i was so ill the first time i saw this i thought it was an hallucination


Author: @kpopfanfictrash​ , as part of Exordia Academy - a series of ongoing one shots with @eradikeats-writes​ and @the-porcelain-doll-xo​ 

Creative Content Contributors: moodboard by @baebae-goodnight​ (a goddess, truly)

Pairing: reader / Jongin

Rating: 18 + (explicit sex, first time - male)

Word Count: 10,320

Superpower: Knowledge Absorption  

Summary:   Jongin was very young, when he learned to stay silent. When he learned his powers were alienating, his genius a burden. He learned early, knowing too much makes others fearful, since people (ironically enough) tend to fear the unknown. Until Jongin finds you. You, as it turns out, are something much more difficult to understand.

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If it's ok, how about RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC w narcolepsy? I have it and I've never seen a request for it... lol

A/N: I only know the gist of what narcolepsy is so I had to research a little bit;;; I hope I don’t have a bunch of wrong information;;;; I tried to include all of the symptoms for some variety ^^;;; ~Admin 404


               -He always thought you were just really tired and was afraid you haven’t been getting enough sleep!

               -After a while, he started to think that maybe you were just… bored of him

               -You would agree to play some LOLOL with him but every time he needed you to help him or when the whole guild was in the middle of a huge boss battle, you always seemed afk?

               -But when he looked over to you, you were asleep on your keyboard and he felt bad. Maybe you didn’t want to play but did it just to make him happy? Maybe you haven’t slept recently?

               -Every time he saw you asleep he would just cover you with a blanket or his jacket until one day he couldn’t take it anymore

               -“MC, are you sleeping? Are you bored of me? Are you sick? Are you alright? Are you-”

               -You cut him off asking just what the hell he was talking about and when he told you he was concerned because you were constantly asleep and seemed to be every time he checks up on you

               -You honestly laugh because?? He’s cute??

               -Explaining that you have narcolepsy, which can come with Excessive Daytime Sleepiness(EDS), so you sleep a perfectly fine amount, just like he does, you just can’t control the timing

               -He feels /SO BAD/ because he didn’t know it was an actual… condition…. He’s apologizing /excessively/ and keeps a close eye on you from now on. If he notices you starting to go to sleep, he’s right there next to you, giving anyone who so much as breathes too loud his best death glare. He’ll let you sleep whenever you need to, he has your back


               -You tossed and turned constantly at night and he felt pretty bad

               -Were you uncomfortable? Did he need to move? What was it?

               -Often, he’d cuddle you against him and hope for the best

               -Then he’d see you constantly falling asleep during the day?

               -One time you feel asleep in the middle of helping him with a line from his script and he honest to god thought you had feinted. He was ready to /nyoom/ run straight to the hospital with you in his arms

               -You woke up in a hospital bed and were so confused???? He jumped up and held your hand in his own, dramatically dropping to the floor

               -“MC! I was so worried about you! What happened? What’s wrong? The doctors couldn’t figure it out!”

               -You looked at him with furrowed brows, completely confused

               -“Zen I took a nap what are you talking about???” he explained how you practically passed out in the middle of talking about how you didn’t seem to sleep at night and you had to explain to him that with narcolepsy, you have troubles sleeping at night sometimes and during the day you just… can’t stop yourself from falling asleep

               -He is always watching you from then on and makes sure he’s there  to catch you because!!! What if you fall!!! What if you get hurt!!!! If he’s not there, he’s begging you to watch your surroundings carefully and just lay in a safe spot if you need to sleep. You agreed just give ease his mind


               -She noticed there were quite a few times that you’ve been really excited and your knees would buckle

               -Or sometimes your bright smile would immediately droop

               -The day you kind of just… dropped to the floor and looked up at her was the last straw

               -She sat you down and asked you, very politely of course, what the fuck was going on

               -You explained your condition, how not everyone who has narcolepsy has cataplexy, but it’s still a sign of narcolepsy

               -For weeks after your talk, you would find books strung about the house on the subject of both illnesses, realizing that she wanted to learn every little aspect about your illnesses so she could understand you better

               -And that just??? Melted your heart??? She just wanted to help you???

               -Mother Hen Jaehee™ to the rescue, when the two of you go out anywhere, she’s latched onto your arm

               -Everyone thinks the two of you are absolutely adorable, just showing your love and walking close with one another, but in reality she’s just holding you up in case your knees give out

               -At first you were afraid to fall and potentially drag her down as well, but sure enough, when your knees buckled the moment you heard about Zen’s new role, you expected to hit the floor but you were at the exact height as before? You looked over to find her holding you up- you completely forgot she does judo; of course she can hold you up! And she will from now on <3


               -Often when you wake up, you seem to think there are things there when there aren’t

               -This time, you had hallucinated that there’s a dog next to the bed when /obviously/ there isn’t

               -Why would he let a dog into his penthouse let alone the bedroom, where his dear Elizabeth lives?

               -He wrote it off as you were still dreaming, but it happened… a lot more than seemed normal?

               -It happened when you woke up, when you went to bed, and when you’re tired in general

               -Whatever it was you saw would frighten you to the point that you’d cry, sometimes a scream would leave your lips and it frightened him?

               -Instead of asking you directly, he called multiple doctors and experts hoping to get a clue as to why this would be happening, he didn’t want to ask you straight, just in case it upset you to talk about it

               -Once he got his answer, he sat you down for a talk. He gently explained that he now knew what you were suffering from, and he presented you with a slideshow what a NERD

               -He suggested talking to a professional, trying out some medications (which he had so many slides explaining the benefits and downfalls he had found in each and different kinds), things of the sort

               -But overall, he held you close because he wanted you to know that you were the most important person in his life and he needed to show you that he was there for you, no matter what. You stuck with him through his struggles and he wouldn’t even think about not being there for yours. When you have your hallucinations, he’s there to calmly talk you through it and remind you that he’s there, and that it’s just an illusion, no matter where you are and no matter when it happens to you


               -He worked all through the night every now and then, usually up several days in a row

               -At night he’d put you to bed, watching you fall fast asleep in almost an instant

               -But it seemed as if you would come into the computer room about 10 minutes after?

               -The timing was infrequent, but without a doubt, you would wake up often and come in to sit with him

               -Every single time, he would put you back in bed and watch you fall fast asleep, checking if you were actually asleep. You were but? Why were you waking up?

               -Maybe you couldn’t sleep without him there? He moved his work to a laptop, sitting with you, hoping his presence would calm you enough to sleep through the night

               -You still woke up though? And you were completely fine each time, too. As if you had been awake all along, though he knew you weren’t

               -So with a quick background check of your medical records /thanks saeyoung/ he noticed you suffered from narcolepsy, which is associated with sleep disruption, meaning you’d constantly wake up and would usually have terrible sleep quality

               -Every time you woke up, he woke up. He didn’t want you to have to suffer through it alone!

               -Of course he offered to take you to get medication or something to help, but if you didn’t agree, he would do whatever he could to make sure you weren’t alone! He just wanted to help! And if that meant he missed out on sleep too, then so be it. It’s not like he hasn’t been up for weeks at a time before anyway!


               -The first time he woke you up, he noticed the absolute terror in your eyes and how you struggled to breathe

               -“MC? MC are you alright? Sweetheart, what’s wrong?!” he panicked, trying to get you to say /something/

               -It was an agonizing few minutes until you could take a full breath, sitting up suddenly, almost colliding your forehead with Jihyun’s jaw

               -Your heart was pounding and your breath was ragged, he held you close and whispered comforting words, rubbing your back gently

               -Once you’ve calmed down, he was ready to hear your explanation

               -You have narcolepsy, and sometimes, that meant you would wake up or fall asleep with a burst of sleep paralysis and it was terrifying

               -He felt?? So bad??? He knew he couldn’t do anything to prevent this from happening, but he was still upset for his love!

               -From then on, whenever you fall asleep or whenever you wake up, he’s right there, ready to hold you close and comfort you

               -He’s always making you some tea to help you relax before bed, and he wakes up early just to make you some in the morning

               -Not once does he ever push you to even try talking or moving when this happens. He’s researched many times to understand this phenomenon of yours just so he wouldn’t make the wrong move and make it worse!


               -The first morning you had a hallucination he jumped straight out of bed and was ready to Fight™

               -You scared the hell out of him?? Why the fuck were you screaming??

               -Looking at you like you were crazy, he was attempting to wake you up fully, only to make you scream again


               -Now you were awake, but still screaming because this time your damn boyfriend scared you to death

               -Once the Scream Fest™ was over, the two of you sat in bed, now just staring awkwardly at each other until you spoke up

               -You told him that you get these hallucinations sometimes when you’re exhausted due to your narcolepsy. Not to mention you tend to… fall asleep often during the day because you don’t sleep well at night

               -Which he understood, but it took a very long time for him to get used it. There would be times that you had screamed and he’s almost screaming right with you. But he did get over it and now he just runs his hand through your hair and coos at you softly until you calm down

               -During the day, he makes sure you take some naps throughout the day because he knows you aren’t sleeping at night and he’d rather avoid you passing out on him randomly through the day. He read online that napping could help!

               -He uses it as an excuse to take a nap as well. He says he’s holding you because he wants to make sure you actually take a nap and not just pretend, but in reality he wants to make sure you’re okay and he wants to be there when you wake up so he can comfort you


I saw a list like this for another character (with admittedly, some very valid points) so I thought I’d do one of these for Rip Hunter.  Because while he is definitely not as hated as he used to be, he still tends to get scapegoated or overlooked a bit too often for my entirely unbiased taste.

So, this is a friendly reminder that:

  • Rip Hunter lived on the streets at the age of five, suffering explicit starvation and implicit violence.  (“I knew what I’d do if someone tried to harm me.”)  We don’t have many details, but we can guess that it was bad considering that even after he has started living in a comparatively safe place with a supportive parent figure, his instinct is still to stab an adult who threatens him.  (1x12, Last Refuge).
  • From the age of ten onward, Rip was raised in a hidden, isolated orphanage by the Time Masters, an organization that, we know now, is pretty fucking messed up.  (1x12, Last Refuge).
  • At some point in his early career, Rip went to a place called Calvert, where he befriended a man named Jonah Hex.  He ended having to choose between remaining a Time Master or staying with Hex, with the knowledge that Calvert would be destroyed after he left.  (1x11, Magnificent Eight.)  There are implications of other unpleasant missions in his past, going by his “I have seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall, and even then, I accomplished my mission, no matter what” speech.  (1x03) Blood Ties.
  • The Time Masters so strongly disapproved of interpersonal relationships that, upon discovering that Rip and Miranda were in love, subjected them to a fairly brutal public humiliation and forced one of them to leave the Time Masters entirely.  (1x07, Marooned).
  • Rip Hunter came home to Whitechapel, England, in 2166, to find the corpses of his wife and child after having been brutally murdered by Vandal Savage during the 2nd London Blitz.  Of special note: Jonas Coburn/Hunter had been shot in the fucking face.  (1x01, Pilot.)
  • Rip Hunter, in a desperate attempt to save his family, shot straight back to Ancient Egypt in order to kill Vandal Savage before he became human.  He hesitated at killing his defeated enemy, and was captured and tortured for his trouble.  (1x03, Blood Ties.  The torture is discussed in 1x14, River of Time.)
  • Rip Hunter then attempted to save his family “countless times” by trying to rescue them before their murder.  He watched them die. Countless times.  (1x13, Leviathan)
  • Rip Hunter begged the Time Masters, his employers and FAMILY for most of his life, for help and was denied.  Moreover, they sent ASSASSINS after him.  And his most trusted mentor tried to lure him into an ambush!  (1x01, Pilot.  1x04, White Knights).  Oh, and they’re working with Savage, and actually ORDERED the murder of his wife and child.  (1x14, River of Time/1x15 Destiny).
  • Rip Hunter has demonstrated numerous symptoms of trauma and mental illness throughout the course of the first season (detailed here), the most dramatic being a week long self-isolation in which he did nothing but watch images of his dead family.  He received no support from the crew at this time, except for Martin eventually telling him that the crew was bored.  (1x07, Marooned).  – to be fair, there are other occasions in which many of the crew members have shown sympathy to his loss.
  • Rip Hunter has yet to receive a hug or really any form of physical comfort that was not a hallucination from his dead family (1x16, Legendary) or his imaginary human incarnation of his AI. (2x13, Land of the Lost)
  • Rip Hunter subjected himself through “temporal electrocution” to try to protect his part of the Spear of Destiny.  (2x1, Out of Time/2x09 Raiders of the Lost Art.)
  • Rip Hunter was captured by the Legion of Doom and tortured, while amnesiac and helpless.  (2x10, Legion of Doom.)
  • Rip Hunter had his brain rewritten to become a monster, attack and murder his friends, and turn over the spear pieces that he specifically lobotomized himself to try to protect.  (2x11, Turncoat, 2x12, Camelot, 2x13 Land of the Lost.)  
  • The single shred of Rip’s original personality spent an unknown amount of time as a prisoner in his own mind, imprisoned and tortured, by mental fragments in the form of his friends. (2x13 Land of the Lost.)
  • Likely less than a week after he’s saved from brainwashing, he learns that a teammate has turned the Spear of Destiny over to the very people he had suffered for a full season to protect it from (2x15, Fellowship of the Spear).  As a result, he spends a year trapped in solitary confinement, aboard a powerless ship with only his AI as company, with no knowledge of his team’s survival.  (2x16, Doomworld.)
  • Rip Hunter has shown signs of alcohol abuse (various points of season 1, 2x01 Out of Time) and has never been shown to eat or sleep during the run of the show.
  • Rip Hunter has attempted to commit at least passive suicide more than once.  (Flying into the sun, 1x16, Legendary; taunting Jax to shoot him, 2x11 Turncoat; Suggesting and volunteering for the hatch thing, 2x14, Moonshot.)  And he has taken pretty insane risks with a very likely result of death additional times.  (Flying the Waverider in front of a Nuke, 2x01, Temporal Electrocution, 2x01, appearing as “Rip” to confront the Legion, 2x09, Raiders of the Lost Art.)
  • Rip Hunter has now left the ship that has been his only home for his entire adult life, and the being who has been his partner for about that long, believing that he is useless and has nothing to contribute to the group.  (2x14, Moonshot, 2x17, Aruba.)
  • At the end of season 2, Rip has: 1) no wife and kid - they are still dead, 2) no biological family for support.  3) no adoptive family, as the fucked up space/time cult that raised him is dead, 4) no mission, 5) no home (Whitechapel is destroyed, Vanishing Point is destroyed, and he’s left the Waverider), 6) no partner, 7) no ship, 8) no team, and 9) no confidence

These are just a few things that it’s worth keeping in mind about Rip Hunter.  Feel free to add your own, if you like.  :-)

Shadow: Part 12

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Natasha and Bucky rescue someone from their past. Being hunted down, they bring you to the Avengers. Will it be enough to keep you safe?

Warnings: depression, suicidal thoughts

A/N: I felt like I had to do a part of the reader suffering and the toll it takes on her. Again, I do not believe that anyone is a burden because of their disabilities or illnesses. Thank you all so much for reading. ~J 

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“How are you feeling now?” Bruce asks as he takes another blood sample. You plaster on your best smile, as you have been for 2 months now, and nod.

“I’m doing much better. More of an appetite now.” voice sounding a little too cheery, you make a note to calm down a bit.

“That’s good. I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but we’re getting close to a cure. I promise.” he says as he sticks another needle in your bruised arm.

“I know.” and you wince slightly. You couldn’t even sound convincing to yourself, but fortunately, Bruce was too preoccupied with your blood samples to notice. This vile would make 107.

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Tumbleweed, Her #16 - [BAP] Noir!Au

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The Good Side; Private Investigator: Jung Daehyun

It must have been the coffee.
It must have been the… coffees.

Daehyun is having a painful headache and the smell coming out of the cigarette isn’t helping the pain to subside, heck, it worsens it. Or maybe he had been thinking too much.

Maybe he has been been thinking a bit too much.

Now, he has find out that, (1) Youngjae is indeed a psychiatric patient, with the tendency to miss his needed doses, (2) Junhong is your little brother, (3) Yongguk is your ex lover who happens to be a policemen and has a twin brother who is on the wrong side of the law, (4) Jongup had just broke you and the Congressmen’s son is warded for a confidential reason.

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Daredevil 101: Foggy Finds Out, Part 2 (Ghost Stick Boogaloo)

[Content Warning: Severe mental health issues portrayed rather sloppily, suicide attempt, discussion of violence against sex workers.]

Last time on Daredevil 101, Matt was found in basically a catatonic state by Karen and Foggy - both of whom thought he was dead, and only one of whom knew he was Daredevil. By the next issue, Matt’s still out of it, and Foggy’s not particularly happy with anyone:

IDK why Foggy’s a redhead here but WAY TO GO, KAREN. Yes, she kept Matt’s secret from Foggy - but it was Matt’s secret to tell. Just because Matt’s not in a position to be yelled at right now doesn’t mean Foggy gets to take it out on Karen.

And Matt’s really, really not in a position to be yelled at:

Hooboy. I don’t believe anyone in Matt’s entire 53-year history has ever suggested therapy but, like…he should probably go? Right away? Honey.

Eventually, as he is wont to do, Matt decides to escape from the expectations of his two favorite people by climbing out the window and running away. It’s fairly distressing to his loved ones:

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SOOO, I watched both HTTYD movies and the series and this came to me (maybe I’ll post info of the au later, or continue the fic)

If you have ever heard about dragons you know 2 things:

1-They breathe fire.

2-They’re really hard to kill.

Okay, maybe not THAT hard, but still.

Maybe if you have heard of dragons you have probably heard that they’re hard to find, well, that’s a lie or at least it is in Domino’s island in where dragons attack the town day and night, okay not always but not rarely.

Life in Domino was nothing close to easy, especially for a weakling like Yugi Muto, son of the chief and young genius, thought only Sugoroku (Yugi’s grandfather) and Ryo (Yugi’s best bud and also a weakling) were the only ones that cared about that.

Here are a few things you need to know about the boy:

1-It has been proven that Yugi was the weakest, tiniest most evasive, sneakiest Viking of all Domino.

2-He enjoyed long solo walks in the forest.


3-Dragons like Yugi, and I don’t mean it like they never attack him or something, no, I mean that almost where ever he goes a dragon arrives

Now that you know this let us continue.

It happened a day of summer, it was cold, why? Because in Domino exist only 2 kinds of weathers: cold and fucking cold; but that’s unimportant, the important thing is that, as often happened, Yugi had a fight with his father and he escaped to the forest.

Away from the town, Yugi sat under a tree, hugged himself and cried, he stayed there for a while and he felt a strong breeze that came out of nowhere, he tensed up, he knew what that meant, he looked up and froze on his place.

A Gandora with black scales descended in front of him; a scream died in Yugi’s throat and all he could do was stare with wide eyes at the dragon in front of him.

The mighty beast stood there his red eyes staring at Yugi and the fear in Yugi’s heart dissipated, Yugi was amazed by the beauty of the magical creature.

They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, then out of nowhere the dragon put his forehead against Yugi’s squishing Yugi’s nose against its black scales, for a moment Yugi stopped breathing, his heart thrummed loudly in his ears and he felt the Gandora’s skull vibrate against him as it purred.

Yugi’s eyes had dried out a moment ago; slowly he raised his hands and placed them at the sides of the Gandora’s face.

The dragon’s long tail rested around Yugi and Yugi felt peaceful until.

“Yugi!” he heard Ryo yell his name.

The dragon moved as fast as light and before Yugi could blink it was gone.

“Yugi!” Ryo tackled-hugged him with tears in his eyes but Yugi didn’t react at all, he was in shocked as his brain processed what had happened “I was so worried!” Yugi stared at his hands as if they were something he had never seen before “What happened? Please stop disappearing like that”

Yugi finally reacted.

“Ryo you won’t believe what just happened!” the boy turned to his friend still trapped in the white haired arms.

Yugi told is fried about the Gandora, Ryo’s mouth hung open.

“I want to think you hallucinated”

“I didn’t” Yugi glared at his friend.

“Oh, I know that” Ryo grabbed Yugi face “You sure it was a dragon?” Yugi nodded “And a black Gandora?” Yugi nodded again “Amazing, just, amazing I would have loved to see that”

They sat in silence for some minutes until Ryo spoke again.

“So what happened?” Yugi was by now free of Ryo’s arms, both sitting and looking at the distance.


“The chief was in a bad mood”

“He’s always in a bad mood” none looked at the other.

“You know what I mean”

“You know what happened, is always the same”

“But something more happened, right?”

Instead of sadness Yugi felt hollowness.

“He threw my chess to the fire after he yelled at me”

“Oh Yugi” Ryo hugged the boy again “If you want I can make you a new one” Yugi sighed.

“It’s not that Ryo, it’s just” the tears Yugi didn’t know still had rolled down his face “My mom made it for me, it was one of the last things I have of her” Yugi sobbed.

Yugi’s mother had died by an illness a few years prior, it had affected everyone in town, especially Yugi and his father, and their relationship, when they had Yugi’s mom there they’re relationship was rocky but now that she was gone their relationship had gone from bad to worst.

“I’m sorry” said Ryo and soothed his friend.

After Yugi finally calmed down, they returned to town, it was almost night; they parted ways at Yugi’s house.

Yugi sneaked into his bedroom, without changing clothes he threw himself onto his bed and stared at the ceiling remembering his past encounters with dragons.

Like that one time stumbled over a tri-horned dragon, he screamed and ran back to town with dragon right behind him.

Or that time Yugi fell on a Spyro nest, he screamed and ran back to town, again followed by the dragon.

Also that time he was kicking rocks and he accidentally hit a Cyleer, just as the other times he screamed and ran into town with the dragon behind him.

Yugi noticed the pattern; he should really stop doing that.

He thought about the Gandora, his heartbeat grew faster as he remembered the beast, he wanted to see it again, he knew it was a foolish idea not because it was a dragon but because the probabilities of find it again where slim.

Against of what he thought, but you knew this already, he found the dragon, actually it was the dragon who found him, but it doesn’t matter who found who because that doesn’t change what happened.

Yugi had had a strong fight whit his father again, it seems like the dragon could sense Yugi’s feelings and again, it cuddled Yugi and purred.

This event repeated several times, whenever Yugi had problems or was feeling down he would go to the forest and the black dragon would find Yugi and console him.

Yugi named the dragon ‘Yami’ because it always appeared at 'dark’ moments of his life; also he had had no more accidents with raging dragons so that was a plus.

Yugi wouldn’t have noticed this last fact if his cousin, Anzu, hadn’t mentioned it.

“Good job baby boy!” Anzu had greeted him by hitting him on the shoulder blade.

Yugi hated that nickname but Anzu just wouldn’t stop calling him that.

“What are you talking about?” Yugi chuckled nervously.

“You haven’t destroyed the village by bringing a dragon in a month” she laughed.

“Really? I didn’t’ notice at all”

“Really? Well anyway, keep your good work baby boy” she said before running away with an axe in hand.

Yugi had told Ryo about all his encounters with his (probably) dragon friend, but he still hadn’t told his grandpa firstly because his grandpa had went overseas to visit a friend and secondly because he wasn’t brave enough.

Almost half a year had passed since Yugi and Yami met for the first time, Yami had starting to appear more often, more like whenever Yugi went alone into the forest, now Yugi could even call it.

Yugi whistled as loud as he could and Yami arrived in no time.

“Hello friend” Yugi caressed the beasts face “How are you?” in response the creature licked Yugi’s face and the boy laughed “You know? I was thinking” Yami growled playfully “Hey” he pushed halfheartedly Yami’s face away from him “Anyway, as I was saying, I was thinking; you as a dragon have the ability to fly” Yami made a sound of acknowledgment “and you are big and strong enough to carry me” Yami made a noise as if saying 'So?’

“So I said 'hey maybe I can ask my best dragon pal to give me a ride?’ so what do you say?” as an answer the only thing Yami did was lay down on the side.

Yugi threw himself on Yami’s belly.

“Oh come on” the dragon ignored him “Please, I want to fly too” the dragon didn’t even turned to him “Pretty please”

Finally, Yami turned and stood up but kept his head down so Yugi could get on him.

“Yes! Thank you!” as soon as Yugi had settled himself on Yami’s neck the dragon rose “Oh my gods” Yugi gasped when he looked down and regretted it, they were so high! “Oh my gods” he repeated hugging Yami’s neck for dear life.

Yami growled at the pressure.

“Sorry” then Yugi noticed it, the astonishing view “Wow” he said breathless.

He felt the wind against his body, he laughed and stretched out his arms, he lost his balance and almost fell.

“Careful little one!” someone yelled and a shadow covered Yugi and Yami “Don’t you think it’s a bad idea to ride a dragon without a saddle?”

Yugi looked up, his eyes widened and his mouth hung open in shock as he saw a handsome tanned boy with crimson eyes riding a Azure eyes silver dragon (a kind of dragon that was supposed to be extinct) upside down right above him, smiling at him.

The tanned boy laughed.

“I take from your expression that you had never seen an Azure dragon before, right?” Yugi could only shake his head “Well then, this is Puzzle, who’s your friend there?”

Yami shook slightly his head to get Yugi out of the boy’s spell.

“Oh, this is Yami” the black dragon shook his head again “a-and I’m Yugi”

“My name is Atem, nice to meet you” Atem changed from flying on top of him to flying at his side “You look around 11 and 14 so I suppose this is your first flight” Yugi gasped.

“Excuse me? I’ll have you know I’m 16” said Yugi angry, this didn’t seem to bother Atem at all.

“Really? We are the same age!” he said happy.

“You don’t say, you look around 60 or 65” Yugi tried to put as much poison as he could in those words, tho, it wasn’t much since Yugi has no poison, I mean, he’s too tiny to contain evil! “Good bye”

Yami descended, leaving behind Atem and Puzzle.

Yugi huffed a bit angered by Atem’s comment, Yami laughed.

“What?” Yami mocked his human friend “hey!” Yami laughed again “What’s so funny?” the dragon looked up to the dragon rider flying away “You find his rude comment fun?” said Yugi trying to act insulted, the Gandora made eyes to his human friend “What are you trying to say?”

“I insist you should get a saddle!” yelled Atem as he flew over them and disappeared in the distance.

Yami laughed.

“Oh stop it!”

(here are some headcanons)

Taehyung - Breathless.

The Save Me Series

Genre: Romance / Fantasy.

Warning: Suicide mention.

Summary:  Taehyung thinks his life is worthless, so he jumps, hoping that the sea takes his last breath away. Water spirits weren’t supposed to mix with humans, you were supposed to be wary of them, to protect your people and yourself. But when you hear a harmless boy talking about not wanting his life anymore you can’t help but interfere.

The water engulfed Taehyung’s body entirely, the coldness of it slipping into his bones, but Taehyung didn’t fight the current or the unnatural force that pulled him down and deeper into the ocean, instead he let himself get dragged down. He almost liked how this was turning out to be easier than expected, as he had imagined he would have to fight to stay under the water long enough to pass out, but as he was being pulled down he thought that maybe this was meant to be, soon his lungs would flood with salt water and his body would want to instinctively reach for the oxygen no matter his intentions, so Taehyung appreciated this strange force. It would be easier as it would be over sooner.

You knew something had fallen into the current, it was probably being dragged down and since you were on guard you had the duty to go  and see what it was. Sometimes humans let their objects fall down to the water, making it dirty and impure, sometimes there were humans that got too curious and thus you had to put on traps, your people couldn’t risk to be discovered or put in the open by them; sometimes humans just fell down to the water innocently, but they were dragged by the tide trap just the same. You didn’t want to kill humans just for the sake of it, so it was of the most importance that you went down there and find out what had fallen into the water.

You moved through the water gracefully, every part of your body was made to be on the sea, you didn’t need to go up to breathe even if you went there to watch the sky and explore the terrestrial side of the world, but if you wanted to you could spend the rest of your life under the water, just enjoying the wonders of life under the sea. You wished there wasn’t a human in the trap, but as you got closer to it you found out it was a boy who had fallen there.

He was looking around with a confused expression, which was normal since in any other occasion any human would have drowned already. the assigned trap for the unlucky humans was designed as a sort of bubble that didn’t allow them to go to the surface but that let them breathe until they were found, that way the water people could be the judge if the human had good intentions or not. If the human was innocent they just let them go, making them forget about the incident with a simple spell; but if the human had ill intentions then they were left there to drown in most cases, in others, things got much worse.

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Sam, Dean, and ‘Purity.’

I just saw this gifset highlighting two instances in season eight where Sam and Dean used some form of the word ‘pure.’ I sort of wanted to respond on the gifset, but I think that’s a Tumblr etiquette no-no (?).

I found the two quotes the creator chose to be interesting. I wouldn’t quite call them parallels, since Sam and Dean used “pure” in completely different contexts. See for yourself:

DEAN: [8.01] There was something about being [in Purgatory]. It felt pure.

SAM: [8.21] Because these trials… they’re purifying me.

On a very basic level, there’s a slight difference in use. Dean uses ‘pure’ in an attributive, descriptive way. Sam uses ‘purifying’ to refer to an ongoing process. Sam is talking about his body; Dean is talking about a place and an experience. 

On an entirely different level, though, the sense in which both are using the word is not only entirely different, but very revealing about each character in ways that go all the way back to their respective childhoods.

Rambling under the cut. Character analysis and rampant speculation abound.

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PLL/Gatsby Theory

DISCLAIMER: Most of this information is from other PLL theories. And the Great Gatsby Allusions are from Alloy Entertainment

Okay so if you’ve seen at least one episode of Pretty Little Liars from season one, then you’ve seen a reference to The Great Gatsby. And they almost always seem to be situated around Ezra and Aria. In short, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is about Jay Gatsby’s undying love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, which ultimately causes him his life. It’s about irresponsible rich people who have no concern for the damage they cause.

In Pretty Little Liars, there are many Great Gatsby references.

1.The first being the most obvious one. Ezra’s surname is FITZGERALD.

2. The Great Gatsby is required reading in Mr. Fitz’s Honors English class at Rosewood High. Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna are spotted with the book in hand in the Pretty Little Liars Season 1 episode “Salt Meets Wound.”

3. In Pretty Little Liars Season 2 episode titled “Blind Dates,” the Liars find themselves staring at a creepy billboard right after they receive a text from A about diamonds being a girl’s best friend. The ad features a pair of bespectacled, long-lashed brown eyes and the follow text: “Dr. Lars Thorwald, O.D.: Someone’s Watching You So Look Your Best.” If we recall correctly, Fitzgerald describes a similar unsettling scene in The Great Gatsby. The only differences between PLL’s and Fitzgerald’s faded billboards is that Fitzgerald mentions a set of blue eyes, belonging to a man named Dr. T.J. Eckleburg.

4. In the PLL Season 1 episode called “Know Your Frenemies,” notes about The Great Gatsby are written on the board (“Gatsby = the corruption of the American dream), when Noel Kahn enters the classroom and attempts to blackmail Ezra into changing his essay grade. Here’s the full excerpt Ezra has posted on the blackboard: “I couldn’t forgive him or like him but I saw that what he had done was, to him, entirely justified. It was all very careless and confused. They were careless people, Tom and Daisy—they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made….”

5. In the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Halloween special, Aria Montgomery doesn’t go for a witch costume or a princess one. Instead, the glamorous brunette dresses up like one of the book’s main characters, Daisy Buchanan!

6. In the PLL Season 1 mid-season finale, Hanna Marin is plowed down by an SUV at Mona’s  birthday party, much like Tom Buchanan’s mistress Myrtle is by Daisy in the Great Gatsby.

But the references aren’t just to The Great Gatsby. In “A Is For Answers”, Ezra is reading Tender Is The Night by Fitzgerald.

So anyways, all these Great Gatsby references and allusions made me think that maybe The Great Gatsby is a clue and that Ezra and Aria are Daisy and Gatsby.

But I have a tendency to over think so naturally, that’s what I did. And I thought what if they allusions aren’t to The Great Gatsby but to Fitzgerald himself. And that Ezra and Aria aren’t Daisy and Gatsby but Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda.

Fitzgerald and Zelda had a very complicated relationship much like Ezra and Aria. She was the rich golden girl and he, not so much. In 1930, Zelda was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

So here’s my theory:
If Ezra is supposed to be Fitzgerald and Aria is supposed to be Zelda. Than this could mean that Aria is a schizophrenic.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it hard to: Tell the difference between what is real and not real; Think clearly; Have normal emotional responses; Act normally in social situations. It can also be hereditary.

-Byron once said that mental disorders run in the Montgomery family.

People with schizophrenia don’t have normal emotional responses. In this photo, Ms. Marin has just been released from prison. All the girls are extremely happy except Aria’s facial expression shows anything but that… In this episode, Dr. Sullivan has to draft up a patient file for all the girls except Aria. She already had one. Which indicates that she has been a patient before. This is probably the biggest hint about Aria mental instability. The word “schizophrenia” roughly translates to “split mind”. Many people confuse this with multiple or split personality disorder but they’re not the same thing. It just means that the brain is more or less split in half, between what’s real and what’s not. In this photo the broken mirror literally splits Aria in half. I think this might have been a clue. Okay, now I know the Black Swan is about a girl with multiple personality disorder but I thinks it’s safe to note that it’s still about a person with a mental illness and they only person who dressed up like the Black Swan is Aria. Now I know with everything these girls go through on a daily basis, believing that someone is trying to hurt you isn’t exactly that suspicious. But what if, this was yet another symptom of her schizophrenia. People with schizophrenia suffer from hallucinations and paranoia.

This is yet another big clue. That fact that Eddie remembers indicates that she was in fact a Radley patient once upon a time. 

Okay, so you’re thinking “well how could she be a schizophrenic without her friends ever finding out?” Under the right medication, schizophrenia can be treated to a point where if the patient continues to regularly and properly takes his/her medication, they can function normally. To the point where if someone didn’t know already that a person has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, they won’t suspect anything.

My theory is that Aria was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was a child. And she was being properly treated so no one outside of her family ever knew. When Alison disappeared, it worsened her symptoms which is why her family went to Iceland. So they can treat her in a place where they weren’t under the scrutiny of the media or their friends. I mean think about it, no one knows what Aria did while she was away in Iceland. She’s never even told her friends once. If I got to go on an exotic vacation, I’d be bragging nonstop. I think the reason she hasn’t shared any memories about Iceland with her friends is because she was holed in a place probably no different than Radley being treated for a mental disorder.  

So as you probably already know, I’m not expert in all things schizophrenia, if you are or you know more and I’ve missed something please feel free to share it with me. 

Also, if you don’t know a damn thing about schizophrenia but you’ve noticed some strange things about Aria then also feel free to share - because sharing is caring. 

And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then please don’t hesitate to hit that ask button. 

**I will continue to build on this theory as the show progresses. And with the whole killing Shana - even if it was self defense - I feel like we’re going to see more things that will indicate Aria’s mental instability.**

The Dragon She Met

Here is my Nalu week entry! finally! I’m late and I apologize, but, come on, most people are late like me so blegh. anyways, This fic was BETAed by @x-benihime , my senpai. It’s fluffy, and kinda cannon/fantasy Au, I guess??? well, I hope you guys like it!

Rated: K

Pairing: NaLu

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2660

Summary: Given heartbreaking news from her father, Lucy wanders into the forest, crying in her pain. soon, she finds herself with no way back, and thus seeks shelter inside a cave. never would she have expected to meet a real Dragon, who seemed more infuriating than menacing or threatening.

The tears dripping from her cheeks would not stop no matter how many times Lucy tried to wipe them away. Her sleeves were soaked by now, tinged by the sadness accumulated in the girl. Scrapes and bruises decorated her porcelain skin, but it did not even begin to compare to the wrenching pain smothering her heart.

It felt as though one had dug their claws into her chest, ever so present as it pressed on, intensifying into unbearable pain. Sobs soon began erupting from her throat, yet she fought them back as well as she was capable of.

Despite her agony’s evident reality, the realization of what transpired had only but begun dawning upon her. She still could not quite believe what she had seen and been told.

After moments of heart weighing tears and hiccups, Lucy finally found the strength to stop. She released a steadying breath then and sat down on a fallen trunk behind her. Her gaze roamed swiftly around, and her heart dropped as her location came clear—a meadow in the forest. Lucy would have been satisfied with this turn of events if the path home was not beyond her knowledge.

Desperate, she stood. She swiftly observed her surroundings, seeking the dirt road she had previously taken. However, her efforts were in vain; her mind had been too confused to think of anything but running. The slashes on her skin proved it; she had fallen on countless occasions during the way, tripping over root and boulder alike and running into dangerous brambles and bushes. She could only hope nothing had been poisonous.

Her hands shot down to grasp the material of her dress, unwavering as she ripped it to shreds. The action vented some of her sorrows and anger, but that hadn’t been her objective. The silky material had already been torn by various branches, and it drained far too much effort to simply run.

With a determined nod to herself, Luy broke into a sprint towards the direction she thought right. She ran and ran, hopping over small animals standing in her path. Dust rose under the impact of her feet, shifting in the air behind her. She ignored it, though, and pressed on.

The light maneuvering among filters of leaves above her head soon began dimming, weakening. Heart pounding at the base of her throat. Breathing becoming harder. Panic was clinging to her and she knew it. Despite that, she still did her best to keep a calculating mind over the situation. If she lost reason, she would be stuck here for much longer, or worse—she would die. Whether it be at the hands of wild animals, or starvation over time, neither seemed appealing.

After what seemed like ages of pointless running, Lucy found her will faltering. Her knees buckled beneath her and she did not resist as her frame landed against a tree. Each gush of air that escaped her made her chest rise dramatically.

Tears stung her eyes once more, and Lucy did not bother to attempt to fight back this time. She was exhausted. But the reason for her fatigue was not solely from running. The new she’d been given rang in her ears.

Lucy shook her head.

No reason to dwell on such thoughts now. She had more pressing matters at hand, such as the distant rumbling of the skies. Gulping, Lucy twisted in the direction of the thunder. Her blood ran cold as she saw the brewing storm. In her desperate state, she had not seen the skies darken, nor felt the growing gale.

Cursing at her predicament under her breath, Lucy stood. She ran her tongue over her dry lips in thought and concluded there was no hope of finding her way back before the storm struck. She would need to find a place to rest in the forest.

And thus, the search began.

By the time Lucy had found the mouth of a cavern, scarce drops of water had begun descending from the heavens above. The wind was ruthless as it swiped at the land. The trees around Lucy bent to angles she could have sworn would make the trunk snap in half. Loud crashes had filled the distant atmosphere, the blonde tensing every time it clapped its power.

She sighed in relief when she stepped within the mouth of the natural structure. Instantly, as if on cue, the rain outside intensified to a downpour, twirling in the dancing wind. She gave it one last glance, then walked further into the darkened cave.

She squinted down at the length of the tunnel before her. She knew not what she should do, but she was aware that standing and waiting for the rain to dissipate would not only be boring but would surely force her thoughts back to the reason for which she had been thrown into this situation.

Therefore, she swallowed the lump in her throat and strode in. contrary to her expectations, there was an exit. The tunnel segued into an enormous chamber, lit by torches on all along the sides. The outer ground, near the walls, were littered with gems and stones. In the center, as though a spinning vortex, streams of molten gold flowed,  spiraling into a common center, woven and intertwined.

The place smelt like rock and ash, but it did not bother Lucy as much as she would have thought a smell such as this would. The air itself was hot, yet rather cozy.

“What is this…” Lucy breathed in wonder and awe, not expecting the answer that came.

“My hoard,” a voice answered, and Lucy screamed, whirling in its direction.

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Creepypasta #545: Testing In Progress

In 1999 I was a starving university student. Well, not really starving, but when I had more than one dead president in my wallet at a time I considered it a good day…regardless of which former head of state was on the paper. At the time I was taking pre-med courses, but I really didn’t have a solid direction. Money, of course, was very tight, and I frequently found myself taking notes for other students were too lazy, prideful, smart, hung over, or stupid to go to class.

This eventually ended with one of them using my notes, verbatim, on an exam and landing us both in solid trouble. Thankfully, this was one of the stupid students, who’d been caught cheating before. As it was merely my notes, and not my actual exam I was allowed to slide with a warning and academic probation. It also helped that I had a perfect record and a near perfect GPA to that point. Paying for notes, however, was now out of the question as the university changed its policy that already frowned upon such an act to completely forbid the practice. While I did work part time at a hardware store, I relied on my note-taking business to help ensure that I would be able to afford the hamburger to go with my helper.

I saw an advertisement on the wall of my anatomy class that was claiming to offer paid benefits for medical test subjects. Dubiously, I inquired via phone as to what kind of “testing” they’d be performing, and what sort of “benefits” the subjects would be rewarded with upon completion of the test. I was informed that they’d be testing such items as acne medicine, allergy shots, foot cream, and products of a fairly benign nature. I would be paid two hundred dollars for participating in a two week study that required a total of eight hours of my time. I nearly leapt through the phone to sign up.

My first test was a hair product that was designed to treat lice. This, unfortunately, required that I get lice. Not a particularly fun weekend. The treatment, however, was quite effective and had the lice gone within a day. My hair did turn an odd shade of puke-green for a few weeks, but it grew out. Once I returned for a follow-up and was declared clean I was awarded my two hundred dollars and informed that another trial would begin the following week for a different product and that, as a returning subject, I would be granted entry before those that hadn’t participated before. The pay and trial period was the same, so I eagerly jotted my name down and left. The money might not seem like much now, but coupled with my part-time work at the hardware store I’d now be able to afford such things as rent and gas to go along with my textbooks and tuition.

I signed up pretty much every two weeks for a few months straight, testing such products as hair remover, over the counter painkillers, reading glasses, hairspray, wart remover, and diet pills. Each time I was paid for my work in cash and asked to sign up for the following test. I only missed one two week period as I was horribly sick from an unrelated illness; the stomach flu had been running rampant through the university and I had managed to find it.

The following weekend I was feeling better and ready to sign up for more as I was a little strapped for cash due to the “lost wages.” This time, however, when I arrived at the facility to sign up the usual attendant who would sign us in was not there. Instead a tall woman with jet black hair stood behind the counter and handed me a form that made me somewhat uncomfortable. It was a fairly all-encompassing waiver that basically said that the company would not be liable for any sort of injury or illness sustained for the duration of this test. Don’t get me wrong; I had to sign a waiver to start the testing in the first place…but this one seemed much more serious. Things like depression, mental illness, hallucinations, and self-inflicted bodily harm tend to worry me.

I almost didn’t sign it. Much like the time when I almost didn’t participate due to the fact that I knew the “diet pills” were basically code for “laxative that makes you crap everything out before your body absorbs the calories from food,” I nearly backed out. The dark haired lady finally slid a pay slip towards me showing the pay rate. I initially didn’t give it a second thought until I realized that an additional zero had been added. Two THOUSAND dollars was at stake for this test. In addition it would only be a one day test, although it would require twelve full hours. The product was a very powerful anti-depressant. Just take one pill, stay and be observed for the day, watch a few movies, and eat the free food provided. I could handle that.

I signed my name and as soon as my pen left the paper another unfamiliar face opened the door to take me back. I followed and entered the usual room where I was normally informed of the exact nature of the testing. This time I was met by a doctor who looked to be in his late 50’s with a pair of glasses that were so thick they looked comical. He was incredibly nice; he explained to me the exact nature and goal of the drug I’d be testing, broke down each of the ingredients and chemicals and described what they would (or should) do to me. He also went on to offer me one last chance to back out of the experiment as he knew there would likely be some serious hallucinations; the drug was still very experimental, but held enough potential that the FDA was willing to allow testing in a controlled environment.

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She’s Not M’ Girlfriend

Can you write one where Harry talks about his girlfriend/fiance in Another Man please?💜

Short and sweet, not exactly like the request, but I hope it’s good! Lots of love and thank you for requesting! 💜🌟💜🌟


Harry and Y/N were going crazy with nerves. His fingers were tapping on the steering wheel his hands and Y/N’s were trembling as she held his phone up so he could talk to their radio interviewer friend, Jackson, while driving.

“Harry! How are you, man?” Jackson started the conversation up cheerily.

“I’m good, I’m good! How are you, J?” Harry asked politely, checking the windows in his car to be sure he could be heard alright.

“Oh, I’ve been better, but I’m excited to get to talk with you! This whole magazine thing, it’s gonna blow up; I can feel it. Tell me, how does it feel to have an entire magazine issue dedicated to you?” Jackson asked.

“Oh god, wow, it feels great, I’m so honored. I’m really looking forward t’ it coming out. I know that the fans are litrally going t’ pounce. Y/N has already go'en mad at me twice. She’s only seen bits an’ pieces of the whole thing, so she’s very excitable right now. Hit me with a pillow pre'y hard yesterday,” Harry laughed into the phone she’s holding in her hand. Luckily, she was preoccupied in the car with him now, otherwise he’d fear her next weapon.

“Ah yes, the lovely girlfriend of Harry Styles. How is she?” J asked him in a teasing tone. Harry smirked to himself, looking over at Y/N who’s smiling and blushing wildly. This was the big reason Harry had agreed to do the radio interview.

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Hannibal Rewatch: 1x11

Season 1, Episode 11: “Rôti”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

“Rôti” changed me.

I remember staring into the dark after I watched this episode, heart pounding from having just leaped onto my bed from halfway across my room in case I was about to be face-attacked by someone hiding underneath it, and feeling like I was going mad. How did this happen to me?? I wondered, overwhelmed, and I would try to pinpoint it and I couldn’t and then another wave of delirium would sweep over me. Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, I considered how the sea that Will was in was where I was as well. I screamed silently into my pillow.

The fourth wall was gone, eaten up some time before. The madness was mine too, and frankly: I loved it.


So I’m very dreading and desperate rewatching this one, but HELLO CHILTS. Figuring out rn why it was that I hadn’t cared about Dr. Chilton’s fate in this episode, and it’s because this is only the second time we’d seen him! Felt like more, actually — nicely done, as always, Mr. Esparza.

“If only I’d been more curious about the common mind.”

Oh my god, delivered with all the tragic irony of the hero stating his fatal flaw, gazing ~majestically~ out into the snow like “ah yes, my tragedy: being Too Attuned to the Rarified” — beautiful. I have never before seen a side character who more visibly believes himself to be the central protagonist.

Hannibal: “You were trying too hard, Frederick.” Chilton is a canonical try-hard, #txt it

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Newt x reader :: The Long Lost (PART 2)


Notes: Part 2, as promised! This was so lovely to write. Hope it keeps you warm this chilly night. I couldn’t help but smile while writing it (and listening to Musetta’s Waltz nonstop, haha!) Tags: @kpkarlee​, @vanessawolfblue

WC: 1,439

Originally posted by imforeverjustyours

Originally posted by sweetly87

The job was by no means glamorous, but it was enough to live comfortably and have a little extra on the side, so overall you were happy with it. Straight out of Hogwarts, the Ministry realized what a great benefit it would be to have a Metamorphmagus in their arsenal. All those undercover opportunities, all spying that could be done! But you went along as an assistant auror for a few years, helping with some minor cases and investigations. Eventually, seeing yourself stuck here for life, you got a restless urge.

You’d heard of Metamorphmagi changing identities, hiding, starting new lives, and all sorts of things. Of course, you had never met one like yourself, so you never knew quite how it would work out; but with nothing to lose, you jumped on an ocean liner to New York City, and as soon as you got through customs, changed into an entirely new person you had dreamed up during the trip. It took quite a lot of concentration, but you managed to change nearly everything about your physical body.  You ended up being employed by a baker, at a humble, but charming little bakery called Kowalski’s. Your boss was a portly, kindly young guy who gave your fair wages and treated you like a human being. Not much more you could ask for in a job.

You had been working there for about a week when an aloof young man walked in, and the bells on the door chimed.

He was tall, rather wiry, and had his hair combed forward (though truthfully it seemed to be doing whatever it liked). His skin was lightly tanned and weather-worn, and he looked a bit tired, as if he had just gone through some long journey. His eyes, though. His eyes sparkled with the light of a child, they seemed to be taking in everything as if it were a whole new world.

You couldn’t believe your eyes for a moment. Newt…? He wasn’t in Hogwarts robes anymore, but donned a rather handsome suit and a bowtie tucked under his chin. His coat hung over broad shoulders and tiny crinkles were beginning to form around his eyes. He was a proper man now.

You felt dizzy, and was sure you were hallucinating. What would Newton Scamander be doing in a little bakery in New York City? No, no. Surely you had caught influenza from your roommate, who was up all night coughing, and you needed to lie down. Or you had finally gone off the deep end.

Suddenly, in a polite British accent, and all-too-familiar manner of speaking, the man asked for a loaf of sourdough. Your breath was caught far down in your throat. Newt. You tried to go on about your daily business of cleaning counters and restocking the displays, with much difficulty.

You kept stealing glances. He was proper grown-up. You had him sealed in the amber of your memory as a perpetual sixteen-year-old, still being stretched and molded into the man he was to become, but here he was, before your eyes, fully realized. It took your breath away.

When he smiled after he said thank you to Mr. Kowalski, you knew it, without a doubt. That shy smile couldn’t belong to anyone else.

He turned and began to walk out, the bag of bread under his arm. Suddenly you felt sick to your stomach, you almost couldn’t swallow. The adrenaline in your body was pumping like a storm, and urging your legs forward. Suddenly, you came to a decision: you may never see him again, you may never get another chance.

“Mr. Kowalski, I’m sorry, I feel a bit ill, I just need some fresh air!” you said, squeezing your way from behind the counter, trying to look apologetic at Mr. Kowalski’s confused face.

You ran out the door, looking left and right. Newt was a fast walker, and you spotted him about to round a corner and ran. “Newt!” your voice cracked as you said it, but you tried louder, “NEWT!”

The man spun around, looking extremely bewildered, “S’cuse me?”

“Newt,” you said, coming to a stop in front of him, “Newt, it’s me!”

“Sorry…who?” he said looking uncomfortable.

“Newt, it’s me, (Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“(Y/N)…? What?” his eyes grew wide.

“Hold…on…a…second,” you huffed, catching your breath after running, your heart beating harder than ever before. You grunted, scrunching up your face in concentration. Newt looked visibly concerned and a little disturbed.

“Um, Miss, are you o-okay?”

You held up a finger signaling him to wait a moment, and suddenly grabbed his arm, pulling him into a side alley. He clutched his wand in his pocket, thinking he was about to be mugged, or worse.

“Newt, hold on…” you grunted once more, beads of sweat forming on your forehead, “I know this looks strange, but…it…takes…a…lot…of…work.”

Suddenly, your body felt like elastic, stretching and snapping into new positions, all at once, every detail from your hair, to weight, to to eye color, to height began magically rearranging. Newt stared as slowly, you came into the form he would recognize. You became you, for the first time since landing in New York.

“Newt,” you were still out of breath, “It’s me. Do you…remember me?”

You looked up at him and saw his jaw was hanging wide open. He suddenly dove one hand into a coat pocket, rummaged around for a moment, and produced a small photo folded into quarters.

He held up the photo to your face.


“Newt,” you barely managed.

“(Y/N). I-I…I,” Newt couldn’t manage at all.

He stepped forward slowly and cupped your face in his hands, and at his warm touch, you slowly finished the last few details of metamorphosing fully back. He looked as if he was on the verge of tears.

“So many years, I’ve looked for you,” he whispered, “I thought I would never see you again.”

“I thought I would never see you again,” you responded.

A single tear escaped down his cheek. Seeing Newt so overwhelmed with emotion tipped you over the edge, and tears began pouring from your eyes. A small crowd began gathering nearby to see a New Salemers speech, and you mumbled, “Can we…?”

“Let’s go,” Newt said, and you both disapparated to a more secluded location, behind some canning factory.

“Last time I saw you, you couldn’t do that,” you laughed.

His eyes were watering, “Neither could you!”

You could see his chest heaving under his vest, “(Y/N), I’ve missed you, far more than you can know.”

You brushed a lock of hair from his eyes, his stare somehow both piercing and overflowing with something deeper than interest. That look again, like you were something precious. Something indescribably valuable. It has been years since anyone had given you that look; the last time had been the day Newt left Hogwarts.

You both embraced for Merlin knows how long, not saying a thing, just holding each other.

“How are you here?” you whispered in his ear.

“I have the same question for you,” he said softly back.

You had to laugh at the unbelievably absurdity of it all.

“I guess we have a lot of catching up to do,” you said smiling, through sniffles. He nodded, his face hovering inches from yours, those same, beautiful eyes as years before, dancing with tears of joy.

Suddenly Newt pulled you into him again, “I-I can’t lose you again–no way.”

You laughed again, overjoyed, “You won’t! You won’t! How could you when I won’t leave you?”

“Promise?” he said, still so, so close.

“Promise!” you replied, blindly using your hand to search for his pinky, and taking it in yours. His hands were a bit more calloused, a bit more worn, but still made you feel like nothing in the world could hurt you with him around.

He tilted his head closer to yours, and after what felt like a staggering long time–no doubt the cogs in his head were turning at full speed–he gently pressed his lips to yours. They were slightly chapped, but warm and full, and you melted. It was a soft kiss, a shy kiss, but you could feel years of feeling wrapped up in it. It was the sweetest, most lovely thing you tasted in your entire life. He was trembling, and you took both of his hands in yours.

“Not even bleeding Mopsus could have predicted this!” you say lightheartedly. Newt relaxes for a moment to laugh a little. He inhaled sharply and leaned in to press his forehead to yours, and still smiling quietly, gently said, “Let’s stay together, from now on.”

A Little Business Party

I didn’t think I’d be able to put anything out for the Silver Fox Saturday marriage equality celebration, but I was wrong…


Lestrade looked out of the bedroom window to the nicely groomed garden at the rear of his and Mycroft’s townhouse and shook his head.  Mycroft’s party, all business and no pleasure, was starting soon and Sherlock was not the person to stick in the center of it.

      “Mycroft, just to warn you, Sherlock and John are here.”

Mycroft strolled towards the window and wrapped his arms around Lestrade’s waist, peeking over the DI’s shoulder towards the ground below.

      “Yes, Sherlock informed me they would be attending.”

      “Why?  Why on Earth would your brother (a) come to visit you, (b) come to a party and © come to a party and visit you?”

      “From what I understand, John has been remarking that they do not ‘do anything,’ and Sherlock views this as an efficient and cost-effective method of halting John’s haranguing.”

      “Lovely, fill up with free food and booze and antagonize every one of your colleagues in the process.  What possessed you to agree?”

      “The fact that refusal would not prevent his attendance, but would make him far more difficult to manage while he was here.”

      “Saying yes was a damage control technique.”

      “The very thing.”

      “Ok, makes sense.  And this will give me someone to talk to while you’re speaking Hittite or something with the other muckity-mucks and planning the next economic meltdown of some evil bastard of a country.”

      “Perish the thought.  My Hittite is woefully rusty.”

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Cloud Strife and Mental Illness

I see a lot of people on my dash talking about Cloud Strife’s obvious dealings with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I think that’s pretty cool that we’re talking about this freely, because obviously, mental illness is an important thing to talk about. I also think that discussing mental illness within fandom is awesome for various reasons.

I do, however, feel like most of the discussion I see lacks something.

(Now, please understand, I am not an expert. I don’t have a degree or any real experience beyond what I have seen in my own life. So please take what I have to say with a grain or two of salt.)

Almost all of the serious discussion I’ve seen is about PTSD and only PTSD. PTSD is probably the most easily recognized mental illness that Cloud has, but I don’t think it’s the only one he has.

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More Felix & Locus Thoughts

This is literally just me rambling so please please feel free to ignore it… 

Warning… LONG and also I wrote this a many months ago, like right at the end of season 13 and I literally just found it in my drafts soooo… Ehh?

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