i was so happy when they made this reference


For we are all Hana Mizuno, and we all fell in love.

Happy 1st Anniversary to Asagao Academy, to Illus Seed and to the community this game created.

Asagao Academy was the parody dating sim I expected it to be, and so much more. When I first heard about it I barely believed it was a real thing, and then forgot about it until maybe three months before it was released. And what an amazing surprise it was, to expect a game to be full of geeky jokes and You Tube references and then be greeted with full, engrossing stories that made us laugh and cry and band together for our enjoyment of this experience. 

Hana has become that sweet avatar through which we have all stood in the place of and come to hold high as a beloved character absolutely in her own right. I have become more creatively active over the last year than I have in many previous and broken through a long standing bout of depression, I have witnessed so much more special engagements between these You Tubers and seen eyes be opened to the presence of others. And most importantly, I made true, wonderful friends thanks to the fandom that cropped up around Asagao Academy, and for that I could not be more thankful. 

To the Normal Boots and Hidden Block boys as the inspiration for this game, to Cara and Danielle who spearheaded and built the game and to their hired staff, and to the friends who shared with me my love of the game and enriched my life. THANK YOU. 

Thanks to Asagao Academy, it’s been an incredible year. And I can’t wait for the next one.

- Love



Honestly I read this book when I was the same age as Percy in the Lighting Thief and it means so much to me and I’m juST SO HAPPY


So here’s a “sketch” I made yesterday lol, I will try to finish it today! I swear I won’t just forget that drawin’ just like i did with the last SES’s sketch that i made and said that i would maybe finish :’D

This has made ‘cuz i went to see the reference sheet of Sam that Megane made a while ago, and it said that Sam dislikes everything that’s not jacksepticeye related, and it made me wonder if it means that Sam, that grumpy-sassy smol bean, would be more happy and friendly when he’s around Jack… So i drew Sam and Jack just like having a bro-time together! Like, it’s a really simple sketch (I haven’t even sketched the background yet.) and i suck at anatomy, but i think it’s cool, i’m proud of myself!

I think something wrong it’s not right in this drawing… Imma just ignore it.


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Hello love! In light of all the hate I’ve seen towards Karamel, why do you ship them? You are one of the few blogs I know who do love Kara and Mon-el together. For me, their chemistry is undeniable, of course, but with her other relationships (especially with James), I didn’t hate them: I just didn’t care. I was apathetic. With Mon-el, I care, oh boy do I care XD. From the moment they started to interact, you could see that it was something special. Hugs and love!

Hey, love!!!  I feel the exact the same way. I thought (and still think) that Kara and James were kind of cute but, in my humble opinion, they were missing that spark. And it wasn’t solely due to lack of chemistry but also because the writing in Season 1 was not the best in regard to their romance. 

But let’s talk about why I ship Karamel because there are so many reasons and I have so many feelings about them, at least 5, sometimes as many as 7 (yes queen Carrie reference). So let’s start:

1. They’re similar enough that they can understand and relate to one another but different enough that they can complement each other and learn from the relationship. Kara and Mon-El are, in fact very different in some aspects and very similar in others. But these are the best relationships. It means you are in sync about the most important issues but at the same time you can bring something new to the table because people evolve by not only sharing the same principles but also by being confronted with different points of view and personalities. Concerning their similarities, Kara and Mon-El are both refugees on Earth. They both know what it is like to lose your home and everything you’ve ever known. That’s a huge part of their identity and something that really strengthens their bond. Being an alien always conjured up feelings of loneliness and even anger in Kara. The fact that they both shared that experience creates a very deep connection between them and a sense of understanding that is hard for others to grasp. I feel like those moments when Kara and Mon-El are reminiscing about their home worlds are really underrated because they must be so special for Kara who has been on Earth for years with no one to share her memories with. Moreover, they’re also similar in the sense that they’re both compassionate and kind people who want to make the world a better place so their ideals pretty much coincide, which is the most important thing in a relationship. Yes, Mon-El is still working on that but that’s who he really is, in spite of the ingrained ideals from Daxam that he is slowly overcoming. And no. Mon-El didn’t magically turn into this kind and compassionate person because of Kara. He has always been that person, he just needed someone to motivate him to become the best version of himself. She didn’t change him, she inspired him. Which leads us to their differences and how they are actually beneficial to their relationship since they allow Kara and Mon-El to challenge each other. Mon-El has become inspired to be more selfless and courageous while Kara is learning to loosen up a little and be more tolerant. So their different personalities really complement each other, even though they do clash at times but, hey, fighting is healthy in a relationship and completely normal and leads people to evolve. 

2. The fact that they’re both superpowered. I’ve talked about this before. This is actually a big deal. They don’t have to hold back their strength around each other. They can hold each other as tightly as they want to after a hard day, they don’t need to hold back their passion and they can allow themselves to be a little more vulnerable because when they’re together they don’t need to be so painfully aware of the fact that they are powerful aliens in a different planet. As I’ve said before, sometimes being so powerful can become tiring and even lonely. And this is specially true to Kara. It’s important for her to just take a break from all the responsibility of being so powerful, of being Supergirl. Let her hold someone as tightly as she did when she was on Krypton and make her feel like she has come home and forget the fact that if she were to hold someone else like that she could snap them in half. 

3. They’re hilarious. No couple makes me laugh like those two. From their bickering, to their frequent and adorable awkwardness around each other, to Kara’s frustration with Mon-El’s cluelessness…

4. There’s something really innocent and cute about their relationship. Yes. They made out on a couch and were going hard BUT at the same time they’re both completely new to being in a relationship and they’re just figuring it out and it’s so cute to see them going through that process together. They’re just so bubbly and happy and smiley. Our space puppies… And that creates balance in their relationship since they’re both inexperienced and neither of them has the upper hand. And they just fit so well together, you know? I don’t want to use the word “childish” when referring to them but they’re both a little naive, they both have bubbly personalities and enjoy laughing and playing around. Once again, our space puppies. 

5. Mon-El contributed to Kara’s arc (I know! Unpopular opinion!!). I’ve also talked about this before. Dealing with Mon-El allowed Kara to acknowledge her own preconceived ideas and prejudices and work on them. She was able to acknowledge and overcome that becoming more tolerant in the process. It also allowed her to explore her frustration for not having been able to help her cousin like she was supposed to and come to terms with that. Also, her arc this season has been about her learning to stand her ground as Kara Danvers and not just as Supergirl. Confessing her feelings for Mon-El and allowing herself to be vulnerable helped her do that. 

6. Chris and Melissa’s chemistry. They just kill me. The intense eye contact, the passionate kissing, the natural interactions between them, the way their eyes wander from eyes to lips to whatever lmao I love them. 

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#LetMagnusBaneSitInAlec'sLap2k17 No srsly tho, if u wanna write aomething about that. Maybe like 5 times magnus sat in alecs lap and it wasnt sexual + the one time it was? Whatever you'd like😂😊😊😊

Hi! Sorry, but I’m really not the type for writing such things T_T. I hope you’ll at least enjoy a fluffy one instead! ^^

The Five Times Magnus Sat in Alec’s Lap, by Gothic–Fairy


It wasn’t long after they started officially dating when Magnus found out about how much Alec sucked at getting pop culture references - especially the ones associated with TV. Well, the life in the Institute didn’t really offer much spare time to slack off and watch something. And because Magnus knew that, he came up with yet another amazing idea - a weekly movie night, of course! Alec wasn’t against it, either. It made Magnus happy that they could spent so much time together and a happy Magnus meant a happy Alec. 

So, once again, Alec ended up sprawled on a sofa in Magnus’ apartment, waiting for the warlock to sit next to him and rest his head onto Alec’s shoulder as he was used to nowadays. That day though, things were different. Maybe, it was just Magnus being extra cuddly or it was something else, but when Magnus finally walked towards Alec, he sat even closer than usual, one of his hands wrapped Alec’s waist as he swung his legs across Alec’s lap. He reminded Alec of a fluffy kitten, being curled up in that way and all, and he thought that Magnus might have even started purring if he dared to scratch his head. 

The idea itself made Alec chuckle, earning a raised eyebrow from Magnus.

“Are you laughing at me, Alexader?” He asked with a mischievous grin.

“Nope. No laughs from here.” Alec tried to suppress another giggle bubbling in his lungs. Magnus obviously enjoyed Alec catching up on his intentions right away, pressing his body against Alec’s as the Shadowhunter brought both of his hands around him, leaving a kiss in his hair.

Yeah, he could get used to this.


“Sorry, Magnus, guess we’re out of seats!” Izzy said across from Alec, trying to outshout the loud music around them, a wide smirk playing on her lips. They were in the middle of a nightclub, to Alec’s great dismay, celebrating Simon’s band’s successful concert or because of some other excuse Izzy thought up to lure them out. They found a bit secluded place to sit, away from the dance floor, and Magnus offered himself to get some drinks. When he came back, everyone was already seated, except for him. 

Oh, Izzy, I can see what you did there, Alec thought as he watched her innocently shrug her shoulders and whisper something to Magnus. Alec would bet anything that she was planning something all along. But what? 

He could only stare as the two of them exchanged amused smiles. They were totally up to something.

“Well, Alexander.” Magnus spoke up after approaching Alec. “It seems you’re my only option.” He finished and took one last step before sliding his arm around Alec’s shoulders and gracefully plopping down to sit in Alec’s lap, still sipping his drink. It shocked Alec for a second, this sudden change of events, and he could only thank his instincts for catching and steadying Magnus. 

Alec could see the pleased look in his eyes, his fingers tangled in Alec’s dark hair. The night wasn’t going to be so boring after all. 


Alec felt very happy. Everyone was enjoying themselves, sitting around a campfire, singing songs and messing around. Clary and Jace got back together in the end and Simon seemed astonished that he was allowed to hold Izzy’s hand in public. It was a perfect night. 

“I’ve found the blanket!” Magnus announced next to him, pulling him out of his thoughts. It was getting quite cold so Magnus suggested to share a blanket - ‘The blanket is way too big for a single person, Alexander.’ And what was a better way to wrap them both in it than for Magnus to sit between Alec’s spread knees, pressing his back against Alec’s chest. 

Alec sighed but brought him even closer anyway, resting his chin on Magnus’ shoulder, his arms around Magnus’ middle. It was a very pleasant feeling to have someone this close, he had to admit. 


Alec’s heart was beating so fast he could hear it in his ears. Blood was rushing through his body as he breathed without actually being able to get oxygen to his system. This wasn’t happening. 

“Alec, it’s going to be alright.” Izzy reassured for a millionth time. 

“But he’s not waking up!” Alec shouted back, his voice breaking.

“He used up too much magic. But they said he was gonna be fine. He just needs to rest.” 

There had been a sudden attack on the Institute. Valentine’s man came out of nowhere, fighting their way in. They were defeated in the end, but took lives with them as well. There were many casualties so it was only natural for Magnus to try and help as many of them as he could, when the iratze wasn’t working fast enough. It took its price, though. He was using Alec’s strength but it was still too much and he ended up collapsing into Alec’s arms. 

There were other people, warlocks who came with Magnus, that assured Alec he’ll be alright, but Alec’s mind remained in panic mode. He was sitting near one of the walls of the infirmary, leaning against it, one of his arms around Magnus’ unconscious body, holding him close. All the beds were taken by the badly injured and there wasn’t enough energy in Alec to try and carry him somewhere else. 

“He’s not waking up..” He whispered again, cupping Magnus’ cheek with a shaky hand, bringing their foreheads together. There were tears forming in his eyes and he closed them, letting a single drop fall down. He’d never imagined it was possible for someone to be this scared, frightened to death. 

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. He repeated in his mind. As if it would bring his loved one back to him.

“It’s nice that you waited for me, Alexander.” A voice spoke up and his tears were swept away. 

He opened his eyes to see exhausted but awake Magnus smiling sleepily at him. He didn’t hesitate even a second and pressed their lips together. This time he felt the tears of happiness. 


It was only a couple of days after the attack and Alec was staying at Magnus’ place again. Magnus was still quite tired and Alec was willing to be around and help if needed. 

Alec woke up early as always - it wasn’t something unusual. He was about to move and get up, when he realized the weight on his chest. Firstly he was ready to move the cat Magnus have probably let wander around away but instead his hands found a warm body lying on top of his own. Only now he let his eyes open to see a still asleep warlock there, his arms wrapped tightly around Alec, holding for dear life. And for a moment Alec wondered - how the hell did he not wake up? 

He tried to move Magnus a little bit, but he was surprisingly strong even when sleeping, pulling himself closer to Alec. He murmured something under his breath as if complaining. 

“Mags?” Alec called his name with a soft smile. It wasn’t very likely that he’d give up the hold anytime soon. In fact, he just turned his head a little bit, burying his face in the crook of Alec’s neck. 

Alec ran his hands over Magnus’ back, trying to gently wake him up, chuckling a little. And after a few more minutes Magnus finally stirred, then stiffened.

“Alec?” he asked, confused. “Why am I lying on you?” 

“Well, I was going to ask you the same question, you sleep-octopus.”

Tadaa ^^. Hope you liked it! It’s not exactly what you asked for but at least it’s fluffy? Please, let me know what you think :).

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Fatal can see basic characteristics of others???

YES! He absolutely can! This is a very important detail that I’ve been wanting to get to for months.

Back in Chapter 1 we all found out that Fatal can see the code of others and the world around him. This means, essentially, he can see what other characters are ‘made of’.

In Chapter 2 we learn something very important and new about him: Fatal can ‘read’ the code of others and the world around him. It’s not just numbers, it translates into information - he can literally see what other characters are ‘made of’. Like in this instance with Blue, where he can see some of Blue’s most prominent character traits, which are similar to Papyrus’.

Feel free to ask questions, but remember that I may or may not answer them due to spoilers, and I may or may not be able to say if I can or can’t. Regardless, I’m so happy to finally be able to talk about this now :’D

Oh and just for fun, all of this was actually what Fatal was referring to back when this happened XD

The Key To Happiness

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‘To think that something was in there, sealed off in the safety of its                                                                             mother’s womb was baffling to Jungkook.’   

Featuring: Jungkook (bts)
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 1,602


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Summary of Floral and Fading by Pierce The Veil

I’m having a shitty day so what better way to make it better than by taking it out on my favourite band’s new music video by roasting the shit out of it

Also I can’t believe I even need to clarify this but (and I’m only gonna say this once) THIS WHOLE THING IS A JOKE!! I have nothing against ANYTHING, not the song, not the girlfriend (technically), and especially not the band so y’all need to chill

Anyways, onwards, Aoshima! 

  • That car isn’t even parked properly in a parking space, it’s literally just outside the bowling alley for no reason at all
  • Also, why would you bring your date outside a bowling alley? Couldn’t you have picked a more romantic scenery than a bowling alley?
  • If this were a cinemasins video, I would add ten sins just for that cheesy arm-around-date move
  • Why would you wear a dress/skirt to a bowling alley? And don’t give me any “oh it’s the 70s bullshit” I did research and pants for women were a thing back then so there
  • Also how and why would you wear heals when playing bowling??
  • Tag yourself, I’m that one guy isolated from everyone else playing what looks to be pinball
  • That old man looks and acts so done to be surrounded by teenagers so why of all places did he choose to work at a bowling alley? I mean I did the research, and assuming this is taking place in San Diego, the economy didn’t look half bad, so why did this man have to go work at a place he hates?
  • That’s okay, I never remember who they are either
  • Real question though, do bands actually used to play live music in bowling alleys? 
  • Just gonna quickly address the elephant in the room: their outfits. Okay, carry on.
  • Wow gotta love that totally realistic sounding “live” music, I mean I understand that music videos are basically just mostly mute videos with the original soundtrack slapped onto it but come on, seriously?
  • Is it just me or does this just look fake af
  • You’ve seen simultaneous headbanging, get ready for simultaneous bowling
  • Tony’s the only normal looking one tbh
  • Accurate representation of a Pierce The Veil concert ngl 
  • Did Vic just thrust? Did he just fucking thrust?? Are you actually for real right now? I don’t even know what to say to this
  • Was that a sexual innuendo with that pinball machine or am I just tired
  • Oh so it was actually a pinball machine 
  • That “huh” though
  • I like how they just realised “oh shit there’s a half decent band playing right now we should go look”
  • Was that a wink
  • Okay but what even was the point of the couple sitting in the car?
  • They look so sarcastically happy like honestly same
  • I just realised, Vic actually kinda looks his age in this video holy fuck
  • Also, can I just point out that ptv’s clothes look so old compared to the other teenagers’ clothes I mean granted, they are older than them but still, why do they look like they’ve just been ripped straight out of some cheesy black and white comedy film but with colours for added effect?
  • This isn’t the type of thing I would slow dance to but then again I don’t slow dance so fair enough I guess
  • Them camera angles and cutscenes though
  • I have no words
  • Oh so that was the woman Jaime was referring to in the livestream
  • His face when he realises who threw the bra I’m crafting
  • They censored “stupid motherfucker” I don’t know whether to be happy or outraged about this
  • Finally things are starting to get interesting, I was so bored that I went and made a coffee because I almost fell asleep seeing as nothing interesting was fucking happening, other than Vic thrusting and Jaime’s encounter with his number one fan
  • I like how ptv don’t even care, like I get that mosh pits are normal at concerts and shit but this ain’t a concert, it’s a goddamn bowling alley
  • I’ve never been to a concert before but I thought mosh pits were a little more cooler than this, like my friend punched a couple of guys when he went to a concert but all I see here are people pushing each other around
  • Also idk ‘bout you but this isn’t really the right song to mosh about but you do you
  • Aw for a second there I thought Vic was gonna rip his shirt open and usually I would be happy about this happening but then I remembered the wig
  • Reminds me of “TONY GET OFF THE ROOF” or whatever he said
  • After a solid 2-3 minutes the couple in the car finally do something other than batting their eyelashes at each other and giggling for no fucking reason like you are literally outside a fucking bowling alley, most likely not even in a parking spot and you’re just sitting there looking at each other go re-evaluate your life decisions please
  • Okay but the audience was clearly moshing before, what if they don’t see Tony jump off the stage and not catch him in time? He would just injure everyone as well as himself and then they’d have to make another announcement stating why Tony isn’t gonna be on the Rest In Space tour
  • Fangirls
  • People like these two girls annoy me because like leave the damn band member alone, he’s trying to play his damn instrument you can molest him after the show
  • Did they just fucking rip his sleeves off?
  • Also I just realised this is probably the first time I’ve seen Mike drumming while wearing a shirt, let alone a long sleeved shirt
  • That blue punch looks a little dodgy
  • What even is going on anymore 
  • I guess you can say she just got punched in the face *ba dum tst*
  • I like how the bowling alley just conveniently has the main power thing just behind the fucking shoe counter place I mean fair enough
  • He’s so done 
  • I get why they’re aww-ing but were they actually that invested in hearing the music before though??
  • What was the point of the lighters I mean it’s aesthetically pleasing but why
  • Why did they ring the fire alarm or whatever and why did it red lights go off
  • After the main power source came back, the place should be well-lit again but it isn’t
  • Why is it flashing?
  • “I need a moment like what had those instruments even done to them” - @2thingsfunny
  • Did Jaime just throw a balloon at those drums?

    Edit: never mind it’s a bowling ball but still

  • Red lights magically disappear 
  • I’m willing to bet my own copy of Misadventures that the old guy quit immediately after this music video
  • Credits


  • “I was slightly disappointed there was no prominent visual of the light beam coming through Tony’s dick like advertised though” - @2thingsfunny

Transfer student AU where you’re from an english speaking country and do a foreign exchange student program in South Korea for a year. Your best friends consist of:


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The first person who actually talked to you. As soon as you walked into English class on the first day, he moved his things so that you can sit next to him and watch him make fun of the teacher when he turns around (he was always the class clown getting himself into trouble for blowing spitballs at other students and passing notes to you when he was sitting right next to you.) And he’s mostly known to ask you for the homework because he doesn’t understand English. Tae was the one who introduced you to the rest of the boys and added you to their friend group. 


Originally posted by kpoop

The sugar, spice, and everything nice home economics teacher. You were pretty bad at cooking and needed a lot of assistance when it came to baking (you weren’t as bad as your seat partner though, Jungkook.) He was always really nice and smiley, and you couldn’t help but blush when he would accidentally touch your hand when taking a wisk from you. You loved being in his class and seeing his smile each day. Mr. Kim was definitely easy on the eyes and from the first day you saw him you sprouted a crush.


Originally posted by wonhoforjackson

The English teacher. You have him for your English class and you’re one of his favorite students because you can have a fluent conversation with him in English, and he can understand when you call Tae names in english or give him bogus answers to the homework to mess with him. You usually see Mr. Kim in the library, when you have your study hall, reading a book or something. He may be a clumsy teacher, but you could tell he was the smartest and he actually cared about trying to teach the students. He and Jin were inseparable, so often the students and staff would refer to them as Kim squared. You couldn’t help but have a slight crush on him. I mean, who wouldn’t? He was one of the cutest teachers there. 


Originally posted by wydkook

The happy history teacher. History wasn’t the most interesting subject and you really couldn’t care less about Christopher Columbus but seeing Hoseok every day made you happy and excited to go to his class. Every morning he would great each student individually. “Good morning, ms. (Y/N). How are you?” He would ask you every day with his bright smile. He always kept plants on the windowsills and usually kept his windows open to let the breeze in. During the summer and spring months  the class would go outside a lot too, he thought that it really helped students learn. But in reality, you were only doing perfect in the class because you didn’t want to let Mr. Jung down. Along with Kim squared, he was definitely among the cutest teachers. 


Originally posted by hey-seoul-sistah

The shy but funny kid. Your home economics seat partner was Jeon Jungkook, who was known for being very popular among the girls so you were surprised that he was so sweet and nice to you. He was a little shy at first but eventually he got more comfortable with you and began to show his silliness. He was always cracking jokes and burning your home economics projects.


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The really quiet artistic kid in your art class. He would always listen to music during class and get in trouble with the teacher for not listening, but he claimed that it helped his artistic flow. In the end, your teacher gave up on trying to get him to pay attention. Everyone knew he was the most talented in the class. You became friends one day when he was admiring a piece of artwork you had done and wanted to compliment you for it. Eventually you found out that he was a rapper who’s just starting out when he invited you to come see him live at some bar.


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The sweet popular football player. Jimin did generally well in school for two reasons, he needed good grades to stay on the football team and he’s sort of a math genius. You sat next to him in math class and to your surprise, he knew what he was talking about and he’s actually not a meat head. Jimin was always really sweet to you can would help you with your math work. You could definitely tell he had a crush on you because he asked you to wear his jersey to the homecoming game like the rest of the cheerleaders did for the football players. 

Originally posted by wherethecontrailsgo

And your usual hang out spot was the coffee shop down the street where Jungkook worked. You, Jimin, Yoongi, and Tae would go see Jungkook during his shift and talk for hours. But there were times that you’d be there alone and you’d run into one of the teachers. Namjoon would be reading or doing work sometime after school while drinking tea, and sometimes Jin would accompany him with a cappuccino. Usually when the both of them were there they wouldn’t get much done and just spend hours talking and laughing. But when Hoseok was there he sat alone in his usual window seat doing work or just writing. Some days when you were alone, he would ask you to join him for a little bit and he would ask you about how your life was going and how school was. 

You loved going to school in Korea, your friends and teachers had become your new life. But that made leaving it at the end of the year was even harder…


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Characters reacting to MC fangirling over anime characters?

Author’s note: what shows do you guys watch??? I’ve seen so many animes and read so many mangas it’s ridiculous


  • tbh he probably fangirls over LOLOL as much as you do over your anime
  • he would try to get into the anime that you were watching so he could understand what you were crying talking about
  • “Now you know why I was crying a couple nights ago.”
  • now every Thursday when it comes on he makes popcorn and you watch it togehter


  • when you told him that he was working with a voice actor from your ALL TIME FAVORITE anime, he was pretty confused
  • later that night when you went to bed he searched it up 
  • that next day he came home with a signed poster and a note from them
  • yOU WERE JUST SO HAPPY AND he was so happy that you were happy
  • little did you know he spent all day trying to get an autograph for you and worked really hard to think of what you would want your fave to say


  • already being fan girl herself, she knew how draining it could be
  • she asked a TON of questions
  • “Have you ever written a fanfic? Do you have a blog? lol guilty What about posters?”
  • as long as you went to a Zen concert with her she would be more than happy to attend anime expo with you


  • when he opened your closet and all of your fan gear came out, he was so confused
  • even when you explained what a fan girl was he still didn’t get it
  • it wasn’t until you compared your love of this anime to his love of Elly that he understood
  • “So it’s something very precious to you? I see… tell me more.”
  • He would actually be very intrigued and want to learn more about it
  • little did he know once yo start an anime you can never stop


  • when you made reference to your favorite anime and he understood, you were pretty surprised
  • when he ran away and came back in full cosplay
  • you
  • died
  • that was probably the moment you knew you were in love with him
  • you two went ON AND ON about crazy theories and then went online and bought tickets for the nearest anime con avaiable
Happy you’re here (1/?)

Summary: You didn’t actually know who you were, rescued from H.Y.D.R.A, you suffered Dissociative Amnesia. The Avangers helped you, now was time for you to help Bucky.   

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,315

Warnings: Cursing, slight fluff

A/N: *whispers* I’m scared. WELL, this is my first () X reader fic. And i’m really scared of posting it, and scared that my english writing is terrible (it is though), since my natural language isn’t english, but oh well. 

Part 1Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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The white lights were just too bright for you not to groan in discomfort, where were you, anyway?

“Y/N?” A soft voice called, it seemed to be far away, you just wanted to put the pillow in your face and sleep a little more, but since your mouth was dry and the voice continued to repeat the same name, you couldn’t

Slowly, you opened your eyes, just to find yourself somewhere unknown, making you go from a “shut the fuck up and let me sleep” to a full “I drank four expressos and ate three chocolate bars”

“Y/N, this is doctor Bruce Banner. You are safe now” The man said, trying to keep you down in the bed, since you tried to jump off

“W-Where am I?” You whispered, looking around with fear, you just had this weird feeling of lost, as if you didn’t know who you were.

And actually, you didn’t.

“Y/N? I-is that my name?” Bruce sigh, looking at something in the corner of the room

“Do you remember what hapened?” You frowned your brows, trying to remember anything, but there were only weird bright flashes in your mind, making your head start to ache.

“No?” Bruce studied you for a moment, caution and a slight fear trespassing his eyes

“Nothing at all?” You nodded with your head, following his gaze to a tall, blonde men next to the door “Dissociative Amnesia, Steve.” You tilted your head when the handsome men looked to be in deep pain, when you were about to ask what he meant, Bruce explained “It causes you to forget traumatic experiences.”

“So, my whole life was traumatic?” You joked with a smile, making both men blink a few times, as if they had never see you smile before

“Y/N, we can treat this amnesia easily with the help of Vision, if you want to” Steve said, tensing his shoulders with the thought of you remembering what you had suffered

“Is he a machine or a psychologist?”

“A little bit of both, actually.” Bruce answered, making you turn your attention to him

“I don’t think I want. I mean, if I suffered so much that my mind found a way to lock it up, why would I want to open it?” You didn’t know why, but you felt like you could trust them. “Do I have family to remember?”

Steve stared at you for a few seconds before denying with his head, making you raise your shoulders in a complacent way before looking at your hands, seeing lots of scars and burns in them. You followed the path, seeing that your arms had it too.

“Yup, whatever I went through… I don’t wanna know.”

Years had passed from the day you woke up in that bed, you were an Avenger and all of those stupid idiots were your family, you saved them, they saved you.

“You know that you look like a puppy following it’s owner, don’t you, Speedy?” Tony mocked as you entered the tower’s kitchen, looking for something to eat

“You know that you look like a jealous old man, don’t you, Stark?” Your laugh echoed in the fridge, you knew about Pietro’s feelings towards you, since he wouldn’t do much to hide it. Well, how could he? You brought him back to life, after all.

“We know that the two of you are in deep love with Y/N, but let her breathe, please” Clint said chuckling, entering the place with Wanda by his side.

You couldn’t help but blush with the sentence, making Wanda smile gently while coming closer to you and giving a little kiss in your cheek

“We all love Y/N, Clint.” She said, watching you bite an apple, since you had been distracted and forgot what exactly you were searching

“What are you doing in the tower, Robin Hood?” You asked with a smile, ignoring Pietro poking you for attention. Well, you had many abilities and fortunately, patience was one of them.

“I actually came to talk to you.” You raised a brow, curiosity filling your eyes, maybe Steve send him to tell you about a mission, but it was far from that. “Steve wants to talk to you, something about your past”

Wanda looked away, remembering the first time she touched you. She saw everything you passed, everything you had to do, every torture and person you had to see.

She truly loved you. Not in a romantic way, she loved you as a big sister. And so did you act as one;

Even the others agents, when they were asking her about you, they would refer as “How’s your big sister?” She would even risk call you “big sis or sora mea mai mare”. You would call her with no shame “sora mea cea mica”. You did indeed see her as your little sister, and that made her happy.

“Uh, how many times do I have to tell him that I’m not remembering anything and nether I want to?” You rolled your eyes while giving a little slap in Pietro’s hand, since it started to low down to your butt cheeks to call your attention. “It’s been years. Literally

“We know that, but it looks like he really need to talk to you about it, and looks like H.Y.D.R.A is involved, Steve needs you help with something.”

“Argh, fine.” The apple you threw over your shoulder was now in Pietro’s hand

“For fuck’s sake, are you going to put that in your altar?” You heard Tony say as you walked out of the kitchen

soră mai mică” You called, seeing Wanda raise her head to you, she was going to the other side of the corridor “Won’t you come?”

“Sorry, Y/N, I’m not feeling really good.” You agreed with your head and gave a gentle kiss in her forehead

“That old captain.” You murmured “Get some rest, yes?” She gave a slight smile to you and Clinton before nodding her head.

Following Hawkeye to the floor that Steve was, you started to sing some song you had heard on the radio that morning, it was your voice that announced to both men that you were standing outside

You heard a nervous “come in” and so you did, stopping your loud voice when you saw another men in the room, your eyes glanced at a laughing Clinton. It didn’t take long for you to smack his shoulder while feeling your cheeks go red

“You let me show to someone new my cat killing voice!”

“It’s not that bad…” Bucky said, smiling when he saw that you didn’t look at him the way everyone did. With fear, caution, as if he was a weird and unstable thing. No, you looked at him with curiosity. As if you wanted to know and understand him.

You were curious, not by his metal arm. But by his sad, intrigant blue eyes.

“Look, pal, if you’re new here, you should know that sarcasm is not a good way to talk with me” You joked, for Steve’s surprise. He was expecting you to remember what you had passed, since Bucky might remember you of H.Y.D.R.A, the place you suffered and that you were rescued from.  

“She has the point, Y/N never knows how to differentiate when you’re being sarcastic or not.”

“Oh, shut up, Legolas. I’m Y/N, and you are…?”

“He is James Bucha-”

“Jack Sparrow, I didn’t ask you.” You cutted Steve’s speech, making his friend and Clinton chuckle

“Bucky” He said shortly, with a small grin in his face

“Ok, ButterCup, you are the official High Catcher for now on.” Steve chuckled, happy that they had you there to make things easier for Bucky to adjust to his new home.

“I thought I was the “Official High Catcher”.”

“You were, but I had already seen too much of your butt and abs when you get the cookies for me. I need a new image, y’a know”

Clinton and Steve laughed loudly when you finished your sentence, but Bucky didn’t, since he didn’t understand a thing.

“What is a High Catcher?”

“It’s someone to grad the high food for me” You smiled kindly at him, making Bucky lose his breath for a moment.

He noticed that you had a few scars on your neck, but he couldn’t see all of them, since you were wearing you usual long-sleeved shirt and jeans.

“Well, why did you call me here, Steve?” You finally asked while Clinton went to one of the chairs, but you knew you wouldn’t last long there.

“We can talk about that later. But for now, would you mind showing the tower to Bucky? Bruce we’ll be coming and I need to discuss something with him.”

“Not at all, hop up, Buckbeak” Bucky continued on the same place while you were already leaving

“She’s talking to you, Bucky.” You laughed at the door at his confused face “Y/N?”


“Don’t scare him, please”

“I can’t promise that, Steve.” He sighed as Bucky went to your side and the both of you left.

“Don’t worry, I think she wouldn’t remember even if she wanted to.” Clinton tried to calm his friend, but himself was worried about you. It was impossible to someone not be taken by your personality; all of them cared and loved you in their own ways

“What is a Buckbeak?” He asked a few moments later, watching you turn your shocked face at him

No. Shit.” You gasped, don’t believing that he didn’t know who was Buckbeak, the Harry Potter Hippogriff. “Where did you leave, under a rock?!”

When Bucky opened his mouth, ready to tell you his life story – which was a surprise to him, since he struggled even to talk with Steve about it -, something fast passed by them, being followed by a Tony’s scream

“You little brat! Oh, hey, Sweetie, Soldier.”

“Robocop.” You saluted with a mocking tone

“You already used that, Y/A.” Bucky couldn’t help but be amazed by your laugh

“Well, there are not loads of fictional men wearing iron armors out there, Tony.”

“Are you tired, Old man?” Pietro appeared at your side, making Bucky turn defensive automatically.

“It’s okay, Buttercup, he’s just a prick.” Pietro laughed at the nickname

“Why did you nicknamed Bucky, Buttercup?” Tony asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest, controlling a laugh when he saw Bucky giving him a glance that could froze even hell

Buttercup. And also, it suits him, don’t it? I’m pretty sure that I’ll also start to call Steve ‘Blubbles’. But who will be Blossom?”

“You.” Pietro tried to hug you from your waist; you gave him a slap in the hands, hearing him moan slightly

“Nah, she’s boring. Well, I got to show the tower to him. C’mon Buttercup.”

“Doll, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You smiled because of the nickname, checking him out with your critics, malicious eyes

“Good, you understand that I only work with nicknames” You said, causing him to chuckle “But serious, believe it or not, I got like, seventeen nicknames to call Steve”

He stopped in the middle of the hall with the trigger word, Bucky locked his jaw, closing his eyes to try to find himself, he was breathing deeply when you placed your palm in his forehead, as to feel his heat, as if he had a fever

That gentle touch suddenly woke him up, for a small moment, he felt like he had no control of his metal arm and you moaned in slight pain when his fingers closed tight around your wrist.

“I-I’m sorry, Y/N” Bucky let go of you, stepping away, thinking that you might need some space to recover and to not be scared

“What happened to “Doll”? I prefer Doll, nobody calls me that.” You said right away, as if that had never happened, you grabbed his flesh arm – carefully, that time -, and pulled him to continue to follow you “It’s okay, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have touched you when you were still trying to found yourself. Pardon, Buck.”

He felt a warm and cozy cloud pass through his body with your whisper. Maybe was the way that you understood him, or maybe how you said his name for the first time, he wasn’t able to tell. But you had already gained him.

“Where are you from, Doll?” He asked, trying to recover when you stopped pulling him by his arm, you glanced at him, feeling a little bit ashamed and uncomfortable. You were afraid to think about that and know it;

“I don’t know. I also don’t know my birthday, my last name, how old I am… I don’t know.” Bucky frowned his brows in confusion, scared that you went through the same thing as he

“Were you brainwashed?” He asked carefully, smiling when you laughed, pressing the button of the elevator

“Nop. Bruce calls it “Dissociative Amnesia”. Apparently, my life was so traumatic that I found a way to forget it. Steve and Bruce are always scared that I end up remembering what I passed, even thou I don’t want to.”

“I understand you.” His blue eyes seemed so intense that you looked away, stucking a piece of your hair behind your ear

“And you, grumpy cat? Where are you from?” His response came immediately

“Shelbyville, Indiana.” You checked him again from the other side of the elevator

“You knew Steve before he turn into Captain America, didn’t you? Ei, don’t look at me so surprised, I’m an agent too, you know.” He was shocked by your quick observation “I also noticed that everyone here knows you, but I don’t. Was I at sleep when you first appeared?” You tried to make a joke when seeing that his posture was tense and that something on his eyes made him look a little sad, you didn’t like that.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, anyways. Come, Buttercup. Blubbles will kill me if I don’t show you around.”

anonymous asked:

Question, how do draw your dragons feet Love your art, it inspires me to draw

Thank youu, it makes me really happy to hear I’m able to inspire someone! (´;ω;`)♥

There’s this post I made some time ago that you can try using. 

Hmmhmm answering this was way harder than I thought it would be! I’ve been drawing dragon feet for such a long time now that when I do them I just kinda draw them in without too much thinking. Also I’m not that good at analyzing my own processes and my anatomy skills are quite lacking SO I don’t know if I can actually get any helpful advice out of myself but I’ll try my best to shove some examples your way!

Look for reference material depending on what kinda feet you wanna draw; for example here’s some refs i used with my latest dragon drawing

Birds and reptiles offer a really great range of different kinds of feet options! You should also look into all different kinds of animals’ feet to just kinda see what aspects of their anatomy you like and could use in your own work. When drawing the front feet you can also try looking at your own fingers and try to adapt those shapes and joints into your drawing. 

Here’s a lil tutorial for hind feet that i tried to put together. It’s really rough but maybe you can get something out of it (´▽`;)

Start out with a really simple guideline of what you want to do and continue to add some “bones”. Add some meat around your “bones”. I usually start with the toe pad type things because I think it makes it easy to figure out what your foot is gonna look like and it gives a good base to work on. Keep adding structure to your foot until it actually kinda looks like a foot and you should be good to go! I think you can use this kinda method to do all kinds of different feet by just altering the thickness and/or the length of the toes. ALSO don’t feel obligated to draw dragons with 5 toes, I just like to draw them that way! (*・∀-)☆

I hope you maybe got something out of this answer! If you have some more specific things to ask about this whole thing or if something i said made no sense, feel free to throw another ask my way! (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧

(If the pictures are too small, let me know!)

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i have managed to pass 34 years without knowledge of this "fonz" you speak of

The things you don’t know about your friends.

Arthur “Fonz” Fonzerelli was played by Henry Winkler, who was later the producer on “Sightings” (that show with the alien face in the opening sequence that scared the shit outta me when I was a kid).  Fonz is the guy in the leather jacket that would always greet everybody by going “Aayyyyyy!” and giving a double thumbs-up.  That alone is so embedded in pop culture that it’s an available emote in “Saints Row 2” (my character does it as a sign of approval–I almost made it the Saints’ “gang sign” as well).  “Happy Days” is also where the term "jump the shark" comes from, in reference to an episode where the Fonz jumps over a shark in a speedboat.  It’s that sitcom with Ron Howard (tall gangly redhead guy that’s a big-name director now, but he was also the little kid on “The Andy Griffith Show”) that’s set in the 50’s but came out in the 70’s. “Laverne and Shirley”, “Joanie Loves Chachi”, and “Mork and Mindy” were all spin-offs of “Happy Days”. 

I mean, I know not everyone around my age was as into Nick @ Nite as I was (when I was a kid, they didn’t have specialty channels that played what you liked 24/7.  Cartoon Network wasn’t a thing yet.  After 7 or 8 pm, Nickelodeon became Nick @ Nite, and played sitcoms and dramas/thrillers from the 50’s-70’s.  If you were a little ADHD shit that never fucking slept, that’s what you were stuck with), but the Fonz and “Happy Days” have been referenced and parodied so often, I would have thought by now that you’d have seen SOMETHING related to it…


So I said it in the vlog earlier but seriously, thank you all so much for being the coolest, most dedicated community around. You’re all so engaged and got so incredibly involved and invested in this whole antisepticeye thing that it went way beyond my expectations. I mean I had hoped people would get involved the way they did but not to the level it has become. It’s completely blown me away and I’m so incredibly proud and honoured to be part of this community. 

There is so much fanart relating to Antisepticeye, so many theories and discussions, people taking on their own “Dark forms” and just overall discussion that I can’t possibly get to all of it and I’m sorry for that. I really wish I could because and I will try my best, I adore reading all the stuff people had to say about it. I really mean it when I say I sat here refreshing constantly to see what people were saying and the references they caught. It’s been amazing. 

The biggest part of all this that I love though is how everyone came together. The community banded together and enjoyed something and had fun. You were all so encouraging and interactive with each other trying to figure it all out and it made me so incredibly happy to see. I’m very proud of you all.

So I’ll say it again, THANK YOU! For being part of this, helping create it in the first place, letting me take a character you all made and incorporate it into the channel and allowing me to do stuff like this and just have fun. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done on youtube and I had an absolute blast all month with it :)

Woc Series: Our Little Secret

Hey guys!! This imagine was requested where Y/N has nipple piercings!! As always, comment, give feedback, and ask questions! But most of all enjoy!!


It was nearing midnight, an old Drake song was reverberating through the air, and you were drunk.

You were holed up in Harry’s London flat in one of his black sheer tops, a bralette peeking through, with your favorite jeans on; a flute of champagne was set on the coffee table next to you, and you were sitting on the carpet across from Harry, both of you locked in an intense question game.

You bit at your bottom lip, tasting the bubbly liquid on its plump surface before narrowing your eyes and thinking of a question that you genuinely wanted to know the answer to.

“Favorite memory?” You finally asked before reaching for your champagne to take a sip, eyeing your best friend from over the brim.  You watched carefully as Harry’s face turned pensive, his green eyes becoming clouded with thought.

“Mmmm… good question, love. To be honest, I have so many great memories….” He hummed as he brought a hand up to rustle his short hair.

“I’m not gonna let you off the hook.  Come on Styles,” you teased, giggling lightly when he made a face at you.

“Probably when mum married Robin.  Seeing her so happy.  I often think about the joy on her face, and I use it kind of as a reference point…. I ‘ve been able to put that look on her face a couple of times before,” Harry nodded his head lightly, the green of his eyes becoming light as he told you.

You immediately smiled at Harry, feeling your heart lighten.  He was just so pure and genuine; a true gentleman.  You didn’t know why you thought he would say some memory with his old band, but you found that the one he told you was so much more him.  He was a family man in its truest form and it was no secret that he absolutely loved and adored Anne; you weren’t surprised by his answer.

Stuck in your thoughts, you caught yourself staring at him, at the way he smiled softly to himself causing his dimples to appear lightly and the way in which he crinkled his nose after messing with his hair. You quickly looked away and grabbed the glass again to take a long sip of the bubbly liquid, finding that it made your head lighter.

Harry reached for his beer bottle before taking a long swig of the brown liquid, no doubt thinking of a question.  You fixed him with a tipsy smile, your mind swimming as you watched Harry’s adam’s apple bob as he swallowed.  He was quite tipsy himself and you felt a blush flower across your cheeks as Harry set down the beer bottle before darting out his tongue to collect the excess liquid on his lips.

“Your turn,” you prompted, your voice coming out light and airy.

“Let’s see, poppet,” Harry scratched at the corner of his mouth with his thumb, a small smirk appearing on his lips.

“Favorite member of One Direction?” Harry grinned as he tried to hold back his laughter, his green eyes dancing impishly.

You rolled your eyes, giggling under your breath before adjusting Harry’s sheer top, letting one side fall off your shoulder.

“Definitely Niall,” you said, your tone and face serious.  You watched amused as Harry’s eyes bulged slightly and his mouth parted in surprise.

“I’m wounded…”

You laughed, covering your open mouth with your small hand. “You shouldn’t ask those type of questions, Haz.  You know how much I love to mess with you,” you giggled.

Harry eyed you carefully before shaking his head, chuckling slightly.  You watched as he took another long pull from his bottle, grimacing slightly at the sharp taste.

The song changed to an old Rolling Stones ballad, and Harry nodded his head lightly to the opening notes. His eyes were becoming more and more clouded by the drink that was in his hands, and his smile was broadening with every sip.

“Ok, Haz… are you going to grow back your hair?” You asked lightly, your mind fuzzy and your lips moving slowly.

“Of course.  Although I do quite like the short hair.. getting used to it.  But, I look better with the long hair, innit?”  Harry grew thoughtful causing you to laugh.  He was just so adorable with his furrowed brows and confused expression.

“I like your long hair better,” you confessed, reaching for your flute of champagne to finish it off.

Harry watched you as you swallowed it down.  “You want another?”

“How many glasses have I had?” You asked, trying to remember but not able to.

“I think you finished your third, love…” Harry pursed his lips in thought.

“Oh goodness,” you giggled lightly before shaking your head slowly.  “I probably shouldn’t.”

Harry simply shrugged at you before bringing the bottle up to his lips again and taking a pull of it.

“Ok, Y/N… Let’s see,” he hummed thoughtfully as he drew a hand through his hair.  “One secret that you never want your parents to know,” he gave you his infamous grin, his eyes lighting up.

You immediately began to blush from underneath your dark skin and you smiled sheepishly.

“Well…” you cleared your throat softly before looking around the room, your head spinning lightly.  “I sort of have some piercings…” you bit at your lip lightly, eyeing Harry as his face grew pensive and his eyes roved around the room.

“Okkkkkkk….” Harry drew out his response as he scratched at his eyebrow.

“As in like, nipple piercings……..” you whispered as softly as you could.

“I’m sorry?” Harry leaned forward towards you, his face alight with wonder; not sure if what he heard was correct.

“Nipple piercings,” you giggled, somewhat embarrassed.

“Jesus, poppet,” Harry’s voice deepened with an emotion that didn’t register in your drunken state.

“Yeaa,” you said sheepishly, feeling your face warm.  You pushed a few curls behind your ear, before bringing up your eyes to meet Harry’s. His eyes were wide with awe and his lips were curled up in a soft smile, his dimples popping.  He shook his head disbelievingly.

“That’s mental, Y/N. I’ve known you for years and yet somehow I didn’t know my best friend has nipple piercings,” Harry admonished, his tone serious.

“It was a secret.  I got them done my freshman year of college,” you rolled your eyes.  “Everyone was doing it and I thought they looked cute…” you smiled at the memory.

You watched lazily as Harry’s eyes shifted down to his sheer top, and the bralette underneath.  

“Are the piercings in now?”

You nodded slowly, your mind lagging from the amount of champagne you had consumed.

There looked to be a question on the tip of Harry’s tongue, and you waited a beat to see if he would ask it; however, he merely shook his head in disbelief before taking a large swig of his beer, tipping his head back to finish the bottle.

“You wanna see?”  You questioned softly, your voice barely covering the music playing in the background.

Harry immediately snapped his head back to face you, and his eyes took in your calm face, roving over your dark eyes to see if you were serious before his green orbs fell down to your lips, waiting to see if you would say that you were just joking.

It took him a second before he nodded slowly, his face turning a slight pink.

“Only if you’re comfortable though, love,” his speech was slightly slurred and the British tilt to his words warmed something deep inside you.

You nodded slowly at him and you found yourself smiling when you caught a grin making its way across his face.  “Ok,” you whispered before unbuttoning the sheer top all the way.  The air was warm around you and you ran a hand down your tummy, it was flat, but you still had love handles.  You quickly looked up at Harry again; he was entranced with your face, watching you; no doubt unsure if he should look at you yet.

With a slight breath in, you quickly took off your bralette; it was your favorite one, burgundy in color that complimented your brown skin nicely.  You sat up straight, bare in front of Harry, the metal of the piercings softly shining in the dim lights.

You heard Harry breathe shallowly and you raised your head to eye him carefully.  He was biting at his lips, his eyes trained on your nipples, his breathing ragged.

You took in a deep breath before huffing it out, looking down at your breasts.  They were of ample size, and the cool metal of the piercings accentuated the darker brown of your nipples nicely.  You tenderly brushed a finger over the nipple before cupping your breasts in your hands; they were perky but you still pulled them up a bit so that Harry could see better.

“Jesus Christ,” Harry muttered causing you to look up at him.  His expression was slightly pained and his chest was heaving up and down. There was something in his eyes that caused you to shift a bit from your position on the floor.

You watched as Harry brought out his tongue to dab at the corner of his mouth, and you blushed when he cleared his throat and looked away from your chest reluctantly.

“What have, um, your boyfriends thought of them?”  Harry’s voice came out rough and low as he asked you.

You brought your hands back to your sides, your bralette and Harry’s shirt thrown carelessly next to you. You chuckled lightly, your mind so fuzzy that you weren’t fully comprehending that you had no shirt or bra on.

“Well I’ve only had one boyfriend since getting them done…. Remember Bryan?” You watched as Harry nodded, his hand coming up to tug lightly at his short hair.  You cocked your head when you noticed that his hands had a slight tremor to them.

“Well… he really liked them,” you whispered before biting at your bottom lip, wondering why your body was growing hot.

“I’ll be honest with you, poppet. They’re sexy as hell,” Harry grunted out.  Hearing the rasp of his voice caused you to bring your arms around to cover yourself.  Your body was beginning to respond to his words and the tone of his voice, and even in your drunken state you knew that you were passing a crucial point of friendship.

“Thank you, Haz,” you fixed him with a crooked smile.

“I just wish you wouldn’t hide from me,” Harry nodded to your arms that were covering your chest. “I won’t bite unless you want me to,” Harry continued with a drunken smile.

“Are you hitting on me, Styles?” You giggled as you shook your head, feeling your curls swish around your shoulders.

“Possibly,” he shrugged, his eyes still dark.  He licked his lips quickly, causing you to look away.

“But yea so that’s my secret,” you said, your voice light.

“I have another question, my love…”

“Yea?” You swallowed.

“Did Bryan ever suck on them?”

“Excuse me?”  You were completely flustered.  You knew Harry was only being bold because he was so drunk, but it still caught you off guard.

You watched as Harry scooted over closer to you until his crossed knees were touching your own. You could smell the heady scent of him, and the alcohol on his breath.  His face was mere inches from your own and you could see the genuine curiosity splayed on his face.

You watched, frozen, as he leaned into you, placing one hand on your crossed arms, the other he placed on the apple of your cheek, caressing it softly.  Your breathing hitched and you watched as he gave you a crooked grin, his right dimple appearing.

“Poppet, I know you heard me…” he taunted you, his voice deep and smooth.  You breathed in a staggered breath, the musky scent of Harry invading your senses and leaving you in a stupor.

“I-I, Harry,” you whimpered quietly, your eyes locked on his.  You were entranced as his emerald eyes darkened and your breath hitched once more when they hardened.

“Did he suck on them, Y/N?” Harry asked you again, his voice soft.

You nodded, your stomach beginning to tingle and when Harry pulled softly at your arms, you gave no resistance, simply allowing him to see you again.

Before you could stop him, Harry moved your hair back from your neck.  He then immediately attached his mouth onto the side of it, right below your ear.  An involuntary moan worked its way from your mouth at the warmness of his mouth and his wet tongue as he tongued small circles into your neck.

“Harry,” you breathed heavily.  He pulled back to blow lightly onto your neck and you jumped slightly before feeling a tingling sensation just below your tummy.

“I won’t suck on you, Y/N. Because then I’ll want to do more,” Harry whispered into your ear.  You closed your eyes and surrendered to the feeling residing low in your belly and when he placed a chaste kiss underneath your ear once more, you whimpered.

“Poppet,” Harry’s said drunkenly, “tomorrow when we’re both sober, we’re going to have a serious conversation….. This was the last straw; I need to have you as my girl.”  Harry breathed loosely.

“We’re not in our right minds, but I’ve wanted to be with you for a long time now.  Are you listening, my love?”

You nodded fervently, his words seeming to slice through the drunken stupor that you were in.

Harry then reluctantly pulled away from you to grab his sheer top.  He lazily helped you put it on.

“Wait my bralette..” you said drunkenly.

“No, love.  You don’t need it.  I wanna see your piercings some more,” Harry told you earnestly.

Once the shirt was on Harry stood up before pulling you up which took a couple of tries because you were unsteady on your feet.

“Let me walk you to the guest bedroom…” Harry murmured softly, his voice still gruff.

“Carry me, please,” you demanded with a pout.  Harry rolled his eyes playfully before grabbing you slowly to pick you up bridal style.  You giggled slightly as he walked down the hall, his path shaky and curved.

“We’re so drunk, Haz….” You laughed aloud.  Before he could respond, he tripped over his feet and the two of you came tumbling down. You grunted as you fell on top of Harry.

A long beat passed before you broke out into laughter.  “Are you okay?” You asked between chuckles.

“Owwwww,” Harry whined from underneath you.

“Shutup Harry; you’re fine.” You rolled your eyes with a grin before looking down into Harry’s eyes. There were some flecks of gold in them, and you smiled at the softness in them.

Before you could stop yourself, you lowered your face down on his and captured his lips with your own. He tasted of strong beer, but his lips were still impeccably soft.  You felt as he brought his hand up to grasp the back of your neck, holding you against him. You licked at his bottom lip before you smiled into him.

You didn’t know if it was because you were inebriated or if it was because you had been harboring feelings for him for so long, but you felt buoyed, completely afloat.  And as you deepened the kiss, you knew you couldn’t wait until the next day.

Memory of Tears

I think this is the best artwork I have ever produced for my precious otp and for Blazblue fandom in general. I literally cried because of how challenging the process was, especially when it came to the background of the upper half. I spent so much time trying to draw The Hanging Gardens stage from the reference, it seemed impossible to do at first.

But I have always had a dream to demonstrate my strong love to any of my favourite pairings by creating a huge artwork with lots of details and symbolism. And I’m really happy I made my dream come true, as I put all of my love, feelings and emotions into this piece.

I made a (really rushed) reference sheet of some of my favourite colour combinations for AI Chiaki ^^ I would also be happy to volunteer to make them when you do decide on a colour :DD keep up the great work !!

Wow thank you so much that’s amazing ! :o

That really helps too ! :)

And thank you that’s really sweet of you ! Some people already offered but if you really want to do it then you should contact them about it, since there are quite a lot of sprites it would probably be easier if more than one person does it after all :)

-mod lili

anonymous asked:

Why do people call you mama?

I’m not 100% sure ? A few of the first friends I made called me mother when I first joined the fandom, because I was the oldest in our friendgroup. Now its 7 years later and most of my followers refer to me as Mama. I think by this point it’s because I’ve been a consistent contributor to the fandom for so long. There’s a nostalgic familiarity there for older creek fans, and new fans pick up on the things their older counterparts refer to me as.

I also think it’s kind of a comfort thing? My followers like to talk to me, and I answer them as much as possible. There’s a familiarity there now lol. It’s been going on for so long it’s natural for me to refer to viewers as “my children” lol.

Why do you guys feel like you call me mama? .o.

mobilegirllmim  asked:

Okay like going off that post you just reblogged,if you listen to yuri on ice, you can PINPOINT the part where viktor comes into his life. Cause it's a song about his life/skating career right?You can hear the melodies and the crescendo and everything coming together in one big burst,building up from the soft melody that represented his failures and anxieties.Viktor really made him happy again,and vice versa.Its at about 2:07 when he comes in and things pick up, and 2:48 when its full blown love

(in reference to this post by ochoth)

You’re totally right!!!!! It’s so beautiful wowowowow. I’d be really interested to see a parallel piece in s2 representing Victor’s progression as a skater!! I wonder what his theme will be?? And what Yuuri’s theme will be?? I can’t wait omg