i was smiling so much he either thought i was a freak or Leslie

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“You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?” ❤️

Sorry this took so long! I hope you like it!❤️and thank you for the prompt!!

Set in the early stages of their romantic relationship!


“So you’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?” Ben couldn’t hold back a lopsided smile, he was dating the biggest goofball.

All Leslie did was squeak back in a whisper, “I’m not coming out either.”
Ben quirked and eyebrow before scooting farther down the couch, until he was right beside the Leslie shaped bundle covered in a giant hand made quilt depicting Mount Rushmore.

Ever so carefully Ben wrapped his arms around Leslie and dragged her into his lap, knocking the quilt off her head in the process. Leslie clamored for the blanket but was stopped when Ben’s fingers found her sides and started tickling her.

“BEN!!” Leslie was shrieking between loud fits of laughter, limbs flailing in ever direction as she tried to catch her breath. Ben chuckled and released her, but not before peppering her face with soft kisses.

Leslie swatted at Ben’s arm in mock anger, “Jerk.”
Ben booped Leslie’s nose, “Goofball.” Ben hesitated for a brief moment before asking, “So are you going to tell me why you were blushing under a blanket or will I just be left here to wonder for the rest of my life?”

No sooner had the remark left his mouth and Leslie felt her cheeks grow hot with embarrassment. And then her eyebrows crinkle together in confusion, “Wait, didn’t you- didn’t you hear what I said?”

Ben’s fingers began tracing imaginary patterns on her arm as he stared down at her with his usual goofy-lopsided-grin. “I heard what you said.”

Leslie’s jaw dropped slightly as her words stumbled out in uncertainty, “I- what? You’re so calm though- are you sure? I don’t know if you really super heard me I mean-”

“Oh no, I super heard what you said.” Ben kissed the corner of her mouth and rested his forehead against hers. “And I agree, completely.”

Leslie blinked, slightly stunned from her boyfriend’s very calm and casual reaction to the random thought she’d let slip in the middle of watching The Princess Bride. They’d been dating just over a month. Living in a wonderful world of sneaking around cuddles and nicknames and amazing back rubs and hand holding in Ann’s office. Everything was still so new and fresh. Too soon and too new to discuss serious things.

And yet there they had been. Leslie curled up against Ben, drinking hot cocoa, despite the fact that it was over 80° outside, watching The Princess Bride. And Leslie may have (definitely) said out loud and not in her head that, “when we have kids we should name one of them Wesley.”

She felt Ben stiffen for just a split second as her eyes widened in realization to what she just said. They hadn’t even been dating for two months and she was already talking about kids and baby names and using the pronoun we.

So naturally Leslie had crawled under the blanket. What else was she supposed to do? Talk about the fact that she was jumping into her relationship with her secret boyfriend who happened to be her boss way to quickly? Nope. No way. That wasn’t happening.

But Ben didn’t look nervous or weirded out or even slightly freaked out by her comment. In fact, he was looking at her with that “you’re more important to me than the sun and air” smile. Which was definitely unexpected.

Leslie shook her heads in a pointless attempt to clear her thoughts, “I- Uh, we’ve only been dating for 6 weeks.” Ben nodded. “And we, well I- I just said when we have kids-”
Ben nodded again as he interrupted, “and I said I completely agree. I think Wesley would be a perfect name for one of our kids.”

Leslie’s heart swelled and she willed her eyes not to cry. He didn’t just agree, Ben completely agreed. And somehow that made everything even sweeter. Leslie bit her lip as a grin crept across her face, “One of our kids?”

This time it was Ben’s turn to blush, his spare hand running through his hair from minor embarrassment. “Well, I mean- yeah. One of them. I didn’t think you’d be the kind of person to stop at just one. I’m sure you probably want to give birth to like one third of the Supreme Court or something.”

Leslie couldn’t suppress her smile. Her ridiculously attractive and sweet and nerdy and crazy super genius boyfriend wanted to have more than one kid with her. Leslie wrapped her arms around Ben’s neck and let her lips slide against his. Whispering between the soft pecks, “You want to have kids with me?”

She could feel Ben’s smile against her lips as he nodded, “I mean not right now, obviously, considering we can’t be seen in public together without the risk of losing our jobs, but someday yeah. I would like to very much.”

Leslie didn’t know if Ben was planning on continuing his perfect sentimental comment, she was too busy kissing him with more ferocity then Ben had felt in the past 6 weeks. When she pulled away to take a breath Ben was brushing her hair out of her face and whispered, “You’re not getting rid of me Knope.”

“Good,” Leslie thought to herself, “I never want to.”

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i don't know if you watch parks and rec, but if you do, have you ever thought about how good and pure a parks and rec/x-files crossover would be?

have i ever thought about it? only every day of my life. it would go a little  like this:

  • they’re investigating cow mutilations in muncie (ratio of cows to people: 4 to 1, which actually makes the mutilations that much stranger), and their car breaks down outside j.j.’s diner in pawnee. scully tries to avoid getting waffles, but the blonde woman two booths over is surprisingly demanding about it for a complete stranger. scully tells her she prefers pancakes, thanks, and leslie spills her coffee all over her polka-dot blouse in pure horror. mulder finds this somehow acutely funny and spills his orange juice laughing. scully and the blonde woman’s scrawny date make understanding eye-contact, mid-sigh. between cleaning the tables and offering to pay each other’s bills they somehow wind up agreeing to tour city hall. scully still isn’t sure how, but mulder kept whispering about the ghost of a mini-horse and that blond woman kept beaming and – 
  • leslie is obsessed with scully, who doesn’t really know what to do with a 5′1 bureaucrat bursting with energy. actually, everyone in city hall is kind of obsessed with scully. it takes 10 minutes and one (1) eye-roll for april to mimic scully’s crossed arms and half-pout. she tells donna she can’t decide if she wants her to marry her or adopt her. ron “appreciates her silence” and “dislikes her line of work,” she informs him that he, too, works for the government and he doesn’t talk for the rest of the time they’re in town. (but he shakes her hand when she leaves and is impressed by her grip.) 
  • ann takes one look at scully and thinks “ohhhhhhhh i get it now!” she comes out two weeks later and leslie bakes her a rainbow cake
  • tom and donna rope mulder into a spontaneous treat yo self day and he buys huge inflatable ufo balloon that will never ever ever fit in their rental car 
  • mulder and ben both gaze at scully and leslie respectively and pretend they totally aren’t. they bond over both being completely in awe of the women in their lives and also star trek vs star wars (they can both argue either side, it never comes to blows) 
  • andy is a little bit freaked out by the fact that mulder and scully have guns. bert macklin, fbi, is totally into it though. mulder was going to take him into a field behind the closed e720 warehouse to do some target practice, but scully found out and his clip mysteriously disappeared from his sig sauer. 
  • over a 2 hour tour ben and scully develop a very close relationship of mutual eye-rolls and affectionate calming-down of their equally excitable partners. leslie offers to show mulder the files on ufo activity (36 of them, 12 which were proven to be blimps from sweetums), witch craft (15 of which april definitely forged) and apocalyptic cults (too many to count) and he almost cries.
  • mulder: we’ll never get to meet lil sebastian, may he rest in peace.
    scully: wasn’t he just a pony?
    ben: THANK YOU 
  • they never do see lil sebastian’s ghost haunting the courtyard, as leslie had claimed. they do, however, briefly mistake ethel beavers for a malevolent spirit. mulder promises to open an x-file on the 4th floor when they make it back to dc. 
  • before they leave the whole department takes them back to jj’s. mulder and ben exchange phone numbers so they can compare notes on the upcoming star wars movies and the legitimacy of alien phenomenon in Spielberg films. leslie makes scully promise to come to galentine’s day if she’s ever in town, gives her a hand-bound scrapbook that says “your pawnee adventure” on the front that no one understands how she made so fast ( “magic,” mulder suggests and leslie smiles). this time, scully gets waffles. with extra whipped cream.