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I don't understand how SHE can't understand that we are not pushing for her to come out but to just leave Josh? Like personally I don't mind the stunts but more the association... She can beard with a famous actor for all that she wants but we need the trump connection GONE

Yeah like the bearding is annoying to me in general, but this association is really what’s ticking me off. They’re acting like it’s not even a threat when it fucking is. Unless they know something we don’t, they’re being dumb.

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rules: list 5 otps from 5 different fandoms and tag 10 people to pass it on

  1. meredith x derek (grey’s anatomy)
  2. aragorn x arwen (lord of the rings)
  3. mulder x scully (the x-files)
  4. john x sherlock (sherlock)
  5. jaime x brienne (asoiaf/got)

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ok but what if I wrote drunk septiplier.. while drinking..