i was serious about the whole fall thing

Stiles cracked his eyes open against the rising sun directly in his face and frowned. He looked around him, and frowned some more. The jeep was parked, empty aside from him and his duvet crunched up in the passenger seat, and there was a wheat field beyond the windshield.

With a massive yawn, Stiles straightened up—or tried to. His back was stiff, his spine popped, and one of his legs was a little numb; his body did not appreciate sleeping in his car these days. He tugged his blanket a little tighter around himself against the chill of the early morning and sat there for a second, shuffling through his memory for an explanation as to why he was sleeping in the front seat of his jeep.

Six finals, moved out of the dorm, late night flight back from DC, went to bed…


Scott had definitely been there at one point, he was the one who drove them here, after all.

Wherever here was.

“Scott, what the fuck,” Stiles said to the quiet morning air, knowing that wherever Scott was, he could hear it.

He dug his shoes out from under his blanket and climbed out of the jeep, taking the duvet with him, wrapped around himself like a cape. He was still in his pajamas, the grass was wet with cold dew, the sun was in his eyes, just peeking out over the trees in the distance, and Scott was still nowhere to be found. He was taking his damn blanket.

“Scott!” He called halfheartedly, not all that loud as he shuffled towards the field. They were probably trespassing. “Buddy, pal, what the hell!”

“Hang on!” Scott’s voice called back, and Stiles looked everywhere else around him before realizing that Scott was yelling at him from up a tree.


Stiles yawned and squinted out at the wheat.

It was barely six in the morning, they’d driven three hours to get there, specifically for this field of wheat, and Stiles still had no idea why. It looked like an average field of wheat from where he was standing, but then he wasn’t up a massive tree with a vantage point or super alpha vision, which was Scott’s current situation. Twisted up around the trunk for dear life with his phone out, taking pictures.

Of wheat.

“Why are we here again?” Stiles called up to him. He hadn’t bothered to ask when Scott pulled him out of bed at 3am and threw both Stiles and his blankets into his own jeep. All that registered at the time was that it was Scott and he didn’t seem to be panicking, and Stiles was exhausted after finals and the trip back to Beacon Hills, so he went right back to sleep for the drive.

Scott focused on taking pictures for a minute, then called back,

“Crop circles! It popped up on your news alert last night!”

Oh right, that ping on his computer Stiles had woken up just enough to ignore and go right back to sleep. Because crop circles were stupid.

This entire field trip was stupid.

He was still half asleep, it was cold out at the end of April, and he was standing on the edge of a wheat field in his pajamas and wrapped in his duvet. He hitched it a little tighter around himself to keep the brisk air off his neck.

“Right, and why are we here again? I don’t care about crop circles.”

Crop circles were the one phenomena that he didn’t have to care about, so he gladly didn’t, because they were literally always made by assholes with way too much spare time pulling pranks.

This time Scott didn’t answer, because he was starting the careful climb down. At least he was careful until he hit some arbitrary height he deemed non-lethal and just jumped.

Stiles squinted against the rising sun, just high enough to be too bright.

Stupid werewolves.

“We’re here because this isn’t a crop circle,” Scott explained as he stomped over through the long grass, focused on his phone. “I checked it out last night. There was lightning here the same night this appeared, but no rain, and I couldn’t really tell from the blurry pictures online, but it didn’t look quite right, something was off. And if that something is off, and if it’s what I think it is, and I’m pretty sure it is, then I wouldn’t have time to go back home to get you.”

Stiles squint-glared at him this time. “Scott, do you have any idea how little sleep I’ve gotten in the last three weeks? Clear and concise answers, buddy.”

Scott finally held out his phone, showing whichever picture he decided was the best. Stiles squint-glared at that and waited for his foggy brain to catch up. When it did, his heart skipped a beat.

Burned into the wheat field, in a way Stiles was pretty sure was not normal for crop circles, were two concentric circles.

McCall Pack.

“I think it’s Kira,” Scott said, clear and concise. “I think she needs help.”

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Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 2)

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Summary: you and Dean have your first date

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: language, mention of injuries, mention of stitches

A/N: You guys want more - you got it! Hope you like it, and there will be at least a few more parts that I’ve got planned. Beta and general life credit to my twin @deanssweetheart23 for reading everything and putting up with me

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Svt reacting to their gf coming home scared

anon asked: can i request svt’s reaction to their girlfriend coming home scared because someone was following her?

Seungcheol- You’d think Seungcheol is a big softie, but damn after you come home scared someone’s following you, Seungcheol can get hella scary. Because no one messes with you. Not if he can help it. He’ll get really angry knowing you were scared out of your mind. He’ll probably wrap you up in his arms, breathing quickly and check to makes sure you’re ok and carry you in his arms over to the couch and make you sit down and wait while he goes out to see if whoever it was is still around. You can try to stop him by saying you’ll talk to the police but he’ll go out looking anyway. And If he catches the punk, they’re going to get hell tonight.

“Stay here. Nothing is going to happen to you because I’m right here. And they’re going to never see the light of day again if they mess with you.”

Originally posted by wonnhao

Jeonghan- Whereas Seungcheol can get scary while trying to protect you, Jeonghan would be a different kind of scary, a silent scary. He’d immediately hug you and tell you that whoever they are they’re not going to lay a finger on you and if they do, they’re losing their fingers. He’ll wrap you up in a sweater and he’ll drive with you to the police station so you can file a report. But you can tell from his stance, with his arm folded and his shoulders leveled that if it weren’t for insuring your upmost safety, he too would have gone out searching for whoever it was. And whoever it was would have regretted simply laying eyes on you that day.

“We have to rely on the system because if we didn’t I might end up seriously maiming whoever it was that scared you today and I don’t think you’d like that very much.”

Originally posted by dureowanni

Joshua- Joshua wouldn’t have the thought of being pissed at whoever it was. He’d be completely focused on making sure you were ok and that you knew you were safe now and that as long as you’re with him, nothing will happen to you. He’ll insist on going to the police station in the morning but in the meantime he’d hold you in his arms and run his fingers through your hair and say “it’s ok, you’re ok, you’re safe now”. He’d hold you for a long time rocking back and forth until you stop shaking from fear and the cold pit in your stomach goes away. He’d get you warm tea and blankets and make sure all the windows and doors were locked and shut tight before returning to your side to hold you in his chest and kiss your forehead reassuringly.

“Nothing else matters except that you’re safe. As long as you’re safe and you’re here, nothing else matters. Nothing will happen to you, not when I’m here.”

Originally posted by randomjoshua17

Jun- You’re practically crying when you frantically shut the door behind you. Jun takes one look at the terrified expression on your face and is about to lose his shit because when it comes to you no one, NO ONE, messes with you. After hearing what happened to get you so rattled up, he’ll quickly grab his coat and wrap it around you and pull you into the car to drive down to the police station. He’d be holding your hand the whole way, one hand around the steering wheel, his knuckles turning white from how tightly he was gripping the wheel. He might ask you for some details like physical descriptions and what you were doing today while he gritted his teeth and stared dead ahead. But if he hears your voice breaking, trying to recall specifics he would stop the car.

“Whoever they were, they won’t dare mess with you ever again. Because if they do, they’re not going to be able to walk right ever again.”

Originally posted by fyeahwonhui

Soonyoung- Soonyoung would put up a front, trying to show you his best side as soon as he found out what happened. He’d hug you and shower you with kisses while holding you in his arms, but he’d be hella protective. He won’t be able to stop thinking about what could have happened if you never came home and he’d be going crazy trying to hide the overwhelming feeling of terror that came with the idea of never seeing you again. He wouldn’t let you go for a long time, even after you both went to file the police report, he would insist on going everywhere with you even if it was just to the grocery store. You could be cooking or cleaning or do anything and you can feel Soonyoung watching you and trying his best to make you feel safe.

“I’m never letting you out of my sight again, I’m literally going to learn how to sleep with my eyes open in order to make sure you never have to be scared ever again.”

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Wonwoo- He’ll be the one in Svt that acts the most calm on the outside. He won’t say much but he’ll take your hand and wrap you in his arms and like Joshua, makes sure you’re ok first. You’re the number one priority. He’ll wrap you up in blankets and makes sure you eat something and just feel safe and warm. He won’t let you out of his sight too and insists that you sleep in the living room with the lights on, away from any entrances or windows. He might seem calm, serious, collected and smart about the whole situation, making a police report after you fall asleep so as not to worry you, but he’ll be so scared on the inside, scared that something could have happened to you. He wouldn’t get any sleep that night because of it.

“Things were scary today, but trust me, that’s never going to happen again. I won’t let someone scare you like that ever again. You’re going to be ok.”

Originally posted by visual-17

Jihoon- Damn, Jihoon may seem cute, but like Seungcheol, he can get pretty scary when it comes to you and anyone who messes with you must have a death wish. He’d also be a little bit paranoid and insist that the two of you stay at a hotel or a friend or family’s house in case whoever was following you followed you home. Jihoon would hold onto you tight in the car all the way to the temporary place you two were staying at. After making sure you feel safe and are comfortable, he’d take off to file the police report and won’t get any sleep, insisting they check security camera footage and post guards around your house until the perpetrator is caught and dealt with.

“You don’t have to even think about this anymore. Don’t be afraid and don’t be scared. Whoever they were, they chose the wrong people to mess with. I’m going to catch them and once I do, I’m not going to have any mercy.”

Originally posted by letmebangteen

Seokmin- Seokmin would be trying really hard to make sure that you felt safe again. The look of terror on your face was enough to want to break his heart and he, like Soonyoung, would be more than a little overprotective. He’d hold onto you and ask if there was anything he could do to make you feel safer, even if you suggest camping in the living room with the lights on. He’d drag all the blankets and pillows to the middle of the carpet and help you get settled in for the night. Secretly he’d be terrified too, he doesn’t know exactly what could have happened to you. He’ll pester you with questions, but if you start getting teary-eyed at the thought of those night’s events he’d apologize and hold you tighter until you fell asleep in his arms.

“I should have been there with you today. If I had been there, this wouldn’t have happened. I’m not going to let this happen ever again, I promise to be by your side from now on until we catch whoever it was.”

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Mingyu- Mingyu wouldn’t know exactly what to do, he’d be a nervous mess. He wants to comfort you, but also find out whoever it was and make sure they’re punished, he wants to do a million things at once and race around until his heart stops hurting from seeing the scared look on your face. He’d probably settle on going to the police station in the morning and making sure all the doors are locked and that the neighbors know there might be someone lurking around. Then he’d cook a bunch of food, all of it for you, even if you didn’t have the appetite because he needs to keep himself busy or he might chase after whoever scared you.

“We have so much food now I don’t even know how on earth we’re going to be able to finish it. But at least you’re safe and that’s all that matters to me. Should I make dessert?”

Originally posted by hypetae

Minghao- Would actually run into you and hold him in your arms before even telling him what happened and once you do tell him, be prepared for a scary Minghao. He’d look coldly past you towards the door as if willing whoever it was that scared you to reveal themselves to him. He’d drive you to the police station but probably would get too frustrated in the fact that there isn’t much they can do. He might go around on a rampage yelling about how the person he cares most about almost got hurt and how the police aren’t doing anything. He’d calm down if you talked to him and reassure him you’re fine, but he’s not ok. He’d apologize for his behavior and sit down next to you, but you’re not leaving his sight, he’ll pull you onto his lap and just hold you.

“The thought of someone else looking at you, following you, that’s not ok. It’s not going to happen again. And if it does, they’re done for.”

Originally posted by mvnghaos

Seungkwan- Seungkwan would be shook. He’d be puffing out his chest and asking who the ef would try to mess with his gf and try to jokingly reassure you that he can win any fight with whoever it was. He’d be hella scared on the inside though. You’re his everything and to think someone made you feel scared, he wasn’t ready for how much it hurt him knowing he wasn’t there to protect you. He’d hold your hand and reassure you that everything will be ok since the two of you were together and therefore are an unstoppable force. Then he’d drag you to the police station immediately to file a report while refusing to let go of your hand even once.

“Whenever I’m not holding your hand, bad things tend to happen. So from now on, your hand is mine, sorry, I’m not letting go ever again. That way nothing bad ever happens again.”

Originally posted by kyungminie

Hansol- He’d put up a tough guy front to try to reassure you, but secretly he’s gritting his teeth and trying really hard not to run outside and hunt down whoever it is too. Like Joshua though, he’d put you as his first priority, making sure you’re no longer scared and that you know you’re safe. He might even insist you continue with whatever evening plans you both had wanted to do at home and insist you continue with the normal everyday activities. It’s not about ignoring the problem, no he’ll file a report with the police later, but right now he just never wants you to feel like you’re in danger ever again. He’ll do everything to distract you and comfort you and hold onto you, giving you all the love in the world.

“Don’t bring it up anymore, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s over and if it happens again, whoever it is, will be over. I believe in the police. All we need to do is stay together.” 

Originally posted by svtxbtsluv

Chan- He might be the youngest, but when it comes to you, there’s no doubt in his whole mind that he could easily take on whoever it was, because no one should ever dare to scare you like that. Not you. Chan would be smart and level-headed about the whole situation, maybe the most calm overall. Because he’s confident nothing like that would ever happen again because from now on he’s not going to leave your side without something to defend you. Whether that be taking self-defense classes, pepper spray, whatever works. He might even arm you with some pointy keys just in case. Chan can be one scary maknae.

“You have to aim for the eyes, that way they can’t see and you have time to run away… run away and call me so I can kick their- ahem, I meant call the police.”

Originally posted by leecnah


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This is awkward

a “we’re exes who got accidentally set up on a blind date, fuck my life” au 

“I am going to murder you,” Jyn growled the second Shara Bey answered the phone.

“Honey, you’ve been trying to do that for years,” her work colleague said at once. “C’mon, surely the date’s not going THAT badly?”

She laughed without humour. 

“Yeah, of the millions of people in all of London, you have somehow managed to set me up with my ex from two years ago.”

Shara, far from being the sympathetic best friend she was supposed to be, just burst out into raucous laughter.

“Oh my god,” she spluttered.

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Guardian Angel - Part 4 - Jimin angst

Originally posted by bwipsul

I’m thinking about making this AU a series? Like, all of the members have their own stories with their charges and references to other members? What do you guys think lmao

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

“Go on another date with me.” Jimin said, cutting off your speech about how he should confess to Mina.

“What- Another- Jimin- This was a date?”

“I said it was a date, didn’t I?”

“I thought you were joking!”

“No. I’ve never been so serious about anything in my entire life.”

You stared at him in shock across the table, and he met your gaze evenly. One, two, three minutes you spent staring at each other before you cracked and burst out laughing, dismissing this whole thing as one of his intricate jokes.

“Okay, fine. If you wanna hang out, we’ll hang out.”


“Hang out.”


“Hang out.”

“Why won’t you let me take you on a date?” Jimin burst, surprising you.

“Because you love Mina!”

“I love-”

He suddenly stopped, falling backwards so his back was planted firmly against the back of his seat as if some kind of invisible force had forcibly stopped him.

“Lay off, Jimin,” Namjoon warned, a hand resting on Jimin’s shoulder. “Ease her into it.”

I don’t have the time to lay off, Namjoon! She’s sick!

“Does she look sick? I don’t know what happened but she looks fine. You can’t rush her into this.”

Namjoon, I love her.

“I know you do, but she thinks you love Mina and isn’t going to just accept it if you confess your love in this shitty place.”


“No, you listen to me, Jimin,” Namjoon had started using the tone of voice whenever one of the younger Guardians were playing up. Immediately, Jimin froze and fell silent. “Look at her, and look at her properly.”

You were staring at Jimin, mouth set in a kind of defiant way that he would have found annoying from anybody else but it looked so right on your face.

But your eyes…. Your eyes didn’t fit the expression on your face. They were stormy, as if you were fighting with yourself or something else. They were sad and full of happiness and they were so beautiful, Jimin didn’t think he had ever looked into them for so long before.

“Just… Leave her alone for a while. You can’t rush these things. Whilst you know she’s yours, she’s still just a human. She won’t understand if you’re suddenly all over her.”

Jimin sighed, long and resigned.


“So…” Jimin said, feeling slightly embarrassed from his seemingly random near-exclamation of love. “Do you wanna go do something else? I’m free all day.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Anything!” Jimin said. “Let’s do something fun!”

Three weeks passed in a similar fashion and suddenly, Jimin was a constant in your life. He was everywhere that you went and usually, that would have annoyed you, but it was different with Jimin. You liked it.

The two of you did everything together. You went shopping (or, rather, attempted; most of the time was spent dressing Jimin up in the ugliest clothes you could find) and would go for coffee and spend hours in the café just chatting until it went dark. You would have your normal movie nights every Saturday evening but he had started to stay over and the two of you would make pillow forts in the living room and sleep downstairs on the floor together.

“What are the plans for today?” Jimin asked, coming out of your ensuite bathroom and flopping onto your bed, hair dripping water everywhere.

“Jimin! Why are you like this,” You whined, pushing him away from you slightly when he tried to rub his soaked hair all over your clothes. “Mina just text me, actually.”

His body froze up and he closed his eyes, lips moving in a fast prayer.

Has she told you?

“She said that we hadn’t hung out in forever and we should all meet up. How about it?”


“Yeah, sure. What is she suggesting?” Jimin asked, rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling.

“She didn’t specify, but I want to go to the cinema. That new film came out today that I was telling you about the other day!”

He sat up, using the towel that he had previously draped across the back of his neck and scrubbing his hair furiously.

“Sweet, good idea. Look online for movie times and I’ll go and get ready. Tell her the plans.”

With that, Jimin disappeared back into your bathroom to look for the hairdryer.

Usually he left his hair to dry naturally because it was better for it and his hair felt like straw anyway, but Jimin wanted to get ready as fast as possible. No time for air drying now.

“There’s a showing at two!” you called from your bedroom and Jimin smiled despite himself. You sounded so excited, how could he not find that adorable?

“Okay, good! I’m driving.”

“Should we pick up Mina on the way?”

Jimin almost dropped the hairdryer as he lifted it up to his head. It had only been about a minute and he had already forgot that this was a group outing with Mina. It was like fate was throwing a cruel reminder of his grave mistake into his face.

In all honesty, however, Jimin would take that cruel reminder and all of the guilt that came with it a thousand times over if it meant that you were in perfect health like you had been since that night.

“Sure, whatever.” Jimin replied to you, before turning on the hairdryer.

He didn’t want to pick Mina up. He didn’t want to hang out with Mina, or see Mina, or even be near Mina. She was the personification of the hate that Jimin had for himself  and whilst he had nothing against Mina personally, he hated the mere thought of her.

How could he have possibly thought that she was the one for him? How could he have been so goddamn ignorant?

“Blasphemy, Jimin”

“I don’t give a God fucking shit, Namjoon.” Jimin hissed through his teeth, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to hear him over the sound of the hair dryer.

“Jeez, what’s got your panties in a bunch?”

“Like you don’t know. You’re always listening to whatever I’m doing.”

“Well, I have to give it to you, yours is one of the most interesting cases I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks.” Jimin gritted his teeth, running his hands through his hair with perhaps too much strength and winced when he tugged painfully at the roots.

Namjoon was silent, just watching the younger boy try not to have a breakdown whilst drying his hair. To anybody else watching, Jimin would look like he was just being unnecessarily dramatic about his hair, but even to Jungkook, who literally could not care about Jimin’s problems on top of his own with his charge, Jimin’s case was worthy of attention. And, surprisingly, perhaps for the first time in his entire existence, Namjoon was at a loss with what advice he could give. Jimin was, quite literally, entirely on his own with this.

He finished with his hair and quickly patted some BB cream across his face so he didn’t look quite as shit as he did before, and then he returned to your room where you were just finishing up on your eye makeup.

You turned to face him when he came out of your bathroom and smiled at him fondly, the sight of your joy making his heart tug painfully. Sighing long and hard, Jimin flopped back down onto your bed and groaning dramatically.

Laughing, you went to sit next to him and smacked him really hard on the ass. “Stop whining. I thought you’d be happy to see Mina!”

He groaned again, deep in his throat, at your obliviousness. He had never considered it before but perhaps you were dim?

“Actually, thinking about it, we haven’t spent any time with her at all for the last few weeks…” You sounded troubled by this thought, so Jimin sat up and took your wrists into his hands, then proceeded to stare into your eyes with as much sincerity as he could muster.

You looked at him bewilderment, wondering what he was about to say that was worthy of such a build up, but all he said was;


“Oh for God’s sake- Park Jimin!” you scolded him, smacking him lightly on the chest and shoving him away. He whined loudly again, pressing his face into your pillow and you smacked his butt again. He laughed despite himself. “If you get makeup all over my bedding again, I’m going to murder you myself.”

He turned over and watched as you flung your wardrobe open. “What are you doing?”

“Getting dressed, what does it look like?”

“But you’re already dressed?” Jimin questioned, watching as you rifled through the dresses you owned. “You hate wearing dresses?”

“I know, but I have to look somewhat decent next to Mina,” you said casually. “I can’t go out with her dressed like this, I might as well have come out of the sewer if I stand next to her looking like this.”

Outraged, Jimin leapt off the bed and placed a firm hand on the door of your wardrobe, shutting it sharply.

“You look perfect literally all the time Y/N, what the hell are you talking about?”

Blushing slightly at his comment and sudden proximity, you just shrugged. “She’s so much prettier than I am. I need to at least-”

“No, she isn’t,” Jimin said, reaching suddenly and placing a hand on the back of your neck and guiding your face so you were staring directly at him. “You are so, so beautiful that it makes my heart hurt. What your wearing now is perfect- actually, I love it more than anything else you’ve ever worn.”

It was true, Jimin was quite taken to the fact that you were wearing one of his shirts and just some ripped skinny jeans. It was just the right level of casual that suited you so well and he’d be damned if anybody, even yourself, thought that it wasn’t good enough.


“No buts,” Jimin said, turning away from the wardrobe and settling on your bed again. “Except for yours maybe, It’s really cute.”

“Jimin!” you gasped, rushing to the bed and grabbing one of your cushions to smack him around the face. He stood up quickly to dodge your weapon, and as he stood up he pulled you down by your arm. As you went flying back down onto the bed, your free hand swung up to grab onto his sweater and you yanked him down ontop of you, knocking the air out of your lungs.

The two of you lay there in shock, his mouth dangerously close to yours, and the two of you stared at each with no movement to get away from this compromising position.

His breath blew over your face and he had never, ever, been this close to you before. You could see every detail of his skin, every colour in his eyes that you adored so much, and you could have sworn he inched ever so slightly closer. His lips, so luscious that you caught yourself staring at them, pressed together before they parted again and this time the way he moved closer was noticeable. He inched closer and closer to your lips and yours parted in preparation and he was so close you could almost taste him-

Your phone rang.

Cursing loudly, Jimin all but leapt off you and the way he was so eager to get away from you stung slightly, but you shook it off as you reached for your phone.

It was just Mina.

Shaking your head, you answered your phone and walked out of your bedroom; seemingly just to take the call, but your cheeks were burning, in embarrassment at the position the two of you were in, and hurt that he had all but ran away from you.

Did he not see you like that? Did he think you were unappealing, and that was why he jerked away from you so fast? Did he not want to kiss you? Because you sure as hell wanted to kiss him.

In your bedroom, Jimin was running his hands through his hair frustratedly, ruining the perfectly done hairstyle. How could he have been so stupid? He didn’t even know if you liked him, how could he dare to put you in that position and all but force himself onto you? He was ashamed of himself and his cheeks were burning in embarrassment. How could he look at you after he had behaved like that?

Sighing, he messed up his hair again before returning to the bathroom to take a breather and fix the mess on top of his head.

He would calm himself down and then act like nothing happened. If you wanted to talk about it, Jimin would talk about it, but he didn’t want you to be embarrassed because of his hasty actions.

It wasn’t right to act like that. He should have asked permission, he should have made it much more romantic, he should have-

“Jimin? Mina is ready, we can go and get her and get something to eat if you want?”

Great. You didn’t want to be alone with him anymore.

What had he done?

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

vampire!au vernon

@kindasyc-dogg submitted: So I saw this picture of Vernon and like, I physically couldn’t stop myself from the excitement of realizing this is SO vampire au! With that being said, could this work in replacement of the other vampire idea I sent in? Where he finds out his mate is a human male?

-alright so vampire and human relationships are pretty uncommon

-because a lot of the times the two sides will say that they’ll make it work and listen about each other’s differences

-but in the end the fact that one drinks blood and the other just happens to have blood running through their veins is complicating enough 

-moving on! 

-you and hansol have actually been dating for a pretty long time (like a few months) but you don’t often kiss or do any physical affection because you’re both pretty shy about it

-you know he’s a vampire and that they have some hella strength (and he’s young so he might not have control) 

-he just thinks you aren’t about touchy-feely stuff and leaves it alone so that he doesn’t make you uncomfortable 

-the whole revelation moment is actually pretty funny because you’re just cooking dinner in your apartment while hansol is over 

-(humans needs food to live, but vampires can eat is just so their stomach doesn’t cramp when it’s empty or for something that tastes good) 

-and you slip on the knife and cut your palm pretty badly 

-now, you know that hansol is a vampire, and he would never intentionally do anything to hurt you, but that’s a lot of blood 

-and neither of you have really talked about the whole ‘human dating a vampire thing’ 

-but of course when you’re groaning and shoving your hand under the sink water hansol has to come over and help you and when he pulls your hand out to see what’s wrong. 

-he literally falls on his ass he’s so surprised. 

-’you’re bleeding?????????????’ 

-’i mean yeah i cut myself?’ 

-’but like…. vampires don’t bleed.’ 

-’where ever did you get the idea that i am a vampire?’ 


-and you start to get a little worried because hansol is never quiet and never this serious and you wonder (just in some tiny back part of your brain) if you should go pick up the knife you were working with 

-and your hand is feeling a little tingly from the blood soaking through the rag it’s wrapped in and you feel like you’re going to pee your pants if hansol keeps looking at you that way

-but finally his face just completely changes and he’s up again to hold you by the small of the back and lead you to his car 

-the whole drive to the hospital he keeps the conversation light and reassuring because like. 

-if they deal with those types of people that can stab themselves straight through the hand cutting up an avocado 

-then they can deal with your little-eeny-weeny-almost-detatched-thumb 

-you can’t really ignore the stressed way his brows are drawn together throughout the whole ride though, and how he has to leave you at the ER bay because the hospital isn’t the best place for him to be 

-but that’s okay- you, at least, knew what you were signing up for, dating a vampire. 

-but hansol? did he know? would he even still want to date you? 

-so your hand gets stitched back up and you get sent home with some antibiotics and painkillers 

-and the second you step foot into the parking lot hansols old beater of a car is there to pick you up 

-first thing he does is give you a big kiss and break away like “were you afraid because i’m a vampire?” 

-and maybe you were for a brief moment but now you can honestly say with all of your heart that you trust hansol with your life and know he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, vampire or not 

-so, you just kiss him back 


Not my boyfriend

Title: Not my boyfriend

Pairing: Gabriel x reader

Warnings: light swearing, fluff

Summary: You’re out in a bar with Gabriel when a waitress assumes the two of you are dating. Unfortunately neither of you know that the other wants it to be true just as badly.

Word count: 1500

A/n: This is for @percussiongirl2017 (aka @alwayskeepfightingmoose). It’s your birthday! Good morning, sunshine! Happy 18th! Have a good day and an even better adult life!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

For the last time he’s not my boyfriend” You growled at the young waitress who came over to complain about your ‘boyfriend’ for the fourth time tonight. Seriously, you never regretted anything more than taking Gabriel with you to a bar. You should have known better. The trickster, archangel, pagan god or whatever title he preferred today, was never easy to handle. But you had been tired after your last hunt with the Winchesters and really needed the drink and relative normality of a bar. Sam and Dean were just behind you or so they said. After waiting for them for ages you checked your phone. Someone decided to put hair dye in their shampoo and truth be told pink really wasn’t their colour. So you ended up alone with Gabriel who insisted on sticking around (not wise in your opinion. Dean was going to kill him for that last prank).

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Chris Schistad/Eva Mohn ONE-SHOT 

HEADCANON: Chris finds out about Eva’s hook up with Jonas, and her messages with her friend.  (i said i would write about it, so I did. ENJOY)

It was one of those days, when he couldn’t focus on anything. He tried to get some stuff done, but each time he found himself drifting away.

And now, Chris was at her house, and it wasn’t helping that she was lying right next to him. Especially because she was wearing only the shirt he came in, and it was painfully short on her.

They were spread on the couch, her head resting on his lap.

Schistad was zapping between the channels, but couldn’t find anything interesting enough to keep him focused for more than two minutes, before his eyes landed back on Eva.

She was going through her instagram, liking some random pictures from time to time.

Last few days were quite confusing, as well as kind of nice.

He could get used to this. Them- like this.

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Waiting Game - chapter 4

People yelled at me after the last chapter, so here I am trying to fix things :)

Not saying I’m successful, but the point stands

AO3 link

Lacey got some raised eyebrows on the street outside, but she didn’t much care, taking the bus to the university campus and hurrying home to shower and change.  The race to get to class on time was a pleasant distraction from the thoughts that kept slipping into her mind and digging their gleeful claws into her self-esteem.

Fuck him, she thought sourly, as she slid into a chair, the rest of the class taking their seats around her.  Not like there aren’t a dozen like him around here.

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sageoftheages  asked:

I personally can't see the meat blanket thing as a reality check. Look, Marco did get conceited...but he didn't ask for a reward or a promise of a knighthood. He didn't act like he expected a reward either. River offered that to him freely. In essence, River built him up and then kicked his legs from under him the second he came to take him up on his offer. It was really mean of River and I can't do anything but feel bad that Marco was tricked by someone he called a friend.

True, River has his share of faults in this as well, but I think the whole thing should be seen from Marco’s perspective: he didn’t ask for a reward, but he still bragged to the point of being insufferable about it in Sophomore Slump. It’s not that he needed to be punished because that was a horrible crime, he was just a jerk, but he needs to have his own growth arc, just like Star had following Bon Bon The Birthday Clown, and having him fall to then rise was the best way to show that he’s serious about changing and improving. Can’t let Tom steal the self improvement spotlight from him, can he?

Tomato Soup and Lemon Zest: Catiac Agreste

Rating: Teen

Chapters: 2/3

ao3  fanfic   1 - 2 - 3

Notes: This is not how I thought this chapter would go, and I intended this to be two chapters wtf

P.S. Please let me know what you think! (Also, if anything is offensive, tell me, I like to consider people’s feelings) 

based on this post

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“Oh my God,” Adrien fell back on his bed, hugging his pillow to his face to suppress the ever waiting wail he’d let out.

Plagg blinked at him slowly while chewing on a slice of camembert. He could almost see the red in Adrien’s face burning through the cushion.




“Um, yeah?”


“YEAH. OK. Adrien, I’m listening… just say whatever it is before I stop caring.”

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Growing Up Duggar: Chapter 5

PART 3 HERE WE GO!!  We’re still talking about guys and I am losing the will to live

  • bloody hell - apparently it’s natural to want to start searching for a soul mate at 12… I think they are confusing this feeling with just general sexual attraction?
  • this whole thing just feels so serious, I feel like they all the fun out of getting to fall in love as a teen - Jessa suggests that we approach looking for a husband with a business-type mindset
  • Jill compares the beginning of her and Derick’s relationship to throwing up, a.k.a the most amazing and hilarious thing I have ever read!!! Foreshadowing to Dericks hilarious choking running thing?? I just don’t even know where to begin or end with this bit
  • They pretty much have checklists for what they want in a potential husband - whatever happened to just meeting someone and liking them? Chemistry? Nah mate, just make sure they like Jesus.
  • Here’s a nice little quote for you: “what all of us Duggar girls hope for is a husband like our dad” p150.  Excuse me?? Have you guys met your dad? He’s an arsehole.  I mean if you’re setting your expectations low, go ahead, you’ve nailed it with this one.
  • Jim Bob makes his sons save up and buy their own cars, but he buys the girls cars as an ‘extra sign of love’ for his daughters… did someone say favouritism?  This is wild, I’d be fuming if I was a Duggar boy!
  • Jill’s first impression of Derick was ‘neat’ - who could have predicted that??
  • Broomball is not a sport.  I would just like to put that out there.
  • The girls recall a ‘hilarious’ story, in which Jim Bob was so keen to practice chivalry that he would always open the door of the car for Michelle so she could get out the car.  Once his phone rang as he got out the car, so he answered the call.  And Michelle just sat there and honked the horn until he came and let her out the car.  OH MY GOD GIVE MY STRENGTH. 
  • Jill and Derick say that during in engagement you absolutely must not sled on the same sled together because as we all know, sledding is the most intense kind of foreplay
  • The first thing Jessa noticed about Ben was his “cool-looking, kinda anchor shaped goatee”… you genuinely could not make this shit up

GUYS WE DID IT.  We made it to the end of the chapter about boys.  Pat yourselves on the back, and pour yourself a large glass of wine.  We deserve it.  Bloody hell.  How is this book a real thing?

anonymous asked:

Do you think if Pride and Prejudice was written now in the 21st century and was not a classic, would the book still have been hugely loved by many people? Would it have recieved the same attention?

That’s a really hard question, anon. Given that Austen’s still sort of seen as a lighter focus in literature departments–like, she’s still considered somewhat chick lit–I think her profile as an author would be really different. One of the conversations still happening around gender and authorship is about how women are reviewed and what categories they’re assigned, the whole Weiner vs. Franzen debate, who’s “serious” and why. I think someone like Jane Austen would fall in that weird space where her literary value and her commercial success could get her roped into that debate of is it popular or is it good and can it be both. One part of Austen’s legacy is also that she contributed to the form of the modern novel as we still read it, and she was doing things with her novels that no one else was doing, so that’s also something you’d have to factor in. A modern equivalent would be something genre-busting that changed the way peers and future writers approached their narrative, and that’s a hard path to forge–I don’t want to say “especially for someone who’s work was bylined ‘by a lady,’” but… kind of especially that.

And it’s an interesting idea to try to suss out, but it makes my tiny mind spin because so many modern romantic-comic tropes were popularized in her novels, like, where would Nora Ephron have been without Jane Austen? WHERE WOULD ANY OF US BE?

Ultimately I think her success or popularity would be part of that larger conversation about how books are reviewed and sold and marketed and whether you can be more than one thing as a female author or whether your success and popularity somehow undermines your credibility as an auteur. I think she’d eviscerate anyone trying to argue you can’t be all those things, but the question of Legitimacy as an Author would continue to be attached to her work. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Thanks you for the Jihoon/noona scenario. It was so perfect. ^^ I wonder what wanna one and mxm would do/how would they react if their crush wouldn't belive in love. Also, i'm curious who is your bias in wanna one. Thanks you so much 😍.

A/N: Aww, I’m glad you liked it. I was a little worried about it cause I wrote it in one go and somehow I also think all my scenarios are bad when I read them the next time hahah. Hime’s bias is Daniel and Hana’s bias is Jaehwan. 

Jisung, Minhyun, Donghyun, Jihoon, Jinyoung, Daehwi would all probably sulk a little when you just bluntly confess to them that you don’t believe in love. They will all start ask you why or if someone hurt you badly in the past that you don’t believe in it now. They won’t tell you out loud, but they will make it their mission to change your mind about this and make you feel loved and happy for as long as they could.

Sungwoon, Seongwoo, Youngmin, Jaehwan, Daniel, Woojin, Guan Lin will joke around with you at first thinking you’re not serious about this whole thing. When you confirm it though and say you truly don’t believe in love, they will all sigh and probably say something funny along the lines of “oh, you will fall for me sooner or later as well, it’s fine I can wait”. They won’t try to make a big deal out of it and try to find what changed your vision about love on their own without bugging you.

anonymous asked:

What 'fans' write to her is vile, insensitive, immature and inexcusable. However, those exact words also apply to her responses. "Lay off the doughnuts. You, might get laid one day if you do. Bye disrespect(ful) cunt". She replied to one fan she felt sorry for their parents and they said they could have been dead or adopted for all she knew and her response was "If you were adopted it would make sense because you're a piece of shit. Suck on that". She changed this comment pretty quickly (1/2)

2/2  Maybe she realised she had just implied being adopted meant you were a terrible person. However, the fact she wrote it in the first place tells you a lot. Here are a few of her other insults were, “idiots, grow a brain, pathetic, cunts and scum”. Yes, she was provoked but as a decent human being you NEVER use those words about another human. If someone screams those things in your face, you don’t say them back. It’s just human decency that’s it.

I’m sorry, but that is bullshit, dude. Complete and total bullshit. Look, Taylor doesn’t need me to defend her; in fact I’ve stated here several times that this has moved beyond her. This is about the bullshit that has become this fandom.

Don’t talk to me about ‘human decency’ when you’ve got assholes purposely going to her page with the intent of posting vile things simply to instigate, annoy and provoke her. Don’t give me no bullshit about “you don’t say them back” when it’s HER page and she shouldn’t have to employ bullying deflection tactics like putting her page on private, disabling comments, or blocking people. It’s interesting how y’all have got all these screenshots of her clapping back at fools, but the posts that INSTIGATED those responses in the first place –  people telling her they prefer Arielle or Alexa (which cracks me up for a number of reasons), slut shaming her and accusing her of being a Nazi, straight up stupid posts like “Alex loves Miles” or “Milex is real” are no were to be found. I can tell you seeing those replies pissed off and annoyed the f*ck out of ME and others, I can’t imagine what she actually sees, deletes and blocks on a daily basis. And as someone who isn’t here for the bullshit either, I can related and empathize with her point of view when it comes to this. Don’t come on MY page and harass ME and then tell me I’m no longer a decent human being when I f*cking drag your ass ‘cause who gives a f*ck what you think?

These same idiots that are constantly telling her that she needs to “rise above it” or “ignore” or “not respond” are the same f*cking crybabies that fall apart when you tell them to f*ck off. Because that’s what you tell a person who doesn’t stop after you’ve told them to repeatedly – you tell them to f*ck off and if you’re serious and fed up, you’re not always nice about it. And honestly, there was a time when I would have conceded, “hey maybe she didn’t necessarily have to respond like that” but I’ve been given insight that makes me look at this whole thing completely differently. I’d really like know in what world do you guys think her anger is in any way unjustified? What delusional plane of existence do you reside in where people can harass an individual on THEIR PAGE and when that person reacts in a way that isn’t cute and laced with candy and rainbows, THEY’RE the asshole? Speaking for myself, when people come into my inbox here or anywhere else talking bullshit, I’m sorry, but you’re getting it right back. In the words of a friend I was speaking with about this last night “you don’t know what people have on board.” And it’s not like this dense ass, stupid ass fandom hasn’t been issued several warnings where this is concerned. 

Don’t give me this bullshit about what a ‘decent human being’ would do. Those words sound so fucking fake and empty coming from a fandom that seemingly prides itself when she goes off like this; “oh, I hope she blocks me!” “she’s such a piece of shit” “doesn’t she understand that we’re Alex’s fans?” No, don’t YOU understand that this is girlfriend? This is someone that he loves? Even more to the point, this is HER page that isn’t related to him or anyone in TLSP OR Arctic Monkeys? As I’ve said before, in what world, to WHAT kind of f*cked up individual, when presented with the facts can objectively say that ya’ll aren’t the bullies? To make this easier to understand, I’ll put it this way: that’s like constantly cussing out and bullying someone and then when they call you a ‘cunt’, presenting that as evidence as to why they’re such a bad person. The concept of ‘human decency’ means nothing to many people in this fandom and it grosses me out that a lot of you have the nerve to even spout that bullshit.

Seriously, fuck ya’ll.  I don’t want anything to do wit it. As someone who used to have a lot of fun with the Milex ship, I wanna distance myself because you’ve turned it into something gross and weird and creepy.

Treat Me Like Glass

Genre: smut (im so nervous eviscerate me), lots of fluff….. and a bit of angst at the end

Excerpt: "When’s the last time you bottomed for someone?“ Dan questions. 

Nothing but blunt curiosity is shown in his line of inquiry, but it still catches Phil off guard. The metal spoon slips from his fingers, only to be caught just before disaster would have the chance to strike. His eyes focus in on the multi-colored loops bobbing around in the sea of milk in his bowl, poking at them with the curve of his spoon. They sink and resurface and repeat. 

Warnings: swearing, sex, and bottom!phil (lmao)

Words:  4026

@ lauren if you see this please skip over it.. i have sinned and you are my tiny innocent wife 

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Gif is mine

I really like your poly imagines can you do an imagine cuddling with icheb and q junior? 

Requested by Anon~

You were just about to doze off, listening to Icheb read his speech out loud in preparation for when he showed it to the Captain. His voice stayed low and monotone the whole time, fitting the serious topic of the most notable first contacts in the Federation’s history.

Eyes closed, breathing slow, sleep was close. And just as you were about to fall willingly into it, a loud and abrupt sigh jolted you back into full consciousness. “Itchy, this has got to be the most boring thing I’ve ever heard. And I had to listen to Ensign Kim talk about the plasma manifolds for an hour.”

Your eyes blinked open, face pushing into Icheb’s shoulder to try and fall asleep again. But then he moved, disrupting your attempted-dozing. “It’s very informative, and that is what’s important.” He argued back.

“Well, nobody is going to be awake to hear all the information-”

“Will you two shut up and let me sleep?” You snapped out, groggily glaring at the two before once again resting your head against Icheb’s shoulder. “Keep reading, Icheb. And be quiet, Q.”