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sleepovers with jaemin

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for a lovely anon. i had fun doing this altho i was feeling out of it for a few days! hope you enjoy!!!!! jaemin is so beautiful inside and out i want 2 cry - admin amy

- ok so y’all would probably have sleepovers spontaneously 

- like jaemin would be like ‘wanna netflix & chill ;))

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Okay so... you said to bring more Langst prompts so... This kinda has Klance in it so plz don't hate, you don't have to put that in if you don't want to. So, Lance stays up late, he has been for quite a while. Lance cries about his insecurities so he doesn't get much sleep, sometimes none at all. It's been affecting his health and he starts having hallucinations of his family. He's usually late for training and eating. Keith gets angry and goes to scold Lance, only to find him screaming names.

I relate to this more than I should tbh

Lance washed off his facemask, not even surprised that it did nothing against the dark circles that hung beneath his eyes. He was tired. He had been for the past week? Maybe month now. He lost track. 

Lance rubbed his eyes and started to get ready, only half assing his morning routine. He didn’t even register the comb through his hair, or putting his green jacket on. His mind was occupied. 

Why do I keep thinking about them? It was bad enough when I couldn’t see them anymore but now I see them everywhere. Lance attempted to push his family out of his mind. He loved them to death but he knew he needed to focus and not worry the team. 


Lance pushed the goo around his plate as he watch Allura speak, barely listening. Man am I tired. 

“Lance!” Allura slightly slammed her hand down on the table, causing the boy to jump and everyone to stare at him. “You need to focus. We have to make sure training goes perfectly today since we will be losing time creating alliances the rest of the week.” 

“Of course princess. Sorry I’m just really tired today.” Lance stifled a yawn. 

Allura stared at him for a few more seconds before sighing. “Training deck in 15.” She glided out of the room. 


Lance sprinted into the training deck, he knew he was late. 

“Lance, you’re late!” Coran said like it was the happiest thing in the world. Did anything bother him? 

“Sorry, I was….distracted.” Lance gave the team a wide grin and a forced laugh. When he saw that no one questioned him he exhaled the breath he didn’t know he was holding. Lance couldn’t tell the team the real reason he was late. He actually thought he saw his sister, ON THE CASTLE!! He saw her but no matter how fast he ran he never caught up to her. 

Allura enter the training deck. “Good we’re all here. Let’s begin. 


 They were split into groups. Pidge with Hunk, Shiro with Allura, and of course Keith with Lance. 

Lance seemed to be the only one struggling with hand to hand combat. He wanted to say it was because he never used he hands, however Hunk was doing just fine and he had a bigger gun than Lance. 

Lance tried to give Keith a run for his money but he was tired. His head was pounding and he kept getting lightheaded. His vision would sometimes get blurry and he could barely stand at moments. 

Needless to say, Lance was a very easy opponent for Keith. Keith would put him down in about 10 ticks every time. Lance could barely keep up, let alone keep standing up. 

Lance could feel the annoyance radiating off Keith, he couldn’t bring himself to care. He just wanted to go to bed. 

After what felt like years Allura said that they were done. Lance listen to Shiro tell him what he needed to work on and he dragged himself back to his room. 

Lance barely got his armor off before he fell on his bed and passed out. 


Keith stomped towards Lance’s room, he was already pissed from training today. Lance didn’t even try to fight him, he was like a rag doll. Now Lance missed dinner? What was up with him recently. 

Keith stopped in front of Lance’s door, inhaled and knocked. 

No response. Come on Lance, I’m not in the mood for games.

Keith knocked louder. Still nothing. 

Keith was about to walk away, just because he was mad he still respected people’s privacy.

 Keith started to turn from the door when he heard something. Was that a whimper? Keith put his ear up to the door and listened. Yeah, those are definitely whimpers…..I’m sorry Lance. Keith opened the door. 

Keith stood outside the door and stared into the room. He saw Lance on his bed, thrashing around and whimpering. 

Keith stared wide eyed for a moment, then he walked towards Lance, making sure the door closed behind him. He stood a few inches away from Lance, his hands almost touching him. 

Lance looked horrible. He was shaking, and sweating. He was whimpering and saying names? Keith didn’t recognize any of the names. However he did recognize “Mama”. 

It didn’t take Keith long to figure out that Lance was talking about his family. He couldn’t watch it anymore, Keith reluctantly reached forwards and shook Lance. “Lance!”

 Lance flung his eyes opened and bolted forward nearly smacking into Keith in the process. 

Lance looked at keith and scurried to the opposite side of the bed and hugged his legs. “He-hey Keith. Time for dinner?”

Keith nodded and continued to stare at Lance. “Lance is everything alright?” Keith wanted to hug him, strange right, but he decided to stay where he was. 

“Yeah, of course! Just a dream.” Lance tried to laugh ot off but his voice was raw. 

“Lance, that wasn’t a dream. You can talk to me.” Keith sat on the edge of the bed hoping to calm Lance down.

Lance continued to stare at Keith, his breaths were coming fast and his shirt was soaked in sweat. Keith wouldn’t judge him…right? “I miss my family.” Lance swallowed around the lump in his throat. 

“Well that’s okay we all miss someone from Earth.” Lance responded by shaking his head.

“No like this is different from usual. I’m seeing them, I saw my sister in the castle. Keith I’m losing it aren’t I?” Keith stared at Lance even more. 

He was hallucinating, okay.  “Lance I think you’re just tired.” Keith was trying to find and answer for Lance.   

“I can’t. I only slept because of how tired I was. Everytime I sleep I see my family. They’re disappointed in them, I left Earth and didn’t tell them. I never want to make my mama cry but every time I dream, she cries.” Lance’s breathing started to pick up. “And when I don’t sleep my brain is occupied with everything I do wrong. I’m a failed pilot. I’m a failed teammate. I’m a failed friend. I can’t do anything right.” Lance fought back tears as his voice wavered. 

Keith wasn’t sure what part got him but he crawled across the bed and hugged Lance as tight as he could. He slowly felt his shoulder become wet and shaky arms wrap around him. 

“Lance your parents are not disappointed in you. You’re not a failure. You just need to cope and get help. There is no shame in it. You can talk to me whenever you need.”

Lance tried not to shake but he started to tremble all over as he sobbed on Keith’s shoulder. “Thank you Keith.” 


Roughly 2 months had passed and Lance started to sleep better. He brain stopped voicing his insecurities and he saw less of his family. He trained better, and he pilots Blue better than ever. He did it because of one thing. Every night he would sleep next to a certain Red paladin and every time Lance had an issue, he was right there to help. 

I am terrible sorry this took so long. 

I love this idea! Also never apologize for Klance, it’s my life.

I hope you like it!!!

Thank you!


request: “Can you please write a Barry x reader where based on the song ‘Happier’ by Ed Sheeran? So like maybe the reader and Barry were together and now he is with Iris and the reader sees that he is happier with Iris. Something with heaps of fluffy flashbacks and really really sad! You can choose how the ending goes whether they end up together or not xx” — by anon

a/n: very happy to receive a request like this one because happier is one of my favorite tracks in divide tbh. hope you like this, anon! even if i added a little twist to it. x (also this imagine features julian because i love his character so much hehe though don’t worry, this is still a barry imagine lmao)

Masterlist + Request here!

You didn’t know why you were feeling so angry right now. You didn’t even know why you even bothered to go to Jitters when you knew he always came here for coffee every morning; and you didn’t even know that seeing him with someone else could hurt you in ways no other person could ever do.

Barry was just there, so near yet so out of reach, his smile wide while he engages a conversation with none other than the beautiful Iris West; while you were at the farthest table, where he couldn’t see you but you could see him — yes, it was kind of creepy if you come to think of it, but in your defense, you acquired the table first before he even came.

You clenched your hands into a fist as you hear their melodic laughter echoing throughout the room. You could vividly remember how you used to make him laugh, but hearing it right now, it seemed like his laughter was twice as loud as it used to be when he was still with you.

“Okay, why did the mushroom went to the party?” You asked Barry while the two of you were facing each other on the couch, your knees under your chin while he had his arm on the back of the sofa.

Ever so subtly, he rolled his eyes. “Why?”

“Because he was a fungi!” you exclaimed before doing a very bad laugh that caused him to laugh as well, his face getting red.

“Y/N, I love you, but that must be the stupidest joke I have ever heard in my entire life.” he stated, laughing again.

You widened your eyes at what he said and Barry seemed to catch on because he suddenly looked away from your steady gaze, realizing that he had told you something that you didn’t really hear every day. In fact, this was the first time he ever told you that he loved you.

“What was that?” you smiled at him, your heart practically leaping out of your chest.

Barry coughed awkwardly. “Er, was that too fast? I, um, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time now but — why are you laughing at me?” he frowned, the color red tinting his cheeks and neck once again.

“I’m sorry, but you’re just so cute whenever you’re all flustered.” you said, inching closer to him and sitting on his lap. “You didn’t honestly think I didn’t feel the same way, did you?” you whispered.

He kissed your cheek. “I-I was kind of afraid that you didn’t, yeah.”

You smiled and brought your lips to his, kissing him with passion that the both of you had to catch your breath when you pulled away to utter the three special words back.

“I love you too, Bartholomew Henry Allen.”

“Y/N?” Julian Albert got you out of your trance, a coffee cup in his hand while an amused expression was on his face. “Not stalking your ex-boyfriend, I hope?”

You smiled at him sarcastically before rolling your eyes and looking away, not bringing yourself to admit that you indeed were doing what he claimed. Julian tilted his head and pulled out the chair in front of you, sitting which made you snap your attention back to him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” you asked with your eyebrows raised.

He placed his cup on the table, next to your own, and stared boringly through your eyes. “Accompanying you, what do you think?”

“Actually, you’re disturbing me so —”

“It’s not everyday you see me tolerating other people’s petty drama, Y/N.” he cut you off rather rudely. “So, what’s wrong?”

You knew Julian through your work as one of the aiding lawyers for CCPD. You didn’t particularly considered him as your friend because of his arrogant demeanor, but you had a good working relationship with him because even though he was a proclaimed jerk, you weren’t gonna lie and say he wasn’t great at his job.

“None of your business.” you tore your eyes from his for a moment to glance yet again at Barry’s table, where their hands were now holding each other.

Julian noticed how your face fell and he turned around to see what you were looking at. “If you’re gonna sulk all day because he got another girl, then why did you break up with him in the first place?”

Yes. Why did you break up with him in the first place?

You started to recollect your thoughts upon his question. All you could remember was it just hurt too much — Barry was keeping secrets from you, and no matter how much you loved him, to know that he didn’t trust you enough was the reason you didn’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore. It seemed so shallow but if your boyfriend kept on disappearing, kept on going somewhere without telling you, if he kept on lying to your face — maybe it wouldn’t be so shallow after all.

The moon was shining brightly as the night drew deeper, the only sound you were hearing was the ticking of the clock and the gust of wind that you eventually heard from outside your window. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and you flickered your eyes to it immediately, seeing Barry quietly close it.

“You’re late. Again.” you sighed as you sat up from your own shared bed with him. Despite the darkness of the room, you could see the frown on his face, and it made you do the same.

Barry climbed on the bed with you. “I’m sorry, the precinct needed something done so I had to stay.” he wrapped his arms around your body.

You noticed the cut on his eyebrow. “What happened?” you gently touched the fresh wound, making him wince slightly.

He shook his head and removed your hand from it, bringing it to his lips. “Let’s just sleep, shall we? I bet you’re already tired.”

“Barry …” there was disappointment in your voice. “What are you not telling me?” you asked.

But he never answered you, he just kissed your forehead goodnight and hummed until you fell asleep, making you forget that night’s events the next day.

Julian was waiting expectantly for your answer, and when you noticed that he was, you shook your head in annoyance. “Sorry, but like I said, none of your business.”

“I could do this all day.” he challenged. “I could ask and ask until I finally get an answer. Believe it or not, but it bothers me to see you so gloomy.”

You didn’t seem to hear every word he just said, because you were seeing Barry stand up and actually walk towards your table, his eyebrows slightly furrowed because you were with Julian.

You uncomfortably squirm in your seat, gathering your things almost immediately to leave but before you can even get a chance to get out of your chair, Barry was already in front of you, Iris just standing behind him.

“Allen, is there any reason why you’re here?” Julian was the first to speak, noticing your discomfort.

You mentally thanked him for it, not expecting that he would do such a thing.

Barry had stared at him longingly. “I was just about to ask you the same thing, Julian. Aren’t you supposed to be at the precinct?”

“I didn’t know you kept track on my schedule.” said Julian flatly.

Barry ignored this and instead turned to face you. “Y/N, how have you been?” he smiled.

How could he look at me like that? Like we didn’t break up? You thought to yourself.

“Good.” you drummed your fingers on the table. “Uh, you?”

“Good.” Barry copied your tone in a teasing manner. “I’m actually with Iris —”

“Yes, anyone who has a set of eyes is aware of that, Allen.” interjected Julian, a sneer on his features.

“I never realized you and Y/N were friends.” your former lover directed his attention to his co-worker once again, his voice sharp and showed annoyance.

“What a surprise it is to know how unobservant you are.”

You kicked Julian under the table and he looked at you, as if asking what your problem was.

You cleared your throat. “We’ll get going now. It was nice seeing you, Barry —”

“Y/N, wait.” Barry had a firm grip on your elbow. “Are you and him . . ?” he trailed, watching your eyebrows rise in question. “Uh, never mind. It’s not like it matters anymore, anyway.”

“Indeed it doesn’t.”

And with that, you walked out of Jitters with your hands slightly shaking, Julian following shortly behind. You stopped marching away once you knew you were far enough, hands finding a path to reach your chest, dramatically holding on like you were touching your already broken heart.

“Hey, I’m always going to be here, okay?” Barry placed his arms around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his chest while you softly breathed in and out. “No matter what, you’ll always have me.”

“Promise?” you croaked.

He nodded with a smile, “Promise.”

“Ugh, I must be so lucky to have you.” you hugged him back and heard his soft chuckle escape his lips.

He shook his head. “I actually think it’s the other way around, Y/N.”

“I doubt it.” you replied, stretching up your toes to give him a sweet kiss. “I’m clearly the winner in this relationship.”

“Damn it.” You cursed under your breath as you find yourself crying in the middle of the street. What would other people think if they saw you? You didn’t want to appear weak and fragile through their eyes, especially if they knew what you were really crying about.

Julian panted and stopped beside you. “Y/N, look, I’m —”

He didn’t bother to finish his sentence when he saw you in tears. You glanced at him, getting a handkerchief from your pocket and subtly using it to hide your face as you wipe away the tears on your wet cheeks. Surely, if there was any other person that you didn’t want seeing you in this state, it was definitely him.

“Is there anything that I could do to help?” his egotistical facade faded.

You just shook your head, knowing that he couldn’t do anything to help you feel better. No one could make you feel better except Barry. And it hurt you to realize that seeing him with Iris a while ago, his grin big and his actions so true to himself, that he was finally happier. He was happier, and you weren’t even part of his life anymore to be the reason behind of it.

♡ Angry Luke Smut w/ Visuals (Request) ♡

A/N: ITS HERE!!! iya this was an anon request for an angry luke smut w/ visuals, so yea, wasn’t sure how to go about this but i hope y’all like it (sigh, i feel like everybody needs angry luke sex tbh)

warnings: ofc smut, nsfw images so if ur not into that then keep scrollin’, lots of dirty talk n rough sex here ok ok 

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Imagine Waking Richard Up with Nose Kisses

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When you wake up, you realize you are pulled against Richard’s chest. You two had been secretly dating for a few years now all thanks to Dean. You were friends with Dean before he was on The Hobbit and through him, you met Richard. You could say I t was love at first sight.

You smile lightly, rolling over to look at his face. You rest your forehead against his and gently kiss his nose. He twitches a bit, nostrils flaring.

You smile and wonder how you’re so lucky to have him in your life. You kiss his nose again and he twitches again making you smile.

“You’re going to make me sneeze if you keep on doing that,” he mutters and you laugh.

“I’m bored and you’re cute so I’m going to keep doing it,” you say, kissing him again. He wiggles his nose and then opens his eyes.

You kiss him on his lips this time and he kisses you back a bit before pulling away and closing his eyes again.

“Go back to bed y/n,” he says and you smile.

You reach over to the nightstand and grab his phone. You try to take a picture of his cute self but he puts a pillow over his head. You sit up and take the picture anyway and post it to his Instagram while lying down.

“Richard looks pretty damn cute when receiving nose kisses, tbh. Morning from my camera shy partner and I. Have a lovely day #surprise #WereTogether #thanksDean” you post, tagging yourself in it.

You put his phone away and remove the pillow from his head and slip it under your head. You lean your forehead against his again and fall back asleep.

When your wake up, Richard is lying next to you but he’s on his phone.

“What time is it?” you ask.

“Only 9. You literally got up at 5 to wake me up,” he says but he doesn’t sound angry so you laugh.

“Sorry,” you shrug and he laughs. You look at what he’s doing and he’s on instgram getting ready to post a picture of you sleeping. Your back is towards the camera only showing your hair.

“When your better half wakes you up at five with nose kisses, but you tell her to leave you alone because it’s WAY too early for that shit ,” he posts and you giggle, wrapping your legs around his. You loved your little dork.

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.

After my mom died, I usually got a call from my sister on Mother’s Day just to chit chat and check in to see how I was doing.  Since this is my first Mother’s Day without either of them, I wanted to jot down a little memory of the three of us…(and then hibernate for the rest of the weekend because I’m not ready for pictures from everybody’s Mothers’ Day brunches).

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hey, can you do an angst fic rec? angst is my absolute fav and im running out of fics to read xxx

Hey love.

Here you go, this is the last angsty fics I bookmarked !

- Tangled Up In Blue : “What about you?” He asks, turning his head to look over at Louis, squinting.“What about me?”Harry smiles, reaches out to link their pinky fingers together. “Have you ever been in love?”Louis hums and lets his eyes slip shut, sun warming his eyelids. “Yeah, I think so. Maybe.”“What’s it like?” Harry asks quietly.au; Louis finds it difficult to jump. Harry helps him.

Larry friends to lovers AU (19k) : starts when they are kids and best friends… they grow up ans it becomes complicated. Well written, angsty, some smut (bottom!Harry) but not too much. Very nice fic !

- My Bones Are Made Of You  (and the 2nd part Written In My Skin ) : When Harry decides to take matters into his own hands and leaves to a Summer Camp for two months, he’s sparkling with excitement, for it is the only choice he’s ever been able to make by himself. The last thing he expects to happen is for the world to become a golden boy with sapphire eyes, infinite eyelashes and glinting laughter, which, somehow, reveals completely different, absorbingly exquisite, shade of life. However, he did not expect a slightest possibility of the world ever ending either.

Larry summer camp AU (64k, then 60k) with a great love story ! This is so well written, and beautiful, and painful too. Barely smutty, but very angsty… 

- Nobody shines the way you do :  Louis pretends to be Harry’s boyfriend to help him win back his douchebag ex-boyfriend, but things don’t go according to plan.

Loooong (115k) Larry AU where Louis and Harry are best friends … and Louis is pinning all day long about Harry who’s in a bad relationship. The fake relationship comes later on the fic. Smut is good, it’s very angsty. Fair warning about cheating (a lot).

- missing you is a slow burn “Maybe we should talk,” he offers quietly, even though he already knows what the answer will be. So when Louis frantically shakes his head and tries to kiss him again, he takes his face in his hands and strokes his cheek with his thumb, asks, “What do you want, love?”Louis doesn’t look him in the eye when he whispers, “You.”So Nick gives him just that.

Canon Tomlinshaw fic (16k) where Louis is outed and Nick doesn’t want to have his heart break for the 2nd time but well. Oh god, it’s so good. Go read it. Smutty and fluffy and ansgty.

- - I’ll be someone who won’t be forgotten: Six years since they’ve last seen one another, Louis bumps (literally) into Harry on the street on his way to work. In the hours following, they relearn one another and their past as they wander the streets and relive a few of their most significant memories together. Topics covered: what it means to grow up, how to be a real functioning adult in the world, how to stop lying, gravity in the context of black holes, and the reimagining of inevitability.

Larry AU, OS (27k). Oh it’s painful, really. Like something hurting so much and angsty like hell. But it’s so well written, and awwwwww I want to cuddle Louis right now. Add some smut and so many sentences I would like to quote but I couldn’t choose only one so I give up.

Tell if you want some more !

UPDATE  : I add some more :) (last update on May 4th 2016)

- Photograph by @tvshows-addict and @stylinscripts(…) An epic love story in which Harry is too in love for his own good, Louis is in denial of his sexuality, and they write songs instead of actually talking to each other.

Loooong Larry kind-of-Canon-but-not-really fic (185k). Now it’s completed (except for the epilogue), i can finally rec it. I don’t know what to tell tbh, this fic is so much things. Angsty, that’s for sure. Full of pinning too. Smutty. With a lot of nice other characters (special kudos for Sam, I love her), a lot of songs references. And fuuuuuuucckkkk this last chapter was rude!!! And now I’m gonna listen to Ed Sheeran for the rest of the day, thank you.

 - take my hand (and my heart and soul) , by bananasandboots  : Harry feels nauseous when he opens his mouth. “Hey. Um, hi. It’s me,” he mumbles before realizing with a jolt that Louis might not have his number anymore. “It’s Harry… Styles,” he tacks on, screwing his eyes shut and pinching the bridge of his nose. This was a terrible idea.  There’s silence on the other end for a long time. Harry understands. He shouldn’t have called. He tries not to let the static swallow him whole.  "I – yeah. Hi,“ Louis finally answers, slowly, awkwardly. “I um. Sorry. I heard about your accident. You’re alright?” Or, the one where Harry hasn’t spoken to his best friend in sixteen months and can’t remember why.

Larry ex-friends to lovers/ Amnesia AU (45k). Well, it’s angsty. Like, really. But so well written! Baker!Harry is very lost, his friends are great, and Louis… is Louis. Not so much smutty (but bottom Harry I guess?)

- Interruptions & Complications , by Tomlinsontoes : Kings Highway frontman Harry Styles could get whomever he wanted; Louis may be a groupie but he’s not that easy.Harry has a thing for sleeping around, he is in a popular band after all and it would be dumb to say no to the girls and guys throwing themselves at him. Somewhere along the line he stopped caring about their names and started earning himself quite the reputation. But there was always one person who didn’t want him and well that made him try even harder.

Long Larry famous/non-famous AU (100k). Ok so fair warning about cheating, singer sleeping with every people breathing around, and boys being so bad at relationship and so good to make bad decisions. But I promise you it worse it, it’s well written, the smut is good (kind of share that), and it’s fluffy too.

- like a timebomb ticking, by @infinitelymint : Louis loses everything. Harry’s still there.

LArry Canon fic (31k). Ok, this fic is very painful. Like … well. I cried a lot. But only at the start? I don’t know what to say about this tbh. It’s very well written, it’s sad, but not always, it’s get better, I promise. I think I can tell the plot a bit (because well, you’ll know in the first words so…) : Louis loses all his family in a car accident. And Harry & him are no more together since a year. But seriously go read it if you can. Also great smut (rough and angry, bottom louis).

- We The Fireworks , by @happilylarreh : It’s the morning after the night before and Louis doesn’t know how on earth he made it home in one piece but he reckons it maybe has something to do with the curly-haired stranger, standing half-naked in his kitchen. The problem is that this mysterious stranger, who has a huge secret and an even huger heart, doesn’t seem to plan on leaving Louis’ life anytime soon and doesn’t seem to be able to get it into his stupidly adorable, curly head that Louis is absolutely, utterly, completely, one hundred percent beyond help. Out of reach. Lost in the night. Or The AU where Louis needs saving and Harry wants to save him but doesn’t want to admit that maybe he needs saving a little bit too.

Long Larry AU (103k) with a lot of trigger warning (rape, prostitution, homelessness), but if you can read this, so you gonna love it ! Well written, this relationship is strong and give you feels. Smut at the end (bottom!Louis) and cute epilogue. this one made me emotional.

- Bigger Than Life , by @hrrylouis : “Boybander Harry Styles spotted leaving West Hollywood joined hand in hand with new beau, Xander Ritz”His heart drops in his chest as he scrolls down, ignoring the short irrelevant article and looking desperately for a picture. Sure enough, there’s pap shots of Harry and Xander, walking hand in hand, looking drunk and cheerful and together.And that’s—that’s really not what Louis was expecting at all.

Larry canon fic (48k). Oh god, it’s angsty. Like really painful. but well written. And great smut. But painful. But so good. GOD (Zouis ! Lilo ! Tomlinshaw !! theirs friendships fucked me up) .

- Indestructible  , by @crazyupsetter “Hi,” Harry murmurs, and Louis hiccups out a sob.“Hi,” he manages, still clutching onto Harry’s shoulders. Harry’s fingers drift across Louis’ cheeks, and there’s something off about Harry’s expression, but Louis can’t figure out what it is.“I’m okay,” Harry says, and Louis is going to say something to that, even if he doesn’t know what, except Harry’s kissing him.Louis freezes.

Larry canon fic (23k) where Harry woke up being amnesic after a car crash. Awesome fic ! amazing smut (bottom!Louis and some angry sex), and angsty :)

- Hiding Place, by @alivingfire : Louis never wanted a soulmate, didn’t really care for the whole Bonding thing at all, really. Enter Harry Styles, who’s wanted to be Bonded for as long as he could remember. With one fateful meeting in an X Factor bathroom, Louis gets a dagger on his arm and the realization that just because Harry is his soulmate doesn’t mean it’s mutual. From the X Factor house to Madison Square Garden, from the Fountain Studios stage to stadiums across the world, Louis has to learn to love without losing himself completely, because someday his best friend will Bond to someone and replace Louis as the center of his universe. Meanwhile, Harry begins to think that maybe fate doesn’t actually know what it’s doing after all, because his other half has clearly been right in front of him the whole time. All he has to do now is convince Louis to give them a chance. Or, the canon compliant Harry and Louis love story from the very beginning, where the only difference is that the love between them is literally written on their skin, and there’s only so much they can hide.

Larry Canon-Soulmate AU fic (365k) : yes, that’s right : 365k. So this is totally canon (and thanks a lot for all the links to videos/tweets/press article in the fic, I finally was able to watch all I missed before 2014)(and god, it was painful, idk how you could stay in all this bullshit guys, I’m proud of you). Anyway, like I said, totally canon but with a Soulmate twist for the fun (and, tbh, for the angst). So, angsty a lot, smutty a lot (kind if share that, first times &co) and very painful. Did I already said angsty? Finished it at 4AM, thank you dear author.

- Of Love and Blood and Hate , by @differentkindofson:  “You auditioned without me,” Louis says, his voice disbelieving. “How the fuck can you stand there and hurl all this shit at me when you literally left me behind to go audition for the show we’d been dreaming of being on together?”  “What was I supposed to do, Louis? You refused to audition with me unless we were honest about being a couple. I knew we never would have made it past the first auditions. You left me no other choice; it was either audition alone or not audition at all.“  Louis feels his own eyes start to fill with tears. “You chose a fucking reality show over our relationship. If you still don’t see that you made the wrong choice than I don’t think there’s any reason for me to waste another second here.”A Famous/Non-Famous turned Famous/Famous AU where Harry makes the biggest mistake of his life and Louis’ left to pick up the pieces. 

Larry famous not famous AU (42k). holy shit ! also “BFF to lovers to ex to lovers”. So yeah, it’s angsty (like a lot), smutty (bottom!Harry), there’s a big part about Tomlinshaw (and it’s great), and I love it okay?

- Flour and Chocolate , by @and-they-call-me-prideful: it was nice, for a bakery he supposed. Then he approached the display cabinet. And the foreboding slammed into him. Because every product had letters next to it. Letters. GF, DF, V, O, VGN. What. The. Fuck? Lifting his eyes to the chalkboard menu spread across the back wall Louis felt physically ill. ‘Gluten-free’, ‘organic’, ‘vegan’, ‘paleo’, ‘dair-…’ Wait, what the fuck was a paleo? He had entered some hipster-trash establishment and it was more than time to get out.  
ORLouis is a single dad and Harry works at the newly opened bakery down the street.

Larry baker Hipster Harry and single dad!Louis (145k) : Oh god, this fic is so great ! really. It’s absolutely slow burn and angsty, but worse the while! Good smut too (kind of share that). Fair warning about very sad Louis (and some unhealthy behavior), and Zayn being a dick.

- the dreams you left behind , by @cat33x13 : After Louis returns from a week-long guest spot a US chat show to an empty flat and a ‘Dear John’ letter from Harry, life as he knows it changes completely. Fast-forward two years and Louis has taken to hiding away in a tiny village in the English countryside where he isn’t known as Louis Tomlinson, ex-boybander, and has managed to live a relatively quiet life. That is until Liam, Zayn and Niall come to see him and he remembers everything he has tried to forget.When he reads of Harry’s Christmas engagement in the papers, he does the only thing he knows to mask his sorrow; drinks so much he ends up in hospital. Cue visiting family and a return to London, where he learns not everything is as it seems, the mistakes of the past can be forgiven and that maybe he might get his happy ending after all.

Larry ex to lovers - future fic AU (31k) : awesome and angsty. Like a lot. Both. no smut.

- maps can be poems when you’re on your own , by @fukcinglouis   “Harry, this is Louis, the guy I was telling you about,” Liam says. “Lou, this is Harry, my roommate.”  Harry looks up and locks eyes with Louis, who is very clearly drunk. Louis just giggles in surprise and claps a hand over his own mouth, widening his eyes at Harry comically.  “Nice to meet you,” Harry croaks, watching as Louis tucks himself more firmly into Liam’s side.Or, Harry falls in love with the guy his best friend is fooling around with.

Larry roomates AU (19k) : okay so don’t read it if you’re not comfortable with a side Lilo AND a bit of cheating. But if you can, go read it, it’s great, and angsty and smutty (bottom!Louis).

‘course,   i  said it’s a   bad idea,   ‘cause it   is   a bad idea — who the hell thinks jumpin’ outta the damn airlock into the atmosphere in a spandex   flying squirrel   getup’s a great thing to do at 0800 in the damn morning?   not me,   that’s who.  but,   hey !   i’m just the damn   doctor,   so,   no,   don’t go listenin’ to what   i   gotta say.  n’when they beam back up lookin’ like they got trampled on by a herd’a real angry   bison,   horseshit’n’all,   i’m   the one that’s gotta play   how-to-put-humpty-dumpty-back-together-again.   sure as hell don’t sound fair to me.’      *   @enchantedboy.

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I'M ACTUALLY SO MAD ABOUT IT THO IS THIS WHAT LEO MARS IS??? BEING REALLY ANGRY LIKE THIS IM SO ANGRY I WANNA SCREAM INTO A PILLOW butimalsogoingtodothewholeassignmentbymyselfbecauseihavenootherchoiceandthereisnowayinhelliwantherhelpso


I mean I’d be angry if I had a lazy project partner too because it probably sucks doing all of the work, you have every reason to be pissed!!!

Though I’m laughing so hard right now because I remember during last year in English class, my final project group consisted of me, a Cancer, a Gemini, and another person (I forgot who was the other person whoops) and we had three weeks to work on our project (during class) but we didn’t accomplish anything until the morning the project was due. WE FINISHED IT TEN MINUTES BEFORE CLASS.


Harry explaining WMYB on Freshly Squeezed in mid 2011 (x)

Or alternatively, hi I’m Harry Styles and our new song about an insecure girl is probs, most likely, most definitely, is about a friend who is also a girl, not a love interest, as my boyfriend is sat down there below me. It might be only 2011, but I’m already checking my wording to make that clear. Thanks, all the love H. 

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🔥 + /tagged/face !! i absolutely love your blog, bby :') <3 it's goals af!! xoxo

i legit forgot you sent me this and it’s just a reminder i a) am the worst at memes and always post them with zero intention of doing them and b) have way too many unanswered memes just sitting in my inbox but HERE WE GO !!!! so i’m p sure this is world known knowledge but sien is literally the nicest. like that’s it just the nicest person ever ?? it’s unreal. it’s goals tbh bc lbr i could never be this nice or have this much patience. i’d show my whole ass and every angry ghetto black girl stereotype would come out real quick, but she’s so mature and she’s so sweet and a great writer. i’m pretty sure that like small woodland creatures help her get dressed in the morning she’s a pure disney princess and my fave <3

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why does bill hader freak you out or is it just like, an irrational (that word sounds gross here but i can't think of a better one) Bad Feeling because i get those too lol

watch the episode with him on good mythical morning. he freaked out because they made him touch a (clean!) tampon blindfolded. like he in all seriousness got angry and pissy and not even in the “haha lol tampons are soo gross” way , he legit acted like a pissed off kid it was so embarrassing to watch and he seems like he gets angry easily. and that’s all I’ve seen of him tbh. His pissed-off-ness seems a lil scary. Also, amy schumer also mentioned being sexually harassed and unnecessarily touched by a guy she filmed a sex scene with and im wondering if it could be him (i haven’t seen their stupid movie so idk if there’s a sex scene or not)

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So, Aaron is going to be upset with his mum and probably want to move out the pub. His 'to go' place would be Paddy's but he's gonna be mad at him too because of the affair, right? So he could move in with Rob, of course with a 'I have nowhere else to go, don't read too much into it, we're not gonna get back together' kind of argumentation, right??

HA! I would LOOVE LOOOOOOVE LOOOOOOOOOOVE this lmaooo !! It’s such a romcom kind of scenario. I’m doubting it’ll happen b/c ED likes to go the tragedy route with Robron rather than the cutesy route, but I’d die for some romcom cuteness as a sort of break from all the angst tbh! pls @ emmerdale, imagine all the awkawrd scenarios:

  • rob coming out of shower in towel, aaron getting angry and shouting about new house rules requiring they stay clothed at all times, even in the shower–so rob just plops himself naked at the table the next morning to wind aaron up, who comes in for his coffee and throws a fit
  • one of them having a guy overnight & the other getting jealous so they both start bringing ppl home to make each other jealous and its v obvious to everyone but them
  • scrappy ruining the furniture and robert complaining, aaron just laughing in his face and giving scrappy rewards for ruining stuff
  • arguing over who gets to use the telly, then just agreeing to watch smth together but faking irritation when they’re actually happy, progressively laughing and enjoying each other’s company as they watch but then ending the night with them going “ANYWAYS GOODNIGHT” and going in their separate rooms all flustered


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honestly the fact that hope is really a giant dumb ass is probably my favorite thing about her. she seems like she'd be this hard ass but she's genuinely got a heart of gold and she's so silly and i just... *sigh*

lmfao i know. like you look at her and you’re kind of like “oh shit, she looks pretty scary??”

but then you watch her interviews and after you get over how cute her voice is (seriously Hope’s voice is so cute i want to cry about it), you also realize she’s really nice and really dorky and does really dumb and hilarious things???

like was grinding on Nancy Grace rly necessary Hope???

to this day i don’t understand why she did this???? what was she trying to accomplish????

her laughing with Mariah after Kim scored for Seattle??? not very intimidating or badass tbh.

she had to buckle her bag in on the plane??????

and then she gets on social media and it’s like 10x worse honestly

???????????????? so fucking stupid jesus christ

yes Hope, tell us more about the vegetables you picked this morning

remember that time people made fun of her for her Gucci bag and then she tweeted this after the Reign won their match?

reminder that she and Cap did the worm as a goal celly during the fucking Olympics. bc the team thought it was cool that Hope could do the worm. actually this entire team can fuck off tbh.

My rant.

I don’t even know who to begin this post because quite frankly I’m disgusted. And it’s all because of this quote: 

“Blair‘s engaged to a prince, so what could be better than that? But then you realize that the fairytale isn’t 100-percent perfect.” So which gent does she think could offer a better chance at giving the would-be princess a happy ending? “Her and Chuck have had ups and down, and as much as everyone loves them together I think that them having time apart has actually helped Blair grow — and weirdly helped me grow, too,” the actress offered. She then continued, “The one relationship I’d love to see play out is Blair and Dan — just selfishly, honestly, because I love working with Penn. So we’ll see!”

I’m not angry about what she has said, it’s the amount of hate Leighton has got for saying this. To be honest I don’t mind this quote, and I definitely wouldn’t stop liking Leighton because of it. She says Chuck and Blair needed to be apart and Blair has benefited it. In 4.09 4.22 even this season with the number of times Chuck has let Blair go because he loves her, this is why they grew apart. They needed to work on themselves so that eventually they could return back together. ‘I need to be Blair Waldorf before I can become Chuck bass’ girlfriend.’ In terms of implying to 'helped me grow too’ Leighton could have been talking about anything. Maybe it was getting the chance to work with more actors, such as Hugo or even having the chance to do different SL’s such as the baby one. 

Whenever you see Leighton on set with her cast mates, you ALWAYS see a smile on her face and always joking around with them. I think she does love working with Penn, and you can see it in bloopers and BTS pictures. They’re always smiling with each other and getting along, how is that such a bad thing? “The one relationship I’d love to see play out is Blair and Dan.” IMO I don’t know why some fans have got so angry/hurt/upset about Leighton saying this. When Leighton says 'relationship’ how do we know that she’s talking about this in the romantic sense because she always talks about Dan/Blair being good for each other in the friendship sense. 'Plays out’ This means so see where it heads, and as I have said many times before I can see them becoming a more important friendship than Blair/Serena. Dan is the one Blair trusts and who she feels she can go to look for advice. 

However I don’t know where some fans have got the impression that Leighton does not like working with Ed anymore. I have seen a myriad of tweets/posts on tumblr bashing or just harassing Leighton about what’s she has said and I just find it a real shame. I mean just because she didn’t mention Ed doesn’t mean she doesn’t like working with him anymore. For the past past five years in interviews, photoshoots, BTS photos you can see how much she loves him. And during the cutting of the cake yesterday they were standing next to each other. 

Also have some fans forgotten the amount of times she (and Ed) have talked about Chuck and Blair and how much they both love them? 

  • Nate, Chuck, or Dan?  Leighton: Chuck.
  • Now, I love them together, but don’t want them to be together in a romantic way. How do you feel about a possible romance there? Leighton: I like Chuck and Blair. (laughs)
  • “I love Chuck and Blair. I can really relate to it-not necessarily because it’s this dramatic, tumultuous relationship, but because the way they love each other is very real and not for the sake of being dramatic,” she explained. “It’s actual love. There’s nobody for each other but them.”
  • When Chuck & Blair are gonna be together again. The fans care about that a lot, and I’ve to say me too! I love their relationship and working with Ed is very thrilling. The scenes with him are usually my favorites because we have a great alchemy. Our harmony makes our relationship credible, we trust each other and aren’t afraid of going too far in the intimate scenes.
  • But lets hope that it’s not forever because these two are made for each other.

Honestly even if she was partly told what to say ect or if that was her actual thoughts, isn’t Leighton allowed to have an opinion? I’m tired of Leighton getting all this hate, just chill out and remember what both Leighton, Ed and the writers have said many times in the past. “The thing that fans should know that hopefully is reassuring, is that Chuck and Blair are always top of mind to me and Stephanie, to the writers. There’s been a long-term plan in place since the beginning of the show about them as a couple, and Chuck and Blair will always be top of mind.” - Josh Schwartz

Just remember this “We have some amazing Chuck and Blair scenes coming up in the next couple of episodes.. The Chuck and Blair relationship is really fun and something that wasn’t in the books, but came out of Leighton and Ed Westwick’s chemistry.” - Stephanie Savage

And this Ed Westwick did have a small nugget for fans of Chuck and Blair, saying — without specifics — that they will likely find themselves pleased by the end of the hour. “It’s difficult for me to speculate as to the opinions of fans…but I don’t think they’re going to be disappointed, for sure,

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Pfffffft lol how about #5 for jikook? XD (you don't have to write it if you don't want but it'd be pretty interesting haha)

H#5: one night stand and falling pregnant au

OMG THIS IS HILARIOUS just be ready for a crack fic lmao

Jimin didn’t really mean to have sex with his classmate. It just happened. One moment, they were playing video games in Jungkook’s apartment after studying, and the next, they were on his bed with roaming hands and soft moans. 

And it’s not like Jimin regretted it either. No, no, no. Even as he got dressed and left the next morning, he couldn’t help but blush at the though of everything they’d been doing the night before. It was fair to say Jungkook was the best fuck he’d had in a while. But even though he wanted to stay longer, he didn’t want to overstay his welcome, and so he left before Jungkook got up. 

The next night, Jimin went out with his friends for a few drinks and explained how amazing the sex with Jungkook was. He just didn’t realize how drunk he was. 

“Jimin!” Hoseok gasped. “You could be pregnant!” Fully believing his friend (why would he steer him wrong?), Jimin let out a gasp as well. 

“Oh my god… You’re right… I have to get a test,” Jimin said, taking another drink in his hand and chugging it. “But it would be nice to have a cute baby with Jungkookie.”

Nonetheless, they all made a trip to the drugstore across the street to purchase a pregnancy test for Jimin. Namjoon offered to pay, but seeing as how he was a little stingy with money at the moment, he chose the cheapest one he could find. 

The cashier gave them a strange look, but rang them up anyway, and they were out the door and in search for the nearest bathroom. 

Jimin found himself at his own apartment bathroom, his buddies waiting impatiently outside the door as he read the instructions on the back of the package. “I have to pee on this stick!” he exclaimed. 

“Yes, Jimin,” Namjoon sighed, clearly sick of his ignorance. “All pregnancy tests require you to pee on a stick.” 

A few minutes later, they all huddled around Jimin’s couch, waiting in agony as the stick showed Jimin’s fate. “I can’t even look,” Jimin said, tossing the stick to Taehyung, who held it up to the light to examine it. 

“J-Jimin…” he murmured, shocked. “You’re pregnant.” The others went silent, wondering how to deal with the situation at hand. 

“You’ve got to tell Jungkook,” Jin said, patting him on the back comfortingly. 

Jimin took out his phone with a shaky hand and found Jungkook’s number. He pressed the call button and held the phone next to his ear, his heart practically beating out of his chest. He felt like he was going to cry. How was he going to raise the baby? Would it look like Jungkook? Would he have to move to make room? 

“Hello?” a rough, groggy voice answered. 

“Jungkookie!” Jimin exclaimed, his syllables slurring together. 

“Hyung? Are you drunk? It’s four in the morning.” 

“Jungkookie, listen! I have something very important to tell you,” Jimin said, the tears in his eyes threatening to spill over. “I… I took a pregnancy test. I’m pregnant.”

For a long while, the group sat with anticipation. Jungkook was silent on the other end, and Jimin was a sobbing mess. 

“Hyung…” Jungkook finally let out. “You’re male.”

“What does this have to do with anything?” Jimin yelled, suddenly angry at Jungkook. “Are you just going to ignore our baby because its parents are gay? And here I thought you were a good person.” 

“Hyung. You’re male. You can’t have children.”

“Tell that to the pregnancy test.”

“Why don’t you go to bed, and we’ll talk about this in the morning, okay?”

Needless to say, Jimin was so embarrassed the next morning he didn’t talk to Jungkook for a month. Jungkook, on the other hand, found it to be the most fucking adorable thing he’d ever seen. 

My Personal Fave Fics of 2014

My favorite fics that were published in 2014. (I’ve counted down to the fic that owns my ass the hardest.)

5. Wear It Like A Crown by zarah5

As part of a team of fixers hired to handle a gay scandal in Buckingham Palace, Louis expects Prince Harry to be a lot of things—most notably a royally spoilt brat. Never mind that the very same Prince Harry used to star in quite a number of Louis’ teenage fantasies.

this is a very loose scandal au and i started watching scandal just so i would understand it more lmao. i liked that harry’s a prince. (i mean, that’s that not much of an au but you know what i mean.) 

Keep reading

We had a guest comic artist in our comics class today and whatever it was going fine, i think his style is bland but whatever he’s a professional whatever. He’s over the top and way too enthusiastic but whatever 

he keeps going on and on about how people need to “read good books” ok cool i’m with you

continues to talk about how his “wife reads trash novels. you know the stuff with vampires, werewolves, medieval princess, all that YA garbage what game of thrones and that other one that other tv shows on starz, the white queen?”


full stop. 

i don’t actually know what he said from that point on? because i stopped listening? because i am so tired of listening to white guys tell me that my dreams are garbage and that fantasy is just a genre to make money in because it’s a genre for the masses or YA is just a passing trend and it’s not that great i am so. sick. of. this. conversation. 

and i didn’t say anything, i should’ve. i should’ve looked him in the eye and said ‘hi i write YA novels thanks for telling me my passions are garbage, jerk,“ but tbh i just wanted him to stop talking and leave and i am 

i am so pissed off i am so angry. 

the next white dude to say those words in front of me will not live to see the next morning because i’m done with this shit. 

and after he left i was just like 'whatever it’s not the first time i’ve heard this bullshit and it won’t be the last' 

he writes shitty comics that no ones heard of (i’m being petty but gOD.)