i was so happy even my tumblr ships these two

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Could I ask for some ship headcanons?

normally we don’t do this but since this is a fun inclusive sleepover and there are no specifications i’m gonna go all out just this once and hope you ship at least one of these pairings. if there’s a specific pairing you’d like message me again?? i guess asdfgh i’d feel bad if there was something else you had in mind lol.

 kept under a cut so anyone who wants to avoid ships can do so. –mod nejire 

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“Cause lovers dance when theyre feeling in love, spotlight’s shining its all, about us.”

I couldnt help myself I was listening to cute songs again and even though I told myself I’d work on the roleswap asks n stuff or my contest entry I find so much happiness in drawing these two 

Top 5 OTPs

Name 5 of your OTPs from 5 different fandoms and tag 10 people (or as many as you want) to pass it on!

Tagged by @maumauxmau​, thank you so much for tagging me!! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but I had no excuse to do it xD

1. Mikayuu (Mika x Yuu from Owari no Seraph)

Favorite quote:
Yuu: “I thought nobody would need me and that I was just foolishly living but after living and waiting I was able to meet you again. Live with me. That’s why Mika, it’s ok if you’ve become a vampire. If that’s painful I’ll do something about it so that you can return to being human again. That’s why don’t ever try to die again for me, please.”

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Commentary: They were the first M/M ship that I’ve ever shipped and they were the reason I joined Tumblr in the first place. Also, I was not much into shipping in general before I started shipping these two. So basically, they ruined my life (and I’m happy about it).

2. Sormik (Sorey x Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria)

Favorite quote:
Mikleo: “Knowing you, you probably just don’t want to pull me in and trouble me with your burden. But it’s already way too late for that. Our journey already begun long before this. This isn’t just your dream alone.”
Sorey: “…Right. This is our dream!”

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Commentary: I cannot even express how much I love these two and their relationship… I love how they always geek over everything and how they are always there supporting each other. Also, they are two adorable dorks.

3. Nezushi (Nezumi x Shion from No. 6)

Favorite quote:
Shion: “If I could turn back time and go back to that night… If I could go back to before I met you… I’ve thought about about that time and time again. And there’s always only been one answer for me. No matter how many times I was offered the choice… I’d still do the same thing. I’d still open that window and wait for you.”

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Commentary: Their relationship is really unique and beautiful.

4. Rin x Archer from Fate/Stay Night

Favorite quote:
Rin: “Archer… Make a pact with me again?”
Archer: “I can’t do that. I doubt I have that right. Besides, I no longer have a goal. My battle ends here.”
Rin: “But… But this means you’ll… No matter how much time passes, you’ll never be saved!”
Archer: “…Rin. Look after me. As you know, I’m a bit hopeless. Give me a shoulder to lean on.”

Commentary: They are technically not canon but I really don’t care, I love their dynamics and they are really awesome when fighting together.

5. Juhaku (Judar x Hakuryuu from Magi)

Favorite quote:
Judar: “The two of us will probably keep on fighting everything in this world that rejects us, even after there is no one left in the world. Because we’re that kind of human after all. And that’s fine with me. By doing that, you will become my king who will push forward no matter what, because we have to fucking break that shitty destiny of this world. We will fight to the death. Are you ready for that?”

Originally posted by kryota

Commentary: I love their interactions?? so much?? and I loved to see them fighting together and being evil together while still caring a lot for each other?? Seriously their arc in the manga was probably the most intense and interesting arc in Magi (and this is saying much, given how much I love Magi in general). I can’t wait for their reunion!

Oh my god, I made this too long I’m so sorry xD I’ll tag @neqtar, @murasakihime, @faeribling, @ghoulish-trash, @mickeyblades, @trainer-t0uko, @hakutsun, @blackchobits, @guildmarks, @elaedan

Just something I noticed some Overwatch shippers do and it’s messed up

This isn’t anything fancy or witty, but I want to say this because I just saw something awful.

McMercy does not deserve the hate it’s getting. Like, at all. Now, I don’t ship it myself since I have the headcanon they’re best friends. I see them eating ice cream together and talking about their dysfunctional boyfriends. (MercyKill and McHanzo for me all the way) but either platonic or romantically they would clearly care for one another.

This ship isn’t bad, it doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s no more outreaching than McHanzo is. In fact, McMercy could be argued to be more possible in canon given McCree hasn’t even met Hanzo in the story yet but has known Mercy since they were both young adults. Hell, Hanzo is set up so there’s an even chance he can still pick to join Talon. We’ll have to see for him cause Blizzard isn’t rushing their story.

If you don’t like the ship, don’t ship it. You don’t even have to see it all that often so stop the bullshit about “Every time this pops up I want to learn to hack to destroy tumblr.” Actually comment I saw just now. Like really? You’re that pathetic about other people having a different opinion that you that you want to become a cyber terrorist? Cause yeah hon, that’s exactly what that would be.

So, I have this to say. McMercy shippers, you’re great. All the content I’ve seen from you has shown these two happy and at peace. Even my own ships have turmoil at times that I don’t always like, but you treat these characters right. I can see these two hug and go “Aww, that’s sweet.” You don’t need me to say it, but ignore the hate and I hope you know there are shippers out there that might not ship the same way, but still respect you for it. I’m one of them.

The rest of you fucked up assholes can go get some therapy because with your reaction to two fictional characters being happy together is, and I’m using a clinical term here, fucking god damn shitty of you and wacko.

Seriously fuck the Overwatch fandom sometimes.

Greek Gay myth meme: Domestic Bliss

Note: Soooo continuing the Greek Gay myths meme @empiresofwater  said fanfic otp of your choice - which Muse A has been kidnapped by Muse B,so I am going to one of the ships which I really liked for its fluff with Kamisama Hajimemashita (Ok not Tomoe and Akaru-Oh) but Nanami and Tomoe,I mean in all honesty I loved these two before I even love Geralt and Yennefer (Well they are way up),as Nanami is pretty similar to me and Tomoe is a cynical bitch XDDD. It is kinda a post-manga thing (spoilers) which I want to write something small and playful which is fun. 

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i can’t remember the last time i even did an art thing. 

forgive me blinded universe 


*AWFUL SOBBING NOISES* OHMYGOD *throws laptop, flips a table, flips the sofa, gently rolls the cat* TUT I don’t think I expected to see this in my inbox, i certainly did not… I opened it and nearly screamed i was so shocked and surprised and happy and Hhhhhhhh~!!

I miss this ship so much and this…..this beautiful piece of work just fills me with so many feelings. It brings back such good memories of when i first joined Tumblr and meeting all my friends and spending so much time with these two loving each other… all the art and the role-plays and the comics and the fan shipping…. it makes me so happy.

I miss you a lot sweetheart. There is nothing to be forgiven for, I still love you and care about you so much. it makes my heart fill so full and happy to know that you are still there and that you still love these two as much as i do~

Yusebi loves you so much Caesans, he always will~

hi my name is taylor and i’m completely fed up with (some of) this fandom.

here’s why (and excuse my rambling, i can’t help it):

i joined this fandom in november 2014. season 2 of the 100 had just begun, and i was so happy to be in an environment where people got along (i came from the les mis fandom, people fought… a lot), and supported each other for the most part. there were a few bad eggs, and a few big fights, but nothing that would scare off an innocent newbie like myself, so i settled in and started making gifs, writing meta posts, writing poetry and making friends with some lovely people. mind you, i shipped bellarke from the beginning, because 1x08 made me really fall in love with the two of them and i binged all of season 1 before even venturing into the fandom on tumblr. so, i knew before i even met anyone or read anything that those two were my pairing, i loved them even if they weren’t canon, and everyone seemed to acknowledge that their relationship was something special, even if they didn’t ship them romantically. things were good. tumblr, for me, was a safe, happy place that i could turn to at the end of the day and ‘hang out’ with my friends. and then 2x05 happened.

when lexa appeared and revealed herself as the commander, i thought it was fucking awesome. AWESOME. more badass female characters, HBICs that are not going to take any of your bullshit and will slit your throat without blinking. yes. i am here for that. everything was fine and dandy until the season began to progress and clarke and lexa’s relationship became more and more involved. never ONCE did i have an issue with clarke and lexa becoming involved romantically (especially not because i shipped something different), but one major issue did begin to surface. people that shipped clarke and lexa, better known to the fandom as clexa, started to take on this idea that bellarke shippers were less than they were because their ship was canon. I GET IT. I REALLY DO. your ship has become real, all the heart eyes and longing stares came to a beautiful culmination that was the clexa kiss in bodyguard of lies, IT WAS GREAT. bisexual representation!!!!! yes! hallelujah for rothenberg and shumway and all the other people that made this happen and brought this character to life. clarke griffin represents a body of people that are rarely acknowledged and that’s beautiful. CLARKE AND LEXA TOGETHER IS NOT THE ISSUE WHATSOEVER. 

(some of the) clarke and lexa shippers, however, are.

the amount of hate, condescension and pure cruelty i’ve seen from that side of the fandom in relation to bellarke shippers is absolutely ridiculous. i can completely understand and agree with the fact that some bellarke shippers are overzealous and abrasive, as that happens with every. single. fandom. in the world. but that doesn’t fucking matter. that doesn’t give anyone the right to make someone feel stupid or less than because they like something you don’t like. bellarke shippers, who make up a HUGE fraction of this fandom, are constantly being belittled and spoken to like we are all fucking children who can’t understand the ~complexity that is clexa. give me a fucking break. these people spend their time and dedicate a portion of their lives to this show and making art and gifs and other things because they love it. 

by making them feel stupid and childish for shipping that pairing, you are ruining and tainting something that they love

what happens when too many people tell you that you’re stupid? or childish? or a heternormative dumbfuck who doesn’t want to see queer representation on a network television show? people stop loving the thing they used to love because they are sick and tired of being bullied

i’m 23 fucking years old and i feel bullied on this website almost every time i log on. it is not okay for fellow fans to behave this way, it is ABSOLUTELY not okay for the writers to behave this way and inadvertently ‘squad up’ with the people that are making others in this fandom feel like shit

*****this is not referring to all clexa shippers. obviously, some of them are beautiful flowers that i love and am friends with, that can co-habitate with bellarke shippers like it’s nothing (because that’s what decent humans do tbh) and i’m sorry to them for this post. i appreciate them for being awesome and not getting sucked into the hate.*****

people shouldn’t be deleting their tumblrs because of ship wars. people shouldn’t be messaging me telling me that they are crying because of something a clexa shipper said to them on anon. this is not the way fandom should be, especially not a fandom like the 100 that was once so united and awesome and familial. it’s really fucking sad. 

i’d just like to say that if you are being bullied or spoken to in a way that you don’t appreciate, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. you are absolutely, 100% allowed to love what you love. if you can’t stand up for yourself and you just want to vent, my inbox is ALWAYS open and i am always ready to listen. you are not alone in this. 

i’ve noticed recently that whenever i make a post where i’m outward about my distaste for disrespectful fandom members, i lose followers like i’m getting paid to do it. honestly, that’s completely fine. this post will probably cause a lot of that too, but that’s not something i’m concerned about at this point. i feel like this needs to be said and i have no problem with being the one that stands up and says it.

tl;dr - i’m tired of being treated like a child. i’m tired of fucking ship wars. i’m tired of fucking posts like this. i’m tired of this fandom being split in two and the writer’s making the problem 10x worse. if the 100 isn’t something that makes you happy anymore, you do not need to feel guilty for leaving it behind. at this point, i don’t blame you at all.

You can tell westallen is doing well when...

People come into our tag complaining about the ship even though the show hasn’t premiered yet. After many years on tumblr its blows my mind people still do not understand the concept of “anti” tagging. Cause the last thing I want to see in the westallen tag is a post talking about how they are sick and bored of westallen

You know what though screw these people. I’m not letting anyone take me down from my westallen high. After waiting two long years my ship is finally sailing. If people have a problem with that well too bad so bad. Not my problem. 

I’m too happy loving my beautiful ship to care about negative people

Westallen is back. Deal with it.

 ♡♡♡ Monica aka Nic’s End of the Year Follow Forever

So, it’s no surprise that I recently hit 800+ followers this past weekend, and honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas and Birthday present than to have you all following me. It literally makes me feel very happy that some of you really enjoy seeing me on the dash, and I can’t help but get giggly about it. Okay, so I suck at Follow Forever’s because I can’t put EVERYONE on it, as much as I want to, but I do love every single one of you and just a reminder, if you EVER want to 1x1 with me, I am totally down 120% and I will more than glad to give you my aim. 

♡♡♡ Shout out to all my favorite pears!

dobrien1x1s ♡♡♡ - Elena, my love! You are literally one of my closest friends on Tumblr, and I can’t even begin to say how much I love you and how much I am so happy that I met you! Our babies literally give me life, and you do as well. It’s crazy, we started out in a group together, then two, and suddenly decided to turn some of our characters that never got to go more than a couple of days (besides Foxin) because most rps would die within a week, and we fell in love with out characters. I’m so happy that we continue to just.. make more ships????? I can’t even begin to say how much I love how we enjoy making each other’s hearts break because of angst and headcanons, and more and more and more angst. I love you so much, Elle! 

alinarps​ ♡♡♡ - Alina. Sweet, sweet Alina. You are my Lydia and we are getting married today. Here are my vows: ♡♡♡ I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not, to agree to disagree on red velvet cake, and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home. ♡♡♡ I’d say those are real ass vows and I mean it. I love you, Alina Igloo. (And I am so excited for our babies!!!!)

december1x1 ♡♡♡ - GEM! I think it’s safe to say that we are literally equal when it comes to trying to reply to one another, but I love Aaron and Ella so much, like I can’t even. I’m going to spam you with a ton of headcanons soon, by the way so.. but I can’t wait for our dark plot after you come back from Hiatus because we are going to just cry together and wish we never did it to them, but do it anyways and ALL THE PLOTS :-)

rheyaofrp ♡♡♡ - Oh my god Rheya, I love Robey so much and I will reply soon!!! It’s been like 84 years, but I will reply to our babies because it’s dark and it’s just a bad and dysfunctional type of plot like I can’t. But, I will reply soon and we are going to cry about our babies and just want to stop but know we can’t because we just love them so much!! 

stanwrites ♡♡♡ - I still need to message you back on SKYPE. Oh my, but I have had Danny’s page ready for like 3 days and I STILL haven’t followed you back on your character account, but I will do that soon! I love you and you’re an absolute sweetheart and I just can’t even with you, fr. I can’t wait for more headcanons of our babies and memes because I’m just so in love with the two babies, because it’s going to be so rad and adorable and angsty and just cries. 

rad1x1s ♡♡♡ - SHELBY! I told you I was going to put you in my follow forever!! I love you like omfg fr, even though I suck at messaging you back, I am doing better now right?!?!? I hope so, please. Anyway, I can’t wait for Jonathon and… (u never chose her name wow) BUT I can’t wait for the plot because it’s going to be so interesting to see them played out and the two different faces together?! Like Zac and Nina, pls. Ilysm though! 

snowyrps ♡♡♡ - ANNIE. I miss you so much :-( You’re the love of my life and you always had me in a good mood when I was upset and just feeling really shitty. I’m going to message you and we’re going to just talk about a plot we wanna do and just do it, you got that? Ilysm. 

♡♡♡ The Real MVPs that have agreed to plot with me, even though I’m trash! 

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♡♡♡ I’m sure I’m missing a TON of people, but as I said I love every single one of you and literally I would talk to everyone, just hit up my inbox and I’ll give you my aim! For real, though. Also, I would love to give the graphic credit to alinarps. She was more than glad to help me out since my photoshop decided to crash and burn on me several times today, so I take no credit whatsoever for the cute graphic she put together for me! I love you all, and I’m always down to plot and help you out if you have any plots. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I just know we’ll all have a Happy New Year. <3

- Nic Igloo ♡♡♡

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So tell me, why should I ship Tentoo and Rose more than Ten and Rose (yes technically they're the same, but prove to me what makes tentoo and rose a bit more..special)

Oh geez the pressure!!

Okie dokie, well if you’re someone who like plain hard facts, then they’re more special because they’ve been proven by canon to be a couple. That kiiissssss!!!

But let’s forget that for just a minute.

Tentoo is the Doctor. Not kinda the Doctor. Not sorta the Doctor. He doesn’t have a copy of the Doctor’s memories. He is the Doctor. Up until the moment he siphoned off that regeneration energy, Ten and Tentoo were the same man and had the same feelings for Rose Tyler.

The only different thing is that he is now in a human body. A human body that can match life spans with Rose Tyler. Really, that is all he ever wanted. He just wanted to be a normal bloke with a normal love, but he never could, because after 900+ years, he knows that everyone leaves him one way or another.

But now! Oh, now he finally can entertain the idea that he can actually keep Rose for his forever. If she wants him, that is.

That entire beach scene is so emotional. Tentoo is such a ball of nervous, anxious energy, and while he desperately wants Rose to pick him and stay with him, he’s not going to force her. He gives her the choice. Buy saying things like “if you want” and “together” are his way of begging without begging. He is more or less giving her the facts of this new him, and hoping it’ll be enough for her to want to stay.

And we can see it in Rose’s eyes that she is attracted to the idea of the Doctor having the same life span as her, because now there will be nothing holding him back anymore. The Doctor, for self-preservation reasons, could never give himself completely to Rose. He has a universe in his care, firstly, and secondly, he knows that he’ll only have a few short decades with her (if he’s lucky), before he’s alone once more. Even if he tries to love her completely, there will always be a piece of him that reminds him that his time with Rose is slowly winding down.

But Tentoo doesn’t have all of that. The universe can politely sod off, and he is free to love Rose completely and utterly.

Tentoo and Rose are so attractive to me because of the happy endings they both get. I am sad about how Ten’s ending goes, because I love him to bits as well, and Rose does too. But she gives him the option. I have no doubt that if Ten told her he loved her, that she would’ve figured out a way so that she and both of her Doctors could stay together. But he makes the decision for her, or he at least pushes her towards he option he deems better, and I think Rose is tired of his emotional whiplash that comes with loving the Time Lord.

The thing that attracts me the most towards Tentoo and Rose is the humanness of it. They’re both human now, and they both love each other desperately, and they’ve both had to make sacrifices to get where they are, but I don’t think they would change a thing. The Doctor can finally have his forever, and who is Rose to deny him anything but a perfectly happy human life with her, and she loves him just as desperately, even though she had to let go of the Time Lord Doctor.

I hope this train of thought makes sense? I just love these two so much :’)

come talk tentoo x rose with me!!

I know it’s not wednesday yet!
But this goes out to the mentalist fandom and to Jisbon, the ship that brought me here.
In fact, they are my first real ship, they are the reason I found tumblr and so, are the reason I found my place in the World. It’s some years ago one evening when I found that Show. I shipped them from the Start and then someday I left the fandom. ..But then patrick told teresa he Loves her and now look where we are!
Jisbon, I owe it all to you. I hope you get the happy and you two deserve♡♡♡