i was so excited to show it to you

  • someone: what's your favorite season?
  • me: okay listen i know there's only been four episodes but i really think season 5 is gonna be my favorite like jake and amy got engaged four episodes in and there's already been so much great stuff happening and i'm so excited for the rest
  • someone: no i mean season of the year
  • me: oh. fall. because that's when brooklyn 99 seasons start and i know i can always count on that show to make me feel happier no matter what. have you ever watched it? let's watch it right now.

me episode 1: this really is going to be the best season of this show i’m so relieved and excited

me halfway through episode 2: sam esmail leak your fucking location right now you coward

Korra Fitness- The Official Launch!

Hello everyone! :D As some of you may know, I posted something about working out to look like Korra, a few days ago, and SOMEHOW, it blew up. A bunch of you guys showed your excitement, and it was freaking awesome. So, @justteamavatar/ @avatarmuscles and I were thinking…let’s make it official! :DD

We’re officially launching Korra Fitness! The aim for this little movement is just to encourage fitness within the Korra fandom community to look BADASS as FUCK and get ripped like Korra. We all know how strong and lovely the woman is, and we wanna be like her too! 

 @avatarmuscles and I will personally be posting workout tips, exercises, motivation, (muscular pics of Korra…), and progress pics! Aside from fitness, we also wanna encourage the meditation side of Korra. So, maybe some yoga poses, breathing exercises, generally anything we can do to achieve the balance and harmony that Korra has :’) (because that stuff is important too!).

Anyone is encouraged to join in! :D We want this to be as open as possible, so whatever progress pics/questions/motivation/workout tips you guys have, feel free to do so! The community will appreciate you greatly, and you might even inspire someone else to begin working out <3. (Anytime you guys post something about Korra Fitness, remember to tag it ‘Korra Fitness’ too!)

There’s already so much positivity in this fandom, and we wanna keep it rolling <3. So, hopefully, this little movement will add to the general feeling of good-heartedness, and motivation, and love that makes me love this fandom so fucking much.

So, without further ado-

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Korra Fitness is officially launched! :D

May we all hopefully become as badass and as strong as Korra. :’))

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Hey, so I read the books before I saw the show and I was so excited to see the characters come to life and it was like their last chance because the movie literally failed, I just wanted it to work so badly and even tho I felt very underwhelmed by all the acting and the ridiculous very cringey writing I believed that it better itself and fiercely defended it because I was just annoyed at all the criticism, and by that point I learned of cc’s past and I guess I started trashing the books with-

the show fans because book fans were so hard on the show and I guess to even it out I began hating the books… lol it’s dumb I know.. objectively, even overlooking the fact that the show was so far from the books, it was just a bad show, I would never have watched it if I didn’t read the books because it was just bad and cringey, it’s gotten better this season which makes me optimistic for the next but idk I’ve been reading the books again lately and it’s just so much better and the show doesn’t even have the same feel of the books at all, which is… disappointing, and I just don’t think they could come back from it, coupled with the fact that I’m just honestly tired at the tumblr callout culture, it’s just stressful at this point, it feels like a witch hunt, people grow, they make mistakes, they are problematic because that’s what makes them human, so we can’t expect cc to have been perfect all her life, we can’t expect characters to always be non problematic cinnamon rolls who never make mistakes and who never grow, a character like that is the definition of a 2D character, something show fans (I even said that myself at one point) accuse the book characters of being, at this point I feel like the showrunners are way too scared of the fans and it just feels very toxic and overwhelming so I guess I’m just done, I’ll still watch it on netflix but I think it will just be casual because the fandom is horrible and the show is just plain bad

I wanted to take some time to answer this, because I can definitely relate to aspects in my personal experience. When I first joined the book fandom, having watched the show first, then read the books and enjoyed them even more, I found on tumblr there wasn’t really space to be both a show and book fan, which is really depressing when you think about it.

Anyway, I discovered the anti cc tag, and being a new impressionable blogger, I thought that this was the norm to change your opinion and follow the popular opinion. I felt really conflicted for a while, because I felt I had to not like cc and the books, to fit in. I soon realised that that was not the case, and that you could have your own opinion and not be like everyone else on tumblr. But it had gotten to the point where I felt guilt for liking the books, and I felt I had to make up for this by ‘joining’ the anti cc’s and fitting in. It was horrible, and I felt like I was a bad person, (‘a bad bisexual’, specifically related to CoFA). I also felt that since people were older than me in the anti cc community, they were indefinitely wiser and smarter than me, a fifteen year old.

I soon started chatting to other people who had their own open opinions and weren’t afraid of opposing the anti community, while acknowledging stuff cc has done and faults etc, and I completely ditched the mindset that once-someone-has-done-something-problematic-you-can’t-ever-like-them-again, which is mainly tumblr culture, like you said. It’s exhausting and depressing, and you can’t speak a word of things that are considered problematic that you enjoy (while accepting that they’re ~problematic~).

My current view on the situation is that you’re absolutely allowed to like things, even though they may be considered problematic, and just acknowledge those parts and move on. (I’m saying problematic too much but I can’t think of another word to describe it).

I feel the show fandom can be a super pressuring and nasty place, which drives people away from the show (like you said), and that they need to get their priorities in order. Is the world going to end if a teen enjoys a book series that has faults + good parts? No. Is the world going to end if a character/show runner/actor/whatever messes up a few times? If it’s not on an epic scale, then no.

We put too much pressure on ourselves and other people to be perfect unproblematic angels, when that’s literally impossible. It’s also extraordinarily hypocritical to call people out, while doing the same human mistakes everyone does. (I’m not saying that mistakes should be discarded—they should be learnt from and lessons in life).

Actors aren’t perfect people, we aren’t perfect people, authors aren’t perfect people, I’m not a perfect person, you’re not a perfect person, because that doesn’t exist.

It is exactly like a witch hunt, people hurling insults at cc and the book fans, while pretending to be perfect people themselves, when they are definitely not. I completely agree with you about people growing, people being human, etc. I also think that you’re correct on the characters of the show being unproblematic cinnamon rolls, so much so that the plot has taken the strain of this effort. I’m repeating this too much—but I want to get my point across.

People aren’t perfect. That’s what makes them people. That’s what makes plot. So if we constantly want people to absolutely perfect in every way—we’re going to end up with a long boring life with no dips or heights. (Which is the direction of the show, I think.)

Every time a show runner messes up, or a character does something considered to be problematic, the fandom goes mental, and you’re absolutely right in the fact that the show runners etc are scared of the fandom, because I’ve seen the effects of this fandom uproar, and the show runners have to balance all this while trying to run a show with good plot, which is not happening. (It’s the same in other fandoms—take the voltron fandom for a good example).

I also think that the book fandom are too hard on the show at points, which I would I say I was. I think we generally respect the show/people who enjoy the show as a whole.

It’s awful that the fandom has driven people to stop watching the show and talking about it with people online and enjoying the good aspects of fandom culture. From what I’ve seen, I don’t think it’s going to get any better, so I’d say casually watching it is a good idea. (If all else fails, there are a couple people in the book fandom who watch the show as well, so you could start to chat with them!)

This turned into a long non coherent rant, but I hope my point got across.

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Aigis are you excited for Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night? You'll finally get to show us your moves

I am, actually! I know a lot of people consider it a shameless cash grab, but I am really interested in hearing the remixes, and seeing if they canonically bring him back to life! I am so excited, in fact, I have been tirelessly practicing my killer dance moves.

Please, allow me to demonstrate.


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First when I’ve read “JB leaves to film LOTJ” I got so excited thinking he will do new movie 😆 but then when I searched about it it’s Low of the jungle tv show ! Still amazing 😁 K I have silly question 🙈 how can we let the members read our messages I mean is there like web or email or something!! Thank you 💕

There’s no site/email where fans can send their messages and be sure that got7 members read it. But we’re still considered ‘lucky’ because we can comment on their Instagram accounts (and hope they see our comment among other comments). 

Sometimes during a comeback promotion got7 members organize a fanchatting event on Twitter or Fan’s page, that’s when fans send messages to them, and there’s a chance they might see it and reply to it. 

They also hold lives on Naver V. If we comment they might see it and read it. Messages on Naver V can’t be long though - not longer than 1 short sentence.

i really wish i had been more active on tumblr and in the fandom before the last few months. i’ve always loved the show SO MUCH but living in the uk means we get it a few months later than the us so i usually just waited. NOW? i literally can’t imagine not watching it live with all of you. like, it warms my heart to see everyone’s commentary and how happy and excited we all get for these characters and everything they do. we dissect and appreciate every little detail and i am so into ittttt. i love knowing there are people out there who love b99 like i do and how it makes me feel like i’m part of something. it’s such a loving fandom without all the bullshit which is AWESOME. if i could, i would go back and have watched every single episode with all of you guys. LIKE I MISSED THE EXCITEMENT OF JOHNNY AND DORA??? and their first i love you’s, GREG AND LARRY, and all of the other heists. no way in hell am i going to miss out again!! i will be liveblogging this show until it kills me.

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OMG YOU HAVE OCS ??? PLEASE LET ME SEE THEM !!! ( an exciting dog anon )


If you wanna come off anon I can show you, I get embarrassed and nervous showing them off somewhere so public like dailykakyoin ahah;

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i hate this so much.. i really was excited for the live show and for it to have canon bbrae. i really trusted them but they misled us. now all the antis in the tag are kind of shoving it in our faces. im in a really horrible mood now and hopeless

I’m here with you, friend. I am proud of one thing though: not one BBRae fan has said they’ll still ship it with this age gap.

I know it’s a dumb, obvious thing, but haters love having a moral high ground, and by showing we are disappointed because it is NOT going to happen (because of the AGE, not RACE) proves a lot of that nonsense is made up to make them feel good about themselves while they make others feel bad.

Block them. I went on a blocking spree, I’m not ashamed. It’s one thing to dislike something innocent and another entirely to actively try and make others feel like actual shit because of something so…insignificant.

I reblogged a post a while ago about how it isn’t about what people ship that defines them, but their actions towards actual real human beings that speaks volumes of the type of person they are. Tumblr, sadly, perpetuates and encourages this toxic behaviour of being cruel to fellow fans and wishing the WORST on real people.

How many folk get messages like GO DIE in their inbox from anons because they disagreed with someone?

These people are the same ones who go around toting on and on about important issues like fair treatment, diversity, acceptance, kindness and love, while at the same time doing the exact opposite to their fellow man over….


It’s hard to take anyone seriously on this site when everyone can be so quick to hate people over petty shit. I know I’m guilty of this, too. I’m sure I am. But it’s opened my eyes.

I really, really never want to be like people like that ever, and if I ever have. I am so sorry. No one deserves to be made to feel like shit by people who thrive on nothing but hate. No one, no matter what they ship (with the exception of incest and pedophilia) or who they like.

A lot of us are here to escape the horrors of reality, and when fandom is supposed to give us a break, it sucks to come online and see…people being horrible to people all over again.

Do yourself a favor and block those people. Not because they are awful or you hate them, but for YOURSELF. You don’t deserve to put yourself through shit like that while trying to enjoy your fandom, and if it helps to block them out, then that is self-care.

BBRae is a fanon ship. Has been for years now.

The people who got you, fanfic writers. Fanartists.

We got this, and we’ll keep making content even if DC won’t. Fandom has been helming this ship since 2011, and we won’t stop now! :D

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Sunny why is this fandom so horrible. I can't even disagree with someone without them attacking /my/ character for some reason. It's so frustrating when I just want to talk about cartoons and the characters that fascinate me. But nooo, say one "unpopular" thing and suddenly me and my ancestors are assholes. The show makes me happy and keeps me interested but the fandom really turns me off :/

Aw man. Im so sorry you’ve had a bad experience pal. Hope you’re feeling better about this soon. Sending good vibes 👍

Talking and discussion is super fun especially when you feel excited and passionate about it. but this fandom is so Extra it’s unreal, you are always walking on eggshells waiting to crack. At the end of the day it’s a cartoon, everyone please find some chill.

But I have good news 🥂, there is a way to have fun here! It’s possible and you can still have a positive experience 8) . I hope you’re not too discouraged. Subjectivity and personal thoughts are a thing.

Not to mention the grey zone* is often ignored in favour of polarising themes, plots, characters and their alignment/morality/intentions + the general subjects of the show.

(*because I know what this place can be like I’ll add a preface here simply to ensure assumptions are not made on what I mean by “grey zone” even though I wrote it out above. I’m not talking about ships not even once and I don’t intend to so pls…. no!)

To quote Keith: Maybe things aren’t as black as white as you’re making them out to be. LOL. He’s judging all of us and he’s not impressed.

But hey, it’s okay!!! Like I said there IS fun and kindness and passion in this place! It exists! I think we all have days where we feel discouraged here. Fandom shouldn’t be exhausting and distressing it’s meant to be enjoyable.

There’s also a WHOLE LOT of good here as well. So many gifted edit makers, incredible writers, avid readers and viewers, enthused theorists, creative content makers of art and media. There’s a lot to be encouraged by too!!

I don’t know if this might lift your spirits but I wrote this small bit of advice a while back, on some things that may help to enjoy the fandom:


I’m on mobile, so apologies!! MUST SLEEP BECAUSE IT’S GETTING LATe!!!

Best wishes and big love 🚀🚀🚀 take care!

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I love Pocket Mirror so much!!! I think it's truly revolutionary. If someone made me chose between having TV for the rest of my life or Pocket Mirror I'd choose pocket mirror! Do you ever plan on selling merch online? And currently from this moment, how long do you think it will take for LGTS to be completed? Also, as a Wiccan witch, it is an honor to have Rozenmarine described as one! I'm very excited to learn more about her. Do you plan on showing a gif of her soon like you did with Elise?

Thank you so much for your support, we’re glad to know you enjoyed it! ( ^ 0 ^ )/ We’ve been planning on selling merch online, but it’s been difficult to set up a shop and even fund the merch, so while it’s still in our plans it’ll still take a long while until we get one going. As for LGTS, we’re optimistic we’ll be able to release it in around 2 years time, so perhaps in 2019 if everything goes well, although it’s still way too early to know exactly.

We’ll be showing a bit more of the game’s assets when they’re completed, so please bear with us until then! ( ^ 0 ^ )/


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Where do you currently live - the city of joy, Kolkata, India

Where would you prefer to live if the opportunity came - New York City. i believed as a kid that it was this cosmopolitan mecca where dreams come true and shit, i know better now. Even then the cultural diversity and the big city life is something i adore and want. the weather’s cold and people colder but as someone who likes their solitude its perfect.

Shoe size - 9/10 (i’ve worn some 11s so i’m not sure)

Can you fall asleep on your back - when you have chronic cold and a blocked nose very very often, you teach yourself things. (tl:dr- yes)

Is there a movie/book/show/game you’re looking forward to? What about it has you most excited?
Movie: Call Me By Your Name & Black Panther. I am more curious than excited tbh. I wanna read the book first before watching CMBYN, because i am not too sure of the 17 yo and 24 yo in a relationship so i might pirate it. BP has me intrigued because visually it looks stunning and seems very different from other superhero movies, hoping it lives to the hype!

Hard drinks you enjoy/ preferred drinks - Tequila, Whisky. i have never had a fancy drink or like a cocktail (happens when you don’t drink much and don’t go out much)

What was the last song you listened to - Konichiwa Bitches, Robyn

Thoughts on Nick Jonas - shit voice, cute arse

Water or silicon based - i have never had sex only sexual experiences, otherwise didn’t need them.

The most illicit controlled substance you’ve partaken in - do cigarettes count? (lol, i’m a baby when it comes to this)

If you could get your friends/family to watch one specific gay movie, which one would it be - oh man, i don’t know if i wanna do that

Do you listen to Podcasts? If so do you listen to them while you’re doing something else - Nah man!

What do you do on a Sunday - the same thing i do everyday, nothing.

Birth sign, and zodiac? What do you like most about both, what do you like least. If you could pick which would you prefer? Aren’t those the same - 

i’m a Gemini and was born in the year of the Pig. i don’t read too much about it because that’s too much information for my dumb head. i prefer Gemini i’d say because i think i have trouble making my mind and i am multifaceted and well if that website that i just saw was right its a bad year for the Pigs, like really bad.

In front of my salad - I’m basically a virgin, i’ll take what i’ll get. Heck if its a fruit salad we can incorporate that 

Last book or comic you enjoyed - Bossypants, Tina Fey

A kink or fetish you have, can you explain how it became one for you - ummmmmm, [redacted] a compilation video on xvideos i saw as a teenager, it was so good ughhhhhhhh

Supply the link to either an image or video you think will bring a chuckle to those following you - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fImoDuCsjNQ

I’ll tag @nninetales, @confused-af-indian, @thegayaxeman, @cyretsae

Thanks for the tag @thebeardyme

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I definitely agree with the previous anon. I'd love for cole to formally confirm SH, but if he does on the show, every Hag like PT is going to use it to fuel their ridiculous PR ideas. God, they're all so stupid. It's like we can't win in their eyes, if they don't announce their relationship, it's PR, but if they do, it's also PR.

Which is why I take the attitude of be happy with what you have and excited for what we’re maybe getting. DW about YaoiHag, laugh at her, because any way you slice it, she’s gonna insist it’s something it isn’t

Y’all are saying season 4 was crap but need I remind you of

The Angst 

The Humor


This P U N 

K E I T H 

L O T O R 


People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted


I’ve never spent so much time on any royai art before, and I’m really happy with the outcome! Tisiphon might have recognized the scenes, since they’re all from the wonderful fanfic she wrote FOR ME almost two years ago! Ever since then I’ve been wanting to honour it with fanart and I’ve never got around to doing it. Until now! I hope you like them, Tisi, there’s one drawing for every section in your story, and they all express moments of intimacy I really appreciate in fiction ´-` with that fanfic you literally fulfilled my fanwork wishes and I am so, so grateful for that <3


Honestly I’m speechless and that doesn’t happen a lot.

The Ready Player 3 show in Manchester was more than I hoped for. I’m not going to give out any spoilers but it was fucking amazing.

Everyone in the audience were so excited and i think i nearly blew out my voice with all the screaming. Also Sean i would like to apologise because i was one of those people who chanted our team chant before you had even finished telling us what it was haha.

It was like being in a room full of friends. It was such a happy atmosphere and I was extremely nervous at first but that went away as soon as the guys came on stage.

@therealjacksepticeye I just want to say thank you for coming to this insane fucking town with the Grumps. It was such an unforgettable experience!

#teamwaluigi and #fuckthetories