i was so happy

also not to be That Person but I 100% called the foreshadowing of people mentioning constantly how pretty Billy’s face is to the scene where Frank fucking owns him and smashes his face into glass and turns him into Jigsaw

I still am overjoyed about Suzy.

I found out 2 years ago that my MEDICAL teacher out of all people is one of Suzy’s cousins. Appareantly, she and him didn’t talk much as kids, but he always thought she was cool. I thought he was just joking, but he sent a picture of me in a grump shirt I made- and she replied, saying she loved it! And if she could send us a box of grump merch, and where to send it.

The last month of school that year, a huge package arrived. Inside, were about 50 T-shirts of different sizes, including some starbomb shirts. Postcard-style cards with everyone (with the exception of Brian, but with the addition of Kevin), and burgie and table flip stickers. I couldn’t believe it- I was shaking and crying and laughing with my other friend, who was really into the grumps at the time with me. I didn’t expect it to be real- it had to be a hoax right?


This is one of the reasons I have a strong respect as well as platonic love for Suzy- she cared enough about a little ol 8th grader in a state SO FAR AWAY, to send, who knows how much the merch totaled to?

It’s still one of my prized possessions- the postcard with their signatures, the T-shirts (to which I wear almost weekly), and the stickers. Most of all is the memory- the moment of sheer emotion that I was noticed by my stars of all people.

That’s why I still love them so much. I usually drop things I obsess over after a year, but just that sheer, pure emotional moment of joy made it that way. I’m sticking with the grumps- and most importantly, Suzy, till the end.

  • Me before chapter 50: Manga route is the worst route.
  • Chapter 50: *features Takane as a genuinely decent human being and not treating her love interest like shit for no reason*

I remember the moment I knew I wanted to be with you forever. It was late, in the middle of autumn. We were making brownies and laughing so hard our sides hurt. Everything you said made me feel so understood. It felt right.


Malec Appreciation Week Day 3 - Favorite Malec Moment

I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you

So, Friday night I tell my step-mom I’m genderfluid, right? Well, Saturday morning she gives me a ride to work, and in the car she’s like “so, you measured yourself for the binder right? It wasn’t guess work?” And I told her yes, I measured myself. Then she asks “okay and you know the limitations on binders? Like how long to wear it and stuff?” Again I say yes, and I even have stretching tips and stuff to help out and stuff like that. She goes “okay, well also, I looked into this last night so I could know how to help, that a common side effect is fluid backing up into your lungs, so they say that when you take it off, you should cough deeply, even raise your arms above your head to help, so you can get it out.”

The entire car ride was her telling me everything she looked up and different tips, and honestly I couldn’t stop smiling at work that day