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you should honestly try harder with your english it's quite shitty

Honestly english is my third language, I also draw, sing, am an actor, I’ve also won a free college cause Im so damn smart that I didnt need to pay for it, I am also VERY successful in every fucking thing I do. 

 So I need to ask for you, AMAZING PERSON THAT CAN WRITE ON ENGLISH RIGHT to fuck yourself :D Come here and talk to me in my three languages and I may take you seriously.

 I SHIT to english. It is not the most amazing-perfect-beautiful language in the world. Is not my obligation to know it perfectly. I DONT CARE :D I only speak english here cause most of the guys here speak english cause it is MORE EASY (you can read my language is harder for you to learn).

 You ppl are really arrogant, u really think non natives should not just speak your language but also do it perfectly. Guess what, GO YOU AND LEARN SOME LANGUAGES LAZY ARROGANT ASS :D

 You should honestly try harder with yourself, you are not half of me, its quite shitty. 


“ok darlin, now take Lucille here and let off some steam.” he handed you the bat. he had driven the two of you and one of his guys to a field a ways from the compound, there were quite a few walkers around but they were far enough apart that you could take them on one at a time.

you looked at Negan who grinned, “go on honey, show us what you’re made of.”


you wiped the blood off on your shirt and began walking back to Negan. him and his guy were leaning against the truck, both with open mouths. you may have gone a little over board on the walker killing.

Negan let out a long whistle, “look at you! who knew you had that sort of rage? that was hot. like seriously bad ass. ” 


gif credit (x) original gifset (x) okay, major thank you is in order here. this blog is one of my new favourite things. im such Negan trash and its literally just Negan. oh my gosh its so perfect. and the gif maker is so amazing and sweet and kind and they gave me permission to use their gifs which i will forever be grateful for. wow, this blog is life. dont even get me started on the aesthetic of the blog and how amazing it looks just in general too oh my gosh. 

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Bro its been my Headcanon for forever that butters works as a florist after highschool and your art is so amazing, thank you so much dude! I'm so tickled to know other people had the same idea cause it's seriously so perfect 😅

RIGHT florist butters so perfect… in this au he’s also a freelance photographer and cooking enthusiast :’D

Even though Cameron Monaghan does an AMAZING pre-Joker Joker, i worry that he might be dismissed/forgotten in the world of Great Joker’s just because some people don’t watch or even like Gotham generally. and i can understand that, the show does have its flaws for sure! but there are SO many good casting choices, and i feel like everyone needs to do themselves a favour and watch Cameron’s episodes. i mean seriously

ok but seriously, can we talk about how perfectly sending Claire to Jody sets things up for the best imaginable spin-off? 

right now we have Jody, Alex, and Claire under the same roof. Plus, you know Dean drops Jody a line to look up Krissy, Aiden, and Josephine, or told that gang to connect with Jody at some point. I’m sure Donna is around/in touch a lot. And Mrs Tran could definitely use a network of awesome lady friends right now, and if Kevin is still hanging around he’d get along great with these girls. 

And if Kevin’s made it through the veil by now, well, we know Death isn’t good-bye forever. You know who my holy tech trinity is?

Kevin, Charlie, and Ash.

Seriously, with Ash in heaven, Kevin somewhere in between, and Charlie on earth, they’d be amazing at networking with each other! Literally my favorite scenario to imagine is charlie working on a computer and suddenly getting an IM from an unknown messenger and it turns out to be Ash - how cool would that be?!

Really, like, this is the perfect set of people to make an AMAZING ensemble show out of. They’re all people who’ve learned from the Winchesters mistakes, so unlike Bloodlines, it wouldn’t be watching literally the same show all over again. Its an INCREDIBLY diverse cast, and the perfect demonstration of ‘family don’t end in blood.’ They’ve got people at all different stages of life and dealing with different stuff and spread out all over the place, but seriously, they could tell such amazing stories with this group. It would be amazing to see this new generation of hunters learning and growing and being BETTER than the generation before them, learning to balance hunting with a happy life, working together and ugh, just, i need this to be a thing.


Apartment Hunting in LA

{ 9/14/2017 2:30 pm}

Since I’m in LA to shoot this movie and will be here for about 2 months, I figured it would be cheaper to get an apartment than to stay in a hotel lmao. A very great friend of mine hooked me up with some amazing details on this spot.. honestly I think this is the one. It’s seriously perfection and its next to a cupcake shop like I’m in heaven! lol I gotta take to the landlord more and see if there are other people interested because I really think I want it. And the area is nice. And it has a rooftop pool like you can’t get anything better. After this weekend I’ll be on set most days so I’m just gonna enjoy this lil bit of peace while I can.

Happy Friday Everybody xoxo


oh my god i am in LOVE

@miiss-scarlett, who is fantastic and kind and wonderful, commissioned this piece (depicting the first time her craig and my damien kissed properly in a gr8 ddadds rp) from @edgebugart, who i do not know personally but is CLEARLY a magnificent art deity because this is fricking amazing and perfect and beautiful. the colors, the pose, the layout…the cahnmarch…i am weeping. i don’t know how to thank either of you for bringing this into existence except for by saying thank you so much! i am going to stare at this forever now.

JUMPing boys

Yama: Hey! I’m the center! Center center! *sparkles* I’m also really sexy look at me I draw a beauty mark that makes me look better but VS Arashi totally ruined it for me! I’m also a bias wrecker haha take that girls *winks*

Yuto: Big baby that’s shipped with everyone. “Look at me drummer boy, I also have too many hobbies!” I’m tall and adorable and love messing with the members and still adorable adorable really adorable like how can someone so tall be so precious

Chinen: dancing mouse. Really good at guessing games too. “miracle chibi” has a 100% cute image but sweet liar will change that Omygosh someone stop him he’s a talented monster

Inoo: enoki mushroom, acts adorable and cute but also clearly sexually aware of himself (have you seen the mgirl photoshoot my God)
39% female, puts girls to shame, like seriously how dare you be so pretty you adorable mushroom that gives sultry looks to the camera, I know you’re doing that on purpose stop being so frickinajdjsksksk

Daiki: rapping clown that acknowledges his height and jokes about it but gets offended when others joke about it. Pure baby that needs to be protected like seriously protected he’s so cuteeeee.

Keito: “notice me” British boy that’s starting to get more recognition and no I’m not biased its not like he’s my favorite but he’s amazing and adorable and perfect and pure but also not pure anymore I don’t know what to think.

Yuya: Sea loving dork that’s super masculine and his heavenly voice Rains down he looks really good in a ponytail and I’m not biased it’d just that he’s my second favorite he was so amazing during the Yes! Performance a Ahhh his voice makes me melt.

Hikaru: Needs more credit baby that’s so good at rapping and the most hilarious person in the group he’s also really sexy but it gets covered up by the other members like seriously how can someone be so jsjsksksk

Yabu: Vocal man his high notes are goals. Soccer boy, mom of the group, but seriously his voice is goals and his smile is so pure and adorable everyone is adorable but he’s the mama bird of the group like seriously you can tell. I guess he’s also the oldest though.

((I keep adding to this everytime I get ideas Lmaoo))

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oh my GOSH, your Younger!Nanu sketch just made me lose it, THIS IS PERFECT!! THIS IS WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR SINCE THE FIRST TIME I SAW THE CHARACTER HE LOOKS AWESOME!!! Seriously though I love your art in general, it's amazing, and I'm very glad that you draw Nanu a lot, I love that catman so much and it's great to see beautiful art of him ;w;

Thank you! I’m glad you like all the Nanu; I’m working on some more, too!

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Do you have any tips for people who want to get into/get better at digital and traditional art? I hope you're having a good day!

Well for me its both the same thing, you just got to practice, “But Kia! all the artists I ask say the same thing!”  I know a lot of artist say this and this might not be something you wanna hear, but yeah you really have to want it, and have fun with it.  you don’t become amazing overnight, its by drawing things and learning from your mistakes.  Also to not take it TOO seriously, cause I feel like people who want to draw are too focus on it being good right away when its not going to be.  When you don’t try so hard to make it “perfect” you have more fun and it makes the drawing more alive and better.

Mainly draw what you want, who cares what people say.  It could be 10 million head shots of the same character, cars, buildings, animals, anything!  If you draw something 100 times you improve immensely which is why 2D animators improve drawing skills so quickly compared to most artist, you gotta be drawing and you gotta have fun with it.   If it feels like a chore ALL THE TIME then chances are its not for you. Then when you get too comfortable, challenge yourself with things you don’t like drawing so you can improve your skills, but only when you think you’re ready.

So yeah, basically practice! Look up tutorials! watch speed paints! all I would do to get better at coloring/drawing things is by literally look up “how to paint a moon, how to draw a dragon, how to draw anime” on google and deviantart.  Thats the fun thing about the internet, there are SO MANY THINGS you can find by using google!  I’m surprised not a lot of people use it o:

but yeah, less serious, have fun, draw a lot, thats how you improve with anything, not just art!

Ina-Mari submitted:  So the other day (month or so) i was scrolling through the sideblog and saw this. 

Tyrant_Tortoise “I always desperately wanted someone to play a skeleton for me, haha. Never got to romance one.”

It broke my little heart, so I said “to the drawing board! this needs to be fixed pronto” *not so epic background music* (hopefully the pic isn’t too bad on your end. Computer wise) .  

Red: so sweetheart ya don’t feel enough love? Guess we can easily remedy that.
Stretch: Yeah, i think we have the right fixer upper.

i’ll just slowly inch my way back to the tumbler void (and yes, i scan my drawings xD i’m old fashioned)

the tortoise’s two cents:  I love you, you absolute sweetheart!

Thank you so much!! This is perfect, from Red’s Santa hat and candycane to Stretch’s garland scarf!  I’m so stoked right now!!  They look amazing, and this was seriously so thoughtful.  Thank you again, sweetie.  Merry early Gyftmas!! <3


I just got back home, and I’m still totally hyped out about what just happened, so I’m going to write this while my memory is still fresh.
For two years, I had convinced myself that this would never happen. For two years I believed that no matter how hard I tried or wanted it to happen, I would never be able to meet @therealjacksepticeye or the Grumps. And yet here I was, staring right at them.
Tonight was one of the best nights of my life. The show was absolutely amazing and I will never forget it. It’s my first time going to an event like this and my expectations were blown to bits. I’m not going to go into detail about the show since I want everyone to find out for themselves. But having a Q&A at the end was almost perfect. It was such a nice way to settle down after being hyped up about the game we played together. Seriously, you guys were so damn awesome! The crowd, Jack and the Grumps, it was all more than I could ever dream of because the show was straight hilarious.
Originally I wanted to take pictures with my real camera, but professional cameras like mine were not allowed. Though in its sense, it was very nice to just lay back and just focus on the show. I had an amazing time and I’m also suspecting I won’t have a voice tomorrow haha. Probably screamed my head off.
After the show I stood in line for about 40 minutes to get myself some merch and to hand in a gift for Jack. I absolutely love the poster, and I’m probably going to get it framed or something. And because I had time I decided to wait for Jack and the Grumps outside the event center, because I really wanted to meet them. I’m not sure how long I sat there, probably an hour or so, before Jack came out. It was really windy and really cold, so it was just me and two other persons left. And it was just the sweetest experience I’ve ever had. I didn’t want to ask too much of him, but he was super sweet and I got everything I asked for and more. I felt really awkward though haha. By the way, I was the one who gave you the Attack On Titan necklace, which I was super happy to see you wearing. I’m glad you liked it haha. Thanks yet again for doing a small video for my friend Fanny who couldn’t make it :) thank you for making the best ending possible to an already perfect night.
And for your information Jack, I was also the girl you bumped into briefly earlier today outside the Waterfront Congress Centre earlier today around 1PM when you guys were on your way to Vasa Museet(?). I hope I didn’t intrude or anything! Again, super nice to meet you!!
Thank you so much for coming to Sweden, I never believed I would be able to travel overseas and that you would come here. I hope you’ll come back sometime, and that our “good looks” didn’t scare you away :P

guys, i know i’ve been talking about kara/diana a lot, and maybe even writing some more of my own (maybe even already working on some), but… but…



i – i just – i don’t understand how?? how is it so good?? so perfect??

how could i ever compete?? i couldn’t. can’t. nope. done.

if you want to read grade A kara/diana smut, read this. you will not be disappointed. (obviously, if smut’s not your thing, don’t. but if it is, do it.)

i.. can’t. first of all, how did i miss this? second… i’m dead.

is that enough links? it’s not. have another. seriously, read it.


“No I don’t care if it’s a Disney refrence I still need to get in!”

This mess is your fault kill me

Why am I shipping him with himself….

Mir: I love this omg, it is so perfect 

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Happy birthday~! I love your work and ahhhhh you are so pERFECT I JUST WOW. Like you are seriously amazing! Umm if it's okay can I have some jealous!Oikawa headcanons? I really loved the ones you made before. Like only of you're not too busy and you want to. Any Oikawa is great though! I really love your work that you for being so wonderful~!

//The happy birthday just goes to show that I am lazy and a horrible person.

Jealous! Oikawa headcanons:

  • Literally the saltiest and pettiest loser ever. At first his partner would think it’s cute, but it gets really frustrating – fast. “Are they better looking at me tho?” “But for real I bet you (person) can’t be as awesome as I am”. Very much becomes very insecure.
  • Despite explaining the situation, he will be low-key salty. He will respect his partner and obviously trust them to handle it, but he would let them know if he is uncomfortable.
  • Would be sickeningly sweet to the person he’s jealous of, so much so it seems like he’s befriending them… Only to bitch about them later to friends.
  • Secretly change his partner’s lock screen to a picture of him under the guise of him being wacky, but mainly just to remind others that he’s there. Watching. Judging.
  • If a situation occurs that his partner is being full on hit on, he will calmly explain that they’re a loser and that they should stop. He tried. “You suck for real, bye”
  • Pouting becomes a usual expression.

Possible scenario: He’s been jealous of (A) for a while, (Name) has explained that they’re just friends and trying to work on a project together. He will respect (Name) and do all of the above. One day he finds (A) is trying to flirt with (Name) who remains oblivious, Oikawa would be so steely and calm walking up to (A) before lifting (Name) off bridal style to a private room, then would sexually mark his territory and leave love bites in visible parts. Making sure to leave his partner nothing but thoughts about him and making it clear that (A) has no chance in hell. He would then discuss to (Name) that it’s time for them to set their foot down and tell them to “go to hell”. But for real he would make clear that it’s no longer just him being jealous and insecure, that it was going to genuinely hurt him if nothing was going to be done. All in all, slightly mature of him but at the same time, dorky.

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why people is eating pieces of the crystal?? I just read a post here on tublr about people doing that, and I'm so confused! And what it means that those who eat the crystal are contaminated?? Please help this little and confused soul PS I love your blog its amazing!!!

(this is from what i remember so this maybe a little inaccurate. seriously, we need that library that is “coming soon” since 2014)

The crystal is the “solid form” of maana. Maana is like a second oxygen for the people of Eldarya and is present in one’s blood in perfect balance.

When someone decides to voluntarily “ingest” a piece of crystal (which is more like a fusion between one’s body and the crystal, they don’t literally eat it), they disrupt that balance. Their body and mind become corrupted, because they are not supposed to have that much maana in their body. They become more powerful, but they also become crazy.

When asked about why someone would voluntarily “ingest” a piece of crystal, Gardy supposed that the contaminated might have been captivated/bewitched by the beauty of the crystal, its “aura” (in ep 9, Yvoni thought that the crystal had chosen her). It didn’t help that when the crystal was broken, the people of Eldarya suffered a huge disbalance in their maana. This is more a personal opinion of mine (or maybe it was said in the game but i don’t remember), but I think that, by “ingesting” a piece of crystal, people are trying to regain the balance that they lost. Or maybe they just see it as a way to become more powerful. Miiko herself doesn’t know why anyone would voluntarily ingest a piece of crystal anyway.

There is no cure for contamination. When someone becomes contaminated, they lose their mind and become dangerous for others. Which is why Miiko said that they would have to kill Colaïa in ep 15, if it was proven that she was contaminated.

Caméria said that “involuntarily ingestions” don’t exist, at least she doesn’t believe it. But you can force someone to be contaminated. By slowly poisoning them or forcing them to fuse with the crystal. It’s also possible to ingest more than one piece of crystal.

What If, Part 1

Author’s notes: Sorry for my absence lately guys. Been all over the place, but I’ve been hit with some fresh inspiration thanks to the amazing artists @nikanono @jawlipops and @pota-totoo. Seriously go check them out. This is an AU exploring what if Talon had found Tracer and turned her into their agent. Warning for language. Forgive how rough it is, I’m just getting through my major block. I do not own any part of Blizzard or its many franchises or characters.

There is peace to be had sitting in a sniper’s nest high above the city.

‘It’s like being a cat,’ her mentor’s words echoed in her head, 'hiding, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce.’ Adjusting her scope, the predator in position peered down at three Talon agents chatting with each other. They seemed nonchalant, not worried at all about any interference of their mission: a payload delivery. Walking at a calm speed, one threw his head back and laughed.

They almost seemed human. It’s what made the job difficult. Amélie had to justify killing people, actual people with lives and families, to save the families they threatened to ruin. She remembered the bare spot on her finger where the sun shone around an engagement ring, and her hand tightened on her rifle.

'So why am I here.’ She thought to herself. There didn’t see to be an immediate threat, and the payload seemed benign enough. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end as the air crackled with a strange electricity.

“Seems a trifle overkill to send Overwatch’s best agent to intervene my payload.” The voice followed a flash of black as a boot connected with Amélie’s nose. Her face split with pain, tears filled her eyes, and blood splashed down her chin. She rolled, gripping her face in defense.

'Where the hell did they come from,’ Amélie managed to form the thought against a brimming headache.

“Christ.” Amélie felt a boot dig under her ribs and roll her. “This is the best they have to offer? Overwatch is in even shittier shape than I left it.” She felt a sharp pain in her ribs as the assailant swiftly kicked her. Amélie gasped for breath, taking stock of her injuries.

'Broken nose. Cracked, potentially broken rib. Maybe two.’ She pried her eyes open to identify her attacker and forgot how to breathe.

“Lena?” Were it not for the very real pain coursing through her right now, Amélie would have sworn she was seeing ghosts. The young woman that stood before her was an echo of the vibrant pilot that once dreamed of joining Overwatch, but she was still there.

She was alive. Lena was standing in black attire, boots, pants, leather coat, with a strange red glow illuminating her chest. Red goggles and a sneer clouded her face, but Amélie would recognise that spiked hair anywhere.

“No. Lena is dead. She was left behind to rot by the valiant heroes.” Planting another hard boot to Amélie’s chest, she rolled the sniper closer to the edge of the building. “They call me Tracer now. Fitting, seeing as there was barely a trace of me left after that crash.” Tracer squat down by the defeated hero, taunting Amélie with her words.

“Felt great really. To be left behind by the people I called friends.” She shook her head. “Doesn’t matter now. Actually kind of funny that you’re the best they have to offer and you couldn’t even keep your own husband safe.”

A loud crack split the air, startling Tracer and knocking her down into a sitting position. She gingerly touched her shoulder as Amélie’s pistol smoked from her side. Blood started to trickle down the leather jacket as Tracer chuckled.

“Guess there’s still some fight in you left.” She barely got the words out as Amélie leapt to tackle her. They tumbled a moment before coming to a stop with Amélie’s grip on Tracer’s collar and a fist curled like a snake ready to strike.

“You know. Last lass that had me pinned like this screamed my name six times in one night. Think we could get you to seven?” Tracer’s nose made a sickening crunch behind Amélie’s fist. Gathering a mouth full of blood, she spat to the side, managing a sneer under her broken nose and fat lip. “Ought to determine a safe word first, love.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m thinking 'fruitcake.’ Both because I find it hilarious and because I doubt you’d shout that when-” Amélie dug her knuckles into Tracer’s wounded shoulder, cutting her words off with a choked yelp of pain.

“What the fuck do you care?” Tracer shouted through gritted teeth.

“We were friends.” Amélie growled. “How could you join Talon?”

“Talon saved me.” The acid in her words made Amélie pause. “When all my friends left me to die. Or worse.” She spat the word 'friends’ from her mouth like burned food. Amélie leaned back on her haunches, loosening her grip on the smaller woman.

“I never stopped.” A whisper barely escaping her lips.

“What?” Hissed Tracer.

“I never stopped looking for you.” Amélie shook her head, finding eye contact difficult with the once hazel, now red tinted eyes before her. They paused, silence hanging heavy between them, when a loud crackle filled Tracer’s ear.

“Yeah?” She snarled, finger pressed to her ear drum. A pause. “Yeah I heard the gunshot.” She let loose a disgusted sigh and rolled her eyes, looking back at the sniper. “Yeah I found the enemy sniper. I’m dealing with her now.” Removing her finger from her ear, she curled her lip. “Fucking grunts can’t tell a side arm from a rifle shot. They didn’t see the gun so they assume it’s some hidden sniper.” She widened her eyes in a mocking tone.

“Well they weren’t wrong.” Amélie responded, a slight chuckle in her words.

“Don’t take their side.” Tracer shook her head, exasperated. “Tell you what. I’ve had fun. I’ll let you live, so long as you run. Starting now.” Tracer pulled dual pistols from her sides as Amélie somersaulted backwards off Tracer’s lap. She swiped her rifle just as Tracer started firing at her feet. Amélie gracefully dove off the roof, only to launch a grappling hook at the next ledge. She disappeared over the next roof top, leaving Tracer sitting alone. She ran a hand through her spiked bangs and sighed.

“Fuck, Trace. What are you getting yourself into…” She asked the empty air.

So I think anyone who has made some icons will know how you sometimes pause at the greatest of times, ending up with amazing screenshot. I decided to share the few Natsume ones I had, with the nickname I gave them.

Everyone, fasten your seatbelt~

AKA Everything in this screenshot is perfect. Natsume’s punch and general “danger must defend myself” intense expression, Nyanko’s “I’m just glad its not me” weird expression, and Natori’s “OH” expression. Hiiragi? You know she’s been slayed. No expression to give because that punch got her.

Could also be called “why you should never surprise Natsume”

This one got called “that’s why you don’t forget about hairdryer on cat, Natsume” after I stopped laughing at Nyanko. No, seriously, never forget when you’re drying your cat. As cute as they can be, I’m not sure such a fluffball will be healthy, unless you can resurect from dying in laughters.

The second before the tragedy. You know it is. Nyanko has such a little shit expression though, he knows what he’s about to do.

Aaaaaand my personal favorite right now-

Hot damn. I literally called this one “look at that beauty”. I was very much trying to screenshot when Natsume jumped down the branch, and I somehow got it on my first try, but I didn’t not expect this.

Like. It’s a split second in the episode, and unless you pause, you won’t see this. Just catch a tiny glimpse. Yet, considering how well he’s drawn, it’s like they were just “try and catch this screenshot if you can”.

So, my fellow Natsume fan, that’s why I’m sharing this: enjoy~