i was so amazed by everything

  • Me before May 21st, 2017: Honestly i don't really like halsey or the chainsmoker's music all that much...
  • Me after May 21st, 2017: wow i love halsey and the chainsmokers they are amazing what awesome great people im gonna download their music on spotify

Look at the glorious piece of art @kirkwallgirl​ made for my commission! I love it so much! It’s even better than what I imagined.Just look at all the details and the patterning on the dress!

This is for the story I’m working on (hush,, I’m really working on it, I have a slowly growing scene list and everything) and these are two of the characters in it. King Tasanhin and his wife, whom he loves more than his own heart, Queen Jadja.

While they originally married out of practicality and convenience, an always existing like and respect turned into love and trust. Their relationship is one of the few things they can be certain of in a court filled with political games, social climbers and intrigue.

Wednesday is our favorite day!!🍑👀

Well ummm 🙈💦I’m so glad it is because this pic is amazing.. your booty/legs and everything about this pic is so incredible. As much as I love the thong pics there is just something perfect about a bare booty.. thank you so much for this you are soooo hottt🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

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Bless you and your Mafia AU 😭😭😭😭 it's so beautiful and I love it so much and I love you you're amazing and everything is beautiful. Look at how pure Yuri is. Omg I'm losing my mind. Thank you!!!!

Thank you very much!!! ouo
I’m glad that you like the AU so much >w<
Yuri is so pure ;w;
Thank YOU for reading <3

on the concert

I literally never felt more connected to a group of people than I did at the NSP/TWRP/Starbomb concert last night. There was a time where Danny got sentimental with us and everyone got out their phones to wave them back and fourth while we sang and cried… It was pitch black before, but we lit up the entire room with our swaying lights. I had not seen anything like that in my entire life before last night, and it was so goddamn beautiful. I had a really, REALLY shitty day before I went, but the concert- That moment- made it real. Three thousand people singing in harmony with their own individual lights, nothing will ever beat that experience. The concert was amazing, everything was. I hate crowds but I felt right at home surrounded by these people, if you have the option to see them go, just do it, you will not be disappointed. The entire crowd crowd-the bands- we all felt like one unit moving and speaking together. I will never be the same.

idc if i’m overreacting i’m SO FUCKING UPSET by the get down being cancelled. i could cry honestly. that show had EVERYTHING! amazing characters, diversity, great music, the best aesthetic in the history of television, a bomb ass cast and i wanna scream! it’s so unfair if you have to watch what other shows get 2, 3, even 4 seasons without really having to do anything. fuck this.   


have i ever posted my stim toy/sensory box & collection here? i don’t think so and this is an updated version because i’m constantly getting new stim toys and i made new tangles last night and got my fidget cube today that i preordered and have been waiting months for! this is all i spend my money on tbh and i should try and save more but also this is amazing
i don’t have the energy or motivation to list everything right now but i might add that in at some point

I was thrown right into Mike’s large loud extended family right when we left the airport so now I’m upstairs having an anxiety attack because everything is just too much right now

Hello there, Little Gremlins!

First of all, thank you so much to all of you who were interested in this network. I am truly amazed by the response I got regarding this thing. I have selected a total number of 7 people (which was not easy, trust me), we will be a total number of 10 people in this networks since otherwise, it would be impossible to organize everything.

Without further notice; I, Ivy - @minervaem -, and Mackenna - @barnes-heaven - are really happy to welcome the following awesome writers to this network:

@captnbarnesrogers | @buckyywiththegoodhair | @mellifluous-melodramas | @hellomissmabel | @alphaabucky | @justanotherbuckydevotee | @heartmade-writingbucky

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I feel sorta unhappy in my relationship. I messed up awhile back but now I'm trying to be an amazing partner and do everything I can. I tell my bf I love him and try to be so kind to him constantly, but he never really responds to me in a loving way and it makes me feel sad. What should I expect in a relationship do I deserve more? Or should I respect that he's maybe just not feeling like being loving?

Yes it sounds like you deserve more. However, if you think that there is something specific holding him back from giving that to you, I would talk to him about it. You definitely deserve someone that can love you with out any blocks or probelms. Good luck!

A Note From Air

Wowowowow! I didnt think everything would go so well, so soon! I haven’t been in the fandom long, less than a month truthfully. (Unless you count gameplay time?) And I’ve felt nothing but welcomed and wanted here. Its been truly amazing and I can’t thank you all enough. You all seem like a sweet bunch of good people, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

It’s been nice to see the reaction to my Shadow Yosuke be so welcoming and understanding, that people want to get into the dark and gritty stuff right off the bat, which is hugely refreshing for me, along with being able to jump into it right away without having to explain a lot. I really love it!

I’m not really one to focus on follower counts, so, don’t really expect many posts like this from me, but 100 in a new fandom feels like a milestone that should be counted and celebrated.

On to the Thank Yous!

First off, I wanna thank @kingofcuteshit​ / Jules for jumping into the rabbit hole with me! I know he hasn’t been active much yet, but you should all go follow him. He’s an awesome dude, and a good friend and I cant wait to do more together!

@listlesshermit​ – Thanks for such the wonderful welcome on my first day, and the support since. You’re super awesome and I appreciate it! Can’t wait to see where these two bitter muses of ours take it into the future!

@ilcomplice​ – Thank you for all your sweet words and the IM’s about my portrayal, it was a real boost! Especially when learning someone new, having someone say such nice things is really encouraging! I hope your computer issues sort out soon!

@gooselullaby​ – Thank you so much for being so welcoming! Your kind words and recommendations for others to follow me have been nothing short of encouraging!  ShadYook will go full Nanatame soon enough!

@steelbanchou​ – I’ve loved our interactions to death! Especially the ones with Shadow Yu and 40th! The sass is so strong and I love it! I cant wait to do more and more! Especially with Shadow Yu to be completely honest!

@kigajesuta​ & @innocentsociopath​ – Police Cops for life.

The Thank You List!

I’m not always good at coming up with things to say, so, as much as I would love to write a little message for everyone, it’d mostly just be the same thing, so, here is a list of some others I wanna thank!

@snowblackamagi​ | @whitelaced​ | @magicianrankup​ | @pillcger0ftwilight​ | @thekingteddie​ | @mikami03​ | @asw-024​ | @swxnnlxke​ | @calystegiaidol​ | @anomachia​ (And all your muses) | @skullworn​ | @eaonian​ (Even though we interacted on your old Gray) | WHOEVER ELSE HAS FOLLOWED ME AND I LIKELY FORGOT!

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could i ask for some monoma x pony frondship headcanons ?

some headcanons of my favorite friendship in the bnha universe!!

  • Monoma spends some time during the weekend helping Pony to improve her Japanese
  • Pony likes to compliment Monoma on everything because she thinks he’s the smartest and most amazing person in the world
  • it makes Monoma cry sometimes
  • Monoma likes to comb and braid Pony’s hair when he’s nervous or anxious because he finds it relaxing
  • when Pony says a word wrong and he corrects her she becomes really flustered so he panics and has to reassure that it’s okay
  • Pony always wants to team up with Monoma during their hero classes
  • if they ever have to pair up she raises her hand and says “I pick Monoma!!” and he’s so embarrassed and so happy he has a hard time trying to act cool about it
  • Pony texts Monoma all the time asking him what do certain words mean
  • “Pony is 4am why do you feel the need to know what does ‘acetaminophen’ mean”
  • Monoma thinks Pony’s tail is supercute but doesn’t know if that’s an acceptable thought so he never brings it up
  • sometimes Pony is embarrassed of speaking in class and Monoma gets so defensive
  • is not like anyone is going to make fun of her he’s just too empathetic when it comes to her
  • when Monoma gets mad and frustrated about anything and starts walking from one side of the room to the other while blabbering Pony just holds his hands
  • that makes him stop immediately 
  • when Tsuburaba starts talking to Pony in class Monoma throws him stuff then pretends he didn’t
  • “you threw me a rubber” “no I didn’t” “it has your name on it” 
  • Pony likes hugging Monoma a lot because he’s surprisingly warm and always smells good
  • she has to be careful with the horns
  • Monoma always buys apples with his lunch so he can give them to her
  • he’s always worried about if she’s eating well or getting enough sleep
  • when the cold season comes Monoma’s protective instincts activate
  • if Pony sneezes he’s right next to her offering her his jacket, his scarf and also mittens he bought for her just in case
  • “why do girls have to wear short skirts in winter they are all gonna freeze and die”

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hi, i just wanted to say i love your legacy! while im not very involved in the sims community anymore, you're one of the bloggers i'll always follow cos your stories, sims, & custom content are so high quality and amazing. <3 also: are you excited for the parenthood game pack? it looks so cool! :-)

Hi, dear nonny! This is such an incredible lovely message, thank you very much for this! I’m glad you enjoy all of my content and it really makes everything much more fun to do! ♡

And the new parenthood game pack? I’m super excited for it! I love everything that makes “normal” sims more interesting (hence I’m not a big fan of aliens/vampires/etc.) so this game pack is perfect for me! I’m really interested in seeing exactly how the new features work and I look forward to using everything in my legacy at some point :^D

Season 24 of DWTS - No One Did It Like Normani

Okay, so Normani didn’t win that Family Dollar store trophy after all. But she still gave us amazing dances every single week, entertainment, excitement, looks, body, everything, content. She was covered by ET every week, People, USA Today, TMZ, Billboard, MTV, Ellen, Nightline, ABC throughout the season. She impressed the right people. She threatened everyone else.

She was beautiful and effortless and flawless in front of the world. She shared a lot, she made social statements, she created art alongside Val.

God Bless her run on that second-rate show.  All I need for her to do now is to not fade back into the background of 5 H like a happy bumpkin. I hope this fuels her, and she finds an actual qualified and effective industry team/connection to advance her brand.

Now that you’re really standing out, Normani. Keep standing tf OUT, fave!

Besides that little lapse I had tonight (due to the show being a business trying to sell some tour tickets) I enjoyed watching her in the dwt s context. No other contestant was in their element like she was. And the season would have been completely flat without her… Man I’ll tell you what, when it comes to Normani, I really enjoy being a fan. Honestly, it feels lucky. :)

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You're like the first blog I ever followed, because I just love Zutara and my love for it will never stop! Just wanna say thank you for everything you've done for the whole Zutara fandom, this fandom is truly amazing and the best and will just continue to get bigger and popular although it's already big and popular as is!

Goodness I feel so OLD sometimes. Was I really the first?

I wish I could do so much more for the community and this blog but I swear I do what I can, and it truly means the world to me to get messages like this one. Thank you for taking the time to send so much love my way dear anon. 

It’s remarkable the amount of devotion, love and support this ship has from its fans. And that’s exactly why I keep coming back here and staying with this family regardless of the years that go by. You’re all amazing people and it’s been absolutely fantastic watching the fandom mature, welcome new recruits in and just overall keeping the Zutara flame burning!!

Sending you all huge flying bison hugs!!! Love you kiddos