i was sitting and thinking

literally sometimes i think about evgeni malkin and i have to sit down for a second bc i just,,,, love him so much it actually hurts sometimes like,,,,,, “i know i’m score” …. “how’s name this guy?” …. “sid best. after me” …. “first period i’m little bit die” …. this man is the love of my life

“Everyone has a right to an opinion”

Sure. Bro if you wanna sit and chill and think to yourself “I think asians should die” I don’t care. Do it. Be shitty in your brain. Does not affect anyone.

but when u open your big mouth and say u want a whole group of ppl to die and try to normalize that violence? I will, in turn, normalize violence right back the fuck at you. immediately. In the classic sense.

Adventures in Calculus #16

*Seating changed so ENTJ no longer sits near INTP and INTJ*

INTP: I think ENTJ left us because she found out how weird we actually are.
INTJ: Agreed. I mean we’re pretty weird.
INTP: Also you bring out my weirdness so with us sitting together with her she probably thought “woah I can’t handle this and their laughing”.
INTJ: You do too haha. I think it would’ve been fine if she sat in between us cause we would have that normal barrier and had stayed calm but no. You being in the middle just caused chaos and weirdness to unleash.
INTP: Yeah sorry. Oh well. Goodbye ENTJ.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr is such a trip. Like he’s an absolute ball of angst for a majority of his life in the 19th century, but then at some point he snaps and just… doesn’t give a shit anymore. He just literally loses all of his fucks to give. Wendy by the 20th century is so much… happier. And I love it.

- After decades of affairs and a somewhat distant marriage, he and his wife begin pranking each other. They banter incessantly. They act like five year olds and tickle and kick each other playfully while sitting in the carriage. I think, in a way, they actually do grow to love each other.

- Wendy decides to force all the other judges in the Massachusetts Supreme Court to wear robes, despite having no idea how to put one on. He literally chose robes purely for the aesthetic.

- He then almost bought a red robe just to fuck with them.

- Whenever he gets a phone call he pretends he cant hear the other person purely because he hates talking on the phone.

- Drinks alcohol and is friends with bootleggers…. during prohibition…. while on the US Supreme Court….

- Surrounded himself with hot young paralegal twinks who worshipped the ground he walked on.

- His dating advice to his adopted daughter was essentially “Don’t be a whore, because though I don’t care, my wife will make my life a hell so…. for my sake…. please… behave.”

- Actually smiles. This is the era of actual laughter and smiling.

- Tells all his legal assistants to read dirty French novels.

- All his favorite books seems to be dirty French novels, and dirty American novels too. Including a book about how blondes have more fun. I want to find that one…

- He’s like 60 and 70 and could still get it. Wtf.

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Imagine get spitroasted by Ignis and Gladiolus (Gladio in your mouth and Ignis in your pussy) OR being bounced up and down on Gladio's fat cock as you're getting facefucked or deeprthroating Ignis. (Will eventually think of something fluffy just want to get this out since I read some grade A smut)




*sits at work nervously sweating while envisioning thotty scenarios over and over again*

Happy Bellarke Fam Selfie Night. I have a special guest to watch the show with tonight! This is Pepper and this is the best pic I could get of her because she won’t sit still and I love her and I don’t think I’m going to give her back. 

Thanks for the tags @arkadiabellarke @adamantinesky @youovercomeit & @clarkegryphus

This is an open tag to all the Bellarke Fam, show me your pretty faces! I would tag people but this is a quick post b/c this little girl needs a walk asap!!! 

My friend at school is like the resident seed dealer. Because we’re all greenhouse students we’re now all obsessed with planting seeds and he always brings a bunch of seeds to school and just hands them out to people because he’s like SUPER into it and grows a lot of stuff… 

He was going on about how all this stuff was super healthy and I was sitting there like “uh huh” but thinking in my head “but can my rabbit eat it??” because literally I’ve just been feeding my herbs to my rabbit. It’s cheaper than buying greens at Walmart and he practically inhales them he loves them so much (I made sure they were all safe for bunnies). 

I ended up just taking some spinach seeds pfft. Then my Plant Science teacher gave me radish seeds (I don’t even like radishes)… so I need to buy some more pots soon. I’m just really glad that most plant stuff is relatively cheap. The pots are the most expensive things but if you stick with clay or plastic they’re not even that bad. 

My herbs, by the way, are growing WAY better now that they’re at home and not in the greenhouse at school. They’ve gotten so big. 😮

During Queen of Swords, I was singing along and Idina pointed at me while she sang the line “I’m slaying like the queen of swords!” and then winked at me. I literally melted but wasn’t sure if she was actually looking at me or just in my general direction. After the show, she was kind enough to come out and sign some CDs. I brought it up to her just to make sure it really happened 😭

Me: “I think you pointed at me but…”

Idina: “Oh! *thinks* You were sitting near the front on my… *gestures right side*?”

Me: “Your right side! I wasn’t sure if you were pointing directly at me or…”

Idina: *smiles* “Yeah I was! And I winked!”

& ya’ll, I got to hug my queen. all is good in the world

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I do not know if the question was already put, but I wanted to know what gave you the idea to make guardien and why with Chen in particular? It is just an innocent question! Because I adore this series believe! <3

Hi, love! Of course, let’s see. 

I’d been wanting to do a Jongdae fic for awhile since I feel he doesn’t always get the love he deserves. The idea for Guardian came from a post I saw where a person said, “What if Jackson Wang was your guardian angel?” ACTUALLY, Guardian was originally a Jaebum fic. Then I changed it to Jongdae lol. So I was thinking, what if Jongdae was an angel and wound up wondering why Jongdae would even show himself to you in the first place. So then I’m sitting here thinking, what if you also have powers? But then I realized that would be kind of forbidden, if he were an an angel and you weren’t. So things kind of spiraled from there. LOL

Baekhyun, I really didn’t see coming. LOL I’m not even sure how he ended up in the fic, but he bulldozed his way in 

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I really want to sit on your lap and tease you so bad, can I daddy?

Let daddy think about it baby girl. You want to sit on daddy grind your ass on my lap in pretty panties and tease me. Daddy says yes You may baby girl.

You taught me to let go, but....

I know you are one of a kind;
And to falling in love with you,
Isn’t my intention, without knowing it,
This heart of mine beats for you.

I sit and think about all the time,
We had together, when you used to care.
I hold on to our memories too long;
Hence, I must let you go.

There’s sting pain, every time I stared at you.
I can’t talk to you, there’s nothing left to say,
It isn’t hate, it is the fleetingness hue of my feelings,
Thin line between love and acceptance.

You taught me to let go, despite all the pain.
Yet, I never learnt to unloved you,
I never learnt not to live with our memories.
I only let go off you physically,
But this heart, still cares and belongs to you.

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sirius, arcturus, black eye galaxy ;)

Have you ever failed a class?


Have you cried out of something other than sadness?

I’ve cried more from joy, compassion, and beauty than from sadness. Well, recently, at least.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I thought I did, but you made a good case against the idea.

If “love” means companionship, trust, and mutual affection, then we shouldn’t expect to see love at first sight. I’d still like to think I believe in love at first sight, but I’m reliably told that that’s bad for me.

I still think there’s something to the idea. I don’t think it describes what you felt at the moment, but how you understand the moment now. That might seem like an evasion, but I don’t think it is.

“Love” doesn’t sit in the world. It sits in the understanding. Love isn’t something that has beginnings and endings in the world. Love has its beginnings and endings in the understanding. And the understanding creates its own meanings. It decides its own feelings. And it decides when love begins and ends.

The understanding has the absolute discretion to decide whether what it felt “at first sight” was love or not. It has the discretion to decide that years after the fact. It narrates its own relationships. It decides their form and content. It writes its own history.

The understanding has this power not because it changes facts or memories, but because “love” sits both in the present and the past. In the present, the understanding can decide that its “love” was something that began “at first sight,” even in the full knowledge that its feelings in the moment were uncertain.

So if by “love” you mean “the set of feelings and experiences identified with mature relationships,” there’s probably no love at first sight. But if by “love” you mean “the subjective description of personal relationships,” and if you’ll indulge me to identify “first sight” as something in the understanding, rather than the world, then “love at first sight” absolutely exists.

Because love is a story we tell about ourselves.