i was seduced

hanzo is and will remain the most beautiful dude ive ever seen, like have u seen that jawline and those goddamn cheekbones????

also idk how to draw bows for shit so please accept the fuckery and embrace it like I did to my lack of skill thank you.

  • Killua: *looking away with a blush* Dad, Grandpa, this is my boyfriend, Gon. He's not the brightest, but he's got the purest heart out of anyone I know. He cares about me, and I love him.
  • Leorio: *burst into his family house* MAMI, PAPI, THIS IS MY BOYFRIEND, KURAPIKA. HE'S TERRIBLE AND KILLED A MAN.

Playing D&D last night with my androgynous bard character and:

“Wait… what’s your character’s gender?”
“18 charisma.”
“….Got it, doesn’t matter.”

(And yes, we made it through the entire session with no one actually figuring out my bard’s gender, or figuring it even mattered. Even the DM was just like “the absurdly good-looking musician takes 1 damage” instead of bothering with pronouns.)

Sasuke: *saying his goodbyes to go on his mission again*

Sakura: *stares expectingly with a blush on her gorgeous face at her husband*

Sasuke: *beAUty OvErLoad Warning:wiLL coMBust. CaN’t haNdle WAifu TOo BeAUtiFul Can’t cOMpute. 1001001001001 sasukeuchiha.exe hAs sTOpped wOrKing PleAse reFREsh anD chEck intErnet connECtion RuN AwAy*

Okay so I finally got my hands on Jim Moriarty’s coat


it has skulls on the button cuffs.