i was so good at this game

The Evolution of Sherlolly - Reactions Edition

I couldn’t possibly cover everything, so here just a few of the highlights, one from each episode.

A Study in Pink - “Black, two sugars, please. I’ll be upstairs.”

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The Blind Banker - “You changed your hair. It’s good, it suits you better this way.”

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The Great Game - “This is Jim from IT.”

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A Scandal in Belgravia - “Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper.” *kisses cheek*

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Hounds of Baskerville - *nothing*

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The Reichenbach Fall - “What do you need?” “You.”

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The Empty Hearse - *coat flip hair ruffle kiss*

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The Sign of Three - “Meat Dagger”

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His Last Vow - *Molly slaps Sherlock* “Say you’re sorry!”

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The Abominable Bride - “Hooper.” “Holmes.”

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The Six Thatchers - “He’d rather it was anyone but you.”

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The Lying Detective - “I’m stressed, you’re dying!”

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The Final Problem - THE SCENE!!

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Since the Moogle Chocobo Event is coming up soon, how about some hc about the Chocobros going to a festival/carnival? Maybe Luna (incognito) as a bonus? :D

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-Prompto would grab one of the little brochure maps and start listing off all the things they can do

-they’d all vote on what to do first, (sulky prince doesn’t get his way,) and Ignis would watch the clock to make sure they don’t miss any of the performances, like the dog or magician show

-Noctis would fall asleep on one of the relaxing spinning swing rides

-Prompto would be taking pics left and right- one of his favs being their group selfie on top of the Ferris wheel

-Gladio would be all for the test-your-strength games, and the other guys would be quick to join and turn it into a competition between them

-they’d all sit at the picnic benches by the food venders and eat elephant ears and cotton candy while listening to a local band perform there 

-if there were things like cable car rides, hayrides, carriage rides, trolley rides, they’d go on them

-no mercy with the bumper cars

-Prompto would make them all get their names engraved on a grain of rice

-Noctis and Prompto would get temporary tattoos and play a prank on Ignis and Gladio and say they were permanent

-they’d all get a group caricature drawn of them

-they’d all watch a big concert once it was nighttime, sitting on a cement wall together with root beer and lemonade and kettle corn

-Noctis would love the fireworks at the end the most


-if Luna were with them, Noctis would play one of the fair games to win her a stuffed tonberry

-he’d be so ticked off with the game and keep handing over gil to try again because not only does he want to make Luna happy but he’s now taken this personally and will kick this games’ butt

-Luna would be so adorable hugging the toy while they walk and would always cherish it

-she’d playfully move the tonberry’s arm and pretend it’s jabbing Noctis’ arm with its knife

i’d like to take this time to sit down and recommend you a good comedy series in these trying times,

Check out Car Boys. Two wonderful boys mess around with a car simulator game while soft classical music plays in the background. It’s the softest thing ever with 100% safe jokes, overall just a good relaxing time.

Griffin McElroy, who also makes the popular Monster Factory series (which you should also check out), is in it along with Nick Robinson. It’s just some good genuine fun with physics that I think a lot of people need to experience right now.

Here’s my personal favorite episode, though i’d recommend you watch it from the first episode so you can get the full experience.

Like with the Lithy sprites I made map sprites for Natasha (pixel-spriteedits) As she’s a Mercenary I made sprites for her base and advanced classes as well as the classes she (probably) inherited from Lithy. (I kept the maidband because of the maidband jokes). While they don’t look as good as Lithy’s I think they should be okay.

(at first I was considering changing up the colours of her Hero class entirely as I don’t think the blue and gold go to well with her red and white hairband, but as it’s only a map-sprite I thought: “the game wouldn’t change that either”)


I never realized how much I need my daughter in other classes after imagining her as Troubadour/Maid/Hero/[…] 

But these little map-sprites are so cute and amazing, you did such a good job here again *^*

i’m currently visiting @blooodymoon and last night we played some overwatch, but every time we died we had to drink

i got pretty wasted pretty fast but for some reason drunken me turns out to be pretty good at tracer so i totally #rekt this one game, my pulse bombs were crazy on point and I got POTG too

after the match this exchange happened and i died

(i’m RiTheBean)

it was amazing

I loved watching both Mark and Jack play Tattletail just because of the different reactions they had to it.
Mark: screaming, being terrified of Tattletail and Mama, etc.
Jack: not being scared at all, thinking Tattletail was cute but also annoying at the same time, having fun with what’s supposed to be a horror game.
The contrast was so funny to me! I’d love to see like a side by side reaction of them playing this game cause it would be hilarious! :D
Even though Mark got the good ending on his, Jack’s play through of it was my favorite just because of how much fun he was having with a HORROR GAME for crying out loud! I aim to be that brave honestly haha :P
@therealjacksepticeye I know you’re just gonna say “nah, I’m not brave, it just wasn’t scary” which, you’re right, it’s not scary, but idk I’m a huge baby when it comes to horror games so to me, I aim to be that brave while playing one haha! Also, seeing Mark’s play through of it as well and seeing the good ending, it’s not worth it dude. I would tell you what it is, but there might be people who haven’t played the game, and want to, and don’t want to be spoiled. There also might be people who got the “bad ending” like you, and still have yet to get the good ending. Also, for all I know, you might already know it (if you decided you’re not gonna play it again to see it), or you don’t wanna be spoiled cause you still have yet to get the good ending, or you just don’t care haha! :D
Anyways, peace! ✌

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A couple questions: 1) As far as divergent goes- like pre series i guess, what factions would the communications characters belong to? 2) What are your feelings on my lord and savior utsu-p? 3)Do you have a skype or a discord chat for fans somewhere? 4) HAve you had some good vibes today? Take some~~ Also your art style is legitimately what made me step up my game in 2k14 lmao.

1. what

2. HE’S COOL i like living ghost is alive

3. i mean i don’t have one but i know some people have made some,

4. i thINK SO AAAAA thank u thoooo!!

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Hello Fi :), happy new year! And if it isn't too much trouble, where could I find the lovely wallpaper and the lighthouse picture in this post: /post/135309509723/the-upstairs-kids-bathroom . Both wallpapers in this post: /post/135307718352/the-quadruplets-room-got-a-big-kid-upgrade . The posters above Xavier's bed : /post/133821442044/xaviers-apartment-which-now-looks-slightly . You have a very good eye. Your inspiring pictures have motivated me to open the game more than I can count.

Anon friend!! You are too kind. <3 Thank you so much!

The wallpaper is by Kim and can be found HERE and the painting is by @permaplat HERE

These two wallpapers are both by @shastakiss and can be found HERE

Aaaaand these amazing posters are by @biffysims HERE. :D

(Reminder that my WCIF page exists even though it’s sorely in need of updating. The wallpapers have been answered there already. :) I don’t mind answering WCIFs but I’m terrible at replying to messages in a timely fashion so you’d probably find the answer to your question way faster by checking the WCIF instead of waiting for me. :D)

And a very happy new year to you as well! <3

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Why do you think Seijoh was never able to beat Shiratorizawa but Karasuno did? Maybe what really mattered for Karasuno was the quick and Noya (sorry Watari)? Idk Matssun is really smart too I cant imagine him not being able to stop Ushi too having more experience than Tsukki.

i mean i understand precisely 0 things about actual volleyball but

i think the fact that karasuno is a fucking crazy-ass team. like… they’re strong and smart and they just go wild with it.

honestly, this is what oikawa says too. seijoh has their excellent players, but they also have practical strategies. really good, dependable practical strategies which just happen not to match up to shiratorizawa’s strength. 

karasuno has wackjob strategies. what the fuck are you doing strategies. they randomly stop blocking. they make a short guy block with a running start. tsukki legit doesn’t care until oh nvm i’m gonna block ushijima. they’re unpredictable. they steal everyone else’s strategies. they develop new strategies during a game (so does seijoh, but like… reliable strategies. karasuno’s just like lol fuck it why not) 

and yeah, the fact that karasuno has a crazy good defense via noya while seijoh, via oikawa, is better with spikers is good against a team whose entire strategy is just beat them the fuck down

but also noya. noya learned how to deal with ushijima’s left handedness in three tries, and they would have lost in the blink of an eye without that. noya.

so basically: karasuno are all wackjobs and noya is a god amongst wackjobs.

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Hiya! I hope you're having a great day. I was wondering if the winners of the giveaway could also have the chance to switch out the 20$ game pack for 2 $10 stuff packs? Just wondering😊 thank you! Also very much thank you for hosting it in the first place

Hi there! Thank you, it’s raining heavily right now so I’m indoors with a cup of tea and the sims. A good day so far. To answer your question- Yes switching it out for 2 $10 stuff packs is fine. I changed my mind about the rules after finishing up the image for “Vampire Pack Giveaway” and I was too lazy to switch it to “Sims Packs Giveaway”. I’m posting this publicly so other people can see it, too. Thank you for the question!

soymilkheaven replied to your post: Well, that was an episode. The writing continues…

I know I’m so in love with the ED too! I’m glad Sorey’s perking back up again but I really wish they’d do a better job of actually showing instead of telling us everything. The game was so so so good at showing - like we already knew Mikleo would follow Sorey to the ends of the earth from the game without him ever saying it.

Same. Like I don’t mind him saying it to reinforce the idea because hell yeah am I here for gentle verbal reassurances, but I feel like the writers are relying far too much on the audience already knowing the story and relationships from the game, which just doesn’t work for long adaptations. Like you said, they need to start showing more. It doesn’t have to be anything grandiose even, just small gestures, specific tones, etc.

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I just gasped like I legit just gasped the picture wasn't even fully loaded yet I just saw the top of some blonde hair and was like oh shit is that matty?? Why is zatty so cute? All of your Sims 4 pics make me want to buy the game and start playing.

agshakajsjgshshhd wahhhhhhh thank youssssss.

listen Matt has to be blonde in ts4 ok like it only works if he’s blondeee.. he looked good with red hair too but lmao it wasn’t as fun. i’ve barely played at all though because i’m trying to set up my game comfortably enough where i can do things without interruption but i still wanted to show them real quick.

but omgggggg you should come play with usssss. ts4 is so exciting right now like it feels like everyone is together and playing and just enjoying sims without drama or garbage. like it increases your health by 30% like a stimpack ;-;

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You're right. Used to be Sonic Comics sold on name alone, but nowadays Sonic is not in a good place as much as I don't like to admit it. SEGA will put almost all of their attention in the games now, while the other properties will most likely be forgotten. Furthermore, Videogame Comics are not that popular anymore, so would want to publish it anyway? Almost everything that is getting published under license right now is to promote Movies or so anyway.

Sonic comic’s still largely sell on name alone.

Of course, there’s the ardent fans of it’s stories and characters who loyally buy the comic but in they’re likely not the majority.

A child who sees a Sonic comic on the shelf and thinks “It’s Sonic! It’s Sonic!” is going to ask mom or dad for a copy on the basis of it being “It’s Sonic!” rather than for the uniqueness, the characters and the stories. That’s just the way it is.

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i feel like this was def asked a while ago, but i kinda need some more kenyama in my life?? like literally theyre rly good together and it makes my heart actually die and theyd be so cuddly tbh?? and also: them older? kenma never cuttin his hair??? yamaguchi please Braid That™ give kenma a new look every day

The Best nights are when they have a blanket curled around them n Kenma’s playing a game while Yams plays with his hair (he likes just runnin his hands through it bc Kenma’s hair is Very soft) n watches over his shoulder

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So, I wanna make a song about bullying and just kind of make it look like a song about a bullethell game (Something along the lines of dodging all the hate etc.) but 1. I don't know if the idea's that good and 2. I'm shit at music. Should I like... still try it?

i think that’s a good idea tbh! and heck even if you’re bad at music i still say go for it, if you don’t write music you’ll never get good at it so yes yes