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What stupid shit has mike done? I genuinely dont know

Oh boy, there’s so many…

  • wrote the bassline to Longview while high on acid and forgot it the next day
  • a security guard once mistook him for a rioting fan on stage during Woodstock 94 and punched his teeth out
  • loves coffee so much that he opened a café and later a coffee business with Billie
  • punched his teacher in kindergarten because he didn’t like it when she told him to do something
  • was a “skinny, hyper, obnoxious, funny” class clown when he was a child
  • nobody in the school had more detentions than him
  • has no sense of fear that’s why he had broken every bone you can break in his life
  • broke his nose during a concert on live TV in 98
  • broke both of his arms during a pillow fight with his then-wife
  • mistook someone wanting to give him a bear hug as someone attacking him and kicked him, got into a fight and had a bottle smashed on his head
  • played so much bass that he had developed carpal tunnel syndrome
  • has (or had) a pillow under his head when lying down on stage during “Shout”, probably because he’s the clumsiest motherfucker to have ever graced this earth with his presence
  • was named Dirnt because he’s a huge nerd who pretended to play air bass in school and made “dirnt” sounds
  • literally has marijuana tattooed on his arm. in japanese.
  • trashed his room in a fit of excitement when he saw himself on TV for the first time
  • thinks dogs will take over the world some day

And that’s just the things that we know, you can be 100% sure that there is a lot more they haven’t told us yet (or that I forgot about). So if anyone ever tells you that Mike is the “quiet one” in the band, point and laugh at them.

Reacting to you being an amazing idol rapper

Requested by anon

Context: You’re chilling on the couch with your boyfriend, listening to music. After listening to a preview of their new song, he asks if you could show him your groups upcoming single coming out. You’re embarrassed cause its the first time you don’t sing in the song (you don’t tell him that), but you put it on for him anyway. Hes jamming out, waiting to see if he can recognize your voice but halfway through the song he is confused. You tell him your part is up next, and that its the break in the song. He sits up and it starts. You, rapping at top speed, throwing out LITERAL FIRE for 30 seconds straight.

How does he react??


Your rap starts and he does a double-take. He’s staring off into the distance, one eyebrow raised and puzzled beyond belief. After Youngbin finally realized what was happening, he yells out and grabs you by the shoulders. His eyes are shining with excitement and he waits for the stanza to be over to speak. Makes sure to tell everybody about it.
“Y/N! (×4) I didn’t know you could do that!!”

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He stares blankly into the distance. Your part ends and eventually the song does as well. You’re both in complete silence as Inseong’s gaze slowly makes its way towards yours. You asked him what he thought but he just kept looking at you blankly.
“Wait… Did that just happen?? That wasn’t a prank right?”

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Jumps as soon as he recognizes your voice. Groves around, WOO-ing from time to time. Turns to you as soon as its over. Hes super excited.
“Ya! That was my Y/N! I can’t believe it!”

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Your part starts and he very dramatically yells out in confusion. After a moment of him being completely shocked, it clicks in his mind. Dawon yells again, this time looking at you. He stands up in excitement. He’s all over the place, not able to control himself. As soon as its over he wants you to put it again. Its all you guys listen to for hours, eventually he creates a fanchant for your part.
“EH?! Wait… WHAT?!? – Ya! That was so– put it again! *unintelligible screaming*”

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(Bless this dork)


Does a real life :o face, with a sound to match. A bashful smile spreads on his face, and he looks at you with pure excitement. After its done, Rowoon laughs out and grabs your face, praising you.
“Woow my y/n is so talented. I’m so proud of you!”

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Your rap starts. Zuhos eyebrows both jump up, and a second later he can’t control his giggles. He’s jamming out, yelling out whenever the rap peaks. After that, its all he can talk about. He encourages you to do a collab with him, almost screaming it to your manager next time he sees him.
“You never told me you could rap! Hey, you have to do a song with me. I’ll start writing it right now!”

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(What a precious noodle)


Sunshine™ will tilt his head in confusion, and then almost instantly start jamming. After its done he’ll hug you tightly, looking down at you.
“How did you hide something like this from me? Everyday I find new things to like about you haha.”

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Poor little thing never saw it coming. Shoots up like a rocket. Spends the next 30 seconds standing completely still like a mannequin, staring at the floor, listening. When your verse ends, Hwiyoung laughs out in excitement. He kneels in front of you and the couch, grabbing your arms.
“Y/n that was so good! Can you do it right now? I wanna see you doing it :D”

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“Woaaa-” his face lights up. Chani listens, giving the song his full attention, moving his finger up and down as if counting the syllables. As soon as your part ends he pauses the song altogether.
“That was awesome! Can you teach it to me, y/n?”

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They’d all be so proud of you 😭😭😭 my precious boys.

This one was really fun❤

My request box is still open! I do sf9 reactions and scenarios!

Next up is a scenario! :D

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Postcards to You (Portugal/Spain)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Your post graduation gift to yourself is a three month backpacking trip through Europe trip. Lin is staying behind because In The Heights is starting to finally take off but you make sure to keep in contact.

Word Count: 1,222

Warnings: Shaky Spanish translation, mentions of alcohol

A/N: Next part to Postcards to You! As always, a slow burn friends to lovers fic. I purposely didn’t translate the Spanish for you…tension building, you know how it goes.

As always, thank you to my partner in crime @l-nmanuel for being absolutely wonderful and for the postcard. And thank you to the lovely @gratitudejoyandsorrow for yelling nice things at me and coming up with the Little Mermaid reference. You guys are the best!

Previous Chapter||Next Chapter

Greetings from Madrid!

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Jackson Imagine - Cousins

A/N - I’ve not done many imagines where the reader isn’t dating a member of Got7 and I think this is the first one where the reader is related to one of them (please correct me if I’m wrong haha). So I was super excited when I saw the request and started writing because it’s so different to what I usually write. Enjoy~

Could you do a cute scenario where you (who is much younger) and Jackson are cousins, adopted cousins after some divorcing and remarriage that happened, and have been for a while, but have never seen each other in person? You and Jackson have called before, texted and FaceTimed, but have yet to have a face to face conversation, and he’s going to LA for KCon and he surprises you by visiting your home for the first time.

Living in LA was fun. You loved the weather, the people, everything. The only downside was that you rarely got to see your family members on the other side of the world. You had so many relatives whom you had never met including Jackson, your cousin. You weren’t related by blood but through marriage which didn’t stop the two of you becoming extremely close despite never having met him. You’d always be messaging each other through social media or skyping each other etc so that you could talk and stay close. He lived in Korea with the six other members of his world famous kpop group, Got7. You were a big fan of their music and would have probably loved them even if your cousin wasn’t in the group. And not that you’d tell Jackson, but Mark was your bias and you’d get excited whenever he was in the room with Jackson when you skyped with him.

Kcon LA was coming up soon but you hadn’t been able to get tickets quick enough and had soon given up on the idea of seeing your favourite groups live. You had avoided all websites that would talk about the Kcon lineup just so you wouldn’t be disappointed about who you were missing out on. Because of that, you hadn’t found out that Got7 were going to be attending and visiting LA. Jackson had found out that you didn’t know about Kcon so did everything he could to keep it all secret. He wanted to surprise you at home with all the boys with him too. As the time came around and the boys flew over to LA, you were really feeling the disappointment as you saw pictures of different groups leaving Incheon airport and arriving at LAX. What did surprise you was that you saw images of Got7 at Incheon airport too. Not thinking much of it, you just assumed they were travelling to Japan or China for some promotions or a variety show, as they often did.

When the boys all arrived in LA, they immediately visited your other family members so they could get an address for your own apartment without you knowing of their plans. It also gave them some time to rest so they weren’t extremely tired when they met you. Jackson was full of nerves and excitement as he and the boys drove over to your apartment. You, on the other hand, were completely clueless but confused as you received a text from your older sibling saying ‘have fun little one’. You had responded with a ‘what?’ but hadn’t got any kind of reply from them, leaving you even more confused. Something was going on and you had absolutely no idea what it was. When the doorbell rang and you got up to answer it, part of you suspected that your sibling was pulling a prank on you but nonetheless you opened the door. When you saw Jackson standing there with Got7, you could have cried from happiness. 
“Jackson! Oh my god what are you doing here?” You said, hugging with as tightly as you could.
“We’re here for Kcon but thought why not come and see you? The boys have been wanting to meet you almost as much as I have.”
“I can’t believe you guys are all here!” You hugged each of the members tightly, wanting to make the most of your time with them. It felt so surreal having them there with you, especially Jackson who you had grown so close to over the years even without having met him. The next few days with them would be amazing and you couldn’t wait to spend time with the 7 boys who already felt like family.

Park It

Hi! Since smut is my favorite I was so excited when I saw a request for car sex with Jooheon (my second favorite in Monsta X) from an anonymous requester. I hope you like it ;3 sorry it’s so long I am very very very detailed with these things haha. Please message back when you see this and let me know what you think :3 

~Admin Takara-yeolie~ 

Originally posted by wonyeols

You were very excited to see Jooheon after he had been gone for so long. His schedule was packed for months and he had a hard time convincing the manager to let him see you. He decided that a classy quiet dinner would be the best way to celebrate your first night together in months. He wore a black suit without a tie with a navy blue shirt and you wore a fitted black sleeveless dress with red stilettos.  “You know how I asked you to not wear such short tight skirts on dates?” Jooheon teasingly chuckled as he kept looking at the road. You smile to yourself as you cross your legs making your dress ride up a little more.“No oppa…I don’t.” You scoot closer to him and guide his free hand from the arm rest to your upper thigh. You see his eyes widen from the side then hear the blinker. Jooheon checks the side mirror as he crosses lanes to pull over. He violently puts the car in park and locks all the doors. “What are you doing?” He adorably scowls at you before sliding his hand further up your thigh. You display a devilish smile as you turn to him and slightly open your legs. Jooheon takes off his blazer as your lips meet. Your lips stay locked in a passionate feverish kiss as he rapidly scrambles to unbutton his shirt. Your breaths echo in the silence of the car and you can feel the temperature rising. Jooheon loudly moaned as the threw his shirt to the floor, his muscles were flexing as his hands were roughly exploring your body. He planted kisses everywhere he could before he stopped and softly calls your name. “…yes?” You slowly open your eyes to see him lovingly gazing at you smiling with his adorable dimples. “You’re so beautiful…I’m glad we can have this time together. I missed you so much…I love you.” He closes his eyes before gently kissing your forehead. He lingers there then looks in your eyes again with a smile. You shyly smile back then lean to his ear and seductively whisper. “We should take this to the back. We have more room there.” You gently kiss and nibble on his ear making him shudder and moan. You climb into the back seat giggling as he follows doing the same. His fair muscular body hangs over you when you see his face you can see how much he wants you. You pull your dress straps down exposing your bra and extend your arms out to him. He falls into your embrace kissing your neck and breasts leaving hickies. You moan as your hands claw into his back and your toes curl with ecstasy. Jooheon’s hands creep further up your dress to your panties and you can feel him rubbing you. He removes your dress and kisses you lower and lower. Your moans grow louder with each kiss, suck, and lick which spurs him to move lower and lower. His head goes between your legs and he slides your panties down your legs. You let out a piercing moan at the first sensation from his tongue which makes him let out a sexy deep moan in response. He goes without let up using everything he has to please you. “Does it feel good? Do you like it?” You nod and moan trying to hold back.“Yes~!” After what seems like forever you feel your senses peaking, your toes curling, your back arching, and your breath getting short. “I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum~!” Your hands grab Jooheon’s silky hair as you move his head up and down until you peak. Your breathing is rapid and short as your body relaxes. Jooheon comes back up to your face and as he lays against you, you feel his excitement. You share a kiss and slide your hand to his bulge and began to stroke him through his pants. He moans and begins to grind his hips in your hand faster and faster. “Wait…” He takes off his pants and underwear with a little struggle due to the cramped car space and returns to you. “…is it ok if…I put it in?” You smile at him and gently nod in response making him get a condom from his wallet and rip open the wrapper with his teeth. You stroke him more before he puts on the condom. You both lay down and look at each other with apprehensiveness and excitement. He gently kisses your lips again and then your forehead before he enters you. “Are you okay? It doesn’t hurt does it?” You smile as you bite your lower lip.“No I’m fine I promise. Keep going oppa.” He kisses your neck and continues to move inside of you making you moan. Both your moans fill the car as you feel the car rock and sway from Jooheon’s strong thrusts. The car windows steam as your passions, groans, and moans rise. The sound of skin on skin is clear as it sensually mixes with the car’s rocking. Jooheon wraps you his strong arms as his thrusts pound into you. You begin to gasp and quietly scream in pleasure as you see his face squirm into pleasure. “Ugh I think I’m gonna cum!” You wrap your legs around his waist and claw into his big toned back spurring him on. His thrusts reach a record pace and you’re both ready to boil over with passion. He lets out a strong groan as he lets out three unimaginably strong thrusts into you. As you both finish and come down from the high your bodies shake and tremble and you faintly try to catch your breath. He lays on top of you deeply breathing in your ear as he wraps his strong arms around your waist. He kisses your neck softly over and over again as you gently stroke the back of his head. He weakly pushes himself up to look at you one last time before he pulls out. The sensation of him leaving your body made you moan a little. “Getting dressed in here is gonna be tough.” He laughs displaying his deep dimples and cute little eyes. You laugh and smile back sitting up shaking as you scramble to find your clothing. You get dressed in silence but the joyous afterglow is obvious to see. “What time is it oppa? We don’t want to miss our dinner reservations.” Jooheon’s eyes widen as he checked the car clock. “8:00 we might be a little late love.” You both get out the backseat to the front. Jooheon starts the car and pulls off again. “That’s what happens when you eat dessert first.” You stick your tongue out and wink at him with a giggle.“Yah! You started with me! Do I need to pull this car over again missy?” He laughs and scoffs teasingly at your playful statement making you laugh even harder. You both laugh and talk all the way to the restaurant where you end up being fifteen minutes late for your dinner reservation but it was totally worth it.            

bts reaction to their best friend falling asleep in their dorm

“May I please have a Got7 (and bts) reaction to their best friend (to everyone in the group) falling asleep in the dorm, but them being to scarred to wake her up because they think she looks too peaceful? –thanks”

Thank you for your request, I’m doing bts this time, if you’d like a got7 version please message me again, also I’m taking requests still for shinee, seventeen, Monsta x, got7 and bts :)

rap monster

he’d be really flustered if I’m honest, he’d be really conflicted as to whether or not to wake you, he’d probably just let you sleep in all honesty and just play on his phone

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I think he’d be shy but also I think his mom mode would switch on. He’d get you a blanket and out it over you, so you weren’t cold. He wouldn’t wake you up since you looked so peaceful

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I think yoongi would be more reserved, if you fall asleep he’d just leave you. Maybe stare for a while, but he’d just continue to work. He’d occasionally go up to you to see if you were okay though

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Hobi would honestly be a mixture of Namjoon and Jin. He’d probably sit next to you playing a game and move hair from your face. He wouldn’t wake you, he’d wait for you to wake up yourself

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Let’s be honest, he’d wake you up. He’d be playing a game on his phone and he’d be happy he won and yell in excitement. He’d quickly shut his mouth though when he saw you rub your eyes lmao

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Jimin would be so flustered, poor bab. He would leave you asleep and go somewhere else in the dorm considering he didn’t want to wake you up. I think he’d check on you occasionally though

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He wouldn’t know what to do, he’d just leave you, after all when it comes to girls he’s clueless haha. I think he’d put a blanket on you though just so you weren’t cold after that he’d probably sprint out the room lmao

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Aww, Halloween has come to Denmark too, but with little Danish twists of course.

Here the kids say “Slik eller ballade” which means “Candy or trouble”

Also, we have a few American and British families in this area and their kids rarely wear costumes but seem to be the most excited. I assume they didn’t know we celebrate it here too, so when they saw kids trick n’ treating they were like “Oh shit! I gotta go NOW!”

Edit: Haha, a little girl just said “Candy or death!” with the biggest smile.
Am I still dreaming?

Pairing: Dean x Chubby Reader

Word count: 1,004

Summary: You and the boys just come back from a hard hunt and have to share a room, something that you really don’t want to do.

Warning: just a little self hate

You all walked into the motel exhausted.
“That hunt must of been the hardest I have ever done.” You exclaimed, stopping when you realized that there were only two beds.
You looked over at Sam and He understood what you were trying to say.
“I’ll go and check to see if they have any other rooms for Y/N.”
“Sorry bro, already done. Sorry sweetheart but you’ll have to stay here for now.” Dean winked at you and walked off to take a shower.
You rushed over to Sam. “ Sam I can’t stay in this room. How about if I do it again?!”
Sam laughed, recalling how he heard you a few weeks ago calling out Dean’s name in your sleep.
“Not funny, Dean probably thinks I’m weird and fat. I don’t need to complicate things if he finds out.”
Sam glared at you. “ Y/N.. I hope you know that you are none of those things. You are beautiful and I can assure you if you just told-”
“No Sam. I know how it will end. I’d rather be his friend than nothing at all.”
“But Y/N-” Sam was cut off by Dean coming of the shower with only a towel around his waist.
“What are you nerds talking about?”
He walked over to a bed that he threw his bag on and started to go through it, taking out some clothes to change into as you watched the water drip off of the back of his neck.
Something that he didn’t see but the other Winchester obviously did.
You turned your gaze away, cheeks turning a bright red.
“So.. Umm who is taking the couch?”
You looked at it with such disgust, you thought it could disappear.
“What? No. No one is taking the couch. You can sleep with one of us.”
Dean pointed in between him and Sam.
“Wait.. How is that fair? Why can’t you two sleep in the same bed and I get one alone?” You were quite terrified that the one you would sleep with would feel the fat that rolled on your stomach. It wasn’t that visible through your baggy shirts but it would be if it touched them.
“Sweetheart, I think you and I both know that me and Sammy the moose here can’t share a king sized bed, let alone this little thing.” Green orbs staring at you. You couldn’t help but nod.
“Okay then, which one will you take?” Dean said with such confidence, you didn’t have the heart to say that you couldn’t sleep next to him.
“I’ll sleep with Sam, if that’s alright.”
Dean looked disappointed but that’s what you wanted to see… Right?
“Sorry Y/N, I can’t. This bed is small enough with just me. Guess you’ll be with Dean.”
Sam gave you a innocent look that you were dying to wipe off his face.
“It’s settled then. Choose which side you’d like.” Dean smirked before leaning in closer. “I’m a bit of a cuddler… Hope you don’t mind.”
As if your cheeks weren’t red enough. You walked in the bathroom to change so you could sleep. Or at least try to. You had major doubts that you would even keep you breathing at a normal state with Dean right next to you.
Changing into some sweat pants and a t shirt. You couldn’t help but see what might happen if you actually fell asleep.
Would you say his name in your sleep?
Would he touch the fat that you hated so much?
Would he be so disgusted with either that he would never talk to you again?
You made your way out of the washroom and into the bed. Both Winchesters were already in bed with Dean facing away from you and Sam reading a book on his very spacious bed. He smiled devilishly as you walked past him, not looking at him you gave him the finger. He laughed quietly, returning back to him book.
Turning off the light, Sam settled back in his bed.
You climbed into the bed that Dean was in as quietly as you possibly could. You settled to your right side. Opposite of Dean. You could feel the warmth radiating off of him and his soothing breathing. I’m not sleeping any time soon, you thought. But against you will. Your eyes closed and you fell into a deep slumber.

The sun somehow escaped the curtains and fell on your face. You opened your eyes only to be met with beautiful green ones.
“Morning beautiful.” Dean smiled as he pushed a stray hair behind your ear.
You were dreaming… This was a dream. It could not be real. This isn’t happening.
“Morning.” You said shakily. “Am I still dreaming?” You thought.
Dean chuckled, making you realize that you just said that out loud.
“No sweetheart. But Sometimes dreams come true.”
You sat up suddenly. This isn’t real, you kept repeating in your head.
“Y/N, are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m so sorry. I just thought you felt the same way because I heard you say something in your sleep but I must have been wrong.” He sat up and You looked Dean in the eye. “Dean I really like you. What you thought is true. But how, in the world, would you feel the same way?”
“Are you kidding me Y/N? You are so beautiful and smart. You are so focused and a great hunter. You love Sammy like he’s your own brother. You are so amazing. Tell me you are just messing with me because there is no way that you could ever assume that I wouldn’t fall for you like I already have.”
To say You were stunned, would be the biggest understatement of the year.
“Dean-” you began before Sam came into the motel, sweating with a card in his hand.
“So get this.. I was out running when I saw this-” He looked over at you two confused but slightly excited.
“Wait.. What did I miss?”

Thank You, Mokuba

“They’re more than fiction. They were there for me even if they weren’t real. They were there when you weren’t. They’re more than you think they are.”

-By behindtheplottwist

(Warning: This ended up being longer than I intended. Forgive me!)

Yugioh was one of the first anime shows I watched growing up. When I was little, I hated Kaiba. The villian is always the bad guy right? Such arrogance that matched a black heart. So why should I cheer for him? Why would anyone? 

But you did Mokuba. 

I wanted Yugi to win, like the main hero always does, and he did. Over and over again. But when you first came on that screen, I never knew how much a fictional character could have such an impact on my life. You didn’t get a big role. You were the little brother. Seto Kaiba’s little brother. A supporting character. No. Stop. You weren’t. You can’t be.

 Because why did I learn so much from you than everyone else? Why did your actions speak so much louder to me than the main cast ever could? 

Because you’re an inspiration

I saw Kaiba and saw a cruel narcissistic cold-hearted person. Then you came out of nowhere, a sweetheart, a sincere good little kid with a giant heart of pure gold and showed me something else.(Despite your manga and season 0 appearances)

 I saw a black heart gone cold. You saw a broken one. And you tried your best to keep it from completely falling apart into nothing. You stood by him. You supported him when no one else would. Why? There’s more to people than what you see on the outside. You taught me that. 

Then I heard about your family. I heard about your parents. The orphanage. The bullies. The pain. The suffering. The sadness. But still you smiled through it all. At your age, how did you continue to go on and live life dealing with what you did? Some of us still can’t even do it. I’m still struggling with it. Ignorance is bliss they say? No, don’t make me laugh. 

You knew what was going on.

 You cried on that swing, missing a father who may or may not have loved the son that took his wife away. You looked back at the relative that dropped you off in the orphanage and held on to your brother’s hand as you stared ahead into the faces of lost hope among the other orphans.When that monster walked into the orphanage, your face held worry. When he took you to your new “home”, you knew what was going on. That’s why you tried to reach out to your brother with those cards.  

Even when you’re brother ignored you while you lived in that vast empty mansion under you’re “step-father”, you still loved him. Even when he tried to kill you- you…still stood by him. Promised to wait for him forever. 

Forgave him.

How do you forgive so easily? 

Your flesh and blood hurt you. Neglected you. Abandoned you.

But still you love him anyway.

 Forgiving someone is one of the hardest and seems like one of the most impossible things to do. You did it even before Yugi reached the elevator to go duel your brother didn’t you. How? You really are amazing you know that? 

Because you didn’t see a monster, you saw someone hurt, broken and beaten down. 

You wanted to help.

You always wanted to support him. You know why he does the things he does. You know that having a difficult life doesn’t excuse him. 

After all, you lived that same life, walked down the same road, lost the same parents, shared the same past. Even though everyone forgets you were there too. 

When everyone else abandoned your brother, you didn’t. When no one believed in him, you did. You were there for him. Like he was there for you. Through you I saw a different person in him. 

Through you I learned what true unselfishness, devotion, kindness, and self-sacrificing is. 

You went through a lot…

 You’re mother died after giving birth to you. You never got a chance to meet her. Your father died after that. Your relatives stole and left you. Soon your brother left even if he was still in the same room as you with a different gaze and a different kind of “smile”. Your “new” father didn’t think you were worth a second glance and you were left alone in that house.

 You didn’t have parents to love you. You were convinced your brother did, even if he didn’t show it the right way. After all, he tried but he was still a kid himself. Then he neglected you and you tried to get him back. No matter what. Even when he tried killing you at Death-T. 

Those monsters appeared and you were just a kid-and the experience of death would have crippled you. Then you lost your brother to a coma. Then the kidnappings started. You had your soul taken away and abandoned to shadows in the darkness, alone. You were dangled from a helicopter. Brainwashed. Had your body taken over.

 Kid I could go on. 

But let me tell you something. You’re a soldier. A warrior. You were abused, abandoned, neglected, went through traumatic experiences, and the fact that you continue to smile is something that I cannot put into words or begin to even describe just how much volume that speaks.

 People say showing emotions is a sign of weakness. But you see differently. They see a moment of weakness but you see a moment of strength. Or maybe you’re just that freaking strong. 

Maybe, no one else can see the pain behind that smile. Even so, you keep trying. Because maybe one day, when you smile, your beloved big brother might really smile back at you.

My life was filled with abuse and depression hit me hard. Everytime I watched Yugioh, I felt like I was living through you guys. I saw you laugh and cry, just like I did. I forgot about my own pain when I saw you struggle with yours. 

I loved watching you and your brother.

Smiled and loved the bond between you two. Your devotion to each other is admirable.

Growing up, I learned so much from you than my parents who weren’t around, it makes me a better person today. 

You held my hand. You helped me get through tough times. Thank you Mokie.

The original Yugioh series ended a long time ago and I’m in my senior year of high school. I still rewatch epsiodes. 

Still love seeing Mokuba and Seto. Really miss them. So when I heard about the movie, I was so happy and excited. Especially when I heard the movie revolved around Kaiba.

 Don’t get me wrong, I grew to love him because of Mokuba, but Mokuba will always be my favorite character. 

So I was concerned when the brothers’ lockets were gone. Was concerned about rumors of Mokuba being dead. Then terrified and relieved when I saw Mokuba’s sketch in the cast for the new Yugioh movie.

 But they chopped all his hair off.

 I always loved it long, hope he kept it till adulthood. I hoped he was an adult! But unfortunately the movie is set 6 months after the original not 10 years.

 I always imagined him to grow up as a badass vice president with flaring trench coats and be just as sexy as his big bro :) Maybe be like those cool spy agents haha.

 So I was disappointed when I found out he wasn’t much older. 

But I loved the suit! It almost proves my headcannon that Mokuba won’t abandon Kaiba Corp when he gets older, he’ll still want to work there. 

 But I can’t express the excitement I felt when I saw this.

I’m even more excited now to see this movie! I was worried they’d make him look bad with the new haircut but its actually not that bad. 

It’s so much better than what I expected. Seeing him again, get older (even slightly) just brings back so much emotions I had to write this.

 Even though it’s not exactly what I want or was hoping for- I don’t even care I just wanna see Mokuba again.

 I’m just happy to see him again. 

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I wanna give behindtheplottwist the credit for the other pictures in the beginning, because it was originally his/her concept that I used for the Kaiba brothers pictures.  

Lovesick- Calum Hood

Recieved this message about a week ago: “Hi! Can you please write a Calum imagine based on situation with Nia. Calum and y/n have dated not very long but they were very happy but,unfortunately,they broke up(choose your own reason). Calum finds relief with Nia. While they “dated” they were happy(maybe that’s was only because of the new feeling)but then Calum realises that he still loves y/n ……and what’s going to happen?!?!? “

Sorry it took so long, hope you like it!! Sorry it’s REALLY long

“You tell me that you love me, Then you go and leave me, Why you do this to me, baby? I’m lovesick. I just can’t eat, I just can’t sleep, Can’t do much of anything at all. ‘Cause I’m sick and in love with you, dear…. ” -NeverShoutNever

 "I can’t wait to see you Y/n…How long has it been?“ Calum asked, on the phone with his wonderful girlfriend, Y/n. It wasn’t often they got to speak to each other, and even less than they got to see each other when he was on tour. He loved what he did, wouldn’t change his life for anything else in the world. But, that didn’t mean he didn’t care about Y/n either.

“Too long Calum” Y/n replied. Sorrow evident in her voice, although she desperately tried to hide it. Knowing she was sad pained him, however they both had to last just one more day. One more day and she’d be in his arms for awhile longer, until the tour started up again.

“5 minutes” The stage manager called, signaling that once again Calum had to hang up.


“Yeah Calum, I heard. Don’t worry, I’ll see you tomorrow…”

“I love you”

“I love you too Calum” Click.

That was the worse sound on the planet, the click signaling the call has ended. To Calum, it always seemed like a stab in the chest. He breathed in deeply, and closed his eyes, trying to clear his thoughts. More specifically clear Y/n from his thoughts, after all he had a show to put on.

“Come on mate, let’s go” Michael said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m ready…Let’s do this!!” Calum said, smiling from the pre-show adrenaline rush. He then walked towards the sound of screaming.


“Calum. Calm down, she’ll be here soon” Luke laughed. Seeing his jittery friend in his current state always brought a smile to his face.

“Shut up. Like you’re not excited to see Arz” Calum threw back.


The plane couldn’t land soon enough. Luckily for Cake their girlfriends were on the same plane. [Haha sorry. I couldn’t write “Luke and Calum”. It just felt so wrong…]

As soon as Calum’s eyes landed on Y/n, all the nervousness and anticipation disappeared. He saw her dragging her suitcase, eyes constantly moving, looking everywhere in an attempt to find him. When she finally did, a huge smile formed on her face, and instantly a burning happiness spread in his chest.

“I missed you so much” Calum said, crushing her into a bear hug. Luke and Arzaylea were having a similar reunion, but Calum’s attention was solely focused on Y/n.

“I missed you too” Y/n said against her chest.

Unable to bear it any longer, he pulled back only to bring them closer again, his lips smashing into hers. Instantly she wrapped her hands around his neck, as he grabbed her hips. The heated moment ended shortly after however, Y/n self-consciously looking around, biting her lip and hoping no one saw what had just happened.

“What do you say we take this to the hotel??” He asked, raising an eyebrow and dragging her closer.

“Hmmm…that sounds nice” Y/n said with a devilish grin and a glint in her eyes.

He laughed as he pulled her out of the airport and towards the car.


Later that night, they all went out to their favorite club for some drinks. Calum was in the middle of the dancefloor, hands moving up and down Y/n’s body as she swayed her hips to the beat. Calum loved times like this, music blaring in his ears, people surrounding him, and ,most importantly, Y/n at his side. After a few songs, they went back to the bar. Ashton and Michael were playing some drinking game, and Calum couldn’t resist. You all were having an amazing time, and after so long on tour everyone needed that right now.

After awhile some girls came up to the group. One girl in particular sat herself right next to Calum, a huge smile on her face. Calum didn’t think much of it, knowing she was probably just a fan. His assumptions were confirmed when she opened her mouth.

“You’re Calum Hood right? The bassist in 5sos??” The pretty blonde smiled, wrapping her hair around her finger as she asked her question.

“Yes, that’ll be me. Would you like a picture love?” Calum asked, knowing if he got straight to the point, then perhaps she’d go away. He loved his fans, but sometimes they didn’t really know boundaries. Nevertheless he could never let a fan down, or show his distaste for their interruptions.

“I’d love one!” She said, already pulling out her phone. They took a few pictures, and he could see the other guys doing the same with the blonde’s friends. Some fans would leave after the pictures, these girls were not those fans.

After taking the pictures, the blonde stayed very close to Calum. He moved over on the bench, trying to get her to take the hint. However, she merely turned as to lean on him, making any excuse to touch him,  and several times she “accidently” brushed her chest against his arm.

With her constant lip biting and batting of her eyes, it was clear what this girl wanted, and Calum was not interested. Just as he was going to say something however, he felt arms wrap around his neck.

“Hey babe, I brought you another drink” Y/n said, putting another beer in front of him, and kissing him on the cheek.

“Thanks baby” Calum said, kissing her on the lips. He knew she was jealous, and saw what she was doing. But, he didn’t care. This was an easy way to show the blonde he was clearly not interested and missed Y/n not being by his side. Luckily for them both, the blonde finally took the hint. She pouted, then took off, her friends following close behind.

“Finally she’s gone…come here babe, I want you sitting next to me” Calum sighed in relief.

“Hmmmm” was all Y/n said, pouting her lips.

“What’s the matter?” Calum didn’t understand what was wrong, why would she be mad?

“Nothing, just seemed like you wanted blondie at your side more”

“What? No…she was just a fan. I don’t even know her name! You’re the only girl I want right her next to me Y/n, you know that” Calum said, pulling her next to him, then wrapping his arms around her, kissing her neck.

“Mmmm….fine…I’ll drop it…this time…” Y/n warned, however a smile was on her face.

“What do you say we call it a night?”

“Sounds good…”

“Feels good”

This earned him a laugh. They got up, telling the others bye, then walked out the doors. On their way to the car however, a very unexpected, and unpleasant surprise was waiting for them. Mere yards from the car, suddenly they were surrounded with bright lights and multiple questions seeming to come from everywhere.

“Damn paparazzi….” Calum muttered under his breath, trying to break through the mob, Y/n in tow, as they rushed to the car. Once they were finally  safe in the car, Calum let out his frustration. “Fuck them, monsters they are. Always taking pictures, invading our personal lives. Don’t they have any self respect?!! I mean….Y/n….you ok?”

Y/n was biting her lip, and was shaking. The paparazzi encounter effected her more than Calum thought. Tears were beginning to form in her eyes, and seeing her like this tugged at Calum’s heart. He immediately pulled her close, letting her cry on his shoulder, murmuring sweet nothings in her ear.


 When they finally reached the hotel, something was different. Y/n was acting….well strange was the best way Calum could put it. Calum just attributed it to what had just happened, but never in a million years did he expect what came next.

“Come here Y/n….let’s get to bed ya? I may of had just one drink to many” he laughed, trying to lighten the mood. However his attempts were futile, Y/n still had her arms across her chest, looking down. Calum couldn’t read her expression, her face held so many emotions it was hard for him to tell what she was thinking.

“Babe….come on….some sleep will make us feel better…” Calum tried again, pulling on her waist to bring her closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her, but once he started nuzzling her neck, suddenly her hands were on his chest.

“Stop” was all she said, tears forming in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“Calum…..I can’t do this….”

“I’m sorry…I was just trying to make you feel better.”

“No Calum that’s not what I meant…I can’t do this…us….all the girls craving your attention, willing to do anything and everything for you just to smile at them, even flirt with you, and basically beg for you to fuck them right then and there right in front of me! Then all the paparazzi just ambushing us like that! I know you’re famous and I thought I knew what I was signing up for…but I can’t do it Calum….”

“Y/n? I don’t…..I don’t understand…”

“Calum I love you” she said, tears falling from her eyes she placed her hands on either side of his face. “I love you so much, but I can’t do this anymore….I’m so sorry”

“Y/n….no don’t say that…it’s just the alcohol talking….come to bed, in the morning things will be different…”

“Calum….I never drink as much as you…we both know that’s not the problem. I’m so sorry….I should…I should go….”

As she turned to leave Calum grabbed her arm.

“No….I can’t….no Y/n I can’t let you do this…”

“Calum don’t make this harder than it has to be….” she said crying.

“But I love you…”

“I love you too Calum…but sometimes love just isn’t enough” she wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him one last time. “I’m so sorry Calum…” she said as she grabbed her still packed suitcase and left him in the hotel room.

He wanted to go after her, but he knew she was serious, and could he blame her? This life wasn’t for everyone. Being rich and famous was not all what it’s cracked up to be….sure it has its perks, but the constant harassment, and people coming up to you demanding something, whether it’s a mere photograph or more. He couldn’t be mad at Y/n for not wanting that life, hell he didn’t want it sometimes, but she had a choice. He thought that maybe their happiness could overcome that, even if they’d only been together a few months. He was wrong though, as tonight’s events clearly showed.


 Calum spent the rest of his break either in his hotel room, or drinking with his friends. All the alcohol in the world however couldn’t completely rid him of his sorrows. No matter what he did, he couldn’t erase Y/n from his mind. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat, couldn’t do much of anything at all. He was just sick and in love with the girl who could never be his again.  When the tour picked up again, things were no better.

As the 5sos guys reunited with the Hey Violet crew, everyone was happy to see each other again,  however even seeing his good friends didn’t remove the dark cloud seeming to follow him where ever he went.

“Hey Calum…you alright?” Nia asked him. Although good friends with everyone, Calum was always closer to Nia than the rest. On the long tours, they always enjoyed each other’s company, and often spent a lot of time together. He loved being around her, and really admired her as a drummer. Her commitment to music allowed them to get along really well.

“I’m just perfect. Why would you think otherwise?” Calum said, voice full of sarcasm.


“Yeah I know…I’m sorry Nia….I just can’t help it….”

“I know. Luke told me what happened. Calum I’m so sorry” She said, pulling him in for a tight hug.

“Yeah…me too” He replied, holding her tight.

Over the next few weeks, he found himself spending more and more time with Nia, more so than usual anyway. She was really great to him. She helped him find ways to get Y/n off his mind, whether through a night out, sight seeing, jam session, whatever. Slowly, Y/n began to leave his mind, and he found himself smiling again, however every now and then he had what could only be referred to as a relapse.

It was on a particularly long night on the road, Calum couldn’t help but fill an overwhelming sense of loneliness. When they finally reached the hotel, he locked himself in his room, declining to go out with everyone else. Nia sensed something wrong right away, and decided to go after him and make sure he was alright. She knocked on his door, there was no answer.

“Calum? Calum it’s me Nia. Open the door?”

Thankfully he did as she asked.

“Nia?” Calum asked, voice hoarse. “What, um, what are you doing here? I thought you’d be with everyone else”

“Calum…have you been crying?”

“What no…I just…um…” Calum said, wiping his eyes.

“Calum, don’t lie to me” She said, walking in his room and closing the door behind her. “Y/n on your mind again? Oh Calum…”

“I just miss her so much…it’s so lonely without her here…I thought it couldn’t be worse being apart from her on tour, but no what’s worse is being far away from her, missing her so much, but knowing she’s not mine, and that she will never be again”

“Oh Calum…” Nia said, pulling him close. “I’m so sorry. Look things happen for a reason. And of course you miss her, you loved her…that’s not something you can just forget with a snap of your fingers. As for the loneliness… I’m here aren’t I? Tell you what, I’ll stay, for you. You up for a movie marathon? Know any good ones?” She asked as she went to go sit on the bed and grabbed the tv remote looking for something to watch.

“Sure…that actually sounds really nice. Thanks Nia” Calum laughed.

“Yup. You owe me though Hood” She winked.

Calum layed down on the bed, and after Nia found some rom-com she layed down on his chest. This was new to Calum, never had he and Nia been this close. But it felt nice to have her this close to him, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and leaned his head against hers. After awhile she fell asleep, shortly after he did too.

He woke the next morning more peaceful than he had in a long time. Without thinking he wrapped his arms tighter around the girl still on his chest. That’s when he remembered Nia stayed with him for the night, and that made him really happy. He brushed a hand on the side of her face, watching her peaceful sleeping form. He knew Nia was always really pretty, but she looked different somehow. Calum couldn’t quite place it. She stirred, waking up. She opened her eyes, looking up to see Calum staring at her.

“Well good morning” She laughed, smiling up at Calum.

“Morning” Calum said, smiling back.

“So, feel better?” Nia asked, sitting up and stretching her arms.

“Much better. Thanks Nia…”

“Good” She gave him a cheesy grin, then got up from the bed. “Everyone is expecting us for breakfast. We better get going. I just have to go to my room real quick to grab a new pair of clothes, how would that look” she laughed.

“Yeah ok, I’ll change and then I’ll meet you ya? We can go down to the restaurant together.”

“Yeah, I’d like that. See you in 15?”

“I’ll be there”

As they walked to the restaurant together, they received a few quizzical looks from their friends.

“Hey guys” Calum said, taking his seat.

“What we miss?” Nia asked, taking the seat next to him.

“The real question is what did we miss?” Rena asked, pointing towards them.

“Ya, what do we have here?” Michael asked, laughing.

“Whatever, it’s not like that” Nia scoffed, rolling her eyes.

“Well you guys did disappear last night… ” Ashton pointed out.

“And we didn’t hear from you guys all night” Luke added.

“Leave them alone! Quit teasing!” Miranda commanded.

“Yeah, they’ll tell us what they’ve been up to soon enough” Casey laughed.

“That would be great, except nothings going on…We were watching some movies last night that’s all, I swear” Calum said, hoping they’d let this drop.

Luckily they did, only a “Mmmm-hmmmm” was Rena was heard, then the conversation shifted.


 Over the next couple of days, Calum and Nia spent more time together than ever before. They hardly ever were apart, spending the day together and most nights having more sleepovers. It was during one of these nights, Nia laying right next to him, that they found themselves face to face, and without thinking he kissed her. Short and sweet turned sloppy and heated. Soon they were both half dressed, with him on top of her.

“I really like you Nia” Calum said briefly breaking their kiss. “Are you sure you wanna do this?”

“The only way I’d encourage this is if I really like you too”

“And do you?”

The only response he got was her bringing his lips back down to hers.


 The next couple of weeks was the happiest time Calum has spent in what felt like a long time. He really did like Nia, a lot. She was what he needed right now, she made him happy, and they were really happy together.  All thoughts of Y/n were gone, or so he thought.

Their last show was Y/n’s city. He gave her front row tickets and backstage passes long ago. And just minutes before the start of the show, he was unsure if she would come. Of course though, she did.  She was standing right there in the front row. She gave him a small smile as he passed her, taking his place on the stage. He avoided looking at her all night, tried to focus on the show. But from what he could tell, she had a good time, as did the rest of the crowd. And despite everything, he had fun too.

After the show, he found her waiting where she always used to, right by the door to their dressing room. The guys waved hello to Y/n, saying it was good seeing her again, then all went inside the dressing room, leaving them alone.

“Hey Cal…great show tonight. As usual…” Y/n said, giving him a soft smile.

“I didn’t think you’d come”

“I wasn't…but I had to. I’ve missed you Calum…I’ve missed you so much.” Y/n started crying. “I was wrong to leave you like that, I realized that too late though, I know that. These past weeks have been terrible without you, worse than you leaving on tour had ever been. Despite everything, I still love you Calum, so much. And I know we can make this work, we just-”

“Y/n I-”

It was then Calum realized someone was behind him. As he turned to look at her she ran away.

“Nia! Wait come back!” Calum yelled.

“Nia? Are you…you two are…huh…alright…I'm…I’m so sorry Calum…I never should have come. Go to her, you deserve to be happy” Y/n said, more tears falling from her eyes. She kissed him on the cheek, then was gone.

Calum wasn’t sure what to do, so he did what was right. He went after Nia. When he found her, she too had tears in her eyes.


“Look Calum I understand. You love her, and you can’t have that with me, we both know that. We were happy yes, but it wasn’t love. I care about you, A LOT, and it was fun, but it wasn’t meant to last…”

“You’re crying…”

“I can’t help it” She gave a humorless laugh. “I hate goodbyes, you know that. Even though this isn’t goodbye, but what was between us is over, at least relationship wise, you and I will still be great friends, and I just…well you know what I’m trying to say.”

“I do…Nia I really do care about you, but you’re right. There is no future between us, is there?”

“Gosh no, look you’re amazing, but we’re too much alike you and I. Great for friends, and we can have a great time, but any long term relationship? That won’t work.” She laughed for real this time, and she began to stop crying.

“No I guess not. Are you sure about this?”

“Yes more than anything. What are you still doing here? Go get her…Y/n is perfect for you, you guys have a future together”

“Will you-”

“I’ll be fine. Now go!” She said, smiling and giving him a shove.

He laughed, and gave her one last kiss and held her tightly.

“Thanks Nia…”

He then turned to go chase a girl for the second time that night, but this one he was determined to never let her leave his side again.


Author’s note: Not my best, the ending I’m not entirely happy with, but hey overall I think it’s good. IDK let me know!! Still accepting requests too fyi. Like, comment, send asks, request something, etc. You know the drill :) Hope you liked it! -Lydia

BTS Reaction to their s/o getting nominated and winning the 1st place as the best looking idol

Remember, as of now requests are open. Please check my Request Guide to know what I write and for who I write! :)

Seokjin- He would be proud af, the smile on his face would stay there for many years. I feel like he would get a bit teary eyed as well, not a lot but just a little bit. Seeing how happy and surprised you go ‘’Oh my god, Y/N won,’’ he would kind of feel like he won something as well, he would be really overwhelmed.

Originally posted by vubbletae

Yoongi- I feel like Yoongs would be shook, as soon as he heard your name, he would go in a state of shock, he wouldn’t be shocked about you winning since he thinks you’re the most beautiful person alive ‘’I knew it…………Y/N won…,’’ he would be shocked that you won against idols who are a lot more popular than you. He would be so proud of you though, he would find it absolutely adorable how nervous you got when you went onto the stage.

Originally posted by yoongichii

Hoseok- Since Hobi would be your biggest fanboy, you better expect him to become really excited when they announce your name ‘’YESS! I TOLD YOU Y/N WOULD WIN!’’ He would be so proud of you, since you definitely are the most beautiful person, with or without make up.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Namjoon- He wouldn’t be surprised or anything ‘’Haha, I knew it,’’ he already was 100% sure you would win, and when you did he would feel like he was flying. When he saw you walking up on the stage, Namjoon would just admire your whole existence, I don’t know why but I feel like he would just be thinking about life at that moment, for whatever reason.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin- Jiminnie would be another case of him feeling like he also won something. The fact that you won, would make him extremely happy, after everything would have ended and you two meet up again, he would tease you about how you always said you were nothing special and that there are people who are better looking than you ‘‘So, are there people that are better looking than you?’‘

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Taehyung- I swear I always have trouble with figuring Taehyung out, but I feel like Tae would also get a little bit emotional ‘’Awwwww,…..Y/N.’’ Since he knew how you would be feeling at that moment, he would somehow feel like that as well.The shock and excitement on your face would just melt him into many tiny little pieces.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jungkook- Yet again let’s welcome back Jungshook, he would literally go in a state of shock. When they announced your name it didn’t hit him yet that it was actually you, it would only hit him when he saw you, the love of his life ‘’Y/N…..I told you, you’d win,’’ going up on the stage just as surprised as him.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

~Admin Soul~

I feel very blessed to have tamed the new spirit beasts when I did, especially on a high pop realm like WrA

spent the last hour chatting with hunters who were camping out, sharing the time that I found mine and just talking about rares in general…there’s so much competition for these two now that I’m sure they’re going to be very difficult to get for the first while

I was definitely lucky enough to be online when the gryphon info was first shared on the forums, saw the post as it went up and raced to Stormwind immediately to get Cas his new bird friend

and even though I was a little bummed out I missed my chance to reveal Gon’s location (hey it’s always exciting to make a discovery on your own haha), I’m not surprised in the least that a few people found it simultaneously because by that point a lot of us were searching Orgrimmar since it seemed only fitting that the horde get a counterpart to Stormwind’s gryphon spawn

either way, I’m so happy these two were discovered, and now I’m just going to keep holding my breath for the fel hippogryph which is still a mystery (we won’t be able to tame it for some time but we know that it’s hidden in the game somewhere!)

I almost forgot to post my absolute favourite pic from Calgary Expo, this kid like pretty much made my whole weekend.

I saw him standing near a booth with his mum, and I was admiring his cool proton pack when his mum noticed my costume and urged him to turn around. When he saw me, he got this huge grin on his face and said, “Medic! I love TF2 that’s so cool!”. Then after the picture was taken he fist bumped me. It was awesome.

Also there was another kid who was slightly older who saw me, and he got suuuuper excited and took a selfie with me, and then he gave me a big hug :) Medic is just a loveable class I guess haha

kushiankubera  asked:

OC asks 7, 8, 22, 32, 36, 44, and 50 for ocs 2 and 4? 😗

I’m not totally sure whether u mean those numbers for bother characters or different ones for different character so I’m just going to do all of them for both if u don’t mind haha OC 2 is Lee and 4 is Skylar who are coincidentally dating lol

  • 7: How does your character feel about their name?

Lee’s never really thought about it. He can’t think of a name he’d rather have anyway. Skylar isn’t actually their real name. They didn’t like how gendered their dead name was so they picked one that was more unisex.

  • 8: Does your character hate anyone? Why?

Lee hates the main villain of his story, Sisko. Sisko kept Lee and his friends prisoner for about six weeks, practically treating them like objects to be put on display. Skylar doesn’t really have a strong hate for anyone. 

  • 22: What is the worst thing your character has ever done?

The worst thing Lee has done was disown his parents when he found out that they sold his brother when he was 6. Skylar is actually a (slightly redeemed) cannibal so they’ve murdered quite a few people lol. They don’t see it as wrong, though, because they were acting on instinct.

  • 32: What does your character look like?

Lee is half Japanese, half American with black hair and gray eyes. He has a side shave on both sides and is 5′ 8″ with a stocky build.He has magpie wings that are about 15 feet long that are separate from his arms.

Skylar is Mexican with a side shave on the right side. Their natural hair color is black but they dye their bangs lots of wild colors. They’re 5′ 4″ and they have a petite build and brown eyes. They have shrike wings, shrike wings, and scaly bird legs and feet as well as a black band tattooed across their eyes and glasses (I forgot their tattoo and their tail in the picture oh gosh whoops)

  • 36: Does anyone want to harm your character?

Besides me? It’s less like “I want to hurt you” and more like “I want to keep you here but I don’t really care about your well-being while you’re here”. Lee and Skylar were experimented on at a zoo (disclaimer: I think most zoos do great things but I came up with this story in 6th grade and I thought it was a good plot point), although not at the same time. They basically turned them part bird and put them on display like some weird new animals. 

  • 44: What is your character proud of?

Lee is proud of his brother. His brother is severely mentally ill and struggling with himself as a person, but he still dotes on his little brother and helps him through his own struggles. Skylar is proud of Lee because he’s the best boyfriend ever and is able to deal with them and their cannibalistic tendencies lol

  • 50: What is your favorite thing about your character?

They’re both incredibly doting on each other and they care a lot about their little rag tag band of mutant hybrids.

This was sooooo long ;v; I’m sorry I just really love talking about my ocs. congrats if u read this all the way through, tho! And also thank u so much for asking me these questions!! :D

anonymous asked:

Well, I didn't chicken out and I told my crush that I like him, and as soon as I told him I left the class!! I was just like "yep I like you, and now I've gtg bye" but when he saw me in the halls later he was nice and he still said hi to me so if if that's good or bad!! But yeah i told my crush that he's my crush and all day I sorta felt like I was insane, but happy!! Love you💗💗~eye anon

I’m so proud of you! you are a brave lil bee haha. 

that’s good in my opinion! please keep me updated. i’m so excited for you! i love you too!  💗💗


Surprise guest Jimmy opened up today’s show!! He did the regular blindfolded Super Mario level, and he seemed a little overwhelmed at all the screaming that was going on at first lol. But then all of a sudden he got into this sort of groove and was suddenly jumping at all the right times, and he passed the first stage with flying colors! Everyone went nuts!!

Then he called for Arin and Danny to come out because he was done, and they both came out after a minute and were all like, “We weren’t expecting to walk out this soon. These usually take forever!” He did it in about four minutes, by the way!


[01.26.2016] Day for prove the foods!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
As I said in the last post, we went for prove the foods, yay! I was so excited for it, since it had lot of food and omg, it was all delicious!
We invited some friends for go with us, we invited Becky, Pietro, Zaila, Alex, Fer and Alice, and also, me and Jhonny decided to pick our goddaughters Alice and Louise and take them with us, since we didn’t saw them from a loooooong time!
When we arrived, I stayed so enchanted with the local! It was so cute, and looked like a magic local haha! And when we entered, the style was so beautiful! It have a old style, and it’s so charming! I just loved it!
A few moments later, the waiters went with the salty food for us! We proved everything and omg it was so good! I loved everything, the entrace was amazing! I stayed in love with the salty menu, and when they came with candies, my heart almost stopped lol! For people that don’t know, I have a love for candies and chocolates, and pies LOL I just love sugary things!
After we finished the to prove, I need to take a pic and say thanks for our amazing cook and buffet owner Laura! She is amazing, and do amazing foods! And also, she is Jhonny’s godmother haha!
After all, we leave the twins at Del’s house, and went to home. Jasminne went falling asleep, but Chris waked up when we arrived at home. I passed all the rest of the afternoon with him in the backyard, while Jhonny worked in his Macbook in the living room and take care of Jasminne.

Look guys at how my bby boy is getting so big! I can’t with him!

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked! <3
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Have a great day/night!


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Oh no! I think I sent in a normal imagine and not a headcanon request. I'm sorry! I'm on mobile (my laptop died today RIP) and cant read the rules. I got so excited when I saw the ask box open. Haha.

Don’t worry hun it’s fine I take normal asks too I just needed a break from my normal asks and needed some fluff ^^;; it’s totally fine

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I just saw the ploy ship thing and I /love/ the cuteness that would be Bart Allen x reader x Jamie. Overly excited Bart zipping around and getting cute souvenirs for reader. Jaime and reader cuddling Bart because that boy needs cuddles badly. Funny convos with Khaji inserting random comments and making Jaime blush cause of saying something weird. Teasing Jaime with Bart and stuff haha, just so much fluff XD

I love this idea so much, it’s so cute!

•I feel like that when the three of them sleep together, Bart would like to sleep in the middle of Jaime and their s/o because he still gets nightmares about the reach apocalypse and when he wakes up he likes to have the reassurance that both of his partners are there and safe

•However, if their s/o isn’t involved in the hero business, then they would sleep in the middle because Jaime and Bart feel like they can better protect them by holding them in their arms, even when it’s boiling hot. They’ve gotta take every precaution in order to keep their lover safe.

•Bart would probably baby them more because he’s very touchy-feely and that’s just who he is. Like, he’d check on his s/o all the time and constantly nuzzle against them. Expect him to have an arm or hand on s/o and Jaime at all times.

•One time, the guys and s/o went out to a bar and some dude tried to flirt with their s/o. Jaime just held their hand and kissed their cheek while Bart put his head on their shoulder, even Khaji Da told Jaime to exterminate the threat. The guy left after that.

•Since Jaime has a little sister who he’s had to babysit, he’d probably be really good at taking care of his partners when they’re sick. S/o makes jokes about buying him a sexy nurse costume and them and Bart constantly moan out, “oh doctor” whenever he takes care of them.

•They like to play video games and watch movies together. Bart mostly likes it because it gives him an excuse to drape himself across his partners’ laps. Jaime and s/o just lean against one another and pet Bart’s hair, or gently massage him to try and keep him still because this boy will not stay still unless otherwise

The Heart Never Lies

Summary: After a month of dating, Riley is starting to feel a bit insecure of her relationship with Lucas especially now that she’s being bullied again and getting hate messages that she isn’t good enough to be with Lucas.  Will she decide to tell Lucas what’s going on or will the hate get to her and she decide to let him go? 

A/N: This story was inspired by the song “Because the heart never lies”  by McFly: The day that you fall, I’ll be right behind you to pick up the pieces. And if you don’t believe me, well just look into my eyes. Because the heart never lies…

You can also read the story here: Fanfiction.net

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