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Not So Picture Perfect || Kian Lawley Imagine (Requested)

“Literally all I want to do is go home. I really don’t want to be here,” I told Callie as I worked on the gym elliptical.

“What, why? You love the gym. What’s wrong?”

“Kian flies out with Jc and Dom today for the second half of the tour and won’t be back for 3 weeks.”

“Okay, I know you love him, but it’s only 3 ½ weeks. They will fly by, especially with Maya’s birthday party and Ricky’s “I Hit One Million” Bash.”

Even though I hate to admit it, she was right. It’s just 3 lousy weeks and with the technology we have today, it will be like he never left. 

“Fuck, you’re right. Did you know I hate that about you?”

“Yeah and I love you too, beyotch. Call me later, okay?”

“Alright, bye.”

I finished my 90 minute workout and headed home to see Kian for the last few hours. I grabbed my gym bag and unlocked the door to see Kian’s suitcases against the wall. I let out a sigh and called out to him.

“I’ll be there in a sec!” he yelled back. When he came into my view, I saw that he was on the phone.

“Yeah, Dude. I’ll be there in about an hour. Okay. Bye”

I gave him a confused look,”I thought your flight was at 10 tonight.”

“It was, but there was a screw up with the airline and our flight is 4:40 now.” I looked at the clock behind him and it read 1:27 pm.

“So that means you have to leave now,” I said defeated.

“Yeah, I’m sorry Baby.”

“No it’s fine, it’s not your fault. Did you need me to drive you?”

“I don’t need you to, but I definitely want you to,” he said as he embraced me. 

I helped him load his bags into the car and hopped in. I couldn’t help but think that i wouldn’t have moments like this for 3 fucking weeks. I hated it, but Kian loves his fans and would do anything for them. I would never stand between that.

After what seemed like the shortest ride in history, we pulled up to his terminal. Jc and Dom were already out there waiting for us and I helped unload Kian’s things. We stood there for what felt like forever, just holding each other.

“Ugh, ew! Come on already, Vitaly’s inside!” JC whined beside us. Kian and I decided to gross him out even more and started tongue battling each other.

“God! Didn’t you guys do enough of that before he left?!” asked Dom.

“We actually didn’t,” I said to Kian, looking kind of amused. 

“Well this is going to be one uncomfortable flight,” he joked.

“Speaking of flight, we gotta catch ours!” JC said.

“Fuuuck, I don’t want you to leave.”

“I know, but I’ll be back soon, okay.”

“Okay, have fun.”

“I will, I’ll call you when we land,” he said running into the airport.

“I’ll be waiting,” I said to myself.

When I arrived back to our place I was finally able to take a well needed shower. When I was done, I ordered food off of Postmates and caught up on ‘Are You The One?’ I really hated being here without Kian, but I had to remind myself that I did it during the first half and was (somewhat) fine.

My phone started to ring and I got excited when I saw that it was Kian calling.


“Hey, Baby. How are you?”

“Lonely. How was the flight?”

“Pretty good. Some kid threw up though, which made Dom almost throw up.”

“Ew, but kinda awesome, haha.” Our conversation didn’t last long due to the fact that he had a long day tomorrow and it was late where he was.

I decided that it was time for me to go to bed as well and try to not be so bleh.

The next few days were getting easier and easier. Almost two weeks have already passed and Maya’s birthday party was a great distraction. I hear from Kian every night and every night I miss him more. Tonight is Ricky’s bash and I’m really excited. I took me like 4 hours to get ready, but I was almost done. I was applying the last bit of makeup when my phone buzzed. 

I heard Callie come in and we naturally had to capture this moment. 

That night was complete blast. I can’t stress how proud I am of Ricky T for reaching over one million youtube subscribers. Callie and I finally got back to my place and I was about to take a shower when my phone started to ring.

“Hey, I saw your Snap. You look beautiful, how was the party?”

“It was really fun, but tiring. How’s the tour going?”

“It’s good! The fans are amazing, the closer I get to coming home, the more anxious I get to be with you.”

“*Sigh* I can’t wait for you to come back.”

“I know me either, but I’ll let you get some rest and I’ll do the same. Sweet dreams, Babe.”

“You too, Kian. Good night.”

The next few days were quite boring, but Kian comes home in a little over a week and I’m so happy! I had been trying to reach him for the last few hours now, but he wasn’t picking up. I finally gave up on him and tried calling JC, but it was too loud to hold a conversation. My last resort was Vitaly who evidently was asleep and didn’t know anything.

I realized that this was the first night Kian hadn’t called me and I got a sort of uneasy feeling in my stomach. I quickly shook it off and decided to go to bed. 

It was about 7:15 am when I was woken up by the constant vibration of my phone. After about 2 solid minutes, I groggily turn over and check what it is. I see that it is a bunch of Twitter notifications and I decided to open them. I see an assload of pictures of Jc with some random girl wither ass out, but that’s when I see it.

“What the fuck?” I say to myself as I read the tweets. I feel my heart drop as I see my boyfriend cradling another girl’s ass. I immediately decide to call him and of course it goes straight to voicemail. 

Over the course of the next 9 days, I didn’t leave the house. Ricky and Callie came over to keep me company, but I just wanted to be alone. Kian tried calling every 5 minutes, except when he was on stage, but I ignored all of them. Even the rest of the boys were trying to contact me, but I only talked to Vitally since he wasn’t there that night. He tried to get me to talk about it, but knowing that he would relay it all to Kian, I just changed the subject. 

So many people were talking about what happened, even Kian’s ex Andrea. All I could do at this point is cry and look at old photos of Kian and I. 

Kian comes back tomorrow and I had to make a hasty decision. I was in the middle of my thoughts when my phone vibrated over and over again. I thought I shut that fucker off. I go look at it and I see it is the man of the hour once again.

I can’t help but smile a little bit as I cry even harder now. Is it worth letting go? Is it worth staying? Then he said it. 

Those words made my decision so much easier.

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Omg how about the four times Betty and Jug didn't get caught doing inappropriate *things* and then the one time they did - you can choose by who!

hey anon! I got quite excited when I saw this here! I’m sorry it took so long for me to get around to it and I hope this is something like what you hoped for!

Ps. Part 6 of And Just Like That is coming I promise, but this has been in my asks for a while and demanded my attention haha xx

warning: smut, sin, smut, more sin, and oh did i mention smut?


1. Alice

“Juggie Stop!” Betty squealed through her laughter as her boyfriend’s hands crept up her sides, taking advantage of her ticklishness.

“Sorry Betts, this is my vengeance,” he replied casually with an evil grin, his hands moving under the hem of her shirt mercilessly to make her squirm.

Betty thrashed as she continued to protest in vain through her laughter, too enthralled with his playful side to regret stealing his last fry.

The takeout container lay abandoned on her nightstand as he continued to make her laugh and kick on the bed.

After keeping up his assault for a while longer, Jughead finally relented, stilling his hands.

“Fine, you’re forgiven,” he sighed dramatically, leaning his weight on his forearms as not to crush her form that was now beneath him.

Betty’s giggle died in her throat as she assessed their new positon. Their bodies pressed together, legs tangled, breaths mingling, his strong arms caging her in. She bit a lip, loving the sight of his wild hair-free from the beanie which must have fallen off during their tickle fight- his sharp jaw line and darkening blue eyes.

Jughead swallowed, his Adams apple bobbing with the movement. Unable to resist the stunning vision of her beneath him with messed up blonde tresses fanned out over the pillow, sparkling green eyes and flushed cheeks, he moved his lips down to meet hers in a firey kiss.

Betty wasted no time slipping her tongue between his lips and Jughead groaned as she skilfully entwined it with his. His hands stroked the skin on her rib cage tantalizingly, drawing out a breathy sigh from her.

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“Walmart Shenanigans” E.D

Hey guys! This is my first Ethan writing so I’m pretty excited. I got this idea as soon as I saw Gray’s snap the other day of Ethan at Walmart and I thought it would be fun to write haha. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1,221 words

“How many items do you have ma’am?” you asked.

Once the lady answered you, you gave her the corresponding number tag and told her which fitting room to go into. It had taken everything in you not to throw the tag at her face, considering she had been rude to you earlier when you tried to help her find some shoes in her size. But you knew if you wanted to keep your job, you couldn’t throw stuff at costumers or tell them to shove it, you had to be nice at all times and bite your tongue. 

Once you heard a door open behind you, you put the fake smile back on your face and prayed this lady wouldn’t keep testing you. “Will you be taking everything ma’am?”

You saw her roll her eyes and felt her shove the clothes on your chest, pushing you back a little. “No, put them back will ya? Thanks.”

After she walked away, you had to sit back down for a few minutes and take a deep breath. You could feel tears forming in your eyes, not because you were sad but because of the frustration of not being able to do anything. Your manager was a complete dick so you already knew he wouldn’t help you, even if you asked. 

“Just a little while longer” you mumbled as you went to put the clothes back where they belonged. 

Once you were finished, you began walking back to your station when you suddenly heard the store’s intercom system turn on and someone begin speaking gibberish into their phone. You frowned at first, wondering which idiot you worked with would do that, but then smirked at the thought of your annoying co-workers getting into trouble; but that smile soon faded when you saw a random guy hanging up the phone on your desk. 

“No no no no no” you thought as you ran over to the stranger, who was walking away looking quite smug and proud of what he had done. Once you caught up to him, you grabbed him by the arm and swung him around to face you.  

“What is your problem?!” you exclaimed angrily 

“Excuse me?” he asked looking quite confused. 


“Why on Earth would you do that?! And you know what I’m talking about so don’t act dumb with me cause I saw you” you said as you pointed to the phone and looked back to him. 

“Oh that” You saw him nod and chuckle as he looked at someone behind him; before turning back to you and turning serious once he saw how upset you were, “It was just for fun, I’m really sorry if I caused a problem”. You then saw another one of him approach the both of you, laughing as he watched the repeating video that was playing on his phone. “Oh my god there’s two of them” you thought, rolling your eyes. 

“It was just for fun?!” you scoffed, “You know what? You should be sorry! I’m probably going to be fired because of you but I hope you enjoyed doing whatever the hell that was!” you said before walking away from him. 

You could hear him following you your whole way back to your desk, but you zoned him out completely as you thought of how pissed your boss must be right at this very moment. You sat down and put your face in your hands, thinking about how this day had gone from bad to worse in a matter of minutes.  

“I really am sorry, I-I usually do stupid stuff without thinking.” you moved your hands from your face and met his gaze as he continued rambling on. “I-I didn’t think… I didn’t mean… is there anything I can do to fix it?” He looked genuinely upset, his eyes were filled with guilt and worry

You sighed and shook your head, “No it’s fine. My boss is a dick and he’s probably celebrating in his office now that he has another reason to yell at me and probably fire me” 

You saw his jaw clench, displeasure written all over his face as he heard you finish your sentence. It wasn’t until then that you noticed how attractive this stranger really was. His hazel-brown eyes that any girl could get lost in, his plump pink lips that made you want to grab him and kiss him right then and there, everything about him was perfect. And yeah he had been stupid for what he did, but you could tell he was also a genuinely sweet guy; and it made your heart flutter to see him so concerned about you.  

“You know, you could probably cut him with that sharp jawline of yours, it’s what he deserves” you shrugged and smiled as you saw him laugh at your random comment, his cheeks turning the lightest shade of pink. 

You guys started to talk after that and it surprised you how easily the conversation flowed between you two. You didn’t want to sound cliche, especially since you had just met the guy, but you had to admit that you felt a spark between you two. 

“Hey E, come on we gotta go. Mom just called, she needs us to come back already” you heard his brother say as he approached you guys.  

You felt a little disappointed when you heard he had to leave, but tried your best to hide it as he turned back to you from looking at his brother. You swore you saw the same look of disappointment on his face for a few seconds but it quickly faded as a smile grew on his face.  

“Well the offer is still there you know? Let me make up my stupidity to you” he offered with a smile as leaned over the desk once again. “Let me take you out to eat, you can pick the place. Any place you want” 

You pretended to think about it for a second, even though you were screaming YES over and over again in your head. “Okay, my shift ends in about an hour so pancakes at Denny’s sound good?” 

You could have sworn you heard him whisper “marry me” before he nodded vigorously in agreement and handed you his phone so you could put your number in. You handed it back to him just as his brother approached you guys again, ready to leave. 

“Perfect, I’ll see you in a bit then” he said before walking away. 

“Wait!” you exclaimed, causing him to look back to you. “I usually don’t go eat with someone without at least knowing their names first” 

You felt your heart flutter at the sight of him laughing before he answered, “I’m Ethan”.

“And I’m Grayson!” you heard his brother yell, causing Ethan to shake his head and you to giggle at both of them.  

“I’ll see there then Ethan. Bye Grayson!” you waved before looking back down to your desk. 

“Wait!” You looked back to him and saw a slight smirk forming on his face, “I usually don’t go eat with a girl without at least knowing her name first” 

You stuck out your tongue at him before answering, “I’m y/n. The girl you owe pancakes to because you probably got her fired.” 

“Let’s hope not” he said with a chuckle, “I’ll see you there y/n” 

Hope you enjoyed it!

I Choose You | Part 1

Jimin x Reader

Genre : Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1 | Part 2 (coming soon)

Summary : At age ten, you met Park Jimin. At age thirteen, you had your first kiss. When you were fifteen, you fell in love. At the age of sixteen, you made love, and at eighteen; you experienced heartbreak.

Author’s Note : Here it is! A Jimin fanfic requested by @therecomespringday. I had so much fun writing this, and part two will be out soon! Sorry if this chapter was short, but I’ll let you know that the next part will be way longer!! Thanks, I hope you enjoy, loves (sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, I didn’t have time to edit but I will later)!

Inspired by Seventeen’s “Don’t Wanna Cry.”

“Please step through,” the tall, broad-shouldered security guard hummed as he gestured for you to go through the metal detector that stood before you.

Striding towards the awaiting machine, you make sure that all of your jewelry and other items were placed in the small plastic bin that lay on the conveyor belt so that you wouldn’t have to be check by hand.

As you entered the detector, you shivered at the thought of the middle-aged man slowly and sinfully feelings the curves of your body as he “checked” for any dangerous objects on your person. The last time you went through one of these, the bright lights on the side of the machine turned an angry red as it made sounds similar to that of a shrieking girl. The rather young security guard then led you to the side as he caressed your waist and under your breasts, a crooked grin gracing his chapped lips; just because you forgot to take your belt off.

Nope, you thought. I am not going through that again.

Fortunately, the device did not go off, and you let out a breath that you didn’t even know you’d been holding in. “You’re all set!” the man grinned before waving his hand violently as an indication that you needed to hurry up and move get your items so the others can get checked as well.

Grabbing your jewelry - along with your cell phone and nap sack, you quickly make your way towards the Starbucks nearby before striding towards your assigned aisle. Taking a seat in one of the Navy blue chairs, you stare blankly at your left hand - specifically at the Sterling silver DiamonLuxe ring that was slipped onto the finger right next to your pinky.

He had given it to you for your sixteenth birthday, and he’d gotten one similar to it; just without the rather girly diamonds that decorated the middle of the ring. You both promised to never take it off, not even in the shower - but you weren’t so sure if he was still keeping that promise now.

Maybe he forgot about it altogether.


“Thank you - enjoy your flight, ma'am!” the middle-aged woman beamed as she handed your passport back to you, gesturing for you to enter the hall.

“Thank you,” you smile before scurrying down the wide hall that lead to the entrance of the airplane.

Once you found your seat - which was 34B, you happily threw your nap sack onto the ground and plopped down into the cushioned seat, immediately sitting back and letting your eyelids flutter shut. That is, until you heard a low grunt coming from your right.

Snapping your eyes open, you turn to find a tall, handsome man - who looked like he was in his early twenties, seated beside you as he typed away on his phone.

After getting a better look at the man’s features, you concluded that he wasn’t handsome; he was utterly breathtaking. The sparkle in his eyes, the round tip of his nose, his two front teeth that reminded you of a bunny, and even his flawless, milky white skin - everything about him screamed beautiful.

“Ah, hello!” he said, a bright smile gracing his light pink lips, and you noticed the small freckle that layed about a centimeter above his chin.

“Hi,” you smile.

“ Hi, I’m Jungkook.” he laughs beams, his eyes forming little cresents.

“I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you,” you say as you hold out your hand, to which Jungkook takes hold of before giving it one firm shake. “Nice to meet you, (Y/N).”

Jungkook’s eyes then avert to your left hand, and his eyes light up with delight and admiration. “Are you married?” he asks, nodding towards your Sterling silver ring.

A sudden pang of guilt, sadness, and emptiness floods your chest - and your features turn stone cold, emotionless, but your eyes are sad and Jungkook notices. “Hey, I’m sorry if I said something wrong. I know I just met you, and I’m horrible for intruding-”

“No, no I’m fine. Sorry - but no, I’m not married. My ex-boyfriend gave this to me six years ago. I still love the guy, I’m such a butt for still believing,” you sigh, tears welling up in your eyes. “Believing in something that’s not going to happen - at least not again.”

The tears began to overflow, falling onto the apples of your cheeks, and you looked away in shame. Jungkook reluctantly raised an arm to your cheeks before swiping his thumb under your eye, and doing so to the next one. “Hey, don’t cry (Y/N). It’s going to be okay in the end. You’ll get over it; I promise,” the boy cooed as he rubbed small circles on your back.

“I’m sorry for crying and ranting about my problems to you,” you sigh when you managed to hold in the rest of your tears. “No, it’s fine. I don’t mind, plus if you want to let it all out - we have fourteen hours, and I’m a good listener,” Jungkook nodded before returning his hand to the arm rest on his seat.

Would telling Jungkook about your past be a good idea? The only person that knows of this was your best friend, but you never told him about how you felt; not recently anyways. Keeping your feelings in were never a good idea, plus the guy seemed nice.

Letting out a sigh, you turn to Jungkook as you no your head. “Okay, but it’s a long story,” you said.

“Don’t worry; we have time.”

You we’re ten years old when you met Park Jimin. He’d moved into the house next to yours, and you watched as he hopped out of the palladium silver van - a soft stuffed panda in hand.

“Mommy, look!” the child yelped as he pointed in your direction with his short, stubby index finger. “I told you there’d be kids my age here!” Your eyes widened to the size of saucers as the boy flashed a grin at you. You sat criss-cross on the front lawn, Barbie dolls scattered around you.

“Would you like to say hi?” you heard a woman ask, the mother of the loud child you figured. By that time, your own mother spotted the little boy - and she sprung up from the garden and rushed over to you, leaning towards you ear to whisper to you.

“Go over and say hello, (Y/N). Don’t be shy - would you like me to come with you?” Peering up at your mother, you shake your head no before getting to your feet and sauntering over to the family.

As soon as you set foot on their lawn, the small child came rushing to your side, enveloping you in a hug - as if you’d known him for years. “Hi, I’m Park Jimin!” he said when he let go of you, his panda in his left hand. “(Y/N),” you smiled, cheeks burning red.

Jimin was an adorable boy; his round face, his smooth, chubby cheeks, and his sparkling eyes that lit up when he heard your name. “(Y/N)! That’s a cute name,” he giggled. “I’m glad I have a friend in my new neighborhood.”

“Friend?” you asked. Was he just going to call you a friend when you just met? “Yeah!” he smiled, and then his face dropped. “Unless… Do you not want to be my friend, (Y/N)?” Jimin looked as if he’s cry any moment, his narrow eyes filling with tears.

“No, I do Jimin!”

And then he was back to his bubbly self. “Really? Oh my gosh, I’m so happy! You’re going to be such a great friend, I can tell!” Jimin then wrapped his slender arms around your waist, pulling you in for a tight hug.

He nuzzled into the junction between your neck and shoulder, and you felt the small grin that crept onto the boy’s face when you hugged him back.

For the rest of the summer, you and Jimin spent time together - everyday. Sometimes, you’d go to his house; other times, he’d go to yours. When school started, you both ended up in the same class.

Well, scratch that. Park Jimin went to the principal, screaming and begging to be placed in the same room as you. When Mr. Kim finally obliged, Jimin leaped in the air with joy, plush stuffed panda in hand - as usual.

Fifth to seventh grade went by rather quickly, Jimin always finding a way to end up in your classes - and you didn’t mind either. Jimin had grown into a handsome young boy; his jet black hair now dyed chocolate brown, which made him look even more attractive. His chubby cheeks were still there, however they were slimmer than when he was ten.

Park Jimin made other friends, yes, but he always made time for you as well - and he even introduced you to some of them.

You we’re thirteen when you had your first kiss. You’d been out with your best friend, Seokjin - who was three years older than you, so he was able to drive. It was your birthday, so he took you out for hibachi. Of course Kim Seokjin would take you out to eat; he loves food.

Giggling to yourself, you sit back in the cushions of the passenger seat. “What’s so hilarious?” Seokjin asked, giving you a side glance before turning his attention back to the road. “Oh, nothing,” you lied.

“(Y/N), you’re my best friend - I know something’s up.” And then he paused, his handsome face turning a bright red. “Were you thinking about how savage I am when it comes to food?!” he giggled, shaking his head playfully.

“Haha, you got me there.”

The rest of the day was filled with excitement; hibachi, the movies, the mall, ice cream - the list could go on. Jimin buzzed your phone hundreds of times, but you ignored it. You didn’t want to talk to him right now, not when he forgot something so important. It was when you hopped back into Seokjin’s car that he asked you where Jimin was.

“What happened to Jimin? I saw how many times your phone was ringing; was that him?” Turning to you, the older got the answer without you even speaking. Your face was contorted into a mixture of hurt, guilt, and betrayal.

“Oh my God, what did he do?” Seokjin then grabbed your wrist, forcing you to look him in the eye as he continued. “Do I need to tell him about himself?”

“No, it’s okay. It’s just… I’m a little hurt that he forgot my birthday. Wait no, he didn’t forget it - he knew, he just wanted to hang out with his little friends.” You knew you shouldn’t be so harsh on Jimin, maybe you could’ve answered his calls - but you started to have feelings for him, like a little crush you guessed. You wanted him to care about you as much as you cared about him.

“It’s alright, love. I’ll take you back home and we can do something to cheer you up, okay?” he smiled, and when you nodded - he leaned in to give you a small kiss on the cheek.

When you arrived to your home - at about 8:30 pm, you found Jimin standing in the driveway, flowers in hand as he watched you through hooded eyes. Your breath hitched in your throat at the sight, what was going on? Did he feel sorry for the way he acted?

While you looked shocked, Seokjin let out a deep chuckle as he parked his car. “(Y/N), happy birthday!” he beamed, pulling you in for a tight hug.

“What the hell is going on?” you questioned, eyes still wide with shock.

“Well, Jimin and I decided that I’d take you out for the day, and he’d have you for the evening. The whole ‘he doesn’t care about my birthday’ act was apart of it too.”

No words were able to be formed as you stepped out of the vehicle and almost sprinted towards Jimin. The handsome boy handed you the flowers, the sweet smell reaching your nose, and you sighed in content.

“(Y/N), happy thirteenth birthday. I love you so much, you don’t even know,” he smiled, brushing a strand of hair from your face. Your eyes widened even more - if that was possible, and your heart began to beat wildly, blood rushing to your cheeks.

“Jimin, I -”

“(Y/N), I’ve loved you since the first day I met you; when I hopped out that van with my little panda bear. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way - but I just had to let you -” he began but you cut him off with a light slap to his chest.

“Park Jimin, would you shut up? I was going to say; I love you too.”

As soon as the words left your mouth, Jimin’s soft lips were pressed against yours, his strong arms snaking around your waist as he pulled you closer to him. It wasn’t a nasty kiss - no, you were only thirteen; but it had meaning to it. Passion, love, all types of emotions.

When Jimin finally broke the kiss, you heard Seokjin clapping his hands as he made his way to you. “How cute, I hope this little thing you guys have going on will blossom into unconditional love!” he said, encasing you in yet another hug - this time from behind, and his lips met the flesh of your cheek once more.

What the three of you didn’t know was that the love you and Park Jimin shared was more than unconditional; your love was stronger than anything in this world….

Especially when you were sixteen.

Surprise (I.M Monsta X)

Request: “Hey so from your last monsta x mtl, you put I.m as least dom. So I would love it if you could you make a scenario where i.m gets dom ? (Honestly it’s probably rare lol)”

Haha, I’m sure he’s dom when he wants to be. Honestly, all of mx are dom, but I see him as a sub usually. So this shall be fun ;)

(a/n: this was longer than expected, so I’ll put it under the cut)

~Admin Cherry Bop :*


It had been a while since you visited Changkyun in the dorms, and you were super excited to finally see him. The last time you saw him was a month ago, and that was because of both of your busy schedules. You had been together for a while now, but you felt like it was shorter because of how less you two get to see each other. Changkyun would skype or call you whenever you two had the time to. Your schedule finally had a break, and you were not going to waste any time, so the first place you were going to was wherever Changkyun was. You decided that this visit would be a surprise, so you didn’t tell your boyfriend about it.

For the occasion, you decided to wear something that revealed a lot of skin. Changkyun usually saw you in comfortable clothing, so you wanted to surprise him. You kind of also hoped that you two would get it on as well, because being away from him for an entire month was the worst. You really missed his hugs, kisses, and most importantly, his touch. Every time he touched you, it was sweet and gentle, even when you had sex. It was his way of making sure that you were pleasured before him. Only a few times was he ever on top, and if he was, he would be very soft and delicate. But you wanted to remind him tonight that he can go rough on you. You wanted to turn him on with your revealing clothing, and you wore just the perfect dress. It was tight in all the right places, which eccentuated your curves, and just above your mid thigh. That, plus the fact you two hadn’t had sex in a month, would definitely get him all worked up. 

After you finished getting ready, you put on a light trench coat to cover yourself, and some leggings underneath your dress, not only because it was cold outside, but also because you didn’t want the other members to see you in that dress. Your body was only for Changkyun to see. You call over a taxi, and in no time, you were on your way to Monsta X’s dorm.

You finally arrive at the doorstep of the dorm, and suddenly you felt a bit nervous. Not only because it had been a while since you’ve seen your boyfriend, but because you weren’t really sure how he would act. You didn’t know if he were to be busy, or if he had other plans. I didn’t think this through. You thought. But I’m already here. And I miss him. Might as well.

You knocked on the door and waited. It wasn’t long before someone opened the door. The door swung open, and there was Kihyun standing right in front of you.

“Y/N! Hey Changkyun, Y/N’s here!” He let you in, and there the boys were, in the living room, playing some video games. So he’s not busy. Yes.

Before you knew it, the boys ran up to greet you, and Changkyun practically ran over them to get to you. You were close to the boys as well, and seeing how excited they were to see you made your nervousness go away. That, and the fact that Changkyun had held you tight in his embrace. 

“Y/N, I didn’t know you were coming! Why didn’t you tell me? I would have set up something for you, or at least gotten you something…” He put his face into the crook of your neck.

“I don’t know… I wanted to surprise you”

“Well, I’m very surprised, baby.” He let go of you and gave you a chaste kiss on your lips. The boys groaned.

“Please take your PDA someplace else,” Hyungwon teased, and you playfully slapped his arm. Changkyun started to blush a bit, because he was so caught up in the moment, that he did not realize that he was kissing you in front of the members.

“Y/N, play some video games with us!” Minhyuk chimed, handing you a controller and pulled you towards the tv. You obliged, eyeing your boyfriend as he awkwardly smiled and followed you as you walked into the living room and played against each one of the boys, which probably lasted for a few hours.

You had a lot of fun playing with your boyfriend and the boys, and finally it was time to sleep. After saying goodnight to the boys, Changkyun took you to his room, and laid on his bed, holding his arms out for you to climb in and cuddle with him. But that wasn’t what you came for. It was hard to resist him when he wants to cuddle with you, but again, you wanted something else tonight.

“Y/N, come to bed. We have some catching up to do, baby.Tell me all about work, and just tell me how much you missed me.” He laughed at his weirdness.

Should I just take off this coat? How do I approach this? You awkwardly smiled because you didn’t know what to say to him, and honestly you felt like he wouldn’t want to do it that night, that he just wanted to cuddle you to sleep. Maybe I can try tomorrow. He doesn’t seem like he’s in the mood.

“O-okay.” Shit. My dress. You forgot that you were wearing that tight dress underneath that coat you had on. You frowned a bit as you grabbed the collar of your coat. Changkyun noticed you looked distressed.

“What’s wrong? Do you need to borrow some clothes?” He got up off the bed and headed to his closet. He looked back at you, waiting for your response.

“No. I mean yes. I do need some clothes. Thanks.” You felt a bit embarrassed because you were stumbling on your words.

He walked up to you, knowing something was up. “Y/N,” he took his face in his hands, “are you okay??” You looked up at his comforting eyes, and told him that you were fine.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I think I’m just getting a little hot.” You shot him a quick smile. “But yes, I do need some clothes, so can i borrow some of yours?”

“No wonder you’re so feeling hot, you’ve been wearing that hot coat the entire time you were with us.” I didn’t think this through. Why the hell did I think a coat was a good idea?

“Here, let me take it off for you. Why are you wearing it inside anyways? You forget to take it off?” He smiled warmly at you as he unbuttoned your coat, but when he pulled it down from your shoulders, his expression changed immediately. “Oh. Wow.” He dropped the coat without realizing it, and you felt your confidence drop a bit. It was too much.

You could tell that he didn’t know what to say, and you took it as another sign to abort your mission. You sighed. “It’s too much, isn’t it?” How is it possible that I feel even hotter without the coat on?

Changkyun shook his head as he stared at your physique, and replied to you slowly. He was so mesmerized by your body. “No, it’s… not. You… you look beautiful.” He looks up at your face, and apologizes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare for that long. I’ve never seen you dress this way. You truly do look beautiful.”

You felt your confidence grow as you heard Changkyun’s approval. You put your arms around his neck and kissed him. He was startled by the sudden affection, but he kissed you back. You felt his hands grab your waist, and you pulled him closer so that there wasn’t any space between your bodies. You kissed him down his neck, and he breathed heavily.

“Is this why you wore the dress?” You stopped kissing him, and realized why you came dressed like that in the first place.

“Actually, no. That’s not why.” You let go of him and lay on the bed with your arms behind your bed. Changkyun had a surprised look on his face. 

“I’m suddenly tired.” You pretended to yawn. 

You were teasing him, trying to provoke him, and he didn’t realize that at first. “Wait, so you wanted to get me worked up so that we lay down in bed? Isn’t that what I suggested to do in the first place? That’s not fair, babe.” He whined, and you giggled at your clueless boyfriend.

“This isn’t funny, Y/N. I thought we were going to… you know. It’s been a long time, and I didn’t want to come on to you too strong earlier because I thought you would want to catch up first.” You look down at his sweatpants, and you see his semi-hard boner. He covers it up and you give up on trying to provoke him, because at this point, Changkyun was just so confused and upset. “I guess we can just sleep, if that’s what you want…”

You pull down the straps of your dress to expose your breasts, and his eyes widened. Finally, he understood what you were doing.

“Fuck me, Changkyun.”

At this point, you had made him needy, more than he’s ever been before. Usually you wouldn’t tease him to that point, because you loved the fluffy Changkyun, and you’d usually give it to him the first time he whined. But you didn’t want that fluffy Changkyun tonight, you wanted him to dominate you. You had made him so sexually frustrated, and when you used those three words, he lost it.

He quickly climbed on top of you and before you knew it, had pinned down your arms over your head.

You’ve never seen Changkyun like this, and it really turned you on. Just seeing how needy he was for you. How hard he was for you. It excited you. His crotch was on top of yours, and he was kissing your neck. The tables have turned, and without realizing it, your hips rolled onto his, and to your surprise, he pulled away. He still had your arms pinned down, and he said, “no, you don’t get to do that. You already teased me. Now it’s my turn. Is that what you want?”

You nodded.

“No, tell me.”


“Good. Then don’t move.”

You obliged, and it shocked you how demanding he was. He was never like that before.

He started to sucked on your neck, leaving little marks. Then he went down to your already exposed breasts. He sucked on one breast, then moved on to the other, avoiding your nipples, and honestly it made you more needy.

“Changkyun,” you whined, getting impatient. He looked up at you and smirked.

“You teased me. Now I tease you. It’s only fair.”  

He let go of your arms and raised your dress up and ripped the tights you had on underneath, but just where your opening was. Then he pushed your panties to the side and ran finger down your slit. You were dripping wet, and he knew that you really wanted him in you, but he wanted to tease you a bit more. He then entered his finger in your folds, running it back and forth slowly. You moaned.

“Be quiet, I don’t want the boys to hear. Then I would have to stop.” And with that, you put one hand over your mouth, trying to muffle your moans.

Changkyun kept looking up at you, watching you squirm as he now had two fingers traveling along your folds. He put one finger inside of you, amazed by how easy it was to enter you.

“Fuck, you’re so wet.”

Biting your hand, you couldn’t help but to let another moan out. Changkyun absolutely loved seeing you squirm like this, and he inserted another finger. You were surprised how he took his time like that, because he was already fully erect, and usually when that happens, he would stop the teasing and enter you already. But he didn’t, so you clenched against his fingers, hoping that would tempt him to enter you.

“Fuck.” Changkyun looked back up at you and sighed. “Babe, stop tempting me. I’m really trying to be dominant… but you’re making this hard. I’m trying to control myself, Y/N.” His whole mood changed, and you knew that he couldn’t take teasing you for long.

You would usually laugh at his failed attempt, but you really needed him in you. “Well don’t control yourself. I said fuck me, not tease me.” 

Finally, he took his fingers out of you, and you were really impatient, so you sat up, reached for the waistband of his sweatpants, and pulled them down. His cock sprung out, and he chuckled a bit at your impatience. “Couldn’t wait, huh?” He teased.

You grabbed his neck and laid back down, pulling him down with you without saying a word. You put your legs around him, and he grabbed your hips and pulled you closer to him. Changkyun aligned his cock with your entrance and quickly thrust into you. You let out a loud moan, and bit down on his shoulder, and that made him ram into you, rolling his hips with each. He breathed heavily, and as he pushed himself into you and pulled himself out of you, the bed rocked along with your movements. He had his face in the crook of your neck, sucking and biting on your skin. It was a moment of pure bliss, and it was the sex you’ve always dreamed of. With every minute, he went faster, grunting quietly against your neck. 

Then he slowed down, and you gave him a confused look. 

“Baby… keep… going,” you said between breaths. You thought that he was getting tired, but that wasn’t the case. 

Changkyun flipped you over on the bed, and continued fucking you, but this time he went into you even harder, and you felt like the bed was going to break. He cupped his hands over your breasts, twirling his fingers against your nipples. The sensation of his cock pounding into you and his fingers rubbing against your nipples were unreal. You held onto the sheets underneath you, biting onto them as well. You moaned into the sheet, and Changkyun groaned.

“I’m close,” he said as he pounded himself into you, and you were close as well. For the first time, you came before him, and it was euphoric. You moaned out loud, not caring if anyone heard, and he took it as a sign that you reached your climax. 

Quickly, Changkyun turned you back around, and thrusts into you a few more times, then he finally came into you. He let out a couple of grunts, and you felt his hot liquids fill you up, enjoying every last bit of it. He removed himself from inside you, and cleaned you up.

“Wow,” you said after you caught your breath. He looked up and you and shook his head. 

“I know.” He said as he finished cleaning you up. He brought some clothes for you and started taking off your dress. He chuckled. 

“Sorry I ripped these,” he said as he took off what was left of your tights.

You laugh, “It’s okay. It was worth it. You should be like that more often.” 

He clothed you and laid besides you, covering you up and holding you in his arms. “As long as you dress like that and speak like that, I don’t know if I can resist.” He paused and looked you in the eyes. “Please don’t dress like that often, because as much as I enjoyed it, and I know that you did too, that was tiring.”

You laughed once again and he kissed you on the lips. “Okay, baby. I won’t. I’ll save it for special occasions only.”

Changkyun chuckled. “Good.” He kissed you on the forehead, and you started giggling. “What’s so funny?”

“Do you think the boys heard us?”

“With your loud moans, I’m sure they did.” 

You playfully slapped his arm, and he laughed at your reaction. He held onto you more tightly, and kissed you once again, this time placing a chaste kiss on your lips. You both cuddled against each other until you fell into a heavy sleep, a necessity after that energy draining experience. 

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I live for dominant I.M, holy shit

Watch the speedpaint HERE!

One of my favorite ships involving the Sanders Sides!! I don’t really see much art of them when I search the tags so I decided to contribute hehe… (unless I’ve been looking for it in the wrong places)

I imagined Logan suddenly pulled over by an excited Patton, who saw a doggo.

Logic’s glasses were supposed to be kinda crooked but now it looks like they’re just sliding forward haha

Reacting to you being an amazing idol rapper

Requested by anon

Context: You’re chilling on the couch with your boyfriend, listening to music. After listening to a preview of their new song, he asks if you could show him your groups upcoming single coming out. You’re embarrassed cause its the first time you don’t sing in the song (you don’t tell him that), but you put it on for him anyway. Hes jamming out, waiting to see if he can recognize your voice but halfway through the song he is confused. You tell him your part is up next, and that its the break in the song. He sits up and it starts. You, rapping at top speed, throwing out LITERAL FIRE for 30 seconds straight.

How does he react??


Your rap starts and he does a double-take. He’s staring off into the distance, one eyebrow raised and puzzled beyond belief. After Youngbin finally realized what was happening, he yells out and grabs you by the shoulders. His eyes are shining with excitement and he waits for the stanza to be over to speak. Makes sure to tell everybody about it.
“Y/N! (×4) I didn’t know you could do that!!”

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He stares blankly into the distance. Your part ends and eventually the song does as well. You’re both in complete silence as Inseong’s gaze slowly makes its way towards yours. You asked him what he thought but he just kept looking at you blankly.
“Wait… Did that just happen?? That wasn’t a prank right?”

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Jumps as soon as he recognizes your voice. Groves around, WOO-ing from time to time. Turns to you as soon as its over. Hes super excited.
“Ya! That was my Y/N! I can’t believe it!”

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Your part starts and he very dramatically yells out in confusion. After a moment of him being completely shocked, it clicks in his mind. Dawon yells again, this time looking at you. He stands up in excitement. He’s all over the place, not able to control himself. As soon as its over he wants you to put it again. Its all you guys listen to for hours, eventually he creates a fanchant for your part.
“EH?! Wait… WHAT?!? – Ya! That was so– put it again! *unintelligible screaming*”

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(Bless this dork)


Does a real life :o face, with a sound to match. A bashful smile spreads on his face, and he looks at you with pure excitement. After its done, Rowoon laughs out and grabs your face, praising you.
“Woow my y/n is so talented. I’m so proud of you!”

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Your rap starts. Zuhos eyebrows both jump up, and a second later he can’t control his giggles. He’s jamming out, yelling out whenever the rap peaks. After that, its all he can talk about. He encourages you to do a collab with him, almost screaming it to your manager next time he sees him.
“You never told me you could rap! Hey, you have to do a song with me. I’ll start writing it right now!”

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(What a precious noodle)


Sunshine™ will tilt his head in confusion, and then almost instantly start jamming. After its done he’ll hug you tightly, looking down at you.
“How did you hide something like this from me? Everyday I find new things to like about you haha.”

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Poor little thing never saw it coming. Shoots up like a rocket. Spends the next 30 seconds standing completely still like a mannequin, staring at the floor, listening. When your verse ends, Hwiyoung laughs out in excitement. He kneels in front of you and the couch, grabbing your arms.
“Y/n that was so good! Can you do it right now? I wanna see you doing it :D”

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“Woaaa-” his face lights up. Chani listens, giving the song his full attention, moving his finger up and down as if counting the syllables. As soon as your part ends he pauses the song altogether.
“That was awesome! Can you teach it to me, y/n?”

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They’d all be so proud of you 😭😭😭 my precious boys.

This one was really fun❤

My request box is still open! I do sf9 reactions and scenarios!

Next up is a scenario! :D

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So I did a Sailor Moon presentation for my gender studies class (”Images and Realities of Gender”). And yes, this is the third time I’ve done a Sailor Moon project (I’ve posted the previous two here and here), haha. I can’t help it, it’s just such perfect project material! 

Anyway, the class really liked it (a few even cheered when they saw what I was covering, haha). After I finished, I walked back to my seat, which the teacher was sitting next to (she was sitting in the back of the classroom so she could grade our presentations). She was excited and immediately asked me “Where can I find this series?!?” and I told her the anime is on Hulu and the manga can be found in bookstores. She then asked me if it’s appropriate for children and young teenagers, because she really wants to show it to her kids. 

I told her that it’s absolutely appropriate for kids. I also said something like “I first found the series when I was 13 years old, and it changed my life. It’s really important to me.” She said that she’s definitely interested in introducing Sailor Moon to her kids after hearing me talk about what a positive series it is. I’m so happy! 

Btw, I’ll post the actual paper I wrote for this class very soon (I need to finish it first, haha). I stole a lot of parts from my first paper, but I also included new material (specifically, I talked about Haruka’s gender nonconformity in the manga as well as the Outer Family). 

anonymous asked:

aren't they like,,, the same person?? or brothers? or something like that? (puzzleshipping)

Hello, dear anon!! No, they’re not the same person and they’re not brothers, either, though I can definitely see why it looks like they are. A lot of characters also think they’re the same person, at least initially.

You’ve got Yugi Muto (left) and the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle (right), called Yami Yugi in the English dub. In the Japanese sub, Yugi just calls him the “other me” (and he’s called the “other Yugi” by other characters). Since Yami Yugi is a spirit, he doesn’t have a physical body of his own, so he and Yugi share the same body, but they’re two completely separate entities!!

At the beginning of season 2, we find out that Yami is actually the amnesiac spirit of an ancient pharaoh–before that, no one really knew anything about him, much less the Spirit himself–and the rest of the series is his (and Yugi’s) quest to regain his memories through the Duel Monsters card game! :D

I didn’t want to give out a super long answer, so I hope that this cleared everything up! :D


Hey guys, I’m back again for another fan account and boy was it like the best day of my life. OMG…if you don’t feel like reading all of this, I’m just going to leave some highlights for you and of course I’ll bold the most relevant parts.



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Are you taking requests ? Because if so, you said you liked angst, and I looove angst. So, hum, could you write, maybe just headcanons you know, about Momo being like badly hurt and Todoroki's reactions, actions, anything ? Sorry if it's too much. Really sorry.

DON’T BE SORRY WHATTT, feel free to send me an ask like this anytime! I don’t bite HAHA plus I love todomomo so you’re doing me a favour! Oh my, getting excited before even starting (^  ^)

-When Momo got a head injury and was in a coma for a few days, Todoroki went to visit her throughout those times, unbeknownst to Kirishima who saw him at the hospital. Todoroki would just sit there in silence with a book in hand, hoping to keep her company. He brought flowers once as suggested by his sis.

-After many head-spinning choices, He picked fire lilies because it reminded him of her: elegant and sophisticated. Todoroki lamented afterwards, thinking about how the colour red reminded him of Endeavor.

-Momo never found out who brought the second bouquet of flowers when she came to. The lilies were falling apart, but the colour was still as lively as ever. The crimson ignited her awake. She just assumed they were all from her family though. Momo’s parents were curious, however, never bothering to pry any further.

-During their third year sports festival, Momo got to the semi-finals. Heart racing, her opponent’s name came bolded in white: Todoroki Shouto. She started off creating skates, fabricating anti-freeze chemicals out of the tips of her fingers, and even made blades to cut through the ice. The fire was the biggest challenge though. She had no way of dodging it without repercussions.

-He ended up searing her skin, all black and purple. He slammed his fist on the wall, vibrating it to its core after he watched helplessly as she was towed to the recovery room immediately. Midnight shook her head, wondering why they couldn’t have stopped him earlier. He felt like a monster.

-  “Todoroki, its not your fault…stop punching the…” “I thought I pushed past it, I really did. The fire…seeing her like that…I just…” “It was a competition, Yaoyorozu won’t blame you.” “I don’t care if she does. She’s in there because of me.”

-She was under immense pain but she never complained once. In fact, she was more worried about why he never came to see her when all of her friends did. She was hoping the first person she’d see would be him.

-He was secretly the one that made sure she had a full kettle of hot water beside her when she fell asleep; sometimes, he’d pull the blanket so she wouldn’t get cold.

-After sitting outside her room everyday since she was transferred to another facility, he finally realized how moronic he was.

      -”Yaoyorozu, sorry for not coming earlier-” “Can you look me in the eye, Todoroki-san? What are you afraid of?” “The scabs on your arms and neck. The pain that I must have inflicted on you. Knowing that my left is still as destructive as I remembered. That’s what I’m afraid of.”

-Momo leaned her head against him after she scolded him, of course, about how silly he’s being and he’s taken aback by how forgiving she was.

    -”Your fire is warm to me. So don’t dwell on it, Todoroki-san.”

-He took her out to a picnic after her recovery, and she asked for flowers as compensation.

-It’s fire lilies that he brought, yet again.

Postcards to You (Portugal/Spain)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Your post graduation gift to yourself is a three month backpacking trip through Europe trip. Lin is staying behind because In The Heights is starting to finally take off but you make sure to keep in contact.

Word Count: 1,222

Warnings: Shaky Spanish translation, mentions of alcohol

A/N: Next part to Postcards to You! As always, a slow burn friends to lovers fic. I purposely didn’t translate the Spanish for you…tension building, you know how it goes.

As always, thank you to my partner in crime @l-nmanuel for being absolutely wonderful and for the postcard. And thank you to the lovely @gratitudejoyandsorrow for yelling nice things at me and coming up with the Little Mermaid reference. You guys are the best!

Previous Chapter||Next Chapter

Greetings from Madrid!

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Jackson Imagine - Cousins

A/N - I’ve not done many imagines where the reader isn’t dating a member of Got7 and I think this is the first one where the reader is related to one of them (please correct me if I’m wrong haha). So I was super excited when I saw the request and started writing because it’s so different to what I usually write. Enjoy~

Could you do a cute scenario where you (who is much younger) and Jackson are cousins, adopted cousins after some divorcing and remarriage that happened, and have been for a while, but have never seen each other in person? You and Jackson have called before, texted and FaceTimed, but have yet to have a face to face conversation, and he’s going to LA for KCon and he surprises you by visiting your home for the first time.

Living in LA was fun. You loved the weather, the people, everything. The only downside was that you rarely got to see your family members on the other side of the world. You had so many relatives whom you had never met including Jackson, your cousin. You weren’t related by blood but through marriage which didn’t stop the two of you becoming extremely close despite never having met him. You’d always be messaging each other through social media or skyping each other etc so that you could talk and stay close. He lived in Korea with the six other members of his world famous kpop group, Got7. You were a big fan of their music and would have probably loved them even if your cousin wasn’t in the group. And not that you’d tell Jackson, but Mark was your bias and you’d get excited whenever he was in the room with Jackson when you skyped with him.

Kcon LA was coming up soon but you hadn’t been able to get tickets quick enough and had soon given up on the idea of seeing your favourite groups live. You had avoided all websites that would talk about the Kcon lineup just so you wouldn’t be disappointed about who you were missing out on. Because of that, you hadn’t found out that Got7 were going to be attending and visiting LA. Jackson had found out that you didn’t know about Kcon so did everything he could to keep it all secret. He wanted to surprise you at home with all the boys with him too. As the time came around and the boys flew over to LA, you were really feeling the disappointment as you saw pictures of different groups leaving Incheon airport and arriving at LAX. What did surprise you was that you saw images of Got7 at Incheon airport too. Not thinking much of it, you just assumed they were travelling to Japan or China for some promotions or a variety show, as they often did.

When the boys all arrived in LA, they immediately visited your other family members so they could get an address for your own apartment without you knowing of their plans. It also gave them some time to rest so they weren’t extremely tired when they met you. Jackson was full of nerves and excitement as he and the boys drove over to your apartment. You, on the other hand, were completely clueless but confused as you received a text from your older sibling saying ‘have fun little one’. You had responded with a ‘what?’ but hadn’t got any kind of reply from them, leaving you even more confused. Something was going on and you had absolutely no idea what it was. When the doorbell rang and you got up to answer it, part of you suspected that your sibling was pulling a prank on you but nonetheless you opened the door. When you saw Jackson standing there with Got7, you could have cried from happiness. 
“Jackson! Oh my god what are you doing here?” You said, hugging with as tightly as you could.
“We’re here for Kcon but thought why not come and see you? The boys have been wanting to meet you almost as much as I have.”
“I can’t believe you guys are all here!” You hugged each of the members tightly, wanting to make the most of your time with them. It felt so surreal having them there with you, especially Jackson who you had grown so close to over the years even without having met him. The next few days with them would be amazing and you couldn’t wait to spend time with the 7 boys who already felt like family.

End of my first year watching K dramas!

So last February is when I started watching korean dramas and since then it has just been a crazy snowball effect. I was trying to learn anything and everything possible about the hallyu wave and that is what this blog has kind of turned into. I just wanted to run down the list of dramas that I saw and in what order and what my general reactions to them were. 

Since I am such a newb with korean entertainment, I feel like I watched a lot of the more popular well known dramas so I had a foundation to start building on. (like what actor’s/actress’ I enjoy the most, what genre ect ect.) I have also learned the entire korean alphabet and have been working on vocabulary as well. When I think about it, I have learned a lot and it hasn’t even been an entire year yet! 

So here is my list.

First k drama ever was in last feb.

1. My Love From The Star 6/10

I was browsing on hulu one day and saw the picture for it of the lead actress and thought she was really pretty. I thought it might have been a japanese tv show so I had clicked on the description and found the synopsis interesting. After watching the first five minutes, I realized they were not speaking in japanese, it was korean! I remember physically pushing pause and thinking to myself about what I knew about korea. Sadly, the only thing I could think of was the division between north and south and that in elementary school I have a friend who was korean and that was about it. 

So I can’t say I truly got fully addicted to My Love From the Star but it was really entertaining. Stuff that really stood out for me that kept me watching was the fashion, how funny the lead actress was and wanting to know about the murder case. It’s funny cause a lot of kdramas have romantic plot lines as I have come to fully understand but in this one, I understood that it was supposed to be in the forefront but I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t think the chemistry was really there and I didn’t find anything about them that I could relate to. (However I did like the kiss scene at the end.)

Another thing that stood out was the fact that it was not over sexualized like many television shows in western culture. I wasn’t fully sold, but I found myself wanting more. 

2. Boys Over Flowers 8/10

Alright. This is where my obsession started. After watching the first few episodes I was interested because of Jan Di. I LOOOVVVEEEDDD her character, she was cute and spunky and I wanted to see her stand up to the F4. I can’t say I was completely hooked in the beginning. It was a gradual process. I really hated Jun Pyo and I didn’t see how attractive Lee Min Ho was with his nasty attitude in the beginning. (did I have a lot to learn about the rich chaebol characters or what? hahaha) After seeing his softer side and how he really cared about Jan Di made me fall in love and then from that point onward I was appreciating every single damn scene with Lee Min Ho in it. 

Around this time I had a really bad cyst and was bed ridden for a couple days while it drained, so what did I do? I stayed in bed and watched the entire series in two days! And I have no regrets. I had so many different emotions, I was laughing, crying, yelling at the screen because of stupid mistakes the characters made. Some scenes were just utterly ridiculous but let’s be honest, I was eating that shit up. I enjoyed every moment of Boys Over Flowers the first time I watched it. It was a guilty pleasure.

Note: I have watched many episodes from other dramas like Surplus Princess, to the beautiful you, liar game ect but I did not list them here because I have not finished watching them.

3. Personal Taste 6/10

So after Boys Over Flowers ended and reality set in that I couldn’t look at Lee Min Ho’s beautiful face anymore, I freaked out a little and started doing research on all of the dramas he had been in. Faith and Citty Hunter seemed really interesting but I felt like I was still so new at the kdrama thing, I needed something more light hearted and easy to follow. 

Watching Personal Taste was an awesome experience. It was nice to see Lee Min Ho in a more mature role and I thought Son Yi Jin was cute in this one. The entire time I watched it I was wishing I could live in a house with that kind of architecture.

Although I found Personal Taste enjoyable, I was getting the same feelings that I did watching Boys Over Flowers! I was on a hunt to find something similar.

3. Playful Kiss 5.5/10

While doing my kdrama research a lot of people were recommending this one so I figured why not? It had Kim Hyun Joong in it and he played Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers. Let’s see him get the girl this time, I figured. 

This….drama…..uhhh, guys where do I even begin? I wanted to absolutely hate it with a fiery passion but I didn’t because I liked almost all of the characters. The lead girl was soooo co dependent and obsessed with Hyun Joong’s character and I hated it! There was a second male lead in this one that loved her. (I think his name is Lee Tae Sung) And he was sooo fine! Ahhh I loved him. Kim Hyun Joong’s character treated her like absolute crap. And not the way Jun Pyo did to Jan Di. Like he seriously treated her like crap and she was completely okay with it. Pretty much I gritted my teeth and watched it for Lee Tae Sung and the lead girl’s friends. (they were funny!)

4. Faith The Great Doctor 7/10

So after the terrible disappointment with Playful Kiss I figured, fuck it I need Lee Min Ho in my life so I put on Faith. I really enjoyed all of Faith and this is one where I watched multiple episodes in one sitting. The entire progression with the war went on a little too slow for my liking but I did enjoy Lee Min Ho’s character as Choi Young. I loved the overall story and the ending was one of my favorite endings I have seen in a kdrama to date. I should also make note this is when I was exposed to actor Philip Lee I think his name is and I was happy when I saw him in Secret Garden.

Oh, one last thing, my boyfriend actually was interested in this one. All of the other ones he rolled his eyes at haha. 

5. The Heirs 5.5/10

So at this point I was still super in love with Lee Min Ho and there was a new drama that was buzzing all over drama land called The Heirs. Pretty much same plot line as Boys Over Flowers, I was excited! 

I have come to realize that certain dramas (The Heirs, My Love From The Star) are so over rated and they aren’t even that great. Although I did enjoy certain pieces of Heirs (Kim Woo Bin, the mute mom, the relationships between the mothers ect) I really didn’t like how feminine they made Lee Min Ho’s character. Like…after watching this I didn’t find him that attractive. Actually, after watching The Heirs I took a break from watching kdramas because I was so disappointed. I mean at that point I was like, what other dramas am I going to watch? Lee Min Ho isn’t in them…

6. Coffee Prince 10/10

The Gods in heaven sent Coffee Prince to me. And Gong Yoo!!! So after my disappointment with Lee Min Ho in Heirs, it was so nice to watch a new drama and actually find a male lead attractive. The entire story was executed perfectly and the chemistry between Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye is so amazing, they go from being best friends to lovers. This drama especially touched me because it isn’t the typical, “seperate the two and give them heartache.” scenario. The music wasn’t over played and annoying, I mean seriously, everything was perfect in my book. This is still my favorite drama to date.

7. Secret Garden 7/10

For the most part I found Secret Garden enjoyable. This is where I was introduced to Hyun Bin who I find to be an exceptional actor. The only reason I am not super crazy about this one is the main actress unfortunantely is not up to par with Hyun Bin’s acting skills. At least for me, it was REALLY obvious Hyun Bin had committed to his role 100% and she was somewhere in the 72% range.  

8. City Hunter 9.5/10

After finally getting over my disappointment with Heirs, I decided it was time to watch City Hunter. To my surprise I found it on Netflix so I didn’t have to watch it on my computer! I watched it on my PS3 and my boyfriend actually joined me in watching it. He never thought he would get used to the subtitles but he did because he got into the story along with me. The entire thing was enjoyable for both of us and I am really glad I got to have that experience with my boyfriend. So ladies! If you like watching kdramas and have a boyfriend, I highly recommend watching City Hunter with him lol. 

9. My Name is Kim Sam Soon 8/10

I have heard this is the mother of all Kdramas so why wouldn’t I want to watch it?! I have to say I absolutely loved the entire drama, one of the funniest ones I have seen. Kim Sun Ah’s acting really stood out for me so she instantly became a favorite and of course Hyun Bin was awesome. One of my favorite scenes is the piano scene ;)

10. Scent of a Woman 9.5/10

So I decided to watch this one because of Kim Sun Ah and lemme tell you…you’re going to need some tissues lol! For some reason I found this one listed as a romantic comedy…it is not! This is a melodrama if I ever did see one. It is about dealing with cancer and death so it is a serious subject. I kept thinking by the end she was going to me miraculously healed and if that was the case I was going to hate the whole thing but that is not what happened. It was much more realistic so this is one of my favorite kdrama endings along with Faith. 

11. Rooftop Prince 10/10

This I believe is the only other drama besides coffee prince that I give a 10/10 to. I loved the story, the directing, writing, acting and everything about it. Sometimes I myself can get a little spoiled and I saw myself in the Crown Prince which made me laugh. When he gets mad and yells it feels like I am looking at a male version of myself. This is a must watch for EVERYONE!

12. Goong 7/10

And now I end 2014 off with Goong. I am almost done watching it! I have to say that I really do enjoy it but it is sooooo slow right now! I am on episode 19 and I am almost 10% positive they could have made this show shorter. I am finding myself dozing off every time the elders are having a conversation. All their conversations are almost always the same. But I have to say that I do love Yoon Eun Hye in this drama. 

After I finish Goong I will probably try and finish some dramas I am almost done with (surplus princess and liar game mainly) 

I feel very good with this year of discovering the hallyu wave and I can’t wait for next year! 

Am I still dreaming?

Pairing: Dean x Chubby Reader

Word count: 1,004

Summary: You and the boys just come back from a hard hunt and have to share a room, something that you really don’t want to do.

Warning: just a little self hate

You all walked into the motel exhausted.
“That hunt must of been the hardest I have ever done.” You exclaimed, stopping when you realized that there were only two beds.
You looked over at Sam and He understood what you were trying to say.
“I’ll go and check to see if they have any other rooms for Y/N.”
“Sorry bro, already done. Sorry sweetheart but you’ll have to stay here for now.” Dean winked at you and walked off to take a shower.
You rushed over to Sam. “ Sam I can’t stay in this room. How about if I do it again?!”
Sam laughed, recalling how he heard you a few weeks ago calling out Dean’s name in your sleep.
“Not funny, Dean probably thinks I’m weird and fat. I don’t need to complicate things if he finds out.”
Sam glared at you. “ Y/N.. I hope you know that you are none of those things. You are beautiful and I can assure you if you just told-”
“No Sam. I know how it will end. I’d rather be his friend than nothing at all.”
“But Y/N-” Sam was cut off by Dean coming of the shower with only a towel around his waist.
“What are you nerds talking about?”
He walked over to a bed that he threw his bag on and started to go through it, taking out some clothes to change into as you watched the water drip off of the back of his neck.
Something that he didn’t see but the other Winchester obviously did.
You turned your gaze away, cheeks turning a bright red.
“So.. Umm who is taking the couch?”
You looked at it with such disgust, you thought it could disappear.
“What? No. No one is taking the couch. You can sleep with one of us.”
Dean pointed in between him and Sam.
“Wait.. How is that fair? Why can’t you two sleep in the same bed and I get one alone?” You were quite terrified that the one you would sleep with would feel the fat that rolled on your stomach. It wasn’t that visible through your baggy shirts but it would be if it touched them.
“Sweetheart, I think you and I both know that me and Sammy the moose here can’t share a king sized bed, let alone this little thing.” Green orbs staring at you. You couldn’t help but nod.
“Okay then, which one will you take?” Dean said with such confidence, you didn’t have the heart to say that you couldn’t sleep next to him.
“I’ll sleep with Sam, if that’s alright.”
Dean looked disappointed but that’s what you wanted to see… Right?
“Sorry Y/N, I can’t. This bed is small enough with just me. Guess you’ll be with Dean.”
Sam gave you a innocent look that you were dying to wipe off his face.
“It’s settled then. Choose which side you’d like.” Dean smirked before leaning in closer. “I’m a bit of a cuddler… Hope you don’t mind.”
As if your cheeks weren’t red enough. You walked in the bathroom to change so you could sleep. Or at least try to. You had major doubts that you would even keep you breathing at a normal state with Dean right next to you.
Changing into some sweat pants and a t shirt. You couldn’t help but see what might happen if you actually fell asleep.
Would you say his name in your sleep?
Would he touch the fat that you hated so much?
Would he be so disgusted with either that he would never talk to you again?
You made your way out of the washroom and into the bed. Both Winchesters were already in bed with Dean facing away from you and Sam reading a book on his very spacious bed. He smiled devilishly as you walked past him, not looking at him you gave him the finger. He laughed quietly, returning back to him book.
Turning off the light, Sam settled back in his bed.
You climbed into the bed that Dean was in as quietly as you possibly could. You settled to your right side. Opposite of Dean. You could feel the warmth radiating off of him and his soothing breathing. I’m not sleeping any time soon, you thought. But against you will. Your eyes closed and you fell into a deep slumber.

The sun somehow escaped the curtains and fell on your face. You opened your eyes only to be met with beautiful green ones.
“Morning beautiful.” Dean smiled as he pushed a stray hair behind your ear.
You were dreaming… This was a dream. It could not be real. This isn’t happening.
“Morning.” You said shakily. “Am I still dreaming?” You thought.
Dean chuckled, making you realize that you just said that out loud.
“No sweetheart. But Sometimes dreams come true.”
You sat up suddenly. This isn’t real, you kept repeating in your head.
“Y/N, are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m so sorry. I just thought you felt the same way because I heard you say something in your sleep but I must have been wrong.” He sat up and You looked Dean in the eye. “Dean I really like you. What you thought is true. But how, in the world, would you feel the same way?”
“Are you kidding me Y/N? You are so beautiful and smart. You are so focused and a great hunter. You love Sammy like he’s your own brother. You are so amazing. Tell me you are just messing with me because there is no way that you could ever assume that I wouldn’t fall for you like I already have.”
To say You were stunned, would be the biggest understatement of the year.
“Dean-” you began before Sam came into the motel, sweating with a card in his hand.
“So get this.. I was out running when I saw this-” He looked over at you two confused but slightly excited.
“Wait.. What did I miss?”

Park It

Hi! Since smut is my favorite I was so excited when I saw a request for car sex with Jooheon (my second favorite in Monsta X) from an anonymous requester. I hope you like it ;3 sorry it’s so long I am very very very detailed with these things haha. Please message back when you see this and let me know what you think :3 

~Admin Takara-yeolie~ 

Originally posted by wonyeols

You were very excited to see Jooheon after he had been gone for so long. His schedule was packed for months and he had a hard time convincing the manager to let him see you. He decided that a classy quiet dinner would be the best way to celebrate your first night together in months. He wore a black suit without a tie with a navy blue shirt and you wore a fitted black sleeveless dress with red stilettos.  “You know how I asked you to not wear such short tight skirts on dates?” Jooheon teasingly chuckled as he kept looking at the road. You smile to yourself as you cross your legs making your dress ride up a little more.“No oppa…I don’t.” You scoot closer to him and guide his free hand from the arm rest to your upper thigh. You see his eyes widen from the side then hear the blinker. Jooheon checks the side mirror as he crosses lanes to pull over. He violently puts the car in park and locks all the doors. “What are you doing?” He adorably scowls at you before sliding his hand further up your thigh. You display a devilish smile as you turn to him and slightly open your legs. Jooheon takes off his blazer as your lips meet. Your lips stay locked in a passionate feverish kiss as he rapidly scrambles to unbutton his shirt. Your breaths echo in the silence of the car and you can feel the temperature rising. Jooheon loudly moaned as the threw his shirt to the floor, his muscles were flexing as his hands were roughly exploring your body. He planted kisses everywhere he could before he stopped and softly calls your name. “…yes?” You slowly open your eyes to see him lovingly gazing at you smiling with his adorable dimples. “You’re so beautiful…I’m glad we can have this time together. I missed you so much…I love you.” He closes his eyes before gently kissing your forehead. He lingers there then looks in your eyes again with a smile. You shyly smile back then lean to his ear and seductively whisper. “We should take this to the back. We have more room there.” You gently kiss and nibble on his ear making him shudder and moan. You climb into the back seat giggling as he follows doing the same. His fair muscular body hangs over you when you see his face you can see how much he wants you. You pull your dress straps down exposing your bra and extend your arms out to him. He falls into your embrace kissing your neck and breasts leaving hickies. You moan as your hands claw into his back and your toes curl with ecstasy. Jooheon’s hands creep further up your dress to your panties and you can feel him rubbing you. He removes your dress and kisses you lower and lower. Your moans grow louder with each kiss, suck, and lick which spurs him to move lower and lower. His head goes between your legs and he slides your panties down your legs. You let out a piercing moan at the first sensation from his tongue which makes him let out a sexy deep moan in response. He goes without let up using everything he has to please you. “Does it feel good? Do you like it?” You nod and moan trying to hold back.“Yes~!” After what seems like forever you feel your senses peaking, your toes curling, your back arching, and your breath getting short. “I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum~!” Your hands grab Jooheon’s silky hair as you move his head up and down until you peak. Your breathing is rapid and short as your body relaxes. Jooheon comes back up to your face and as he lays against you, you feel his excitement. You share a kiss and slide your hand to his bulge and began to stroke him through his pants. He moans and begins to grind his hips in your hand faster and faster. “Wait…” He takes off his pants and underwear with a little struggle due to the cramped car space and returns to you. “…is it ok if…I put it in?” You smile at him and gently nod in response making him get a condom from his wallet and rip open the wrapper with his teeth. You stroke him more before he puts on the condom. You both lay down and look at each other with apprehensiveness and excitement. He gently kisses your lips again and then your forehead before he enters you. “Are you okay? It doesn’t hurt does it?” You smile as you bite your lower lip.“No I’m fine I promise. Keep going oppa.” He kisses your neck and continues to move inside of you making you moan. Both your moans fill the car as you feel the car rock and sway from Jooheon’s strong thrusts. The car windows steam as your passions, groans, and moans rise. The sound of skin on skin is clear as it sensually mixes with the car’s rocking. Jooheon wraps you his strong arms as his thrusts pound into you. You begin to gasp and quietly scream in pleasure as you see his face squirm into pleasure. “Ugh I think I’m gonna cum!” You wrap your legs around his waist and claw into his big toned back spurring him on. His thrusts reach a record pace and you’re both ready to boil over with passion. He lets out a strong groan as he lets out three unimaginably strong thrusts into you. As you both finish and come down from the high your bodies shake and tremble and you faintly try to catch your breath. He lays on top of you deeply breathing in your ear as he wraps his strong arms around your waist. He kisses your neck softly over and over again as you gently stroke the back of his head. He weakly pushes himself up to look at you one last time before he pulls out. The sensation of him leaving your body made you moan a little. “Getting dressed in here is gonna be tough.” He laughs displaying his deep dimples and cute little eyes. You laugh and smile back sitting up shaking as you scramble to find your clothing. You get dressed in silence but the joyous afterglow is obvious to see. “What time is it oppa? We don’t want to miss our dinner reservations.” Jooheon’s eyes widen as he checked the car clock. “8:00 we might be a little late love.” You both get out the backseat to the front. Jooheon starts the car and pulls off again. “That’s what happens when you eat dessert first.” You stick your tongue out and wink at him with a giggle.“Yah! You started with me! Do I need to pull this car over again missy?” He laughs and scoffs teasingly at your playful statement making you laugh even harder. You both laugh and talk all the way to the restaurant where you end up being fifteen minutes late for your dinner reservation but it was totally worth it.            

Thank You, Mokuba

“They’re more than fiction. They were there for me even if they weren’t real. They were there when you weren’t. They’re more than you think they are.”

-By behindtheplottwist

(Warning: This ended up being longer than I intended. Forgive me!)

Yugioh was one of the first anime shows I watched growing up. When I was little, I hated Kaiba. The villian is always the bad guy right? Such arrogance that matched a black heart. So why should I cheer for him? Why would anyone? 

But you did Mokuba. 

I wanted Yugi to win, like the main hero always does, and he did. Over and over again. But when you first came on that screen, I never knew how much a fictional character could have such an impact on my life. You didn’t get a big role. You were the little brother. Seto Kaiba’s little brother. A supporting character. No. Stop. You weren’t. You can’t be.

 Because why did I learn so much from you than everyone else? Why did your actions speak so much louder to me than the main cast ever could? 

Because you’re an inspiration

I saw Kaiba and saw a cruel narcissistic cold-hearted person. Then you came out of nowhere, a sweetheart, a sincere good little kid with a giant heart of pure gold and showed me something else.(Despite your manga and season 0 appearances)

 I saw a black heart gone cold. You saw a broken one. And you tried your best to keep it from completely falling apart into nothing. You stood by him. You supported him when no one else would. Why? There’s more to people than what you see on the outside. You taught me that. 

Then I heard about your family. I heard about your parents. The orphanage. The bullies. The pain. The suffering. The sadness. But still you smiled through it all. At your age, how did you continue to go on and live life dealing with what you did? Some of us still can’t even do it. I’m still struggling with it. Ignorance is bliss they say? No, don’t make me laugh. 

You knew what was going on.

 You cried on that swing, missing a father who may or may not have loved the son that took his wife away. You looked back at the relative that dropped you off in the orphanage and held on to your brother’s hand as you stared ahead into the faces of lost hope among the other orphans.When that monster walked into the orphanage, your face held worry. When he took you to your new “home”, you knew what was going on. That’s why you tried to reach out to your brother with those cards.  

Even when you’re brother ignored you while you lived in that vast empty mansion under you’re “step-father”, you still loved him. Even when he tried to kill you- you…still stood by him. Promised to wait for him forever. 

Forgave him.

How do you forgive so easily? 

Your flesh and blood hurt you. Neglected you. Abandoned you.

But still you love him anyway.

 Forgiving someone is one of the hardest and seems like one of the most impossible things to do. You did it even before Yugi reached the elevator to go duel your brother didn’t you. How? You really are amazing you know that? 

Because you didn’t see a monster, you saw someone hurt, broken and beaten down. 

You wanted to help.

You always wanted to support him. You know why he does the things he does. You know that having a difficult life doesn’t excuse him. 

After all, you lived that same life, walked down the same road, lost the same parents, shared the same past. Even though everyone forgets you were there too. 

When everyone else abandoned your brother, you didn’t. When no one believed in him, you did. You were there for him. Like he was there for you. Through you I saw a different person in him. 

Through you I learned what true unselfishness, devotion, kindness, and self-sacrificing is. 

You went through a lot…

 You’re mother died after giving birth to you. You never got a chance to meet her. Your father died after that. Your relatives stole and left you. Soon your brother left even if he was still in the same room as you with a different gaze and a different kind of “smile”. Your “new” father didn’t think you were worth a second glance and you were left alone in that house.

 You didn’t have parents to love you. You were convinced your brother did, even if he didn’t show it the right way. After all, he tried but he was still a kid himself. Then he neglected you and you tried to get him back. No matter what. Even when he tried killing you at Death-T. 

Those monsters appeared and you were just a kid-and the experience of death would have crippled you. Then you lost your brother to a coma. Then the kidnappings started. You had your soul taken away and abandoned to shadows in the darkness, alone. You were dangled from a helicopter. Brainwashed. Had your body taken over.

 Kid I could go on. 

But let me tell you something. You’re a soldier. A warrior. You were abused, abandoned, neglected, went through traumatic experiences, and the fact that you continue to smile is something that I cannot put into words or begin to even describe just how much volume that speaks.

 People say showing emotions is a sign of weakness. But you see differently. They see a moment of weakness but you see a moment of strength. Or maybe you’re just that freaking strong. 

Maybe, no one else can see the pain behind that smile. Even so, you keep trying. Because maybe one day, when you smile, your beloved big brother might really smile back at you.

My life was filled with abuse and depression hit me hard. Everytime I watched Yugioh, I felt like I was living through you guys. I saw you laugh and cry, just like I did. I forgot about my own pain when I saw you struggle with yours. 

I loved watching you and your brother.

Smiled and loved the bond between you two. Your devotion to each other is admirable.

Growing up, I learned so much from you than my parents who weren’t around, it makes me a better person today. 

You held my hand. You helped me get through tough times. Thank you Mokie.

The original Yugioh series ended a long time ago and I’m in my senior year of high school. I still rewatch epsiodes. 

Still love seeing Mokuba and Seto. Really miss them. So when I heard about the movie, I was so happy and excited. Especially when I heard the movie revolved around Kaiba.

 Don’t get me wrong, I grew to love him because of Mokuba, but Mokuba will always be my favorite character. 

So I was concerned when the brothers’ lockets were gone. Was concerned about rumors of Mokuba being dead. Then terrified and relieved when I saw Mokuba’s sketch in the cast for the new Yugioh movie.

 But they chopped all his hair off.

 I always loved it long, hope he kept it till adulthood. I hoped he was an adult! But unfortunately the movie is set 6 months after the original not 10 years.

 I always imagined him to grow up as a badass vice president with flaring trench coats and be just as sexy as his big bro :) Maybe be like those cool spy agents haha.

 So I was disappointed when I found out he wasn’t much older. 

But I loved the suit! It almost proves my headcannon that Mokuba won’t abandon Kaiba Corp when he gets older, he’ll still want to work there. 

 But I can’t express the excitement I felt when I saw this.

I’m even more excited now to see this movie! I was worried they’d make him look bad with the new haircut but its actually not that bad. 

It’s so much better than what I expected. Seeing him again, get older (even slightly) just brings back so much emotions I had to write this.

 Even though it’s not exactly what I want or was hoping for- I don’t even care I just wanna see Mokuba again.

 I’m just happy to see him again. 

Originally posted by doctordirectioner5

I wanna give behindtheplottwist the credit for the other pictures in the beginning, because it was originally his/her concept that I used for the Kaiba brothers pictures.  



I am really really happy for these bois. Because of this!!!

© @choco_inym from Twitter




I JUST SAW THIS WHEN I WOKE UP (which is just now lol blame itajan chos jokes haha). First, I don’t understand and I can’t read Japanese. I should’ve taken that Japanese class in my university (ugh). 

What I understand tho is that on this 5th of July, HSJ’s new single will be released! Also AYT! (I still have mixed feeling for AYT’s new project tho, but happy for them and proud ofc). IT’S ON THE FIFTH OF JULY. IT’S SO NEAR YET SO FAR BUT I’M SUPER EXCITED. I THINK WE ALL ARE EXCITED AND HAPPY FOR OUR LOVES.

And I’m already counting the days. I just hope that our bois will take care of themselves and not strain their bodies. Their health is of utmost importance of course.

Okay, I need to go to school already. HSJ, gambatteee!!! Hearts and hugs for youuu, my loves.