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Can birds do drugs?

If you mean “can birds knowingly go out and acquire illegal psychologically modifying chemicals for recreational use” I would say definitely not. However, birds can and have been observed getting totally sauced on various delicious fermented fruits.

Waxwings and robins will gorge on thawed berries until some of them are so inebriated that Environment Yukon has taken to keeping the worst off in tiny bird drunk tanks until they’re sober enough to leave. Inebriated zebra finches sing like they’re at terrible karaoke nightDrunk parrots periodically fill animal hospitals in AustraliaA flock of intoxicated starlings stopped traffic in Austria after running into numerous cars. THE LIST GOES ON.

As mentioned in the video, hilarious to hear about but in reality it is causing a major problem; these “drunk” birds have a hard time avoiding head-on collisions with buildings and other man-made paraphernalia. Moral of the story: don’t drink and fly, kids. Unless you’re a bat. Because it turns out you don’t need to pass a breathalyzer test to fly with sonar.

The Night Sky is Changing Overhead by Lis (domesticharry) [ @domestic-harry], 124k

“Look, I really don’t have time for this, I’m running late. And this,” he said before he took a sip from the cup, “Is mine.”

Harry’s jaw dropped and he held his hands out, failing them slightly, “Wha-you can’t just drink it!”

“Well I did, so, do you still want it or can I be on my way?” The man challenged.

Harry shook his head disbelievingly, “Take it, but for the record, it says Harry on it.”

The man turned the cup around and a sharp laugh came out of his mouth, “Well, shit.” He looked at Harry, a smile stretched across his face as crinkles formed next to his eyes. “Thanks, Harry.”

OR, Harry is a tattoo artist, Louis is a drama professor, and they meet during an argument at a café.

Bee patches are due to arrive this week so I’ll be posting out all the orders you lovely folks have placed already, this will be the last run of the patch I make before moving on to my next one, but there’s still plenty left! And a final thank you to everyone that bought one from the first run, keep all your pictures of ‘em coming, it’s so good to see them out in the world! ✨🐝💖 

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We're all shook Bc moonlight but is there any news on that Abby tran racist? I wanna see her taken D O W N

Unfortunately no updates yet, I’m still waiting on the school’s response. I didn’t contact her parents bc if your child is running around harassing people and call black people “ugly niggers” then it’s pretty obvious the Apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Imma just see what the school says first bc it’s kinda the law for them to care about these situations lmao. And when the school finds out her parents obviously will too so it’s a win win

i was working by myself on a very busy saturday and it was later in the day so it was still kinda steady, but i had to run around and do other stuff like restock, etc. this lady and her friend come in with their kids, get their drinks, no problem. when i go out to clean some tables, i notice they’ve taken the fucking display of wooden, HANDCRAFTED, $12 bookmarks off the shelf and put it on their table??? they weren’t even looking at them it was just sitting on the table?? immediately i just think that’s an accident waiting to happen. but i didn’t say anything and went about doing my thing. guess what? couple minutes later, the lady’s kid spills hot tea, all over the bookmarks. obviously i was upset about this, but i tried cleaning it up, but they insisted so i let them since more customers were starting to come in. i mopped the floor (we have to, we can’t just clean it with paper towels.)

i’m in the kitchen taking a sip of my drink when the lady comes up to the counter and stares at me until i come up. she immediately goes off saying “how she owns a business too and accidents happen so i shouldn’t get so upset” i said i know, it’s okay. she’s like “oh i know it’s okay i just want to make sure YOU know it’s okay.” like bitch i wouldn’t have been so upset if you hadn’t take a DISPLAY down and spilled tea all over it. it was an accident, but one that could’ve been easily avoided. god people think they’re so entitled. they’re lucky we didn’t charge them for every bookmark they spilled tea on. they never even said sorry


We Women Countdown (11 days to go and a little late!)

My #SelfCareSunday post got a little out of control because what I do to look after myself varies wildly dependent on how I’m feeling. In the end I broke it down to the four most common reasons I need to look after myself and wrote out how I handle them. All the pictures are from my Instagram and are actually from days where I practiced the sort of self care I ‘m taking about.

I’m no self-help experts and certainly no graphic designer but maybe you’ll find something in one of these to get you through a bad moment. Duvet days, puddle stomping, running for the coast and pretending I’m in the Famous FIver are 100% valid as coping mechanisms, as is anything else you do to look after yourself, physically and mentally,

My methods may not work for you, but by sharing them and reading about yours I’m learning that what I often view as “selfish indulgences” are in fact critical to my well-being and that we should all support and encourage one another to find ways of coping and caring for ourselves.

I’m not gonna lie— I don’t know how today’s outfit happened, but considering today is the day before our Annual Statement deadline a little color was needed.

Sadly, everyone else here can run around in jeans and a t-shirt stressing out, but because I answer the front door I have to look nice.

Oh well, I have an excuse to wear my skirt! @10monthstochange I think this is the skirt I was trying to tell you looks similar to yours.

Also, @tryingtofindme82 you can’t see them, but I have key shaped stud earrings.

Also, happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you have a lovely day!

So now that the RvB Big Bang has wrapped up, the good folks at @rvbficwars​ have been sending out feedback surveys, not just about the Bang but about the events they run in general. They just posted about suggestions people have made for RvB Rec Day, and I nearly reblogged but it was a long post and I really just wanted to talk about one line:

There is concern that Rec Days only highlight popular pairings and fics, which means a lot of smaller authors can be left behind.

Here’s the bad news: popular pairings and fics are, by definition, popular. There are a lot of people who love them and love talking about them. So it’s pretty much inevitable that when fandom has a “talk about what you love” event, the popular thing is what gets talked about the most. It’s not even unfair; it’s just an accurate representation of what fandom likes the most. But if you don’t like the popular thing… well, that kind of sucks, because blacklists can only do so much. If you don’t mind the popular thing, but you wish your own beloved thing got half as much attention, that also kind of sucks, because one person’s voice will (almost) never be louder than the yelling of a giant crowd.

I feel this. I feel this a lot, because when it comes to RvB I like very few pairings and am primarily here for the gen, and while I’m sure other people have had different experiences in this fandom, I have always felt that gen did not get nearly enough attention.


Here is the good news: fandom is a crowdsourced game of do-it-yourself enthusiasm. You can’t single-handedly change the face of fandom, but you CAN boost what you love. You can write it, you can rec it, you can find other people who want to squee about it with you. And RvB Rec Day is a really, really good opportunity, because all posts get reblogged to the main page. It’s why I’ve been making Rec Day posts every month for the last nine months: there are a lot of woefully underappreciated genfics in this fandom, and I want to boost every last one of them. So if you like something that isn’t popular, then please, please join me on the RvB Rec Day and


(and comment on them too, because all authors need the love)

Important unanswered question

I’m rewatching 610 and Jessica doesn’t even look sad that her daughter was just killed and buried.

On my list of questions, I’ve stated that it’s confusing how Jessica buries her, yet later launches a lair to go find Ali. How did she know to go looking for Ali if she witnessed her ‘death’?

I am praying for a flashback to Grunwald pulling Ali out of the ground, and we see Jessica hiding behind a tree, witnessing Ali being saved. THAT is why she never stopped searching for Ali - she saw her get saved, but didn’t have time to run up to Ali because she had Wilden and Charlotte to take care of first. It’ll also explain why she wasn’t so sad after burying Ali; she knew she made it out.

It is the tiny details that really make a difference in the quality/strength of a mystery plot. I don’t expect them to touch on this, but I sure as hell need to know why Jessica launched a lair to find Ali if she was the one to ‘kill’ her.

A Monster Flees

There were six bodies in my basement this time. I’d only known of four. Instinct only just saved me after I heard the voices. The smell of authority caused me to pause in the doorway; I barely avoided the hail of bullets. I am fast, faster than I have any right to be, and dangerous in ways humans never are.

I can die by bullets. I do not know how many it would take. I have no desire to find out. So I run, skidding out of my suit and tie as I move. There are laws. Old, unwritten, but I know them as surely as I know my own power. I shift form in broad daylight and break them all. Someone screams. Another throws up. I am lost in the rending of bond and the twisting of reality.

And moving as the change finishes. Fast. So quick they don’t have time to hit me. There are traps set up at home. It should be burning, but I see no fire when I stop. I find the woods to avoid the stares of humans. I watch. I wait. There is no fire. My home remains. There is evidence: identities, skins worn and shed, prints I will have left behind. There are limits to how well I can hide if I leave too much of myself behind me. There must be limits to how far I can change and remain sane.

Six bodies. I heard them say six. I pray the last two are no one I knew, but I no longer know what I pray to. I move through darkness once the night takes away the sun, slipping between brush and trees. I can feel the pain rising inside me, drawing need up with it. To change so fast hurts and I need food to dull the pain. Food means death. It always does.

There is a human boy of eleven, by himself and listening to his phone. I move. He sees a rabbit, not much bigger than others until I lunge. I have teeth, claws and people forget how dangerous rabbits once were, don’t realize how big I am until I let them. Somehow, the boy evades me. I am hungry enough to lunge again when I should flee, and the lunge ends with me hovering in the air. The boy smells human. He looks human. I know the smell of magics, greater and lesser all, and he does not smell of them or of the aromas of things Other.

He sighs. The sigh is heavy. “I said I could go for a walk without having an adventure and I am almost back at the hotel and this is really rude!”

“What?” I speak, in the tongue of rabbits, and I am somehow unsurprised that he responds in kind.

“Trying to eat a Jay is very rude. You never even introduced yourself,” he says crossly, crossing his arms as well.

I am dropped. I land, and shift into human. It hurts, and then doesn’t as something – I have no words for it. For a moment it as if I am a stringed instrument, and the one string that is pain is pulled away. I gasp, stare.

“And –.” The boy pauses. His eyes widen. “Honcho said he was looking for a monster that eats people and you tried to eat me!”

I am naked in my human form, but I am still me. Lucky, as rabbits are. I move, and again I am stopped. I call upon the luck of being what I am. A dangerous gamble, and one I will pay for later.

The boy doesn’t seem to notice, whatever he has done far beyond anything I am. He walks about me slowly, frowning. “You ate people. A lot of people, and you’re running and planning to do that again.”

“I am a monster. I was human once, I no longer am!” I snarl, and try to shift despite the danger, but somehow the boy stops that as well.

“But that’s not all you are.”

“It is. I cannot stop being a monster!”

“Oh. Sometimes I wonder why people aren’t as jaysome as they can be, when you have all these bindings you never touch or use at all. Here.”

There should be pain. It should hurt, to lose all that I am, but the boy just pulls the monster out of me. The thing that attacked me, changed me, made me something like a rabbit and like something else at all. What became part of me is somehow outside, and then gone as if tossed into a garbage can.

“You’re still you. Being a monster is just – just clothing you put on. And you can take it off. It’s not easy. I think maybe it should be, but it never is for clothing people forget is clothing and think is their skin.” He shakes his head, and for a moment I think he wasn’t talking to me at all. “So! you have a name?”

I tell him my first name, the one I had almost forgot.

Jay grins. The grin is so kind that it somehow hurts more than everything he’s taken from me. “So you get to be you again! I can help with that, and there are others who will help me so it doesn’t be an ooops!”

“Wait. What? I killed –.”

“And now you get to not kill. And do what you can to stop the hurts you caused.”

But what if I don’t want to? The words die on my lips. I don’t know what Jay is, but I know I can’t hurt him like that. I close my eyes. I am small again. Naked again. Scared again. “Why?” I whisper.

“Because if Honcho found you, he might have had to kill you. And you hurt a lot of people, so I think maybe killing isn’t something you deserve,” the boy says softly. “Dying is easy. Living is always harder. And now you get to.”

There is no power in his voice. Not like magicians have. But somehow I know. “How long will I live?”

Jay scratches his head. “I’m not sure,” he says, and then checks his phone. “And I’m late for supper, so I need to go. You have to go the corner of Redhill and Desmond. Someone will meet you with ID and give you a new life.”

I nod. I walk away with steps merely human, my sense of smell a crippled human thing again. A part of me wants to scream. A bigger part of me wants to cry. I know I’ve earned none of those things. I walk out of the park, shivering under rain. Six bodies. I need to learn about them. And others. I don’t know what comes after that.

I only know that some things can’t be forgiven.

So I really ship Eugene and Frankie now. I will call them Genekie (like Velma’s jinkies catchphrase because I am a nerd), and I will build this ship by myself if I have to. They have such natural chemistry, and even before she knew that Eugene could make the pills, Frankie was kind to him. She was very affectionate, and she’s also a nurturer, being the wife who was looking out for Amber the most. Her sweet yet strong nature compliments Eugene’s more meek nature. She has social and physical intelligence, being a massage therapist, to go along with his book smarts.


Gimple, please let Frankie run away with Eugene.

Workout Log 2-28-17

We are back on our regular schedule! A’ight, let’s kill it!

I have the hugest crush on Florence Welch and her long, beautiful legs; so my heart flutters every time one of her songs finally comes up on my playlist. Today was “Drumming Song” which is definitely one of my favorites from her Lungs album. I’m linking you a live performance because she’s just so frickin’ amazing. She is possessed by song. Pantera’s “Cowboys from Hell” got me ready to kick ass toward the end of my workout, though.

I did upper body today. I, as always, started out with a couple running intervals on the treadmill to warm up. I really do find that a little bit of cardio before my sets staves off particularly bad muscle fatigue. I added 5 lbs to the chest press machine and 5 lbs to the rear/fly delt machine. Other than that, I did the same machines and I won’t list them all for you again. The little dip in the heart rate monitor comes from pausing my Fitbit. We had to head home because the boyfriend had a work meeting. So, I finished my workout at home. As I’ve mentioned in previous writings, I started the 100 push-up challenge that will be ongoing through March. When I came home I did 33 modified wall push-up (I chose to break them up into three parts) and finished my workout with some bicep curls and hammer curls. I think I’m going to be able to add 5 lbs to my dumbbells soon!

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Did you hear that the Hardys are leaving TNA? Personally they were pretty much the only reasons I had to watch TNA and now they - all a bunch of their other big stars - are all leaving and it's kinda shitty for them

the broken hardys were the only thing keeping the lights on at impact and i feel like this, combined with all the drama over who the hell is even in charge of that disaster is going to be the cause for tna finally running out of the luck that’s been keeping that place alive for the past five years

honestly, good riddance at this point - it’s sad if people are going to lose jobs but those people deserve to get jobs working under people that are actually competent and not borderline con-artists 

and now wwe can finally buy out that sweet, sweet video library and dump anything of value on the network

John and Sherlock running into Sebastian Wilkes again one day and Sherlock’s like “you remember John, I presume” and Seb’s all smug like “yes, right, your colleague?” and John pipes up “boyfriend, actually” and very pointedly slides his arm around Sherlock’s waist with the biggest most satisfied smile on his face as he watches Seb actually pull back in surprise and stammer out some stupid “christ, Sherlock, I- I thought- I never thought you’d manage to - wait no I mean-” and Sherlock’s heart flutters in his chest.

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Hey Moho have you ever run into someone who looked like a someone you dated a long time a go and ended up asking them, just to be embarrassed by finding out its not them.

I have a feeling this happened to you, and I feel second hand embarrassment on your part

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pidge once went cryptid hunting with keith and they were both running on like 2 hours of sleep so when shiro and matt jumped them dressed as mothman and an alien they both chucked their flashlights at them. none of them can ever live it down.

keith was devastated when he thought he threw a flashlight at mothman

he was even more devastated when he found out it wasn’t actually mothman


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Hi again love! :3 Could I request some HC's with Giorno and Johnny who has an s/o who's secretly an underground boxer/wrestler and one night they find out about what they've been doing when they see them sneak back in the house and notice their injuries/how they deal with it? Thank youuu! :D <3

[ SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG but I’m back uwu I hope you like the ans]

- It was about a week or so after the two of you begun living together in the mansion that he realised you coming back later and later, he didn’t question you of course, you had your own life to deal with and so did he.
- It was only after on bad match that you came home a lot more battered and bruised than the morning that Giorno’s aching heart couldn’t take it and asked you to tell him what was going on.
- “ Whatever it is I don’t mind. I’m a Mafia boss amore, no secret of yours can outdo mine.” And so you reluctantly told him that you were an underground boxer.
- He was shocked yes, but more amazed at that, doing his best to carefully treat your injuries as he asks you what achievements you had and what the society there was like. 
- If anything, when he found out how long you’ve been doing this, and how this was actually the first time he’s seen you this injured he’s actually really proud, slightly more reassured in the fact that you would definitely be able to protect yourself.
- On some nights, when you came home totally exhausted and beaten up, Giorno would already have a warm bath prepared for you, some clean bandages waiting in the bathroom and Giorno himself asking you to let him treat your wounds.
- After all, he was the kind boss and your loving S/O he’d do all he could to make you feel better. So expect little kisses from him as he wraps up your woulds and does what he can to heal them up with Gold Experience.

- When it comes to Johnny, this slightly dense idiot only noticed one late night when he was up making supper that you came home actually as a full on mess.
- He shocked the hell out of you when he aggressively rolled over to you demanding answers from you. Asking what’s wrong, who did this to you, did he need to go beat anyone up.
- When you laughed a little and told him it was fine only then did he calm down, of course now the irritation was directed towards you for letting yourself get hurt, it was cute really to see him fuss over you.
- So when you finally couldn’t avoid the question any longer, you explained to him how you were an underground wrestler, half expecting him to breakup with you or at least scold you for keeping such a secret.
- He did for a while, ask you why you didn’t tell him earlier but forgave you a while in just because he couldn’t get angry at you, it was a cool little secret anyway, and you kept it from him because you didn’t want him to worry.
- But when you started coming back with more and more intense injuries, Johnny couldn’t help but to worry anyway. You Were the light in his dark cursed life and it hurt him to see you injured in any way, even if it wasn’t too serious.
- Johnny tries his best to help you though, scolding you a little a lot as he patches you up in concern. You’d always come home to a cup of hot chocolate on the table and Johnny already bringing the first aid box over to you. Its a pretty cute sight really.
- On the worser days, this boy would also drag a blanket along to throw at you making sure you’re comfortable as he sits beside you and tends to your wounds, even if you tell him you could do it yourself he’d still say he could do a better job and do it anyway.

Ok, so I know the fandom’s already setting their sights on Lotor manipulating Lance in s3, but here are my two cents:

My first thought was that maybe Haggar just needs a figure head. I figured that Lotor could easily be written off as a young prince forced into this responsibility, and not really cut out for leadership, so Haggar ends up running the show, just by using Lotor as a Proxy.

But then I thought, let’s give him a bit of fun with this.

I’m hoping thinking that Lotor is gonna be really two-faced. Like, he’ll tell Haggar and his generals that he’ll pretend to be opposed to his father’s empire so that he can get closer to the Paladins and strike at them more effectively. Then he’ll go to the Paladins and tell them the same thing, just switched; that he’s only pretending to carry on in his father’s ways so that no one will suspect him until he helps Voltron take down the Galra Empire once and for all. Only the audience will see him play to both sides, and we won’t know who’s side he’s really on until the very last minute.

Congratulations to @danceswithcosplayers !!!

She guessed correctly who I will be next cosplaying as… Aela the Huntress! Girl send me a message about what you’d like drawn for your prize!

So since I only have like 2 asks in my inbox at the moment (send more!) I’ll be talking about the progress of my cosplay over the next couple of days. :)

So these are the chainmail Aela has on her thighs. These were the first thing I started on and they were a bitch - I took wire and spun them around a pen, then cut each one individually and hooked them together using a pattern I found on WikiHow.

Then, as I have one row to go to finish the first one… I run out of wire.

And I couldn’t find anymore in stores!! So I had to use a thicker wire that was even harder to shape and cut. My hands would be sore for days and I got horrible scratches (the packaging also warned that it might be carcinogenic wtf)!! And I decided to redo the first one because it looked different too.

But they turned out nice! The new wire is much stronger, which I like, and it also feels very nice and heavy!! I like it. :)

Pain Update!

So today I scheduled my first official appointment for my pain treatment. I’ve been talking about it for seven years whenever I would have doctors appointments and they would always dismiss me offhandedly, tell me I should lose weight, or ask if I’ve tried yoga or massages. This is the first time I have been able to schedule my own appointment with an orthopedic clinic specifically, and I’m honestly hoping that this time they’ll listen to me and actually try to run some tests (or at least set them up) instead of speculating or minimizing my pain.

Because of my bad experiences, I plan on writing everything down that way I don’t accidentally leave anything out.