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Hi Jo!So I'm super excited for the next ep, I'm hoping that it'll fix all of the mistakes that were made in 2x07. until that, let me sneak in a random question into your ask box: do you think malec call each other nicknames/pet names?

Hi Nitsa! Same here, I’m excited and I hope my internet here is strong enough to sustain my livestream~

I mean, we all know Magnus uses pet names with like, everybody. Biscuit here, darling there, sweetheart over at the back. So Alec isn’t surprised when he’s fumbling around the kitchen and Magnus shows up, one hand combing through bed hair and another muffling a yawn and mumbles out “what’s cooking, pumpkin?” As much as Alec thinks that’s endearing, he hates that he has to suppress the idea that he has used the nickname on one too many lovers. So the next time they’re kissing in bed; hands under each other’s shirts, long legs tangled in an organised mess and Alec slides his fingers along Magnus’ ribcage just right, tearing a breathless “Alexander” out of him, Alec steels himself. 

“I love it when you call me that,” Alec pauses, a few seconds longer, betraying the casual tone of his voice. And Magnus is astute, even when he’s seconds away from dragging Alec down towards him because his lips are not where they should be, and he drags out, voice thick as honey, “Of course, my Alexander”, with a steady gaze. And Alec knows that Magnus gets it, and he finally seals Magnus’ lips with his.


Alec’s awkward with nicknames. Now that he’s thinking about it, he realises that the only one whom he calls with a nickname is Izzy and doesn’t everyone call her that? Well, except Magnus; and now that he’s thinking of him, he’s troubled over whether Magnus would like to have that: a pet name. Darling? Too common, Magnus practically calls everybody that. Baby? No way, he’d rather die than have to call someone that. Mags? Alec makes a face. 

“What’s with that face? Wait, don’t tell me Izzy made this,” Jace glares at the spoonful of stew he was about to put into his mouth and his eyes dart between Alec and the pot in between them. Alec’s confused for a moment but he shakes his head and puts his spoon down, to which Jace sighs in relief and shoves the spoon into his mouth. 

“Jace, what did you call your…girlfriends? I mean, did you call each other using pet names? Does it come naturally? Like, how do you suddenly go from calling someone by name to calling them by something else? What’s that something else? How-”

“Wait, wait, wait. Slow it down, bud. Are you talking about things like babe, princess or things like that?” Alec nods solemnly at the question and Jace’s confusion suddenly turns to smugness. He was about to make a jab at that but Alec shook his head and Jace dropped it out of kindness from seeing his parabatai so troubled. He merely shrugs and offers, “Don’t think too much about it; it’s gonna come out forced if you overthink it, and yes, I can totally see you overthinking right now so don’t even deny it, I know you Alec,” Alec huffs but he takes the advice to heart and tries not to wince when he has to get his boyfriend’s attention and has to settle for “Magnus”. 

And when it finally happens, he just has to mess it up, or so he thinks, when he picks up a phone call mid-mission and in his distraction, he answers with, “Hi love, what’s up,” after which there’s a silence that’s a beat too long and Alec realises that he’s fucked up because he hasn’t even said the three words and this order is totally wrong and oh god, Magnus doesn’t feel the same yet, does he? He’s this close to flinging his phone to the furthest end of the world when Magnus clears his throat and replies, voice a little unsteady, “Well, Alexander, I love you too, if that’s what you were trying to say,” and Alec is amazed by how Magnus always knows and never in his life had he wanted to be a warlock so badly just so he could portal to right where Magnus was and kiss the stars out of him.

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so this is all assuming starco is endgame and that the show is set to end at season three: do you think they'll be together at some point in the season, or in the series finale? i'm all for the big romantic kiss at the very end, but it's also very exciting and refreshing to see the changes in a relationship when it is officially made romantic. thoughts?

The only parallel I can think of is, as usual, “Kim Possible”.
As satisfying those kisses are, in hindsight (as in “5 seconds after the show has ended”) I realize that it felt like a middle finger. I’m not a fan of this trope and I’d rather have the relationship explored a bit more.

Granted, it’s hard to write romance in a kids cartoon, but I feel like Star and Marco’s relationship wouldn’t change much: they’re already very close and arguably act like a couple. Thinking that romantic!Starco may become canon in the Season 2 finale is not completely out of nowhere, given the build-up.

I’m very hopeful, but also very biased.

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are you excited about the soukoku movie akutagawaprize-senpai

I’m excited about the movie, yes, but despite the first poster revealed showing only Dazai and Chuuya, I am still convinced it is not a “soukoku movie”. Since the Dazai featured here is post-Dark Era Dazai, there is no good reason why Atsushi and the rest of the Agency members won’t be featured. Even though it’s a production that will make use of an original story, I want to believe Asagiri will supervise the staff so that the plot won’t stray too far from the original one.

By the way, I’ve always thought 55 minutes would have made fine movie material, though I can’t claim to not know the reason why they didn’t go with it.

váyase.” or, in rough translation, go away. with her hair pulled high in a tousled ponytail and her white sneakers reflecting light from the gym’s interior, she looked a blend of exhausted and determined.  “unless you’re going to help me stretch, which in that case, take a seat.”

Mark appreciation Rant

Okay so I’m not sure if you guys have seen or heard what Doyoung had said about Mark on high school rapper, but the over all gist of what he said was “I was mad….they should have treated Mark better.”

I had this same exact feeling.

I was so excited and I anticipated for this episode. We all know the hard work that Mark has put in into preparing for this show. Hell-the kid put himself forward and said he wanted to be on it! He worked so hard-only to fucking walk into that waiting room and have people not treat him with respect.

He walked in and people looked up and looked away. He said that he didn’t expect for a reaction, but overall the way that the fellow contestants that treated him were rude.

The kid was nervous as hell and he seemed so uncomfortable. So now that he’s just waiting another contestant walks in and people seem to take notice and pay attention. No hate of Young B but like what? These kids were bowing and waving and praising and all Mark got was a look up and down? I’m not saying that everyone in that room should have bowed before him but a simple hi would have been nice for him to fucking receive.

Anyways, so when Young B walks in Mark just looks so confused and lost. One of the PD’s ask “anyone recognize anyone else in this room?” And I started to smile hoping someone would acknowledge Mark and his hard work in NCT-but no. They acknowledge Young B. I’m sure as hell Young B equally works just as hard as Mark but I was just so shocked and dumbfounded by the fact that no one in that fucking room said Marks name. Like the kids been in three sub units and is even talked about in k hip hop and they say nothing?!

Then what the PD asks next pisses me off- they ask “who doesn’t know of Young B”. You could already fucking tell Mark didn’t know who he was-and yet you single him out? Also-what they had asked before who knows Young B, I don’t recall all the people in that room fucking raising their hands? So why make it look like Mark was the only clueless one?

I just feel like right now, this show isn’t treating him well. Mark deserves the world for all his hard work and sacrifice,honestly. I hate the way they edited Marks short to make him look like that. I just don’t know about Mark being on the show. I fully 100% support him but they didn’t treat him well and it just makes me what to hug the kid and tell him he doesn’t need to be there.
Like Doyoung said “I watched Mark go through hardships to prepare for this.” and what does he get when he gets there? A cold shoulder and a stupid question to make him look unknowledgeable.

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Can we get a continuation of the secret admire note ask with the SF bros? :D

(Sure can!))

SwapFell Bros:

Sans: He would have you believe he got anonymous declarations of love all the time.

Truth? This has never happened and his so freaking excited. Like Fell Pap, he immediately shows you, but his really just wanting to see if your gonna get jealous.

“Heeey s/o! Look at this, seems you have a rival for my affections. Of course, this should not be surprising, I am The Great and Maleficent Sans!”

You listen to this for awhile, debating whether or not you should break it to him that you actually sent the note.

But Mister-Full of Himself won’t shut up long enough for you to get a word in edge wise, so you decide to let him just figure it out on his own.

It takes him two weeks to finally figure out you did it.

*cough* Papyrus finally told him*cough cough*

He locks himself in his room, contemplating different ways of exacting his revenge. He can’t believe you let him make such a fool of himself for so long, he will be avenged!

Not really, he sills up and pouts for awhile, but just be patient and he will eventually give you a half assed thank you for the note.

Along with a lecture about never leaving anon letters lying around his house. It makes a mess.

Papyrus: This sassy ass, though he’d never admit it, immediately knows its your handwriting because your t’s always curve to the left and you always loop the tails of your y’s.

He’d never let you know any of that, of course.

He just wraps his arm around you, dangling the letter in front of your face, teasing you about it till you finally tell him to shut up.

At that point, he’ll give you a kiss on the cheek and tell you he loves you too.

Preference #15 - You’re His Celebrity Crush (Niall)

A/N: I’m sorry it’s been so long!! 

Niall was barely paying attention as he walked with the other boys along the red carpet. Normally he would have been excited, walking in front of them, posing for pictures and contributing in the interviews they were stopped for; however he just couldn’t get into the right head space tonight.

Harry had unintentionally mentioned that the woman Niall had been secretly crushing over for months was attending the award show tonight - actually not even just attending, she was presenting the whole damn thing - that was the point Niall felt like his heart may come crashing out of his chest. He couldn’t stop thinking of her, his mind completely and utterly lost on everything else around him.

The both of you had never met in person, had never interacted more than over twitter and to say that he was nervous would be an understatement. The other boys were the only ones that knew about his crush, they’d worked it out the first time they’d seen Niall staring dreamily at the laptop screen while watching one of your music videos. At first they’d all teased him about it, made little jokes at his expense while his cheeks flushed bright, but after awhile they stopped, realizing that they’d never seen Niall like someone so much.

He looked up at the sound of his name, noticing that the new interviewer and all the boys were looking right at him. He felt the back of his neck get hot as he cleared his throat awkwardly.
“Sorry,” He muttered. “What was that?”
“I was just asking if all of you were excited for being nominated for another award tonight?”
“Oh! Oh yeah of course,” He answered.
“Don’t mind Niall tonight,” Louis cut in with a smirk. “He’s just a little lost in his thoughts.”
Niall threw a glare towards Louis while they continued walking up the red carpet, knowing full well that if the interviewer had asked the question Louis would have been more than happy spilling out his crush to the whole world.


As the night progressed Niall got more and more nervous, knowing that the category they’d been nominated for was come up shortly. His mind was a complete mess of what if’s at this point - what if they won and he tripped on the way up to the stage, what if he was up on stage and he couldn’t talk to her without making an idiot himself…

“Alrighty guys!” Y/n spoke into her microphone, a big smile on her face. “I have the winner of this years most popular music video, do you want to know who it is?” There were cheers around the room and Niall felt his breath hitch in his throat. “The winner is….One Direction!”

The room erupted into applause as the boys got to their feet, giving each other a quick hug before making their way towards the stage, y/n standing up there with their award, a huge smile on her lips. Niall walked towards her, feeling his throat tighten the closer he got, his cheeks hot.
“Congratulations guys!” She said excitedly when they reached her, passing the award over to Harry who held it up above his head. “You must be so happy.”
“Honestly, we couldn’t be happier,” Liam answered proudly.
“We were all excited at being nominated, it’s always such a great feeling to know that all your hard work paid off.” Harry adds.

Y/n nodded her head at all their answers, asking them a few more questions that Niall didn’t hear; he was too engrossed in watching the way her lips formed around each of her words, the way the colour of her eyes were sparkling under the stage lights. He was so gone.

Written By Bree xx

mom: i’m so glad you’re not into weird japanese cartoons and those diabolic things


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you can really tell how much vocal work they've been doing. They are at a whole nother level vocally! i'm so proud of them!! <tear> i missed C. during 'miss moving on' not vocally.. just because it was their 1st big release... memories... prolly always gonna feel that way some.. but seriously they are a whole new group.. and I'm excited for their new music!!

i’m glad they’re working on their vocals, that’s ALL i wanted. it’s time to show their potential

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yeah i do think its more that yg is unsure. if its true that jk was leaving the hotel room in inu, then it seems clear that yg is losing it over this and wants him there, but you never see him show that passion to jk?? except in that fight, but obv that doesnt end well yikes!! like hes ready to set things on fire all the time and they either get set on fire or jk blows it out. but its like friendship always wins in the end, and even if theyre not together they still got each other n can move on?

like i got this idea from the spring day mv that they could still heal from this, and that love not working out doesn’t have to be a terrible thing that you can’t survive from. jk makes no other motion towards yg but knowing that he’s safe, like that’s enough or something?? and he’s just gonna have to be ok with that?? and thats ok?? id ont even know bro but i’m feeling it tbh!!!!!! also mv coming out in a bit omgggg will i survive; no

skdjnkjana sugakookie is killing me and so are you. i like your version it’s so bittersweet but hopeful 

and omg i got my ps ready bring it on bangtan i’m ready to die 

Random Fic Writer Announcements


First off, I signed up to do the Cap/Iron Man reverse big bang, which means I’ll be writing a 5,000 word (+) story with Stony as the main pairing. I also, despite a glitch with my computer, ended up getting the artwork that I wanted to write for most! So I can’t tell you how excited I am to be doing this. (I can’t show you the art work until it’s time for the Big Reveal, but I am going to say it’s SUPER FUCKING CUTE and I could JUST DIE!)

Second, I have joined another Imagine blog. If you don’t already know, I write winteriron prompts at @imaginetonyandbucky (which just got a batch of new prompts in, and I can’t wait to see them and get started) and now I will also be doing the same thing at @imagineclintcoulson because AgentHawk is another one of my favorite ships…  

Third: I apparently have a new canoe, because my IronDoom story is proving popular, so if Doom and Tony in a semi-unhealthy (but NOT non/dub con) identity porn relationship is your jam, I’m filling a need. Or paddling my raft, something like that. Also, writing a lot of smut for that. Seriously, three chapters, 4 sex scenes. Which has gotten a LOT of porn bots following me, which is slightly uncomfortable, but whatever.

Four: I am being conspired against to write a 5th Element/Avengers cross-over, winteriron piece with Bucky!Korbin Dallas and Leeloo!Tony with cameo appearances like Obediah Stane as Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg and Howard as the archaeologist (ERSKINE! LIGHT!)

Steve as the priest: I wonder where he learned to negotiate like that? 
Fury as the president: I wonder.

So thanks @dreamcatchersdaughter if this becomes something I have time for

Five: I’ve finished part four of the Holiday Spending series although it’s not posted yet. I wanted to let people know that this series went unexpectedly dark on me. For those people who KNOW what happened, please don’t feel like I blame you, because I don’t. I got stuck in a bad place in my head and fic-writing REALLY helps me out of it again. I spent a week or so after that (thank you beta readers for offering feedback) trying to decide if I wanted to keep pushing in that direction, or if I wanted to back it up and make it sweet again. I left it as is. So, trauma takes place. I’ll put tags and warnings up when I do post the piece, but, if you’re a fan of that series, yeah. 

Six: @everyworldneedslove and I finished writing End of Tomorrow this week, which is a 65,000 word fic in the Communal Kitchen AU (starting with Winter is Coming) and wrote up a full draft for a Clint/Sam story in that same universe The Mating Habits of HeroBirds so… still more of that on the way… 

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most of my stuff is just on twitter now, and I can’t release them until tomorrow afternoon! I’ll be posting a looooot of stuff starting tomorrow because all my new work has piled up and I’m so excited that I can finally show them now! please look forward to it! ^^


“Hi I’m Teagan!” Teagan smiled “I’m so excited, this apartment is amazing. There’s a freaking walk in closet Ellis.”
“Oh you found it already? I’m Darcy.” Darcy laughed “I guess I don’t have to show you around.” 
“Sorry.” Teagan said sheepishly “I just got so excited I couldn’t help myself.”
“It’s all good.” Darcy waved it off “You two don’t seem like creeps so I’m quite pleased.” she admitted. “Honestly the last three people who’s looked at it was so weird I thought I was never going to find anybody.” she said “I’m so relieved - I feel like this is going to work out finally.” Darcy said “I was getting a bit panicky that I wasn’t gonna be able to pay rent. Do you have a job Teagan?”
“Oh… no not yet.” Teagan admitted.
“Oh.” Darcy said “Well I…”
“It’s fine Teagan, I can pay your share until you find one, which I’m sure will be sooner than you think.” Ellis said quickly, not really thinking things through.
“Are you sure Eli?” Teagan asked “That’s too nice.”
“That is really nice Ellis.” Darcy said “Are you sure you’re up for it?”
“Yeah, yeah it’s no problem. Teagan you’re a smart kid, I know you’ll take responsibility.”
“I will, I promise Eli - I can’t thank you enough. You’ve got so much faith in my I swear I don’t know why…” she chuckled a little.
“He seems like an amazing brother.” Darcy admitted “It’s settled then, let’s be roommates!”
“Thank you so much Darcy, I can’t believe this - first place I look at.”
“Hey, when it’s right - it’s right.” Darcy smiled.
“Do you have any siblings Darcy?” Teagan asked.
“I don’t know to be honest, I’ve never met my birth parents.” she shrugged.
“Oh are you adopted?” Teagan asked.
“Teagan, come on don’t be so forward.” Ellis said feeling a little anxious.
“Oh I don’t mind.” Darcy said “I like talking about it actually. No i’m not adopted, I’m a foster kid.”
“Oh.” Teagan said “Oh I see!”
“Do you guys maybe wanna get out of here, go someplace and get to know each other for a bit?” Darcy suggested “I’ll tell you all about me and you can tell me about yourself Teagan.”
“Yeah, that sounds great.” Teagan nodded “What do you say Eli?”
“Yeah, that sounds fine, let’s do it.” he agreed.

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YIKES!!!!! I'm screaming!! Niall is in London! Remember when I told you earlier today that he has time to get to London for the Brits? Maybe this is really happening! Maybe they will go together to the Brits, they don't have to announce a reunion or anything like but just seeing all of them together! I'm so excited!

I love watching the BRITs anyway so this is making me extra excited to think that the boys are possibly going together, to show their faces and dress in lovely suits and having fun together. xx

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yooo 2, 3, 21, 22, 28!

2) have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? if so, who?

Yes, I actually did recently! She’s an Italian witer and writes fantasy books, ** it’s all so.. pERFECT SDFGH

3) list your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.

Yugioh 5d’s- I actually identify with Luna… I mean, I’m a twin (with a brother), we have a strong bond, I am the voice of the reason of the two, my brother is very protective with me, the tragic things I say become real (?)…

Voltron- I feel a bond with Allura tbh, I’m calm and get excited for silly things (remember the show with the mice ??), I am attached to my land and culture, not the leader (that’s shiro) but does her best to keep the group united (oh and I tended to see the world black and white before, but this is changing with time)… yeah, def Allura

Miraculous Ladybug- I’M MARINETTE- clumsy, makes a mess with people she likes, looks from afar, can’t stand lies about herself, talks with animals (….what even is tikki)

21) do you love easily?

yes, I do? but with love meant as “agape” let’s say… falling in love is another story…….

22) list the top five things you spend the most time doing, in order.

1. looking at my phone
2. listening to music
3. sleeping
4. sketching/ planning things to draw
5. …studying

28) on a scale from 1 to 10, how hard is it for someone to get under your skin?

Like 9, I’m very patient and comprehensive, unless you’re just provoking me with all the intentions (you bascally have to be Igor @eris-haumea ), want an example? SHIRO AND SLAV

Thank you for the ask <3 <3 <3 <3

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I hope your anon was deeply offended by Gillian when she was all over David on Kimmel. Considering she was in a serious relationship with another man as we "know" now...

Well anon, Gillian did much more with David ;) Was talking openly in front of people about the size of his dick, how good he is in latex, was calling him schmoopie. Was so excited about his pic without the shirt and whatever they were together there was so much touching and eyes fucking. If they both did anything of it knowing that Gillian is with another guy than what low opinion ”fans” have of her? And they have children. What they would think. What would think PM’s daughter? I think Gillian would show a huge disrespect to them all… because even if you believe this all was only for fun and joking, she was doing it publicly.

I miss your weird awesome dance moves on stage , especially during shake it off .
I miss the hair flips , sparkly piano and guitar and even the banjo .
I miss the ‘atleast you know this is live now dont you’ kind of technical problems on stage .
I miss the vocals , the accoustics and i miss the excitment over any of your shows even if i never got the chance to attend one
I miss the fandom going crazy , i miss waiting for a new album , i miss the fact that we used to know where you were but now we dont even know what planet you on.
But i forget all that when i remember
That i dont miss seeing you breakdown on stage over a boy that didnt deserve you
I dont miss seeing you unhappy and heartbroken
I dont miss seeing you hurting and trying to find yourself again
So @taylorswift if you’re going through anything bad right now , please dont mind what we miss about you , and please dont think you’re guilty because you’re on break and PLEASE PLEASE stay strong . I love you.