i was so in love with her when i was little

All reasons Jon3rys will not be endgame ( Jonsa will)


Thanks for the ask! Sorry it took me so long to give you an answer! I know its been at least a week, but I did not forget you! Honestly, when I started writing this I did not expect it to end up as long as it did… I guess I just got a little too passionate about the endgame possibilities for GOT/ASOIAF.

So to actually answer your question : long story short, regardless of any romance I think Jon will betray Daenerys- Jon will be Dany’s last treason. And her death (result of the betrayal) will be fundamental in ending the long night- this is why Jon will betray her, to save everyone, including those he loves (especially Sansa) form the WW. Thus Jon will be free to end up with his love Sansa - and he will!

That was the short answer! Here is the longer answer as to why I am 100% sure why Jon/Daenerys will not be endgame, and that he will betray her during the long night. And to make it easier to follow I have divided it up into sections:

1. The Jon/Dany romance did not make any sense in the show
      a) Why Jon and Dany did not have the proper build up/execution for Jonerys to be a believable romance
      b) Comparing Jon/Dany romance to all other important romantic pairings we’ve seen develop on the show
      c) How it makes no narrative sense for Jon to “choose love over duty” and give the North to Daenerys
2.  Dany and Jon living happily ever after sitting on the Iron throne in the end makes NO NARRATIVE sense
      a) Jon/Dany “falling in love” and sitting on the iron throne together is too predictable
      b) The show (and books) have set Dany up to slowly become an antagonist by the end of the series and have slowly set up Sansa to become a queen, and Jon a king.
       c) The show (and books) have have slowly set up Sansa to become a queen, and Jon a king.
  3. And finally: JON AND DANY ARE NOT THE SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. JON is Ice AND Fire; Dany is PURE FIRE and the WW are PURE ICE

Okay! So! Let’s  Let’s start off with why the Jon/Dany romance did not make any sense:

Okay, so the first thing I am going to say, is that before being a Jonsa shipper, I am a die hard fan of Game of Thrones and the novels of ASOIAF because I believe it to be one of the most incredible, complex and intriguing series out there. And before ANYTHING else, I want the series to have an amazing well executed ending that will do the series justice, regardless if the ship I love becomes cannon or not. My true OTP is GOT/ASOIAF X Strong-Plot-Points-And-An-Ending-That-Makes-Sense.
That being said, I’m 100% sure Dany has fallen for Jon, but I’m not convinced Jon is 100% in love with Daenerys. It’s really confusing for me tbh… the only scene that Jon showed any kind of affection towards Dany IMO was in their last scene in 7x06…in the rest of their scenes they didn’t really seem to have a true connection and their chemistry was lukewarm. I’m not just saying this because I ship Jonsa, I’m open to the idea of Jonerys and I think I wouldn’t even mind seeing a romance there, just as long as it was properly executed and made sense.  Which I really don’t think it was at all! And I will explain why I don’t think the Jon/Dany romance made sense…But regardless of if Jon is in love with Dany or not, I believe the ending will be roughly the same and I will explain my thoughts on that as well in as much detail as I can without being too long lol.

a)- Why Jon and Dany did not have the proper build up/execution for Jonerys to be a believable romance

Okay, so the whole Jon3rys romance has truly failed to convince me for a number of reasons. I’m not the only one who didn’t feel the magic in their romance…  a lot of people and critics have picked up on this too. I don’t think timing or the pace of the season had anything to do with it. D&D are perfectly capable of writing a believable romance with limited amount of screen time. Just look at Robb and Tailsa, they met, fell in love and had sex in under 18 minutes of screen time and it all felt natural and convincing!

^^^ No one doubted this for a second,

The thing is, we never got to see a true bond form between Jon and Dany or honestly see any reason/justification as to why Jon would fall in love with Dany… like okay she saved his life, but that’s not a good enough reason to explain Jon suddenly falling head over heels in love with her and giving her the North!

Like in the previous episodes:
1. Dany kept refusing to help him fight the WW and save thousands of lives because of her obsession with ruling all seven kingdoms was more important to her;
2. She used her dragons to burn people alive -despite Jon stating that he is morally against this (and one of them was his best friend’s beloved brother);
3. And Jon didn’t even care to look back at her when he left dragon stone, while Jorah -the man who truly loves her-did

^^^This is what it looked like Jon was thinking

And most importantly: while Dany did open up to Jon (about her family, the dragons being her only children, etc) Jon did not open up to her about personal matters AT ALL. They do not have a basis for a true emotional connection. This is perfectly reflected in their sex scene - we never got to see them undress each other which symbolizes taking each other’s walls down and becoming physically and emotionally naked. We never even got to see their first kiss! Like their sex scene lated 20 seconds, with absolutely no buildup or first kiss but had Dany looking at Jon with heart eyes and Jon looking back at her all weird and while creepily breathing AND IT HAD A VOICEOVER THAT CREEPILY AND MONOTONELY EXPLAINED HOW THEY ARE AUNT AND NEPHEW…. This is how NOT to write a convincing romance 101. Why would the show do this to the most anticipated and arguably the most important pairing in the series?!?!! I REFUSE to believe D&D would fuck up this bad. This has to be intentional-that makes the most sense.

b)- Comparing Jon/Dany romance to all other important romantic pairings we’ve seen develop on the show

Let’s compare Jon3rys to all other loving couples on the show, shall we? In each end every one of them we got to see them open up to each other about personal matters - forming a true emotional connection- and we got to see them have their first/passionate kiss before making love. Think of all the important romances we got to see develop in GOT and how their sex scenes went down:

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Tom being a single dad

Okay so I’m working on some requests and I’m sorry it’s taking a minute but I’ll have them done soon I promise

•okay so she would be a total daddy’s girl
•he gave her everything tbh
•he would dress up with her and be her prince
•his favorite thing to do is read to her
•she loves when he does his American accent
•he put up a poster of him as Spider-Man in her room
•he cried on her first day of school
•he makes her lunches and leaves little stickers on her sandwich bag
•he watches tons of YouTube videos on how to do hair
•teaching her how to dance
•one night he went to a meeting for school filled with just moms
•they all flirted with them
•lowkey everyone thinks Tom and Harrison are together because they both show up to events together
•she is his date for premiers
•he always matches his tie to her dress color
•he is a super overprotective dad when she brings a boy home
•the Dad talk
•he loves her more than life it’s self

•okay so his room would be decorated with Spider-Man stuff even tho he lowkey likes Superman more
•tom would teach him how to do flips and play sports
•he’s his little man
•and his new wingman
•Tom teaches him how to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady
•he takes him to premiers as well but they have matching suits
•they basically twin 100%
•when he grows up he looks just like tom
•he’s a ladies man
•but tom knows something is different
•his boy wasn’t much like him
•he wasn’t into sports, acting, dancing..etc
•but he didn’t really care because his boy was top of his class
•his son tried to hide it but Tom was okay with it
“I know son”
“I’m sorry Dad”
“There’s nothing to be sorry about, you love who you love”
•tom is such a good and gentil dad
•when his boy brings home a boy he gives the Dad talk
•he gives the Dad talk to everyone
•even Harrison
•also toms Dad jokes would be so stupid but hella clever

Overall I think Tom as a single dad would just be so soft and amazing. I feel like he’d give his kid everything they ever wanted and needed😭

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My little sister browses tumblr for VLD content and I asked her whose account she thinks of when she thinks of the 'Galra side' of the fandom. She whipped around, looked me dead in the eye, and said, "THE GRAPE GUY." So yeah ur the Galra guy officially how does that make you feel




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I have to draw your sister something now, who’s her favorite Galra??


Wakaba how are you so pure, I love you so much, Wakaba for president. 

I am certain there are many people (for obvious reasons, I don’t seek out Utena fandom right now) that parse their relationship as romantic, but I really haven’t over the course of the series. I adore their relationship, and I’m so happy that she hasn’t been totally forgotten by the show, but I think Wakaba is literally just this thoughtful. I love her beautiful little lunch in her bright pink box, and how happy she is to have done something kind for Utena. 

I also think its interesting that Utena calls her “the most normal girl she knows.” I remember back in the beginning of the show, when Utena herself kept insisting that she was a totally normal girl who wanted a totally normal guy. What does Utena think of being a normal girl as? As performing service for others? AS being “a nice wife”? I don’t think either of those things are bad things to be, and in fact, I make my wife little lunches like this fairly frequently, but it’s just interesting to me to try and parse what Utena means when she says these things. 

ALSO, I love that Wakaba’s like, “hell fucking yes, I’m going to be the kindest and sweetest and most thoughtful wife on earth, you better recognize that.” 


Please not I haven’t seen anything past this and am watching spoiler free! Please don’t confirm, deny, or explain anything to me! Even if I should be able to figure it out based on past episodes! Even if it’s cultural! Even if there is no answer! It ruins it for everyone when I get spoiled!

ouch. | ( a reddie drabble )

And here it is, folks! I’ve decided to write my first Reddie fanfic. It’s a little wordy and still working on the boy’s voices but all and in I had so much fun with this. I’ve checked it about a billion times but sorry if there are any grammatical errors! Let me know what you all think! (:

Special shoutout to the wonderful Sydney or @reddie-set-go ! It’s her birthday and I really wanted to try to have the courage to publish something for her! I hope you had an amazing day lovely! Stay awesome! <3

rating: PG-13 ( for violence and swearing )
pairing: Reddie ( richie tozier & eddie kaspbrak )
word count: 1,359

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(I apologize in advance for the grammar)

It was now almost two in the morning and I was laying in bed, looking at the ceiling like it was the most interesting thing in the world and wondering when in time my mind becomes so full of her to the point I could barely think about anything else. I lost myself thinking about all the times she rolled her eyes when I said I like her, how many times she pulled me out of her bed and house saying I was being too much, how she always tries to hide a smile when I say she looks beautiful, how she gets herself lost on me. All the screams, the kisses, the touches, the unsaid words, everything. And the more I thought about her, the more I found myself falling, loving her a little bit more than the day before and knowing tomorrow I would love her even more than today. It has been a week since I last saw her, the last time was before going to Japan to hold a concert, and now that I was back the thing I wanted the most was for sure see her, even if it was for five seconds, too bad she wasn’t on the same page. I’m not sure if the excuse she gave was legit or not but I wanted to believe it was, most of all because I knew her, she wouldn’t lie to me, if she didn’t want to be with me she would say it to my face. But fuck, I missed her so much, only five days yet I was in need of her like a man of water when walking in the desert. Pathetic. 

I swear I tried to fall asleep, rolling in bed and telling myself it was the best thing to do, I had a meeting in the morning after all, but there was no use, I was back at thinking about her in a matter of a second. I tried to tire myself by scrolling through Instagram, checking weibo, playing a game on my phone, but nothing resulted so I said fuck it and got up, there was no use in being in bed. I walked along the corridor, being welcomed by Ai as soon as I reached the living room, and only stopped when reaching the window, opening it up so I had access to the balcony. The weather was kind of chilly, it was October after all, but it was nice enough for me to stand outside and smoke my beloved cigarette, hopefully, it would put me in a relaxing mood. It didn’t. The time I spend sitting on one of the chairs only served to think some more about her to the point I started to get mad at myself for being in such a state, I took the phone out of the pocket of the shorts and opened the conversation with her, checking the last texts and smiling alone when reading hers, “Say goodnight to Ai and that I miss him already. You sleep well.”. I took one more drag on the cigarette, holding it between my lips while typing “I can’t sleep.” and send it to her, half knowing she was probably sleeping, half hoping she would reply, and indeed the second happened minutes later, a “Count sheeps.” showing up and making me laugh like a maniac, Ai surely looked at me like I was one. I answered with “No. I want to see you.”, I didn’t want to waste any time, I wanted her to know, she always asked me what I was thinking anyway so this time she had it fair and square. But I was the one who got caught off guard by her reply, “Then come.”, and of course after maybe a minute looking at the screen of the phone like a weirdo I got up, called Ai inside, closed the window and grabbed the car keys and wallet, putting on some shoes I didn’t care to register, it was the first ones I found and got inside the car. There was no way in hell she could back off now, I wouldn’t let her. I wanted to at least kiss her once and maybe have the chance to touch her for a little bit. I wanted that. I wanted it so much I could feel it on the tip of my tongue. Thankfully the traffic at night wasn’t as awful as during the day so it took more or less half an hour to get to the other side of the city, and then took me more ten minutes to find a fucking place to park the car, and when I finally found it I still had to walk for a while to get to her apartment. There wasn’t a living soul on the street and now I was feeling a bit cold, maybe wearing only a black sleeveless shirt and shorts at two in the morning wasn’t the best idea ever but now it was too late. I climbed the stairs to her apartment, shaking my head at how the front door is always open, and I know it was a safe country and city but still, better safe than sorry, and when at the third floor I texted her saying I was at the door, she took a few seconds to open it. “Hi.”, my voice came out a little bit funny and I wanted to blame the fact I had to climb so many stairs and not the fact my heart was beating faster than usual, “Hi Ji. Now that you saw me you can go and sleep.”, and if it wasn’t for the playful smile on her face I would have thought she was being serious. I used my feet to prevent her to close the door completely and then whined just because I could, taking a step forward to be closer to her, “I want to kiss you too. It’s been a week.”, I saw her checking me from head to toe, getting lost for a while on my lips before locking gaze with me, “Aren’t you asking for too much?”, her voice was sweet and gentle just like I remember and that alone gave me enough courage to put my arm around her waist and pull her against my chest, the other hand tugging a strand of hair behind her ear, the movement causing our mouths to be dangerously close, I could feel her breath getting mixed with mine and that was never good for my sanity, I could feel it slip between my fingers. “No.”, I brushed the tip of our noses and smiled when feeling a shiver run down her spine, my hand on her lower back pressing her body to mine, “What if I say refuse?”, I frowned, of course I haven’t even thought about it, and knowing her it was an option indeed but to be honest the way her breath was getting caught in her throat due to my fingers caressing her back and the way her hand came to touch the side of my neck told me she was more inclined to say yes than anything else. So I decided it was the perfect time to test her, approaching our mouths even more, until I could feel my lips touching hers briefly, god, I have missed these moments, and then whispered directly into it, “I don’t think you will.”, feeling her hand move to the back of my neck and pulling the hair made me almost moan on the spot. Fuck. The things she was able to provoke on me with such a simple gesture. I feel like a puppet. “Cocky much?”, I’m not sure if she was aware her words were not matching her reactions and actions at all, everything she was trying to hide with her words, she was giving away with her touch and shivers, she was giving me all I wanted right there, so much I didn’t even answer her question, I simply nodded and finally pressed my lips to hers. At first, it was just that, lips on lips, a mere peck like it was too dangerous to have everything at once, like I had to savor her slowly or else I wouldn’t be able to handle it, god she smelled and tasted so good. And then it turned into a deeper kiss, her hands cupping my neck to keep me in place as if I was going anywhere when she was kissing me like that, not even in a million years. I have been waiting for this kiss for so long that I wanted it to last for days, weeks, months. I wanted to feel her tongue caressing mine, I wanted to feel her skin under my fingertips when my hand slipped under her pajama top, I wanted more of her on her tiptoes to kiss me better, I wanted more of the noises coming out of both of our mouths, I wanted more of my heart beating on my chest like it was the last time, I wanted more of my brain going empty because she was the only thing that matter in that moment, I wanted more of everything she wanted to give me. And when we both had no air in our lungs anymore I rested my forehead against hers, painting in an embarrassing way but not caring at all, and in that moment I was so sure of how I felt that I said the words without realizing, “I love you.”, but before she could say anything I was kissing her again and damn I kissed her until our lips were red. And I wanted to kiss her so much more. I wanted to kiss her until she couldn’t remember her name. I wanted to kiss her until she couldn’t feel anything else but me. I wanted to kiss her for the rest of my life.

My boyfriend and I used to have several ratite babies over the past four and a half years we’ve been together. The first time he raise a rattie from a little bean I think his heart was able to open up all the way for the first time. I had my first one when I was in college after I went through a really terrible time, and she was usually the only reason I would get out of bed, because I could see her little nose twitch at me and I knew she needed me to take care of her. We loved them so so so much. The last one passed about a year and a half ago, and it just wasn’t a good time for us to get more (and of course we wouldn’t get just one). We miss them all the time. One was named “lil bit” and when one of us would answer a question with “just a little bit” the other would always joke “no silly, she’s in the cage!” lol. Your blog makes my day and makes remembering them easier, and the hurt of missing them a little less.

Submitted by  fallinglittlebat. I’m so sorry it took me forever to post this… I read it when you first submitted it and it warmed my heart. It still does, thank you so much for sharing. I never knew when rats came into my life how much they would change things for me…they are incredible little creatures with endless love and gifts to give. I love hearing tales of other people experiencing that… Thank you <3

I have a 48 hour shift starting at 6 am tomorrow, so I’m finishing my week early.  Trolls Week 2017.  OC.  These are my Ocs “Gooseberry” and “Mulberry”  They are brother and sister, but based on my cousin and myself when we were younger.  Mulberry likes to push the envelope but avoids most consequences by batting her eyes and flashing her sweet smile.  Gooseberry is a little shit and doesn’t care who knows it.  And I love them both.  HAPPY TROLLS WEEK EVERYONE!  Have fun tomorrow!!

Self Rec Meme

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with five of your favorite fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.

I was tagged by @chocolatequeennk Thank you!

Going to the Chapel: (Mature) Part of my (ongoing) Embracing Life series, in which the Doctor stops running and embraces a life with Rose after nearly losing her (fyi – the series will eventually feature kids, and Rose is pregnant in this fic, in case that’s not your thing). This was meant to be a fluffy little ficlet showcasing their wedding, but when I started writing I had trouble actually envisioning their wedding and so I just kept writing. It became about the planning stages, and then it became a reunion with Jack, and then it became a gallifreyan handfasting until finally I could see their Earth ceremony. It turned into a 11K+ word, 4 chapter fic. What I love about this is seeing the little things that go on in their lives together and how their relationship grows. Loose ends are tied up allowing them to move forward in their life together. Also chapter 3, the handfasting, is something I’m actually quite proud with how it turned out. I surprise even myself sometimes. (Ten x Rose)

Penance and Pain: (Explicit) I have no idea where this came from and I honestly didn’t think I was capable of writing something like this. I think I got the idea when I commented on someone else’s fic (or maybe the thought just crossed my mind) that the Ninth Doctor would be the Doctor with the most sexual kinks. I have to say I was pretty shocked by how much this fic took off ( @fleurdeneuf I’m looking at you, cuz i think you had a big part in sharing it before i was even on tumblr - thank you!), but I’m thrilled that people like it, because I love it too. This is completely how I think the Ninth Doctor would be with Rose if he’d had the chance. Hard around the edges but a complete softy on the inside, especially for Rose. (Nine x Rose). [PS – there is a sequel: The Light of Day]

Hold on Tightly: (Explicit) This is Rose and Tentoo’s first time together. The premise is that Rose and the Doctor had had an existing sexual relationship prior to them being separated. Rose is distracted by the differences between the Time Lord and the half-human Doctor, but quickly recognizes that they are the same in the most important ways. And when the new Doctor takes her hand, she realizes he is the Doctor and she’s made it home. (Metacrisis Tenth Doctor x Rose)

A Little Bit of Hope (version 2): (General) This is a fluffy little fic that has Rose and her children running into the Eleventh Doctor at an amusement park giving him a small peek of the future. I think it’s sweet and it makes me smile. I got the idea for this when watching Cold War and the Doctor pulls a Barbie doll out of his pocket. This tells the story of how it got there. It’s a prequel to my As It Should Be series, though it could just as easily be the epilogue - timey wimey and all that. It’s version two because it was originally written prior to the announcement for the Thirteenth Doctor and I needed to tweak it to reflect Jodie Whitaker’s casting. (Eleven x Rose, Thirteen x Rose)

A Moment of Solace: (Explicit) I adore the Eighth Doctor and this is my first attempt at writing him. It features an Eighth Doctor running from any involvement in the Time War and a dimension hopping Rose trying to get back to the Tenth Doctor. They are both weary and yet manage to draw strength from the other. This has a little bit of everything, telepathic-bond/marriage between the Doctor and Rose, Time War back story, smut, hurt/comfort, reunion, and a Journey’s End fix-it. (Eight x Rose, Ten x Rose)

Honorable Mention:

The Merry Adventure of Marion (General): So I really enjoy mixing past with present (aka crossing timelines) between the Doctors and Rose. I like to think that Rose would pull out parts of conversation she’s had with the Doctor in the future and tease the Doctor in the past with it, and if that inspires the future Doctor to say it to Rose in the first place, well what’s a little circular paradox among friends? This little fic is just a fun romp between Rose and the Second Doctor, while Rose is dimension hopping. She recognizes the Doctor immediately and has a little fun with him, without letting on who she is. It briefly features the Second Doctor’s companions Jamie and Zoe, and it set during the Twelfth Doctor episode Robot of Sherwood. (Second Doctor x Rose)

I think most everyone has done this already, but if you haven’t and you want to consider yourself tagged! I love finding out which works are close to the author’s heart.

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I love that you're positive of Tilde! I've read some mean things about her because of her relationship with Eggsy. Personally, I found it refreshing that unlike Bond, Eggsy is in a committed relationship with the same woman from the first movie! But I have to agree with your opinions on the movie too. The deaths felt so badly done that I'm questioning whether it's deliberate and they're still alive. The plot felt messy and a little stagnant a few times as well. Still a fun movie though.

I just really love girls okay, I mean, even Poppy - can we just appreciate what she was able to accomplish in such a stereo-typically masculine market (no spoilers but she’s great)!

I have always maintained that one of the biggest problems with fandom is that female characters often become the targets for frustrations when a ship is canon, gay or not.

I think part of it stems from this constant tension we seem to think we need to create between women - I could write a dissertation length essay on internalized misogyny in fandom - and since this fandom is relatively young in terms of average fan age, all I can hope is that those who vilify these female characters will eventually grow out of it with experience. It might take years to unlearn the mentality that other women are something to feel threatened, but it can be done! 

best anon EVER part 4

i wonder what happened to her to make her a compulsive liar. oh and look! little t is wearing the shirt gp had him wear to give off the impression she was at the women’s march. btw i love how one kid at a time gets to be put on display on her insta. definitely gives off the allusion she gives each kid equal attention. said no one ever.

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Book Fair

I was so thankful when my boss asked me to have an art demo inside the area of National Bookstore at Manila International Bookfair. It means I can roam around the venue before the opening of the book fair and which also means I can go to cashier without waiting in line.

There were a lot of great deals and here are the goodies I bought. The bookmarks I designed at the fourth photo were part of the promotion in our booth. It’s a DIY bookmark our customers can have once they avail any of our item. It also comes with a calligraphy name request and they all loved it! I went there by Saturday and there were so many people! I also met one of my Tumblr Sisters, @perkyjessie there! So glad to see her!

It was fun. I enjoyed writing their names and meeting so many bookworms and art lovers. I also appreciated those who joined my little doodle art demo. It was a great experience!!

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“I thought someone abandoned this baby when i saw this stroller standing there with no parent in sight, so i took him home with me and now it turned out that was a little bit of a misunderstanding??” dq lmao

Oh my goodness, this one was so funny and sweet. Maleficent is just amazing with babies and I love her for it. This is an Enchanted Forest AU.

Also on AO3

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Somethin’ ‘bout that Mouth - AJ Styles

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Prompts: #43: “ Baby…” & #44: “Go fuck yourself.”

A/n: I don’t know why I decided to pick Charlotte… it just happened. I love her, so this isn’t anything against her at all. This is just what came out when I started writing.

It had been 3 weeks since creative decided to put your boyfriend, AJ Styles, into a romantic storyline with Charlotte Flair.

In the beginning, you were a little upset that creative didn’t choose you to be in a storyline with him since he is your boyfriend. But you were on track to being the number one contender for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, your character didn’t have the time to be in a romantic storyline with anyone, especially since you had just gotten out of one a couple of months ago.

AJ was upfront with you about it and told you everything he knew, the second he found out. He assured you that there would be no surprises.

That’s why you were completely dumbfounded when you saw AJ and Charlotte kissing in the middle of the ring. Not just a quick PG kiss, it was basically a full-on makeout session.

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Gillian has fairly sagging boobs (I love sagging boobs too and boobs in all shapes and forms do this is not a shaming) so my hc is Scully has sagging boobs too. Sometimes when I read pre revival fics where Scully has high, firm and perky boobs I'm like hmmm she's in her 50s, let her have sagging boobs :)

does… she?

But yes, let bodies be realistic bodies! All breasts are beautiful! Perky little breasts and sagging breasts and tight little buds and big juicy ones and big nipples and small nipples and puffy nipples and inverted nipples! Breasts that have nurtured life! Breasts that are fake! Chests with removed breasts! Stretch marks! Little hairs! Brown and pink and purple and beige and black nipples! Every titty’s a good titty! 

I’m just like???? I love Taylor Swift so much??? I’m crying a little in this Starbucks??? I don’t know her personally at all but she was such a role model for me and she still is and her music and her videos and her interviews and everything we’re such a source of joy for me when I had nothing else????? She could’ve easily blown off her fans and done whatever she wanted but she always reached out to us in a genuine and heartfelt way and she always made sure to respect our love of her as an idol and just having DAMN GOOD MUSIC that was so open and honest about going through hard shit makes people feel less alone and she always made sure to feel like a friend to us and not only all of that but she’s so smart and hard working and funny and kind?????

I love Taylor Swift in case ya’ll didn’t know lol

BTS Explain Concepts Behind ‘Love Yourself: Her’ Album: 'This Is the Beginning of Our Chapter Two’

Mere hours before the release of BTS'Love Yourself: Her, the album’s significance wasn’t lost on the group’s leader, Rap Monster.

“It’s really a huge, big step for us,” the 23-year-old rapper/songwriter/producer told Billboard during a phone call from Seoul. “Of course, every member is so excited about the album. We’ve been just practicing until now, day and night, to show these new songs and perfected performances. I left a message on our fan cafe, the other day, after we finished that 'this EP will mark the turning point of BTS’ and even though the wait felt really long with this album – I think it was the huge event, the BBMAs, were in May – so much has happened.”

The wait has been particularly anticipated for for the band’s famously passionate fan base, known as Army, who have been waiting for new tracks from Rap Monster, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, V and Jungkook band after voting them Top Social Artist at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards over fellow pop juggernauts Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes.

Since then, the BTS guys have landed distribution deals with Amazon and U.S.-based The Orchard (“We believe the physical album, still, really counts and it’s really important to connect with our fans around the world,” Rap Monster said) and hung out with worldwide chart-toppers like Major Lazer, Halsey, Charli XCX(“Maybe it’s just my sixth sense, but I think maybe we will be collaborating with even more interesting artists,” he added); even snagging The Chainsmokers to produce a beat for Love Yourself: Her.

One listen to the tightly produced record – which looks likely to make a big splash on the Billboard 200 next week – and the passion is palpable from the intense lead single “DNA,” the societal commentary in “Go Go,” among multiple lyrics and moments that feel ripped from the members’ personal journals. There’s also loads of passion in Rap Monster’s voice talking about these new songs as he sees and envisions the larger picture and message for his band’s latest batch of forward-thinking EDM, hip-hop and pop tracks. Read on for Billboard’s deeper analysis of Love Yourself: Her with Rap Monster.

Let’s start right from the beginning with “Serendipity.” Why was this the right song to choose as the intro and kick off the era?

When I wrote the lyrics, melodies and the first themes of “Serendipity,” I tried to come up with some rare things you find in life, something very special, like the calico, three-striped cat; things that have extraordinary meanings in people’s lives. I wanted to share this moment.

I was reading the lyrics are gender neutral, which I think is really powerful. Was that a conscious decision?

The lyrics were based on rare and special things in life. So, I thought, those feelings transcend genders, cultures and barriers between people.

We always put out the “Intro” just before releasing our single, so the intro is taking the role of telling the concept of this album. But “Serendipity” was actually the right song to share the feelings of our single, “DNA.” The title is about how our DNA is connected in the universe, I think that was the right feel for this album.

Let’s talk about “DNA.” How does this single continue and progress the story of BTS?

When we’re talking about our title tracks, “DNA” is about the expression of a young, passionate love. The lyrics are like, “The two of us our connected fatefully from the start, our DNA was just the one thing.” At the same time, “DNA” is taking BTS to new ground. We tried to apply new grammar and perspectives – if you listen to the song, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say – it’s very different from our previous music, technically and musically. I believe it’s going to be the starting point of a second chapter of our career; the beginning of our Chapter Two.

“Best of Me” is really impressive. It sounds like The Chainsmokers, but it also sounds like BTS. You didn’t lose yourself which isn’t easy when collaborating with new artists. What was that process like?

I love that track! We met them at BBMAs, we were so lucky. Actually, they invited us to their concert just the other day – they had a huge concert in Korea and we sang “Closer” together. For “Best of Me,” they gave us several tracks and samples months ago, we and our producers picked one sample, like, “Okay, this is fit for our next album.” So we worked on it, we sent it to them, we asked them what they think of the track we developed and got their opinions. And we made it! I’m so excited for it. [Laughs]

Your albums always have deeper social and society commentaries. Let’s talk about some of the topics with this release. “Go Go” instantly comes to mind.

“Go Go” is a trendy song, but it’s about how our young generation are living their lives with low expectations and standards so people are upset with reality; they have little hope and there’s so much economic hardship. We wanted to say something about it and emphasize to the world that it’s not their choice, but brutal reality that forces people to live and spend as if there’s no future.

But in Korea, “YOLO” has become a big key word for young people because we don’t have money and it’s really hard to get a chance to earn a lot of money. I think society has a lot of problems for young people. Young people spend their money on claw crane machines at arcades and they spend like $30 on trying to win these dolls. And then it’s like, “Oh! I spent all my money…shit. But I don’t regret.” That’s the biggest luxury for Korea’s young people: collecting accessories, cosmetics, that’s what they think is a luxury. It’s “YOLO” because it’s like, “I’m gonna buy all this! I’m gonna buy all this food and I’m going to eat it! I’m going to do it!” I think it’s sad because it’s all we can. “Go Go” is just saying, “Okay, just do it, we won’t regret it. Just spend several bucks on the machine and eat the food!” But at the same time, the song is very easily to sing along to so I think many people will like that song, especially if they find the deeper meaning.

Of course, I have to ask about making a skit interlude out of your BBMAs acceptance speech.

You need to hear “Mic Drop” because the skit was my speech at BBMAs –  because that was a big moment for our history – and then we put “Mic Drop” next to that because it’s like a flex – like, “Okay, we’re done. We don’t need to give a shit about anything.” That was the right skit and follow-up song for this album.

The last song, “Outro: Her” really spoke to me. It almost reads like a diary.

Ha! [Laughs]

After talking with you, it feels like it recaps the whole album and is really introspective.

I think that was the fastest work I did for this album. I wrote the verse in 20 minutes; it just came, very truthfully, from the bottom of my heart. I thought it was the right outro for this album because it is really a range of emotions – I’m saying I met this person that I really love, this person is the love of my life right now, I’m saying that I was confused and I was looking for love and this world is complex. But I think it’s you so, “I call you 'her,’ 'cause you’re my tear.” “I think you’re the start and the end of me.” That’s what I’m saying: You’re my wonder, but you’re also my answers. You’re my “her,” but you’re still the “tear.”

The hook is saying that love is not all about the happiness, it’s just not just about the joy, it’s not just about delight. If you want to love a person, you should know that there are tears and there can even be hatred inside of it. I think a love really includes all of that. That’s what I was trying to say. It’s complex.

And if fans are so lucky to own the physical album, they’ll hear two hidden tracks at the very. Why keep them secretive?

I think they’re hidden because you have to be a real fan of BTS to understand them. Otherwise, you won’t. Otherwise, you’d like be, “Why are they feeling so confused about things? They’re good?!? They’re No. 1 somewhere, they have so much stuff, why are they worried?” People always talk about that. But if you are true fan of BTS and you buy the album and you listen to the hidden track – if you are an Army and we spent time together from 2013, 2014 – they could understand. It’s kind of more special, more closer, to our true hearts.

© Jeff Benjamin @ Billboard

Rebecca Sugar QnA- Volume 1 Finale of the SU Podcast

- long post about Rebecca answering fan questions
- info from the podcast episode “Leading the Way- Rebecca and Steven Sugar”

  • If Rebecca were a gem, she’d be under Blue or Pink Diamond’s court
  • The gem placements of the main characters relate to who they are
    - Pearl (head)- way too inside her head, intellectual
    - Amethyst (chest)- passionate, impulsive, speaks from the heart all the time
    - Garnet (hands)- “hands-on”, active, extremely balanced

  • For every new gem, [the crew] evaluates who they are based on where their gem is placed
  • Amethyst’s favorite soda is Apple Seedra (?)
  • Flourite’s design was inspired by the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland and Grandmother Willow
  • Pearl’s favorite color is pink
  • Rebecca loves pineapples on pizza
  • Rebecca’s favorite job to do in animation is storyboarding (if it is a board-driven show)
  • Rebecca’s favorite arc in One Piece is the Sogeking Usopp vs. Luffy fight/arc, Usopp is her favorite character
  • Pumpkin doesn’t need to eat but he does sleep

  • When asked if Steven Universe is canonically just a cartoon and if so, if Sardonyx is aware of this, Rebecca replied, “Sardonyx is self-aware. I think Steven Universe is canonically just a cartoon in the canon of real life but within the show, it’s reality. But Sardonyx has this transcendent mind. I think of Sardonyx a little like Psycho Mantis (…) from Metal Gear. She can see outside of what’s going on y’know and that’s something that I feel like Garnet can see beyond the moment into the future and not just into the future but also all of these possible futures so Sardonyx is sort of on this other level where she has that ability but Pearl’s also in there so it’s also obnoxious.”
  • The theory about Garnet’s glasses changing the ratio of red or blue depending on if Ruby or Sapphire’s personality is dominant at the time is NOT TRUE. Garnet isn’t piloted by two people, she is her own person.

  • The zircons are poofed, not shattered. “They are certainly not not in trouble, but they’re not shattered.” -Rebecca
  • The people in the SU Universe have a different relationship towards stories about superheroes due to the gem war
  • On references of the zircons’ designs: Paul Villeco showed Rebecca history about a night club in Paris called Le Monocle, the monocle as this iconic lesbian fashion statement. Other inspirations include: What’s the Truth about Mother Goose, Jughead and Film Film Film
  • The Unfamiliar Familiar is a reference to ‘His Dark Materials’

  • When asked if gems who have their gem over their eye have any sight impairments, Rebecca said, “I think it could affect their depth perception but I don’t know if gems necessarily function the way humans do. I think, if anything, they might even have some sort of enhanced sight (…) like, your gem placement I think has a lot do, like I said, with you as a person. And even Eyeball, I mean, was sort of scrutinizing everything. Then I suppose also other senses could be heightened but that’s very human. I think gems—gems are different. They work a little differently.”
    McKenzie: “So does that mean Jasper has a really good sense of smell?”
    Rebecca: “Oh, that I don’t know. Maybe not. I mean that was sort of just a simple—like hard-nosed thought as a way a person could be.”

  • It is possible for a non-fusion gem to have the same gem-type as a fusion (e.g. a Garnet that is just one gem) It would look different though
  • Rebecca would like to have an OK K.O. crossover.
  • Back when OK K.O. was called Lakewood Plaza Turbo, Rebecca and Ian hoped that to have a crossover called Stewood Plaven Turbiverse, resulting in mushing the 2 shows together. Characters would include Mr. Gar-net (Garnet & Mr. Gars), K-ven (Steven & K.O.), Penid (Pearl & Enid), and Radethyst (Amethyst & Radecles)

feel free to add on to this post if I missed any information!


What can a female character do without being criticized mercilessly? [insp.]