i was rly excited to see this

there’s this set of siblings who came to camp last summer who were Super Adorable like the youngest was going into first grade, and he was such a cuddle bug, and the older one was like Grumpy All The Time but super sweet. and they had another brother who didn’t come to camp but would always come with their grandfather to pick them up and he always got rly excited to see me and he would give me a hug and talk to me about whatever toy he brought with him that day and he’s coming to camp this summer w his brothers and i am STOKED bc he’s in my group and so is the other older brother.

preview of my entry for the @giveyourbacktome-zine!!  it was rly nice to be a part of this ✨  the zine will be available on may 31st, so pls consider checking it out! 

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Any thoughts/fave moments on the new gaming vid? :^) bless us with your words pls

ahhhh god they just seemed so happy and chill in this video didn’t they? i enjoyed it quite a lot. it was unexpectedly funny in places and pretty typics bants for them and i loved that phil voiced pretty lengthy opinions throughout it. i also thought dan went out of his way repeatedly to signal his awareness of the audience gaze, making this an interesting video in that it was simultaneously more calm and less “produced” or over-performed but also v self-aware (whereas normally when dnp get super in their heads about recognizing that everyone is watching them they become v persona-y and overdone.) i’ve divided up my thoughts for each of them and thought i’d go sort of question by question (they are bolded)!!! i think in general there aren’t too many profound conclusions to be drawn from this video–the thing about their being super aware that this is going to go out to their audience of millions is that they become more restrained in saying anything actually illuminating about their more serious thoughts/feelings. but that being said there were obvi a solid number of noteworthy moments


  • the boy was so assertive and even sassy in this. i was excited. lil comments throughout like, ‘I’m a bit concerned that you’re seeing it as a brown circle .. new video: getting dan’s eyes checked,’ or ‘life isn’t grand theft auto guys,’ or just the way in which he delivers the ‘let me tell you my answer’ during the monkey question .. he was just so forthright in voicing his thoughts and taking no shit and i was rly loving it the whole time, bless him
  • when introducing the vid dan talks about how the audience will judge them but phil quickly follows with a reassuring ‘we’re learning things about each other’ and i thought that was interesting like he wants to insert that note of authenticity to push back against dan’s comment. i mean i rly doubt they’re doing this game to learn a single damn thing they don’t already know about each other but phil with this comment is trying to make us feel more like we are watching them do something genuine on a chill afternoon at home, instead of something that they are literally performing for us. cool cool 
  • illegal firearm: good stuff. a lovely demonstration of phil’s ~lateral thinking~ and tendency towards constructing a fuller narrative for whatever info is presented to him. 
    • i liked that he kept asking for more information and questioning dan w details like “how do i know they’re illegal” “whose drawer” etc. and dan tries to move on and end the speculative questioning but phil literally says “wait” to keep talking about the methods he would use to evade being accused of any crime if the firearm was in his own drawer. 
    • also his voice is so northern here when he’s like ’then they’d know i didn’t touch it’ the way he says ‘touch’ yes good
  • the power to stop time: this one was mad interesting. 
    • first of all. they’re not sleeping. phil only slept 5 hours. we’ve written so many posts about their being tired and rushed in their content bc they were churning out so many vids in the time before they left for australia but damn, to hear phil confirm he only slept 5 hours is p cray. it’s no wonder they were soooo ‘chill’ in this. they’re tired. 
    • with respect to the actual question tho. i love phil asking ‘what is a pervy stuff’ and dan being so done w phils attempt at maintaining innocence. but then i also loved dan trying so hard not to smile when phil is grinning and clarifying that he doesnt mean that he doesnt know what a pervy stuff might entail but just that he needs to know ‘how pervy are we talking.’ lol dan is so amused and fond. then phil actually laughs so hard at dan saying ‘as long as u don’t leave a trace’ which is great bc phil’s unfiltered/genuine reactions to sex talk that aren’t trying to be revolted or unaware or uncomfortable are great
    • phil’s actual real time go-to thought for what he would do with this power is sneaking into a locker room and he says it with a glaring lack of gendered pronouns. noted. in conjunction with his interest in abs this is very fascinating information to me. 
    • and then dan is very insistent phil would do the pervy stuff even after phil states he’s going with disappearing from a convo. he signals it while phil is explaining his choice then even explicitly says ‘you tell the audience that.’
  • trapped in sewer: phil would lick a foot. dan needs us to know so he repeats it. ok sure fine
  • shitting when sitting: phil is a creative. the iron pants solution, king of innovative undergarments 
  • mike tyson fight: 
    • the synchronized ‘why would u let him win’ was cute. 
    • dan saying ‘punch me dad’ is so chill now. like. no one gives any fucks. and phil is at the point where he literally agrees and says ‘guess that’s why’ 
    • i’m constantly shook about character development it’s starting to be unhealthy
  • visiting space: ok the first and only thing this made me question is whether we have ever heard phil utter the word orgasm. have we? i actually don’t think we have and i was laughing at how much he evaded saying it in the way he talked about this question. g-rated phil may be long dead but he’s still keeping things as clean as he can, given the circumstances. dan did not try and insinuate that phil is just saying moonwalking for the audience. so dan is fine saying phil rly wants to perv if he had the power to stop time, but he draws the line at insinuating phil wants to orgasm in space. good to know dan has (completely arbitrary) boundaries. 
  • ah yes. the already iconic monkey question: several noteworthy lines.
    • p: i would spoon a monkey for sure. he didn’t miss a beat w that. confident statement of interest in animal intimacy from phil. splendid.
    • p: k-k-mar-kiss? i didn’t say kiss? d: that’s non-sexual it can be like a friendly kiss, a romantic one. interesting to me in that it confirms that dan draws distinctions between friendly (platonic), romantic, and sexual intimacy but that he also sort of equated platonic and romantic. on twitter he stated in a reply that he thinks friendly kissing is like a cheek kiss in greeting. its likely that romantic kissing is something more than that and more like the spooning and whatnot he suggested, but he lumps both of them into this category of a loving and intimate relationship. meanwhile sexual kissing is obvi ,, sexual kissing. but cool to hear a little bit about the way dan conceptualizes these categories
    • d: (about acting like a married couple) that could have a lot of drama and tears. you’d fight non-aggressively. i mostly think he’s using the common dumb jokes that society makes about marriage as being a loveless trap but also interesting that he went right to that dig and didn’t rly laugh about it or try to make it seem like a joke. he just said it and it’s sort of weirdly specific. ofc we can easily speculate that this might reveal some of dan’s thoughts about marriage or rly just his thoughts on a long term relationship bc it’s less about the institution of marriage. but i have doubts on whether that’s reasonable since, as i’ve been saying, dan is v aware he’s being watched and i doubt he’d take this as an opportunity to voice his thoughts about marriage and commitment and what is likely to happen when two people “act like a married couple” 
    • d: i mean you couldn’t have anyone else in your life if you have this loving relationship. ah i love this one. dan confirming that whether or not sex is in the equation, a loving and intimate relationship would mean there would be no space for another person in phil’s life is just. good. unlike the marriage comment i do think we can analyze this one a bit further bc it’s almost a throwaway comment–it’s not the punchline or centerpiece of what dan is saying making it more likely to be a reflection of how he really feels. and it’s not a common thought to be honest, that if you’re in an intimate/loving relationship you can’t have anyone else in your life, meaning it doesn’t seem like some common joke he’s just repeating. i take it to mean that dan sees romantic love as a true marker of closeness and connection with someone–a closeness that you can’t and don’t share with other people whom you do not romantically love. and that that intimacy doesn’t have anything to do w the sex that you may or may not be having with the person that you love. what a romantic fuck. honestly spoken like a man whose best friend and long term romantic love are one and the same. 
    • p: let me tell you my answer. i would spoon the monkey and watch some game of thrones and then go to bed in separate rooms. honestly, to me, this is the least interesting comment in this whole exchange. i know a lot of people think this sounds oddly reminiscent of dnp’s relationship or something but i genuinely think phil was in this scenario in his head. maybe he’s pulling from real life when thinking about the elements of being romantically intimate w someone that he could use for his example (aka spooning and game of thrones) but i think he’s rly thinking about the monkey and how not to spend too much time with it in this scenario, hence the sleeping in separate rooms addendum. idk. he’s talking about a relationship w a monkey yall i dont think he’s going to use that as a proxy to give us a thinly veiled clue about his day to day habits with his not-as-yet-confirmed boyfriend. mostly confused that a lot of people are treating it as “confirmation” that dnp don’t have sex lol


  • ‘this is really going to say a lot about our personalities and you’re going to judge us.’ he opens strong with that audience awareness. it carries throughout the video.
  • house is on fire: probably the most interesting of the dan questions.
    • dan looks so uncomfortable as soon as phil inserts himself into this scenario by saying that he (phil) would be “all the people.” the sigh is so real bc dan clearly did not want to treat this like a serious question but phil framing it as dan needing to choose between his own life and a kitten’s life and phil’s life suddenly really ups the seriousness of it. 
    • i feel for him. that’s honestly such a fucking difficult question to answer. i thought of the closest relationship in my life which is my sister and what i would do if she was like ha ha who would u save me or yourself and then having to actually think about both of those horrifying scenarios. either dan lives and has to live without phil or phil lives and has to live without dan and like jfc how r u supposed to pick or even try to take that seriously idk
    • i say all of this to add more context to dan’s answer and the sarcastic ‘bc the internet is watching,’ that he adds to it. i genuinely think dan was uncomfortable with this question and i also fully empathize with that so i think the sarcasm was added as a way to treat it more like a joke like ha ha i guess i’ll save u bc i’m a good person not ha ha i guess i’m picking this bc idk what to do since this question is horrific
    • ‘everyone is inherently good,’ says phil. ‘or at least that’s what i want to believe.’ i always think the thing w phil+optimism is a bit overhyped but like damn if he’s rly out there trying to believe this, then that’s p cool and very very lovely
  • everything turns into gold: there was def a dan rant about physics or monetary inflation or something that got cut out of this question bc he yells about it being stupid then there’s a v glaring jump cut then he’s saying ‘in a universe where this makes sense,,’ lol idk whether to be relieved or intrigued about the fact we didn’t get to hear it
  • phil dead and he’s been hanging w the twin: i loved the bit when phil asks dan to ask him a question only phil would know the answer to and dan responds, essentially, that there isn’t a question he could ask phil bc ‘you’ve been fernando the whole time.’ dan is wrong lol the question doesn’t say that the best friend has always been the twin–just that the best friend died at some point in the friendship and was replaced w a twin, unbeknownst to dan. i love that dan can’t even entertain the possibility that phil could be replaced with someone at some point in their friendship like nope too outlandish it’s obvi just saying phil has been a person w a different name all along .. in which case, as dan rightly points out, there’s hardly a dilemma. it’s just that you didn’t know your friend’s real name. what is the point of that. lol. a cute and probably unintentional way of avoiding any of the emotional weight of this scenario and i love it
  • dan as pres: dan thinks he’d be good in the role of president. he probs would be ok
  • spider: i am very fascinated by the way dan leans kinda forward and mostly into phil at 9:04 when he’s talking about being a spider and exploring someone’s body. why did he do that. what is he doing idk
  • become a god: 
    • making fun of lads and lad culture. i’m into it. i am always into them lowkey shitting on toxic masculinity. so funny. 
    • again phil tries to insert himself in the scenario by saying that if dan chose to incinerate earth he’d be incinerating phil, but dan was absolutely not having it 

overall they are cute and clever and good at knowing where to draw boundaries about the things they talk about but to do so in a gentle and natural way for the most part so this video was good and interesting but probs not revelatory but still very entertaining and funny and sort of soft in unexpected ways so i really liked it. i really like them xx 

(what would you do if…)

Steve Getting Braces Headcannons

so in honor of myself getting braces, I decided this would be the perfect time to write this!


- okay he was really nervous about it

- when he walked into the orthodontist office he was shaking sm this poor child

- when he got called back so they could start, he was rly on edge

- it looked nothing like what he had pictured in his mind

- he pictured this big, dark room with only one light that was shining on him

- he also thought that there would be a table of scary tools beside him

- but in reality that is not what it looked like

- it was a lot less terrifying

- when they sat him down and began the long process he was miserable

- he didn’t have the patience to sit there and be still

- he was rly bored

- he rly wanted to talk

- he rly wanted to leave

- steve thought his teeth were a lot more messed up than they actually were (A/N: for me that is the opposite. my teeth are a lot more messed up that I thought they were)

- there wasn’t that much wrong with his teeth

- he had a slight over bite and they were just really crooked

- when they started to explain whatever they were about to do, steve’s palms got rly sweaty

- this poor poor boy. he was so nervous

- when the orthodontist was done, he was constantly thanking jesus

- he stood up from the chair and that’s when the pain hit


- “yes, mr. randle. it is normal to have some pain.”

- “some pain? sOme PaIN??!”

- when he got back to the Curtis house, everyone wanted to see.

- but then steve got rly salty rly quick

- “I am in pain. don’t touch me, don’t talk to me, and just let me be.”

- and he put his hand in front of his face rly sassily.

- after a while the pain started to subside but he was still salty

A/N: fun fact: I based a lot of these hcs on myself. I was frickin nervous but frickin excited to get my braces. I just tweaked what my thoughts were and made it sound like steve. (the only thought I didn’t mess with was what he thought it would look like. that headcannon is 100% what I thought the office would look like as a younger kid. xD) hope you enjoyed! :)

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(for a sec I thought that was Xiaolin Showdown and got really excited) (it's still good tho)

Ah man, Xiaolin Showdown is one of those cartoons I’d rly like to watch, I only saw a few episodes on tv long ago… I liked Omi and Jack!

I completely forgot there was a dragon! and it’s even green… I can see why it’d be confused for the show! I’m glad you still liked it though! [Here’s a little sketch for you]

even can’t sleep tonight so isak stays up with him watching little snippets of movies and youtube videos and cooking shows and they’re talking about all the things they still need to buy for the flat and whether or not they should have a housewarming party and even wants to be really cheesy and send out proper invites in the mail and isak thinks its rly extra but he’s gonna let him bc seeing even excited about something makes him happy 

BTS Reaction to You (their crush) Having the Same Birthday As Them

ahhh this is my first reaction post in a really really long time, and of course I got very carried away lmao. I hope everyone will enjoy it!!♡

Rap Monster - namjoon would be really adorable. when he found out you had the same birthday he would purposely not have much of a reaction, but then when the day came around, he’d act like he forgot it was also your birthday.like you’d probably be a lil sad cause like how could he forget ur birthday if it was the same day as his??? but then later in the evening he’d text u like “come outside” and he’d be standing at your door with balloons and a cake and lil present and you’d be like “omg I thought you forgot!!?” and HEd just “nope, I just wanted to really surprise you” !!!!

Jin - HE’D BE SO SWEET AHHHHH. he’d suggest that you two would do something together on your special day like getting dinner together. you’d be at the restaurant and the bill would come and you’d reach to pay for it and he’d be like “no! its your birthday im paying” and you’d be “uhhh it’s your birthday too? i’ll just pay it’s my treat!!” and he’d refuse to accept it and so he’d pay and then he’d walk you home,, such a gentleman, and your hands would brush and he’d blush so bad but he’d be like….why not and would just lace his fingers with yours and now you’re holding hands !! when u get to your door he’d just be like “well…happy birthday, I hope you had a good evening with me :) “ and you’d be like “ofc I did….” and kiss him on the chEEK AND RUN INSIDE AND JIN’S LIKE “best. birthday. ever.”

Suga - this lil muffin omg,, when you told him your birthday he’d be like “wow that’s so cool, that’s my birthday too!!” he’d initially be really excited, but a few days leading up to your birthdays he’d totally ignore you, but its just cause he wanted what he had planned to be a really big surprise and he was afraid he’d somehow drop his secret beforehand. so, right at midnight on your birthday he’d send you a text with an audio file and just a lil message saying “sorry for not talking to you at all, this is for you. happy birthday, y/n” and you’d open the file and it was a song that HE WROTE FOR YOU. it would be very very sweet and it’d pretty much be a confession song ;;;;

J-Hope - when hoseok found out you two shared a birthday he’d be so excited! like it’s his special day but now its even more special cause its your birthday too. he’d want to facetime/skype the night before your birthday so that you 2 could say happy birthday to each other right away and it’d be super cute like singing songs together and playing would you rather..but eventually lil hobi would fall asleep before midnight cause he’s so exhausted :(( but you’d stay on w/ him until midnight and you’d contemplate waking him up but like..he looks so peaceful sleeping and you’d just whisper happy birthday to him & hang up, then you’d text him that he fell asleep + u didn’t want to wake him up and then would say happy birthday to him and be like “haha!! I said it first!” and he’d wake up and be like OMG I FELL ASLEEP :((( and he’d see ur text and he’d apologize to u and be like “let me make it up to you, lets go get breakfast!” and :-)))

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Jimin - he wouldn’t get super excited about it, but he’d think it was rly cool he had that in common w you!! he’d definitely want to hangout together the whole day. he’d be telling everyone he knows that he has a “””date””” with you on your birthday(s) but when ur actually hanging out…..he’s too nervous to even look at you. ofc tho, he gets over that and would become his normal self ,, would initiate extra skinship and just be really adorable throughout the whole day. would spoil you even tho youre not dating and its his birthday too. probably would forget its his bday too, just wants to make you happy ;;;;;

Originally posted by jiyoongis

V - omgggg this lil cutie, his reaction would be like :0 he’d be the most excited tbh, he’d just be like “omg no way! we have to spend the entire day together!!” the one to feel like you 2 have a special connection cause u shared birthdays. suggests you have conjoined birthday parties. and like he’d been tryna find a reason to hangout w you and so that just adds to excitement. spending your birthday(s) together would end up being really special, you’d go back and forth buying each other lil gifts and snacks and then you’ll have ur conjoined party and lil tae would be so so SO s O!! happy. like he wouldn’t want to spend his special day any other way. & so at ur guys’ party there’d be a moment where u 2 kinda stepped away from everyone else and he’d be really sincere and be like “thank you for making this day so special, y/n.” and he genuinely means it like he’s just so thankful to know u ;;;;;;

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Jungkook - the cutest angel, ofc he would be !! very excited when he found out you shared a bday. he’d want to stay up facetiming / skyping so u could come into your birthday(s) together!! you’d just talk abt whatever until like 11:59pm and you both go silent staring at the time display on your phone / computer AND THEN IT TURNS 12:00 and you both shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and then you argue about who actually said it first for a few minutes and then it falls silent again for a lil bit and neither of you know what to talk abt…so ur just like “ok well I’m up way too late now, I should get to sleep, I said happy birthday first!!” and u go to sign off and jungkook is like “y/n wait!” and ur ??? and hes like “we should meet up later today, I have something to give you…” like ok yeah slick jungkook its probably not a birthday gift right? and it would be a bday gift and he’d really put a lot of thought into it and wrote u a rly sweet letter to accompany the gift and seriously just… the sweetest boy ever..

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also jw but why didn’t they bother showing us the scene where keith tells everyone he’s galra??? thats kind of an important moment???? wtf?? like. we don’t even rly get to see shiro’s reaction, and he was There. what did coran do??? it didn’t look like coran was avoiding keith like allura was but was he at all upset?? we dont know!! what did lance do??? did he make a sarcastic comment like “oh great now i bet he thinks he’s better than me bc he’s part alien” ??? was pidge all excited and geeking out abt the genetics and what this could mean abt keiths abilities and Science??? i bet hunk just said “but u arent purple?” and asked if he was gonna sprout big fluffy ears. and then that made lance laugh. and then pidge said that if he didnt have fluffy ears by now he probably never would. and then shiro was like guys this isn’t rly the most important thing to be discussing rn. but yes pidge i agree i think if he was gonna have galra ears he’d have them by now. where is this quality content???? dark dreamworks show me the forbidden alien content

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AWHHWH GOSH!!! youre just too darn nice im so so glad it made u so happy ;;; heres another little chubby navy doodle 4 u friend

A Winter’s Ball

A/N: I! Love! This! Request! I’m super excited about this if you couldn’t tell by my overuse of exclamation points! This is my first hamiltime request! :O Sorry to the anon who requested this. They asked me to make it “really angst but with lots of fluff.” …..sorry, dearest, this is straight angst.

Request: may i request an alexander x female! schuyler sisters reader where the reader is the 4th schuyler sister. out of her, angelica, and eliza - reader connects the most with alexander at the winters ball. after the ball and many letters being exchanged, angelica and reader go to london where angelica gets married and reader has a better education. upon reader’s return, she sees that alex and eliza are engaged and alex never mentioned it in his letters!! pls make it rly angsty but w/a lot o fluff

Warnings: angst, historical inaccuracies

Masterlist | Request!

Tagged: @angerybisexual @linmanuclmiranda @always-blame-jefferson @ahhhhamilton @hxmiltonmusicxl @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens (I’m tagging my hamfam because why not?)

“I am so excited!” your sister, Eliza, squealed.

“Eliza, there’s a winter ball every year and the same thing occurs every time,” you groaned. “Father’s coworkers’ sons try to sweep us off our feet and fail miserably.”

“Y/N is right, love,” Angelica chimed in.

“Thank you, Angelica for being the voice of reason,” you said and smiled at your older sister.

“I have a feeling it will different this year,” Eliza said hopefully.

“You and me both,” you mumbled under your breath.

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     see i say ‘you’re all diamonds’ but that implies that this is a metal gear focused blog … which i swear it isn’t. as much as i love big boss, this is about richard and his development that was all thanks to you guys. i’ve a lot of ground to cover when it comes to his development, and i know i’m a bit behind, but all-in-all i just want you to know how grateful i am to all the mutuals i have here. since i can’t gush about each and every one of you, here, i’ll just make a quick blogroll instead. and in the end, i really do want you guys to remember that you are all diamonds to me.

but okay WOW 130+ followers is a lot for me. i’m excited to get deeper into this character, explore more universes with him, and just see where it goes. keep in mind that this is just an appreciation post, so it’s nothing special (but it rly is to me), so you guys may get mentioned more than once if we’re mutuals on more than one of your blogs. that’s intentional, and without any further word-vomit, here’s the blogroll!


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sorry abt the weird ass banner I’m still not using photoshop rip at least I tried hey hey hey!!! this is a lie guys I’m rly sorry I only have 980 followers but I’m too excited to wait until I get to 1k tbh and I already wrote this all out so why not~ anyways I can’t believe ive almost reached 1k already, its like I’m living the dream tbh :’) thank you guys so much for following me and my trash blog through the times, I have no words for the amount of love I have for you all <3 i’ve decided to celebrate (as I haven’t been for the past milestones rip) by creating a fandom family! blacklist #ganj celebrates 1k if you don’t want to see this


what you’ll get:

  • a tag to post in (#ganjsfam)
  • my eternal love and friendship
  • a safe and supportive family
  • possible friendship from everyone else in the fam!
  • I might be making a discord chat for the family, i’ll update y’all later :) (please be tracking the tag so you can see the update)

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Hello! I see that you're a new blog and I want to wish you luck with it! I would like to see an RFA reaction to MC on some sort of talent competition (and she's rly good at whatever she's doing - up to you what her talent is!). Thank you!!

Sorry this took so long!!! D: -green


- Talent: Cooking


- he has been there helping you practice for the competition for weeks

- taste tested all your food and helped judge

- he doesn’t really help because he’s hella in love with you and won’t say anything that actually helps

- the day of the competition he is full of tension

- he is so nervous and is at the very front of the crowd small person perks

- he expects you to be really nervous like he is?? sweating a little?? maybe just A LITTLE RUSHED??

- but you are just in your element. he’s never seen you so focused and calm in his life

- honestly he is blushing wow you look cute

- w o  w

- he makes sure his cheers are 1000x higher than everyone else’s and it’s not that hard because he has such a squeaky voice ANYWAYs,,

- expect a thousand kisses afterward, he is so proud of his s/o


- Talent: Acrobatics

- he will not stop being a nerd

- your entire talent show he is either crying or saying “LOOK THAT’S MY S/O AREN’T THEY AMAZING LOOK AT THEM WHY ARE YOU NOT LOOKING

- “I sleep with them lol”

- you might just throw him out because of his comments because they are so distracting WO W

- you love him though and decide it’s fine. he wouldn’t have left ANYWAYs?

- if someone gets a higher score than you, you have to literally hold him back from trying to hack in the scores and make you win


- once the results are in, he doesn’t even care



- he is just so proud and in love please let him just cuddle you in front of thousands of people


- Talent: Fashion

- b o y

- he is always there to help you out and be your model, and loves it when you put together an outfit for him

- it’s honestly unfair to everyone in the competitions you go to though.

- you have all the best silks and materials, and you’re home alone a lot so ,, your victory is on lock??

- you kind of hate it but love it too.

- but mostly hate it THIS ISN’T FAIR???

- after your first competition it really wasn’t that fun having such an advantage

- so he tones it down a bit

- he just wants to SUpPORT YOU THE ONLY WaY HE KNOWS HOW


- Talent: Singing

- oh g o sh

- she loves supporting you as much as she can, and loves loves loves hearing you sing in the shower or just randomly throughout the day as practice

- sadly, because of work she can’t make it to every show

- i think she’s going to kill Jumin just because of this

- it makes her really upset to miss out on your shows, and when she comes home to you she’ll feel so bad and ask you all about the night

- you’ll sing her the songs you sang on stage and show her videos

- she still feels bad, but she’s trying her best to support you!!

- loves your voice more than anything, she’ll listen to your videos to help her relax at work


- Talent: Singing+Acting

- you purposefully don’t tell him you can sing or act

- one night you ask him ‘i want to take you on a date, you wanna go?’

- this boy is clueless and totally goes

- once he’s in the auditorium he’s chill. you brought him to a play?? aww babe

- you tell him your going to the bathroom and to wait where he was

- while he’s gone he observes the place and thinks what nice seats you got!

- he’ll definitely have to repay you!!

- but then when you’re gone for .. quite a long time?? he starts to worry

- the lights go off and he’s kind of … s t r e s s i n g.

- did you seriously just date ditch him in a theatre oh my god what what

- he’s about to leave but then sees you go on stage and he’s just like. ???????????????

- ??????????????????????????

- you start singing and dancing, acting. he realizes he is in a musical. he realizes YOU ARE IN A MUSICAL

- ???????!!!!!!!!!!


- he literally SCREAMS out in JOY and jumps from his seat

- he actually starts crying because he’s so shocked and overjoyed

- he roots for you and tries his best to sing along during the whole musical

- he’s the only one on the upper level so he can see everyone in the aisles below him

- he sees a fucker with his phone out and throws his shoe at him

- f u cker

- he doesn’t even care he’s shoeless at the end of the musical

- expect A LOT OF KISSES and singing when you two get home

- and woop surprise it turns into sex

anonymous asked:

that new chapter if watercast,,, damn you made all three of my emotions run for their lives jeez i am sobbing. also i see that "Chulanont" yoi reference. now i can't help but imagine Izra as Phichit ahhhh

Yes! So Izra is Pichit’s older cousin :3 so they do share family resemblance. The enthusiastic guppy is bb pichit!!! He’s rly excited to be travelling with his fam!! I think he and toastie could be best friends 🐬🐬🐬