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mobster! dean au pt2

   →word count: 3k

   →warnings: graphic violence

   →a/n: this is part 2 to my dean au, for anybody who may have wanted this (lol i doubt anyone cared enough) but enjoy

pt1 here

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you woke up to an unfamiliar light - sunlight.

dean’s body practically engulfed yours, both of your bodies facing in the direction of his window. his shallow breathes warmed your neck and his brawny arms trapped you against him. without waking him, you twisted to get a better view of his sleeping form.

last night, he had looked like a dangerous man, cold and hard - yet still sexy. but in the softness of the sunrise, he looked much more innocent. the side you’d seen to dean 12 hours ago had changed to an entirely softer one. his dark fringe fell over his forehead and eyes, and you went to gently brush it away, but his eyes fluttered open at the touch.

he grunted slightly, but then smiled at you, “morning.”

you placed a kiss on his forehead lightly.

“morning, do you want me to go make us coffee?”

“that,” he stretched out with a  yawn, muscles looking more prominent, “sounds grand.”


“he’s gonna come after us.”

“no he won’t, you got me remember?”

“i’m starting to question if that’s a good thing or not.”

as dark as the situation was, you found yourself smiling at dean’s lightheartedness. no matter how troubled you got by what seemed like the inevitable, he would never let it last.

“i’m glad i make you smile so much,” he took another gulp of his black coffee.


he swallowed, “because your smile’s one of the prettiest i’ve seen. and i’ve seen a lot of pretty smiles.”

“oh have you now?”

he chuckled at you. his roommates were all watching tv in the living room next to you, and they snickered at your question.

“oh believe me,” bobby called over, “this boy has not seen much action since i’ve known him.”

you smiled, almost pleased with the answer. dean looked over at you nervously, as if not having lots of experience was shameful. you felt relieved that he hadn’t slept around.

“dean,” you cupped his cheek and settled further into his lap, “i’m gonna be honest, i’m kind of glad your not that kind of guy.”

his body softened now, his grip on your (his) t-shirt less clenched. the two of you had been mindlessly chatting to one another on the sofa for the past hour or so, still exhausted after the previous night. you could get lost in the idle chat, it was so easy, and carefree.

“i gotta work tonight, but your welcome to come to the pit with me. or you could always stay at the apartment with vin, it’s up to you.”

as nice as vin was, he had made a habit of making uncomfortable comments, and truthfully, you wanted to spend time with dean.

“the pit sounds good. what exactly is it?”

“our turf.”

“ah, so is it like a club?”

he glanced over at his roommates, who all exchanged a similar look.

“uh i guess you can call it that.”

the pit was nothing like a club. it was an old warehouse that had been done up into what looked like an underground fight club. it had a bar in the corner and back rooms all around the sides, and in the middle was a big fighting ring.

dean’s arm wrapped comfortably around your waist and the atmosphere made you on-edge enough to curl further into his warm side.

“you okay?” dean’s brow furrowed at your small, intimidated stature.

“i’m just a little overwhelmed,” you said breathily, “i though it was gonna be a club.”

earlier on in the day, dean had taken you out shopping for new clothes and possessions that you had obviously left behind. you weren’t in any position to say no and so with each shop you walked out of you had yet another bag laden on your arm. dean spoilt you with luxurious clothing, he wanted you to be treated right. and you weren’t the kind of girl to refuse such a kind offer.

“it’s kind of a club,” he scratched his head sheepishly, “it’s a fight club. not like the fight club, but a fight club none the less.”

since he’d splashed the cash a little on you, you’d decided to go for a simple, but short black dress with thigh high boots and a big fur coat over the top. if you were out with dom, he’d expect an outfit exactly like this, dressing like this was almost second nature.

but now you saw where you really were, you felt really exposed.

dean could sense your discomfort, “relax, you’re with me. and no ones gonna mess with you if i’m around.”

it wasn’t possessive, it was just protective. you craved it more than any thing.

a tall, extremely muscular guy came up to dean, and have him a firm hand-shake-pat-on-the-back-hug that mobsters would do with one another.

“dean, it’s nice to see you again. you in the ring tonight?”

you were surprised, “you fight?”

the tall guy looked at you like he’d just noticed you now, ’“and who’s this delight?”

“joey this is y/n, y/n this is my boss, joey.”

he grabbed your hand and placed his lips on it politely. the action shocked you, but you didn’t mind, it was respectful, not creepy.

“it’s a pleasure to meet such a beautiful woman,” his eyes slimmed as he studied your face even further, “i recognise you from somewhere.”

your heart rate quickened drastically, you couldn’t get caught now. you were finally free, it couldn’t be over so soon. not when you’d finally found a shot at happiness with a good guy.

“she’s just someone i met out of town,” dean covered up your tracks with a simple lie.

“oh of course, you wouldn’t be stupid enough to take an already taken girl, now would you dean?”

he knew.

“he’s coming here tonight,” he continued, “i suggest you leave before your fucked. and dean, i thought i taught you better. you never take unless it actually belongs to you.”

your blood felt white-hot as anger burned all through you.

“oi, i suggest you watch the way you talk about me. i chose to leave by myself. dean just happened to be there to help at the right place and right time. so next time you wanna talk to me with that kinda language, i suggest you watch your fucking tongue before i rip it out your head, capishe?”

the two of them stared down at you, wide-eyed. who would ever expect such a pretty girl to have such a foul mouth? dean smiled at you and started to speak, before getting interrupted.



“i thought you knew by now that men don’t like being told what to do.”


“you did find out the hard way after all.”

you were too frozen in shock to even turn around and confirm the owner of the voice.

“stay the fuck away from her,” dean had his hand gripped firmly around your wrist, too afraid that letting go of it would mean letting go of you.

“or what, pretty boy? you gonna fight me?”

the scene had formed its own audience, mobsters from gangs all around had circled around to watch dom fuck up yet another guy.

but not on your watch.

dean smirked at dom, his confidence seeming a little miscalculated, “your on. i know how you fight, you get one of your men to do it for you. and then you sit back and watch on your pathetic ass. i don’t think you’ve ever been in a fight, let alone won one.”

“you so sure about that?”


dom wasn’t getting anywhere with this, he couldn’t find any way to intimidate dean. to some, it was comical to watch one of the most feared mobsters get shut down so breezily. to others, it was seen as a death wish

“i haven’t got all day, i gotta job to do, so if we’re gonna fight, i’d rather we got started and cracked on,” dean was pushing his luck, and  dom’s patience.

“you’re really getting on my nerves now pretty boy,” dom’s jaw clenched in fury.

“you’ve been getting on my nerves since you decided to treat such an amazing girl like a piece of trash. if you’d taken your time to appreciate how truly remarkable she is, then maybe i wouldn’t be pissing you off so much.”

you gasped at how astounding his words were.

“so are we gonna keep pissing each other off, or are we actually gonna fight?”

the audience whooped and hollered at dean’s rebellious attitude. if there’s one thing a mobster likes, it’s a rebel.

the two of them walked over to the ring, deans grip still around your wrist, “if i end up getting really hurt, whatever you do, don’t try and help me.”


“no y/n, you have to promise you won’t get in that ring.”

you suddenly noticed the absence of gloves, tape and gumshield.

this was a bare-knuckle fight.

dean shrugged off his jacket and unbuttons the shirt slowly, as you should have been doing for him later on tonight. but unfortunately the tables have turned and fate didn’t seem to rest on your grounds anymore. we weren’t as foolishly free as you had thought.

joey hopped in the ring and called the two of them to the middle, dean and dom both shirtless and looking very ready to hit each other.

“okay we still have rules here,” joey glanced at dom, “this is a one round fight, so no weapons, no spitting, no biting and no scratching. this isn’t a lady fight.”

the audience laughed at his sexist joke, but you couldn’t be bothered to get angry at anything except the soon to come fight.

“are we ready,” joey called out.


dean and dom positioned themselves.


the room silenced.


good luck dean.


dom was offensive so he therefore got the first swing, which was smoothly blocked by dean. dom took yet another, but again his actions were blocked.

dean now punched, straight into his stomach, the blow causing dom to stumble back. dean now used this to take a couple more punches, one to the face this time. the impact of knuckle against cheek was evident through the audiences yells. even to this day, you still winced at the noise.

dom looked up at dean with blood dripping down his face. you had no emotion except pleasure at seeing dom’s pain.

“why you little,” dom hisses at dean, and charges straight towards him, pinning him to the floor. where dean may have been smart and quick at fighting, dom had more weight and strength. he took no time in punching dean in the face, the sound of dean’s head hitting the floor as it was whacked against it.

from the edge of the ring, all you could see was dean’s struggling body start to get more and more weak under dom’s punches. his head was being punched back and forth, tilted to look at you. his eye was already starting to blacken, his lip was busted and bleeding and his right cheek was swollen with a small nick on the bone, blood also trickling from that.

you were frozen at the sight, the ugliness of dean’s injuries chilling you to the bone.

you knew how dom’s men fought, and you knew that dom fought the same way. and he hadn’t fought dirty yet. in everyone of his men’s left pocket was a smaller inner pocket that held a tiny, easily concealed switch blade. you saw dom’s hand reach to pull it out.

“dean watch out! he’s got a knife!”

dom made a quick swipe along dean’s torso, now even more blood covering his body.

dean escaped dom’s grasp and gripped his wrist in an attempt to get him to drop the knife. even in dean’s weak state, he was resilient, unable to give up just yet.

dean shoved hardly on dom’s chest, and he finally got back up onto his feet.

“you piece of shit,” dean spit out blood, “no weapons.”

“i don’t know what you’re talking about,” dom smirked at him, then very quickly at you, “won’t be long baby, i’ll get you back soon.”

dean lunged onto him and started throwing out punches, but dom was no where near as damaged as him, dean was losing blood rapidly, so he easily blocked them all. dean tried to kick him instead, but yet again dom had managed to block him. he hooked into dean’s chin, the blow forcing dean onto the floor.

“giving up yet?”


dom sighed and kicked him in the stomach, a groan elicited from dean. he got on all fours and made an attempt at standing up, blood dripping from his cut.

but dom just kicked him back down, and kicked his head. dean yelled out in pain, clearly on the edge. you were struggling to watch, each blow to dean making the tears that were close to falling even closer.

dom reached down and grabbed dean by the throat, his face turning red and panicked as he weakly attempted to breath. his fingers tried to pull his hand off of him.

“i hope this fight was enough to prove that you should never steal what belongs to me.”

and with that, he punches dean one last time straight in the face, and let’s his body sink to the floor.

“oh and you’re not the only one who’s in a lot of trouble with me,” he looked over at you with a menacing smile, “she’s got quite a lot to answer to as well.”

when dean would have automatically jumped up to your defence, his body stayed limp on the floor.

“dean! no, no let go of me!” dom trapped your waist and started to pull you out of the club.

“i hope you’re ready for the punishment i have prepared.”

you paled at the thought.

an idea came over you, and you stopped struggling entirely.

“dom i’m so sorry, he kidnapped me. i didn’t have a choice. but i didn’t do anything wrong.”

“you were defending him before though?”

“i was scared you’d win and hurt me. i didn’t know what else to do.”

he thought about the statement for a little while, trying to know if he should believe you or not.

“are being completely honest with me baby?”

you shuddered at the old nickname.

“of course dom, you know i’d never lie to you.”

he smirked and pulled you against him, caged into his build. he crushed his lips onto yours, tongue entering your mouth forcefully. you started to pull the hem of your dress up, past your stockings, his hands tracing along your thighs with you.

you felt the warm metal of the gun and grabbed it. placing it on the small of his back, you clicked the hammer back and readied it for fire. you stayed in the close position the two of you were in, so as not to draw attention.

“i suggest you let me go or i will shoot, dom,” you whispered into his ear.

“why you little-”

“genius? why thank you. now i’m gonna give you 5 seconds to let me go quietly or i will pull the trigger.”

“what if i shoot you first?”

“you’re gun is on the inside of your jacket which you very stupidly left on the outside of the ring. you have no weapon to shoot with.”

you had him in a box, and he had no choice.

“you’re bluffing, you’d never shoot me.”

“you’re 5 seconds are gone and you’re really underestimating me.”

you pushed him back and shot his thigh twice, one dangerously close to his crotch. he sunk to his knees and gripped the wound strongly.

“fuck! you bitch!”

“all your men have left and there’s no one here to protect you anymore. so i strongly advice you leave whilst you can.”

“fuck you y/n.”

“your choice.”

you shot straight at his crotch this time. he screamed so loudly the whole building went silent.

“that’s for dean.”

you walked over and kicked him in the stomach, causing him to curl up.

“that’s for all the people you’ve cheated out of money and lives.”

you took one final aim at his face, your pointy, heeled boot effortlessly coming into contact with his already injured features.

“and that’s for me and every single way you hurt me.”

the room’s silence was now filled with cheers as the most hated mobster was finally put in his place. and not one person dared to say otherwise.

you couldn’t give two shits about anybody else in the room other than dean. you sprinted over to the ring again and jumped straight in.


his body was hidden by joey’s and you couldn’t tell if he was even alive or not. there wasn’t any movement.

“let me see him,” you pushed joey out of the way to find an unconscious dean - bloody and bruised. his cut had been dressed and his face wiped slightly to remove the dried up blood.

“oh my god,” you fell on your knees next to him, just like this morning you brushed his fringe out of his eyes, but they didn’t open at the touch this time.

“dean please be okay. we won, we beat dom,” you spoke softly to his senseless body, “just please wake up.”

by his point, dom had been carried out by a few men, and was told to “never show your cheating face here again.”

you had however, collapsed into dean and were sobbing like a mere child lost in a new city. after all the drama and despair of the last 24 hours, you felt exhausted and completely hopeless. it wasn’t like you to cry, you’d never let yourself before. but there was something about all of the action that had caused something to break.

“why are you crying?”

his hands very slowly came to pull your head up to meet his. one of his eyes looked into yours, the other swollen shut.

“you’re okay!”

“somewhat, yes,” he smiled at you, then remembered dom, “what happened to-”

“i shot him in the balls. he won’t be an issue with us anymore, i can promise you that.”

his eyes twinkled in amazement of your courage and strength. he pulled you down to him, his arms squeezing around your shoulders.

he sighed contently, “that’s my girl.”

you giggle and pull him up onto his feet.

“you alright to stand up?”

“absolutely fine.”

he stabled himself out then grabbed his shirt and draped it over himself, not even bothering to button it back up.

the two of you walked out of there hand in hand, not even looking back to reassure yourselves. you both did that for each other anyway.

dean’s swollen and bruised face looked so out of place with his eye-creasing grin.

“i may look like shit, and i probably need some medical attention, but tonight has been pretty cool.”

you laugh and swing your arm around his shoulders, his hand instinctively coming round your waist.

the two of you stay like that for a little longer, just walking down the street. you looked an odd pairing, almost feared. but you two couldn’t care less, you had all the time in the world, wherever you desired. whatever you desired. whoever you desired.

and right now you craved a bed, in an apartment, with dean.

I need sleep...

I didn’t even know what the title should be, just to say in advanced i am not sure if I’m being over dramatic over this. I maybe am since it’s 1 in the fucking morning and I’m watching BTS MV’s, trying to decipher some things and holy shit i was kinda happy when i found this.

This shouldn’t be too long, sorry if I’m wasting your time with this i honestly don’t know how I’m even breathing normally now.

So lets get started *Rolls up sleeves like Jungkook*

I am pretty sure everyone has watched the Blood Sweat and Tears Japanese version/Teaser trailer right? If not then here (X).

Now since Hobie (J-Hope) is my bias i was loyal and mostly payed attention to him…That was the biggest lie i told ever.

Anyways while looking through the BST video i noticed Hobie doing this weird hand spin thingy (Just look at the gif).

Yesterday while seeing this in the video i thought it looked familiar, but after some rather *cough* perverted jokes i made about it with my friend, i forgot about the part.

A couple of minutes ago i was looking through some theories about the wings album i stumbled upon the Boy Meets Evil comeback trailer. And i swear to you i screamed.

I Fucking knew it looked familiar, i knew it , needless to say i started acting like a 4 year old on a sugar rush.

Now i wanna know what you guys think, do you think I’m completely stupid and over reacting.

Also before i go,my friend and I thought about a theory of BTS going as the 7 deadly sins on the Blood Sweat and Tears (Japanese trailer). V being Lust (Seductive stares and surrounded by silky sheets) , Jin being Sorrow (Hence the shattering glass), Suga being Wrath ( Pushing/Hitting Jungkook). Not sure yet it’s just a beginning of a theory.

Let me know what you guys think, message me if you want to talk about it.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this! 

I am a grown woman fangirling about a dance move that might not even mean anything, ah Jesus…

gifs are mine… wow that sounded possessive.

You Are My Entire Life || Joe Sugg Imagine

I feel tears build in my eyes, and the phone that was held to my ear goes crashing to the floor. All of the other people in the cafe that I’m sat in going on with their lives. I had just been told the worst news of my entire life, My best friend had been hit by a car, she died on impact. When I was younger I had lost my parents, so I was in and out of foster care. She was all I had left, My other half, she kept me safe. B/F/N was such a happy girl, top of all her classes, gorgeous, popular and successful. But now she’s gone.

“Hey love, take a breath,” I hear a voice call out to me, breaking me from the sadness that was currently destroying my being. “Look at me.” I raise my eyes from the table to a gorgeous pair of steel blue eyes. I do as he says and take a breath and finally, I let the tears fall.

“Love, it’s alright you’ll be okay,” I feel hands make their way onto my face and pulling it back up to meet his eyes. I take another deep breath and slow my tears and whisper, “She’s gone,”

“Who’s gone?” The stranger asks, I raise my eyes back to his and say, “My best friend died,”

“Oh I’m sorry love, My names Joe Sugg, Why don’t you let me help you?” He whispers, taking me into his arms.

~~~~~ Timeskip~~~~~

“Hey Y/N, How are you doing?” My psychologist asks I nod my head slowly cringing softly when I remember that she can’t see me.

“Actually I feel good, I miss her every day but I’ve found someone, someone to keep me grounded.” I smile over at my goofy boyfriend who’s cooking me some dinner

“Good, that’s so good to hear, I guess if you’re feeling good and you’ve got nothing else to talk about, you don’t have to come in tomorrow if you don’t want to,” she says through the phone.

“Okay sounds good, bye.”

“Bye y/n” she finishes and hangs up. I make my way over to Joe and wrap my arms around his waist, taking the opportunity to feel his toned stomach. I feel him chuckle and spin around to enclose me in his arms.

“Thank you,” I whisper, smiling into his chest.

“What for love?” he says kissing my head softly.

“You helped me dig myself out of the pit I fell into when B/F/N died,”
I say looking up at him with tears in my eyes.

“I loved you then, I love you now, You don’t have to thank me,” he says, sincerity filling his eyes.

“I love you so much,” I whisper. Knowing that I had someone like him in my life after what had happened, helped me feel normal. I missed her every day and it sometimes crushed me, and I fell halfway into my pit, But Joe always found a way to of pulling me back out of it.

“We’ve been together for a year today, Her death anniversary is soon love,” He whispers smiling softly.

I nod my head softly, “She’s watching over me you know?” I ask him, he nods his head, “She’s gone away for a bit, She’s making sure all is going well for me, making sure that I’m safe and happy, she made sure that you were there for me when I found out, she’s watching out for me, I was angry and depressed at first, you know that I hated the world, but I’m not going to punish myself forever, she wouldn’t want that, so for her and myself I’m going to change my view on the world.” I finish with a tear escaping my eyes.

“I’m so proud of you gorgeous,” he pulls me back into his embrace.

“Losing someone sucks, it hurts a fuckton. I wanted to die, I’m not even going to lie, I wanted to hurt a lot of people. I wanted to make everyone else feel a shit as I was feeling. I wanted to do a lot, but instead, I decided to make other people smile, and laugh, I changed my view I wanted other people to be happier than me in the end. I wanted people to smile even though I couldn’t. But then there was him he made me feel okay, he put me back together. Joseph Graham Sugg, you are the light of my life and I dedicate my entire life to you, I love you.” I smile back up at him, standing on my tiptoes and kissing him softly.

“You are my entire life love,” He mumbles into our kiss, and for the first time, I feel like everything has fallen into place.

The old bird sighed, he knew he’s eventually have to tell this story, might as well be now, right? Perching himself on a low hanging branch he looked up at the sky “Good… Bad… Honestly I wouldn’t have her either of those things… I don’t think even now I would.” Bringing a wing up he covered his face with his hat like feathers. “.. More… Like a work in progress”

The memories Archimedes was sifting through seemed to make him uncomfortable, though he continued. “Morrigan’s mother has thousands of children, even hundreds of thousands at this point maybe, I’d even go as far to say they’re more spawned than born… but what can you expect from a creature more demon than anything else at this point?” Archimedes feathers ruffled a bit, as if in disgust at what he was about to reveal next “I’d say at any given time she keeps around a hundred or so alive… of course that means every once and a while she has to ‘thin the pack’… those picked, whether they’re too weak for her to bother with, too strong willed, oh well… just picked at random are put out for the hunt.” 

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anonymous asked:



who hogs the duvet

both. they both so they end up. tangled and hot and sweaty and stuck.

who texts/rings to check how their day is going

lance does. he’s gross n romantic n probably thinks abt keith all day. keith is Overwhelmed. “nothing has changed since you last saw me” “yeah but how is your day going? what’s happening? is it fun?” “no….” “u suck at this” “u suck” “i do ;)” keith shoves his phone in his bag and doesn’t touch it for the rest of the day

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

lance. probably. handcrafts mixtapes and all sappy shit. while keith’s like. “happy birthday. i didn’t know what to get u but i found these socks and they were blue and had little cacti on them which i thought was kind of funny so i got them for u?” lance wears them until they fall off his feet

who gets up first in the morning

they both like to lie in late and sleep longer than they should (lord let them rest) but eventually lance will because he needs to start his Morning Routine. get that skin glowing boy

who suggests new things in bed

uhhhhh. they both. are like. not great at . suggesting they kind of just try to shyly nudge things in a new direction and then the other one’s all “wait wait wait– you’re into that?” “yes..?” “LMAO THATS SO WEIRD” “we dont have to if u dont wanna” “no get ur ass back on this mattress i wanna do it too babe im sorry”

who cries at movies

lance is probably the more likely of the two. but keith gets really messed up about animal movies. he may not always cry but he gets so distraught.

who gives unprompted massages

lance does. keith tries sometimes, but he’s not very good. leave lance’s bony shoulders for hunk to knead out.

who fusses over the other when they’re sick

lance more effectively so. he has his mum’s soup recipes and knows how to look after a sick whiny guy after seeing her handle him and his brothers. keith tries to return the favour but his soup is sloppy at best and he doesn’t know what else to do but hover uselessly. “don’t worry about me, pretty boy, i just gotta sleep it off.” “u sure?” “yes. u can go do ur own thing.” “u dont need anything before i go?” “i mean if u want…a cuddle would be nice.” “ok a cuddle i can do that”

who gets jealous easiest

they’re both prone, but probably lance?

who has the most embarrassing taste in music

like…..i was gonna say lance but then i thought about keith and all his emo anthems so

who collects something unusual

keith doesn’t mean to but he has a lot of junk? he doesn’t know how he got most of it, but “it might be important one day”

who takes the longest to get ready

lance. though keith can take a surprisingly long time to choose an outfit

“i don’t get it. why does it take you so long to pick the same black jeans and shirt every day?” “these aren’t the same jeans and shirt!” “they are! they’re black! like the ones you wore yesterday, and the day before, and the day before–” “no, yesterday my shirt was lighter grey! and these jeans are tighter, don’t pretend like u didn’t notice that! plus these ones have the tears in the knees that i like.”

who is the most tidy and organised

neither of them tbh. their shared apartment would look like something out of an apocalypse movie set. their friends would be disgusted except they’ve also seen pidge’s place and, well, in comparison to that, anything is clean.

who gets most excited about the holidays

lance because he actually like. had a family that celebrated stuff with him. but as they go through the years together, keith learns the excitement too. the holidays become really special to him; that time he can spend with his friends and family and watching lance be so happy and cute with his family…he Treasures that.

who is the big spoon/little spoon

i couldn’t decide for this so i Phoned A Friend and she showed me the light:

“i feel like it would be a competition to see who gets to be big spoon 85% of the time. the rest depends on if one is feeling down or sick or wanting comfort or something.”

+ he’s loathe to admit it but lance secretly loves being little spoon as well so he’s never too upset if he loses the Big Spoon Wrestle

creds to my loveliest @something-something-lemonade

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

they’re both v competitive but probably lance by a slim margin (though keith generally wins Everything)

who starts the most arguments

listen……friend…..have u seen the show

who suggests that they buy a pet

a dog follows keith home one day. “he followed me.” says keith. “i didnt know how to get rid of him.”

“I LOVE HIM!” lance cries, throwing himself on the dog. “HE’S BEAUTIFUL THIS IS THE BEST GIFT YOU’VE EVER GOTTEN ME!”

what couple traditions they have

whenever they go somewhere with prize-winning type games, lance always always plays until he wins something for keith. also on fb for birthdays they always try and one-up each other to see who can find and post the most embarrassing photos/quotes

what tv shows they watch together

listen they watch space documentaries and reality tv and whatever show is the new big thing on netflix they watch everything and they eat chocolate cake while they watch and lance always ends up with his legs over keith’s lap when they’re finished their cake and put their empty plates on the floor (more than once, lance has trodden on a plate while getting up during an ad break to get more snacks/pop to the loo)

what other couple they hang out with

we don’t know many other characters in the voltron ‘verse, but obviously the rest of the paladin gang and any of their significant others. tho normally they just hang out with pidge and hunk, like a friends thing

how they spend time together as a couple

just being around each other. out and about together, staying in together. something as simple as grocery shopping is it’s own little fun game when it’s just the two of them with shopping carts and long aisles to race through. going out for take out, gaming, they probably go to the gym together and compete over weights and Everything else. they do the household chores together and ride around on keith’s motorbike/in lance’s car and they pull faces at each other in the mirror while they clean their teeth. i also have this vivid mental image of them just. chilling on the couch in various Touching positions, quietly on their phones, showing each other memes or vines every so often. they end up lying on top of each other talking about the alien conspiracy documentary they watched the other night or about this new uni assignment that lance is dreading having to do. idk just. all the little things.

who made the first move

i mean…….if we aren’t counting canon things: lance…but only after he Knew For Sure keith was Gay.

who brings flowers home

lance is the gross romantic he brings home the flowers “some yellow roses to brighten up your day!” “are u friendzoning me?” “what? no i bought u flowers! im being Gay” “yeah but yellow roses are for friendship” “oh..i… No im not– besides– how do u even know that since when do u care about flower meanings?”

who is the best cook

keith burns everything whereas lance has a binder full of his mother’s home recipes so you tell me

Hanna Marin: the rundown

Season 1:

Hanna is portrayed as once ugly duckling turned Rosewood High’s it-girl, equipped with faithful sidekick Mona, and sticky fingers when it comes to department stores. I think Hanna masked her insecurities by pretending to be someone full of confidence but she’s really a good friend and cares about her mother. And even though her father is a dead beat piece of crap scumbag, she still loves him and that’s a source of insecurities that have outgrown as the series progressed. I didn’t like the chemistry between her and Sean and I like how that fizzled out when she met Caleb. A was definitely gunning for her with that car, she bounced back quickly.

Season 2:

Hanna went through it this season with her scumbag dad marrying Isabel but it wasn’t a too eventful season for her individually. I’m glad Haleb reunited(and it feels so goood..sorry, started singing).

Season 3:

After all Mona has done to them over the course of the first two seasons, Hanna still went to visit her crazy ass. I don’t think she should’ve given Mona the time of day after all that bullcrap. Mona had no reason for doing all that because she felt like they were stealing Hanna away from her boo hoo Hanna was loyal to her and got stabbed in the back in return. I think she gave Mona too much power over her. I think she should’ve told the girls.

Season 4:

I think Hanna’s connection with the girls got stronger as a whole this season. Hanna and Caleb got weaker-say what you want but this is the third breakup and he left her to figure out the secrets of a town that he’s been to once with a girl he met on a bus, get real. I’m a Haleb shipper.

Season 5:

I feel like her identity crisis was for no reason and she slipped back into the slump of insecure Hanna. She didn’t know who she was when Alison came back so she tried to be the person she wasn’t, switching up her style so they look opposite and drinking way too much. I’m glad she realized the problem before it became a real one. I think that Hanna could’ve avoided the whole Ali made me mentality she had and just do her. Alison influenced her to upgrade herself but she damn sure didn’t make her. Hanna is a stronger person than she gives herself credit for, and I would’ve loved if it’d been approached differently. At the same time I don’t like how she wanted to get her out of town, I know she doesn’t feel her true self when Ali is around but don’t convince her to leave when she’s in danger, Hanna is so much better than that. Hanna and Travis were cute for a minute but he’s no Caleb. How Mona’s “death” effected her showed a lot about forgiveness and how she can’t help but be loyal. Moving on the 5b, how pissed was I when she got arrested? Very.

Season 6:

The peak of her maturity. I think that you could truly see how much she grew as a person. Her and Caleb were solid and there for one another. Her bond with her friends was strong as per usual. I love how they stuck together and got out of the dollhouse in the premiere. Flashing forward I’m glad she semi followed her dreams. When I found out that Haleb wouldn’t be together when we came back for 6b I was salty about it, but Jordan seemed like a great guy and I think if she had not been summoned to rosewood that they would’ve made it. It seemed like he was willing to help her with whatever. I felt bad for him when she gave him the ring back. Ok the Haleb thing—–Caleb took a job in the city Hanna wanted to be with, with a salary that would allow her to follow her dreams, only to be neglected. I feel she was acting out of her character when they moved. Hanna always takes Caleb into consideration but then she didn’t. Let’s be clear, Hanna is an ASSISTANT, she’s not some high up in the fashion industry that’s making millions and jet setting across the globe, there was no reason to put being an assistant over a boyfriend who would do anything to make you happy. Hanna and Caleb were broken up for years and during the course of the breakup did not see each other. I don’t feel like she should have been acting interested once he got with Spencer, that’s not being a good friend. I’m a Haleb shipper and I think that their relationship post A should’ve been done better. Keep them together or apart. How many people have been with someone for two years, haven’t seen them in 3 years and then see them and bam get back together? Nobody that’s not realistic. Given the timeline of the show they’ve spent more years apart than together. Her taking charge- or so she thought, by trying to trick AD made my eyes roll back in my head. Although she didn’t deserve the actions that followed- she pretty much put herself in harms way leading her to being kidnapped

Season 7:

Hanna was put through absolute hell by AD. In my opinion more physical pain happens to her and Emily. I’m glad that her and Caleb are getting back together and sealed the deal and that he gave her a sense of security after all the hell she’s gone through. I do t think she should’ve gone rogue and went after Noel but I didn’t hate it when she knocked his smart ass out. She should’ve thought it through and told the other girls. Several parallels happened with her thinking for a second time that Noel was A and her needing Mona to coach her into a lie again.

Favorite moments so far:

Haleb’s first time Her style

Hanna being so accepting when Emily came out to her

Hanna’s freak out when she saw that A signed her cast

“She’s blind, she can’t hear us”

To Jenna when they found out she could see “aren’t you a sight for sore eyes”

Showing up to Jordan’s office in that killer red outfit

“Why am I beeping I haven’t even stolen anything yet”

Haleb 7a finale reunion

What I want from her in the final 10 episodes:

I want her to be happy with Caleb post AD. I want her to have the marriage and start the family that she wants. I can’t wait to see how amazing her dress will be if she gets married on screen


The stage is all lit up. It’s so bright… Back then, I wished to become an idol… or something that shines. That’s why I was so happy when you found me. It’s like I fell under a spell… I didn’t want it to ever end. But the spell was broken. If we don’t produce results at the ball, the department will be dissolved. So I meant to do my best, but somewhere along the line, it turned into a lie. Mio-chan’s solo activities, Rin-chan’s Triad Primus, my work with Miho-chan too. I tried to see that we were each getting stronger, doing what was needed so the ball would be a success. I meant to give it my all like they were. But everyone was shining, except for me… And I was so scared because I thought I couldn’t.

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

animeftw10  asked:

Tomas is canonically from Prague, and you're from the Czech Republic. What was it like when you found that out?

Hah well, you see.. First imagine being from a small middle-Europen country which majority of world don’t know it exist or simply don’t care about. Don’t take me wrong– I mean, I am very patriotic person, so even with all the mistakes, I love my country.
Moving on– How was it like when I found out that a character from my favorite game since childhood, is from Czech Republic? It felt pretty good, I was really happy about that. I still am. And I am not gonna lie, it also made me feel proud when I started to learn about Smoke. Such an awesome character with interesting story arc and who is loved by lot of people is from a country where I live? I think everybody would be somehow proud.
Also, I could somehow relate to him because we share the same land, language, ‘lifestyle’, etc. (You can see why I am drawing Tomáš a lot; I can use czech language to my advantage.)

Yeah, well, I am not good with words or writing down my thoughts. I can only shortly answer the question and that’s it. c’:
So any additional queries will be answered. Feel free to ask more…

My Tutor

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Part II / Part III

Requested: Yes! By the lovely teodorsalparov!

Prompt: “ hello! i dreamed about something last night so this is gonna be very specific :D so y/n is stiles’ cousin and she moves in with the stilinski family and her mother was a fairy, so she knows all about the supernatural. she quickly becomes lydia and allison’s best friend. one day she has to bring something to allison’s house while she isn’t there and chris invites her in for coffee. and while they are talking he kisses her. what happens next is on your imagination ½

2/2 because i would really love to see how this goes, given the fact that i woke up at the exact moment of the kiss :D thank you in advance c:

Fandom: Teen Wolf 

Character: Chris Argent

Word Count: 1.674

Warnings: The reader is underage and as you know Chris is way older, so don’t read if you have a problem with that,

Type: Slight Smut

Authors Note: I got a little bit carried away, and I changed the coffee thing. 

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anonymous asked:

i'm not gonna lie i thought ji and ks were the same person when i first saw their airport previews because i didn't really pay attention to their build etc so when i found out they weren't i was like "wait wAIT WHAT KADI IN MATCHING OUTFITS OH MY GOD" i literally almost screamed out loud /sigh/ my fangirl heart is happy

Same anon same!!!! 

I thought for a second that the pics of Soo was from another day, and that they were wearing the exact same shirt!!

Turns out it was similar ones on the same day, they’re really too much couple to handle sometimes!!! 






TT__TT I’m such an imbecile…

And to think I’ve been on this site for over 3 years…

soupery  asked:

i dont remember how i found your blog tbh, i think i just saw your url around really often in the gf fanbase hahah; i did find your cool fics on ao3 way before that though then saw the links in your sidebar and went OH GOTTA FOLLOW THEN

Oh maaan aaaa I’m so happy you liked those fics? That’s kinda surprising you recognized me from Ao3 though because I have a completely different name on there haha

Also not gonna lie- I still remember when you followed me, and I clearly recall screeching like a pterodactyl in sheer elation XD

thank goodness no one else was in the room, or they might have thought I was dying

(How did you find me and why did you follow me?)

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anonymous asked:

Every time you draw Ryan, my heart just gets so happy. Like, it's just so good and right. I always send a link of them to my friend and we scream together (they scream because they're happy that I'm happy, but it counts.) I would never be a person to beg an artist to draw more, because I know how much that can suck as an artist, but I want to to know that you are very good and make me very happy. Thank you so much for the art you share with us.

Awhhhhhhhh my gosh this message made my day thank you so much ;u; never fear, I will draw plenty more of Ryan and the vagabond… He means so much to me, getting a little personal here but there are times when my depression gets me, but the one sure fire way I’ve found to make myself feel a little better is to just lie down and watch ah content and honestly hearing Ryan never fails to cheer me up. And now I’ve found a way to participate in the community more and it makes me so happy! And to hear that my art makes other people happy is the biggest reward I could ask for. Thank you for taking the time to send me a message, and I am sending all my virtual love your way uvu xx

ttachibana  asked:

blue? ;v;

aaah, thank you so much sweetie pie!! ♥♥♥


what do you do when you’re sad?

I have a happy tag… that I never use orz honestly, it depends? Sometimes I seek comfort by talking to online friends, sometimes I just lie in bed holding a pillow to my chest. Petting my cats helps a lot too ♥ hot chocolates as well fkhj

what are some things you do when you can’t sleep?

The thing with me is… that I do nothing and just lie in my bed praying that I’ll fall asleep at some point. Recently though I found a book that was really helpful to never finding myself in such a situation again. And it’s true that I fall asleep every nights since then!

what was the best (non-romantic) night you’ve had?

hm. I’m not sure if I can recall correctly (because bad memory orz) but I really liked that night when I talked with @ichaichalivinglegacy on skype until… I don’t know, 4 AM ?

what kind of covers do you have on your bed?

A light sheet + a huge duvet + a plaid!

who is the last person you told a secret to?

Actually, I think it was you, tachi =‘D you and @ennea depending on what we call a “secret” exactly ;;;

thank you sooo much for asking <3333

So…Paige is back. I am honestly shocked. I did not believe that for one second she would be returning after all the hate and ridiculous taunting that the emison fans have, still on a daily basis, been distributing to Lindsey.

I saw the THR article and at first I thought, “Nah. No Way. Gotta be fake.” But then I read it and I was genuinely, to my own surprise, excited. And then JD and MK retweeted it and I knew it was for real and I had this big grin on my face like “Fuck yeah! Fuck the haters! She’s coming back and this is going to be amazing!” For a moment I was excited. Like really fucking excited because Paige was my reason for sticking with this show for so long. Even if she was only on screen for a minute it was worth watching the other forty three minutes just to see her lovely little face. And I was excited to see who she’s become and what her and Emily’s relationship will be like and maybe we get to find out what happened when they got back together after high school. I was just so excited there for a moment.

But only for a moment.

Because then I re-read the article and noticed how it said that she would be back for two episodes. And then I was like…”What the fuck? Two episodes? That’s it? Are you kidding me!”

You know maybe I’m reading into it wrong. Perhaps that only means two episodes for the first half of the season and she will be back in the second half or maybe they’re still working out schedules and all. But I don’t know. But I do know that if she is only in two episodes then I will be extremely upset. Not only because she’s been gone for so long, but also because I find that to be a slap in the face to not only Paily fans but also to Paige fans. What is the point of bringing her back if it’s not going to mean something? If there’s no ultimate goal at the end for Paige then why are they wasting Lindsey’s time and getting Paily fans all riled up? Yes, I get that it’s their jobs and all but come on. There is no way in hell that they would have ever brought Toby, Ezra or Caleb back for that little bit of time. I can’t even imagine the uproar that that would cause.

I don’t want Paige back just so the writers can say they brought her back. I want her back. I want her to finally get real time on the screen and in the story. I want to know what her life has been like and what happened with her and Emily. I want Emily to see her and just be stunned and not know what to do with herself because she missed her as much as we all have.

What I don’t want is two episodes with two minutes of screen time where we find out nothing about where she’s been or what she’s been doing. I don’t want Paige to come back just to walk away forever again. I don’t want a pity return. I want Paige to come back and remind Emily what it feels like to be loved and cared for. To show her that unpredictable can still be good. And I want Emily to finally be able to be happy. And when was the last time we saw that? I haven’t kept up with the show very well but it seems as though Emily hasn’t found anyone to match up to Paige yet. And that’s because nobody ever will.

I’m not going to lie, I still want so badly for Paige and Emily to have their happy ending. Not only because I’m a paily fan, of course I am, but because honestly I still feel like they got robbed of so much. They were torn apart for nothing. For whatever reason the writers took Paige away and left Emily with nothing meaningful. Paige was that person for her and she was for so long and Emily was Paige’s. Yeah, it’s not common to end up with your high school sweethearts but this show has always been different. We all know that Spencer and Toby, Caleb and Hanna, and Aria and Ezra are all going to be together. That’s a given and everyone knows it. I see no reason why Paige should be left out of that. I see no reason why if they’re going to put Paige physically back into the story that she and Emily can’t be together in the end also.

They deserve to be together just as much as the other girls deserve their others. I wish I trusted the writers more. I wish one of them would say that Paige was staying for the long haul because if she’s only back for those two episodes then, IMO, that’s worse then her not coming back at all. That’s a cruel tease that is just dirty and unfair.

I just want my girls back together. That’s all. I want Paige’s head dip back. I want Emily’s smile back.

Just give them back.