i was so happy

Teacher: Ok, we are going to be learning about the hydrocycle today, please write down the information im telling you on a document.
Teacher: *explains what the hydrocycle is*
Teacher: Some places this can happen is lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds-
Me: *yawns*
Teacher: Creeks

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Special interest

Aahh my special interest was mentioned in Beauty and the Beast! Adam was reading a book on Lancelot and Guinevere, he also mentioned King Arthur, and the knights of the round table!!! It took massive amounts of energy not to squeal loudly cuz I didn’t wanna disrupt the movie. If I was at home I would have screamed. I did happy flap though and rocked in the seat! I was so surprised, so happy. It was a good day and a great movie!

I s2g I can’t with this fandom sometimes…people are unhappy because Barry and Iris are engaged again…they’re unhappy with Barry serenading Iris….they’re saying Barry singing to Iris is unrealistic and cringeworthy????…like Barry Allen doesn’t have super powers???…like he’s not a freaking superhero???…I don’t get it…you guys confuse me because if you want a relationship where both halves constantly fight and the angst is turnt to a 1000 then maybe westallen is not for you. If you’re constantly unhappy with their happiness maybe they are not for you. Try…idk…arrow or vampire diaries or even supergirl…they have very toxic and angst relationships…you will love it if that’s what you’re looking for. If not, please stop complaining about how Barry Allen serenading Iris west is a problem and far fetched. It’s really not….especially with the genre of the show. I just don’t get it.

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