i was screaming when i heard this line

I’m seeing a lot of first time entrants to the Brightshine Jubilee contest, so here’s some helpful skin/accent tips

1. Color your Shadow and Line layers. As long as the lines and shadows are visibly distinct from the other details of the dragon, they can be any color. By default these layers are transparency locked, meaning you can paint on it without going outside the boundaries of what’s already on the layer. Some programs also to use the Hue/Saturation thing to colorize it. Coloring your lines and shadows make your colors a lot more vibrant.

2. Be careful with your use of default photoshop brushes.
You know how in movies you occasionally hear that stock scream that so many other films use? Doesn’t it take you out of your immersion for the moment where you think “Hey I’ve heard that before..”? Well there’s a similar effect when you use the most common photoshop brushes. These brushes still have a place, but I find they’re good for the sketching process or a small part of texturing. You need to add more to them if you don’t want the Wilhelm effect.

3. I’m about to make your life so much easier if you didn’t know this tip.
You aren’t allowed to go outside the bounds of the dragon, so you need to make sure there’s no stray lines. This is something you can do when you’re totally done with your design, and you can do it in two seconds.

Photoshop works just about the same, but I’m using Sai for this explanation.

First, CTRL+Click your Skin Parts folder to select the whole dragon’s silhouette. (If you only use the Base layer, the linework is excluded, and that’s a problem for some species like pearlcatchers and imps since their whiskers are included there.) You may have to turn off layers you made, if you put any in that folder. In photoshop, you might have to merge the folder first.

Once you have the dragon’s silhouette selected, find your layer(s) with your designs. It’s easier if you have them all in a folder because you can just apply the next step to the folder. Find the Layer Mask button and simply click it. BAM, now there’s nothing outside the lines. As long as you don’t edit your mask, you can even draw new stuff and it won’t allow you to draw outside the lines.

Okay so my fiancé and me get to Bed Bath and Beyond after a ride with a CRAZY Uber driver (that’s a whole other story). We walked in at 11:50 and didn’t see anyone related to the event so we thought we were the first people there. Come to find out, there was already 2,000 people in line.

So we ended up waiting outside for an hour in the freezing cold (I’m pretty sure my girl wanted to kill me) before they squished the line down so we could wait indoors. We heard the screams when Hope walked out, but obviously didn’t see her. Then the workers started coming back where we were and saying Hope would only sign Shanti bar product, which obviously made me nervous because I had my jersey for her to sign. So we waited, and waited, and waited some more.

Eventually we got to where we could see her and I literally was already shaking and we weren’t even near her yet. I have super bad anxiety (When Steph still played on the Breakers last season I had a chance to meet her after a game and get my jersey signed because we had field passes but I ended up having an anxiety attack and we had to leave.)

We moved forward so we were close to the front of the line and Hope smiled at me. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a second. When we finally got up to the front, I was fucking freaking out. I gave my jacket to my fiancé and they motioned me forward.

She smiled at me and I gave her my banana kit. She said “Oh old school.” And I just kinda smiled and nodded cause I was fucking FREAKING. So she said “Can I borrow your back?” And I said “Yea” and turned around. When she was signing it, I looked at my fiancé and said “I’m gonna pass out.” Which apparently Hope fucking HEARD because she said “No, you’re fine” so sweetly and I died.

So when she was done signing, I turned around and said “I wrote you a letter” and handed it to her. She said “I hope it doesn’t make me cry”. I said “I’m about to cry right now so…” She kept trying to hold eye contact with me but I was so nervous that I found it hard to maintain it.

Then I took the picture of us and I just kept saying “thank you” a bunch of times. So I moved to the side and my fiancé went up and got one of my hats signed and took a fucking ADORABLE picture with her. As my fiancé was getting our jackets from the worker I looked at Hope and asked “Can I hug you?” Because I’m an awkward fucking person (and I saw her hugging other people so I knew she would be okay with it) she opened her arms so I hugged her and as we were hugging she said “What’s your name, by the way?” So I told her my name and said thank you AGAIN.

She was just so sweet and every interaction I saw her have with people she was so genuine. When I was waiting in line, she had a pretty lengthy conversation (like 2 minutes) with one of the NYPD officers that was working the detail. She was so sweet to him and they took a picture together. It was an overall amazing experience and I’m so glad we drove there for it. I hope she reads my letter and truly knows how much she’s helped me through dark times.

Side note: The family in front of us (a dad, his four kids, and his nephew) was adorable. One of his boys (he was probably like 9 or 10) talked a ‘big’ game when we were in line. “I’ll just get a picture with her.” “I don’t need her to sign anything.” When he got up there he froze. He was so cute and so starstruck he didn’t even end up saying anything to her (and he got his ball signed).

request- fallingforyou || d.h

Request:  are you accepting requests? bc i wanted to request a dan fic based on the song fallingforyou by the 1975

Word count: 661

Warning: mentions of alcohol. 

a/n: this one is a short one, also quite different? i hope you like it! let me know aht you think pls?

Dan’s POV

“What time you coming out?” My no-longer-excited-self was starting to feel the anxiousness surrounding the voice coming out of me, making it almost unrecognizable to my ears. Fragile and weak.

“I don’t know Dan, I’m… kind of busy, I’ll see you another day okay?” I heard her voice on the other line, only it wasn’t just her voice. There was another voice fused into the background music asking her to come back to bed followed by a scream when she didn’t reciprocate right away. I closed my eyes only to be welcome with an image of her. Her bare back and her her falling delicately on her shoulders as she scans my room for her shirt. The half smile on her face when I kissed her cheek and brought her back to bed, my bed.

I hung up with no answer. The streets were now too dark, barely anyone was passing by and the ones that were, all seemed to go to the opposite side.The wind pushed my hair back, memories of her floating my mind. Like the universe conspired to push me against the current.

My thought deviating back to the way she looks when she sleeps, peaceful and real, as opposed of her general disposition, troubled and hidden. The way her eyes looked in the bright lights of the club and thought I always hated cigarettes, the way they smoke makes the ambient around her so… like her. Captivating and mysterious.

In every image in my head she looked beautiful, she is beautiful… So pretty yet so far out of reach.

Deviating between memories that no longer existed.

                                               Some sweet.

“I don’t wanna be just friends (y/n)” our minds were filled with alcohol, our bodies were filled with passion. We danced. She didn’t respond, at least not right away. She closed her eyes and smiled. She then proceeded to bury her head in my shoulder. “What do you have in mind?” she whispered as if making sure her answer was for my ears only. “You and me…my motorcycle and your house, that’s all we need” Whispering back.  My lips immediately crashed into hers forcefully, they were longing for her for so long. Her hands went to my hair.

 One minute we were under the purple lights of the club,  the next we were at her house, in her room. Clothes scatter on the floor. Wrapped in her warmth. Intoxicated on her touch.

                                                Some bitter.

Her eyes search the room anxiously. She picks up my shirt and slides it over her bare body. “If you didn’t want to be here… If you don’t want me around you could’ve just said so.” She didn’t say anything back. I couldn’t help but rub my face in aggravation. The silence was unbearable. She got dress fairly quickly. I didn’t expect her to say anything but just leave. She didn’t. “It’s not that I don’t want you around. I do, trust me. I enjoy.. this whatever ‘this’ is okay? But that’s it. It can’t move from ‘this,’ it’s all it can be. At least for now. Perhaps later, when we are in the same place.. you know, in life? Maybe then, you can say that again.”

“I like you, you like me. It’s not that complicated why can’t just be together?” she sighed and walked away.

                            With her, every moment was bittersweet.

I smiled. Her house was in front of me, and the next thing I knew so was she. Her expression was confused, but her eyes were pleased. I saw him behind her, thought I didn’t mind. Perhaps tonight she’ll change her mind. 

“I can’t take it anymore. Don’t you need me? Because I need you. It could be as slow as you like and I’ll give you all the space that you need, but Jesus Christ (y/n), can’t you see? I think I’m falling for you.”


(M and T-requested by Anonymous)

You were being strangled in your dream, lined by some unknown offender as their fat thick fingers dug deeper into your throat as their nails grew into talons. And drool dripped from their mouth and felt like a iced as it burned away the flesh in your face.
You screamed but no sound came out as you couldn’t move, couldn’t think, your mind was mush as everything started to turn back when you heard…


“Livestock! (Y/n)!” As your eyes suddenly open, Ruki was above you, and your throat burned like hellfire had seared it.
“I heard you scream, and when I came you were thrashing and choking yourself.” He said worried, his voice winded as if he had been breaking hard in panic.
Pulling you up to him, as he inspected your throat which had started to bruise as you trembled. As the he started to softly kiss the bruises that were starting to form.
“Livestock what happened?” He questioned as you just shook your head and wrapped your arms around him, while burying your face into his chest
“J-just s-stay wi-with me.” You stuttered as your ragged breath started to turn into soft gasp.
Ruki nodded as he laid down with you, intertwining himself with your body as the two of you became comfortable. And within the crazy and panic the two of you drifted off to sleep.


“M-neko-chan?!” He pulled goth hands off from your throat as he used his body to still you own trashing one.
“Kou!” You exclaimed as you eyes opened and you wrapped your arms around his neck as you hurried your face into the crook of his neck.
Tears splashing over his bare skin as you took comfort in his cold, hard and familiar chest.
“Someone was trying to k-kill me.” You sobbed as your body was racked with sobs.
“Anyone who tried will be ripped apart by me personally.” Kou growled lowly as he held you possessively.
The words were comforting, as he laid down and pulled you down with him. And with you laying on top of him as he rubbed his hand up your back and cupped the back of your neck. As he moved his other hand lower till he had a grip on your thigh as he pulled your leg up slightly and the two of you melted into each other as Kou softly sang you to sleep.


It was the sound of his fist colliding into the wall behind your bed that you heard that snaps of you away. As you bolted out of bed screaming blood murder, screaming out Yuma’s name.
Right away the moment you saw your giant boyfriend standing by your bed side. His fist clenched as well as his jaw while his eyes were wide with worry. You wrapped your arms around him ignoring everything else.
“Who the hell did this to ya neck?” He growled as the burning of your neck hit you as you took in ragged breaths.
“What?” You asked confused as you let go of him and moved back to touch your neck,
“Ya neck is bruised!” He growled as he looked around for whoever the offender was.
“No one was in here…I must have done it to myself.” You admitted as you remembered past accidents. “It used to happen often when I was a child, I wasn’t able to sleep alone because I had to be with someone so I didn’t kill myself on accident.” You told him, while Yuma picked you up with one arm and held you to himself.
“That’s it ya sleeping in my room from now on no complaints.” He grumbled as he walked to his room scared that if he teleported it would take too much out of you.
Climbing into bed with you as he snuggled you like you were his teddy bear, your arms held down by his thick and heavily bulky ones. As the two of you drifted off.


When you open your eyes Azusa was holding onto you, and tears were seeping into your nightgown.
“A-Azusa what’s wrong?” You rasped as you tried to take in gulps of air greedily.
“You…were trying…to kill…yourself what’s wrong?” Azusa whimpered softly, “Why would…your try to leave me?” Pulling away you kissed away his tears,
“I was just having a nightmare. I never would want to leave you.” You whispered hoarsely, “I-I was so scared Azusa, thank you for waking me up…will you stay with me?” You questioned as you blushed.
“Of course…Eve.” He said as he pulled you down with himself, pulling you on top of him as softly kissed the bruise that was starting to form, from when you hand your hands wrapped around your throat. Before he softly nipped at your soft spot with his fangs, softly you whimpered as his fangs sunk slowly into your bruised neck.
You heard Azusa soft moans as your blood filled his mouth, as everything around you grew hazy.
Pulled away Azusa snuggled with you as nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck as the two of you fell asleep wrapped tightly around one another.


“Pet wake up pet.” You heard Carla’s deep voice as you woke up and you were in his arms, cradled like a child. As your head rested against his chest, as he rocked you back and forth.
“Carla?” You whimpered as your hand went to your throat and just as quickly he moved got hand back around.
“You were strangling yourself pet, your neck will be sore for a little while I sent a servant to bring you tea. He same kind my Mother would give to me when Shin and I would have a nightmare.” Just then the said servant walked in with a large cup of tea that they handed to you.
“Thank you Carla.” You whispered as you kissed him on his jaw before taking a small sip.
“Turn on the tv and hand me the remote, the two of us will be staying up for a while, cancel my meetings for the day I need to watch and observe my pet. So I can find out what possessed them to strangle themselves.”
After he servant did as told their walked out as Carla held you close as you finished your tea and he put on a romantic movie for the two of you to enjoy while you cuddled.


“(Y/n)?!” You body was being shook roughly as you stirred quickly, and the moment you saw him hovering over you. His eye wide with concern, as he took your hand in yours.
“You were hurting yourself.” Shin frowned as he kissed the palm of your hands.
“Please don’t hurt yourself.” He said softly as he blushed lightly. “Your trembling, come with me.” He said as he got off of you and off of the bed.
Standing up as he offered you his hand.
Taking his hand he pulled you out of bed and picked you up suddenly,
“Maybe I should carry you instead.” He smiled as he walked out onto the balcony with you and just held you, as the two of you watched the moon as it started to set, as the stars said goodbye and the tree danced with the wind.


So the first time I heard the song “Both of You” in Mr. Greg, one specific part struck me and stuck out more than anything else, so I’ve been playing that part over and over and had this theory that I couldn’t quite be absolutely positive of-

The theory that in the song, in the beginning, when Steven first sings the lines, “But you’ve got a lot in common, you really do.”

I swore I heard Rose in that line, “you really do”

To make sure, I had to look it up and-


anonymous asked:

15 & 24 with teen Sam from the brothersdrrake list please <3

Finally done with this I was SCREAMING when I found this idea, so thank you for the request and giving me feels. I hope you enjoy it! <3<3 much love!

(Keep Reading line after a few lines - may not work on mobile)

Summary: You and Sam have been best friends for a while, and while you rarely got to see that teenager, each time you did was a completely different story than the last. Growing to care for the boy, the two of you embarked on a harmless trip that may have changed everything for the better.

You watched him walk ahead of you as you heard the footsteps against wet stone. It was another cold, damp night in Boston, and you were out on yet another little trip with Sam. Being your best friend, he sure knew what to do to cheer you up whenever you had problems or just didn’t want to be at home. He knew what to do and where to take you, and the boy was always caring.

You followed him until he stopped at the top of a staircase that led down into an open street. Sam pointed at a building in the distance, a very familiar one. It was one you visited a few times with him, the view never got old each time you went there. It was a way to look at the whole city and minimize every problem just by being above it all. It was your favorite place to be, especially with him.

“There it is, not too far,” he said.

“Yeah, so it is,” you replied, and then you smiled as an idea hit you. “You wanna race?”

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Imagine request:  Can u do a full imagine on where y/n is the adopted daughter of Hook and Emma and she gets kidnapped by Pan?

A/N: I have a really long story line in mind for this request, so I’ve decided to split it into parts. Please enjoy part one!

It was nighttime in Storybrooke, and you were just about to fall asleep when you heard the wind start to howl, blowing open your window. You stood up to close it, shuffling across your room groggily. 

When you make your way over to the windowsill, you see a shadowy form lurking just outside. Its eyes glow in the darkness, and it lunges at you, inky hand outstretched at your throat. You try to scream, but are pulled into the throes of unconsciousness as the shadow makes contact with your skin. 

* * *

The first thing you see when you wake is a jungle canopy, weak sunlight barely filtering through the thick layer of leaves. You look down to see that you’re lying on the forest floor, and stand up. Brushing your dirty hands on your pants, you turn around in a circle, trying to get your bearings.

You see a fire pit, surrounded by footprints, their pattern seeming as though a large group of people had been marching, no, dancing, around the fire.

Then, you catch sight of a wooden pan flute lying upon a nearby rock.

You had to be dreaming.

There was no way you were actually in…

No, you wouldn’t even consider it.

“Ah, you’re finally awake.”

You spin around at the sound of the boy’s voice, and have to keep yourself from screaming when you realize that it’s him.

Dark blonde hair, eyes that were the churning, passionate green that the ocean turns during a storm.

Peter Pan.

Your adoptive father’s worst enemy, and the boy who had ripped out your brother Henry’s heart and tried to use it to save himself. 

A smirk has begun to form at the edges of his lips as his eyes roam shamelessly up and down your body.

Even though you’re wearing leggings, a t-shirt, and a cardigan over that, his gaze makes you feel as if you’re in nothing at all. 

You tear your eyes away from him and say, “Take me home.”

“Already? You haven’t even let me introduce myself,” he says, and starts striding towards you.

“I know exactly who you are. You’re Peter Pan, and you’re a bloody demon.”

“Ah, I can see your foster parents have taught you well,” he muses. 

You try to talk, but he continues on to say, “Don’t think I don’t know who you are, y/n. I know that once discovering you had light magic, you just happened to stumble upon Storybrooke and Emma Swan and Hook adopted you because your parents had been killed. I’ve been watching you for a very long time.”

“Oh, really? If you’re so well informed, Pan, than perhaps you also know that the reason my parents are dead is because of your shadow,” you all but snarl. 

His eyes widen in surprise for a moment, before he shakes his head. 

“My shadow doesn’t go after adults, there’s no way it could have killed your parents,” he says dismissively. 

“Yes, there is, believe me. Your shadow has tried to kidnap me once before, and my parents were trying to protect me when it ripped off their own shadows and killed them,” you explain, trying to keep your voice from shaking as you remember the worst night of your life. 

“But now,” you add on, “I can finally have my revenge. When Emma and Killian come to rescue me, they’ll make you pay for what you’ve done. Your days of ruining lives are over, Pan, this time, I’m going to ruin yours.”

A/N: Part two is coming soon!

Pyrrha’s not done yet

In her dream, Ruby heard Pyrrha say, “Do you believe in destiny?” Which is of course her last line. Some people think that Ruby has PTSD and she’s just remembering Pyrrha’s famous last words. But, Ruby was nowhere near Cinder and Pyrrha when that line was spoken. The only way that Ruby could have heard that line is if Pyrrha had shouted that line. Or, it could be bad writing.

Honestly, it’s tough to say.

However, also in Ruby’s dream, she hears Pyrrha scream Jaune’s name. Why was that in her dream? Ruby has never heard Pyrrha’s screaming Jaune’s name.

Okay, that sounded dirtier than I expected BUT MOVING ON! (maybe the walls were awfully thin?) BUT. MOVING. ON.

I really think that Pyrrha is going to show up again. Maybe she’ll be a ghost. Maybe she’ll only stay to have one last goodbye. Or maybe Pyrrha can come back because this show is firmly in the fantasy genre and anything can happen.

Accurate picture of me right now:

“Josh said Liam”

Willow: *LOL*

Francis: *no one will believe that shit when I release all the behind the scenes footage*

Jen: *Oh Joshy*

Liz: *Conceal don’t feel, I promised Josh I’d keep her in line*

Jena: *Oh, let’s see how she gets out of this one*

“I think she would choose Liam”

Jeffrey: *lol this is amusing*

Josh: *Play it cool, play it cool*

Liam: *we all heard her screaming your name last night dude*

Sam: *Lieeeessssssss*

Stanley: *heh heh heh*

I’m screaming, so basically Sasuke heard about them kidnapping Sakura, showed up, made sure she was alright and then left. Originally when they told him someone was impersonating him he was like “you guys deal with it” but when Kakashi told him about Sakura he was all “IM ON MY WAY”

when Ino and Sai showed up to save Sakura she had already escaped lol. The villain even had nine tails chakra and she still kicked his ass

the last line was “Tadaima, Sakaru” which means “I’m home, Sakura” 

I think we all know who said that ^ ^

clean is the realest fucking song taylor swift has ever written. it may not be my favorite and may not be YOUR favorite but do not tell me that when you listened to it you weren’t like “damn. okay. damn.” and then u sat and thought about EVERYTHIGN that you have ever gone trhough okay do not tell me thats NOT what happened because i KNOW thats what happened and dotn tell me you DIDNT cry because i know you DID cry i mean………………….“when i was drowning thats when i could finally breathe”…………………..“the water filled my lungs i screamed so loud but no one heard a thing”…………….“ten months sober i must admit just because youre clean dont meant you don’t miss it” jesus CHRIST that line alone gives me the chills i cant do this i cant fucking DO THIS i am so done hoesntly clean changed my life im done im ou TT HTE DROUGHT WAS THE VERY WROST WHEN THE FLOWERS THAT WED GROWN TOGETHER DIED OF THIRST THE RAIN CAME POIURING DOWN WHEN I WAS DROWING THATS WHEN I COULD FINALLY BEREATHE AND BY MONRING GONE WAS ANY TRACE OF YOU I THINK I AM FINALY CLEAN FUCK ING GUKIVNGBGGOIUC,GIOEKIETGOGKEGUIEUOIETOORTIUOREOIGNJEBUGO90POKGJKIOURO;JH

So when we all agreed that “Angel With A Shotgun” was Elyza Lex’s theme song, specifically to Alicia, I was like, “Cool. She’s basically Alicia’s guardian angel since in every fic/scenario they meet when Elyza saves Alicia from walkers and she has a shotgun and the song is about risking everything, even your faith, for love.”

But then the song came on Pandora earlier and I heard the line “I wanna live, not just survive” and I was hit with “Life is about more than just surviving” and I ALMOST SCREAMED WITH THE POWER AND EMOTION OF THAT REALIZATION!

“…When we were in the Lifestream surrounded by all those screams of anguish, I thought I heard your voice…deep in my heart I heard you calling my name…

“Yeah… At the time I heard you calling me. You were calling me back from the stream of consciousness in the Lifestream. After all, I promised. That if anything were to ever happen to you, I would come to help.”

One of my Mabifica Head Cannons is that Mabel uses absolutely horrible pick up lines.  For example-

Mabel: Hi!  I’m Mabel!

Pacifica:  Pacifica.  Pacifica Northwest.

Mabel:  Northwest?  *Looks up and down at Pacifica*  I’d rather go South, if you know what I mean *Waggles eyebrows*

Pacifica: *Blushes bright red*  *Also internally screaming: OH MYG OD*

And over time they get worse and worse until they don’t even make sense anymore-

Mabel:  Pacifica?  More like PaSEXYca!  *Insert bad wink here*


Pacifica Internally: That doesn’t even make sense…  (But she blushes anyway)

And even though Pacifica pretends to hate them, she secretly loves it and has several bad ones of her own.  It takes awhile, but finally one day when they’re hanging out together by themselves, she drops one-

Pacifica and Mabel:  *Sitting together in silent happiness*

Pacifica:  …  *Clears throat,* so, Mabel Pines huh?  More like Mabel Fiiiines, amiright?

Mabel:  *O*  *Squealing frantically*

Taylor, thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet you. We didn’t know what to say to you especially Sophie and I because we had dreamed of this moment for years and when we met you our dream came true we went home and cried for months that this happened. Please thank your mum for noticing us when we saw her by the mosh pit we screamed and she smiled and waved at us and Sophie and I lost it. When we got given club red we screamed so loud people around us looked concerned but we’re happy for us. You have done so much for me and your music and advice you give other fans help me so much, they motivate me and i can’t thank you enough. your album 1989 came out when I needed it most, I was in my last year of High School and I needed to Shake off all the times I felt stupid or embarrassed by being the punch line of others jokes and when I first heard shake it off I cried and I had it on repeat for weeks because that song is something I really needed. Thank you for everything. I have been by your side since I was 13 now I’m 18 and I’m not going anywhere. I love you so much, See you December 5th in Brisbane.
Love Megan ❤️

The signs at the movies


Taurus: “yeah man I’m just here to get snacks”

Gemini: *shit talking with libra in the ticket line* “look at what that person is wearing lmao”

Cancer: “I heard this was SO sadddd so I brought tissues just in case”

Leo: “I would look so good with this actor/actress, I think I’m gonna be a movie star when I’m older”

Virgo: *sitting on the floor because they have been standing in line forever and talking about their day as if people care*

Libra: *flirting with others in line and trying to hook up with scorpio by the end of the night*

Scorpio: *Makes out entire movie, gets excited when others scream during scary parts*

Sagittarius: “Guys I need to pee, someone come with me”

Capricorn: *laughs super loudly the entire movie, maybe high as fuck*

Aquarius: * talks entire movie* “YOOOO DID YOU SEE THAT GNARLY BACKFLIP BRO”

Pisces: “Guys I’m just so glad we could come together as a group I missed you all so so much”

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So I went to Warped Tour 2015 in Pomona. This was my first time going to a concert/festival. I didn’t expect meeting any band members. My dad drove my cousin and I there. As my first concert/festival, I was amazed at it. My dad describes Warped Tour as a “whole new world.” We watched Pvris, and waited to watch Blessthefall. I was jumping and screaming along. We had to leave in the middle off the set so we could go to the M&G for New Years Day. My dad and I searched everywhere for the tent until we found it. I told my dad and cousin to go wait in line while I bought their merch. I bought a poster and started to make my way to my dad and cousin. That’s when I heard screaming. At first I was confused, but then I saw why. Right in front of me I saw NYD walking towards me to get to their tent. I couldn’t move! Nikki smiled at me, and I made my way to my dad. I told my dad about what happened and he laughed at my reaction. My inner “fangirl” was coming out!

When it was our time to meet them, I was shaking. I gave them my poster and stood there. It was weird seeing them in person. I’ve been watching them on YouTube for months, and I wasn’t mentally prepared. My dad kept telling me to say something, but I couldn’t form any words. Finally when we got to Ash Costello, my dad had given up. He stood next to me and talked to Ash, telling her that, “My daughter is in love with your band. She’s been asking me for months to come here."Ashley laughed and motioned me for a hug. I was in shock. She told me "Thank you” and that she’ll see me at their set.

I was still in shock that I met New Years Day. They were total sweethearts.