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The Dead of July by whimsicule - M, 117k

Being an Avenger means continuing to be Captain America and smiling and being honorable for the public and Harry does his best. But it doesn’t give him time to figure out who he is supposed to be once he takes off his uniform and puts the shield to the side. Just being Harry had always involved Louis, and Harry fears he doesn’t know how to exist without him.

or: Harry is Captain America, and Louis’ been dead for 70 years.

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One Day More
One Day More

I’ve been waiting for months to share this project with you.  @braveasabadger suggested during a lesson a long while back that I should put together a big song with all my students, and my crazy self decided to do it.  While not every student was able to participate because of life conflicts, about half of my students participated in this fun project, and I’m so proud of every one of them.  These are voices from all over the world singing together, friends that have never met getting to sing beside each other from afar.   It is so incredibly special, and I hope you enjoy it.  

(I will not be tagging people individually for privacy reasons but anybody who participated, feel free to reblog and make yourself known!  You are all rockstars!)

Issues (Jughead x reader)

A/N: Just wanted to do something to Issues by Julia Michaels cause I love it. Also I mean what an adorable moody nerd.

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Warnings: potential language and like idk it’s kind of sad but then super fluffy really

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“Hope you all don’t mind; I have a little something I wanna sing for a little someone.” You gave the audience the first nervous smile all night. Everything else had been routine, but you had to get this off your chest now that you could see those blue eyes steadily watching from the crowd.

I’m jealous, I’m overzealous
When I’m down, I get real down
When I’m high, I don’t come down
I get angry, baby, believe me
I could love you just like that
And I could leave you just this fast

But you don’t judge me
‘Cause if you did, baby, I would judge you too

“Am I crazy or is she staring at Jughead?” Veronica hissed to Betty and Archie. All three stared between Y/N on stage and Jughead standing next to them. “Juggie do you know her?”

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Can u share your latest fav fics? please

Sorry for the late reply but here it is:

These are some of the last fics I read and really enjoyed. I also have this tag for my absolute faves that I’ve just started to use. I hope you’ll find this useful!

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RULES : ANSWER all questions, ADD one question of your own and then TAG as many people as there are questions

live session or studio session? mostly live but it depends on the song and/or who’s singing

coke or pepsi? neither. never drank any of it

disney or dreamworks? hard to answer. can i just say both???

coffee or tea? tea, of course

books or movies? books

windows or mac? windows

dc or marvel? marvel

xbox or playstation? never used any of it

night owl or early riser? night owl

cards or chess? chess

chocolate or vanilla? chocolate

vans or converse? never wore any of it

star wars or star trek? neither

one episode per week or marathoning? not really into long series stuff, so dunno, maybe marathoning when i got time and one ep per week when i haven’t?

gandalf or obi-wan? Galdals. of course

heroes or villains? depends on the book/movie

john williams or hans zimmer? Hans Zimmer, of course. a real genius.

Disneyland/disney world or six flags? Never been to any of it

forest or sea? forest

flying or reading minds? reading minds

twin peaks or northern exposure? i have no idea what all of that means

harry potter or lord of the rings? LOTR

cake or pie? cake

you are banished to a desert island, which benedict cumberbatch character would you choose to take with you? not really into him. sherlock, i guess? coz i have no idea about his other characters

train or cruise ship? Train

brian cox or neil degrasse-tyson? Neil

wizard of oz or alice in wonderland? Alice, coz i haven’t seen the first one

fanfiction or fanart? fanfiction

the hunger games - books or movies? books, of course

be able to see the future or travel into the past? travel into the past

han solo or luke skywalker? neither

lilacs or sunflowers? sunflowers

spring or autumn? spring

campfire or fireplace? fireplace

french fries or onion rings? fries

truth or dare? dare.

winter or summer? depenging on the weather

vampires or werewolves? werewolves

red or blue? blue

eyes or lips? eyes

burgers or sandwiches? sandwiches

friends-to-lovers or enemies-to-lovers trope? friends-to-lovers

pizza or pasta? pizza

ancient rome or ancient greece? ancient greece.

foxes or wolves? wolves

mermaids or dragons? dragons

sci-fi or fantasy? Fantasy

watch a film in theaters or at home? at home

fireproof or no more sad songs? fireproof

bands or individual singers? both

sweet or salty? both

monotype corsiva or comic sans? corsiva

turtles or frogs? turtles

blur or oasis? neither

baseball or football? - football

and my question is - showers or baths? 

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RULES: Tag 20 people you’d like to know better!

Nickname: Candy, Can, Candycane…..

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 5'7 last I checked…..

Last thing you googled: Helicase……

Favorite Music Artist: Fall Out Boy or does the Hamilton musical count as one?

Last movie you watched: Sing

Why did you choose your url: Well it’s a carry on reference honestly XDD it’s based off of “The Insidious Humdrum” and a lot of people call me a cinnamon roll and I like a lot of characters who are cinnamon rolls so…. “theinsidiouscinnamonroll”

Do you have any other blogs: I co-run @alexfierrnofam @huntingsecretsbook and @askkalek

What did your last relationship teach you: *laughs*

Religious or Spiritual: i have no idea. I’m not really religious so I guess spiritual….

Average hours of sleep: 6-9 hours mostly

Lucky Number: 7!

Favorite characters: Simon Snow, Simon Lewis, Baz Pitch, Pidge Gunderson, Lance McClain, Nico Di Angelo, Will Solace, Katie Rayburn, Alek Middleton (yes they’re my ocs shut up), Keefe Seclan (or however you spell it….), Dex Dizznee, Alex Fierro, Magnus Chase, and so many more holy frick

How many blankets do you with: 1 always no matter how hot or cold

Dream job: Author ofc. But a realistic job, considering the fact that that job rarely sets anyone up for life, is either an English teacher or a Historian maybe???? Ooh a publisher also sounds cool maybe…. Idk x3

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kind of tired and sad, but i hope everyone’s having a good day! 🌺

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things i’m currently in love with:

one song: Wish I Knew You, The Revivalists

two films: The Last Jedi, Sing

three series: Doctor Who, Elementary, Better Call Saul

four people: Robert Carlyle, Emilie de Ravin, Pearl Mackie, Lana Parilla

five foods:  sushi, grilled steak, twice baked potatoes, coffee, this beer I just opened

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anonymous asked:

I feel so low. I cant even rely on my coping mechanisms anymore, I just feel terrible all the time and like nothing is gonna get better. Any advice?

Ugh I’m sorry…and everyone copes differently, so I can only tell you what works for me, but I try to do things to get out of my head:

  • writing or journaling
  • singing my favorite song(s)
  • hang with friends (even when I don’t feel like it)
  • smoke sumn
  • binge watch netflix shows or scary movies
  • drunk cooking 
  • search through happy tags on tumblr
  • venting to my friends

Thes are only short term fixes, but sometimes that’s all you can do to keep it pushin. Do you have anyone to talk to? I know therapy has been stigmatized, but it really helped me through some heavy shit.

Try & keep your head up, okay?

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1. favorite player of all time

philipp lahm okay fight me on this

2. a game you will never forget (try to pick ONE)

i’m just gonna dig through my recent memory and say brazil v paraguay in the world cup 2018 qualifiers (yes that one that happened a few weeks ago) because that was the 1st nt game i’ve attended in my life and it was just amazing to be there surrounded by other fans, to sing the national anthem as loud as i could, to chant for neymar after his goal and of course to see some of my favorite players on the field *blows a kiss to thiago silva and philippe coutinho*. i’m never forgetting that night

3. the national team u support the most

brazil nt and germany nt mostly but i gotta admit i watch netherlands nt sometimes because i grew up with my dad saying things like “oh i think we have dutch ancestry” so i was like… let me watch them too. but when it comes to support yeah, it’s brazil and germany

4. if you could pick one of your teams to win any trophy, who and which?

listen… if only philipp lahm could descend from the heavens in cardiff during the champions league final and just get that champions league trophy… but idk being more realistic now i just wanna the entire juve squad lifting that trophy this season. gigi deserves it. they deserve it. after that it would be great to see arsenal winning premier league again, bayern back with the champions league title, brazil winning the world cup again *coughs*…

5. whats the story of how you got into this sport!!!

just like flot i ain’t gonna make this a short story so get comfortable and get ready if you are still reading this lmao.
well, i live in south america right, i grew up with football. even as a kid, without understanding what it was all about and thinking corinthians and palmeiras were the only relevant teams in the world, i watched random games. the only world cup i haven’t watched in my life was the 1994 one because well, i was nearly 2 years old, but maybe my parents were watching and i was there but i can’t remember at all. but i just started to understand better around 2005, when i randomly watched a libertadores game between são paulo and palmeiras and thought it was a good idea to follow it more closely. i think i haven’t missed a single são paulo game that year. then the 2006 world cup came and with it germany nt and its sommermärchen and i absolutely fell in love with them. when it comes to european football i mostly watched those summer tournaments and slowly i got to find out about champions league and european leagues but it took me a while to start to follow it more religiously, so to speak. that only happened in 2014 to be precise. i don’t know what happened that year, i don’t know if it was the fact that i live in one of the cities that hosted the world cup or if it was the sight of some of my german favorites lifting the world cup trophy but i realized that watching random club games from time to time (especially bayern’s, premier league and champions league) wasn’t enough. i needed more. and that’s when i started to watch bayern games every single week and eventually it all lead to this football mess i am today trying to catch up with 4 teams at least oh well 

6. how many games a week do you watch (approx.)

only this weekend i watched 5 or 6 lmao but tbh 3 is the constant because i always try to watch bayern, arsenal and juventus, they’re my priorities. but i end up watching random bundesliga games (especially köln and schalke’s), libertadores and são paulo ones too whenever i can

7. world cup or copa américa/euro cup?

i really like copa américa and euros but please world cup hands down!!

8. do you want uefa to rot in hell for how they treated borussia dortmund the latest weeks (yes/yes)

a thousand times yes! *grabs megaphone* FUCK UEFA!

9. god im running out of ideas hmm… have u played football urself?

only in pe classes in middle school and high school tbh. i’m the kind of person who’s better at watching a sport than playing it, and it wasn’t different with football, i was terrible. as a forward? terrible aim at the goal and bad, bad, shots. midfielder? eh. goalkeeper? the same thing as leaving the goal empty because that’s how bad i was. defense? okay not that bad but still not great. playing football wasn’t really my thing, i was better in basketball which is ironic considering my small size

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Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

if shadowhunters ever has a musical episode, alec has to be the character to somehow swerve all of the songs. He walks out of the room, gets away in the last second, just always manages to escape. And then when he thinks he made it…. in the very last scene….

he serenades magnus


“Harry is a performer you have to see live. The way he covers space is insane — imagine if Mick Jagger had the warm and benign heart of Paul McCartney, cast under a magic spell by Stevie Nicks, and you’re about halfway there.”

L: She wore those apple bottom Jeansss boots with da fur~

K: With the fur!

L: The whole club was looking at

K: Voltron!

L: AyY! 

L: She hit the floorr

K: Next thing you knoww

L: Shawty got 

L/K: Low low low low~!!!

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Hey Ya Rosa Parks There’s Bombs Over Baghdad

Lin-Manuel Miranda and The Skivvies
at 54 Below on March 15, 2014
Ham4Ham reprise on December 5, 2015