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You Need To See This - Sweet Pea

Prompt - SP thinks his North side girlfriend is ashamed of him until Toni shows him a video of the reader defending him
Pairing - Sweet Pea x reader
Warnings - swearing 

a/n this is my first sweet pea imagine and request for riverdale i hope you like it


You had been dating sweet pea for almost 2 months now. You had gone to visit jug at the trailer park when you first met the cute serpent and both clicked more or less instantly getting together.

You wanted to tell B&V about sweet pea but just as you was about to archie had started some form of feud with sweet pea and the serpents. Every time someone mentions them Archie would lose it so you kept your relationship with sweets a secret.

You and sweets was in pops car park when you saw Archie and Betty and Veronica in there. “you hungry” he asks, “no” you say too quick pulling him away from your friends. “I wanna go for a ride” you say trying to get him to leave fast.
Sweet pea knew something was up with you and as he looked up seeing the bright red hair of Archie he began to know what it was. Once back at the Southside sweet pea had given you the cold shoulder, pouting and being snappy.

You watched him go outside for a smoke following him out to find out what’s up with him. “why you in a mood” you asked him. “nothing” he snapped back at you not looking up from the ground.
When you went to go back inside he looked at you. “wait, are you ashamed of telling your north side friends about me” he said in a softer voice. You stopped looking back at him, “what no” you say back unsure where this was coming from. 

“Then what was today all about, you literally dragged me away from pops because that North side idiot was in there” he said looking slightly hurt. “when I call you and your with them you say you’ll call me back and act different, you won’t even let me drop you off at your door because Archie might see us, isn’t that what you said” his voice a mix of anger and sadness.

You felt bad as he listed all the things that made it look like you was ashamed of him, but you wasn’t you loved him. Stepping closer to him putting your hand on his, “sweets I know it sound like that but your wrong” you plead with him.
“then tell me, tell why I’m your secret” now he sounded more angry. “because of this fight your having with them, if  I tell them it’s going to cause more trouble than soon enough I’m gonna be made to between you or my friends and I’m not ready to make that choice” you say back now had tears in your eyes.

  Sweet pea stepped back moving his hand from you, “well I’ll make it easy for you, where done I knew being with a north side wouldn’t of worked and I was right, goodbye y/n” he said walking off to his motorcycle. As you shouted his name crying heartbroken.

It was two days after sweet broke up with you, you had tried to text and call him but each one ignored. you was sat in pops with Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica and Reggie who for some reason was Archie’s new bff. You wasn’t in a social mood, Archie was banging on about some fight he’d had with sweet pea and the other serpents. Every time someone said his name you felt your heart brake more.

In the end Archie was beginning to annoy you. “he’s nothing but scum they all are they are like an idiotic  plague ruining the Southside and that sweet pea is worst one” Archie shouted. That was it you couldn’t sit there anymore “really Archie, your calling them scum, they wouldn’t have bothered you if you didn’t cause it all to begin with” you shouted. “your the one who pulled a gun on sweets, in the middle of the south side and your calling him a thug” you continue to shout as the whole of pops watched.

Kevin looked at the tension between you and Archie making a joke to lighten the mood “oh y/n defending the serpent, your not into him are you” he said. Everyone went quite as you didn’t respond “Omg you are into that thug” Archie screamed.
What none of your group knew was Jughead and toni was sat in a booth on the other side of the diner. they both watched when Archie started talking trash. “remind me why he’s your friend she ask Jughead, jug didn’t say nothing not sure what was wrong with Archie lately. they watched as y/n stood up to Archie, Toni took out her phone, Jug looked at her "What are you doing?” he asked, Toni didn’t answer but kept filming the rest of the argument.

over at the south side sweet pea was with fangs and some of the other serpent’s, although his mind was else where. fangs had made fun of how distant he was how he never thought sweet pea would be so sweet for a north side girl. getting frustrated “shut up I’m not she was just a bit of fun” he said trying to lie to himself. sweet pea went to taking his anger out on the pool table beating almost everyone he played.

Toni can in calling him out, pea went to her followed by fangs. “what do you want Topaz?” he asked “seen your buddy Andrew’s at pops today” she said sarcastically. sweet frowned and went to go back to his game not wanting to talk about Archie Andrews or any other north sider. “sweet pea, wait you need to see this” she said holding out her phone.

he looked at the screen seeing his redheaded enemy and y/n, “what is this?” he asked not really wanting to watch her with the north siders a reminder he’d lost her to them. “just watch it pea” everyone round him said at once. sweet pea pressed the triangle button to play the video.

he watched the start as Archie ripped into the serpent’s, but didn’t look all he noticed was the say yet annoyed expression on y/n. He watched her back him and his friends “and your calling him a thug” sweets gave a small smile, he watched as the sheriffs son commented on her possibly having a soft spot for the gang member.

“your into ain’t you?” Archie asked her. for a few seconds sweets breath stopped as he waited to see her reply. “yes, yes I like sweet pea a lot actually I’ve been seeing him for a few weeks now!” she said, sweet pea felt a smile spread across his face. he couldn’t help laugh at the looked on the north side groups faces. “your not really dating that south side piece of crap your picking him over us” Archie screamed at y/n.

“yes Archie I was until we had a fight because I knew when I told you all this argument would happened so I kept sweets a secret and now he want speak to me because he thought I was ashamed of him.” y/n shouted back. y/n stepped out the booth looking back at the group “when at the moment I feel more ashamed to be your friend Archie” she said walking out the diner tears in her eyes, as the video ended. sweets could hear the crack in her voice, it hurt him to see her so upset, yet proud to see his girl have his back. sweets sent the video to his phone, then gave Toni her phone back “thanks Topaz” he said genuinely.

you sat in your room crying you had lost sweets and now your group of friends. your phone rang a bunch of times not wanting to talk to anyone you let it ring out each time. once the constant ringing stopped you looked to see who it was shocked to see 20 miss calls. clicking on the list you saw 5 from Archie 3 from veronica 8 from betty 2 from Jughead and finally 2 from sweet pea. your mind raced to why he would be calling you did he want to get back together or did you still have one of his jackets and he wanted it back. your finger hovered over sweets name as you fought with yourself if you should call him back.
lost in your own mind, you screamed when a knocked on the window came. looking up you saw sweets pointing for you to open it, you smiled running over. Sweet Pea climbed into your room, it amazed you how easy it was for him to climb up to your room. “what are you doing here you ask timidly, now unsure what he was doing here.

  he took a step closer to you "I saw an interesting video today that showed me how much of an idiot I am” he said. you was even more confused now, but before you could ask anything else you heard your voice from his phone. “who, how when, how did you get this” you ask. sweet looks at you chuckling “Toni, but that doesn’t matter” he said putting his hands on your hips. “what matters is I should have known you have my back, you stood up for me even after I pushed you away and I never want to fight and lose you again, I love you y/n” he said kissing you. You kissed him back putting your arms round his neck. when he pulled back you smiled I love you too sweet pea.

Harry Shum Jr.

As a 400-year-old warlock on the show based on a beloved YA series, Shum Jr.has encountered countless devoted fans. But he witnessed the ultimate — and most unlikely — example of fangirling during his time as a backup dancer for Beyoncé.

“I was at Madison Square Garden and we were doing ‘Crazy in Love,’ and I remember these two guys, they were in tank tops and just sat there and didn’t move the whole concert,” he recalls. “The moment you heard JAY-Z, he came up from the ground up, and literally they started screaming and waving their hands and jumping.” Moving into roles on Glee and the upcoming Crazy Rich Asiansfilm adaptation, Shum Jr. says he misses those kinds of immediate responses. “When you make a movie and you do a TV show, you don’t really see the real reactions,” he says. “That was the coolest moment.”

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Royal Cast Battle part 2

~~~~~~~~~~Royal Cast: me~~~~~~~~~~

Blu wanted to go back to her friend but they were surrounded by demons. She had to finish this before they end up getting delayed. Her dagger with the dark blue handle was slashing at the demons while Cherry was busy strangling a demon on the ground.

“That’s most of it. We just need to finish it up and then we can join back with the others.” Cherry said once the demon turned into a black dust.

“Right…better not choke them all to death.” CTK said as he wiped off the black dust from his clothes. Curse didn’t care about the dust on his bones while V wiped it all away.

“I’ll choke you next.” Cherry said threateningly and jokingly at the skeleton.

“Try it.” CTK said while stabbing another one. The two got into each others face.

“Lovers quarrel.” Curse and V said at the same time with a straight face.

“WE’RE NOT LOVERS!” CTK and Cherry shouted at the two.

“Lets just get this over with.” Blu said annoyed a bit.

“Right.” Cherry said as she judo flipped another one of the demons.

~~~~~~~~~~Lucy’s P.O.V~~~~~~~~~~~

The last demon there fell once I cleaved the sword through it and it fell into dust. My breath was shallow and my hand was shaking as different memories rose into my head. Memories of when my father trained me with a sword and then when we would sit by the fire place all cuddled in a blanket.

I looked closer at the house, noticing that there was pictures with a little girl face scratched out as well as the parents. The only face that wasn’t was one in the back of it. The paintings was the same as the pictures and rose suspicion in me. I tilted my head to my left and looked at it before looking around. The necklace felt hot around my neck and the jewel was burning. I didn’t mind the pain.

I dropped the sword with a thud on the floor and kept looking around. I saw a fire place in the next room with shadows around it. It was dimly lit but one shadow seemed suspicious to me. Curiosity rose in me as I kept looking. Everyone else was still busy and I assume whatevers happening upstairs was resolved.

I let out a sigh and went back to the main room. The necklace was burning even more now, it’s never done this before. I cocked an eyebrow in confusion and looked at it.

I heard dying screams of the demons down stairs as the battle finished and they walked up the stairs. Footsteps from upstairs was also at the same time. I smiled at them before seeing Anrez turn deadly serious. Blu came into running as well as V.

I turned around when I saw Blu hold out her hand to me but it was too late. All I saw was the enemy before feeling something sharp and metal through my gut. I fell to the ground as he took the sword out. The enemy disappeared in a black ash and the last thing I saw was Blu kneeling down to me as well as V.

Then…there was just darkness.

~~~~~~~~~~Royal Cast: me~~~~~~~~~~

Blu: @blutheboo

V: @vzearia

Curse and CTK: @perfectshadow06

Cherry: @domino-doodles

Anrez: @anrez-op-skele

Royal Cast, Lucy: @me

Original au Undercast: @anrez-op-skele and @perfectshadow06

Like, the moment I came out and just asked “What’s the rent” that turned into a screaming match I knew it was a red flag. 

Also the time where she spent the entire christmas party bringing up my sister’s boyfriends recently dead mother and kept asking about how selling her house is coming and ignored my sister telling her to stop and when I said to stop she asked me if she had to ask me who she could talk to now and then later almost smashed my hand with a crock pot lol

Can we appreciate the fact that Thor was probably counting on Loki to save the people when Thor says you’re late??? And Loki says you’re missing an eye??? (I’m still screaming over their banter then later on Loki says I’m not doing get help and then Loki says bikd move brother even for me before getting the eternal flame I JUST LOVE MY BROTP OK)

What if thor tricked Loki originally to get him to come??

What if Loki did care about asgard or grew to care about asgard and its people while he was odin??? And thus he came (and was like YOU’RE SAVIOR IS HERE LIKE THE LITTLE SHIT HE IS. I LOVED THAT. THOR did too )

And remember when he looked so proudly at his big bro when he brought down the wrath of lightning????


Jim and Jane Hopper

I know that I’ve been gone too long and I just want you to know that it’s not about you and it’s not about our fight. Something came up and I’ll explain it all when I see you. I just… I want you to know that I’m not mad. I’m just sorry. About everything. I don’t want you to get hurt at all. And I don’t wanna lose you.

Man Up

by reddit user Pippinacious

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the store’s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

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best friends forever and always <3

[[happy best friend day!!]]

Sam Smith just came out as nonbinary and I’m screaming? This is probably going to go down terribly in the media but the fact that he was brave enough to do such a thing when 97% of the world don’t believe nonbinary is a thing is amazing to me? I nearly cried I’m so happy that we actually have some representation

His Pet-names For You|T.Holland

Baby cakes:

  • This would be one of his favorites
  • Calling you baby cakes when he wants your attention
  • You’d be reading a book and he’d be staring at you with a pout
  • “Baby cakes come snuggle in cold.”
  • So much whinnying
  • “Baby cakes won’t come give us attention Tessa..”
  • making the give me more hand motions as you walk by
  • Calling you baby cakes when he finally sees you after a long time
  • Finally giving in because he looks so cute and snuggly


  • Would be reserved for when you were upset
  • He’d always call you an angel because angels don’t deserve to be upset
  • “Oh angel.”
  • Lots of forehead kisses and tight hugs
  • “Everything will be okay angel, I’m not leaving you.”
  • “Oh sweet angel of mine.”
  • Soft kisses to you lips as he softly whispered ‘my angel’ between kisses


  • Would be an everyday thing
  • He’d never call you by your actual name
  • “Darlin’ you ready?”
  • Always waking up to soft kisses and a ‘good morning DARLin’”
  • “Darlin’ have you seen my shoes”
  • Him loving how your cheeks would turn the loveliest shade of scarlet when he called you darlin’ in public
  • He’d simply calling you darlin’ because you were in deed his darlin’ and he loved you to pieces


  • Is what he called you when he wanted you to feel special
  • “You’re my FlOr..”
  • You looking at him confused making him have to explain
  • “Flor means flower in Portuguese and I wanted to call you something unique because you are so special.”
  • Secretly loving this pet name the most because it wasn’t used often so when he did call you Flor you’d be a stuttering mess
  • “Flor you ready to you.”
  • “Bloody hell Flor, you look breathe taken.”


  • This nickname came about after you got your wisdom tooth removed
  • Your cheeks were all swollen and his heart was swelling up at the sight of you
  • “Oh peaches!”
  • “Harrison, peaches needs me!”
  • Having to fly home to take care of peaches
  • This becoming your nickname for whenever you got sick
  • “My peaches is sick, I need to go tend to her every need.”


  • Would be your nickname when talking to others about you
  • “My sunshine is coming to see me!”
  • “Who the fuck is sunshine?!”
  • “It’s y/n..”
  •  Screaming out SuNShINE when he sees you walk on set
  •  Running up to you and spinning you around before pressing a soft kiss to your lips
  •  Screaming around saying that sunshine is here to see him
  • Explain to everyone why you’re his sunshine
  • “Simply my sky’s are always grey when she’s away cause she’s my sunshine.”


  • Would be reserved for bedroom actives
  • “Fuck Baby girl right there”
  • Knowing he wanted some sexy time when he would hum out “Baby girl come here..”
  • Calling you baby girl softly when out just wanting to get you alone
  • Whispering dirty things in your ear
  • Cause BAbyGIrl did things to him
Bruise [ IX ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by loverkoreanasian

Red was the color that painted your skin through the sleepless night alone. Your eyes grew red from the endless stream of frustrated tears that dripped down your temples. Your cheeks changed hue from rawness, the sleeves of your sweater scratching away at them until they near bled. Your phone battery drained to zero, red painting the icon when you stared at it, debating calling him so his voice could fade your consciousness. Your lips drew too much blood to the surface when you bit down on them to stop another sigh from slipping out, desperate for it to all stop. Desperate for everything to be a dream you could wake up from rather than something you had to deal with when the sun rose back up into the sky.

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