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Alone - Part 14

Warnings: slight torture & pain, light smut? & swearing 

Words; 1,451

A/N; Sorry I haven’t updated in so long! :/ I had a crazy hectic past couple weeks and then when I did have time to write I just couldn’t. So I sat down today and started and finished this, I’m actually extremely happy with it!! So I hope you guys like it too! Feedback is always appreciated ♡

You woke up in a completely white room, you were laying in a simple bed with crisp white sheets. You sat up in the bed, disoriented you looked around you. The wall in front of you was darkened glass, you figured it was two way and there was someone on the other side watching you. 

You were in sweat pants and a t-shirt that fit you perfectly and smelled like fresh laundry and something that hurt your head. There was a thin metal band around your wrist, you tried to pull it off but it wouldn’t budge.

You got out of the bed and walked over to the glass. “Let me out.” You screamed.

The glass moved open on the far side like a hidden door, in walked Bucky.

“(Y/n).” He nodded at you.

“Let me out.” You repeated.

“I can’t do that.”

You growled lowly before running full force towards him, you had only gotten a foot in front of you when a shocking pain stabbed into your wrist and ran up your arm spreading all through your body causing you to fall to the ground. It lasted for a few seconds before it stopped and you were panting on the floor staring into the white lights above you.

You made your way to your feet. “What the fuck was that.” You glared and him and he looked upset.

“It’s so you can’t hurt anyone.” He pointed to your wrist where the metal band was. You reached for it but he continued. “There’s no point doll, it won’t come off.”

If you couldn’t physically hurt him then you’d find another way to hurt him. You walked over and casually sat on the bed, a grin forming on your face.

“So, did Steve say anything about our kiss?” You looked at him through your eyelashes and could see the jealous rage boiling inside of him. You continued. “I could feel how bad he wanted me, hopefully he’ll be my next visitor and we can continue what we started.”

He silently walked towards the glass wall and the door opened, he left without another word.

It was hours before anyone came back. You had switched between pacing and slamming your fists on the glass but it wouldn’t break. You had decided to take a break by laying on the bed. Thoughts raced through your head of the Avengers on their knees in front of you, it brought a sick smile to your face and a feeling of satisfaction. You recalled the way Bucky looked in pain after you had kissed Steve, something stirred inside of you but you pushed it down.

HYDRA had sent you to kill them, they wouldn’t be happy that you had failed. You don’t know what they’d do to you, but you still had time, you could destroy them from the inside. You just had to think of their weaknesses. A sound echoed through your mind and you sat bolt upright, fisting your hands through your hair you screamed. “GET OUT!”

Whatever Steve had awakened inside of you was messing something up. The scientists were so sure that you were their best weapon yet, they were able to keep your memories but change them, you could still remember personal details and ways to hurt the Avengers. But what if you weren’t as perfect as they thought?

Steve and Bucky and the rest of the Avengers had made it their mission to get you back. Steve was standing on the other side of the glass watching you, waiting for Bucky who needed to take a break after what you had said. Steve felt a little bit guilty, but they had agreed to do whatever it took to get you back.

He was watching you when you sat up and started pulling your hair and screaming. Without thinking he pressed the button to open the door and rushed in.

He ran up to you kneeling in front of you and grabbing your hands. “Doll stop, what’s wrong?” He asked panicking looking for the source of pain.

At the sound of his voice you stopped and looked down at him, your eyes bloodshot and crazed looking. “I can hear voices, they’re- they’re…. I don’t know what they are or what they’re saying but they weren’t there before.” You said confused, by the voices and the sound of your voice.

Steve heard it too, you sounded like you, like you had feelings, and you did. You were visibly upset and it gave him hope that you could feel again. “When did this start?”

“When I kissed you.” You whispered.

Without hesitation Steve smashed his lips against yours hungrily. Bucky had said that they would do anything to get you back and in this moment this seemed like the right thing to do.

You froze as his lips touched yours but that feeling in the pit of your stomach was back and even though you knew that feeling was wrong you needed to know what it was. Maybe it would reveal more memories that would help you take them down, or maybe you didn’t care about that. You couldn’t be sure because all you wanted was this.

So you kissed him back just as fiercely. You pulled him by his hair off the ground until you were laying back on the bed and he was above you, between your legs. You kissed him like your life depended on it, and maybe it did.

It felt like flowers were blooming in your head with every kiss and sunshine was running through your veins. A moan escaped your lips and he took that as a good sign, that his idea was working, so he pressed into you which elicited a moan from the both of you.

Your fingers found the edge of his shirt and pulled it over his head breaking the kiss. He looked at your face hopefully and saw exactly what he wanted to, there was a timid grin and a sparkle in your eyes that he loved so much. He pulled your shirt off and you pulled him back in, lips crashing together like waves. You rolled him onto his back and straddled his hips, grinding into him he moaned. His hands traveled up your back and with every touch of his skin against yours it felt like stars erupted and the universe spun for only you, like everything was falling into place.

Your lips broke apart and he whispered your name, your mind exploded as the sound fell from his lips. Words ran through your mind, all to the sound of his voice. You could hear him calling you beautiful and whispering sweet nothing’s in your ear, telling you how much he loves you.

You stared into his eyes and he held his breath, afraid that he lost you again. The next words out of your mouth was the exact opposite of what he thought he was going to hear but he had never wanted to hear anything more.

“I… love you?” You whispered it more as a question than a statement and the second the words were out of your mouth your stomach fell and your mouth went dry. You stared at him wide eyed not understanding what was happening.

You heard the door slide open behind you and large boots on the ground.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Bucky screamed standing in the corner ready and wanting to lunge but he stayed still because he didn’t want to hurt you.

You stayed against Steve not wanting to turn around yet.

“Something- something happened.” Steve tried to explain.

“You think I didn’t hear what she said?” He asked incredulously. He was beyond angry.

How could this be happening? It was supposed to be him that brought you back, wasn’t it? Is this some kind of sick joke? He thought.

You sat up and looked back at Bucky who was looking straight at you. The flowers that had bloomed in your head turned to thorns and the sunshine in your veins turned to acid. You grabbed your head as the pain stabbed through your body.

“(Y/n)?” Bucky asked taking a step towards you.

A scream escaped your lips and it didn’t end, you screamed as if you were dying. Steve grabbed a hold of you and tried to calm you down by kissing along your body, but even the feeling of him couldn’t stop the pain that radiated through you at the sight of Bucky.

Steve had awakened the good inside of you, found the weak spot and pried it open. But with this he opened it all. With everything the scientists got wrong they had gotten one thing right. Bucky.

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Reaction (SNSD): When they see their girlfriend crying for the first time

Taeyeon: “Awe baby, seeing you cry is making me so sad.”

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Hyoyeon: “Come here and promise me that you’ll be happy. Please baby.”

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Jessica: “That’s something that I never wanted to see. Please don’t cry.”

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Yoona: “Who made you cry? I’ll kill them, I swear.”

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Yuri: “Baby, you’re breaking my heart.”

Originally posted by coffeeyuri

Seohyun: “Awe baby, I love you, please don’t cry.”

Originally posted by joohyun-ah

Sunny: “Whoever made you cry better watch out. I’ll hurt them.”

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Tiffany: “Come on baby, please tell Fany what’s wrong.”

Originally posted by gingerfany

Sooyoung: “But wait, why are you crying? What happened?”

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Sophie with all due respect I admire your honesty about everything and value your opinion but maybe your favouritism towards camz will always make u awkward with things like 5h and Lauren , u never say u miss the girls while watching camilas interviews, I felt awkward to some of Cs interviews too where she looked sad or faking happiness and all ur basically implying is u liked 5h only when camila ws in it and u like camren bt not Lauren ?? So u only like c and ur replies are always biased

I guess this is ask n°2

I did imply that I liked 5H only when Camila was in it because it’s true - it’s not about Camila herself but about the dynamic of the five of them together. And I can’t enjoy the new dynamic because it’s like Camila’s ghost is lingering. I don’t have that feeling when I’m watching Camila’s interviews because she’s on her own and most of her interviews have been focused on her music while most of 5H’s interviews have been around Ot4 and their relationship with each other, which increases my unseasiness about the whole thing. I know the girls aren’t responsible for it and that it’s part of the narrative, but knowing that makes it even harder for me to watch because I know most of it is bullshit.

Also I’ve never said I don’t like Lauren, never. I just said that I was having a hard time relating to her lately, but I’m working on that (see your first ask I answered)

As to saying that my answers are biased I really don’t think so - or at least I’m trying for them not to be. If we’re talking about the last interview then I’ve just said that I was glad they avoided the question, that they were obviously prepared for it and that Dinah’s face obviously revealed something quite different from what we’ve been shown, but that’s nothing new, so I don’t see how my answers were biased.

If we’re talking about the rest my opinions on 5H then you have to know that in my head Camila the solo artist and the new 5H are two very separate things, except when it comes to the whole departure situation - so when I talk about 5H’s music it’s not compared to Camila’s. For example if Camila had still been in the group for Down I would’ve still hated it, just like OMG is definitely not my favorite Camila song, and how WFH was always borderline for me. But that’s just my very personal opinion, I just don’t really like very sexualized songs, with any artists really, which sucks sometimes, like for example Bruno Mars’s new album is awesome but some of the song lyrics are making me so uncomfortable and just for that I can’t fully appreciate it - but that’s just my weird take on things 😂

Okay, I’m done with ask n°2, let’s get to n°3

Morning sex

This is relatively long,and I was inspired by this gif of Andy. If you like and want more please feel 100% free to let me know! Feedback to this is also greatly appreciated.

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I groaned as a sliver of sunshine creeped through the blinds temporarily blinding me.  Still exhausted I turned around, immediately catching whiff of the man soundly asleep right beside me.  Andy was facing me, his eyebrows furrowed. He had one of his arms lying on my waist while the other rested in front of him resting casually. Brief images of the events of last night flickered through my head. A small grin spread on my lips as I watched him. His lips slightly spread ajar. For once, everything was at peace, in my world and his. No arguing, no accusations, no tense moments, just bliss. I was happy and hopefully, so was he. Andy had been back and forth between the studio and home. Slowly getting better at juggling his time. I remember when the imbalance caused arguments, not anymore though. He was here, and all was right.

   Suddenly, the blankets shuffled and Andy’s eyes slowly drifted open. His eyes instantly locked with mine before he briefly closed them to stretch.

“Good morning” he mumbled, looking back up at me, attempting to shield his eyes from the bright rays.

“Morning” I replied. I slid down so we were face to face. His piercing blue eyes gazing straight at me.

“Do you have to work today?” I questioned, taking his hand within mine and intertwining out fingers.

He shook his head. “I took a few days off” leaning up and moving his body over mine, his hair tickling my nose.  “To clear my mind and spend some more time with you” Andy brought his head down lightly dusting his lips across my jaw.

“…And what do you have in mind?” I asked knowing full well were this was going.

Andy lifted his lips up to meet mine, kissing me slowly savoring each other’s taste and feel. A small moan escaped me when his tongue flickered against my lips, questioning for an entrance. I happily gave it, allowing me to slide my fingers through his hair, relishing in its softness.

Andy planted his hands on either side of my hands, bending his elbows so he could move closer to me. His body rested over mine. My chest barely touching his.

The kiss got more intense and my breathing became more erratic. I tightened my grip on his hair, attempting to pull him closer and earning myself a harsh groan from andy who broke away. God, his sounds were so sexy. A glint sparkled in his eye I could only interpret as pure lust. He grinned, not the soft, warm smile he usually gave; But the kind that made me squirm and restless.

With one quick movement he pulled the covers over his head, leaving me alone in the room flustered and with the lingering feeling of his soft lips on mine. I felt him trail his tongue across my neck occasionally softly kissing me. I could tell he was still a little tired, he was going slower, his actions were gentler. I watched in pleasure as I watched his body move under the covers. It added an extra level of interest and intensity because I didn’t know his next move. Andy was full of surprises and he wouldn’t hesitate. I bit my lip in anticipation for what he would do next.

   I felt him hover over my breasts, his breath sitting in the valley between them.

“Andy” I whined, frustrated by the lack of contact. His hands trailed up my sides brushing his thumb against my nipple, perking them up instantly. His fingers crept down my body, tickling the skin. Reaching all the way down, his fingertips slowly make their way down to my most precious and sensitive area. I didn’t bother trying to stifle my moans, it was only us. And I wanted him to hear me, I wanted him to hear the pleasure he gave me. He kissed the tender spot below my belly button while dipping a finger inside me and bringing it forward. My wetness easing his way. At the same time he brought his head up and took my nipple in his mouth, suckling it and drawing it deeper. I groaned, grabbing the sheets and holding on as tightly as I could. His fingers strumming my clit, adding a little bit more pressure each time. A whimper escaped my lips.

Andy began thrusting his finger at a more rapid pace.  I couldn’t control my breathing, all of my focus was aimed towards the beautiful man currently between my legs.  

Andy released his mouth from my breast with a popping sound. I felt him smile against my skin, moving lower and lower until he finally gave me what I needed. He took hold of my thighs spreading them farther apart so he could fit comfortably. Giving me a quick kiss on my thigh, he wasted no time. He kissed me tenderly, sweeping his tongue through my folds. My moans turned into drawn out sighs of pleasure. I released my grip on the sheets and reached under the blanket immediately feeling Andy’s silky hair covering his shoulders. All of a sudden my hands were wrapped in a tight grip and forced to either side of me, essentially pinning my arms down and preventing me from touching him. The limited movement caused me to arch my back off the bed. His sweet torture continued and I could barely think properly. He continues his licks, pushing me farther and farther until I begin crying out.

I have no idea how long he was down there. I couldn’t think about anything but him. “Andy” I moaned out. Suddenly he released his mouth and peeked his head out from under the covers, kissing whatever inch of skin was in his path. “Fuck” Andy breathed. His eyes glued to mine. His legs moved in between mine, spreading my legs even further.  His erect length teasing my entrance.

               “Wait” I said pushing my hands on his tattooed chest. “I want you to relax” my voice was low. Last night, just like this morning, Andy had done all the work. Not that I didn’t appreciate it, but I wanted to give him the pleasure he gave me without him doing anything. I pressed on his chest, attempting to turn him over. His look of confusion slowly vanished as he succumbed. He was stronger than me and if he didn’t want to let me push him, he wouldn’t have.

 Andy looked up at me, laying down on his back.  I never broke eye contact as I reached between us, stroking him a few times before raising my hips letting him slip inside. We both groaned in unison. The familiar amazing feeling of fullness returning. This was about him and I was determined to make him feel good.  

               I began rolling my hips and Andy’s moans began lost in a growl. His breathing became staggered. I was becoming more and more aroused watching him. I reached down pushing his hair back, allowing me to see the entirely of his face.  He really was so beautiful.  Andy closed his eyes, and I reached down taking his hands bringing them up and placing them on my breasts. Letting go, he began massaging me, occasionally pinching my nipples. I leaned down for a moment, kissing him deeply before placing my hands down and moving my hips, finding a faster rhythm and the angle that hit my pleasure point exactly. Lost to passion, arousal pooled in my stomach.  Andy opened his eyes, his usual bright eyes darkened. His hands grabbed ahold of my hips.

    “Dammit, you’re going to kill me.” He sucked in a breath. Reaching down circling my clit with his thumb. Heightening the pleasure even more. I had wanted this about him, but I couldn’t muster up enough energy to stop him. I embraced the sensations flying through my body. I began chanting his name, his name the only coherent thought in my head. The way he hit me so deep, in places with little effort, pressing against the center of my nerves in areas only he could reach. I felt my body bubbling over. I was so far I couldn’t feel the pain of his grip on my hips. Andy’s eyes tightened and I knew he was close. One final thrust and I froze, twisted in all the emotions and feelings racing through me. Andy let out a final loud groan as he rode out his release. Watching him explode I had no strength to hold myself up anymore. I collapsed onto Andy’s chest. My face cradled in his neck.

“I love you” he whispered in my ear. “I made the right choice taking those days off.” I smiled. “Obviously” I replied.


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I've been following you on tumblr for some years now, and i just have to say I've been LOVING watching your art improve so much as it has!! It's crazy how good you have become over just a few years. You're doing amazing and is such an inspiration for me and other evolving artists! I just had to let you know. Have a nice day 👋



AND OMG YOU HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING ME FOR YEARS??? XD (im sorry for all the random stuff you have seen)


I can’t believe you are 36. When I met you I believed you were 23 or 24. From that day I couldn’t stop thinking of you. I love your eyes, the way you look at the camera, that seriousness or when you are taking photos/selfies, those eyes so sweet. The way your tongue is over your lip. I love your smile and how your eyes is almost closed when you laugh. I love that sound, and your voice. It makes me very happy.

You have something that I like it. It’s in all about you, inside and outside. I’m feeling so happy when I wake up and watch in my phone a notification of you. A tweet or a new picture.

I never expected falling in love with someone like you. Maybe that’s the reason that I love you very much.You drives me crazy. You changed my life, you changed everything around me. Suddenly, my mind remember every feature of your face and forget everything around. When I’m sad, I just need to think of you and magically I feel better. When I’m angry I hear you, your soft voice is there to calm me down.

I’m very proud of you. You are more than a beautiful person. You are a good friend, lovable idol, the best son I’m sure. I’m lucky to know someone like you. You are that kind of person that have a great value. I wish you be happy, and all your goals come true. Happy birthday Fergal, my love. 

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What's your favourite memory? (non taylor related)

there’s one person who has deeply inspired me, and our memories are ones i’ll forever cherish, and that’s my nan. even when she moved quite far away, and was then diagnosed with terminal cancer, i’d spend many weeks at her place, just her and me (as well as her six pugs). we didn’t have to do anything extravagant, as the smallest of moments with her made me feel so blissfully happy, even when that meant simply watching movies together that she had chosen for me.

it was through her that i discovered my innate passion for nursing, as she needed community nursing care to manage her cancer diagnosis. at a time that would otherwise be quite dark, they were so lovely, empathetic and helped my nan pursue as many moments of joy as possible. my nan dealt with her life and circumstances with a remarkable level of strength and perseverance, so i’ll always treasure our memories and will continue to emulate her resilient nature xx

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hi, oh my god, i just found your blog and let me tell you that it's beyond amazing. when i started reading/watching got i knew since the beggining jon an dany would end up together i just felt it in my heart i'm so happy i never gave up and now is finally happening, this is the ultimate otp, nothing can top them, IM SO HAPPY SAKFAHSDK. love your blog so, so much.

Omg!! This is so sweet and kind and nice??! Thank you so very much! 

Yes anon, our time is at hand and I couldn’t be happier. Also,

“this is the ultimate otp, nothing can top them”


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Durarara for the meme thing?

Ooooh, you guys are taking me back. I will warn you, I watched this show mostly in middle school, though I’ve been watching the newer seasons recently, so some of my ships are affected by my young, early-anime days mindset.

  • fav character: Izaya was my instant fave, because I love horrible people. Shizuo is my angery son. I also have come to love Anri and Mikado. Celty is my BAE, and so is Kadota. I love Erika and Walker. Simon. Chikage. Akabayashi. Tom!!! Egor. I both love and hate Namie.
  • least favourite character: Verona, maybe? Never found her supremely interesting. I kind of hate every trope she falls into, tbh, which sucks, because I want to like her. I both love and hate Namie.
  • otp: Shizaya because I was a disgusting weeb when I watched it. Shinra and Celty are good and pure, let them be happy. Poly between Anri, Mikado, and Kida. Erika and Walker. Probably more that I’ve forgotten about over the years.
  • brotp: Erika and Walker. Mikado and Kida. I love both romantically and platonically. Shizuo and Tom. Izaya and Shinra. Celty and almost everyone, I mean hell, I want to be friends with Celty.
  • notp: Shipping hasn’t been a huge part of DRRR!! for me, so I don’t think I’ve thought about enough ships to warrant hating.

–Mod Mercy

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Why tf does sm sleep so hard on yuta and johnny? They both can sing AND rap like??? I just watched that video of Yuta rapping in Japanese and I busted the biggest nut 💦

Woooah send the video (you can do it on anon if you’d like, just remove the periods). But I have no idea why sm is sleeping on them. They must have other plans for them, or maybe they’ll stop sleeping on them when NCT begins touring and there’s more freedom like for solo stages? Idk anything, I just hope both are happy and healthy now even if they’re not being used to their fullest potentials.

jay--may  asked:

tell me about ur fav things i will care

you’re so sweet?? thank you. my favorite books and songs means so much to me. my favorite band is twenty one pilots, listening to their music just calms me down when i’m anxious and it makes me happy. also i’m pretty much addicted to youtube. i love dan and phil, david dobrik and all his friends, and thomas sanders (he makes me so happy!!). i read books on wattpad all the time, and i love to write on there too. one of my favorite books is on there and it’s called Anchorage, it’s about a girl who’s brother died and how she copes with his death. it’s a beautiful book and i love it so much. i watch a lot of shows on netflix, my favorite shows are supernatural and doctor who. i really like bo burnham too, i think he’s really funny and i watch ‘make happy’ and ‘what’ a lot. i like to play games like animla crossing new leaf and sims 4. i got the game dream daddy the other day and i love it so much. also dogs.

i think i have rambled enough, but thank you for this. it means a lot and you’re wonderful for asking. 💖💕

“hello,” the dark lord said, “i need a library card.”

“everyone needs a library card,” the librarian said brightly, sliding a form across the desk. “fill this out.”

the dark lord produced her own elaborately plumed quill from the depths of her robes and scrawled her name in handwriting that was completely illegible but seemed to whisper the secrets of the dark from the blinding white page. “yes, but i need mine in order to take over the tri-kingdom area.”

the librarian’s polite smile barely faltered. “funny, the last dark lord to try that didn’t bother with a card.”

“yes, and do you see that fool currently ruling our kingdom? no. of course not. utterly ridiculous, to attempt to take over any size country without a library card, much less an intermediate-sized one like this.” she accepted the thin plastic card with a gracious flourish of her gloved hand.

the librarian, adding the new card’s number to the database, privately agreed, but chose not to say anything.

the librarian balanced the pile of pulled books under one elbow and held the list of call numbers in their hand for easy consultation. “intermediate spell casting for grades three and four,” they murmured, running fingers along the peeling spines until they found it. “willing to bet that’s sorrel’s request.”

they fit the large, paperbound book under their elbow and moved on, checking the list again. “magical creatures encyclopedia, L through M. that’s jackaby trying to finish the entire set by midsummer.” they would get that one last to carry it around the shortest amount of time.

“next — the complete guide to raising the dead.” they paused in front of the row of shelves with the right call numbers. they could guess the requester of that one too, but knew better than to say it out loud.

the return slot thunked loudly as it swung open and closed, having swallowed the returned books with a wet gulp.

“good morning,” the dark lord said pleasantly as she looked up from sliding her books in — or as pleasantly as “good morning” could sound when it was uttered by a voice that sounded like gravel being chewed to pieces by the jaws of a large monster.

“it is, very,” the librarian said crisply, conjuring a clean handkerchief for the still-slobbering return slot.

the mouth just visible under the dark lord’s enormous cloak hood curved into a scythe’s blade smile, but she said nothing else.

“did you enjoy your books?” the librarian asked, since she wasn’t moving and there were no other people waiting (most likely because of the dark lord standing there).

the hood nodded up and down. “extremely. especially the taped lecture by doctor dramidius ardorius of the dark arts institute.”

“well, we have many more taped lectures. i especially recommend the one on the healing powers of tea.” they tilted their head in a now get out sign. the poor steam-powered self-checkout contraption would get overheated if people were too scared to check out at the front desk.

they didn’t really expect the dark lord to take the recommendation seriously, but the next day they noticed the cloaked, hooded specter glide out the door with the taped lecture on magic-infused herbal teas tucked between a CD of dark chants and a step-by-step art book on drawing occult symbols.

“you give good recommendations,” the dark lord said with a shrug when the librarian raised their eyes from the front desk’s computer to the shadows of her hood.

the librarian wasn’t sure what to say. “you seem to take up quite a lot of my time.”

“i’m only a simple library patron,” the dark lord replied in a saintly voice that resembled a dragon coughing up a partially digested house. “do you enjoy mermaid song?”

“yes. you can find the library’s collection in the CD section over there.” they looked pointedly back down at the computer.

“i hear there’s a concert on the shore tomorrow evening.”

“perhaps we’ll get a recording of it.”

the dark lord continued taking out books on various unsavory topics. the librarian continued suggesting books on healing, positive thinking, and community service. the dark lord seemed more amused with each visit. her smile was almost charming, once you got past the long, sharp teeth.

the librarian was trying to go about their usual morning ritual of pulling books that had been requested the night before, but the dark lord wouldn’t stop making faces at them from behind gaps in the shelves. she seemed to find it hilarious. the librarian hadn’t decided yet if they were amused or annoyed.

“ooh, look at this,” the dark lord said, pulling a sturdy but beaten up board book featuring a werewolf mid-transformation on the cover from the shelf. “this was my favorite when i was just a little menace.”

“somehow i’m not surprised.”

the dark lord tucked the book into the ridiculous basket made of a large skull that floated alongside her. “didn’t you have a favorite picture book when you were little?”

“Barker the Sentient Book End,” the librarian said promptly. “i screamed for it every night until someone read it to me, long after i’d already memorized each page.”

the dark lord cooed, sounding like a cross between an owl and something eating an owl. “adorable. i knew you had a little monster in you somewhere.”

the librarian crossly debated denying being a monster at all or pointing out they had actual kraken blood in them.

they should have guessed how close the dark lord was from how good her mood was, but it wasn’t until they arrived at work on monday that the librarian heard the news.

“the newest dark lord managed to overthrow the faeyrie monarchy last night. something about combining traditional herbal spells with a newfangled mental magic based on the power of willful thinking… or something. the news reporter mentioned the use of mermaid song in a mild kind of mind control, i think? i wasn’t listening. the good news is, our budget stays in place.”

the librarian contemplated hurling the can of bookmarks across the room, but concluded that it would be both unprofessional and unsatisfying. they settled for aggressively stamping returned, only slightly saliva-covered books with red ink.

the phone clicked loudly. “public library, how can i help you?”

“by taking my offer,” the dark lord said, slightly hesitant voice like a rock slide that wasn’t sure it was ready to slide. “the royal library in the capital needs a new head librarian.”

“why’s that?” the librarian spun in their new swivel chair, tangling the phone cord while they were at it, thinking they wouldn’t want to leave so soon after getting it.

there was a cough like the ocean spitting out a new island. “erm, hmm, last one got… eaten. tragic. these things happen when you’re very, very small, you know.”

“so i’ve heard.” the librarian stretched the phone cord and watched it bounce back. “well, i’m happy where i am.”

“well.” her voice was more disappointed than they’d expected. “it’s a very nice library, you know. large selection of mermaid song in the CD section.”

“the royal library is part of our system. i can request any materials from there that i want to be delivered here.”

a pause. the dark lord had not considered this. “well, maybe i’ll take the royal library out of the system.”

“you wouldn’t dare disrupt the workings of our very intricate library system set up at the dawn of time.”

“maybe i would!”


“fine. i wouldn’t.”

the librarian swiveled some more, wrapping the cord around with them until it ran out of give and spun them in the other direction. “would you like to grab a coffee sometime?”

“yes,” the dark lord said, voice too surprised to resemble anything in particular. “i can travel down meet you tomorrow morning.”

“don’t you have things to do?”

they could sense the shrug from the other end of the line. “i’ll move the capital to your town. i can do that, you know. i’m the supreme ruler of the tri-kingdom area.”

“yes,” the librarian agreed, un-spinning to return the phone to its cradle. “just don’t forget who gave you the library card.”


Welcome to a world without Light.

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Spiderman Homecoming was A1

A1 means great

oh look another movie master post by ya girl here we go

  • ok im gonna start ya’ll off with a BANGER 
  • {{so get this when the Avengers first had their alien battle in New York (2012) Peter would have been 10 years old so I low-key think that it was Peter that did the little drawing of the Avengers that the movie opens with}} I have since rejected this theory completely upon realizing I wrote this post at 3am and how the fuck could he have it if Peter drew it???? Cmon me
  • Tony is trying SO HARD to be a better dad than Howard was
  • “How’s your daughter?” (u speak Spanish rly Peter)
  • when he’s standing on that building and that guy sees him and goes “Do a flip!” and he actually does
  • “Hey it’s my car dumbass.”
  • when he first walks into the bank and is trying to decide how to stand what a dork
  • Hannibal Buress’ two (2) scenes
  • him running through sprinklers
  • the dog
  • that whole scene where he was chasing the van
  • i feel like the past spider-men were like really graceful and swinging really neatly but this Peter literally hurls himself everywhere and crashes into so many things
  • “You know I’m a curious person by nature.”
  • when Peter rejoins the decathlon team 
  • “You can’t just abandon us then stroll up and expect to be welcomed back by everyone.”  “Hey, Peter welcome back!”
  • Ned has a sticker of the “this is fine” dog on his laptop
  • “Uh I put a tracker on someone, he’s a bad guy.”
  • “Nedcallmebacktheglowythingsabomb!”
  • “I don’t really want to celebrate something that was built by slaves.”
  • plus the guard during that scene and his little hand gesture
  • *Peter falls down the elevator shaft*  “Thank you.”
  • Donald Glover “I know what a girl sounds like.”
  • “That’ll dissolve in two hours!”  “I got ice cream, man.”
  • when he steals the keys from the guys on the ferry he says yoink
  • he is so frantic when he tries to save the ferry and distraught when it starts to fall apart again
  • he literally almost ripped himself in half to try to save it
  • “If you cared you’d actually be here.” Tony: “GUESS WHAT.”
  • deeper twist to that yes he’s there Peter just like his dad never was for him 
  • that scene was a good Dad Tony moment
  • “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” this is so important
  • ^ honestly i could go into so much detail about that just lemme know if you want me to ill make a whole ‘nother post about that shit
  • that hall pass was ridiculously huge
  • GOD the most jarring shift from Aunt May teaching Peter how to dance and tie and tie and there’s happy background music and he’s so excited then BAM fuckin Michael Keaton opens that door and ho-ly shit
  • he is so fucking scared during that whole scene in the house and in the car
  • he’s FIFTEEN years old and he’s got absolutely no idea what this guy will do if he finds out who Peter is. this is basically his frst encounter with a real villian and he scared shitless
  • he literally almost cries in the backseat when he sees Vulture start to figure it out
  • when Michelle flips Peter off at the dance and the way she flips Peter off at the dance
  • “I’m…looking at……porn..”
  • the fucking SCENE where he gets crushed he is so scared and so hurt and oh my god
  • Tom Holland’s acting was A fucking 1
  • he does good hurt/crying/scared noises that sounds weird but it is v important
  • “C’mon Spiderman!” 
  • how desperately he tried to save Vulture he is so good and pure and just really wants to protect people he doesn’t want anyone to die
  • “I’m trying to save you!”
  • the random school mascot running by towards the end??
  • the bathroom scene
  • Tony is so happy to have a son he loves Peter fight me
  • super random but i love the way Tony taps his watch to reveal the suit
  • “Look at that. Look at me.”
  • the way Tom turns his head when he says that is rly funny too
  • when Happy goes “He’s a good kid.” and Tony does that fucking shrug smile thing and the look was a mix of “Yea I know” but also like parental pride??? it’s a very specific look that i cannot fully explain
  • AFTER CREDIT SCENE Vulture is either protecting Peter bc he saved his life or he wants to kill Peter himself

come yell at me about any and all of this please

listen you have no idea how important having a bilingual peter in the mcu is because in queens, hispanics are the majority of the minority. i see peter using spanish in the suit when he needs to help someone who doesn’t speak english. like they can utilize that so well into the next few films. man it was such a little thing that made me so happy to see. to be in a theater filled with hispanics and us all laughing out of joy and saying “Ooooo” to that first line peter speaks in spanish in the movie, like yes. i need more of that bond when watching a movie like spider-man on the big screen. 


make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

        *✧・゚ the boy with starlight in his eyes  *✧・゚


hoseok birthday bonanza!

day 06 - dancing

*Me and my future kids talking*

Kids: Mommy, who was president from 2016-2020?

Me: I don’t remember kids, but let me give you a rundown on what happened at the 2017 Oscars-it was WILD