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  • all of these are in english
  • if you have any recommendations or additions, please let me know!
  • some fanfictions that i originally planned to include on this list were deleted by their authors :( 

CLASSICS (favorites)

The Art Of Being Extraordinary - if you haven’t read this already, wyd? The ending will destroy you - be prepared to cry. 

Letters From War - another extremely well known fic among swen. a heart-wrenching and beautifully written AU fic. even if AUs aren’t your thing, seriously, give this one a try.

Emma is a soldier on reserve in Fort Benning. Regina is the Mayor of Storybrooke. Through a pen pal program designed to ease the ache of homesick soldiers, Emma and Regina begin sending letters to one another as their relationship grows from cordial acquaintance to something neither woman would have expected - until the letters stop coming.

A Trail Of Destruction - DEFINITELY a classic imo. this is one of my favorite fanfictions of all time.

A hostage situation in City Hall leaves behind a battered, broken sheriff, and a mayor wracked with guilt. Trigger warnings for violence and gun threats and general angst. Slow-burn swan queen.

Miles To Go - AU; emma and regina meet at a party and the rest is history. this ones pretty long (80 chapters), but so worth the read! angsty & lots of ‘sexy times’ 

Everyone has their own story, this one is theirs and it paints the picture of a love story that spans over two decades, with all the ups and downs and everything else in between. SwanQueen AU

Of Love and Loathing - a lot of angry sex in the beginning, which eventually turns into lovey sex. another well known and well written fic - this author is one of my favorites. *reaaallyyy hot smut 

“I have been sleeping with someone,” Regina began tentatively, an acute awareness that once she said the words out loud that the madness behind her highly unorthodox situation became all the more real, “whom I absolutely loathe.” •Emma/Regina•

Meet me Halfway - one of the first swan queen fan fictions i ever read! still a classic to this day. AU

Emma Swan works hard every night as a bartender, struggling to raise her son and save up enough to own her own bar. Regina Mills is an upper class New York photographer who wouldn’t normally spare a second glance at people below her. When their paths cross, their lives adapt to each other, but how much are they willing to change?

Love Undefined - in the process of re-reading this one because of how much i love it. angsty as hell but such a beautiful story.

It’s been eight years since the last time Regina and Emma saw each other, eight years since Emma lost part of her happiness, her family, and everything fell apart. But she hasn’t forgotten those three years in New York, or any of what Regina had brought into her life. A late night phone call to Regina takes Emma back eleven years to when they met, saved each other from loneliness, and Emma started learning what it meant to live. She relives the moments that had changed her life for the better, and even the ones that had hurt.


Emma Swan is starting her senior year. Her friends tell her about the Creative Writing teacher that she has on her schedule and how no one had passed her class with an A, not even her bookworm friend, Belle. What will she do? And who exactly is this ‘bitchy Evil Queen’ as they claim her to be? SwanQueen. Student/Teacher. M for language and future chapters.

Lost in Translation - i wasn’t sure about this before reading it but i LOVED it. the description pretty much sums it up.

AU. Regina is deaf. Emma is the only one who refuses to give her pity. In response, Regina is thrilled by this new challenge and the stand-offs commence, but over time she finds out there is more to the blonde woman than just a target to throw a stinging quip and pointed glare at.

Send Up a Signal - emma and regina are actresses and their fans ship them with each other. ;)

Emma Swan is catapulted into stardom, the newest lead actress on a sanitized show featuring modern fairytales. Regina Mills is a long-undermined star with a chip on her shoulder and a thousand reasons why she’s invested. Naturally, they loathe each other on sight.Their characters’ fanbases, however, have other ideas.

Reset - SO. GOOD. 95 chapters. if you’re looking for long fanfics, this is for you. 

Following the breaking of the curse everyone in Storybrooke is finding their happy ending, with one exception. Resigning herself to having lost Henry’s love and respect forever, Regina decides there is only one path available to her.

Take Me Home Tonight - AU!! lots of smut :) this is a newer one that i’ve seen around twitter and tumblr and i really enjoyed it! this one’s pretty short (14 chapters)

AU: Nineteen year old Emma Swan is a senior at the exclusive all girls boarding school, Foxhaven Academy. When her friends find out she’s a virgin they send her to the city to find a guy to take her v-card. But Emma is more interested in a sexy older woman she meets in a bar. A SwanQueen story.

The Staircase - non-consensual sex in the first chapter, so please be aware of that; its not for eveyone. this story is very dark but has a happy ending i promise!

Regina could still smell her cologne and feel the cheap pleather pressing into her back. The brunette sucked in a breath. She was still lying on the floor at the staircase’s base and she stared back up at it. Everything was different now. Changed. She felt broken by what had just happened, appalled and enraged, dirty. WARNING: NC17 for non-consensual sex. Dark. (But gets lighter.)

the trouble with emma - very very well known within the swan queen community. i’ll be honest, i never really got into the story but i can acknowledge that it is the most well-written fanfiction i have read to date. the author is truly talented. (the first in a series of fanfics)

Post ep 4x23, Emma becomes the Dark One and learns nothing is quite as it seems or as simple as black versus white. When Regina removes the curse no one in Storybrooke is prepared for the far reaching fallout which leaves none of their lives unaltered or untouched, least of all Regina’s.


shadow haven  - the one smut fic everyone has read.

Emma Swan is a PR agent who is sent on a holiday by her boss. Regina Mills is the owner of a private island named Shadow Haven. There is more to Regina than initially meets the eye. This story dips heavily into the BDSM subculture. Swan Queen romance / BDSM story.

the wicked stepmother - the one kinky fic everyone has read- or attempted to. i couldn’t get through the whole thing but the first few chapters,,, holy hell.

When the Evil Queen catches baby Emma along with Snow White, she decides on a new revenge. In Storybrooke, Snow White will be allowed to raise her daughter… but on her eighteenth birthday, Regina will come for her. Emma might just enjoy that.

in control  - Regina had never been in the habit of relinquishing control, but when it came to Emma Swan, she was starting to find out that giving in had its benefits. - Established Swan Queen - One Shot. Rated M for language and content.

the collar - It will carry strong mature themes as well as a Mistress/Slave relationship but it is also a lot more than that. However, as a warning this story will celebrate the shades of grey of our favourite couple as they find their way to each other and will deal with darker elements of their characters. Emma’s history differs a little from canon but will be covered by the story but there is no Henry and she is an adult in this fiction.

a little taste  - author of A Fine Line and Letters from War. 

Emma has been desperate to know what it’s like to kiss the smirk off of Regina Mills, but when she finally gets the chance, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

tempest - A storm ushers in an expected opportunity for Regina to finally rid herself of Emma Swan. She will posses the sheriff’s heart and then crush it. But what happens when nothing goes as planned? Rated M for language and Swan Queen sexytimes.

come on be nice - Regina has decided that the quickest way to get rid of Emma Swan is to scare off the commitment phobic woman with a come-on. This, as with many of Regina’s plans, does not go as, well, planned. Rated M for Swan Queen sex.

black lace - Emma and Henry find a way around the 'no visiting’ rule involving binoculars and the walkie talkie. Emma’s attention is fully on her son, she truly doesn’t intend to watch Regina at all. At least until the mayor begins undressing in front of her window..

dirty words - Regina is plagued by thoughts of a certain blonde. Deciding she is in need of cathartic release, she writes a quick narrative in hopes of cleansing her system. However, by a happy accident, the story falls into the wrong hands. What will Emma do with this new and intriguing insight into the mayor’s mind?

damn you, miss swan  Emma visits the mayor one night with a bottle of wine to cheer her up. Anger issues and smeared lippy ensues. WARNING: Includes a non-explicit passing reference to rape. This is my first story. A/N Jan 2015: Way back when I wrote this, no one knew anyone’s back stories, so I just made up stuff. Don’t be upset for canon divergence if you read it now. It wasn’t canon then.

mirror tricks The Evil Queen has made her way to Storybrooke, but she only seems to be interested in one thing: Emma. When Regina realises this, her jealousy starts to get the better of her.

my enemy’s enemy After her mother’s death, Regina finds a terrible surprise hidden among the witch’s belongings. Unfortunately, the only one able to cure her from the ailment is Emma…if she agrees. Strong language and mature themes. First stab at SwanQueen :)


to remember her happy ending - “She doesn’t even remember her family! How am I going to explain this to her when she hates me!” She was falling apart now. The way the women in the other room had just looked at her, with such disdain. That wasn’t her wife. That was the Mayor, the Evil Queen maybe…but not her wife.

for endings are where we begin Regina Mills is your average working mom - she spends long hours at her bakery, loves her son Henry with all that she is, and can touch dead things and bring them back to life.Emma Swan is an orphan, an ex-convict, and a bail bondsperson residing in Massachusetts. She is also currently dead.This is the story of how they meet.

the loudest silence - New to Chicago Emma, a professional cellist, is shocked to find that a beautiful deaf woman is her new president of the board. As their friendship grows Emma begins to wonder, what does it look like when a world of sound and a world of silence meet somewhere in the middle? SwanQueen AU

broken 16 year Emma Swan is a preachers daughter on a tight leash, what happens when Regina Mills returns to town, dark, mysterious and dangerous? Will her father’s expectations take over or will Emma follow her heart? Is Regina legit or is Emma cute little pawn? Will Emma be able to love Regina for who she is or will her dark past ruin it ALL! SwanQueen G!P Some BDSM

bring her home Cora’s dead. Henry lives with the Charmings. Regina continues spiraling through grief and loss and hatred. Then Emma suddenly falls unconscious and Henry shows up at Regina’s door because he needs her help to bring Emma back. Reluctantly, Regina embarks on a wild swan chase through Emma’s mind, a whirlwind of ‘roads‐less‐traveled’ and ‘what‐ifs’ and ‘might‐have‐beens’, in order to bring her home.

if the blazer fits Emma decides to dress up like Regina for a Halloween party at The Rabbit Hole, a seemingly innocent decision that surprisingly leads to a relationship. The romance is openly feared by some and secretly despised by an unlikely source, who plots to end it.

a fine line Upon Regina’s banishment, the small town of Storybrooke becomes protected once again by an enchantment that prevents anyone from leaving or entering Storybrooke. Emma and Regina find themselves on the edge of the town, wishing for a way to the other side.

a pale imitation Regina is furious with Emma after she brings back Marian, but since she can’t take it out on her, Regina creates a mindless clone of Emma to hit instead. The clone doesn’t stay mindless for long though, developing an obsession with Regina. Written for summer 2014 Swan Queen Big Bang. (TW for sexual assault/rape and graphic depictions of violence)


one fine mess - Regina’s gut twisted with an agonizing pull and, for just a moment, she thought she might need to take up the same position as the woman crouched before her. “You’re pregnant?” she whispered grimly. Emma’s only response was to turn and retch into the toilet again. — Swan Queen, magic!pregnancy

coffee at midnight - (so good) Slow burn AU that starts with two women from different parts of the USA meeting on Twitter. Emma is an insomniac loner who is a Personal Trainer. Regina is a writer with a sleepless baby. Their lack of sleep and love for coffee soon brings them together and after that they find it hard to part. This is a fic where coffee is taking to mythical levels, despite it’s bad effect on people with insomnia and people with babies - showing that sometimes what you need and want isn’t always the thing that is wholesome and harmless. But also that denying yourself it will only lead to misery, something which Regina has to apply to other parts of her life.

all the single ladies With the library in desperate need of renovation, Storybrooke prepares for a fundraising dinner and bachelorette auction. What mischief and romance can be found as a result? SwanQueen with some RedBeauty Rating has been raised to M - now including adult content.


teacher’s pet - see above (classics)

take me home tonight - see above (classics)

step into my office, baby  - This is what you get for doing the nice thing, Emma thinks. You do that whole Pay It Forward bullshit - you buy a lady some coffee and you pretend like it isn’t totally motivated by how she looks in a pencil skirt - and she goes and insults your business card and turns out to be your company’s new Executive Director. Real fucking cute.From now on, she is drinking tea.or, the one where they’re in an office.

teaching miss mills  - Swan Queen Teacher AU: Emma is a gym teacher, who moves to Storybrooke Academy after becoming disenchanted with her job back in Boston. Regina Mills is the Head of English who Emma somehow seems to keep having run-ins with, despite the best of intentions. Along the way, Emma adjusts to small-town life, gets her teaching mojo back and grows closer to Regina. NOW COMPLETE

troubled teachers - COMPLETE! SwanQueen AU. Geography teacher Emma Swan starts a new life far from her troubled past and meets history teacher Regina Mills. But all is not as it seems when it comes to the composed, intelligent, and beautiful brunette. Family struggles and difficult relationships lead to a friendship and soon something more blossoms. Rated M for Ch 7, 18, 22, 24, 28, 29, 31, 35 and 38

not a virgin anymore When college student Emma Swan wakes up one morning with no memory of what happened the night before she’s very surprised she finds herself in professor Mills’s bed. 

is that so, miss swan? - College student, Emma Swan, is confronted by her favorite professor and secret heart-throb, Dr. Regina Mills. What happens when Emma is forced to reveal her secrets? We shall see. AU. Slightly OOC at times. No magic. SwanQueen. Rated M for serious language and eventual sexy times between our two favorite ladies.

butterfly effect - in her final year of college, Emma finds she has more to account for than the extra credits she needs in order to graduate. Only… she doesn’t expect it to come in the form of her newest instructor, Professor Regina Mills. Complete. AU Swan Queen

a sophisticated seduction Emma’s a college student, working as an intern at the Dazzle Magazine for a powerful woman she has never had the good fortune of meeting. But everything in her life is about to change when they finally meet. Especially when one falls so deeply in love with the other and the insecurities from a broken marriage comes to light. (Not Based on The Devil Wears Prada)

some other faves

down east decisions - Massachusetts State Police Capt. Emma Swan leaves her red-hot career to become the police chief of sleepy Storybrooke, Maine. She’s hoping for a less-complicated, less-dangerous life, a desire that is dashed on both counts. AU. No magic. Crime drama and romance. Swan Queen is endgame.

that drunken night - Emma’s wasted and accidentally calls Regina instead of her mom. And Regina isn’t as loathe to talk to the blonde as she usually pretends. Did things change between them so radically while they were in Neverland? (No copyright infringement intended.)

chasing henry - SQ. Tired of the tricks and lies of both of his mothers, Henry follows the dwarves, Red and Granny when they use Tiny’s magic beans to return themselves to their old land. Emma and Regina both chase after him, and they reluctantly travel together through the Enchanted Forest in order to find him and bring him back home safely.

so does this make us both the other woman? - Set after 3b in a peaceful Storybrooke where Regina is with Robin and Emma’s fallen into a relationship with Hook. Shame about all that subtext that’s rapidly threatening to become text.



Honestly I read this book when I was the same age as Percy in the Lighting Thief and it means so much to me and I’m juST SO HAPPY

You Get What You Give (Long Distance)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 1,700

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Desperation, Reference to sex, Loneliness, Cursing

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The Preschool Teacher - Chapter 9

Life almost seemed too good to be real.

Never in your wildest dreams would you have ever imagined yourself on an Australian beach in February for Harry’s birthday, with such a wonderful man and the little boy you loved so much, spending stress-free time together…as a family.

That’s what you were becoming with them. You were afraid to say it out loud, afraid it would jinx your world and explode before you could really get comfortable with it. And Harry constantly referring to the three of you as a family made you nervous, but happy.

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Their crush gives them a dorky/cute nickname (Seventeen)

S.Coups: -Scoops. He wouldn’t be able to function when he heard your voice say it. You were just so cute to him- “this is just so cute”

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Jeonghan: -Handsome. He loved it because he was normally called pretty so when his actual crush referred to him as handsome it warmed his heart- *gif*

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Joshua: -Joshy. He wasn’t used to but when you cooed it to him he was very much getting into it- “Joshy? I think I can like that from you”

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Jun: -Sparkles. It was random and neither of you really knew why you called him it but he was happy about it- “what the heck does that even mean?”

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Hoshi: -Star. He always made you smile as you would call him Star he would shake his head and correct you-”you’re saying it wrong again. I am your star”

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Wonwoo: -WooWoo. You mainly said it when you wanted something from him and once you used it he was putty in your hands- “what do you want Y/N?”

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Woozi: -Composer.  You called him many things but always when he was working on songs he was your Composer, it would make him blush and everything. He would pose for you then get back to work- “is this good? I have to work more though”

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DK: -Sunshine. He would even respond to it because you have called him it for so long- “did you need something?”

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Mingyu: -Mingy. The boys would start teasing him about it because you would follow you around. He wouldn’t let them get away from it- “are you Y/N? No then you can’t call me that”

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The8: -Fate. He would smile when you unlocked your phone and ‘Fate’ would come up and he would tease about it- “so does this mean I will be your fate in the end?”

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Seungkwan: -Kwannie. You would do it when you were super tired, so he would take care of you and he knew it would always work on him- “you’re the only person I want to have be cute. Do you want me to hold you?”

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Vernon: -Mac. It was a throw back to the line that made no sense to you from Ah Yeah at one point. He didn’t care too much, it was cute to hear from you- “are you going to call me that forever?”

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Dino: -Love. It had no real meaning it just seemed to flow out of your mouth at the end of a comment to him and the boys always questioned it- “I mean it sounds like it means more but sadly we’re still only friends”

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How does one draw a ghost with all those odd angles?!?! Every time I try it either comes out flat, or looks like a grade schooler kept erasing his/her drawing of a stop sign.


I’m guessing you’re ending up with a ghost that looks a bit like the little guy on the left… 

He’s a bit flat and he just seems to have too many sides, yeah? I know I had a lot of drawing that looked like this when I started trying to draw them -not that I’m any sort of expert now- but, I’m happy to offer what I’ve learn so far :) For instance, the ghost below was started by drawing a square- you can still kind of see it, right?

So first off I’ll say, references are invaluable, little light & friends are surprisingly complex. I know there’s actually a full on reference sheet of the basic ghost model floating around online that shows it from the front, side, back- a nice solid reference for getting started. Personally, I also made my own (very rough) 3D model of a ghost so I could spin it around to get a better view of their many angles. 

But as far as straight up drawing them, I’ve found a couple main points that help me.

1.) Generally, I find it’s better to start with the round body rather than the outside form. This part is consistent no matter if they’re floating at your shoulder, expanded to scan a nearby environment, or floating in a tired sphere to mark your latest death. Even at strange angles, this part will stay the same. Not to mention it allows for a more consistent scale if you have a couple different ghosts in one scene.

2.) The floating points that surround this body are really a sort of modified pyramid shape, and they’re all at different angles (well, the same angle, but in different directions). This can be really hard to visualize. To start with- each one of these bits not only curves a bit around the middle sphere, but it also touches two others, which creates a straight edge between them, but not a flat one (if that makes sense). So, a simple shape is not going to properly express this without some modifications. A triangle is probably the easiest place to start- it’s not too hard to just crop the ends off for those smooth points. 

So, as much as a pain as it is- you have to remember that each of these is an individual part, and they can all move freely around the body. I’d suggest drawing each one individually, rather than one overall shape. If you’re not sure where to put them, draw an “X” or something similar through the body and that should help keep an even size between them. 

Bonus.) Drawing them at an angle also helps add a lot of volume. Drawing a ghost straight on is fine, but then a lot of the form relies on any shading done, rather than the overall silhouette. And with all of those angles facing directly towards you, it can be a bit challenging to figure out appropriate shadows. It might be a little tricker to balance the perspective at times, but changing up the camera angle does show off those forms nicely.

I hope this helps! 

Best of luck :)

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First vacation HC with the DEH Sincerely Three HC's???

omg okay


  • So basically, at first Connor was like :/ when u asked him whether u could go on vacation together
  • He only recalls bad memories from all the Murphys vacation (he used to fight a lot with Zoe and Loser Larry)
  • It took you a lot of time to finally persuade him into really leaving your town for some days
  • As both of you are very broke, you just decided on making a small road trip with Connor’s old truck
  • he put a mattress in the trunk of it, so you can sleep under the stars
  • Connor thought it was pretty romantic, while you were just afraid of a serial killer
  • “Y/N, that only happens in these crime shows” – “Yeah, but where do the writers get their inspiration from? …Real life, Connor. Real life.”
  • He just rolled his eyes, promising you won’t die
  • The trip was very romantic and cute
  • You just went to every city on your way, eating in these small diners, then walking around, taking picture of every monument you saw
  • Luckily, you found a campsite near a lake, where you both could just like park the truck and go swimming (You guys didn’t have any bathing clothes with you, so you just went swimming with your underwear // one night Connor convinced you into skinny dipping with him and it was like a lot of fun ;-))) )
  • At night, you were laying on your mattress, looking at the stars
  • Before falling asleep, Connor whispered “You know, I always hated vacations, but you made them beautiful again” in your ear
  • v cute, you two were v much in love with each other


  • When you asked Evan, whether he wanted go on vacation with you, he was #schockiert
  • He was v excited, but also nervous
  • The last time he’s been on holiday was when he was like 6 years old, before his father left the family
  • Poor guy
  • You asked him whether he wanted to go to Disneyworld
  • Evan smiled and was so happy about your suggestion
  • Basically, when you two booked the flight and bought tickets to the park, you were screaming and yelling out of pure happiness because it is in fact the happiest fucking place on the world alright
  • Evan thanked you like a million times, he was so happy to have you in his life
  • On the day you flew to Florida, you two were behaving like little children
  • Except during the flight bc there were #turbulences and both of you thought you were going to die
  • Usually you would try to comfort each other, but in that moment, you were just grabbing the hand of the other one, hoping that nothing bad happens
  • Narrator: Nothing bad happened
  • Evan and you were walking around like 7 year old kids
  • Pointing at everything and everyone
  • Maybe you two had to pull yourselves together not to cry, bc you were too happy
  • Evan was all excited about the people in costumes that were walking around
  • “Look! It’s Buzz from Toy Story” – “Evan, calm do- is that mICkEY MOUSE OH MY GOD”
  • You got your photo with Mickey Mouse (which is like the hardest challenge in your life honestly fight me that is the truest thing I have ever written)
  • Evan instantly set it as his lock screen bc he thought it was the cutest thing ever
  • A lot of cuddles and smooches when you were waiting in line
  • At the end of the day, you both just dropped in your bed, instantly falling asleep
  • Evan just hugged you real tightly, telling you over and over again how much he loves you
  • You did the same
  • wow luv


  • You’d ask him and he would be all like “Alright but why”
  • He thinks you can also just stay at his house, or your house and do nothing, except making out and playing video games and watch films
  • One night, when you were staying over at his house, you both were cuddling
  • You were on the brink of falling asleep, when he asked you where you would like to go
  • You just whispered “Los Angeles, by all means Los Angeles”
  • Boi knew what he had to do
  • So one day he texted you to get ready
  • Well, he really just texted you “Pack some clothes and other shit in one of your hipster bags and then we fucking go”
  • You thought ??? but it’s Jared, what do you even expect from that
  • He picked you up from your house, standing in front of his car like Ferris Bueller
  • “You asked for Los Angeles?”, he said with a small grin
  • Oh God, you freaked out and screamed and hugged him
  • He hugged you back, kissing you and laughing
  • You were so happy and that made him happy
  • So, you just were on your way to Los Angeles, which was like a 6 hour trip, but Jared drove, while you were asleep
  • Sometimes he looked over to you and thought like “Oh God, I’m so happy wtf”
  • As soon as you were in L.A., he woke you up and then the nerd menace began
  • Alright, but at first you went to your hotel, finally getting some sleep + cuddling a lot v cute omg
  • THEN the nerd menace began
  • Everywhere you went was just one big “They filmed that part of that film (or tv show) right there!”
  • Don’t get me started when you visited the Universal Studios
  • Jared nearly died bc he was so excited
  • That made you so happy, how he laughed and smiled and omg you two were so in love
  • You two made film references everywhere
  • “Roads? Where we’re going…we don’t need roads” – “Jared, just fucking drive”
  • “We should tap dance now” – “Y/N, this is not fucking La La Land and I’m not Ryan Gosling”
  • You two cuddled a lot, kissed each other a lot
  • v cute, you just loved each other so much

{{Some fluff, fluff, fluff for everyone!! And listen, I really want Maggie to have more friends, okay XD I hope you guys enjoy it ^^ @queercapwriting }}

There is a cop pouring herself a cup of coffee next to them, as they sit awkwardly on a bench in the precinct waiting for their brother to be released. They hear the cop make a disgusted noise as she takes a sip from her mug.

“Ooh! I was just about to tell you not to try that.” The teen hears another officer say, but he’s in uniform.

“Not fast enough, rookie!” Her tone is playful, and the teen notices that dimples appear on the detective’s cheeks.

“I’m about to do a coffee run, do you want anything?” The officer asks.

“A soy latte would be amazing.” The teenager notices the dimples again.

“That’s disgusting, Sawyer. I don’t know how Alex puts up with you…” He says jokingly, making Detective Sawyer playfully punch his shoulder.

“That’s because they love me, Johnson! Maybe one day you’ll find someone who puts up with your crappy tastes too.”

“I hope so, but not everyone is so lucky to find a girl-” His eyes widen, and he quickly corrects himself, “Not everybody is so lucky to find someone as amazing as Alex.” Rubbing the back of his neck, the officer says, “Sorry, Maggie.”

The kid feels like their heart racing inside their chest; had they heard that right?? Is this gorgeous detective dating someone who goes by the same pronouns as they do?? And had they really just heard the officer correct himself and apologize for his mistake?? Are they dreaming? They must be…“

“It’s alright, man. Sometimes slip-ups happen, but you corrected yourself, and I know you didn’t mean anything by it.” Maggie says softly.

Matt Johnson is a rookie who is quickly becoming good friends with Maggie. They have been getting closer since he starting going to the precinct’s LGBT+ meetings, and taking part in their outreach program along with Maggie.

“Thanks, Mags. Alex’s here, right? Can I get them anything?” Matt asks.

“They are questioning a suspect, yeah. Oh, you can ask them~” The teen notices Maggie smiling brightly, seemingly looking at someone.

Following her line of sight, the teenager sees this bad-ass, gorgeous-looking person smiling back at Maggie and Matt. ‘This can’t be the person the cops were talking about!’ The teen thinks, and they have to contain themselves not to squeal when Alex discreetly rubs small circles on Maggie’s back before pulling their hand back.

“Matt here is going to be a hero and do a coffee run. Want anything, Danvers?” Maggie asks with such a bright smile, and with such love in her eyes that the teen feels their cheeks flushing, and they are forced to look away, because they feel like they are intruding.

Johnson apparently feels the same way, because he groans, saying, “You two give me cavities…”

Alex scoffs, but they are blushing now. “A double-shot of espresso would be great.” They reply, noticing the teenager sitting next to them.

“That’s almost as bad as Sawyer’s soy latte. Almost.”

“Oh, get outta here already, rookie!” Maggie playfully swats at his shoulder, and Matt pretends to be hurt, wincing dramatically.

“You’re lucky I like Alex so much, Sawyer, otherwise I wouldn’t bring you your coffee.” He says with a smug smile, as he starts heading toward the exit.

“I think you meant how much you fear them!” Maggie shouts after him, and she is oblivious to how fast she makes the teen’s heart beat, because she said it out loud again. Them. And Alex is standing right there, looking all proud and comfortable in their own skin; and it makes the kid believe that maybe, just maybe they can grow up to be like this amazing person standing in front of them.

Oh, shit! Is Alex staring at them?

Alex crosses their arms over their chest, and gives the kid a small, tentative smile.

Crap! Yes, yes, they are!

The teenager becomes beet red, and promptly looks away, making Alex and Maggie share a knowing look.

“I have some paperwork to go through.” Maggie says, winking at Alex before walking back to her desk.

Alex casually sits next to the kid, and they both sit there kind of awkwardly stealing glances at each other for a few seconds before Alex asks, “What’s your name, kid?”

“Anna.” They reply in a heartbeat. “Shit! No, I mean, that’s my given name, but I prefer to go by McKenzie. My friends call me Mac, or Kenzie…either one is fine…”

Alex smiles softly, watching the kid squirm, and fidget with zipper on their jacket. “Nice to meet you, Mac. I’m Alex.” They offer their hand, and when the teen shakes it, Alex asks, “What are you doing here, Mac? Are you in any trouble?”

“No, no!!” Their eyes widen, and they hurry to explain, “I’m here for my brother. He got into some stupid fight at a bar, and he’s being released today.”

Alex frowns slightly. “And where are your parents?”

Mac starts fidgeting again, looking away from Alex. “It’s just me and him…”

“And is he good to you?”

The teenager chuckles a little, and nods. “Yeah. He isn’t the brightest, you know? Makes some questionable life choices from time to time, hence why I’m here right now, but he is trying his best.”

Alex doesn’t realize how tense they are until they feel their body relaxing at McKenzie’s answer. “Okay… Good.”

They fall silent again, but after a while, Alex hears Mac asking quietly, “How did you know it wasn’t a phase? That you really wanted to stick with they, them as your pronouns?”

Alex smiles softly, and they consider the question seriously before replying, “Well, when I was first coming to terms with my sexuality, I made that very same question about it, and a very smart, and insanely beautiful detective told me that it wasn’t a phase, that I deserve to be happy. So, when I started questioning my gender, I tried to keep that in mind, that no matter what, I had to do what would ultimately make me happy, and every time I hear someone referring to me as they or them, I get that weird, but really good feeling inside, you know? So I must have made the right choice.” Alex grins, and leans closer to the teen to stage-whisper, “Besides, every time I start doubting myself, that same gorgeous detective is there to knock some sense into me.”

And they both laugh when they hear Maggie going, “My ears are burning, Danvers!” But before Mac can ask anything else, they see their brother walking toward them.

“Anna!” He hugs them tightly. “I’m so sorry, okay? I promise this will never happen again.”

Alex gives Mac a questioning look at the name their brother used, and they just give Alex a small smile, shaking their head. “Some people need to go step by step…baby steps, at that!” Mac chuckles.

Alex notices that Mac doesn’t seem too bothered, and they look genuinely happy to be with their brother so they decide to let it go. “Here,” Alex says, taking a card from their wallet. “This is my number. Call me, or text me if you ever want to talk, okay?”

Mac’s eyes sparkle, and they forget all about their shyness, surprising Alex with a tight hug. “Thank you.” They whisper, before pulling back, and taking the card.

Maggie comes up to Alex, and they watch McKenzie walk away with their brother. “You did great, babe.” She whispers, resting a hand on Alex’s back.

Turning to look at Maggie, Alex grins, “Well, I do have a gorgeous detective that inspires me.”

“Oh,” Maggie scoffs playfully, “Shut up, Danvers!” And they both laugh, bumping shoulders lightly as they walk toward Matt who just arrived with their drinks.

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Hello love! In light of all the hate I’ve seen towards Karamel, why do you ship them? You are one of the few blogs I know who do love Kara and Mon-el together. For me, their chemistry is undeniable, of course, but with her other relationships (especially with James), I didn’t hate them: I just didn’t care. I was apathetic. With Mon-el, I care, oh boy do I care XD. From the moment they started to interact, you could see that it was something special. Hugs and love!

Hey, love!!!  I feel the exact the same way. I thought (and still think) that Kara and James were kind of cute but, in my humble opinion, they were missing that spark. And it wasn’t solely due to lack of chemistry but also because the writing in Season 1 was not the best in regard to their romance. 

But let’s talk about why I ship Karamel because there are so many reasons and I have so many feelings about them, at least 5, sometimes as many as 7 (yes queen Carrie reference). So let’s start:

1. They’re similar enough that they can understand and relate to one another but different enough that they can complement each other and learn from the relationship. Kara and Mon-El are, in fact very different in some aspects and very similar in others. But these are the best relationships. It means you are in sync about the most important issues but at the same time you can bring something new to the table because people evolve by not only sharing the same principles but also by being confronted with different points of view and personalities. Concerning their similarities, Kara and Mon-El are both refugees on Earth. They both know what it is like to lose your home and everything you’ve ever known. That’s a huge part of their identity and something that really strengthens their bond. Being an alien always conjured up feelings of loneliness and even anger in Kara. The fact that they both shared that experience creates a very deep connection between them and a sense of understanding that is hard for others to grasp. I feel like those moments when Kara and Mon-El are reminiscing about their home worlds are really underrated because they must be so special for Kara who has been on Earth for years with no one to share her memories with. Moreover, they’re also similar in the sense that they’re both compassionate and kind people who want to make the world a better place so their ideals pretty much coincide, which is the most important thing in a relationship. Yes, Mon-El is still working on that but that’s who he really is, in spite of the ingrained ideals from Daxam that he is slowly overcoming. And no. Mon-El didn’t magically turn into this kind and compassionate person because of Kara. He has always been that person, he just needed someone to motivate him to become the best version of himself. She didn’t change him, she inspired him. Which leads us to their differences and how they are actually beneficial to their relationship since they allow Kara and Mon-El to challenge each other. Mon-El has become inspired to be more selfless and courageous while Kara is learning to loosen up a little and be more tolerant. So their different personalities really complement each other, even though they do clash at times but, hey, fighting is healthy in a relationship and completely normal and leads people to evolve. 

2. The fact that they’re both superpowered. I’ve talked about this before. This is actually a big deal. They don’t have to hold back their strength around each other. They can hold each other as tightly as they want to after a hard day, they don’t need to hold back their passion and they can allow themselves to be a little more vulnerable because when they’re together they don’t need to be so painfully aware of the fact that they are powerful aliens in a different planet. As I’ve said before, sometimes being so powerful can become tiring and even lonely. And this is specially true to Kara. It’s important for her to just take a break from all the responsibility of being so powerful, of being Supergirl. Let her hold someone as tightly as she did when she was on Krypton and make her feel like she has come home and forget the fact that if she were to hold someone else like that she could snap them in half. 

3. They’re hilarious. No couple makes me laugh like those two. From their bickering, to their frequent and adorable awkwardness around each other, to Kara’s frustration with Mon-El’s cluelessness…

4. There’s something really innocent and cute about their relationship. Yes. They made out on a couch and were going hard BUT at the same time they’re both completely new to being in a relationship and they’re just figuring it out and it’s so cute to see them going through that process together. They’re just so bubbly and happy and smiley. Our space puppies… And that creates balance in their relationship since they’re both inexperienced and neither of them has the upper hand. And they just fit so well together, you know? I don’t want to use the word “childish” when referring to them but they’re both a little naive, they both have bubbly personalities and enjoy laughing and playing around. Once again, our space puppies. 

5. Mon-El contributed to Kara’s arc (I know! Unpopular opinion!!). I’ve also talked about this before. Dealing with Mon-El allowed Kara to acknowledge her own preconceived ideas and prejudices and work on them. She was able to acknowledge and overcome that becoming more tolerant in the process. It also allowed her to explore her frustration for not having been able to help her cousin like she was supposed to and come to terms with that. Also, her arc this season has been about her learning to stand her ground as Kara Danvers and not just as Supergirl. Confessing her feelings for Mon-El and allowing herself to be vulnerable helped her do that. 

6. Chris and Melissa’s chemistry. They just kill me. The intense eye contact, the passionate kissing, the natural interactions between them, the way their eyes wander from eyes to lips to whatever lmao I love them. 

Fergalicious: A Jung Daehyun Parody

-The song is actually about food, don’t misunderstand him

-Junhong is every single backup dancer you see, every single one of them. 

-The verses are replaced with “Bubble Tea” on repeat.

-Daehyun is rolling around in candy, he has never felt more alive.

-Yongguk is will.i.am except he’s wearing the bowling pin costume and refers to B.A.P as B.E.P (black eyed peas). 

-Don’t be fooled, the dubstep beat is made of nothing but a heavily edited Youngjae screeching.

-Jongup is the confused kid in the MV who randomly gains confidence when he has to dance and show off his butt.

-Jongup is also happy that he has learnt how to spell quite a few words. 

-”Hot Hot, So Daelicious”

-Junhong makes sure to whisper “Jelly” every 10 seconds of the song. He may or may not be wearing a shirt, but that’s the whole aesthetic. 

-At the background of every frame, if you look hard enough, you will see Youngjae questioning his entire choice in friends.

-Daehyun is in a cake. Daehyun is Satisfied.

-Himchan appears for the most iconic line in history, “Hit It Daehyunnnie”

-Rise Rapper medium jung

-Now Daehyun has cake all over him, his dreams have come true.

-As the song fades out, so have Youngjae’s senses. 



We had these hats made for her and John Barrowman (if you don’t know the Felicia reference, IM me or something), and when we gave them to her she gasped and grinned.

John’s auto line was next to hers so she rushed over to him with the hats, saying, “I’m so obsessed with you guys.”

She gave him the hat and pointed me and @blacksiren out to him when he asked who made them, then they took selfies together in the hats!!!

Then she came back and took selfies with us. She was so happy and nice and everything I ever hoped she’d be and more.

Needless to say, we’re pretty happy.

anonymous asked:

wooah you'll be studying at Yonsei, that's so great! i hope it all goes well and you accomodate swiftly, also good luck with learning Korean in more depth, it's such an amazing opportunity! (also i gotta say this i can't help it, i hope you spot some idols on the streets haha) cheers <3

Thank so much! I actually saw Running Man filming as well as Haha’s stylist and I met Q2HAN in Myeongdong the other day as well~ It’s been crazy since I have to tour my parents around Seoul, so sorry that I haven’t been able to post and answer this ask until now.

Hi ♡ do you please know in which bangtan bomb the boys have different missions they have to do? Like V had to rest his head on other members and so on.. thank you ♡

Pretty sure that this is from the Japanese Fan Meeting DVD~ Whitney posted the DVD here. Please credit appropriately and follow her rules. Also don’t bother her about her future uploads and wait patiently. If she wishes to upload she will, if she doesn’t then she won’t.

Hello! I just saw your answer to an anon regarding you learning Korean. Since you know a bit can you please just write a few words or phrases the boys usually say? I learnt a bit of Japanese like this from animes but for some reason, for me, Korean just seems so hard to follow without it being written >.< And thank you for all the amazing updates!

I think it might be better if you look for sources like Talk To Me in Korean and such for these questions since I’m not really good at teaching^^; 

Good luck for your work! I hope you will go to Korea as you wish!

Thanks so much~ I landed safely and am spending some time with family before orientation.

What’s the “beagle line”? Sorry I’m a new army haha, your blog helps me a lot thank you x

Beagle line? I think you mean sunshine line? I’ve never heard beagle line used in reference to BTS. Anyways when “beagle” is used in reference to a person it means happy, energetic, and cute just like the dog. The sunshine line was made by fans (I believe it originated on Tumblr) and this refers to Hoseok, Jimin, and Taehyung. 

do you know if hallyumart has started shipping their bts shoes bc i bought some a couple weeks ago but i haven’t got any sort of notification that they are shipped, if not that’s fine. thank you for your time!

Sorry, I don’t use hallyumart. If someone else knows, please reply to this post.

im assuming these posters are for the short movies, not the music video

These are actually for BTS “new theme.” Much like BTS had The School Trilogy and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, “LOVE YOURSELF” is the new “theme” for BTS and will be carried throughout 2018.

hi! i really love your blog and your updates as well :))) I was just wondering: do you think big hit is going to make shorts/dramas for this comeback?? i’m super excited for this one☺️

Not quite sure. It seems that they are bringing together a bunch of HYYH themes (as you probably read in the HYYH Notes, the most recent “teaser”), so there will probably be some sort of storytelling videos involved. Whether this might be short videos or “dramas” is yet to be revealed.
- Kylie

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Characters reacting to MC fangirling over anime characters?

Author’s note: what shows do you guys watch??? I’ve seen so many animes and read so many mangas it’s ridiculous


  • tbh he probably fangirls over LOLOL as much as you do over your anime
  • he would try to get into the anime that you were watching so he could understand what you were crying talking about
  • “Now you know why I was crying a couple nights ago.”
  • now every Thursday when it comes on he makes popcorn and you watch it togehter


  • when you told him that he was working with a voice actor from your ALL TIME FAVORITE anime, he was pretty confused
  • later that night when you went to bed he searched it up 
  • that next day he came home with a signed poster and a note from them
  • yOU WERE JUST SO HAPPY AND he was so happy that you were happy
  • little did you know he spent all day trying to get an autograph for you and worked really hard to think of what you would want your fave to say


  • already being fan girl herself, she knew how draining it could be
  • she asked a TON of questions
  • “Have you ever written a fanfic? Do you have a blog? lol guilty What about posters?”
  • as long as you went to a Zen concert with her she would be more than happy to attend anime expo with you


  • when he opened your closet and all of your fan gear came out, he was so confused
  • even when you explained what a fan girl was he still didn’t get it
  • it wasn’t until you compared your love of this anime to his love of Elly that he understood
  • “So it’s something very precious to you? I see… tell me more.”
  • He would actually be very intrigued and want to learn more about it
  • little did he know once yo start an anime you can never stop


  • when you made reference to your favorite anime and he understood, you were pretty surprised
  • when he ran away and came back in full cosplay
  • you
  • died
  • that was probably the moment you knew you were in love with him
  • you two went ON AND ON about crazy theories and then went online and bought tickets for the nearest anime con avaiable

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#LetMagnusBaneSitInAlec'sLap2k17 No srsly tho, if u wanna write aomething about that. Maybe like 5 times magnus sat in alecs lap and it wasnt sexual + the one time it was? Whatever you'd like😂😊😊😊

Hi! Sorry, but I’m really not the type for writing such things T_T. I hope you’ll at least enjoy a fluffy one instead! ^^

The Five Times Magnus Sat in Alec’s Lap, by Gothic–Fairy


It wasn’t long after they started officially dating when Magnus found out about how much Alec sucked at getting pop culture references - especially the ones associated with TV. Well, the life in the Institute didn’t really offer much spare time to slack off and watch something. And because Magnus knew that, he came up with yet another amazing idea - a weekly movie night, of course! Alec wasn’t against it, either. It made Magnus happy that they could spent so much time together and a happy Magnus meant a happy Alec. 

So, once again, Alec ended up sprawled on a sofa in Magnus’ apartment, waiting for the warlock to sit next to him and rest his head onto Alec’s shoulder as he was used to nowadays. That day though, things were different. Maybe, it was just Magnus being extra cuddly or it was something else, but when Magnus finally walked towards Alec, he sat even closer than usual, one of his hands wrapped Alec’s waist as he swung his legs across Alec’s lap. He reminded Alec of a fluffy kitten, being curled up in that way and all, and he thought that Magnus might have even started purring if he dared to scratch his head. 

The idea itself made Alec chuckle, earning a raised eyebrow from Magnus.

“Are you laughing at me, Alexader?” He asked with a mischievous grin.

“Nope. No laughs from here.” Alec tried to suppress another giggle bubbling in his lungs. Magnus obviously enjoyed Alec catching up on his intentions right away, pressing his body against Alec’s as the Shadowhunter brought both of his hands around him, leaving a kiss in his hair.

Yeah, he could get used to this.


“Sorry, Magnus, guess we’re out of seats!” Izzy said across from Alec, trying to outshout the loud music around them, a wide smirk playing on her lips. They were in the middle of a nightclub, to Alec’s great dismay, celebrating Simon’s band’s successful concert or because of some other excuse Izzy thought up to lure them out. They found a bit secluded place to sit, away from the dance floor, and Magnus offered himself to get some drinks. When he came back, everyone was already seated, except for him. 

Oh, Izzy, I can see what you did there, Alec thought as he watched her innocently shrug her shoulders and whisper something to Magnus. Alec would bet anything that she was planning something all along. But what? 

He could only stare as the two of them exchanged amused smiles. They were totally up to something.

“Well, Alexander.” Magnus spoke up after approaching Alec. “It seems you’re my only option.” He finished and took one last step before sliding his arm around Alec’s shoulders and gracefully plopping down to sit in Alec’s lap, still sipping his drink. It shocked Alec for a second, this sudden change of events, and he could only thank his instincts for catching and steadying Magnus. 

Alec could see the pleased look in his eyes, his fingers tangled in Alec’s dark hair. The night wasn’t going to be so boring after all. 


Alec felt very happy. Everyone was enjoying themselves, sitting around a campfire, singing songs and messing around. Clary and Jace got back together in the end and Simon seemed astonished that he was allowed to hold Izzy’s hand in public. It was a perfect night. 

“I’ve found the blanket!” Magnus announced next to him, pulling him out of his thoughts. It was getting quite cold so Magnus suggested to share a blanket - ‘The blanket is way too big for a single person, Alexander.’ And what was a better way to wrap them both in it than for Magnus to sit between Alec’s spread knees, pressing his back against Alec’s chest. 

Alec sighed but brought him even closer anyway, resting his chin on Magnus’ shoulder, his arms around Magnus’ middle. It was a very pleasant feeling to have someone this close, he had to admit. 


Alec’s heart was beating so fast he could hear it in his ears. Blood was rushing through his body as he breathed without actually being able to get oxygen to his system. This wasn’t happening. 

“Alec, it’s going to be alright.” Izzy reassured for a millionth time. 

“But he’s not waking up!” Alec shouted back, his voice breaking.

“He used up too much magic. But they said he was gonna be fine. He just needs to rest.” 

There had been a sudden attack on the Institute. Valentine’s man came out of nowhere, fighting their way in. They were defeated in the end, but took lives with them as well. There were many casualties so it was only natural for Magnus to try and help as many of them as he could, when the iratze wasn’t working fast enough. It took its price, though. He was using Alec’s strength but it was still too much and he ended up collapsing into Alec’s arms. 

There were other people, warlocks who came with Magnus, that assured Alec he’ll be alright, but Alec’s mind remained in panic mode. He was sitting near one of the walls of the infirmary, leaning against it, one of his arms around Magnus’ unconscious body, holding him close. All the beds were taken by the badly injured and there wasn’t enough energy in Alec to try and carry him somewhere else. 

“He’s not waking up..” He whispered again, cupping Magnus’ cheek with a shaky hand, bringing their foreheads together. There were tears forming in his eyes and he closed them, letting a single drop fall down. He’d never imagined it was possible for someone to be this scared, frightened to death. 

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. He repeated in his mind. As if it would bring his loved one back to him.

“It’s nice that you waited for me, Alexander.” A voice spoke up and his tears were swept away. 

He opened his eyes to see exhausted but awake Magnus smiling sleepily at him. He didn’t hesitate even a second and pressed their lips together. This time he felt the tears of happiness. 


It was only a couple of days after the attack and Alec was staying at Magnus’ place again. Magnus was still quite tired and Alec was willing to be around and help if needed. 

Alec woke up early as always - it wasn’t something unusual. He was about to move and get up, when he realized the weight on his chest. Firstly he was ready to move the cat Magnus have probably let wander around away but instead his hands found a warm body lying on top of his own. Only now he let his eyes open to see a still asleep warlock there, his arms wrapped tightly around Alec, holding for dear life. And for a moment Alec wondered - how the hell did he not wake up? 

He tried to move Magnus a little bit, but he was surprisingly strong even when sleeping, pulling himself closer to Alec. He murmured something under his breath as if complaining. 

“Mags?” Alec called his name with a soft smile. It wasn’t very likely that he’d give up the hold anytime soon. In fact, he just turned his head a little bit, burying his face in the crook of Alec’s neck. 

Alec ran his hands over Magnus’ back, trying to gently wake him up, chuckling a little. And after a few more minutes Magnus finally stirred, then stiffened.

“Alec?” he asked, confused. “Why am I lying on you?” 

“Well, I was going to ask you the same question, you sleep-octopus.”

Tadaa ^^. Hope you liked it! It’s not exactly what you asked for but at least it’s fluffy? Please, let me know what you think :).

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Fatal can see basic characteristics of others???

YES! He absolutely can! This is a very important detail that I’ve been wanting to get to for months.

Back in Chapter 1 we all found out that Fatal can see the code of others and the world around him. This means, essentially, he can see what other characters are ‘made of’.

In Chapter 2 we learn something very important and new about him: Fatal can ‘read’ the code of others and the world around him. It’s not just numbers, it translates into information - he can literally see what other characters are ‘made of’. Like in this instance with Blue, where he can see some of Blue’s most prominent character traits, which are similar to Papyrus’.

Feel free to ask questions, but remember that I may or may not answer them due to spoilers, and I may or may not be able to say if I can or can’t. Regardless, I’m so happy to finally be able to talk about this now :’D

Oh and just for fun, all of this was actually what Fatal was referring to back when this happened XD

The Key To Happiness

Originally posted by jeonggukk

‘To think that something was in there, sealed off in the safety of its                                                                             mother’s womb was baffling to Jungkook.’   

Featuring: Jungkook (bts)
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 1.6k


Keep reading


So I said it in the vlog earlier but seriously, thank you all so much for being the coolest, most dedicated community around. You’re all so engaged and got so incredibly involved and invested in this whole antisepticeye thing that it went way beyond my expectations. I mean I had hoped people would get involved the way they did but not to the level it has become. It’s completely blown me away and I’m so incredibly proud and honoured to be part of this community. 

There is so much fanart relating to Antisepticeye, so many theories and discussions, people taking on their own “Dark forms” and just overall discussion that I can’t possibly get to all of it and I’m sorry for that. I really wish I could because and I will try my best, I adore reading all the stuff people had to say about it. I really mean it when I say I sat here refreshing constantly to see what people were saying and the references they caught. It’s been amazing. 

The biggest part of all this that I love though is how everyone came together. The community banded together and enjoyed something and had fun. You were all so encouraging and interactive with each other trying to figure it all out and it made me so incredibly happy to see. I’m very proud of you all.

So I’ll say it again, THANK YOU! For being part of this, helping create it in the first place, letting me take a character you all made and incorporate it into the channel and allowing me to do stuff like this and just have fun. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done on youtube and I had an absolute blast all month with it :)

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Did Guan just look up He Tianshan's horoscope? Furthermore, did we really just get a chapter with with He Tian in Guan Shan's ROOM?!?! WILL HE STAY OVER NIGHT?!?!

To be honest, I think Mo Guan Shan was reading his own horoscope which says something like “The other part is gentle, caring, and understanding” and Guan Shan reacts with “…What is this nosense” what makes me think that he really was thinking about He Tian as the “other part” that the magazine was referring to. I mean why in the hell would Mo Guan Shan of all people read a horoscope magazine. Better he had it hidden in his closet which makes things even more fishy. Maybe the kiss made him curious about love stuff, idk? Anyways, I see you Mo Guan Shan, I see you.

Yes, we did! And I’m so freaking happy. He Tian was hidding in Guan Shan’s balcony to make a surprise appearence but in the end he was the most surprised when Mo Guan Shan appeared shirtless. He probably needed 5 minutes to calm down hence the time it took for him to appear. 

I really hope he has dinner with Mo’s Family and spends the night in there. That would be really great. I can’t wait to see what will happen. *cross fingers*

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Heya Raccoon! (Do people call you that? Is it okay if I call you that?) I stumbled across your blog back after a long while, and I wanted to thank you for creating your calm tag and making art, it's gotten me through some tough moments sometimes. (And I'm sure it's helped you a lot too!) Just curious, have you ever played any Pikmin games? How is your Neko Atsume thing going? I heard they released a new update, and without spoiling much, I heard it references Harry Potter somewhere! Best Wishes!

hello!! sure, you can call me that if you want to! some ppl even call me ‘little raccoon’ and honestly i love it :’0

i genuinely get So happy when someone says that my art and/or blog helped them!! the calm tag in particular was made for that purpose, so im glad that it works!!!!!!

i believe that p much all of the Pikmin games were made for nintendo home consoles (??) and, unfortunately, the only one ive ever had was the original Wii, so i didnt have the chance to play any of them. tbh i’d totally try one if i had the chance. these lil dudes look fricking adorable

and oh my gosh tysm for reminding me about Neko Atsume!! i had to delete it bc of some technical issues in the past, but i made a new game now and i cant wait to get to that sweet new content..

Summary of Floral and Fading by Pierce The Veil

I’m having a shitty day so what better way to make it better than by taking it out on my favourite band’s new music video by roasting the shit out of it

Also I can’t believe I even need to clarify this but (and I’m only gonna say this once) THIS WHOLE THING IS A JOKE!! I have nothing against ANYTHING, not the song, not the girlfriend (technically), and especially not the band so y’all need to chill

Anyways, onwards, Aoshima! 

  • That car isn’t even parked properly in a parking space, it’s literally just outside the bowling alley for no reason at all
  • Also, why would you bring your date outside a bowling alley? Couldn’t you have picked a more romantic scenery than a bowling alley?
  • If this were a cinemasins video, I would add ten sins just for that cheesy arm-around-date move
  • Why would you wear a dress/skirt to a bowling alley? And don’t give me any “oh it’s the 70s bullshit” I did research and pants for women were a thing back then so there
  • Also how and why would you wear heals when playing bowling??
  • Tag yourself, I’m that one guy isolated from everyone else playing what looks to be pinball
  • That old man looks and acts so done to be surrounded by teenagers so why of all places did he choose to work at a bowling alley? I mean I did the research, and assuming this is taking place in San Diego, the economy didn’t look half bad, so why did this man have to go work at a place he hates?
  • That’s okay, I never remember who they are either
  • Real question though, do bands actually used to play live music in bowling alleys? 
  • Just gonna quickly address the elephant in the room: their outfits. Okay, carry on.
  • Wow gotta love that totally realistic sounding “live” music, I mean I understand that music videos are basically just mostly mute videos with the original soundtrack slapped onto it but come on, seriously?
  • Is it just me or does this just look fake af
  • You’ve seen simultaneous headbanging, get ready for simultaneous bowling
  • Tony’s the only normal looking one tbh
  • Accurate representation of a Pierce The Veil concert ngl 
  • Did Vic just thrust? Did he just fucking thrust?? Are you actually for real right now? I don’t even know what to say to this
  • Was that a sexual innuendo with that pinball machine or am I just tired
  • Oh so it was actually a pinball machine 
  • That “huh” though
  • I like how they just realised “oh shit there’s a half decent band playing right now we should go look”
  • Was that a wink
  • Okay but what even was the point of the couple sitting in the car?
  • They look so sarcastically happy like honestly same
  • I just realised, Vic actually kinda looks his age in this video holy fuck
  • Also, can I just point out that ptv’s clothes look so old compared to the other teenagers’ clothes I mean granted, they are older than them but still, why do they look like they’ve just been ripped straight out of some cheesy black and white comedy film but with colours for added effect?
  • This isn’t the type of thing I would slow dance to but then again I don’t slow dance so fair enough I guess
  • Them camera angles and cutscenes though
  • I have no words
  • Oh so that was the woman Jaime was referring to in the livestream
  • His face when he realises who threw the bra I’m crafting
  • They censored “stupid motherfucker” I don’t know whether to be happy or outraged about this
  • Finally things are starting to get interesting, I was so bored that I went and made a coffee because I almost fell asleep seeing as nothing interesting was fucking happening, other than Vic thrusting and Jaime’s encounter with his number one fan
  • I like how ptv don’t even care, like I get that mosh pits are normal at concerts and shit but this ain’t a concert, it’s a goddamn bowling alley
  • I’ve never been to a concert before but I thought mosh pits were a little more cooler than this, like my friend punched a couple of guys when he went to a concert but all I see here are people pushing each other around
  • Also idk ‘bout you but this isn’t really the right song to mosh about but you do you
  • Aw for a second there I thought Vic was gonna rip his shirt open and usually I would be happy about this happening but then I remembered the wig
  • Reminds me of “TONY GET OFF THE ROOF” or whatever he said
  • After a solid 2-3 minutes the couple in the car finally do something other than batting their eyelashes at each other and giggling for no fucking reason like you are literally outside a fucking bowling alley, most likely not even in a parking spot and you’re just sitting there looking at each other go re-evaluate your life decisions please
  • Okay but the audience was clearly moshing before, what if they don’t see Tony jump off the stage and not catch him in time? He would just injure everyone as well as himself and then they’d have to make another announcement stating why Tony isn’t gonna be on the Rest In Space tour
  • Fangirls
  • People like these two girls annoy me because like leave the damn band member alone, he’s trying to play his damn instrument you can molest him after the show
  • Did they just fucking rip his sleeves off?
  • Also I just realised this is probably the first time I’ve seen Mike drumming while wearing a shirt, let alone a long sleeved shirt
  • That blue punch looks a little dodgy
  • What even is going on anymore 
  • I guess you can say she just got punched in the face *ba dum tst*
  • I like how the bowling alley just conveniently has the main power thing just behind the fucking shoe counter place I mean fair enough
  • He’s so done 
  • I get why they’re aww-ing but were they actually that invested in hearing the music before though??
  • What was the point of the lighters I mean it’s aesthetically pleasing but why
  • Why did they ring the fire alarm or whatever and why did it red lights go off
  • After the main power source came back, the place should be well-lit again but it isn’t
  • Why is it flashing?
  • “I need a moment like what had those instruments even done to them” - @2thingsfunny
  • Did Jaime just throw a balloon at those drums?

    Edit: never mind it’s a bowling ball but still

  • Red lights magically disappear 
  • I’m willing to bet my own copy of Misadventures that the old guy quit immediately after this music video
  • Credits


  • “I was slightly disappointed there was no prominent visual of the light beam coming through Tony’s dick like advertised though” - @2thingsfunny