i was so disappointed

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I’m kind of laughing

The whole thing’s such a joke. Naruto used to be about so much more and it’s reduced to some dumb family drama that NO ONE CARES ABOUT like honestly was that even necessary??? Was it necessary to have Sakura destroy the entire house and proceed to faint because her daughter asked a question about her missing father and was it fucking necessary to have that whole thing about photos lmaoo WOW how pathetic can this get hahhha

And now Karin is some stupid plot device for unnecessary drama. Kishi never treated her with respect anyways but holy shit. Everyone is so OOC. And the fact that Sasuke has been gone for 12. YEARS.?!?!!!!!!! Ha ha

I’m just impressed at the level this franchise can sink to tbh

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Did you hear about that recount of Tao's baidu site? About how SM called for a meeting with all the baidu bars and when they asked about Tao and were told that he was getting tremendous amounts of hate from paid accounts, they laughed and said "what's wrong, they didn't do anything wrong, this is nothing big, I don't understand" .. I'm so disappointed in them as a company

ah yeah, i forgot to put that in my post but if you’re wondering, read it here


and the original post in chinese


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RDJ’s actions were justified, I think. IDK what Mark and the others have done though?

well I don’t have a problem with RDJ walking out of an interview if that’s what you’re referring to, but condescending/patronizing to a Mexican director for how eloquently he speaks is pretty damn rude and at the least ignorant as hell:

“I think for a man whose native tongue is Spanish to be able to put together a phrase like cultural genocide just speaks to how bright he is.”

and apparently on the Graham Norton show someone in the audience shared that Elizabeth Olson used the word “gypsy” not realizing it’s a slur and was corrected and seemed apologetic but then the guys just started chanting it and making a joke out of the word/situation. seems similar to what Jeremy and Chris did with the “slut” “joke” but the show hasn’t aired yet and IDK if it’ll be edited out/how accurate that is.

this promo tour just seems messy as hell is all I’m saying

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Man I still play this game and I remember that my MU (Demetrius) had white hair and married Panne and I was SO disappointed that Yarne didn't come out as a splotchy colored rabbit and that feMorgan didn't have white hair OR turn into a white rabbit.

shhhhh ignore that. here in the realm of this blog we hav splotchy buns and blond taguel morgs :’D but yes multicolored taguel would be so interestin!!!

So there’s blogs dedicated to shop lifting with tips and the postings of “hauls”. I’m so disappointed in the world we live in. I’m not perfect, but bragging about stealing from other people makes me sick.

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i'm so disappointed with myself. I've only just got around to playing the mass effect games and I finished the first two but the pain i know the third one is going to bring me is keeping me from playing it yet. I keep putting it off. I JUST WANT A HAPPY ENDING IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK??

Then GOOD NEWS my friend! This is exactly why they made the Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod. 

It’s super easy to install (just like a DLC– download, install, play). Doooooo itttt! This is a SUPER EASY MOD and doesn’t require any modding experience at all. I envy the ME player that has the option to end the game with something other than the Catalyst ending for the first time playing. You can always look up the catalyst ending(s) on youtube later if you’re curious but honestly having played this and the originals, I highly recommend the MEHEM. If not for yourself, at least for Shepard.

Even if you decide not to install the MEHEM, you’re still going to need the ME3 Save Editor. Why? Because otherwise you can’t get the “best” ending. To get the “best” ending in ME3 you have to not only pick the “right” choice at the end, but you also have to have your galactic readiness at 100%, which is almost impossible without editing your save. Why? Because to get 100% galactic readiness you have to play in the Multiplayer, which is literally empty. That’s right, to get the best ending without modding you have to spend HOURS soloing multiplayer campaigns. I didn’t know you could edit your saves the first time I played so I slogged through the empty multiplayer for nearly 10 hours. Yeeeaaaahhh save yourself from that fate.


* Before you do anything, make a back-up of your saves! Just copy and paste their files from the save file (usually under C:\Users\[[YOURNAME]]\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 3\Save) into another file, usually the same one where you copy-paste any other “vanilla” files you’re keeping while modding. You can also make a back up of the actual game itself but honestly it’s just easier to uninstall-reinstall. It’s also UNLIKELY unless you majorly fuck up. I’ve only done that once and it was just me being braindead, not because of the files themselves.

Turn off the Origin In-Game overlay ( How to turn it off: Origin > Application Settings > Origin in Game > untick the box). It’s useless and fucks with your framerate anyway.

* The MEHEM instal box will ask if you want to install their own original music by some user. Don’t. It’s not bad but Mass Effect’s music is more than adequate. Leave that box unticked and you’ll get the Suicide Mission music which will just break your heart, as it should.

* If you romanced Miranda or Jack, tick the “JoeP LI Mod” box during the MEHEM install– they don’t show up at the end otherwise if you don’t, which is ridiculous for Jack/Miranda romancers.

* Also install the extended Anderson conversation mod– it restores a bunch of dialogue with Anderson at the end of the game that was recorded but cut out of the final version. It’s an absolute must-have, even if you decide not to use MEHEM (they’re two separate mods).

* MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL MEHEM FIRST if you plan to install any other mods (like the ones below). The only time I messed up in modding was when I forgot that uninstalling MEHEM to upgrade to the latest version would delete my other mods too because of shared files. So if you plan to install any other mods, you need to put MEHEM first or else when you put in MEHEM it will mess up those other files. The other files don’t mess up MEHEM tho, so no worries.

If you want to go further with modding:

*(EASY) If you’re playing femShep and feeling adventurous, I highly recommend the FemShep Buff Body mod for ME3. It’s subtle, but damn does it really make a huge difference in Shep’s overall appearance (as in NO MORE NOODLE ARMS THANK YOU MAKER). It requires a little more direct modding than either of the ones above– you’ll have to copy-paste over some files in your CookedPC directory and use MEExplorer to overwrite the .mod files, but all you have to do is copy the originals, save those copies somewhere else, then if anything goes wrong just paste them back. It’s actually really simple  and so very very worth it.

* (EASY) Vanilla hair mod tweaks just require using MEExplorer to overwrite the original .mod file to the one included in the mod .zip. If you’re intimidated by the steps needed for more detailed modding like the ones below, this is a good first step. Do it BEFORE you start/import a new ME3 game, otherwise you’ll have to use gibbed editor to change your characters hair, which isn’t hard but is just an extra step. Otherwise once it’s loaded it just replaces the default CC hair with tweaks that improve them a lot! Definitely gets rid of the “bobblehead” effect that a lot of pulled-back default styles create

* (Moderate) Installing hair and clothes mods takes a little more learning but oh goddess is it worth it. Hair mods took my Shepard from this:

to this:

This website has some good tutorial videos on how to install mods. They also include instructions on each mod for what needs to be done specifically (as you can see here). If you decide to install the buff body mod then some finagling will be required for clothes but it’s not too huge once you get the hang of it. Finding mods takes a little digging. I really love nameislooney‘s hair mods (you can find them here).

I know that’s a lot more than you were probably expecting for this ask, but I hope it gets you enthusiastic to play ME3! Despite the criticisms, it’s still a beautiful game, and worth playing. And when you do, make sure you use FRAPS and take a lot of screenshots so we can see your awesome Shepard! (because origin doesn’t have a way to take screenshots in-game anyway).

Hope that helps!! Come off anon and flail over ME with me sometime if you feel like it :D