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Romeo and Juliet - Jeff Atkins (Requested)

Requested by @xxchloegrayxx and @queensovereign. Sorry they might not be the way you imagined but this is what I came out with when writing for you guys so I hope you like it!

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“What’s the big deal? I was just talking to her?”

“No, you were fucking flirting with her Jeff! Not to mention the fact that just yesterday I was complaining to you about the fact that she has been a bitch to me for the past month!”

“And I told you, you were overthinking that!”

“Just yesterday I heard her talking behind my back about the fact that she wanted to steal you away and make you her boyfriend, but now that I know that you don’t care, I think you should be with her” My voice slowed down and my tone dropped “You too seem perfect for each other”

“Fine! She’s prettier than you anyway!” He yelled making me feel my heart crack and the sadness hit me “I don’t need you y/n, trust me, it’s you that needs me”

I knew that wasn’t true but I didn’t have the heart to argue with him anymore, I wanted to leave with some of my dignity so I gave him a nod of acknowledge and left his house without another word.

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I saw them reporting about the bombs in Manchester yesterday evening on TV when nothing really was sure yet, and I naively thought it was not a big deal and probably just false alarm. I should have known better after the shit show that’s been happening in the past two or three years or so.

I’m absolutely devastated, as many other concert goers. Concerts are a place of pure excitement and happiness for most people, me included. I can’t imagine feeling what they must have felt when they realised someone was trying to kill them, after they’ve just had the time of their lives with their peers.

What hits me even more is that it was children and teenagers who were directly targeted. Nobody deserves to die an unnecessary death like this but you have to be a special kind of asshole to attack defenseless and innocent children and teenagers in this cowardly attack, it’s nothing if not disgusting and the people responsible for this atrocity have revoked their right to be treated like human beings. They’re vermin, little disgusting vermin.

I’ve already seen people downplaying this, saying that “in order to be strong we have to move on”, but I couldn’t disagree more. If we are afraid that mourning makes us look weak, we have already lost. By just moving on we accept this as a normal part of our lives, which it isn’t. This is not our culture, this is not acceptable and we won’t be cowering away because of what they might do.

Am I scared and concerned? Yes. Am I going to stop going to concerts? No. And anyone who thinks their own terrible actions will make me stop going out and enjoying life can go fuck themselves.

My thoughts are with the victims of this tragedy and their loved ones, and with Ariana Grande who had to find out people who went to this venue to see her perform, to share this moment with her and every other fan, were hurt and killed by someone so hateful. It’s just heartbreaking.

Here’s some Sam fluff in honor of @buckysberrie birthday!! You’re the sweetest person and I hope you have an incredible day! You deserve it!

When Sam woke up in the middle of the night to an empty bed, he immediately panicked. He had fallen asleep a few hours ago to you curled up beside him. Now, the space next to him in bed was cold.

Sam got out of bed, checking the bathroom first to see if you were in there. You weren’t.

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2 of my favorite observations from this chapter: Kaneki LOVES kissing Touka; Touka LOVES wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him in a close embrace. This couple will be the death of me istg

I adore the way she hugs him, so much passion in that, it’s like begging him to stay and never leave, I can’t even imagine how Touka must feel right now, she’s been in love with him for years… this is like her dream come true lmao. And I love that Kaneki likes kissing, he’s like a curious little boy finding a whole new world and it makes me so happy that he can enjoy something so simple like a kiss, i just see Kaneki always doing things for others and giving so much of him to protect others and make everyone happy, you don’t usually see him making some time to enjoy something for himself, you don’t usually see him excited for anything anymore, and seeing him showing interest in this and enjoying the moment and crying for it it’s like… wow, it really gets me 

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How excited are you, Rosy, that in 48 hours, everyone who's called us crazy and delusional will be forced to face the canon? Whether they ever acknowledge it or apologize for being so rude or not, Bellarke is at the heart of this show! I hope Ben Bateman's paying attention and that guy from IGN! LOL. I'm so ready!!!!

I’m like that cat that gets really quiet before her prey gets close enough to pounce on. 

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Shhhh we must wait until the time is right.

me: i wish sanvers wasn’t being used to draw the lgbt audience in. i know chyler and flo are genuine about wanting to do their best, but alex and especially maggie need development outside of each other. we still have the problem of alex not having many friends outside of kara, and the same with maggie. they deserve unique relationships with james, and winn, lena, j’onn, etc. alex rarely has time outside of her relationship and maggie has even less. i love that they’re the epitome of healthy and that they get to be portrayed on television, but there needs to be a balance of romance and actual character development. sometimes it feels like it’s only hastily scrapped together so the writers can have something to show us.

someone: are you excited sanvers got engaged???


I am a FriskxSans ship lover


Which is completely true ! I will be sharing with you the newest design choices and ideas and most importanly THE NAME of the AU in the upcoming days, so stay tuned. Guys, you have no idea how free and excited i feel now that i am in a theme that is much closer to me.


I have recently discovered an absolutely amazing, cute and wonderfull AU called @faithtaleau which is made by two very talented people, and not only that, but they also make an very cute and intriguing story, that i very like. So please, burn me on my chair with your hate, and come with me on this hot journey, to this super-cool blog.

Am i showing my support by sharing theyre link in my post, like a doo-doo butt ? WELL YES I AM ! AND I AM PROUD OF THAT !

Thank you again guys for all of your support in my decision to change my project into a completely different AU. You guys are the best. Not just the absolutely mind-blowing amouth of people that has recently come to my blog, expecting some master-piece-crafted-goodie-goods (which sadly you will be dissapointed), but also my dear friends here on tumblr, who show me theyre support daily. Thank you all !

Now its 1AM, so i am going to bed. Heh ! Waking up to work in three hours !

See you soon !

HELLO! I am the new owner of this blog and I am so excited! My name is Dakota, I’m 17 and have been watching M*A*S*H since I was a young child. My favorites are Radar and BJ! I really hope you enjoy the blog and don’t hate me too much! My personal blog is @alternate-sadness The ask box is always open and I love answering questions about the show and about myself

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I honestly feel so bad for Henrik right now. It must have been so exciting to sign with an agency and then for them to show their true colors as homophobic asshats must be really disappointing. They are already dragging his name through the mud before he has even done anything with them. It makes me so mad!

i would put my hand in the fire for him idk why i just said that but i just thought you should know kjdghjksdfghjksfdh but ehhh ja they should have just left it with “we’ve already got several offers on the table for henrik, so it’s only for us to push the start button” and go




The Feels is about a bi guy with way too many emotions.

This teaser for Season 2 is about two friends wanting people to know their show comes out on June 1st.

I would be so excited if you took a second to watch.


There have been some people that have posted about how the BBMAs marks the beginning to new fans and how ARMY is big enough and I just want to say, let new fans in.

I had a friend text me about BTS after she saw the BBMAs and wanted to know about them. And I couldn’t be happier because it shows she’s interested. (She’s also completely in love with Jin so watch out y'all)

Yes, there may be some bandwagon fans, but who cares? People are liking BTS (and finding out more K-Pop groups) and they are excited to learn about them. Don’t try to divide them or exclude them because you knew about BTS first. Be happy that more people want to stan BTS and introduce them to the fandom with love.

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DOMO~ Can you do Kuroo this time with his pregnant wife please?

Sorry for taking so long!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • “I’m sorry, could you please repeat that?”
  • You needed to repeat that three times before a huge smile broke out on his face
  • “You’re pregnant.. holy shit you’re actually pregnant”
  • He hugs you close and kisses the top of your head
  • He will show off to anyone
  • “Excuse me, could you please step aside a little? My wife is pregnant”
  • Will use it as an excuse for everything
  • “Tetsurou didn’t you have work today?”
  • “I can’t, you’re pregnant”
  • “It has been 3 months?”
  • He’s so excited tho!
  • It doesn’t matter to him whether it will be a boy or a girl as long as they look like you
  • He’s so proud of what he created of the baby room!
  • And when the baby is finally there he can’t stop crying
  • “I can’t believe you’re crying when I’m the one who got to-”
  • Stop Y/N, they’re just so.. so beautiful”

**NEW** Celeste Legacy Challenge!!

The general consensus I got from everyone about Sky & Mist’s future was that you guys really wanted to see their babies, but didn’t want to see them die (pretty much how I was feeling too).  Little did you guys know I’d already planned on showing the babies at the end of Mist and Sky’s story xD  

So here’s what’s happening guys! As you can see above I’ll be doing a legacy, but starting with Sky & Mist’s daughter Starlight :)  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!  This legacy is based off of Sky and Mist, but we probably won’t be seeing much of them.  They are in the save, but this legacy is going to focus on what happens to their family after Sky and Mist got their happy ending. 

I hope you guys are excited, because honestly i’ve been playing this legacy already and i’m in love with it :D  I’ll be doing an information/introduction post shortly! <3

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Hi, hi! I might have missed it but can you explain your "four days of tech rehearsals" hashtag? Like, did they really only have four days? LOL.

I was going to put this in my recap but I’ll explain it now!

So last night at stage door I was chatting to various members of the cast who are remaining (James Howard, Mackley – who’s staying as first cover Albus btw, and hopes they’ll be able to say when they’re on this year, and Annabel) about how excited I am to see the new cast on Wednesday and Thursday, and James Howard said he hopes they’ll be ready (he also referred to Samuel as his son to some other people he was talking to), and Annabel said to cut them some slack.

She explained that the original cast had five weeks of tech rehearsals in the theatre, whereas this cast have four days. I presume they start today, and are rehearsing tomorrow, Wednesday morning, and Thursday morning.

I just think it’s amazing for the cast to be able to do that, and I think there’s going to be so much adrenaline and excitement. I love really raw and energetic performances, so that four days stat really caught me, hence why I’m using it as my tag for the new cast!

I will, of course, be doing a full recap of the new cast’s first show (and I’m so excited to discover all the new details they bring, and chronicle everything that’s different. It’s going to be fresh and thrilling, and judging by today’s videos, I am going to absolutely love them).

Request: Calling all Fannibals!

Lately B and I have been working on a lot of long-form fics and that’s tons of fun. It’s great and we can’t wait to show you, but many of you writers and general project-doers know that working on one project for an extended amount of time can be a little frustrating. So to keep us fresh and excited about everything we’re writing, we have a small request for all of our fellow Fannibals!

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Our ask box is open, and we’d love it if ya’ll sent us SUPER SHORT PROMPTS or PICTURES to inspire some super short microfics (think 2 sentences - 3 paragraphs; they’ll almost be like poem-fics). It doesn’t have to be a screen cap or gif from Hannibal - in fact, unrelated pics would be great writing exercise : )

Also, our ask box is collecting dust in general. Please send us messages! Obviously we love to talk Hannibal, so definitely start there. Thanks for hearing us out. We will be waiting patiently by our ask box. If we don’t get anything we’ll be as sad as a cannibal dramatically walking out into the rain.

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14 weeks.

I’ve given up on Wyatt and I actually remembering to take pictures consistently like I wanted to so these will have to do.

I’m starting to feel much better. I’m still nauseous but at least it’s not all day. I’m waiting on the energy of the second trimester to show up but I don’t know if that happens when you have 2 kids. lol

I have my next dr appt tomorrow. I’m so excited to see the baby again, I’ve been feeling moments of anxiety lately. I can’t wait to feel consistent movement. We’ll also see if they’re able to give us a guess on the gender (14 weeks, 5 days).