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Danzo has the crazy vision of turning Uchiha into revenge driven Jutsu stealers-- no one has any idea where he got that frankly preposterous idea-- and so ROOT continues on but the only Uchiha he manages to get his hands on is of course Sai. So my pitch: Konoha discovers Root via the giant explosion under the mountain/ANBU hq and there's just a bewildered, black eye bags, bed hair Sai who just wanted to try something. All the Uchiha: *screaching* one of ours! Clearly! Death to Danzo!

I am cackling this is undignified but adorable bb!Sai with all of his ink-based jutsus just tweaking things because what if I did this and fiery death raining down everywhere. Sarutobi stares for a long moment before he turns to Danzo who is suddenly sweating buckets. 

“You stole an Uchiha and you didn’t expect this to happen?? Do you not remember being on a team with Kagami???”

  • Cyborg: This envelope contains the inheritance my uncle left me. He died a year ago. He was so rich he had a whole room in his house just to eat in.
  • Raven: You mean like a dining room?
  • Cyborg: Yeah, but in Manhattan.
  • Beast Boy: Oh, dang.
  • Cyborg: Now just because I'm definitely rich now doesn't mean I'm gonna forget my roots. You all get something, so fire away.
  • Starfire: Cyborg, your friendship is gift enough for me.
  • Beast Boy: Friendship is crap. I want a fancy new moped.
  • Cyborg: All right, BB gets a moped.
  • Raven: Oh, cool. I want a new sports car.
  • Cyborg: Come on, you can be honest.
  • Raven: I want old expensive books. I'll send you a list.
Who’s who on the Snicket family tree?

Lemony Snicket’s un-Authorized Autobiography provides us with the elusive author’s personal family tree. Said genealogy, however, has been the subject of much controversy over the years. To whom do these initials belong? Can said tree be extended to other families depicted in the series? Is it even supposed to make the least bit of sense? Let’s dig in.

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CREDIT FOR IDEAS GOES TO @ravenexposedparty​ & @youaregoinghome

Welcome to Big Brother! I’m your host, Julie Covfefe. If you haven’t watched the show before, here’s a short summary of how things normally work. A group of unsuspecting strangers move into a house every summer, under the pretenses that they’ll be going head-to-head for the opportunity to win $500k. However, remember our motto is to expect the unexpected. Our theme this year is murder. These sixteen houseguests will be playing for survival because one of them failed their psych test and is secretly a serial killer. It’s up to these naive people to unite to figure out who this person is and vote them out for execution. Yes, you heard me correctly. Not eviction, execution - as in death. Will majority of the players make it to the end? Or will the murderer kill them all first? Find out now on the Big Murderer.

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Is there an established timeline of the series?

Well, yes. Yes there is.

It’s impossible to classify all the events Lemony Snicket describes in a neat, unified timeline, but SOME of these events do fit in an organized chronology. We can therefore make a list of them, determining how many years separate them. Feel free to use it as reference for any theoretical article or fanfic.

A few rules before we start:

  • Year 1 has been established as Lemony’s birthyear.
  • As we’ve previously discussed, there is much ambiguity about the age Lemony believes himself to be. We assume for the sake of chronology that he was, indeed, taken from VFD as an infant. He may have been thirteen or twelve during “All the Wrong Questions” depending on the quotes you believe.
  • The only date we fixed arbitrarily is the age Lemony was when he had to leave Beatrice: 23. They were assumed to be young adults at that point, but the event may have occured earlier or later. Let’s also keep in mind that Kit is older than Lemony and yet has to give birth to a daughter much further down the line.
  • Some events (such as Fernald’s birthday) cannot be calculated with precision though we can rule out some years as too early/late.
  • It’s very difficult dating the assassination of Olaf’s parents. Because of its controversy, the matter has been excluded entirely.

Many thanks to Détective Denouement from the “La pente Glissante” forum for his invaluable help in referencing this article.

This chronology is nothing but and informed opinion: the Sleuth advises extreme caution and criticism. The timeline starts after the cut.

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If it's alright, I'd like to ask for angsty headcanons of a s/o breaking up with Shiro!! (like the one you did with Lance) The mods are doing a great job with this blog!! c: I'm in tears bless u

i know who sent this one in, i gotchu bb ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ ~ Mod Lyra

  • takes the breakup relatively well, he’s quite mature about it, understands his s/o’s reasons for breaking up with him and doesn’t make a big deal about it. if he wants to know, Shiro asking his s/o if he did anything wrong or if there was something he did, or said, he just really wants to get to the root cause of the issue, regardless of the reason he doesn’t press for anymore than their reason and leave it at that.
  • gets hit with the emotional loss later, because maybe he’s just coasting for a while on the surreal feeling, “this is over,”. It happens in small ways, such as the way he remembers the way you take your coffee, stops himself from grabbing an extra blanket when you sleep over with him. 
  • It doesn’t show a lot but he’s still feeling that loss.
  • Has to stop setting reminders for himself, like remembering to tell you to get something to eat, because you had a habit of forgetting to eat, or reminding you to take your medicine. 
  • Files things away in his head to remind himself to tell you, but remembers that you and him don’t really talk that much anymore, just are simply friends and he wants to give you space, doesn’t want to immediately try and start talking again because it’d kind of just be awkward.
  • Shiro has a hard time letting go of little things that remind him of you and it’s hard because a lot of things do, and he has to force himself to let go. Tries to keep himself preoccupied and not think about it and make himself upset.
  • tries to stay positive as much as he can, the only highlight he can think of is, when he goes to the bakery and accidentally buys two things, he can eat them himself, but he kind of just makes himself sad. 
  • He’ll eventually get over it, but sometimes, Shiro finds himself struggling, but he’d definitely like to try and remain friends with you, even after the breakup, because he does value your friendship and liked being around you before he fell in love. 

I kind of like this podium, not love it (I was rooting for a Eremina, Eythora, Melanie DJDS although I already knew that was not going to happen, like EVER), but it doesn’t bother me. I will sleep tonight lol.

I don’t like Downie very much aside vault, but she was consistent through and the most balanced on the four events of all the field by miles.

Really happy for Kovacs because coming from a weak programme and being 2nd at Euros in your second year as a senior is really, really impressive. It took Giulia almost 5 years. She needs to step up her game in general on BB and FX tho, pretty simple routines imo (did she even have dance elements in her routine?), but she has good basics and style.

And what can I say about MDJSD?? Rooting for her since Blume, and she has had a pretty good season after being injured and missing the Olympics. She’s one of my fav UB/BB workers right now, and once she starts getting more experience (and also tries to upgrade floor) she could contend for medals at World stage.

About Eremina, I have to say I’m disappointed with her because without Alt and Eythora’s mistakes, it was very difficult for her to not miss a medal. But of course you can’t understimate the ability of a Russian to destroy her options lol. Even if she didn’t have a big meltdown, she had mistakes everywhere that really cost her. I hope she works that for Worlds, because looks she actually cares about her career and has determination and a good mindset. She could be, at least, top 5 at Montreal, even medal. Pretty sad because of her fall off beam, as she could have had a big score there. Her routine is exactly what the judges look for, and aside the switch full and the dismount, it has very little to deduct. But overall I think she did OK, she was the best Russian and the best first-year-senior of the competition by far. And she’s just 15 and this is her 1st big competition. With her talent, ambition and skills, she could be a contender again in two years. But being Russian, you will always be asked for more. You have to keep the tradition.

I know the prop design and little allusions to the books are amazing in the show, but look at this. We see Beatrice’s letter to Lemony in TMM pt2:

it reads as follows:

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Would you say Alfred is a hero or a villain, or which does he gravitate to? (Some of your drawings make me wonder, that's all! Love all of them though.)

Hey Anon! In regards to your question, isn’t every villain a hero in his own mind?  Cliché’s aside, everyone is free to completely disregard anything I say from here on out as it only really pertains to my art and my portrayal of dear ol’Alf. 

Simply put, I see him as someone who’s incredibly loyal, rooted in etiquette and doggedly persistent. He abides by his own strict if somewhat ambivalent moral code and is the guy you’d want to call in a pinch. He knows more than he lets on and can easily string along those around him to do his bidding. He’s a bit hotheaded but helpful, sincere in his efforts and at moments, wise to the world. And like all of us, he’s equally capable of doing good, of showing affection, of feeling empathy and of committing great misdeeds. So no. I can’t say he leans more one way or the other, he’s just Alfred to me lol

This season has been an enormous letdown. The drama has been unreal, but it’s hard to watch because of how nasty these people are. It’s not fun. Who do you root for when almost everyone blindly follows one person and will actually prefer that he wins half a million dollars over them? How is it fun to watch a steamroll? Paul is one of the worst people I’ve ever seen on this show. I hated him last year, and I hate him even more now. He makes extremely personal attacks (calls Josh the blob, called Natalie fake tits, all the shit he did to Dominique, all the shit he did to Jody) that are beyond BB. It’s not necessary to kick people down when they’re on the way out the door. Just be a decent human.

Unless you love Paul, this season has been shit. I’ll admit that he has played well, but it’s just bizarre how much power he has over them. I feel like they did want him to win and stacked the odds in his favour. I mean Raven truly believes they’re friends on the house and have a connection. She probably did just meet him once, but that one time meant a lot to her since she has repeatedly used it as a reason to not turn her back on him. The friendship bracelets, the immunity, all these people who hand him HOH.

Matt has to be the most useless person ever on the show. He has done absolutely shit all. Jason is the same. He follows Alex and never thinks for himself. Alex would rather lose this season and come back a second time to win (what?!) and wants Paul to win. How can you root for these people? How is this entertainment?

Josh, Christmas, Kevin all seem to have some awareness of Paul’s influence, but none of them want to turn on him yet. They say final five or three. None of them realize they’re useless in comps and won’t win if they’re in the final five with him. He will absolutely win over them.

Mark and Elena have the most hope to turn on him, but it’s useless because even if they did win the DE or the HOH after, they won’t have the numbers and they’re out the door next. He’s literally untouchable.

It’d be different if these people were likeable, but not one of them are. There’s no one to root for. I used to like Kevin, but he’s really disappointed me with his Christmas infatuation and the fact he told everyone about Cody’s personal life. It wasn’t necessary at all. Even if he did lie, is there a point to tell everyone? Shut your mouth in case it’s true. I’m just disturbed by everyone’s behaviour this season.

The only hope I have now is that everyone is crushed when Paul turns on them. I want them to realize that Cody and Jess and Dominique warned them, but they chose to carry on. I want them to realize they berated Jess because she lost 500k because she chose Cody, but they handed 500k to Paul this whole time. I want them to realize he laughed at how stupid they are, and that he has no plans to be friends with them on the outside (he’s not even friends with Victor anymore, and he’s openly said he won’t be friends with them on the outside either.) I just want them to realize Dominique and even Jody are well received by a lot of fans, not hated like they are, and then realize they probably won’t be called back. Just see how disgusted people were with their behaviour. That’s what I want, because I can’t enjoy this season. I just want them to wake up and reflect on their behaviour and learn from it. I’m basically expecting a Paul win, expecting to hear for the next however long the shows runs for that he’s the greatest winner of all time. I just hope these people face a harsh realization when they’re out.

But it’d also be great if Paul lost 5-4 again. I’d be totally satisfied with that too.

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COMMENT: if by chance you’ve read Rich Love feel free to add into the ask who you want the reader to end up with !! Tom or Harrison!! I’m dying to know who you’re rooting for

and omfg!!!!! nick mara was in iconic boyz from americas best dance crew holy fuck i was literally a graduating senior in he when he was a 13 year old lil bb dancing… they were my boys!!! i rooted for them so hard that season and now homie is in pretttmuch??? I STAN FOR LYFE YALL hes so grown now and his high note in the would you mind a capella OMFG I SCREAMED IM SO SHOOK “TELL ME WOULD YOU MIND GIRRRLL” fuck me up

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i'm always here for you, and so many people on this website are too because I've seen how you help people when they need it. you seriously helped me. i hope there is someone irl you can talk to as well. an angel like you honestly deserves the best in life

angel!!! ily!! thank u so much for the kind words and positive vibes, i’m feeling a little better now and the fact that someone actually believes in me and thinks i can achieve the things i want to achieve is kind of crazy and really fucking cool and i appreciate it SO MUCH god,,, seriously i genuinely can’t express how much it means that to me that you’re here n that you’re rooting for me. i’m going to keep trying and i’m not going to give up :) also i’m always here if you need anything at all and i hope you’re having a really beautiful day, you deserve it bb!! :)

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charissa: she was exuberant and always full of laughter. she had a habit of making sure you were always happy and content with where you were in life. she was loyal and hard working and always strived to do what's write. her heart was made of actual gold but she never failed to be able to wreck you if you got to be too much for comfort. she wasn't a typical protagonist but an underdog that everyone roots for. she's 100% capable of getting what she wants and makes sure you know it —lyss (ily bb)


describe me if i were a character in a book

Hey mom, sorry I’m asking you this when it seems like you’re in a lot of pain, but do you know how to stop yourself from feeling like shit about your teeth? As in, people always assume that you have bad teeth because you’re lazy and gross and I just?????? I floss, I brush my teeth like everyone else, yet I have to deal with cavities every year and I’ll need a root canal treatment in december which I’m terrified of. Just, yeah. A lot. (also can you not show my username? I’m quite ashamed of it).            

Oh bb, I wish I had an answer for you. I’m currently going through the same thing. It doesn’t matter how many times you explain something to certain types of people, they’re going to hold it up and measure it against themselves as the gold standard for how Things Should Be, and if you fail to meet that criteria, well. It must be Your Fault.

Which is entirely untrue.

For instance with my teeth, it’s not so much an issue of personal care and hygiene, or even what I eat or drink, but rather I had extremely bad dentists growing up and now all the work I had done has gone nova in my mouth. I’ve had 13 fillings replaced in the last year, two root canals and a possible three extractions required to get me out of this hellish pain. Every single dentist has been skeptical about how well I look after my teeth until they get in there and see the extent of the botch work. And then they’re just amazed I have any teeth at all.

Some people also just have poor genetics, and they can’t help what happens with their teeth no matter how hard they try. Lord knows, I floss and brush three times a day, I have done since my teens. But I’m still sitting here with a mouth full of shrapnel like nobodies business.

And that’s the crux of it. It’s nobody’s business but yours. If you know the truth about you, then ultimately that’s what matters. If others want to make assumptions…*shrug* let ‘em. Those assumptions don’t impact the truth. You don’t have to fight them over it if you don’t want to. You can just simply move on and let them go on looking for ways to make themselves feel better because their lives are so empty they need to pick on others to feel valid.

In the end their good opinion is not needed for you to be valid or for your pain and discomfort to matter. It might take a while but soon you’ll develop the wonderful inability to give a fuck about the gross mean things people say.

Just you take care of you. That’s all you can do.

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I used to be a ToDae shipper when I first join the fandom around 2013 eventhough I quetly root for DaeRi but since I barely see any interaction between them, I thought they are impossible to paired up. And then I have hiatus for 2 years from BB and Todae and then recently while leasurely checking daesung tag on tumblr, I saw their holiday in hawai and went wtf when this all happen. I mean when they got that close and start freaking out by myself. Can you tell me their closeness timeline?

OMG I was the same, when I first joined I was definitely a ToDae shipper mostly because the whole year was just full of Top and Daesung interacting. But Daesung and Seungri have always been my fave so I always looked forward to their interactions as well. I could never ship them romantically though - I just love their friendship so much. 

In terms of a timeline it’s hard to do simply because it’s hard to delegate certain times that they were close or gotten the opportunity to become close. However I can point out instances both on and off camera’s from 2012 until now simply because that’s the timeline i’m more informed and comfortable in and I haven’t really been there in the beginning.

However some major points in pre 2011 are: 

- BB first win - Seungri comforts Daesung
- Daesung & Seungri  mc’ing Music Core 
- Intimate Note 
- Their Diss Song to their hyungs -  What better way to become close :)
- Shouting Musical + Interview 
- Shouting Director mentioned Seungri crying after hearing about Dae’s Accident
- Night After Night - Daesung shows his ‘Protective of Seungri’ side (x) (x)

- Daesung says if it wasn’t for Seungri he wouldn’t have come back + his         
  compromising point with Seungri (x)
- DaeRi appear together on shows after Japan Alive Tour ended (x) (x) (x)
- DaeRi also do some Radio Shows Together (x) (x) (x)
- Smartphone Police (x) (x)

- Daesung turns up for SR fanmeet and celebration for LTAL on oricon
- The epic LINE chat  
- Seungri helps choose some songs for Daesung’s Cover album (x) (x)
- Seungri shows up for Daesung’s first ever solo tour 
- Daesung mentions Seungri a lot in his D’scover interviews (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

- Seungri shows up for Daesung’s D’slove Concert
- Daesung visits Seungri in Hospital

- Holiday Together in the US
- Spotted together at clubs 
- The hugging! MADE movie shows us how close they both are with each other!
- Sakigake Eight shows us that Seungri really watches everything
- Went shooting together

- China fan meets - Daesung decides to feel up SR 
- Japan fan meets - Dae smacks Ri Butt!
- DaeRi’s letter to each other (x) (x)
- Joyful Collab Stage (x)

One thing I haven’t mentioned in the timeline is all the MC’s DaeRi did (along with YB) during BB tours. I feel like for an MC to run smoothly they would have need to have gotten together to try and make a fun and interesting talk show. 

I’m aware that by now i’m just pointing out instances where we see them interacting rather than the actual opportunities of when they got close. But I feel like these are the instances in which we can see how close they are - enough to initiate some type of touch (whether its a hug or a grope) but also instances in which they really do respect each other and are close friends. They’ve been on holiday together, cosplayed together, watched each others stuff and danced to each others songs. Plus Seungri always remarks how cute/sexy Daesung is and Daesung always remarks on how Seungri will always belong in BB and that he loves him. I hope this helps ^_^