i was so confused when i went here

CLYDE: So, as you may know, I kinda didn’t post much about the sleep over last night.

CLYDE: It got kinda crazy. But then not as crazy and we got like pizza and stuff and it was awesome.

CLYDE: But, the part that was crazy was all really, really crazy.

CLYDE: So basically, everybody agreed to prank Craig cause it was a fucking hilarious idea and everybody knew it. So Jimmy, Timmy, and I urged him downstairs while Tweek and Token were gonna help scare him downstairs.

CLYDE: When we all got down there, we all had spooky ghost costumes on and he at least blinked a little bit so I call that an accomplishment.

CLYDE: But then????? Like??? Tweek wasn’t there for some reason????????

CLYDE: And everybody was confused?????????????? Especially me??????????????????????????????????????????????????

CLYDE: And so we went looking for him and…

CLYDE: Craig, I guess, found him. But…

CRAIG: Oh Tweek, are you in this closet that nobody has bothered to look in yet?

CRAIG: If you are, don’t say anything and I’ll open it up and find you, hiding inside.


CRAIG: whoa–




CLYDE: Should.

CLYDE: Should we open it–

CRAIG: Ah! Oh no!

CRAIG: I’ve been brutally murdered by my beloved boyfriend, Tweek.

CRAIG: Why, Tweek?

CRAIG: What have I done to deserve this?

CRAIG: I’m dead now, covered in blood.

CRAIG: blehgfhfgfh


CLYDE: What the.

TOKEN: Is he… actually dead?

CLYDE: I don’t know…

CLYDE: He’s got his tongue out and his eyes closed, he’s gotta be!

TOKEN: Oh my god– Tweek?!



TOKEN: How is there so much blood!




TOKEN: …It does kinda smell like tomatoes in here, dude.

CLYDE: Yeah I thought blood smelled more like… like pennies or something?

TOKEN: Yeah, ‘cause blood has iron.

CLYDE: Bro you’re so smart.

CRAIG: You know, I’m supposed to be dead here. I’d hate to see you guys at my funeral if this is how you’d act.


CLYDE: Turns out they just pulled a prank on US.

CLYDE: Tweek knew that WE were gonna pull a prank on CRAIG, but him and Craig already planned to prank all of us!

CLYDE: It didn’t even work on Jimmy and Timmy because they couldn’t get up the stairs!

CLYDE: And before any of you ask, I was so totally not scared by it.

CLYDE: I basically unshat myself. There was shit ALREADY in my pants, and it went up into my ass because I was just that not scared.


CLYDE: Anyways, none of us saw that coming, so I guess that was funny.

There’s a place near my school that I was oddly attracted to so I went to it and found this gate, now I’ve walked past here before and the gate door is usually almost closed but for some reason it was open this much, I took this photo because it looked cool but my phone shut off, it was at 54% so I was confused but let it stay like that for a while because I’m used to it. But I checked it after I turned on my phone and it shut off again at 47% my phone only shuts off once when it does. I decided to plug my phone in to look at the photo and when I clicked it my phone froze for a hour at the least


Meeting the Family

Prompt: Batfam meets Batmom’s large extended family

AN: I interrupt our string of votes to bring you an actual story. Enjoy!

Words: 1490

          You’re more than a little surprised when your brother walks through your office door. Though not technically an employee of Wayne Enterprises, your office space is still in the building, just one of the perks of your husband owning the building. That also means your security is top notch, and well, you haven’t seen anyone from your family in about ten years.

          All of this is what’s running through your mind as your brother, your baby brother just stands there and fidgets. “You’re still drifting off I see.”

          You shrug and point to one of the chairs, on the opposite side of the room. There’s several minutes of silence, as you take in the changes on your brother, before you ask, “What are you doing here, Ricky?”

          “Mom’s in the hospital … It’s bad. She wants to see you.”

          That takes you by surprise. Your fight was never with your mother; it was just a side effect of the war with your father. “What’s wrong?”

          He shrugs. “Kidney failure, she wants to come off treatment. She won’t listen to anyone. The doctors say she still has a chance you know. If she continues her treatments, and waits for a transplant. Either way she wants to see you.” You open your mouth to say something but he stops you “This isn’t about dad, it’s about mom. The fight wasn’t with her, it wasn’t with any of us but dad. It was you who chose to leave. It was you who cut us off.”

          You nod. “You’re right, I did.”

          “She’s your mother, and she’s dying. You should see her.”

          “I won’t make any promises.”

          Your brother stares at you for a moment before laying an envelope on the table, and walking out.

          You debate on going for several days. Bruce is out of town on business for the week, and the boys are all gone as well. It’s just you and Alfred in the manor. And while the butler doesn’t pry he does acknowledge something is wrong.

          It all comes out two nights later about the fight that separated you from your family. The fight that ended up leading you to Bruce. The fight that led the two of you to each of the boys. “It’s weird how a fight that, at that time, nearly ended my world, led me to a brand new one. One I wouldn’t change for the world. “

          Alfred just smiles. “If you called Master Bruce he’d return home to go with you.”

          You shake your head. “No, I think this is something I need to do alone.”

          You’re packed and out the door several hours later. You catch a last minute flight, and you just go. It’s nearly midnight when you get to the hospital, suitcase in tow. You follow the nurse to her room. She leaves you at the door with instructions, to try and not wake her. You agree and slip into the room.

          Your eyes focus on the woman in the bed. She looks frail, and much too thin. Her hair though is still brushed, and delicately styled, your sister’s doing no doubt. And she’s dressed in nice looking pajamas.

          You prop your suitcase against the wall and move to the chair beside her bed. You just sit there staring at her. You study the changes and with a feeling of sadness you realize she’s actually gotten older, not old, just older. At the same time, it hits you. You’ve gotten older too. You have a husband, and kids now. You have a successful business. Things have changed not only for you, but for them as well.

At some point in the night, you turn to a book. You’re nearly halfway through when a voice whispers, “You always did have your nose in a book. Couldn’t get enough of them. You’d always beg her for one more chapter when she’d read to you before bed.”

You book mark your page and turn towards the voice. Your father is still very much like how you remembered him. He’s tall, and wide, but his hair has a lot more gray in it now, and there are more lines along his face.

He gestures with his head and you follow him out. “I didn’t expect you to come.”

You cross your arms. “I wasn’t completely sure I would myself.”

“She’ll be happy to see you.” You just acknowledge the statement with a nod. “I suppose we need to talk.”

You shrug, suddenly feeling like that twenty something again. “I don’t see why. We both said all we needed to all those years ago.”

He looks you in the eye and says, “I want to make things right.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

“It’s been ten years.”

“And a lot has changed in those years. Right now, I’m here for Mom.”

“Which means you’re here for me. She wanted you here so we could settle things. She wanted to make sure that you had your family in case something went wrong, or something went right. She wanted you to have us around for when you got married, when you have kids. She’s terrified you’ll be alone.”

“And what do you want?” You ask. He just looks at you confused. You shrug and say, “So far everything has been about what Mom wants. What do you want?”

He stares at you for a minute before he says “I want my daughter back.”

You nod. “Small steps. This was a good first one.”

Without another word, you slip back into the room. Your father is right behind you and he takes the seat on the opposite side of the bed. Neither of you say anything, but you don’t go back to your book either.

          Your mother wakes up at about eight in the morning. She opens her eyes and she comes to life. There’s tears when she sees you, and a lot of saying sorry on both your parts. Your father just watches. You take her hand and don’t let go for several hours.

          Over the next several days you see a lot of family you haven’t seen in a long time. Some greet you with smiles, others with nods. Overall, you spend a lot of time with your mother and siblings. Things start looking up, and then suddenly something happens. No one’s quite sure what, but suddenly her blood pressure starts to drop, and you’re pushed out of the room, as she’s rushed back to emergency surgery.

          You’re a bit disoriented, as you watch the family surround each other. You consider joining in, but they’ve formed this little cocoon, and you can’t help but feel there isn’t a place for you there anymore.

          You watch from the outside, your arms wrapped around yourself. Till a noise you’d know anywhere hits your ears. A very tired looking Bruce rounds the corner, with the boys trailing after him. Dick and Jason are on the lookout for you while Tim and Damian bicker about something.

          You smile as Bruce’s eyes lock onto you. You meet him halfway, and he pulls you into an embrace. That feeling of safeness washes over you, and you allow the tears to come. Bruce guides you away from your family and suddenly the boys are all trying to reach you.

          They’ve never seen you cry, and you imagine it’s a bit unsettling for them. You hug and kiss each of them, before explaining the situation. Bruce disappears, and once you’ve collected yourself, they go with you back to the waiting room.

          You can see the curious looks on your family’s faces. And you do your best to smile and say, “Everyone, these are my sons. This is Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. And my husband Bruce will be along any minute.”

          Almost if by magic, Bruce appears and says, “I’ve got her moved to a better hospital room, a private room. Not a private room, that can be turned into a semi private hospital. I’ve also called Lee, she’s flying in to take a look, and she has some recommendations for doctors that might be able to help her a bit more until she comes up on the transplant list.”

          Before you can even say ‘thank you’, your brother says, “And where the hell is all that money coming from?”

          Bruce just raises an eyebrow and says, “Me. I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Y/N’s husband, Bruce Wayne. I’ve take care of her medical bills, everything is settled. And my company donates quite a bit of money to this hospital every year, so they’ve comped the private room. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get my wife something to eat.”

          Without another word he begins guiding you down the hallway, the boys following behind, with smiles on their faces; and you can’t help but smile, because your family is right here with you.

What the Heck I Gotta Do?

Note: Okay, so this came out cuter than intended? I have no regrets tho. I recommend you listen to the song while you read. :) Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans.

Word Count: 1376

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: So much fluff, like, it’s so fluffy you’re gonna die fluff

Originally posted by gravitywon

“C’mon, Y/N, please?” Anthony begged.

“Why?” You asked your boyfriend, your voice close to a whine. “It’s cold outside.”

“So? There are so many people out there waiting in the cold, the least you can do is come out. They’d all love to see you.” He reasoned. “Also, I’m gonna be singing, so that’s a plus.”

You rolled your eyes, but you couldn’t help but smile at him. Anthony was trying to convince you to come outside for Ham4Ham, but you didn’t want to because it was the middle of winter and freezing outside.

“It’ll only be for a few minutes, I promise.” He continued after you stayed silent. You caught his eyes and sighed, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against his pleading gaze.

“Fine.” You breathed, causing his eyes to light up as he grinned. Anthony wrapped you a warm embrace before gently pressing his lips to yours.

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Originally posted by mercyonmendes

Pairing: Shawn x Reader x Aaliyah

Request: Hello I would like to request something, so I was thinking of this cute imagine where you supposed to be visiting Shawn in Canada but his flight gets delayed so you get there and he isn’t there and he’s a little worried because it’s your first time in Canada and you’re not answering your phone or anything just to find out that you decided to spend the entire day with his sister instead?

Warnings: Me attemping to write fluff = chaos so dont expect it to be good lmao

A/N: Ok so like this isnt long its kinda short and i apoligize for that but like i’m writing back to back imagines and keeping up w school so please bear w me

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but you have missed your flight.” The woman said making me sigh, I was supposed to be on a plane to Canada to meet my boyfriend’s family for the first time and just spend time with them, but I missed my flight.

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Just for Tonight (m)


Words: 16,826 (welp rip me).

Genre: Fluff, smut.

Summary: Jungkook plans on getting into the annual secret underground party for his birthday and you can’t help but tag along.

A/N: A fic for Jungkook’s birthday (I know I’m late, shh). Inspired by the movie Nerve. Thanks for helping me @pjmfantasy + @minsfires!

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Happy Anniversary (G.D)

Summary: Its yours and Grayson’s 3 year anniversary. You guys couldn’t spend the day together because he was busy with meetings. Grayson made sure to have an eventful day planned out for you, before you guys see each other that night for dinner. 

Word Count: 4, 255 (sorry its long. I have no self control)

Warnings: Fluff. Just pure fluff! 

A/N: This one is for my twin @4odolans / @cassmoreiraxo ! I love you <3


Reader’s POV

It was Grayson and I 3 year anniversary, and he had plans to take me out to this very nice 5-Star steak house in LA. I told him I didn’t want anything fancy or flashy. Honestly I would’ve been fine with pizza and a movie in my living room, but of course Grayson didn’t listen. Grayson had meetings pretty much all day today, so I wouldn’t see him until tonight for dinner. I wasn’t upset about it because I knew what kind of career he has, and how busy he can get sometimes. Besides, Grayson made sure I had something to do to keep myself busy all day, until we saw each other tonight. 

I woke up this morning to an empty bed because Grayson had to leave for his meetings pretty early. Instead of waking up next to my boyfriend I woke up to pink and red rose petals all over the bed, with tray of breakfast waiting for me on his side. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Grayson doing all this for me. I also couldn’t help but worry a little, because lets be honest Grayson is a shit cook. He loved cooking, but he sucked at it. So I’m kind of nervous to eat it. But still the fact that he put in all this effort was so cute. He made all of my favorites. Pancakes with scrambled eggs and turkey bacon, with a side of fresh fruit, and a tall glass of orange juice to wash it all down with. My breakfast also came with a note, curious as to what it said I opened it.

“ Good Morning Baby Girl,

Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been a 3 years already. Crazy to think that all of this started because of a follow spree huh? Started off being a fan, than you became my best friend, and you’ve been my best friend for almost 7 years. I love how you’ve been supporting me since I only had 2,000 followers on Twitter. Now I’m at 3 million, and you’re still here supporting me, and everything I do. You looked passed the stupid cringe worthy Viner and YouTuber, and got to know me for me, and now, you’re my girlfriend. I don’t know what I did to deserve you. I love you so much Y/N. I love the way you drag out my name whenever you’re mad. I love how you’re never afraid to call me out when I’m doing something stupid, or being annoying. I just fucking love you so much Y/N. I suck at these things, but I can tell you better tonight. I wish we can spend the day together, but I planned a little something for you today. A challenge if you will. First you’re going to have to get the vlogging camera and vlog everything from beginning to end. Next, I left notes around the apartment with some instructions on them, so just follow the instructions and I’ll see you tonight beautiful. I love you. 

- Grayson ♥ ”

I was on the verge of tears at how cute this letter was. I finished my breakfast, and surprisingly it was really good. There was no way he cooked this. At least not by himself. I decided to go take a shower, and get ready for the day that Grayson had planned for me. 

* * * *

I got out the shower, and wrapped my wet hair in a clean towel, and wrapping another towel around my body. I walked back into the bedroom, and grabbed my phone off the charger and decided to send Grayson a text.

Y/N: Good Morning babe! How are the meetings going? Thank you for breakfast, it was delicious! I saw the note you left me, & I can’t wait to see what you planned. It should be interesting. Btw, who cooked breakfast??

I sent my text, and within seconds Grayson texted back.

Grayson: Our next meeting starts in a few. But your first instruction is in the closet ;) oh and make sure you remember to vlog the day. Have fun babygirl. I love you and I’ll see you tonight! 

Grayson: Cameron came over and helped me cook.

Y/N: I love you too, & I can’t wait! ;) Tell Cam I said thanks for breakfast!

I plugged my phone back up to the charger and started heading over to the closet like Grayson said. There was a note on the closet door. What the heck, how come I didn’t notice this before? Remembering what Grayson said about vlogging this entire day, I walked over to the dresser, and grabbed the little vlogging camera that Grayson got me randomly. I turned the camera on, and I started talking and explaining pretty much what was going to be happening today. I walked over to the closet and ripped off the note that was on the closet door. 

“Start Here” the note read. 

I pushed open the closet door, and turned on the light only to reveal my closet decorated with a bunch of blowed up balloons and confetti all on the floor. I confused at how he had managed to do all this with me here the whole time. He probably did it early this morning when I was still sleeping. I had the best boyfriend in the world. I was looking for something to put it on because I was still in my towel. I didn’t really want to dress up till later tonight, so I decided I’ll just wear on of Grayson’s t-shirt and some leggings. As I went to grab the t-shirt from one of the draws, I saw a pink Victoria Secret bag in the corner with a pink bow on it. It was like he purposely put it there because he knew I was going to wear one of his shirts or something. I held the camera over the bag so I could film myself opening up the bag. There was a pair of gray PINK sweat pants, with a matching hoodie, and t-shirt. As I was pulling everything out, there was a note at the bottom of the bag. 

“Although you look very cute in my clothes, I thought these would look better on you while you’re out. PS, please put my shirt back! Now go in the living room for the next note ;)”

I laughed knowing how annoyed he’d get whenever I’d take one of his shirts. He didn’t mind whenever I wore them, but the problem was I never give them back. I mean technically their mine anyway. I turned off the camera and got dressed in the outfit Grayson got me, and they actually were the perfect fit. 

I got the camera and turned it back on, and started making my way down the hall towards the living room, and my jaw dropped. There were big red letter balloons that spelled out I Love You against the wall, and a big bouquet of lilies and daisies on the coffee table. As I walked closer I saw 2 notes next to the bouquet of flowers. I picked up the note, and read it out loud to the camera.

“Hope you liked the flowers babe. I knew lilies and daisies are your favorite so I made sure to get the biggest bouquet they had! Now on the other note you’re going to see a list of places. I need you to go to all those places that I listed in that exact order, and at that exact time. You’ll be running into a few familiar faces as you go ;)”

What the hell is he planning? I guess I’m going on a little scavenger hunt. Except I don’t think I’m really suppose to be looking for anyting. Or am I? I honestly had no idea. I just know the first place I was suppose to go to is a nail salon. I walked over to the key hanger to grab my car keys, but instead of it being my normal car keys it was replaced with a small remote control looking thing. And of course there was another note.

“Looking for your keys? Yeah well about that, I may or may not have thrown them away. Go to you’re usual parking spot to find your car ;)” 

What the hell does he mean he threw my keys away? Why the hell would he throw them away? Is this a prank? I kept asking questions in my head, as I headed down to the parking garage and to my parking spot. As I approached my parking spot I couldn’t see my car. There was a white Jeep Wrangler with a big red bow on it, in the spot where my old 2003 Honda Civic was. 

No fucking way. Did Grayson get me a new car? There’s no fucking way.

“Oh my god!” I said into the camera. 

I walked closer to the car, and on the windshield there was a paper with my name on it. I was shaking right now. What the hell is happening. I’m honestly so confused. I opened up the paper, and began reading out loud into the camera.

“Yeah I threw your car away too. Well not actually threw it, but I got rid of it. You’re too cute to be riding in that old rust bucket, that literally can stop working any day now! I remember you telling me how much you wanted a Jeep Wrangler. So I thought why not get it for my girlfriend as a anniversary gift. I know you’re going to try and call me and tell me how you can’t except it and all this other stuff. But it’s yours baby girl. You deserve it, and everything else you’re about to receive. There’s no fighting me on this. On any of this. Just get your thick ass in the car, and drive to the nail shop. Have fun princess ;)”

I was crying right now, and it was all on video. Grayson really did this for me. He really got me my dream car. Seriously what did I do to deserve him? I got into the car, and there was no way to contain my excitement so I screamed, at the top of my lungs still recording everything. He even installed a holder thing for the camera on the dash, so I hooked my camera onto there, and started playing with the buttons in the car. The car was push to start so that remote thing makes sense now. I started the car, and immediately the GPS appeared on the screen part of the dash. I guess Grayson set up the directions for all the places he wanted me to go to in the GPS already. 

* * * *

I followed the voice on the GPS all the way to the nail shop. I parked my brand new car out front, grabbed the camera off the dash, and walked into the shop. Grayson’s sister Cameron was sitting in one of the waiting chairs. I guess she was waiting for me. 

“Took you look enough!” Cameron joked, giving me a hug.

“Was I suppose to meet you here? I have no idea what is happening. Grayson got me a fucking car Cam!” I said still shocked. I can see her laughing at how confused I was. 

“You know about this didn’t you?” I asked her, rolling my eyes playfully. 

“Yup!” she replied popping the p.

“So what are we doing here?” I asked.

“We’re getting our nails and feet done, but we’re waiting on my mom. She said she’s parking so…” Cameron began to trail off when she saw her mom walking through the door.

“Hey girls!” Mrs. Dolan cheered, giving both of us a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I guess you can say that I have a pretty good relationship with his mom. I mean I’ve known them since they were like 14. We’re both 21 now so 7 years is a pretty long time. Throughout those 7 years of knowing each other Grayson and I have been dating for 3. I still remember coming over for Christmas after being his girlfriend, everybody was saying how it was about time we got together. It was good to know that his family supported us from the beginning. 

The 3 of us were having a little girl talk, and getting our nails and toes done. I was currently sitting in the massage chair enjoying the vibrations of the chair against my back. I was enjoying myself a little too much because I didn’t even realize that they were already done with me. I got up to go pay, but Cameron told me that it was already taken care of. 

“Grayson?” I asked her, getting a nod in return. 

I looked at the time, and it was 2pm, I needed to be at the hair salon by 2:30 so I needed to leave now if I was going to get there on time. 

* * * *

I arrived at the hair salon to see one of my best friends Miranda in the front with 2 Starbucks drinks in her hand.

Was she waiting for me? 

“Miranda what are you doing here?” I asked her, as she handed me one of the Starbucks drinks.

“Waiting on you. Come on, you gotta get your hair done.” she said, opening the door, and I followed her inside. 

“You’re in this with Grayson aren’t you?” I asked, and she nodded, smiling ear to ear. 

Okay seriously what the hell is going on? All of this is cute, but I was honestly so confused.

The hair stylist sat me down in her chair, and handed me the book of hair color and styles and told me to pick. I starred at Miranda who was still giggling like she on laughing gas or something. 

“What?” I asked her chuckling a bit.

“Oh nothing, you’re just so cute.” she said, pinching my cheeks causing me to laugh.

I picked out the color I wanted, and told the hair stylist I just wanted a little trim, and maybe a blow out. She started going to town on my head, and about 2 hours later I was done. 

I looked at myself in the mirror, and was completely satisfied with the results. My hair was so soft, and the color complimented my skin completely. Just like at the nail salon, I tried to go pay, but Miranda told me it was already taken care of. So of course I knew it was Grayson. It was now 4:30pm, and I needed to be at my next stop at 5. Which apparently was some dress store. 

When I got in the car, I decided to give Grayson a call. I figured he’d be done with his meetings now, since its 4:30 and he left for his meetings at 7 this morning.

“Hello?” a voice sounded through my new car speakers. 

“Ethan?” I asked, recognizing that it was Grayson so it most likely had to be Ethan.

“Yup thats me! Whats up Y/N?” he asked, clearly trying to be funny.

“Ethan, where’s Grayson?” I asked.

“Uh you’re not allowed to talk to Grayson right now. He’s busy pooping right now” Ethan said, and I could hear Grayson in the background yelling at him.

“Ethan I can hear him in the background you ass clown! Give him the phone!” I yelled at the idiot on the other end of the phone. 

“No can do Y/N. You’ll have to wait till later to talk to him.” he said, clearly not gonna let me talk to my boyfriend. 

“Whatever asshole.” I said jokingly, as I hear Grayson yelling I love you in the background before Ethan hung up.

I arrived at this little boutique, and I had a feeling someone I know was going to be here to meet me. As I was getting out of my car, I spotted a familiar car parked a few cars in front of me. It was my other best friend’s Leena’s car. 

I still didn’t know why Grayson wanted me to vlog this. I guess it’s for a video or something I don’t know. I walked into the boutique and as suspected Leena was there. She had a few dresses in her arms, while she was looking through a rack. But when she saw me she ran over and instead of giving me a hug she hand me the dresses, and took the camera out of my hand. 

“Leena wth?” I asked, yet again still confused.

“Shhh! Just try them on. Hurry! she shooed me into the fitting room, and I started trying on the different dresses she handed me.

We tried 5 out of the 6 dresses she gave me, and she didn’t like any of them. 

I didn’t even know what I was trying on dresses to begin with. Maybe it was for the dinner?

“Am I suppose to pick a dress for dinner my anniversary dinner tonight?” I asked, going back into the fitting room trying on the last dress.

“Yes, now hurry!” she said, rushing me. 

I looked in the mirror, and my jaw dropped. The dress was beautiful. It was a beautiful red lace cocktail dress that stopped a little above my knee. The dress hugged my curves in all the right places. I stepped out of the fitting room, and Leena nodded in approval!

“You know you can’t wear underwear with that right?” she said kind of loud, causing everyone in the store to look. 

“Oh my god.” I said burying my face in my hand. 

I stood in front of the mirror admiring the dress some more, when Leena came over with a pair of shoes to go with my dress. They were a nude pair of open toe strapped heels. They were really cute, and look perfect with the dress. Just like at the nail shop, and the hair salon, Grayson had already paid for everything. Okay I’m defiantly going to talk to him tonight, about spending all this money on me. I know he likes buying me things, and as he always says he wants to treat me like the princess I am, but I can’t help but feel bad. I mean the nails, hair, and dress is one thing, but he got me a brand new car. I mean I can only imagine how much that car is! I shook away the thought, when I felt Leena tap my shoulder. 

“You need to go home and get ready! Someone will be there to pick you up at 8, to take you the restaurant to meet Grayson for dinner.” she said, before giving me a hug, and handing me back the camera.

I left the boutique and started making my way home. 

* * * *

I made it home around 6:30, and it was now 7:30. Someone was suppose to be here to pick me up at 8. I was currently putting the last touches on my make up, and all I needed to do was get dress. I laid my dress out on the bed, and pulled the zipper down on the side. I stepped inside the dressed, and pulled it up, putting in one arm first, than the other. I zipped up the zipper on the side, and patted down any wrinkle that was on the dress. I pulled my heels out the box and put them on. Once my shoes were on, I walked back over to my make up table, and applied on some nude colored lipstick. I sprayed on some perfume, and ran a comb through my hair. I didn’t have to do anything to it, since it was still nicely done from earlier. I finished just in time, because I heard a car horn honking downstairs.

I grabbed my purse, locked my apartment, and started heading downstairs. I opened the door of the apartment lobby, and saw a car that looked a lot like Ethan’s BMW. I stood by the door starring at the car for a few seconds, until I saw the front window going down, and Ethan stuck his face out the window.

“Get in loser, we’re going shopping.” he said mocking Mean Girls. I crinkled my eyebrows in confused, but couldn’t help but let out a laugh. 

“Are you suppose to be my Uber?” I asked, getting into the front seat. 

“Pretty much, yeah.” he said flashing me a goofy smile.

“Well I’m not paying you.” I said laughing at him.

We were blasting music, and jamming out in the car as we were on our way to the restaurant. 

We arrived, and as I was trying to open the door to get out, Ethan stopped me.

“No, I’m suppose to get door.” he told me, as he got out the door and ran to the other side.

“You didn’t have to open my door E.” I said.

“Oh don’t worry this was a once in a lifetime thing sis.” he said. I found it cute how he called me sis. I mean Ethan and I always considered each other like brother and sister. But I don’t know I just thought it was cute when he said it,

“Thanks Eteeweetee!” I chooed at him, while I patted him on the head. 

I walked into restaurant, and you can just feel the romantic vibe going on in there. The lights were dim, and they had soft music playing quietly throughout the restaurant. I told the host, I was meeting someone here, and I gave him Grayson’s name, and he started walking me towards the back end of the restaurant. As we were walking towards the back, I saw Grayson sitting at cute little table reserved for just 2. He was holding something in his hand, I’m guessing it was his phone. He saw me coming and started to get up from his seat.

Finally, I get to see my man after a long eventful day! He cleans up pretty nicely. He was wearing all black jeans, with a white collared button down shirt. Simple but yet so effective. His hair, was so fluffy, and his curls fell effortlessly to the side just like I love. 

“Hey beautiful.” Grayson said, pulling me into a hug and giving me a peck on the lips.

Like the gentleman that he is, he pulled out my chair for me, and helped me push myself in closer to the table. He sat down, and I couldn’t help but smile. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy. No matter how many dates we go on, or how long I’ve been around him, I can’t help but get nervous still. 

“So how do you like your new car.” Grayson asked flashing me his signature smirk.

“Grayson, I love it so much! But why did you do that? I was fine with my old car.” I said.

“That car was going to break down at any minute. Besides I’ve been wanting to get you a Jeep for a while now.” he said, smiling at me.

“Babe, you didn’t have to do that! Seriously, you didn’t have to do none of this. I would’ve been perfectly fine with eating pizza in my living room.” I said truthfully. I didn’t need any of these fancy things, and Grayson knows that. We can be in a sewer somewhere, but I would’ve been happy as long as I was with him.

We ate our food, and had our normal everyday conversations. We talked about his meeting, about how my day was, and just everything in between. Grayson paid the bill, and since he drove here, we made our way to his car and started heading home. 

As much fun as today was, I couldn’t wait to get back to the apartment, and cuddle up with my boyfriend watch a few movies, and go to sleep. We pulled up to the parking garage, and Grayson handed me a blindfold. 

“Put it on.” he directed. 

I knew there was no point in questioning him or trying to protest against it, so I placed the blindfold over my head, and sat there in the passenger seat. I heard a car door close, and quickly after that I heard my passenger door open.

“I’m going to carry you upstairs, okay babe?” Grayson said, as he carried me out the car. 

He carried me to the elevator and once we were in he put me down. Grayson was quite the whole time, so I was getting a little nervous. I was blindfolded and I had no idea what was going on. For all I know I could be walking to my death trap right now, and this guy isn’t even Grayson. I heard the elevator ding, meaning we must be at our floor. I felt Grayson life me up again, and after about a minute, I was put down again. I heard some keys jingling, so I assume that Grayson was opening the door. He lifted me up again, and once I was put down again, my noise instantly got hit with a wave of vanilla, and flowers.

“Hold out your hand.” Grayson said as he took my camera from me. His voice was soft, and a little shaky. As if he was nervous or something almost.

I held out my hands, and felt a couple of skinny twig like things in my hand. 

“I want you to count to 3 and take your blindfold off.” Grayson said, but his voice was started to fade out. 

“1, 2, 3 …” I counted out loud, removing my blindfold. 

I removed my blindfold to the most beautiful, and cutest scene ever. The apartment lighting was dim, there were candles throughout the room, and there was a pathway on the floor made out of rose petals, and little candles. I looked to see what it was Grayson had put in my hands, and it was a small bouquet of a dozen roses. Sticking out was a little note that said …

“On each rose, I wrote something that I love about you. When you finish reading all of them, come into the bedroom, for your final surprise.”

On each rose there was a little strip of paper, I was suppose to read all of them, and come into the bedroom after to get my last surprise. Jeez Grayson I wonder what that can be. I went red at the thought, but I needed to focus on one thing at a time. 

I removed the first strip and it said…

“I love your smile.” 

I felt myself cheesing reading this. I removed the next strip and read it. I continued to do that for all of them. 

“I love the way your eyebrows crinkle together when you’re mad at me.”

“I love when you play in my hair when I can’t sleep.”

“I love that you’re so nice to all of my fans.”

“I love you because you make me feel wanted.”

 I continued to read through each note, trying my hardest to hold back my tears, but this was the cutest thing that anyone has ever done for me. There was only 2 left, and I get to go see what my final surprise is. Although I’m sure I had a pretty good idea. Good thing, I didn’t wear any underwear. 

I picked up the next strip and read it out loud.


Will? What does that mean? Who’s Will? 

I pulled off the last strip of paper from the rose, and placed the small bouquet on the kitchen counter with the rest of the notes. I started walking towards the bedroom door, as I read the last strip of paper.


You? It went from cute to confusing. What is this note an the last one suppose to mean? I couldn’t help but think that maybe I was about to get pranked as soon as I opened this door.

I took a deep breathe, and placed my hand on the door knob twisting it slightly and pushed the door open. 

“Grayson what ar-” I was cut off by everything that was in front of me.

What I saw in front of me was not what I was expecting at all. Grayson was kneeling on one knee. Behind him were the same big red letter balloons from this morning, but instead of saying I Love You, it said Marry Me with a question mark. I looked down at the 2 strips of paper in my hand. 

“Will” “You”  

Oh My God. Is Grayson purposing to me? 

I looked up from my hand, and saw Grayson still in the same postion, but this time he was holding open a little box. My heart started pounding through my chest, when I was able to make out that there was a ring in that box. 

Oh My God. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t say anything. I stood there frozen in my spot with the tears building up in my eyes as Grayson started to speak.

“Y/N. I love you so much. I can’t even put into words, how much I love you. You’ve been in my life for 7 years now, you’ve always been my best friend. But these last 3 years, you opened your heart to me and you let me be something more. I don’t know what I would do without you. You keep me sane through all this craziness. When I’m feeling down, you know just what to say to make me feel better. You take away all my worries, and all my doubts. I’m a better person because of you. You’re the sunshine whenever I’m feeling gray. And I don’t ever want to lose my sunshine.”

Grayson got up and started walking towards me.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N will you marry me?” he asked, searching my face for an answer.

I grabbed his face, and crashed his lips onto mine. After about a couple of seconds I pulled away.

“Yes! Grayson of course!” I said, and he kissed me again, as he grabbed my waist and spun me around. 

We pulled away from our kiss, and Grayson held out my hand, and slid the ring onto my ring finger. As if on queue, his mom, Cameron, Miranda, Leena, and Ethan, all came out of the closet, with awes and loud chants. I hid my face into Grayson’s face, trying to hide how red I probably was from all of this. He kissed my forehead, and held me in close to his chest. 

“I love you” he said. 

“I love you too.” I replied. 

Surprise Baby, Now Hug Me

A/N: Another five word prompt, this one I came up with. Thanks for the support, please send requests.


“And you’ll tell him I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there too right?” Aaliyah asks looking at me with pleading eyes. 

I can just tell that her exams are stressing her out, but the fact that she had to cancel coming with me to surprise Shawn is stressing her out even more.

“Yes of course Liyah, when I explain to him the original plan he’ll understand.” I assure her. She gives me a weak smile and then engulfs me into a hug. 

She hugs the way her brother does, the dominant one. 

“Bye Y/n, let me know when you get there.” She whispers as she continues to hug me. 

“Of course, I’ll send you a video of the surprise. Geoff is gonna record the whole thing for me.” I smile as she starts to pull away. “I have to go.” I say looking at the long security line. She nods and hugs me again. I then pull away walking to the end of the line. 


“Y/n” Andrew smiles at me as he hugs me. 

I just got off the plane and am seeking a nap. 

“Hey Andrew.” I smile weakly at him. 

“You look tired.” He chuckles.

“I am, jet lag.” I say yawning.

“We gave you enough time to get about a three hour nap, if traffic is nice to us on the way back to the venue.” He says nodding. I look at him a little worried. “This place is huge, he won’t even go to half of it. And for that reason, we are calling that the Y/n zone. The whole crew knows where you are going to be, and knows to keep him away.” He nods, reading my facial features.

“Thanks Andrew, it means a lot. I know this puts more stress on you guys, trying to hid things from him.” 

“No it’s no problem. We’re all looking forward to it. The crew is buzzing with excitement. We haven’t done anything like this for Shawn since the end of the the first tour. Manny surprised him on the bus.” Andrew says as we start for the car.

“I remember that.” I say as I slip into the passenger side of his car.

“He needs this, he’s working himself so hard and needs to relax a little bit.” He says smirking, I’m so tired and out of it to even notice the whole meaning of what he said. 


Someone is picking me up and I jump in shock. 

“It’s okay Y/n, it’s just me.” Mike says looking at me. “You were sleeping and Shawn is at Meet and Greet so it’s the only chance to get you in without him seeing. Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” He rambled. 

“Mike, it’s okay. I just was startled.” I said laughing. He was walking to my room. “I can walk you know.” 

“Yeah but were almost there.” He said and then walked into a room. He set me on my feet. “Just stay in here, that way you won’t get spotted, at least until you want to.” He laughed. “He’s at Meet and Greet right now, and then in about two hours he has Q&A which is where you come in.” He smiles at me. “I think Geoff is the one that’s going to be getting you.” He said looking around.

“Sounds good, I think I’m gonna take a short nap and then get ready.” I say noticing the couch in the room.

“Yeah, I’ll let you be.” He says walking out of the room. I set my bag down and slump on the bed. 

I set an alarm on my phone just before I fall asleep. 


Beep Beep Beep Beep

I groan as I turn my alarm off. I sit up and make my to the bathroom. I start fixing myself and make myself pretty. 

iMessage from Shawn<3: Hey babe, ‘bout to go to Q&A just wanted to say I love you and miss you, talk to in a bit.

I smile and don’t respond. But then I look up in panic and quickly finish my makeup. 

“Y/n?” I hear Geoff.

“Bathroom, be out in a sec.” I call out finishing up my last touches.

I exit and look at him. 

“Hey.” He smiles giving me a hug.

“Hey.” I say. “I’m so excited you have no idea.” I say becoming giddy. 

“G, we’re ready for the Queen.” I hear Matt’s voice come from the walkie talkie

I look at Geoff confused..

“Ready?” He asks.

“Did he just all me Queen?” I ask as we start to walk.

“Yeah it’s your code name.” He shrugs. I laugh and shake my head embarrassed. “It’s what Shawn calls you.” He says. 

We walk and make it to the room, I’m filed in with the line and pushed to the back so he won’t see me. He walks in and I almost ruin the surprise. He looks so good, and I haven’t seen him in almost three months and I just want him to hug me. 

“Hey guys.” He starts out. He looks up and scans the room, I look down and hide myself discreetly. He doesn’t see me and goes on. 

Questions start being asked and laughs are roaring from his answers. I get a text. 

iMessage from Geoff: Go Time Queen 

I smile and look up. 

“Matt do you have a question?” Shawn laughed looking at his friend.

“When does Y/n come back to tour?” He asks. Shawn looks at him confused and I can’t help but see a small frown.


“I need someone to go try this crazy coffee shop with me and we always went for coffee during Q&As.” He says looking over at me. 

“I mean I’m ready for coffee if you are.” I smile standing up. Shawn looks over and his eyes go super wide.

“No, you guys didn’t…” He says standing up.

The whole room erupts in cheers and an aisle is made so he can get to me.

“I can’t believe you are here right now.” He says walking to me. He reaches out for me and I give him my hand. He pulls me to him forcefully and wraps his arms around me. “Holy shit.” He whispers in his ear.

“Hi.” I whisper back.

“Hi.” He laughs. I pull back and see he is tearing up a bit. 

“Baby don’t cry.” I say wiping his tears.

“Sorry, I just. I missed you so much and I really needed this.” He says smiling. “I can’t believe this. This is amazing.” 

“Surprise baby.” I smile at him. He looks into my eyes. “Now hug me.” I say as he hugs me again. 

The room is booming as we hold each other. No words are said except for Geoff’s.

“Queen has returned to King.” 

The One-Night Perfect Relationship | Alex Standall X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Characters: Alex/fem!reader. Clay and Hannah are mentioned.

Warnings: fluffy. Also happy!Alex. And may or may not have some High School Musical songs in the story, but, oh well…

(E/C) stand for “Eye color”/(B/F/N) stand for “Best friend’s name”.

Word Count: 2550 words.

One part of her didn’t want to be there, but the other one, which she decided to listen to, felt that the night could get better somehow. (Y/N) was on the bleachers, considerably alone since she didn’t know anyone who was sitting there, watching people dance with their dates and friends at the dance. They were jumping around, but they seemed to be having fun while doing it, which made her feel like dancing too, but everyone there had a group of friends and she didn’t want to be the weirdo jumping alone.

(Y/N) wanted to dance and her body was starting to send signals that she needed to move. So she began to sway slightly from side to side, trying not to draw attention of anyone on the bleachers. When a familiar song began to play, (Y/N) forgot for a second to try to be discreet and shook her head as she moved her arms up, letting a small smile escape her lips until she realized what she was doing, her eyes widening and bringing her arms back down. Damn the upbeat songs. It was only for a few seconds, but she had already managed to get someone’s attention.

The girl lowered her head, looking down at her own feet. And then she felt that sense of when someone is staring at you. The girl’s (E/C) eyes looked up shyly and started looking for someone who was looking at her, stopping at a boy with bleached blonde hair who was sitting a little distant of her. He had a small grin on his face, he wanted to laugh. This made (Y/N) feel her cheeks heating up as she looked down again, even more embarrassed.

“Nice moves.” she heard a male voice, which obviously came from the boy, talking to her. “Hi.”

“Hi.” she gave a small wave, looking sheepishly at him.

(Y/N) had seen him around school, but she couldn’t remember if she’d ever heard his name.

“Why are you alone here?” he spoke again after a few seconds in silence.

(Y/N) grimaced. “I didn’t even know I was coming here today.” the boy raised an eyebrow at her. “I didn’t plan to come, but my friend bought two tickets and dragged me here.”

He nodded, staring at the rest of the people in the bleachers. "Why isn’t she here with you, then?”

“She brought me because she thought her date wasn’t coming.”

“But he came.” he completed his reasoning on his own. “So she dumped you alone here.”

“Sitting here isn’t so bad.” he gave her a disbelieving glance, but she just laughed. “Why are you here?”

His eyes turned to the dance floor and he pointed to someone she couldn’t define who it was. “I was hoping to dance with her.”

“Sorry about that.”

“Nah, I deserve it.”

Neither of them said anything for a few more seconds, watching people still dancing in their strange way.

“What’s your name?” (Y/N) broke the silence, turning to him.

“Alex.” he gave her a small smile, turning his head toward her. “And you are?”

“(Y/N).” she smiled back at him.

Alex looked at her for a few more seconds before pointing to the empty seat beside her. “Can I…?” he asked for her permission to approach.

“Sure.” (Y/N) smile widened as the boy crawled over to her side.

The dance was supposed to be, well, for dancing, but soon (Y/N)’s urge to dance was decreasing while talking to Alex. On the dance floor they hardly would be able to talkbut there where they were, they could enjoy each other’s company more. They spent more than half of the Winter Formal getting to know each other better, starting a competition of who had the most shameful story to tell and, overall, talked about everything.

"So, I was already in my pajamas and getting ready to watch my shows when I heard a horn outside.” (Y/N) started telling the story of that night, seeming to amuse Alex with it. “And I went to see who it was and (B/F/N) was all ‘Get in loser, we’re going to the dance’.”

“The ‘Mean Girls’ of real life.” he said with a laugh.

"Yeah, I totally am Lindsay Lohan.”

Alex looked at the girl from head to toe before smiling. "You’re not upset about being left by your friend?”

“Not at all.” she shrugged. “I wasn’t joking when I said it wasn’t so bad to be here. I think it’s kind of cool to be able to see this big socialization of confused teenagers from afar.” (Y/N) pointed at them dramatically, then turning to point at the boy next to her. "And a little socialization right here.”

Alex still had a smile on his face as he took the girl’s finger pointing to his face.

"I’ve never noticed you until today, you know.” he said, then frowned. “Did that sound rude?”

“A little bit, yeah.” (Y/N) chuckled as he apologized. “Well, I had noticed you before.”

That seemed to get his attention, his eyebrows arching with curiosity. “Oh, really?”

"I took an interest in you because of your hair.”

“Oh, this.” Alex grimaced as he pointed at his hair.

“It’s like it’s from another world. I always wondered what it would be like to touch it.”

“Be careful there, it’ll take you to another dimension.” he grinned, nudging her.

(Y/N) smiled, looking once more at the dance floor, something catching her eyes. She frowned at the scene she was seeing before she began to laugh. Alex smiled slightly, caught by the girl’s laughter.

"What are you laughing at?”

“They got style.” she answered, motioning two people jumping in a very strange –yet funny- way. (Y/N) managed to recognize the boy as Clay Jensen, but she wasn’t sure of the girl’s name, even though she had already seen and heard about her.

“Your moves are better, though.” (Y/N) laughed at his words, remembering the ridiculous dance that had performed.

“Shut up.” she smiled slightly, listening to a slow song start playing and people start to pair up. “Wanna go out?”

“Hm?” he looked confused.

“The dance is about to end. Want to walk out there a little?”

“Yeah, sure.” Alex stood up and reached out to help her up. What a gentleman.

He was walking ahead and as soon as the girl stood up the urge to dance came back. Then she tried to sway a little as she stepped out of the bleachers. Wrong move. She stumbled and almost fell, catching the attention of a few people who looked at her, laughing.

"What the hell are you looking at?” Alex asked them as he came back to help the girl out.

(Y/N)’s ankles ached slightly making the girl whimper down as she walked. She saw her friend looking at them both with a smirk, causing the girl to roll her eyes and lower her head.

“What the hell was that?” Alex asked as they walked toward the exit from the school.

“I was trying to perform, if you didn’t notice.” she stopped to massage her leg for a second before continuing to walk. “As if it were High School Musical or something.”

Alex’s head turned to her with the mention of the movie, a smile on his face. "So it looks like I got a Disney fan here.”

“Totally, man.” she said before she felt the cold night air hit her face as they reached the outside.

They continued to walk in silence until they were completely off the school grounds and started walking on the sidewalk, where some people passed as well. Alex started to walk slightly faster than (Y/N), staying a little ahead of her before turning to her, making her stop walking too.

“Alex…?” she frowned when she saw him taking a deep breath.

Livin’ in my own world, didn’t understand.” he began to sing. Oh no, he wasn’t doing that. (Y/N)’s mouth opened slightly, not knowing exactly what to do. “That anything can happen, when you take a chance.

(Y/N) was still, not knowing what to do, when Alex looked at her expectantly, making a smile spread on her face, before she cleared her throat. “I never believed in.” the boy smirked at her. “What I couldn’t see, I never opened my heart.”

“Ooh.” he made sure to say it in a very dramatic way, which made (Y/N) laugh.

“To all the possibilities.” she continued to laugh as he approached her. “Uh.”

Alex started to swing toward her as they sang. “I know that something has changed.” (Y/N) mimicked his movements and began to swing too. “Never felt this way.” she was sure that people were looking at them at that moment. “And right here tonight, this could be the start of something new.” after all, it wasn’t so usual to see two teenagers singing loudly in the middle of the street. “It feels so right to be here with you.” they both grinned at each other. “And now looking in your eyes, I feel in my heart the start of something new.”

The boy, with an amused smile, raised one of his hands, motioning for her to hold it. “Now who’d ever thought that.”

(Y/N) copied his smile, raising her hand and intertwining in his as they sang. “We’d both be here tonight.”

“And the world looks so much brighter.” she continued as he lowered their hands and pulled her down the sidewalk. “With you by my side.”

Alex seemed to have found something he was looking for on the sidewalk, letting go of (Y/N)’s hand, and walking quickly to a bench, getting up on it as they continued. "I know…” he turned to her, holding out his hands to help the girl up. “That something has changed.” (Y/N) laughed through her words, shaking her head as she walked quickly to where he was. “Never felt this way.” she accepted his help. “I know it for real, this could be the start of something new.” Alex took careful steps, imitating with his hands the moves she had made earlier that night, making her laugh while doing the same thing, shaking her head from side to side. “It feels so right to be here with you.” (Y/N) felt like jumping, just like people were doing at the Winter Formal, but she knew she would either break the bench or fall from there. “And now looking in your eyes.” Alex slowed his dance moves, looking for the girl’s eyes; (Y/N) did the same. “I feel in my heart …” they smiled at each other. “The start of something new.”

They kept staring at each other for a few more seconds, neither of them daring to break the eye contact, until a car stopped in front of them, honking. (B/F/N). (Y/N) got startled, almost felling off the bench because of it, causing Alex to hold her, holding the girl by her waist.

“Thanks.” she murmured a little sheepishly.

“Hey girl, you want a ride?” (B/F/N) asked.

(Y/N) was about to accept when Alex’s voice caught her attention. “If you want, I can take you home.” a small hopeful glow gleamed in his eyes, and only then she realized that his arm hadn’t left her waist. Not that she was going to complain about it.

“Alex will take me.” she turned again to (B/F/N), who smirked, nodding.

“She better get home alive, Standall.”

“As you wish, ma'am.” the girl laughed at his answer before winking at them and driving away. “She seems to be cooler than Regina George.”

(Y/N) laughed. “Sometimes she is.”

“Come on.” he released his arm from her waist and getting down from the bench, then helping the girl do the same.

Thank God that High School Musical performance hadn’t taken them so far from the school parking lot. (Y/N) had always complained that school was really far from her home, so she had to wake up early if she wanted to be in time for class. But at that moment she couldn’t be more grateful for that, it meant she would have more time to talk to Alex.

In the end, she could see that the part of her that thought that night could have got better had guessed right. She’d met Alex and that had made that night exceptional. They had hit it off, and that night seemed somehow magical. So that could only mean: either that was really the beginning of something new or that had been an one-night perfect relationship. (Y/N) sincerely bet on the second, although she wanted the first one to be right.

An one-night perfect relationship is the one you have, well, for one night. When you aren’t suffocated with your daily problems and the pressures of your friends. You are a diferente person on this one night, more relaxed and even happier. Who would know how things would be between them if they talk to each other every day, or what would it be like in front of their friends? Well, there’s no way of knowing if it’s just a one-night thing or something else until you try it, what really counts is making the night worthwhile.

These thoughts passed over (Y/N) mind as they got out of the car, since Alex had offered to walk with her to the door.

“Well, I’m sure I won’t not notice you from now on.” he said when they reached her door.

"Well, it’s not just your hair that makes me interested in you anymore.” she said, a small smirk on her lips.

He chuckled. “I’m glad.”

They looked at each other for a few more seconds, both thinking practically the same thing. Alex wanted to kiss her as much as she wanted to kiss him. But would not that be wrong? Would not it be too soon? But then again, what if the next day they didn’t feel the same thing they felt at that moment? Don’t think too much, make the night worthwhile. It’s now or never.

Alex quickly leaned toward her, pressing their lips together, placing one of his hands on her waist and the other on the girl’s cheek. (Y/N) wasted no time and soon began kissing him back, moving her lips against his, placing her hands on his neck, but only so she could touch his hair. Alex noticed that and gave a small smile into the kiss, which soon turned into a laugh, making him pull away from her and rest his forehead on hers as he laughed.

“Sorry.” he said still laughing, which made the girl laugh together.

"I really thought for a moment that this was going to take me to another dimension.” it only made him laugh more, being accompanied by her.

The laughter took a while to decrease, until there were only smiles on their faces. “Bye, Gabriella.”

“See you around, Troy.”

Alex gave her a long peck before letting go of her and starting to walk away, a smile still on his face. (Y/N) watched him for a few seconds before opening the door, listening to him honking at her, waving goodbye from inside the car before leaving. The girl closed the door, resting her back on it. Whether it was the beginning of something new or just a one-night thing, it was worth it.



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Pairing: Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader

Summary/Prompt: based on two prompts the first one is by @the-modern-typewriter and another one by a blog I cannot remember but if anyone knows please let me be aware so I can credit them. (Prompts are Bolded).

Warnings: cursing, blood, and angst

Authors Note: this is based off pure memory so I apologize for any inconsistencies, I also tweaked things a bit…any who, I hope you enjoy as always!

You’ve made many stupid decisions in your short life. You jumped from the roof of your house when you were little to see if you could fly. You couldn’t. then there was that time that you tried to ice skate on the local pond when the ice was clearly too thin. The list could go on, but nothing tops the list of stupid things you’ve done, like this one.

“This is such a stupid idea Bill.” You hissed as you entered the Neibolt house with your brother and your two friends, Eddie and Richie.

“W-we h-have to f-find o-out w-w-where I-IT l-lives.” Bill spluttered.

You looked to Eddie, your boyfriend of a year, to see him looking disgustingly at his surroundings. You grasped his hand and gave it a squeeze, which he gladly returned. You were so absorbed with making sure Eddie was okay you didn’t notice Richie had wandered off.

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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 5]

Listen to Can’t Help Falling In Love by Haley Reinhart & Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran for more effect.

Warning: mentions of death, failed pregnancy, blood, +

Summary: Fifth part of “Tulips”.   [part 1] , [part 2] , [part 3] , [part 4]

Alfie wasn’t home, again. You knew what he was doing, but thinking about it made your heart drop. Alfie was a good man and he would protect and defend you at all costs, but you wanted terribly for this time to pass. You wanted to get over your grief, but Alfie wasn’t helping. He was supportive as a husband, as much as he could be seeing as he lost something that night too. He almost lost two things, but he carried yours’ and his grief on his back most of the time.

The feeling of lonliness began to infect you again and you curled the wool blanket further onto your shoulders.

You missed Alfie and Grace. Grace was gone for good, and Alfie was slowly becoming lost in his rage and need for avengence.

The fields of tulips ahead of you were a reminder of everything around you.


The tulips died because you, nor Alfie had the heart to care for them anymore. But seeing them so lifeless made you sick to your stomach. It was as if the dead tulips mocked you. They were dead, your best friend is dead, and your unborn child is dead, but you are alive. Despite the death around you, you lived.


What was so special about you?

Why couldn’t a fetus grow into a human being?

Why couldn’t Grace live to see Charlie grow?

Why were they taken from you?

What had you done?

Was their deaths some twisted and cruel punishment for falling in love with a man you swore to hate?


Maybe not.

You couldn’t sit here and grieve anymore, you had to do something, or be with someone. Alfie was only around when you slept and by the time you woke the only evidence of him was the dent in your bed. You wished he would wake you, hold you, or kiss you. He barely touched you.

The last night Alfie kissed you was when you woke in the aftermath of everything.

He cried into your hair most of the night, and you cried into his neck. That day was Grace’s wake, but you missed it because the doctors refused to let you leave. It broke your heart to neither be there at her death or at her wake. You mainly cried for Grace, but you cried for the unborn child too.

Alfie cried because you could have died and because a worthless scum took his child away from him. Alfie broke that night, you had never seen such a violent man cry. You cried because he cried too.

You walked back into your home and locked everything up. You took one of Alfie’s cars into Birmingham, hoping that the shop was open on a Sunday. You hadn’t seen your family since the day after Grace’s funeral, but it was only John, Esmè, Polly, Ada, Arthur, Finn, and Michael who were there. Even Isaiah came to the hospital with a bouquet of tulips. Isaiah, who you’d only had small conversations with before had come to see you as you laid in grief.

Where was Tommy?

You understood though, he was in as much pain as you were, but a small part of you hoped to see him.

You parked the car carelessly, proud of yourself for keeping it together on the long drive, but as soon as you walked in- all the eyes of your family looking at you curiously- you broke.

Finn and Michael caught you when your knees buckled from underneath you. Your hands flew to your mouth as you tried to conceal your continuous sobs. Michael and Finn brought you back to your feet as Ada and Polly rushed to your aid.

They said things to you, yelling almost, but your eyes had caught Alfie’s as he exited your brothers shop.

Is this where he had been hiding?

The rest of your brothers followed out, all of them having heard a string of sobs and yells. John and Arthur were running towards you, but you pushed past them towards Alfie and Tommy. They tried to hold you back, but you pushed them off, your angry gaze already trained on Alfie.

“This is where you’ve been hiding?!” You pushed at Alfie’s shoulders, but he barely moved. He stared down at you, emotionless. You pushed him again. “Where the fuck have you been Alfie?!” More tears streamed down your face as you stared up at your husband.

“Y/N, maybe you should-”

“Shut the fuck up John!” You turned towards your brother and pushed him away from you. You paid no mind to him as you turned back towards Alfie. The two of you stayed silent, watching each other angrily.

Tommy stepped to your side and you felt his fingers delicately grope your shoulder. “This isn’t the time, Y/N.”

In a second, you turned to face Tommy and brought your hand clean against his cheek. He stepped away from you as your family watched in surprise. You slapped him again and then began slapping him on his shoulders and chest until Arthur and John pulled you away.

“Fuck you, Tommy!” Tommy had it coming to him, it was all just coming out now because you were stricken with grief. “You made me marry him!” You were able to free yourself from your brothers as you pointed a finger at Alfie. “You made me marry him and didn’t dare look me in the face when you did it.”

“Y/N,” Arthur called you, but you ignored him.

Alfie cleared his throat as if telling you he was still here. You were accusing Tommy as if you didn’t love Alfie. You turned towards your husband, but he brushed past you. You watched in confusion as he walked out of the shop that was empty with anyone who wasn’t your family. He turned before completely exiting, and you barely caught his words before he left completely.

“Don’t fuckin’ go anywhere.”

You ran after him, your family following you and calling for you. When you made it outside, Alfie had already sped down the street. You cried silently as you watched his car disappear. You were in such a hurry to get into the shop that you hadn’t realized his other car was here when you parked the one you drove in.

“He’s going to handle things now, Y/N. Come inside.” John’s hand was on your shoulder, and even though your gaze didn’t leave the fading car, you let John lead you into the shop.

John lead you into the kitchen and you were aware that everyone but Tommy followed. You tried to calm yourself as you went to sit at the table, but your gaze caught Polly’s tulips blossoming on the kitchen windowsill. John was fixing you some tea with the help of Esmè when you moved towards the window. Your grabbed the pot of tulips and threw it onto the ground. It didn’t feel like enough for you and you began stomping and kicking at the already shattered pot and ripped petals.

John hugged your arms behind your back and stepped away from the mess you made in Polly’s kitchen. “Fuck, Y/N that’s enough!” You tried fighting against him, but you instead collapsed into him in a fit of sobs. Polly instructed John to take you to the sofa and you felt yourself being lifted. By the time John laid you on the couch, your clothes were ruffled and your hair had fallen out of its updo.

Everyone filed into the room. Michael started the fire while everyone else lounged around. You knew they were there to comfort you, but you couldn’t help to only crave Alfie’s presence at the moment.

The men filed out of Polly’s home one by one, quietly sneaking off so that you wouldn’t see them. You obviously noticed the lack of testosterone as it was only you, Ada, Polly, Esmè, and Linda (who arrived shortly after Arthur rang her) left.

You were no longer laying down and instead you sat comfortably between Ada and Esmè. Esmè had graciously styled your hair into a long braid and Ada spoke among the group quietly. You all just drank tea and stared at the fire, listening to Ada ramble mindlessly. It was nice because for a second, you felt serene. Nothing was bothering you at the moment and the presence of your family helped your sanity stay calm.

Ada’s whispered thoughts came to a hault as the front door swung open. The men of the family filed in, each one reveiling a bloodier appearance until Alfie came in. He had the most blood on his clothes and face, but something told you it wasn’t theirs.

You and the rest of the women stood up, but it was only you who walked forward.

“My God, what have you lot done?” Polly gasped from behind you. You remained quiet, looking at your brothers, cousin, and husband who looked at you with hardened eyes.

John came forward, charging towards you and you were startled until he wrapped his arms over your shoulders and cried into your neck.

Fuck them for what they did to you and Grace, Y/N. Fuck them!” John yelled into your ear. Your surprised gaze moved to Arthur as he took John off of you.

“We took care of it, Y/N.” Was all your oldest brother said before Arthur took John towards their wives. You watched them go in confusion when more arms wrapped around you. It was Finn, you could tell by his tall stature looming over you. He released you before you could hug him back and Michael came forward.

You both hugged before he went off towards Polly. Polly immediately embraced him, trying to rid her thoughts of the sins her son had just committed.

Tommy stood in front of you now and to everyone’s surprise, he hugged you. It had been so long since your brother even looked at you, but here he was: arms encircled around your back.

“I’m not sorry for what I did, but I’m sorry I didn’t see that it was wrong,” he said over your head. You looked up at him, unshed tears pricking the corner of your eyes. “Grace loved you, she said you were her closest friend, like a sister.” Tommy kissed the side of your head and walked off to the side.

You were filled with joy by now, feeling this part of your life finally begin to finish. You turned towards your husband, and he stared back at you almost shyly.

Alfie,” you mumbled, already taking long strides towards him. Alfie didn’t have to say anything, he just extended his arms towards you, grasping you when you were close and pushing you into his body. You hugged him back, aware that your family watched the odd sight.

You used to be pure and innocent and now you hugged a man who was as violent as they came. You stepped away from the hug only to bring your lips onto Alfie’s, kissing him with all you had. He was quick to respond and you fell in love all over again. Alfie was a smooth kisser, he knew what you liked and where to touch you to get you swooning, but he kept to himself now that your family was watching.

“I love you, Alfie.” You declared once you both stopped kissing.

“I know.” Alfie accepted your silent apology making you smile up at him.

“Lets go home,” Aflie grabbed your hand. He began leading you out of the house and you glanced back at your family one last time. They waved, their eyes showing they were happy for you. Tommy even let himself smile at you before the door shut behind you.

You took your hands out of the water, placing them on either side of the tub. Alfie was humming behind you as he combed your wet hair with a brush he had gifted you with for your last birthday, along with other expensive and personally-made presents.

You sighed, pulling yourself out of the bath. Alfie followed after you and wrapped a towel around his waist, all blood and grime had washed off. You were both silent during the bath, just embracing your small time together.

He wrapped an arm around your waist as you left the lavatory. You leaned your body into him as he lead you to your shared bedroom.

Once inside your room, you let the towel around your body drop. You put on the nightgown that Alfie already laid out on the bed. When you pulled it over your head, your gaze fell on the two tulips sitting at the center of your bed. One was red, and one was blue. It struck you as you picked them up that it was a representation of you and Alfie. Blue tulips had always reminded you of Alfie and the red tulips was the same color as the one you were holding the day Alfie fell in love with you, the tulip he took from you so long ago.

You looked over at Alfie, smelling the scent of the flowers that had become a huge part of your life. He already had his underwear on and was weaving a hand through his wet hair as he lowered himself onto the bed.

You followed after him after setting the tulips on the dresser by your bed. You let Alfie pull you onto him and he kissed your cheek as you laid together.

“I’ve missed you, darling.” Alfie hummed against your hair. This made you curl further into his almost bare body. Alfie’s hand laid on your side and you traced your own hand over his arm, before it reached his face. You smiled up at your husband as your fingers traced the scars on his face.

“Tell me we’ll try one day,” you whispered.

“Try what?” Alfie’s voice lowered to your level.

“To have children.” Alfie’s silence made your hand fall from his face, but he picked it up and put it back to where you had been caressing his scars.

“We’ll try again, little tulip.”

a/n; Yes! More parts are coming! -e


BTS Proposing to you

(A/N I got a little carried away for some members, but I hope you like it! Also, sorry it’s up so late! Will try to do it faster next time)


JIn would have been stressed for weeks, planning romantic dates to make sure you were still in love with him. On the day he was going to propose he took you to a nice restaurant for dinner before going to a nearby park to watch the sunset. Suddenly, the other members would come up behind you two, performing 24/7 Heaven. Once done, Jin would get down on one knee, getting a small box from Yoongi and opening it, showing it to you. He would be so incredibly nervous, and it would take him a few seconds before he finally said those four words, “Will you marry me?”

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It would have started as a little bet. If he won a daesang, you’d marry him. But if he lost, you’d leak a pre-debut picture of him. But when they announced Bangtan Sonyeondan as the winner, both of your burst into tears. Both because you wouldn’t be able to leak a pre-debut photo of him, and because now you’ll get to marry each other.  Once he went backstage, the first thing he did was look for you. When he found you he hugged you tightly, crying into your shoulder. He pulled away a few seconds later, wiping his tears and he finally got the courage to do it. “Please marry me”

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He would have been planning it for weeks now. The first thing he did was ask for your father’s permission. Luckily he said yes, and he’d feel honored your father let him marry his child. The day of the actual proposition would be calm, the two of you hanging out at the dance studio so you wouldn’t suspect anything. He’d be trying to come up with a new choreography for their new song when he suddenly stopped, turning to you, “Can you please get me some water? Don’t forget some for yourself!” You left the studio and went to get you both some water bottles. A few minutes later when you return, you open the door and see a few candles in a circle. Your first thought was that you had walked in on him having some sort of satanic ritual. But inside the circle was Hoseok on one knee, holding a small box with a ring inside it,

“You don’t know for how long I’ve been waiting to say this.. Will you marry me?”

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Similar to Yoongi, it was just a bet at first. You and Namjoon were playing Overwatch, and he had lost for 3 times in a row. Jokingly you said that if he wins this round, you’d marry him. Namjoon, who had wanted to propose to you for a while but could never find the right moment, saw this as his chance. So the round started, and you were a little less focused on the game since you had won all up ‘til now. But you noticed quickly that Namjoon were winning. Fast forward to the end of the game, it was clear that he had won, much to your surprise. He excused himself and quickly went into his room, googling how to propose to your partner. Once he returned he went down on one knee, looking at you. You were slightly shocked he took the bet seriously, but also extremely happy he did.

“This is not exactly how I imagined I would propose to you, by winning on a silly video game.. but I hope you meant what you said earlier, or else this would be very awkward. My love, will you marry me?”

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Would have been planning it for months. Has even planned what he was going to cook. And when the day finally came, everything that was so well planned seemed to get destroyed piece by piece. First, he had gotten sick. Luckily it was just a cold, but you still had to go buy some medicine for him. Second, the dinner he was cooking got burnt, making it unable to eat. So you just ordered something online to order home, which made him very disappointed but he wouldn’t say. Last but not least, he lost the ring. That was the last step to make him lose it. He started crying, cursing himself for being a bad boyfriend. When you saw him crying, and he mentioned something about a ring, you immediately knew what was going on. You kissed him softly on the cheek, whispering ‘I will marry you’. He looked up at you, confused. “How did you know?” You picked up the ring from your pocket, making Jimin pout. You gave it to him, and he gladly took it. Holding your hand, he slowly slipped the ring onto your finger, finally getting to properly propose to you, “Even tho this night was a mess, I hope you still love me the same, So, will you marry me?”

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He had taken you to another country where he was having a concert, wanting to explore the city with you outside of Skype. You both had a great time until he had to go to the concert, and you went back to the hotel, already been on the first day of the two-day concert. Fast forward to when he get’s back home. You go to greet him at the door, but when you see him all sweaty and tired, you go to the bathroom and start a bath for him. When he finished undressing and went into the bath, you went into the small kitchen area and made him some tea. A few minutes later he came out and saw that you had made him some tea, and that’s when he just randomly said it. “Marry me.” You looked at him, slightly confused. “Marry me,” he repeated. “You’re always doing these things for me when I need it the most. I’m so grateful to have you here with me,” As he continued, he went closer to you until he was standing right next to you, “And I don’t ever want to lose you. So please, marry me.”

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Jungkook would be so scared that he would mess up since he’s young. Would ask for a lot of help from his member and would watch a lot of romantic movies. So the actual proposal would be very cliche but unique at the same time, he’d take you out for a romantic dinner, similar to Jin. After that you’d both go back to his dorms, all the boys gone. He tells you to wait while he goes into his room to fix something. A few minutes later he tells you to come in. You do as he said, walking into his room. As you enter you notice his laptop is turned on, some sort of video paused. You sit down next to him as he presses play. Pictures of the both of you during your time dating started to show along with videos from your dates. The song playing in the background was Just One Day, and Jungkook was quietly singing along. Once it was finished, he put his computer away, kneeling down in front of you, holding your hands. 

“We’ve had so many good times during our times a couple, but I want to make more memories like this with you, where I can call you my wife/husband. If it’s not too much to ask.. Marry me?”

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Fading (Part 2)

Requested by Anon: may i request a fic where reader has a huge crush on steve but he ended up dating sharon and reader is heartbroken but bucky consoles the reader and stuff? thank you,have a nice day!

Summary: Steve comes back from his date, and new thoughts in your head lead to confusion. What happens when Bucky goes to comfort you?

Word Count: 1931

Warnings: angst, insecure reader, swearing

Part 1   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

The two men eat pizza while talking like friends do, but Bucky can’t help but feel somewhat angry. It wasn’t Steve’s fault, but he still feels contempt toward anyone making you feel like anything short of what you are.

A beautiful, smart, dorky person who deserves happiness. Bucky wants to be the person to give you that.

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Truth Or Dare

“Truth or Dare?” Spencer asked Y/N, taking another sip of his beer. The pair were sat on her couch unwinding after a ridiculously hard case at work. Spencer had stopped by to bring her a book she’d mentioned she wanted to read and she’d offered him a beer and to stay to share the mounds of take out food she’d just ordered. One drink had led to another and three hours later and the two were pleasantly tipsy and had wound up playing Truth or Dare. Y/N couldn’t even remember how the game had started, only that if you’d have asked her this morning how she would be spending her evening, she definitely wouldn’t have guessed that it would involve getting wasted with her colleague Spencer Reid and playing a game normally be reserved for teenage sleepovers.

“Dare,” she took another drink waiting for Spencer to think of something. This game was already turning out to be very interesting. So far she discovered that Spencer was NOT the sweet and innocent guy the team had him down to be, as well as getting him to reveal that he’d pretty much had crushes on every female in the BAU, including herself at one time or another.

“I dare you to send Derek a sext.”

Y/N spluttered, putting her hand to her mouth and wiping away the dribble of beer. Spencer knew what a ‘sext’ was? She needed to drink with him more often, this was turning out to be waaay better than the evening she’d had planned.

“If he texts back you can pretend it was meant for someone else.”

“Okay. Hand me my phone.”

Spencer reached to the coffee table and handed Y/N her phone.

“Do you have any more beer?” He was strangely enjoying himself this evening, having definitely not expected to be here so long or to be feeling so buzzed. Him and Y/N got on and everything in the office, but they rarely socialised together, just the two of them. But it was turning out to be quite fun and she’d had him in fits of laughter at multiple points throughout the evening. She nodded and motioned towards her fridge, instructing him to bring her one too as she tapped away on her phone. When he came back and set her drink down she had a wicked grin on her face.

“I’ve sent it. Wanna hear?”

“Of course.”

“Okay.” Y/N coughed and then put on a flirty voice. “Hey big boy, fancy stopping round later? I’m all alone and feeling incredibly horny today. My vibrator just isn’t going to cut it. I need your big, throbbing cock inside of me. What do you say?”

“So Morgan lives, twenty minutes from here? Give it twenty one minutes and I reckon you’ll have a visitor.”

“Hahahah, can you imagine? Derek turns up and sees you here instead?”

“Oh god, oh god. The look on his face….. Oh I’d pay to see that.”

“Maybe you won’t have to. He’s messaged back. Let’s have a look shall we?”

Y/N opened the message, her eyes widening as she covered her mouth with her hands. She tossed the phone to Spencer so he could read it.

“Baby girl, you being serious? I can be there in twenty.”

“Told ya,” Spencer looked pleased with himself. “I’m not the only one who had a crush on you when you first started.”

“So if you received this text message from me what would you reply with?”

He wasn’t expecting that question and Spencer’s mouth goldfished for a few moments, his cheek tingeing pink.

“You have to answer.”

“No I don’t. We’re not playing right now.”

“Fine. Truth or Dare Spencer?” Y/N quickly texted Morgan back with a ‘sorry, wrong person’ text as she waited for Spencer to complete his internal struggle. He hated dares, and he knew what the truth question would be.

“Fine. Truth. And I’ll answer the question you just asked. It would probably be the same response as Derek’s although I’d make sure the message was meant for me first. Truth or Dare?”


Reid took another gulp on his drink. “Do you really have a vibrator?”

Y/N smirked. Spencer was certainly coming out with some interesting questions tonight. “Yes. Wanna see it? I washed it earlier.”

His eyes bugged and Y/N giggled, hopping off the couch and running into her bedroom. Rummaging in her drawer she found fresh batteries and grabbed the toy, inserting them into the slot as she walked back into the room. She tossed it at him, hearing him squeal and then fumble with the toy, looking uncomfortable as he caught it. His uncomfortableness quickly turned into curiosity. She knew he’d seen sex toys before, searching people’s homes was part of their jobs. But it didn’t appear that he’d ever really handled one. He switched it on, almost dropping it as the rabbit ears began to vibrate and the tiny balls at the bottom of the silicone shaft began to rotate.

“Jesus fucking christ…… It’s really quite loud.”

Y/N shuffled closer to him on the couch, taking it from his hands and fiddling with settings so that only the ears were vibrating. “I don’t bother with that setting. It’s these little babies that do the majority of the magic. And when it’s under the covers and I’m moaning, you don’t really notice the noise.”

“So it’s good then?”

Y/N switched the toy off and placed it on the coffee table. “Yes Spencer. It’s very good. Anyway, your turn. Truth or Dare?”


She thought long and hard. “Tell me something about you that would surprise me. More than you already have.”

It was his turn to think long and hard, his eyes glancing over to the coffee table and then wondering how honest he should be here. Meh, why not throw caution to the wind, he thought.

“I can tell you a thought I had a minute ago that would probably surprise you.”

Y/N made a ‘go on’ gesture with her hand.

“Okay. When you were talking about toy making you moan, my immediate thought was that I wish I could hear you make those sorts of noises.”


Well, that WAS unexpected. And yet…. Also, not so much.

“Spencer, truth or dare.”

“But I just went!”

“And? Truth or Dare. Hint….pick dare.”

She downed her drink and waited, watching confusion and then curiosity cross his face. He gave in.


Here goes nothing.

“I dare you to kiss me.”

  • listen it takes a lot for daniel to dislike somebody
  • so how’d you do it??? the answer is simple: you told the entire class that you thought dogs were better than cats
  • everyone in the class who knew daniel: oh sHIT
  • it wasn’t that you didn’t like cats it was more of you just liked dogs more and it came out wrong
  • and instantly the cat enthusiast stood up and was like…can u pls not say that
  • and that just flipped that lil competition switch in your brain and you proceeded to tell him how dogs were more loyal and active
  • daniel: gives you facts and statistics on how cute cats are and the percentage of ppl who prefer cats
  • and that was the day that you and kang daniel became enemies
  • which was a shock to like the entire school bc someone actually pissed off kANG DAN I EL???????
  • whenever u see him the hallways u make this face and just go DOGS and daniel would make the same face and go CATS
  • you know how in a lot of dramas/anime bullies destroy a person’s locker by spilling milk or whatever all over it??
  • well in y'all case u bully him by taping like 90 dog pictures everywhere inside his locker and writing with a sharpie WOOF WOOF BITCH
  • and daniel does the same w you lmao can you imagine this boy arriving to school early to tape a billion cat pictures in your locker and writing MEOW MEOW MOTHERFRICKER
  • seongwoo literally never thought there would be a day when daniel got pettier than him
  • the pettiness continues until one day you two accidentally meet each other outside of school
  • at a pet shop!!
  • when you two made eye contact it was a major FREEZE for a split second and instantly turned away thinking one word: shit
  • y'all tried so hard not to bump into the other but ofc that doesn’t happen :^) bc u two were actually headed for the same area
  • you two happen to end up……in the cat food section………
  • he saw you and without thinking he just went “why are you over here??”
  • you got a lil defensive and said “I didn’t say that I HATED cats I just…like dogs a lil more”
  • he’s still confused and asked why you were buying cat food and you explained to him that you were gonna feed the stray cats in your neighborhood and he’s like…oh…….
  • you tell him that you can’t have pets but you love animals so like…you can only play around with the strays man and he’s like well…..in that case I recommend this brand 
  • you laugh and ur like after all that bullying you’re still being nice wtf man lol and he scratches his head and just says well I mean the dog pictures are pre cute tbh and it’s kinda funny hehe
  • and he shoots you that cute ass bunny smile with the lil laugh and everything and your heart does like sixteen flips and ur like oh no
  • and after that day y'all lose that bitterness and distaste towards each other and all that pettiness becomes a lot more friendly based
  • whenever you two see each in the hallways now daniel mouths “cats” and giggles and you go “dogs” back at him and wink and it just becomes this little inside joke
  • it’s actually so cute and all your friends are like omfg u two need to date pls
Mine and Only Mine

 Shawn Mendes x Reader



Word Count- 1123

Summary/Request- could you do one where you and Shawn and Shawn are going to his friends’ house and his friend is being weirdly flirty with you

“So you just showed up at Shawn’s house even though he was in Amsterdam?” Ian asks you sit down on his couch. 

“Yeah well I missed his family and I wanted to hang out with them.” You laugh. 

“Well, why were you here in the first place?” Ian asks, still very confused at the situation. 

“That’s when my dad came up to Pickering to play in that golf tournament with your dad. You were still in school.” You say, “You want a beer?”

“Yeah.” You hand him a drink from the fridge, “So wait- can you explain the story again”

“What are we talking about?” Matt chimes in as he walks through the front door.

“Matt no!” Ian yells. “(Y/N) back to your story.”

“Hey Matt, Ian is being a confused little idiot so give me one minute to explain some shit to him and then I will get back to you.” You smile to him and then turn your head to the boy you see as a little brother, “Ian, my dad came to play with your dad to play golf. I had a weekend off from school so I decided to come with him. I texted Manny, my boyfriend and your best friend’s dad, to tell him that I was coming and I was planning on having dinner with them. When I got here I decided to FaceTime Shawn when I was right outside of his house and he was really confused too. Then I explained all this to him and he got kind of jealous because I was with his family without him. Then I surprised Aaliyah and Karen and we all had dinner and I got to go shopping with Liyah. Then at the end of the weekend I went home.”

“I’m going to need this drink.” Matt says.

“No that’s mine- uh Ian do you get it? Its not that hard.” You whine. 

“So why did you do this?” Matt asks.

“Because I wanted to hang out with Aaliyah!” You yell.

“Oh okay why didn’t you just say that.” 

“BecaUSE I TRIED TO YOU IDIOT “ You scream and you shake Ian’s frame with the material of his thick sweatshirt. 

“I’m so confused by this whole situation!” Matt chuckles while before taking a swig of his chilled drink. 

You sit back in the couch and place your hand on your forehead, “I’m so done with this conversation!” Ian Warburton is the idiot among all idiots, but you love him like a little brother. You actually have known Ian longer than you have known Shawn. You and shawn have been dating for six and a half years now and you and Ian have been friends for over ten years now. 

“I’ll keep you company.” Matt says out of nowhere and he sits next to you. You and Matt have a weird relationship. He has always kind of just been there. You never really connected on a more than friendship level. He obviously knows that you and Shawn are in a very serious relationship. He is that friend that you always have a great time with in a group but you could never be one on one with. Yeah, thats Matt. “So when is Shawn coming?” Matt asks as he slides closer to you on the couch. 

“Umm…” You take a look at your phone and you notice that you have a more recent text from Shawn that you missed, I’ll be there in 5 minutes babe, You decide not to reply. “He’ll be here any minute.” You tell a little white lie in hopes that he will move father away from you. 

“Good at least I have another minute alone with you.” He places his hand on your thigh. 

“But Ian’s right here.” You point to the teenager in the corner. 

“Dude maybe too much beer in too little time?” Ian laughs half joking half real.

“No I mean alone without Shawn.” Matt says honestly, “I always get to see Shawn and I get to see you whenever you are visiting as well, but I never get to see you without Shawn. It’s refreshing.” He squeezes your thigh a little with the word refreshing. 

Your face when he says this looks like you just took a big sip of spoiled milk. You literally feel disgusted. You look back to Ian and he is completely shocked, which only makes you laugh. 

“Yeah okay.” You laugh at Matt. Trying to keep your breathing under control but overtime you try to look away from a very confused Matt, you only look at Ian who is dying laughing himself. 

“Dude what the fuck was that?!” Ian laughs. 

“Hey kids whats up?” Shawn says as he walks through the door. He is clad in grey sweatpants and the classic iHeart Radio sweatshirt. Sometimes he looks the most sexy when he is wearing comfy clothes. 

“Shawn!” You cheer. You had seen him not even two hours ago, but your heart skips a beat every time you look at him. 

“Hey baby. What are you doing so close to those morons?” He pats the small left of the armchair. You giggle at the idea of sitting so close to him as you spring up from the couch. You sit your bum on the empty cushion and your back rests against the arm of the chair. Your legs sit comfortably across Shawn’s thighs. “He’s always trying to get so close to you.” Shawn whispers in your ear. 

“I know but you are here now.” You smile at him. 

“You better watch out Shawnie, you leave her alone and I’ll make her laugh like that again.” Matt says referring to your laugh earlier.

“Matt, hun, she wasn’t laughing because you made her laugh.” Ian begins, “She was laughing because the thought of you thinking about her like that made her feel so uncomfortable.”

“Dude I was totally joking!” Matt awkwardly laughs. 

“Mm yeah okay.” Ian laughs, the alcohol hitting him a little bit. You and Shawn have yet to drink anything and you assume you’ll just take care of Matt and Ian tonight. 

Shawn has one hand on your right thigh and the other on the arm chair behind your back. “I miss this when I’m gone.” He whispers in your ear as Matt and Ian join in some kind of conversation about people at their school. 

“I know.” You smile and brush your hand across his cheek, lingering around the scar below his right eye. 

Not A Kid Anymore. (Mingyu Smut)

heeeyy guys, so i know, if you’ve seen my post then you’ll know that this is a re-post. so all my works on my original account will be reposted here. (even though i only got 2 posts lol) so yeah, this is not plagiarized guys, okay? :) okay. ily x i know there are a lot of you who are silent readers mehe 

It’s been 3 years since you’ve last seen the boys. You had to go to the states because of work, originally, you had been a trainee at PLEDIS with the boys, also wanting to debut in the future but you had obviously had found better opportunities as a stylist. You and the boys were quite well known back in the days because of your amazing friendship. You and the boys have been nothing but supportive towards each other, but considering you were older (24) they still had that respect towards you. You’ve been with them long enough to be able to talk informally, but of course, they are just really nice kids, you could say you’ve been with them through thick and thin, but never really lost contact.That was until a year and a half ago, when they finally (after years of training) had their own program, 17 Project. That was when their schedule was too busy, and eventually you lost contact with them. But you didn’t mind at all, you were still able to them on TV.

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fallen angel! kang daniel


daniel x you



other members: woojin | minhyun | to be cont…

  • “ah, shit..” you hear a voice say from just outside your bedroom window
  • you quickly grab your biology textbook as it was the closest weapon you could find
  • you peek out the window to find a tall, toned,, and shirtless guy sprawled out and tangled within your rose bush
  • you opened your window timidly
  • “uhh, are you okay there..?” you asked cautiously
  • “oh! yeah, yeah. it’s all good. just a little knotted up,” the guy laughed, although his face said he was in immense pain as the thorns tore cuts into his bare skin.
  • “do you need help?” you asked, still unsure of how to handle the situation.
  • “no, no, you just stay there. i got this.” 
  • every attempt the guy made to get out of the rose bush made him wince in pain
  • so even though he said he didn’t need help, you went out to examine the bush, and how he could have possibly landed like that
  • i mean, he was facing your window,, how does he just fall into the bush like that, unless-
  • are you a peeping tom?” you sneered
  • “what? tom??? no. my name is daniel.”
  • oh, lord,,,,.
  • “okay, nevermind. hi daniel. how did this even happen?” you mentally laughed at his seeming cluelessness
  • “welllllll, you see, god gets a little sloppy from time to time when he puts one of us down here, so i kinda landed a little funky, wouldn’t you say?” daniel laughed
  • “i’m sorry, god? what?” you scowled in confusion
  • “yeah, god sometimes takes the wings off us ‘bad’ angels and throws us onto earth to learn our lesson before taking us back in. basically, this is time-out. totally. sucks.”
  • “um, right. okay. so what exactly made you a bad angel?” you went along with whatever daniel was rambling on about just, you know, for the heck of it
  • “ok so i was manning the grill at this burger joint, right? and god doesn’t come in too often but when he does, oh boy, it’s a big deal. and so, i accidentally burned his burger a little too much. so he sends me to earth! like what the fuck, right? it was only a little bit overdone, i swear.”
  • “uh-”
  • “okay, so maybe it was completely burnt, but like, it was so packed that day, and i was the only one in the kitchen, all my other coworkers had to go out and serve! it’s not fair, i tell ya,” daniel kept rambling on.
  • “okay, well let me just help you outta this bush here, and you can go do whatever it is you need to do to get back to heaven, alright?” you say as sickeningly sweet as you possible could. 
  • “NO! DON’T TOUCH ME!” daniel screamed
  • “wHAT? WHY?” you clutched your heart, startled by daniel’s sudden screaming
  • “if i touch or am touched by a human, i’ll be a human and get old and that’s so gross, don’t make me do that.”
  • “ok, fine, whatever..”
  • you end up finding a rope for daniel to tie around his waist while you try to pull him out of the bush that has latched into his body and simply wont let go without a fight
  • “on the count of three, i’ll pull,” you announced.
  • “one… . two … three!”
  • you dug your heels into the ground and yanked the rope as hard as you could.
  • at first, daniel’s body doesn’t budge
  • but before you know it, daniel becomes free and is cheering as he finally is outta the bush
  • but you quickly feel yourself begin to lose balance and fall backwards
  • daniel swiftly reaches out for one of your hands
  • …only to fail at keeping you two upright, and ended up landing on top of you when you two fell to the ground
  • you felt as though you were one giant bruise due to daniel’s larger body toppling on top of and crushing you, but daniel just laughed manically and you couldn’t help yourself but start to giggle too
  • yours and daniel’s faces were mere centimeters apart
  • you both made eye contact as your laughter began to die down
  • and in a flash, all joy is erased from both your faces as you two noticed you both were still holding hands
  • daniel’s face suddenly loses all signs of color and says:
  • “ah, shit..”