movies. Good and bad. I have a DVD collection of shitty horror movies I’ve found in thrift shops.
I  -  IN  LOVE ? :  Nope.
J  -  JEALOUS  OF  PEOPLE : I mean… sometimes? 
K  -  KILLED  SOMEONE :  …??
L  -  LOVE  AT  FIRST  SIGHT  OR  SHOULD  I   WALK  BACK  BY  AGAIN ? : Nah. Lust, maybe. And love can then form once you get to know the person, but I’ve always found the concept of love at first sight to be kinda weird.
M  -  MIDDLE  NAME(s):  Don’t have any
N  -  NUMBER  OF  SIBLINGS :  3 half-sisters, but I hardly ever see them.
O  -  ONE  WISH :  Financial stability??
P  -  PERSON  YOU  CALLED  LAST :  My phone says it was the hospital…? I don’t really call people. I hate talking on the phone.
Q  -  QUESTION  YOU’RE  ALWAYS  ASKED :  “Where the hell are you?” … I’m late a lot. :\ 
R  -  REASON  TO  SMILE : Friends. Meeting new people who are the same kind of weird as me.
S  -  SONG  YOU  SANG  LAST : This … Hocus Pocus was on earlier
T  -  TOP  3  FICTIONAL  CHARACTERS :  Starlord, Nero from DMC 4, Prompto
U  -  UNDERWEAR  COLOR :   Black. I had to check, though. Yesterday it had pictures of roses on. I am pure class ;P
V  -  VACATION : Somewhere old with lots of cool period buildings.
W  -  WHEN’S  YOUR  BIRTHDAY :  January
X  -  XRAYS :  One time when I was little I pretended to hurt my leg to get a few days off school. I was apparently so good at faking it that my folks took me for an x-ray. Obviously they found nothing, so the docs just assumed it was a hair-line fracture, gave me crutches, and told my folks to keep me off school for 2 weeks. It was AWESOME! xD
Y  -  YOUR  FAVORITE  FOOD : Chinese-style duck and hoisin pancakes
Z  -  ZODIAC  SIGN :  Aquarius

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I love your KAITO so much and I love your art so much and you seem like such a nice person I would try to talk to you and hope to be friends bc of how cute and nice you seem to be and you've replied to some of my posts and I'm happy every time and I am a shy and nervous bean yes good haha have a good day!!


and dont stress yourself about talking to me. take your time until the time feels right, i would be glad to talk with you if you want 

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"have a chunk from that fic were post-canon" i hope you'll make it a proper fic someday! it's an interesting idea that hasn't been done before. or if it had, then i missed it.

oh it’s absolutely going to be a proper fic! i’ve got about 7k so far, it’ll prob end around 10k or so?

i think i’ve seen a silverflint fic once upon a time where silver was way nervous and couldn’t get it up or something along those lines, but i don’t quite remember, it’s been at least half a year since i saw it.

i did quite a bit of reading up, and erectile dysfunction and generally trouble with physical intimacy is surprisingly common in ex-soldiers w PTSD, and i think given the shit that both james and thomas have gone through it’s totally reasonable to assume things might be a bit complicated for a bit. (altho i’m going for a lot of fluff and comfort. there’s so much shmoozing and domestic softness lol.) not to mention they’re not the youngest, mid-40s is not old-old but especially for the time period they’re not spring chickens either.

thomas, who has been without much stimulation (mental or physical) for a long time, would get rly overwhelmed rly fast, and from what we know of flint it doesn’t seem like he has inhabited his own body in a pleasurable way for ten years, even if the sex scene w miranda is not representative (and ppl keep arguing abt that, so i’ll just leave it up for everyone’s interpretation here), it still appears that he mostly treats it as a tool. we don’t much see him enjoying good food, a drink, physical affection, and esp w the way he views his own villainy he might well have trouble allowing himself to indulge in something like tenderness again. if you view your body mostly as a weapon and as a vehicle to transport your brain somewhere, you’re going to need some adjusting after ten years.

… i have lots of thoughts, ok.

Fool’s Gold by @tvshows-addict

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating:  Explicit

Word count:  55K 

Status: Complete !!!!

Leaflet for Over Again Inc.

“In relationships, there are three types of people: those who are happy, those who are unhappy but accept it and deal, those who are unhappy and in denial.

Handling this last category is our job: we are professional couple breakers.

To reach our goal, we use all means necessary.”

Or the Arnacoeur AU in which Harry is scheduled to be married to Liam in 10 days and Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up.

Poster by the wonderful @melmanpur