i was right all along hahahaha

Remember Patty?

That’s the new girl. She knows a lot of the rules already, got her name picked out and everything. Patty, come over here, say hi! Make her feel welcome, yeah? Oh, a couple of you might know her from that party right after New Year's - y'know, when Danger Dude was off his head and wanted to dive into the river? Yeah, Patty was one of the people trying to hold him back. She also punched Yellow’s ex in the face. So basically, she’s a handy gal to have around, ain’t that right Patty? Ha, yeah she’s good people. Oh, could you ple-ah-I mean - do you mind grabbing me some chips from the table? Thanks Patty. See what I mean? Good people.

Okay, thanks for being cool guys. I know most of you were at that party - Ginger, I know it was you who punched Yellow’s ex. We all do. But Patty - she just introduced herself, told me those stories like I wasn’t there, so I had to play along. I’m not the only one getting - y'know - vibes, right? Aw man, she’s coming back. Have any of you seen her around before? No-one’s heard of her? Does nobody remember Patty?

No? Thank god. Because I sure as hell don’t.


EXO Wolf: reaction to teaching their puppies how to hunt

anonymous asked: Can I request an exo reaction to them teaching their puppies how to hunt? Thank you :)

Xiumin: “yes honey! Go  run like that! Bite that bunny down!”

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Luhan: “Don’t go far!”

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Kris: “see there? that’s a little mouse. It’s not fun to catch but it’s good for a beginner like you”

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Suho: “Nice! That was good! I’m proud of you my little puppy”

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Lay: “I can’t believe you fell into a pond and pulled me along”

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Chen: “Good job catching that bunny honey. Let’s give it to mommy so she can make dinner”

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Baekhyun: “hahahaha!!!!!!! That’s not an animal but a rock baby”

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Chanyeol: “That was good baby! right kai?”

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D.O: “Be careful. Don’t hit your  head on the tree again!”

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Tao: “Wow! Look at you! All grown up!”

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Kai: “You’re making me tired just by looking at you running around. That’s my baby. Let’s change some animals so mommy can make us a feast”

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Sehun: “Show off that hunting skills daddy showed you”

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[TRANS] 170814 LOONA’s Fancafe Chatting Time

t/n: Members present were Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeojin and Vivi! Not everything said in the chatroom was translated
cr: fran @ loona-trans
© take out only with credits

: Heejin I miss you
Heejin: I miss you too ㅜㅜ

: Haseul-unnie what is the one thing you want to do on your birthday?
Haseul: To go to a buffet with the members ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

: Heejin-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Vivi: Yes?

: What song does Haseul want to sing for the fans? 💘
Haseul: One Candle [by g.o.d]

: Which peach do you prefer??? Soft peach vs hard peach!
Vivi: Soft hehe

: Yeojin-ah did it hurt when you fell from the sky ㅠㅠ ?
Haseul: Pardon..?(serious) What did you say?

: What concept does Heejin want to try once [Loona] debuts ?
Heejin: I want to wear a modern hanbok with a jacket!!

: ♥♥Vivi-unnie, what do you eat that makes you that pretty?♥♥
Vivi: Salad…hehehe

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Mini Fic!!

Not what I’d been planning to but here’s another mini fic. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 


It’s a fan of his that sends him the video. Actually, most of his fanbase is talking about it and sending him the link non-stop.  

Yuri is still reeling from his last fashion show, sprawled quite wildly on the backseat of the first cab that would stop for a drunk model. His colleagues were still in the bar, singing their asses off in the karaoke.  

@yuripfan: omg @yuri-plisetsky check this out!! (laughing emojis) youtube.com/watch?v=…

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chinashio16  asked:

Okay, people may call me crazy but it's just a theory. Remember those photos from MAMA 2015 in which Jongin is holding Kyungsoo's waist? (I actually had this theory even before you made that compilation with kaisoo photos taken my media) What if someone from newspaper though it was kinda weird? And so they decided to look into it? And they found proofs? (Maybe took photos of them even tho I know it's not very likely) And so they wrote that thing about same-sex same-group couple and they (1)

called to SM to say “Hey bro, you know what? You’re in pretty deep sh*t right now” and since the whole post was already released they couldn’t take it down and SM started to sweat. They had to react quickly so they brought KxK sooner than they wanted. (2)

For me, this is actually possible, but since im delu my opinion doesn’t matter.

It’s not like my theories are backed up by facts / shit that does exist / has happened… like for ex; that 2012 post that predicts shit correctly or the pict/fancam of kadi looking hella odd and sad and almost burst into tears when the news were out during lotte secret night. 

My words/opinions are not credible bc im a ghei couple shipper. 

What am i doing here right now is a huge blasphemy. 

it’s a wrongdoing to have a strong assumption about this DP thing being fake shit to gain publicity. 

SM+DP words are the truth, those statements and confirmation share the similar stratum as the 10 commandments that Moses had gotten from God in Mount Sinai. (religious ppl pls dont get offended)

Big companies can’t lie. They don’t use media play. Everything is a coincidence.  

Im a sinner here, we are all, for not believing in SM and DP, and choosing to believe in our ghei otp instead. 

anyway shit is gonna get so fucking delu, so prepare ur wine or if u r underage, prepare the orange juice ur mom has bought and stored in the fridge and pls do enjoy my delusion. 


All those things aside IF it was indeed like that, i dont think that somebody called SM (saying, ‘yo u r in big shit now cuz we have proofs’)

i think SM just knew. 

I mean they [SM] have lots of connections everywhere and keeping tabs on their target audiences (meaning us – the fans – and k-media outlets), isn’t that hard. 

I’m not saying that they have full control of their target audiences bc obv it’s impossible, 

They can influence us by directing us into certain drift with their statements, photos etc, but they can’t control us–the mass, they can’ t control the shit we would say/post 

if they could, there wouldn’t be any ‘dangerous/name-ruiner’ photoshopped pictures in the first place and there wouldnt be any delu ppl making theories lol

Im sure that they have known already about our delu assumptions (of the couple being legit) since a long time ago

And thus i think they have known that few of k-media outlets also have the same assumption 

(bc believe me gurl/boii, it is not only us [int'l. fans] who have the assumption of kadi being legit, k-fans too, including those who work in media

tbh its kinda pompous to think that kfans dont see the same shit that we see [about kadi]… 

i mean, we get info from them… how could someone think kfans dont see it as well?)

Perhaps somehow they’ve [sm] sensed the k-media outlets were onto the accused pairing [kadi] during these recent months (cuz dem kadi x k-media pictures were booming)

Then suddenly the rumor about ‘same sex couple dating in the same group’ was blasting out in twitter (internationally – cuz it was in engliseu) a month ago (march 2016)  

The rumor could make them [sm] being extra cautious on ‘guarding/hiding’ this couple

According to another ‘conspiracy theory’ lol the ‘gay couple’ rumor came out in s.korea in sept 2015…  2(?) days before exo went to fiji for vacation 

idk if this shit is true, altho the sudden vacation is kinda weird imo – 

bc wasn’t exo busy about LMR japan debut at that time? why the sudden vacation? 

and at that time d.o x irene got rumored together just bc d.o helped her lmao

If you see the comments on the rumor page on twitter [i dont have the link, sorry], 

ppl were being hushed2, saying things like… “ah, i think i know who..” or “i have two people in mind" 

and those kinda comments got replied like this “then keep it to yourself, don’t mention their name..”

Nobody mentioned kadi, for real, no one mentioned them (i fucking scrolled to the bottom), 

but the comments did mention other couples, yet those ‘i think i know who but i aint gonna tell’ comments got the highest vote. 

[i voted those comments too bc i thought they were talking about kadi lol, somehow those comments seemed to be very discreet and they reminded me of the couple – bc the couple is subtle and known as backstage couple] 

And for me, it’s quite weird… bc our fandom is big, right? (I was expecting to see ‘kaisoo’ being written there, but nope.) 

kadi at that time was considered the last otp that SM hadn’t ruined…yet. gdi SM u had one job

in other platforms such as tumblr, YT, twitter ppl were preaching how fucking real the pairing is, and how they can’t wait for them [kadi] to get married etc

but when that rumor came out, NOBODY mentioned their name on the comment section of the rumor 

and it was quite bizarre for me. but im delu…so.. hahahaha. 

the rumor was also stated along with these sentences; 

“The same sex couple that they will be revealing are two members in the same group and are trending idols that are expected to cause a ripple in the industry.” 

It implies that the group is big, powerful and famous enough to cause such reaction in the industry, and i think we all know which group is the “babe” in kpop/hallyu world right now

“The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report.“ 

This implies that these people aren’t afraid, they have nothing to lose. They know they have solid proof thus the lawsuit would be futile –  

Im guessing that the company of these idols would sue the media outlet bc the reporters have ‘tainted’ the idols name for ‘spreading false info’,

but the media outlet prob would counter back with ‘well we have solid proof so it ain’t false, we only state the truth, we ain’t defiling anyone’s name here, we only share the truth to public’ bc they’re assholes

about the 'solid proof’ tho…

idk if it would be indeed something the media outlets have taken by themselves 

or something that they have taken from fans… you know, those moments we share to each other online

i mean, they’re media outlets, they’re legit journalist. 

some ppl still believe those photoshopped pictures and those shit dont have credible sources

if a legit media outlet does make a news about kaisoo they don’t have to use something strong imo (like legit kissing picts?)

they could’ve just put kadi moments (like that eskimo kiss, the kisspering pict etc), then add words about kadi being legit, put their company logo and ppl would def buy it.

they buy DP shit. why would it be any different with other k-media outlet?

What im trying to emphasize here it is not necessarily has to be a blackmail (some shady ppl called the-equally-shady-SM to get money[?]), bc it seems lots of ppl assuming it this way. i was too but then i changed my assumption.

SM perhaps has known already about it [the gay rumor] from little birdies who told them 

they have ppl who monitor fans reaction, what the fans would like, will this concept work, what kind of style members should wear next time, what is 'in’ right now, etc

This gay couple rumor might be only empty words.  It might be untrue, but it was/is still nerve wrecking.


Because the rumor implies that the media outlets aren’t afraid, we can feel that they don’t give a shit about what would happen next through their words. 

They are indirectly threatening (the idols and the company) with their words. 

Something had to be done in case the rumor comes true. 

Thus perhaps bc of those things above they [sm] decided to take an action 

which is fast-forwarding the 'couple’ to be outed in April, not in June, like the Pann post have stated. 

That’s why unlike BY who had quite few of 'clues’ (like IG posts) KxK couple only has a minimum amount of it

Krys uploaded 1 pict when she was presumably shooting her drama. 5 days before the news. 

Why? Why she did that when she was busy? Why not right after she took the pict? Did she even take the picture? 

Would it be possible someone else did and then later on sent it to her and told her to upload it? 

Bc i still dont understand why she uploaded it at that day – when she was busy filming. 

Also, why they went out at 17 Feb (when DP took picts)? 

Kai had a flight to US on the next day 18 Feb and at that time Gaon chart award happened.

Gaon award started at 7 PM KST time, means the show must be held until late at night.

Why went out at such late time even tho tomorrow he had to take a flight?

Taking a long flight is fucking tiring – i couldnt even stan 2 hours flight (jetlag etc)

also idk if u notice it, but kai’s face looked sour on DP picts… he didn’t smile in any of those pictures

and then later on ppl uploaded KxK photoshopped pictures inside the pool

Why? Ppl said it was anti-fans who did it But is it really? 

Those pictures than 'backed up’ by a screenshot  text that belong to 'the hotel’s staff’

The timing was too precise… The picture got posted soon after the news came out

Why such pictures?

Let’s be real here, BY couple had faced lots of shit than KxK does rn

But no one never made such pict of them doing that kinda thing before (as far as i know ppl only photshopped pictures of them going out on date)

Why these photosopper want to make Kai looks like “the dude who did sexual thing with his girlfriend inside the swimming pool”

Why they also made a rumor about them living together ?

They didnt do this shit with BY even tho BY couple faced worst of it. (ppl booed at baek during live show, tae apologized to fans in the airport)

Why they go this far to show us that “kai exo isnt interested in dude –kyungsoo– bc the fake shit he had 'done’ implies he prefers chicks”

and the weird thing is… lots of fans have thought that kai was into dudes before this… 

even there’s a post about exo sexuality analysis that was made by a gay man, he basically said kai was relatable bc kai’s shy demeanor reminds him of his younger self. (and he noted that kai and kyungsoo probably have something going on even though he wasn’t kadi shippers)

lots of ppl also have claimed that kai has 'pinged’ them as gay, especially when he’s with kyungsoo but then this shit happened and some fans immediately say things like 'get over it ppl he’s straight' 

also this is prob just me but the photoshoped picts of them in pool and him smoking make him look ‘though’ now (he used to be seen as the cute/shy boy nini right? but those picts make him legit look like ‘kai’), 

kai is now your typical korean dude who’s into pretty chick and smokes thanks to those photoshopped pictures

but is he really?

ofc this is just IF, mkay? im delu. dont believe my words.

Besides the Pann post might be not true–but we’ll see about that soon i suppose.  

TL;DR: i agree with u but i dont think somebody called SM, i think SM knew/sniffed about the gay news, got worried, then they went ‘let’s rush outing our fabricated couple that was supposed to be outed in june’

sorry for bad engliseu, remember, im delu so my words aren’t credible

i reread this shit and holy fuck i sound so delu… but hey i dont give a shit lol it’s not like i know those bitches who judging me irl, they’re strangers anyway. 


MY FLY IN LA DAY 1 HI TOUCH ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um ok so that went way too fast but luckily I documented this for future generations LOL


JInyoung: UM so basically every US fan account hi touch talked about JInyoung being last in the lineup so I WAS NOT PREPARED AT ALL TO SEE HIM FIRST. I called him Prince JInyoung twice (BECAUSE HE’S MY PEACH PRINCE DUH) and he did the eye-smile-almost-going-to-laugh cute JInyoung thing he does (you can kind of see it in the vid)

BamBam: the JInyoung being first thing still shook me so I made that weird UHHH noise BamBam does sometimes real quick LOL..I don’t think he heard it though

Yugyeom: all I said to him quickly was “BROWNY!!” and he smiled so cutely ^_^ #lovethemaknae

JB: ok so I asked my Korean friend how to ask “Wanna fight?” in Korean (because we all wanna fight JB) and I thought I was saying it to him?? But all he did was like smile and look confused ish?? so I repeated it again but then had to move along L O L #oops

Jackson: All I said was “see you tomorrow Jackson!” and he smiled kind of tiredly poor bb 

Youngjae: Ok they started hurrying me even more b/c I took my sweet time in the beginning lol so I just said “2 OUT” to him and moved right along LOL

Mark: I was like hurrying and I said “3 OUT” to Mark and you can hear him at like 0:17 say “3 OUT 4 OUT” HAHAHAHA


So yeah, I’m ded guys..BUT DOING IT ALL AGAIN TODAY AT DAY 2..P1 LEGGO~ 

[FANACCOUNT] 140323 IU Modern Times Showcase in HK

It’s been a wonderful and tiring journey these last few days haha. I didn’t shake IU’s hand or get an autograph or anything so my story might not be very exciting and I’ll just keep it short as I’m waiting for my flight back to Singapore.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I actually reached HK on Thurs night lol. Spent a day at HK Disneyland (which was awesome and expensive but the fireworks and rollercoasters were totally worth all the money we spent.)

The next day, we went to the airport to wait for IU to arrive. The flight was very much delayed and she took forever to come out. I was expecting about 50 Hong Kong fancammers(?) but there were a lot more than that. Also, it was scary the number of reporters who came. They started taking photos of all the fancammers (with flash!) which was annoying. Anyway, we knew some of the fans were waiting inside the baggage collection area for IU, but I was still surprised to see CD walk out together with IU keke.. Amidst all the camera shutters and flashes, someone beside me went “squishy!” Ohh so I was like greeting people while chasing IU, knocking into people, etc. all at the same time. People were falling down here and there so it was a bit dangerous actually. But all in all, it was still quite fun haha.

We headed to Tuen Men Trend Plaza after that for the press con/fansign and got hopelessly lost ㅜㅜ There are SO many shopping malls at the same location and there’s north and south wing and whatever omgg. Anyway by the time we arrived (1hr before it started), we couldn’t see anything at all with the crazy crowd. When it started, I couldn’t even see a single thing lol. Was just watching through others’ screens. It didnt help that I can’t really understand Cantonese omgg. Lol halfway through I turned around and saw Joyrich and KobaU lol then after they left, Peterpan somehow appeared behind me too with scary zoom lens. I didn’t bring the zoom lens, so I was just like forget it, oppa take photos on my behalf. I give up ㅠㅠ

Finally today! The day of the showcase omg. Before the showcase was just a madrush to settle tickets, fangoods, fan concert goods, official concert goods, etc. I was just wandering outside Star Hall when suddenly someone came over and asked me if I was squishy lol (I think the japanese friendship concert tee is too obvious) But it was nice to make friends with all the Weibo chinese fans and those who bought 8000hkd worth of stuff at the shopping mall to get IU’s autograph omgg. Can’t believe them. Funny how when the fansite staff went on stage to pass IU presents during the showcase I finally realised how they look like in real life LOL. All these virtual identities..

Anyway, let me just jump to the showcase proper. After they looped the showcase promo video like 5 times, the MC finally came out and started the show. IU opened the showcase with The Red Shoes (of course) and I was surprised by the fanchants from the little girls behind me. (I think the gender ratio is about 50-50). At this point, I lament that oppa removed the battery from my camera for charging and didn’t replace it, so I took 0 photos during the showcase. But I enjoyed watching the concert and doing fanchants and waving my lightstick (IU said the wave of lightsticks in the audience looked so pretty she almost forgot her lyrics lol!) It was slightly annoying that they didn’t always translate to the audience what was said in Cantonese cos the interpreter would just whisper in IU’s ear and I’m like whatttt?? tell me too!! Omgg but it was funny how the fans mostly know a bit of Korean so after that when IU asked 재미있어요? (Are you having fun?) Everyone went nehh!!! before the booming interpreter voice could translate. She was so surprised like.. “You guys understood that?? And I studied chinese/guangdong dialect so hard (for nothing)” LOL when they were doing the fan interaction activities, everyone was like saranghaeyo, IU choigoda, neomu yeppeo. Lolll IU replied with her dor jeh (thank you) and hou leng (very pretty). Haha half way through she forgot what houleng meant and she asked “what does it mean again? Congrats?” And booming interpreter voice told her it meant “very pretty”. Haha I apologise that I mainly only understood what IU was saying in Korean. No idea what the fans were saying at all, but the MC got them to sing their favourite song or tell everyone why they like IU and stuff like that before rewarding them with posters.

Yeah okay actually I saw the setlist beforehand, so I was totally surprised when IU sang 挥着翅膀的女孩 (with guitar!) haha (the organiser wanted her to sing Tian Mi Mi I think.) She forgot the lyrics halfway and the audience helped her along like when she forgot the lyrics to Uaena song hahahaha. She said she practised really hard though but the pronunciation was difficult for her. Anyways, she was apologetic about her less-than-perfect perf and promised to bring a perfect one next time.

Oh and it was super funny during encore when IU asked what we wanted to hear and the camera zoomed in on Annie and Eng and people shouting Friday!! Hahahaha she really sang a short segment for us omggggg!

Fancam: http://youtu.be/X6x0KKOgeKc

Anyway, that’s all the interesting bits I can recall right now. Here’s the order of the songs (I think).

Red Shoes (She was surprised by the fanchants and said they were comparable to in Korea!)
You and I
Between the lips (50cm)
(Fan interaction)
Like a star (Guitar)
I Can Fly (Guitar)
(Giving out posters to fans)
You know (she was surprised that we shouted Hey at the right bits)
Story only i didnt know
(Presents from official china and hk fansites)
Good day
Encore - Friday (She was surprised we even knew this song.)
Encore - Good Day (w/ 3 lvl high notes)

Alright I gotta board my flight now keke.

anonymous asked:

Are you expecting a reveal comparable to IFH except instead they sit down & say they're together? I feel it's gonna happen more organically. Maybe for S3 promos we'll see carefree SC v the careful we're used to. More innuendos/things that draw ppl to assume-except more obvious than what we see now. If they win awards a more true nod as a SO than gray lining it like at Baftas. I see them just being more themselves as a reveal vs interview reveal at this point. Though I'd love a sit down w/ KDS!

we’ve gotten 3 years of innuendos pretty much at this point so yes, I’m expecting a sit down. Will it happen? idk but I think we goddamn well deserve it hahahaha. Not that it’ll change my beliefs either way but I’m literally living to hear them say, “we’re a couple.” I need to seeeeeee it come out of their mouths. as obvious as the innuendos seem to us, 99% of this fandom has a brick for a brain so I just want to watch as all their heads explode with the knowledge that shippers were right all along :)))))

(selfish I know. so sue me, I think I’m allowed to be a bit selfish at this point)

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, but you couldn't move your arm from your chest could you, I'm just curious how your chest has changed? :0

I’m on a bus right now so I can’t really take a picture. I’ll see if I can find one. Found one. Had to flip it so you can actually gauge the difference,

theres not much of a difference. But before where my chest was all fat, now I can flex my pecs which is cool. it also looks like my nipple moved hahahaha. My pecs are majorly lacking tho, my chest along with my triceps would be my weak areas.