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Benedict Cumberbatch smiling at the Apple Sherlock Q&A.

Staedtler graphite pencils (various grades), Graphite Powder, White Conté pastel pencil, Pentel Orenz mecanical pencil with 2B 0,2mm lead on Strathmore Toned Tan paper. 9X12.

Sorry I tinted it a bit in PS, the toned tan paper scanned a bit wonky.

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Double Dare — Min Yoongi

Words: 3114

Warnings: enemies to lovers + fluff

Description: Min Yoongi hates you, and you hate him…or do you? Ft. Bts being the wingmen


“Truth or dare?” Taehyung asks as you sat in the living room with the rest of the boys.

It was a boring Saturday night and the boys decided to invite you over to watch movies. They were like your best friends, so this wasn’t a new thing.

But playing truth or dare with them wasn’t always the best thing. Being their girl best friend was hard, especially since you were the only girl they hung out with almost everyday.

Being the only girl in a game of truth or dare with 7 boys didn’t really seem like the best idea to most people, but it didn’t matter to you, no matter how nervous you were.

You trusted them completely. Although, they’ve never done anything completely inappropriate while playing this game. They respect your boundaries.

Once everyone agreed to play the game, you all sat in a circle on the floor of their living room.

It started off simply. Taehyung went first. He dared Jimin to call his mother and tell her that he got someone pregnant.

“Jimin, can you handle a child? You’re not even married yet.” Jimin’s mom said through the phone as the rest of you tried not to burst out laughing.

“Eomma, honestly, I don’t know if I can handle it.” Jimin says.

“Jesus Christ, Jimin. What am I going to do with you?” His mother sighed.

Next was Hoseok. He was dared to kiss Namjoon on the cheek. It was a harmless kiss, but they made such a big deal about it.

These boys were so extra, but you loved them. How could you not?

Although you loved all of them, there was one person who you didn’t particularly hate, but “like” would be an overstatement.

Min Yoongi.

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Pairing: Fem!Reader x Brendon Urie

Request: Yeah boi || Could you write a Brendon fic where he is very dominant and controlling? The reader knows this and likes to try and push Brendon’s buttons. This could lead to some daddy kink perhaps? I would be extremely grateful!

Warnings: NSFW || smut, cursing, teasing, daddy kink, slightly public play, mentions of fingering, oral (male receiving), unprotected sex. 

Masterlist: Here

Okay so as much as I love pleasing you guys, I’ve been starting to feel like I’m doing really shitty and my stories are getting worse. If mine start to get boring or it feels repetitive, please let me know. I want to write the best stuff possible, but lately I feel like I’m doing terrible. This turned out really really long. Like it takes FOREVER to get to the smut. I really liked the lead up. Sorry it took like a million years man. Also, I do not condone unprotected sex. Wrap it before you tap it guys. Stay safe. I hope you guys enjoy. xx

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pinkwizardqueen  asked:

Do you think it would be worth it for me to get the Sims? I've been thinking about maybe getting it for a while now, and your posts about it have made me start to seriously consider it. (Love your blog by the way, your art is amazing!)

if you want to, sure! the game and the expansion packs are actually 50% off right now (and game packs 25% off), so now would be a very good time to get it! i like the game a lot, but i do have to say that the base game is kind of bare with not much interesting things for the sims to do, so buying an expansion pack or two is almost obligatory :/ also i’m not a very adventurous player, i’m content with just having my sims live their boring lives happily without drama, danger and death, so i don’t know how worthwhile my opinion is, hahaha.

okay, i think that maybe replies are slow for me right now because i’m feeling a little bogged down by my replies. i’m probably going to be dropping some drafts, but i’m going to round up my replies first and see what i want to keep and what i’m probably going to drop. after that, i’ll probably be making a plotting call so that i can plot stuff out, and also maybe ( finally ) start posting for my arc. please do understand that a) if i’ve dropped your thread, it’s not because i don’t want to write with you or that i think your writing is boring, i’m just having difficulty with replies to that thread and muse for it which is on me entirely; and b) this is about my personal comfort and ability to concentrate entirely and is not a reflection of you – in fact, i’m absolutely willing to start new stuff all the time, i just need to cool my drafts down a bit. thank you for understanding and sticking with me through my writing break. x

in my art class i have to illustrate a dream but i havent dreamed really anything in like 3 months and all the dreams i do remember are boring so like… if y'all have some cool dreams u want illustrated hmu

I feel bad for doing this, especially since I’m nearing my 5k milestone and everyone does something special on this occasions and i’m like:  ….  I’m leaving this blog.

Now don’t worry, don’t worry! I’m going to post all the requests I received so far and then leave the blog.

I might be back, but I probably won’t. I just feel very unmotivated to continue and this feels more like a chore than something I enjoy doing. 

If you still have something that you want to request do it in the next 24 hours, anything send after that will be deleted.

If you like idk want to still follow me and shit you can do it @nudepjm (this was going to be my fic writing blog… but don’t expect anything soon). There’s nothing there yet, and it would only be boring shit like reblogs and stuff but..

dawnovaan  asked:

hey hey!!! I freakin love you and all the art that you do!! it ain't boring stuff, it's all original and pretty and you're super talented!!! don't worry about a set time when posting your art, post it when you feel like it's ready!! (if you want a time tho, I usually post mine around 1-4 pm EST!) but yeah!! keep up the great work man 💜

aaaa thank you thank you!! (I just tend to think people are more interested in fan content than original stuff so I just… shrink into myself ) 

and usually…. I have this habit of posting things right before I head to sleep just so I don’t have to be awake while the post is out haha or else I start feeling anxious about it (but today’s one of those days when that didn’t happen so… ) 

but THANK YOU really ;u; I appreciate it!! 

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Add the first line of a WIP and tag as many people as there are words.

tagged by @milkshakekates and @meraoftheseas thank you for that :) sorry this (like all I do) took so long.

03:09 (exposure to FN-2187. Incubation period: 20 hours)

…now isn’t that what we all want from smut? I think everybody have already done this so I’m not gonna be tagging

anonymous asked:

*Hi! So, I've been reading 'a supernatural love story' on ao3, and im SO addicted, it's amazing! it has been kinda like my "confort reading", u know? Everytime i feel bad or sad about something, or even bored i'll just open the story and reread it.. i actually been doing this a lot lately (my life is a total mess atm)... So, i really wanted to know if you're gonna include some things that actually happend like jared's struggle with depression and anxiety.. You've been helping me a lot, THANK YOU

I reeally hope you get to read my message, i appreciate a lot your work and the effort you put on your writing! idek what are your thoughts on mental illness and these kind of things, but you’ve been helping me sooo much. things are kinda messy and different in my life and i have a TERRIBLE social anxiety. everytime i feel anxious i just open the ao3 app on my phone and read your story.. its ok if u dont wanna answer my quesion or give some kind of “spoiler”, ill understand. thank you sm again

I actually don’t want to give a spoiler to the story, if that’s okay with you. But as far as your message goes- I just really want to hug you. For so many reasons. One, because I can’t believe my story means that much to you and it’s so beyond sweet and flattering that I can’t handle it. You’ve made my whole damn week. Two, because I know the struggle and want to give you a little bit of warmth. Keep fighting, darling. And three, because this is the sweetest message. Thank you so much for taking the time to send it- you have no idea how much it means to me, truly! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Everyone who’s requested “bts dating — reader” they will get done but please bear in mind that I’m currently struggling to find different ideas for each one. There’s only so many different things to write about and they’re all very similar now so I hope you guys are happy with them when they come out but if they aren’t very good I’m so sorry

I personally think that bts would show the same level of interest and want to see your home country no matter where you’re from and because of that all these texts are turning out the same :// sorry

I have thought of taking down the individual countries and doing one longer one where “bts dating an international reader” and make it more broad where it can fit any country or reader so you guys can still have them more personal but without them being boring ? Let me know how you feel about this please because I want to make sure you guys are happy, that’s why I made this blog

I see your “Julia survived instead of Magnus” AUs and I raise you a Lup and a Hekuba as her adventuring buddies …Trois Rowdy Gurls, anyone?


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

Just things I want to mention/point out from 303:

  • Morty not trusting Rick when he was telling him to flip over the pickle 
  • Beth admiring her father for supposedly not needing to ask anyone for anything
  • Rick: “Yeah, there’s lots I wouldn’t do to see my daughter, but killing you gets me to her quicker than your derivative bullshit!”
  • Rick told the Russians to give the money to Jaguar’s daughter
  • This exchange:
    • Jaguar: “Pickle Man, it’s too late for me to tell my daughter I love her, but not for you.”
    • Rick: “Oh, well, uh, she knows, we don’t really buy into that kind of crap.”
    • (Is he talking about Beth or Jaguar’s daughter?)
  • Rick admitting he left his daughter behind in a world of mutants
  • Summer saying she just likes getting high
  • The therapist’s two monologues to Beth and Rick, respectively:
    • “I think it’s possible that you and your father have a very specific dynamic, I don’t think it’s one that rewards emotion or vulnerability, I think it may punish them, I think it’s possible that that dynamic eroded your marriage and is affecting your kids with a tendency to misdirect your feelings.
    • “Rick, the only connection between your unquestionable intelligence and the sickness destroying your family, is that everyone in your family, you included, use intelligence to justify sickness. You seem to alternate between viewing your own mind as an unstoppable force, and as an inescapable curse. And I think it’s because the only truly unapproachable concept for you is that it’s your mind within your control. You chose to come here, you chose to talk, to belittle my vocation, just as you chose to become a pickle. You are the master of your universe, and yet you are dripping with rat blood and feces, your enormous mind literally vegetating by your own hand. I have no doubt that you would be bored senseless by therapy. The same way I’m bored when I brush my teeth and wipe my ass. Because the thing about repairing, maintaining, and cleaning is that it’s not an adventure. There’s no way to do it so wrong that you might die. It’s just, work. And the bottom line is, some people are okay going to work, and some people…well, some people would rather die. Each of us gets to choose.”
  • Rick awkwardly apologizing to Beth for lying
  • Rick asking Beth to get a drink with him
  • Morty and Summer kind of indicating they liked therapy and wanted to go back
  • Jaguar saving Rick and Morty’s lives in the post-credits scene
Issues with stolen gemsonas & artwork

Hi gemsona fandom! Long time no see, hope you enjoyed the “Wanted” special and got some new ideas from seeing Homeworld!

Recently people close to me and I have had a lot of issues with our gemsonas and artwork being stolen, mainly by RP accounts on instagram and tumblr. It seems like a no-brainer but I guess it’s worth repeating:

  • Do NOT use someone’s gemsona/OC on roleplay accounts without express permission from the creator. Make your own character!! Gemsonas are often self-inserts, taking them is very personally intrusive and feels gross, man. Taking the character to roleplay is even worse- you’re misrepresenting them, changing their personality and using them to gain followers and fandom reputation. That’s a whole ‘nother level of theft.
  • Do NOT use someone’s artwork for blog art, icons, or any other personal/aesthetic use without express permission from the creator. Some artists are nice enough to allow this if you ask, but some art is personal and not meant to be used! ASK THEM FIRST.
  • Reposting or using artwork IS NOT okay just because you actually credited the artist. YOU NEED PERMISSION TO POST FIRST AND FOREMOST.

Just because an artist isn’t active in the gemsona fandom doesn’t mean their OC is up for grabs or any less their creation

Please reblog this (especially rp blogs!) and let younger people in the fandom know that this isn’t okay. Stop reposting art and taking other people’s OCs. Don’t interact with RP accounts with stolen OCs/art. Protect artists in your community!! Report them!!

It’s really unfortunate, situations like this make artists and creators want to take down drawings, stop posting their OCs and leave fandoms after experiences like this..