i was so confused when i went here

There’s a place near my school that I was oddly attracted to so I went to it and found this gate, now I’ve walked past here before and the gate door is usually almost closed but for some reason it was open this much, I took this photo because it looked cool but my phone shut off, it was at 54% so I was confused but let it stay like that for a while because I’m used to it. But I checked it after I turned on my phone and it shut off again at 47% my phone only shuts off once when it does. I decided to plug my phone in to look at the photo and when I clicked it my phone froze for a hour at the least



every book i’ve ever read 16?the fifth wave

“How do you rid the Earth of humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.”

Powerless (El Diablo x Reader) Part 3

A/N. Sorry part 3 took so long, but it’s SUPER long, so that should earn me a bit of your forgiveness. Please note, I wasn’t able to tag a couple of you who asked to be tagged, please let me know what went wrong if you know. This chapter takes place about two weeks after part 2, and there is a time jump at the end. This one is long, and there are a lot of characters and names being introduced, so if it get’s confusing please let me know and I’ll try to help clear it up :) 

part 1, part 2, part 4

word count: +9,000

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Request for RFA+V+Saeran for Having a crush on girl MC which is a ghost thanks

I’m going with crush ‘cause that’s what it said. How exactly does being a ghost work out? I’m tryingg sorry if I mess it up ^^;;


  • He didn’t expect it at first?
  • He was pretty sure you were just as real as the next person
  • But for some reason other people didn’t seem to notice you when you guys hung out?
  • And you never hugged him?
  • He didn’t get why
  • Until he tried to hug you and he went through you like you weren’t there? cause you weren’t there
  • Oh my gosh the poor boy was so confused
  • “HOw– wHAT? MC??”
  • You can’t touch a ghost, Yoosung
  • The poor boy, he doesn’t know what to do
  • How’re you still here? Don’t ghosts “move on”?
  • He doesn’t get it, but he worries about you then?? Like is there certain ways to care for a ghost??
  • He’s such a nerd that he’s really superstitious and worried over everything
  • “Don’t go outside at the sunrise!”
  • “Should I get rid of the salt in the cupboard?”
  • “Do you eat?”
  • Poor baby he’s trying


  • She’s really skeptical
  • What? You’re a ghost?
  • Then again, it’s not entirely impossible
  • She can’t touch you so she’s found out
  • So it’s probably true
  • She kinda just accepts it. What else can she do?
  • But she’s really curious about your limits
  • “Can you move things?”
  • A little bit? Not really big things, but small things like cups
  • “Do you eat or drink?” 
  • No. You kinda miss how food tastes
  • “So you’re dead?”
  • Yes. You’re a ghost.
  • “That’s fair.”
  • You don’t really need to touch to watch a movie though. You two get really into watching netflix with each other. She asks you a lot about what it’s like being a ghost at random times whenever a question comes to her mind
  • She eventually starts keeping a journal about ghosts
  • At least, about you


  • “Woah”
  • “Wait what??”
  • “I’m in love with a ghost???”
  • His reaction the first time he tried to wrap his arm around you and you revealed the fact to him
  • He’s a really touchy person so he didn’t quite know how to feel?
  • He can’t feel your hand or touch your hair if you’re a ghost
  • That kind of hurts him
  • But he’s in love with you. He just needs a little time to get over the fact, and he’s just as loving as ever.
  • (He’s salty about not being able to touch you)
  • (But he loves you for who you are so much more that it’s okay. He won’t give you up for that)


  • Jumin’s in denial
  • He doesn’t want to believe it? Even though he can’t touch you?
  • He doesn’t talk to you for days. It breaks you ‘cause most people don’t see you so when he stops talking to you, you’re pretty much alone
  • And you love him
  • but he’s ignoring you
  • You try and get his attention. “Please stop ignoring me, please..”
  • He’s breaking from ignoring you too though
  • He’s so in love with you but you’re a ghost
  • It’s not supposed to work like that
  • It’s a couple months before he completely loses it. He can’t ignore you anymore, it hurts too much. It hurts to ignore you and it hurts to hear you beg him to stop and to see you so sad
  • He loves you
  • Maybe that’ll be enough for the two of you


  • Seven’s shocked for a moment after finding out
  • Then he starts making puns
  • He isn’t passing up this opportunity
  • “Why do you look so grave MC?”
  • “You scared me to death!”
  • “MC, you look a little ghostly today, are you feeling sick?”
  • “Would you say you’re favorite berry… would be a booberry?”
  • omg you want to shoot him
  • *face palm*
  • *hand goes through ghost head*
  • *brain palm?*
  • “But shooting me might be a little deadly MC, wouldn’t wanna kill me, would you?”
  • You would never you actually consider it
  • Seven pales
  • Someone else is looking a little ghostly
  • He nervously giggles at your pun
  • You won’t kill him, you promise
  • “Heheh”
  • You love him and his puns


  • Honestly he’s not phased?
  • He’s kind doesn’t know what to think
  • but of course this kind of thing would happen to him, he isn’t surprised that there’s something up with you
  • He doesn’t quite know what to do about it though?
  • Like you’re a ghost…?
  • How does that work?
  • You kind of just loom around him, he doesn’t mind, you are actually kind of comforting
  • Other times you two banter and argue back and forth being a snarky sassy little ghost
  • Although he sometimes abuses the fact you’re a ghost
  • And feels really bad about it later and doesn’t know what to do except kind of mumble “sorry”
  • You get back at him by spooking him
  • It’s all good 


  • V doesn’t actually realize you’re a ghost???
  • He hears your voice but he can’t actually see you?? poor blind little bean
  • He was super confused when he could’ve sworn he found you then ran into a pole??
  • Poor V hit his head
  • You felt so bad you told him why he couldn’t find you
  • He was just kinda like “okay..?”
  • Like what else do you do?
  • It kind of saddens him that he won’t be able to feel you, ‘cause he can’t see touch is like one of his senses he depends on
  • But you use your ghostly powers to help him out, like hand him a cup he can’t reach
  • Help open doors
  • Help him not run into people
  • He doesn’t realize how much you help by this, but you felt bad for not actually existing
  • Other people are so confused by this honestly? A blind guy and weird floaty objects?
  • You’re just a really sweet ghost girl in love with the little blind bean

I actually looked up bad ghost puns to write Seven’s

Okay I tried ;-;

~Sunflower is sorry if she failed ;-;

You Asked for happy Ace stories

questioninglilac submitted:

A about 9 months ago, I got a message from, lets be honest an old acquaintance with whom I barely spoke, I’d run into over the weekend. Any way, apparently his friend/work colleague who’d been there when I’d run into my friend. 

It was a traditional, boy meets girl, boy’s friend thinks girls cute and asks if she’s single, boy has no idea, but says hey I’ll ask. 

So he asked. 
And here’s me super confused, about a month before I’d swore off dating again, because dating as an ace is a pain. 
I said well I’m ace, explained what that was, and said if he’s still interested I wouldn’t mind getting to know him better. 

Well, we went on a date, then another, and after three weeks we decided we were dating. And long story short, we’re still together and I’ve just moved in with him. 

He’s your traditional cishet guy, while I’m this Biro ace girl who’s got know interest in sex. We don’t have sex and he’s okay with that. So yeah it can work out. 

The Stars Over the Sun

Hercules x Female Reader


Word Count: 1780

A/N: Um, so sorry about my week+ hiatus there. I think I wrote and erased and rewrote this about twelve times, I couldn’t decide on the plot I liked best. I’m pretty happy with which plot I went with, but it might be confusing, so idk. It’s just a little Herc fluff. This is mostly just dialogue, which was really strange for me to write, so it might not be as good of quality as my other imagines, but here we are. Hopefully you like it! Here we go!

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Just finished the series and I love Karamel! It's a bit disconcerting the amount of hate they get on here though (tho I tend to ship unpopular ships so I'm use to it lol). I never went on the tag while watching the show and when I caught up I was so confused hearing 'Karamel is abusive, Mon el is abusive yadyadyad' because I never got that watching it. Amazing people will distort reality just for their agendas lol. Anyways is this Karamel hate on here only because it's annoying?

Hey there, shipmate!! Welcome aboard.

Yes, I’m amazed by how horrible some people in the supergirl fandom can be. The show is about love and including everyone no matter how they are or where they are from, but these people doesn’t seem to get that message, they prefer to spread hate, harass people who doesn’t ship the same ship as them… It’s pretty disgusting. Let me give you an advice, now that you’re part of the karamel fam: don’t talk to the antis, just ignore them and block them. Enjoy the show and the ship, don’t let them ruin it for you. Focus on the positive stuff.

On the “abuse” argument, I find it incredibly disrespectful that some people take this argument lightly. Abuse is a very serious thing and it is not something to joke about or accuse someone of just because you don’t like that ship. Since I’ve been in the karamel fandom I’ve been called racist, homophobic, supportive of an abusive person/relationship (I WOULD NEVER SUPPORT ABUSE, NEVER), anti-feminist… and worst of all, these arguments are being used in most fandoms today. It’s horrible and I do not want to be a part of it. If they don’t ship Karamel, perfect, but don’t say those things about us when you don’t know us. That is bullying and bullying people is always wrong.

Anyway, hope you have a nice experience in the fandom and welcome again!.

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I don't think there's a proper recap because we are all confused! Or everyone still was when I went to sleep. From what I gathered, and I could be wrong. X17online posted a video and pics but no one here has an account saying he's selling the 7.3 mil house and leaving LA because of the altercation. The Paul McKenna house he isn't staying at and it's for sale or rent. The 10 mil house is for rent, and now there's rumors this one is but it isn't on the market yet.

Ah ok. So just a pap/tabloid site caption for now but nothing more concrete. Thanks!

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hElP me pls you are the only actual ace person I've found so like can I ask you something cause I'm a lil worried and confused abt moi, when did you know you were ace. Like how did you know it was that and you just were not 'too young' or 'not mature enough' and like do people know, how did you tell them without them being all like, it's all good you will feel more sexual as you get older, you are just a slow developer. Like hOW I'm so smol and confused.

hello i was also smol and confused so i’m here for you my friend

basically i went though having a whole bunch of labels like hetero and bi and pan even though I had never wanted to have sexual stuff with anyone or anything so really it was kind of the romantic side of things that I was labelling myself for. and I just had a realisation that since I don’t really like sexual contact or I’m not a fan of being touched like that maybe I’m asexual so I did googling and stuff and researched, and finding out that asexual doesn’t mean you have to hate the idea of sex because there’s grey areas with in the label made me realise that oh- I’m ace.

tmi but bruh, i get aroused and stuff so that’s how i knew that i wasn’t “too young” or not mature enough. and even before i was Out as ace people would still make comments about me being too young to understand sexual jokes and things even though i was like, 18+ when that stuff happened.

but like. they were middle aged ladies fawning over 50 Shades and thought i wasn’t mature enough when in reality i was reading a fuck load of BDSM fanfic that portrayed the lifestyle properly, and i was just mad at anyone who a) enjoyed 50 Shades and didn’t listen to my reasoning as to why its abuse, and b) thought i didn’t know what a goddamn blowjob was.

it’s okay to experiment and be unsure and go through multiple labels of thinking what you might be. so if you think you’re ace then you’re ace. if you think you’re bisexual then you’re bisexual.

if people tell you that you’re going to change then tell them “alright maybe I will but right now this is how I feel and you need to respect that”. ask them if they start prying about your label ask them “ok when did you know you are straight? when did you know you only like boys?”

sorry if this doesn’t make much sense; it’s pretty late and I’m tired but I feel like I have to answer this right now otherwise I’ll forget about it because my memory is shit and I want to help my fellow ace buddies.

please feel free to ask me anything at all - I will be honest I will give you as much detail as I can possibly manage and I want to help you feel comfortable with your identification, and I want you to feel that you are valid. because you are. you are valid.

edit: oh and also the thought of having anyone touch my genitals makes me uncomfortable and i feel like if i wanted to have sex, i would’ve done something about that by now, y'know? but i don’t wanna have it, so i’m fine not seeking it out.

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"Damn Jefferson Spaceships!"

is a jefferson spaceship a thing because i have no clue what it is so heres what i went with

“Damn Jefferson Spaceships!” You shouted.

Wanda looked over you with confusion on her face. “What did you say?”

“Don’t ask…” Steve warned, “She says some strange things when it doesn’t go her way. Hence why I usually let her win the games we play,” He informed Wanda as the three of them played a random video game.

no more please, just finishing the ones i have :)

because-im-freaking-greed replied to your post “Did I ever tell you guys about the time my Pokemon cards got stolen”


Ok so I don’t remember all the details right because this was when I was 11, but here’s the story

Way back in 2009, I went to a release tournament for the Platinum: Arceus expansion set at a local gaming store. Now being 11, I was dumb enough to leave my cards unattended, something I never did again. So I finished up a battle, and then I turned around and saw this dude messing with my cards, namely the new Arceus theme deck.

I don’t remember exactly what happened, I think it was either that he said he was just looking, or that he had them confused with someone else’s cards, or something… And then I think they fell on the floor? Anyway me and this dude cleaned them up, I think… and I went back to my next battle.

Uh, and then… I think… After that I came back and the deck was spread all over the table and Arceus was missing? Maybe? And my binder with the rest of my collection was missing.

So I told the store’s manager, this really nice guy named Jorge, and he checked the security footage and found that it was the dude from before who had taken them. Apparently, he took some cards and then just threw the entire binder in the garbage. We got my cards back, and Jorge told this dude never to come within 100 feet of the store again or he’d call the cops.

Now the part I definitely remember is the real kicker: Despite having access to my entire collection, the only stuff the guy actually took was some bootleg cards (I got ‘em from a friend and figured out they were bootlegs later, then kept them around for fun), I think like a Ninetales or some shit, and Arceus, which I didn’t care about because back when I was 11 I really fucking hated Arceus.

So yeah, that’s the vaguely recalled story of the time some dumbass completely failed to steal Pokemon cards from an 11-year-old.

  • ~This was something that actually happened when Daddy and I went to a fun zone during my most recent visit and were waiting in line for our turn on the go-karts.~
  • Daddy: *chuckling heartily to himself*
  • me: What so funny?
  • Daddy: The announcement at the end of the kart runs.
  • me: What announcement?
  • Daddy: The one that just played, baby. It is telling me to "Please secure your property before exiting the kart."
  • me: *blinks, a bit confused* Why...?
  • Daddy: *wraps arms around me and pulls me close, leaning in to whisper in my ear* See, baby, I have my property right here, nice and secure. Daddy would never leave you behind.
  • me: *blushes and giggles, hugging Daddy tight*
  • ~After the go-kart turn, Daddy comes by to help me from my kart~
  • Daddy with a huge grin: Just here collecting my property before exiting the kart area.
He Cheats |part 1|


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You had always trusted Stiles. You felt like he’d be the most faithful of them all but man were you wrong. 

You knocked on the door to stiles house and Sheriff Stilinski opened the door. When he saw you, he had a look in his eyes that told you that he felt so guilty. “Um hi Sheriff, I’m here to see Stiles” you said. He slowly nodded, saying he knew before he sighed and opened the door wider. “I’m sorry Stiles” he muttered before he let you in and walked out to work. You were overly confused but continued your way up the stairs to Stiles room. The door was slightly open, in which you peeked through to see if he was there. 

When you looked through the gap, you saw Stiles on top of Malia kissing down her neck and your throat went dry. Malia must have sensed you because her head snapped in your direction and both of their eyes went wide. “y/n” Stiles started but you just walked in and took off his jacket that you were wearing and threw it on the ground. You got the key to his house from your pocket and threw it at them. “I fucking trusted you guys” You cried before you stormed out with both of them following you, asking for you to hear them out. “Fuck you Stiles. You’re nothing but a cheating bastard!” you shouted and ran off to your house. 



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You knew better than to trust a backstabbing liar but you fell head over heels for the alpha anyways. It was no surprise when you walked into the loft and saw another girl on Peters lap, moaning. Peter quickly pushed the girl off and pulled his pants up. “Y/n” he called out but you ignored him. 

You grabbed the lap resting on the corner table and threw it at Peters feet. “I know you’re mad babygirl..” he said. Your eyes narrowed at him. “Don’t ever call me baby girl again you asshole!” You shouted. The girl scrabbled to get dressed and was just about to run out when you pushed her back. “Where are you going ‘Darling’?” You asked her. “Im sorry” she cried out but you had walked away and went to Peter. “You’re low. I should’ve known better than to trust a psychopath” you spat at him before slapping him and walking out, throwing his cups, plates and lamps to the floor. “Y/N let me explain. I swear- its not what you think!” he yelled after you.



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Tears streamed down your face as you watched in horror. Derek was holding your English teacher, Ms.Blake in his arms, showering her with kisses as he thrusted into her. 

“I can feel you healing” she moaned and your stomach lurched. You felt like vomiting. Quietly you walked out of the loft and stayed over at Allison’s house. You poured out your tears to Allison and she helped you out. 

The next day you wore a dress hugged your waist and barely held in your bust. You wore heels to make your legs look longer and sexier. You had gotten out of 3rd period and it was your free period. You walked out to the front where many boys flocked over you like if you were the queen. Derek's black camaro had showed up and he got off. He looked like he was ready to kill any guy who was in a 10 foot radius of you. “y/n…” he called you over to him. “Oh! Hi! Ms. Blake is in class, she doesn’t have teaching this period though” You said to him. He looked confused then asked you “what are you talking about?”. You frowned “Oh, last night Jennifer forgot to heal your brain, maybe she’ll help you with that tonight” You spat and his eyes went wide for a mere second before they were back to normal. “I can explain y/n” he tried but you cut him off. “Its over Hale. Don’t ever come looking for me or I will personally kill you” You threatened as your eyes flashed an amber color. 


A/N: I take requests. Inbox me! 






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Did you ever prank your teammates when you were at Beacon? If so, can you tell us one of them?

Qrow: I got Tai pretty good once, with help from Raven.

Basically, we followed him everywhere, but only appearing in the background. He kept getting so confused, saying, “I could of sworn I saw you heading in the opposite direction of here 5 minutes ago”.

This basically went on until he thought he was going insane. However… Summer realised what was happening and ratted us out.

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Troll experiencing a human having a panic attack for the first time and initially thinking the human is going to go into a rage/lash out but being confused when it instead seems like they're dying ("oh god why are they breathing so fast!? is that normal!?" type thing).

A/N: Went with some Dave and Karkat because that fulfils two of my headcanons and adds in a pair I like, so here we go. Thank you for the prompt anon! Interspecies culture shock is a fave of mine.

Karkat’s POV

You knew taking in humans was a terrible idea.

Sure, the interspecies makeouts were less objectionable than you’d assumed, and with Rose occupying the girls you’d even found Dave was willing to listen to you without passing judgement every second like some other people you could mention, but you should’ve known it was only a matter of time before your fragile false sense of security was shattered by the recollection that humans and trolls were never meant to occupy the same time-space and were bargaining with a shitfest of hitherto unknown proportions when they did so despite all laws of common sense and feasibility.

In short, you should’ve known it was too good to last, and more fool you for ever forgetting.

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  • Hanamiya: I’m just writing a letter to someone in the hospital. You know it’s always kinda hard to find the right words to say. You know, somehow “How’s the weather in the hospital? Sure is nice outside” just doesn’t work. But you gotta try, you know, you gotta show your concern. So here’s what I’ve got so far: “Dear Guy I clotheslined as you went by on your bike. You don’t know me, but I’m the guy who broke your collarbone. Now, I’ve asked myself over and over, "why did I clothesline that guy?" Perhaps I watched too much slapstick as a kid and expected you to get up after being violently assaulted. Imagine my confusion when you did not. Although I was not so confused that I’d actually hang around. In all fairness, it was pretty funny. I mean, the last thing you’d expect as you were riding merrily by on your bicycle is that someone you didn’t know at all would stick out his arm and crush your throat. I mean, you really should’ve seen it, it was just like, wham! Bam! Ha ha… Anyway… in closing, as you lay there convalescing in your hospital bed, I’m forced to wonder, what were you doing riding your bike on the sidewalk anyway? Huh, you asshole? SideWALK? Maybe sometimes we bring heartache upon ourselves. Signed, the guy that collapsed your trachea.”
My Sugar Daddy Horror Story

  Hello, everyone, may I begin by saying thank you for my couple hundred new followers- I’m very happy you like my blog, even though you may have noticed I haven’t written many posts recently.

 Honestly, I needed a few weeks to calm down because this whole experience has just happened and I even considered taking an indefinite break in my sugaring. So here’s what happened:

 You might recall me talking about an SD I call Regent. Regent is a 50-something venture capitalist with his own business. He’s divorced with three grown-up children and has a wine cellar in his loft just to paint you a clearer picture of him.

 He often left town, which confused me because his business is in London, but he said he had dealings in other places and when ever he comes back he takes me shopping and gives me huge wads of cash, so I really cared nothing for where he went.

 He was an exclusive member of certain London clubs and we’d have dinner at them. The clubs themselves were lovely- when I say ‘clubs’ I mean the kind with brunch menus and orchestras, not the dancing and loud music kind. But he was always pretty boring and had lots of problematic white guy views like he hated feminists, disagreed with increasing minimum wage, ranted about women breastfeeding in public…etc. I was never crazy about him but the money was amazing, it was like half my income at one point.

 Recently my mother got sick. I’ve said before we have a difficult relationship, she was very abusive when I was younger, her physical abuse was bearable, but the emotional abuse has left me pretty numb as a person. We’re pretty distant still, I can’t talk to her about anything and I still have to call her ‘ma’am’ and watch my language around her and everything. But she’s my mother and she could barely get up out of bed and had no one to take care of her.

 I called Regent and told him I couldn’t make our scheduled date, I was going home. I text him as I got on the train and this idiot FLIPPED OUT on me, texting me all through the one hour journey like: ‘This is so fucking typical, I can never fucking count on you’ and ‘have the integrity not to give me some stupid made-up excuse’ and, most amusingly, ‘Good. Fine. Whatever. I have five other girls lined up for tonight anyway. Have fun on your own’.

 I was so angry with him, I even started calculating how I could get by without his money. I have a lot in savings and my rainy day fund, I thought it would leave a dent but I didn’t really need him anymore. Especially if he was going to exhibit this new side to him. I say ‘new side’ but he had always been kind of rude, I just thought he was socially awkward, but no. He was always trash.

 I went home, fetched and carried for my mother for about a week and went back to the city when she was fully cured. I decided that Regent had just been angry in the moment and I wasn’t going to let go of all that money over just one argument so I text him: ‘I’m back in the city. Don’t know what happened last week, but we should talk about it’.

 And guess what he texts back: ‘Ready to apologise?’

 Suddenly I decided he could fuck himself, I wasn’t going to beg him. Later in the week, he texts me again: ‘I guess not’. I don’t reply. And a few days later: ‘Going out with hot Russian model tonight. You lost out, babes’. Honestly, this guy was just a mess.

 I ignore him and THEN I get this: ‘If you’re going to continue to be childish, I no longer want to see you and I would like the money I’ve given you repaid to me’.

 FIRST OF ALL, how I’m the one being childish I don’t know and secondly asking for money back is like the biggest fuckboy move an SD can make.

 So I replied: ‘I’m not being childish, you’re the one texting me about your Russian conquests. If you no longer want to see me that’s your decision, but I cannot pay you back your money and I think after all we’ve been through it’s really unfair of you to ask that’.

 He texts back: ‘If you don’t pay me back all my money, I’ll go online and reveal your identity to friends and family. You can pay me back in instalments, I’ll send you my bank details’.

So I panicked a little bit as he had pictures of me (not sexual pictures but pictures of me and him together), but just a little as he didn’t even know my real name or any of my friends or family, but I didn’t need that extra worry.

 I probably shouldn’t have done this, but I texted back: ‘Now who’s being childish?? You can’t blackmail me, that money was your gift to me at the time, I don’t owe you anything’.

 Next thing I know he starts texting all these threats like: ‘I’m going to the police if you don’t pay me’, ‘what you do is against the law’.

 I don’t text him back in the hopes he’ll go away and because I really didn’t know what to do with him, nothing like this had ever happened before.

 Just a few days later, I run into a girl standing outside my building and she immediately asks: “Are you…?” With my fake name.

 I was so surprised I said ‘yes’, which was stupid because now a girl who lives in my building and who is friends with my friends thinks I go by this name and if she gets contradicted that’s a whole new thing I have to worry about.

 She said: “Oh, there was some guy here looking for you just now.”

 I knew it was Regent because I had given him my timetable so he could work it into his schedule, but here’s the cinch: I never told him my university.

 I couldn’t ignore this. I’ve read too many things about crazy ex-lovers who kill women or stalk them. Luckily, I have my own ways. 

 I went on his business website, he has a picture with his daughter on one of the articles- I remember because he showed me it once at dinner when he was talking about his kids. I image searched her and found her Facebook, found her brothers’ and sisters’ Facebooks and took pictures of all three and sent him an email with the pictures attached saying: ‘If you visit my school again, if you ask me for money again, if you ever threaten me with blackmail again, I’m emailing each of your children and telling them who you are, who I am and what you’ve done. Never contact me again.’ I’m paraphrasing slightly, but that was the gist. I realise that this was risky as he could have reacted badly, but I haven’t heard a word from him since.

 The moral of the story is: you can do everything, or most things, right and STILL things can go to shit. No one is pro enough to ever be threatened or blackmailed in some way. But if he had known more details about me or my life and I knew less about his, I worry to think about what might have happened.

 This was my ridiculous story time, I’m sorry but I had to get it off my chest. Will post more advice posts in the very near future.

 Stay lucky x