i was so close to buying like 15 of them

Seventeen as brothers

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tw for allusions to underage drinking

S.Coups: the type of older brother to wake you up and force you to buy food with him at three in the morning. would buy you tickets for 18+ movies and concerts etc

Jeonghan: the kind of brother who is a lot older and you don’t see a lot of but gives really good advice - when you’re younger you kinda just see him as a scary older figure but once you start to grow up he begins to talk to you like an equal and you start to realise how funny he is

Joshua: quiet brother who is also a lot older. fun to watch movies with. teaches you how to play guitar and gives you all his old schoolwork. you’d think he’d tell you not to drink alcohol or hide it from your parents but actually he’d tell you that you’re hiding it in the wrong place and xyz place is better

Jun: younger brother who you always find going through your stuff, tells you that you need to organise your bedroom when you tell him to get out

Hoshi: 2/3 years older brother who is never ever home and won’t tell you what he’s doing when he’s out, but then always pestering you to tell him what you’re doing, where you’re going, who you’re speaking to, who you like, and teasing you about it

Wonwoo: chill older brother who always lets you sleep at his house with no problem if you don’t wanna be at home. prob would try and make you dinner but then fuck it up

Woozi: twin brother who is always telling you to go away but you can tell he loves you - even if he won’t admit it lol. when he’s in a talky mood though your conversations are the best things. recommends you a lot of music and grudgingly admits he likes your music taste, but refuses to follow you on spotify. probably blocked you on every social media and laughs when you ask him to unblock you

DK: younger brother who mimics what you do but then gets really defensive when you call him out on it, but it’s only because he looks up to you. climbs a lot of trees and falls out and scrapes his knees and elbows but always laughs and says it’s okay and proceeds to climb the tree again. prob knocked a tooth out at some point

Mingyu: twin brother who tries to seem cool and distant and all your friends think he is and people in your grade who have a crush on him are always asking if he’s like this at home but you know that he’s actually a huge loser

The8: older brother who does not take any of your shit but also emails you all his old essays so you can just hand those in instead of writing them again

Seungkwan: twin brother who is really close with you and tries to make you wear corresponding costumes at halloween parties. 15 mins older than you and always does the “when i was your age…” and then talks about what he was doing 15 minutes ago

Vernon: older brother who gives you all his old music to listen to. buys you a fake id but then makes you promise him you won’t do anything ‘illegal’ with it ???

Dino: younger brother who always puts the food he doesn’t want on your plate

I work at a high-end, customer service oriented store that can’t technically kick out customers, even if it’s past closing time. We closed at 7 last night, but two girls bought some food from me at 6:55 then went to sit down and eat, so I started cleaning other areas of the front end, and the manager went around telling the other departments to start tear-down hoping they would get the message.
At 7:10, one of them comes up to the cash holding a yogurt that she wanTED TO BUY and I was just like
Me: …okay! *in a highly pained voice* 
Her: when do you guys close anyways?
Me: …10 minutes ago. 
Her: OMG, my friend and I were just eating we didn’t know! So, do you want us to leave like now
Me: …. I technically can’t tell you to leave, but that would be nice *nods*
Her: Oh okay *pays and goes back to friend*
and they sat there for another 15 mins until they finally left and I had to let them out