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Today was a good one. My friend and I went to a movie and got unnecessarily dressed up (I wore a dress and heels. He wore a button down and slacks). After, we went to Taco Bell (changed clothes) and sat on a lifeguard tower on the beach until 2am. We talked forever, he laid with his head in my lap, and we watched shooting stars. He gave me a piggy-back ride through the parking lot. I've decided he's like the platonic love of my life lol, he means so much to me and cares so much. He's amazing.

Hey same anon from the 2am beach/taco bell anon lol. Tonight we got food and drove around scream-singing showtunes after I went to his band’s gig. I just really like spending time with him, it feels safe and normal. I hope he knows how much he means to me.

the dream life.

"Why Do I Hang Out With You?" OTP Prompts

• “We’re drunk and lost in the streets after a wild night out and as I give you a piggy back ride, you start singing ‘SO NO ONE TOLD YOU LIFE WAS GONNA BE THIS WAAAYYYY’ and you clap in my face” au

• “Listen, you and I both know you’re just crying so you don’t have to tell the firefighters that it was your fault our kitchen caught on fire” au

• “I don’t care how you got the alpaca but we live in an apartment, you can’t keep it, put it back— right, llama, my bad, I’m sooo sorry, whatever it still can’t stay here” au

• “Jail isn’t so bad, it could be worse” au

• “You sneezed and blew down my house of cards you have three seconds to run” au

• “You’re the one who brought me to this stupid trampoline place, and somehow you’re the dumb fuck who got your leg stuck between the springs” au

• “I’m only letting your little sibling put this god awful makeup on me because if I can impress your whole family then there’s a possibility that I can get in your pants later” au

Barry Allen secretly having a crush on you would include...

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(Not my gif)

  • Antisocial buddies
  • “I need friends”
  • “Same” ;
  • Adorable hugs ;
  • If you ever get insecure he’d be there and tell you that you are the most beautiful person on this earth
  • and every other earth he has visited
  • and that’s a lot of earths;
  • You secretly stealing his t-shirts and hoodies like:
  • “Y/N, is that my shirt?”
  • “What, no. I-I bought that last week”
  • “……It’s a double your size…..”
  • “SHUT UP” ;
  • Him bringing three boxes of donuts because he needs to eat double your meal
  • and maybe a pizza box
  • and fries ; 
  • He thinks you look adorable all the time;
  • Late night talks. ;
  • Watching old movies.
  • and mayyyybeee cuddle
  • Him acting as if that never happened because he blushes like mad when you mention it
  • Falling asleep with your head on his chest.
  • Him waking up first
  • always
  • “Can you give me my-”
  • him bringing it from the other end of the house in 0.00000001 sec.
  • he would do anything for you tbh ;
  • “Y/N!” 
  • “What?”
  • “I have something for you”
  • Him handing you a batarang
  • “I just had to ask”
  • “Haha, you didn’t just say ‘Can i keep this?’ right?”
  • “….” ;
  • Him in fear of ruining your friendship because of his crush
  • So he hides it;
  • AND HE SAID ‘You are adorable”
  • Raging at video games
  • and then he wins
  • and you facepalm ;
  • “Do you remember how i told you about my powers?”
  • “Oh, you mean the “OHMAGODOHMAGODOHMAGOD I’M SUPER FAST” thing. Yep, i remember.” ;
  • Barry telling Bruce and Diana about his crush on you
  • them trying to set you two up
  • “Hey Barry?” Diana says
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Why don’t you ask Y/N on a date”
  • You standing like 3-4 meters away
  • “W-what?” you say frozen
  • “…….DIANA WHY”
  • Barry Allen exposed
  • you say yes


signs as 2jae things that happened within the FIRST week of never ever promotions

aries: it’s just a microphone guys pls 

taurus: i’d rather stare at you than this cake we’re supposed to be making

gemini: wHOOP wHOOP

cancer: he snatched my mic but instead of being anger let me just give him heart eyes and finger hearts

leo: wow that’s not part of the dance jaebum but okay ig


libra: jaebum clinging onto youngjae as per- oh wait no now its youngjae clinging onto him hnNNGG OKAY


sagittarius: youngjae’s aegyo attack which has jaebum a smiling mess (we’re all yugy in this situation)

capricorn:lets take pictures together for the first time in 2000 years to remind everyone we’re still the cutest

aquarius: lets take a photoshoot together for the first time in 200 years to remind everyone we’re still the hottest

pisces: “not to be repetitive but we really are the hottest boyfriends…we’re also vocal kings so there’s that



idk what if the Inquisitor was a kid ? It wouldn’t be called The Inquisition, it’d be the deadly babysitter squad.

( thank you @bittersweet-blue-hearts for the prompt )

BTS as boyfriends (BTS in a relationship)


~cute secter dates


~OMG food fights

~back hugs

~kisses and snuggles at all times

~all those cheesy couple things

~matching outfits

~cheeks squishing

~a lot of eskimo kisses

~the overprotective boyfriend

~don’t get me wrong, he’d give you a lot of space, so you’re not overwhelmed by him

~Princesse, no.

~Nooooo, you’re gonna get hurt.

~Y/N Stop it!

~late night car rides

~skin-ships all the time

~clingy af

~really carring and sweet in general


~really chilled

~but protective and loving

~late night studio sessions

~bringing him food while he works

~sudio make out sessions

~studio sex

~late nights conversations about life

~going to McDonald’s together

~him not showing much PDA

~but if a guy just looked at you in the way that Yoongi didn’t like, he’d have his hands all over you

~he’d basicaly want to fuck you right there in front of the guy’s eyes


~a looooooottt of them

~nose kisses

~comforting him if he had a bad day

~him acting like he’s annoyed when you steal his clothes

~but secretly loving it

~preatending not to give a fuck

~but actualy cares wayyy more than any other person


~random gifts

~lazy sex

~lazy days off

~lazy life in general

~neck kissses

~not even in a sexual way

~he’d just love your soft skin against his lips

~random ‘i love you’s

~as i said before- chilled, but you couldn’t imagine a better relationship


~a lot of inside jokes

~laughing at everything

~days off while just enjoying each other’s company

~tickle fights

~going shopping together

~chill movie nights


~little date nighs


~spontaneous relationship

~‘Wanna travel somewher?’

~’Lemme grab my hoodie’

~during fighths there’s no screaming

~you’d always solve your problems by talking with each other

~doing everything together

~love watching him dance

~him wanting to tech you how to dance

~doing everything to make each other happy


~he’d be crazy about you

~you’d be his everyting

~he’d literally worship you

~vanila sex

~rough sex

~a lot of sex in general

~him getting jealous easily

~going to fancy restaurants

~also loving junk food

~2 am rap battles

~grocery shopping together

~him wanting to help you cook

~you giving up and leting him in the kitchen

~even tho you know he’s gonna ruin something

~movie nights

~spoiling you

~once you mentioned something you want or he cought you staring on something in the store he’d get it fot you right away

~you kissing his dimples

~him getting all shy and blushy over your compliments

~reading sessions

~going to library together


~not leaving your side even once when you’re out together

~protective af

~cute, loving and charming

~random nicknames

~like cinnamon roll, strawberry princesse, buble fluff etc.




~cuddly af

~always holding your hand

~always facetiming when he’s away

~cheesy pick up lines

~an actula ball of fluff

~making him feel more confident

~buying you flowers out of nowhere


~random winks

~grinding on you to show you he’s in the mood

~head kisses

~random blowjobs

~matching outfits

~pillows fights

~being extra af together

~doing fashion shows together

~being fabulous together

~the baddest bitches in town

~cheeks squishing

~cuteness overload




~slightly over protective

~the always hype boyfriend

~making forts together

~tickle fights that end up witha a steamy make out session

~earlobe biting

~neck biting

~running his hands through your hair

~random gifts

~junk food every day

~adopting puppies together




~matching gucci outfits

~making funny faces to make you smile

~carrying for each other

~always reminding you how much he loves you

~playing with his hair

~cuddles session is a must 

~passionate random kisses

~loving holding your small hand is his huge ones

~being the annoying couple

~doing everthing together

~adoring his smile


~laid back

~he doesn’t care what the two of you are doing as long as you’re together

~his hyungs teasing him

~playing games together

~singing for you

~junk food all day every day

~the sweetest dork ever

~watching Disney movies

~5 am walks

~playing chbby bunny

~adoring you

~matching ugly Christmas jumpers

~trying to act manly

~but failing miserably

~being cute af

~bunny smile

~back hugs

~not really into PDA

~clingy and cuddly when you’re alone

~neck snuggles

~sex….ohhh boii

~he might be the youngest, but he’d definitely know what he’s doing

~jaw clenching whan his mad

~him getting jealous easily

~piggy back rides

~being ruthless kids

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how each of the rfa members would react to mc being pouty and asking them for a piggy back ride? like maybe they're walking somewhere and she gets tired? xD

A/N: I don’t give people piggy back rides I usually just pick the person up when they least expect it and keep walking like i doNT HAVE TIME TO STOP WE GONNA GET GOING ILL JUST CARRY YOU THE REST OF THE WAY ~Admin 404


           -The two of you ask each other at the same time

           -He wants a piggy back ride too, MC!! ;A;



           -You don’t even have to pout for long, he’ll do it for you because??? He’s gotta prove to you he’s not a cute little kid

           -Though he complains like a little kid

           -10 minutes into the ride, he’s slowing down, dragging his feet, and complaining

           -“MC, you aren’t heavy, I’m just…tired, I promise”

           - where’s your arm strength Shooting Star?? i thought you were a big strong warrior

           -Seriously, you have to carry him further than he carried you, but he absolutely loves every minute of it


           -You don’t have to ask him twice

           -So happy to give you a piggyback ride!!

           -He thinks you’re so cute

           -He would have let you pout a little just to see your cute little face, but!! Couldn’t bring himself to do it

           -Plus, this gives him a chance to show you how easily he can hold you

           - totally not trying to show off his strength

           - feel my muscles mc

           -He’ll put you down whenever you want, but would rather not

           -It doesn’t matter where you are, if you ask, he is carrying you in a heartbeat



           - She will suPLEX YOU IF YOU ASK HER TO

           -It actually takes a lot of pouting and begging to get her to pick you up

           -“MC, you’re an adult, can’t you walk?”

           - but i dont wwwaaaaannnnnaaaaaa

           -Sometimes she’ll give you a piggy back ride just because she’s tired of hearing you ask

           -But only around the house, MC, we’re adults

           -Once you tried to surprise her and jump on her back but it didn’t go well AT ALL

           -Meaning the both of you fell flat on your faces

           -From then on, you try not to jump onto her

           -Because of that though, she’ll be more lenient about carrying you, just, don’t knOCK HER DOWN AGAIN PLEASE


           -In public, don’t even think about it

           -But at home? y e s

           -He’ll give you a piggy back ride all around the penthouse

           -Scratch that, all around the building

           -It’s childish but the look on your face is so cute!!!

           -He can’t help himself! The smile on your face makes him so happy

           -The first time you brought it up, however, was a no-go

           -You had to pout for h o u r s until he finally agreed

           - lowkey only made you pout that long because it was cute

           -Sometimes he refuses to put you down. He’ll talk to anyone who walks up to him completely calm and collected, as if you aren’t hanging off of his back


           - tackles you for a piggy back ride first

           -He usually picks you up and carries you around anyway

           -So you wanting a piggy back ride is no problem for him!!!


           -Although sometimes you aren’t sure why you bother

           -Because he likes to hold you hostage

           -You want down? Too bad, he’s got a tight grip on your thighs

           -The door frame has been broken a few times from you holding onto it when he walks through


           -Once tried to Naruto run with you on his back and both of you hit the wall, Saeran filmed the whole thing


           -If MC wants a piggy back ride, MC gets a piggy back ride

           - has tried to take pictures of the two of you and has failed

           -It happens a lot, especially when the two of you go on hikes

           -He get to hold the camera and take whatever pictures you want while he carries you

           -You never have to pout to get him to carry you

           -He can’t handle the pout!!! He feels so bad!!

           -Sometimes, he’ll ask you to get onto his back so you can get a picture for him

           -Always so gentle with you! He’ll kneel so you can get down softly instead of just jumping off

           -He avoids any place with low ceilings or door frames, so you don’t hit your head

           -Please just ask him for a piggy back ride, MC, you literally have nothing to lose


           -What, are your legs broken?

           -No MC I’m not gonna give you a piggy back ride

           -A lot of pouting is needed to make him change his mind

           -Go ahead MC, pout for days, he loves it

           -Seriously, the only way you can get a piggy bag ride from him is to jump onto him

           -At first it was a bad idea to jump on him, because you scared him and he dropped you on your butt

           -But after a few times, he’s gotten used to it

           -He just walks around as if you aren’t hanging off of him

           -To get you off of him, he’ll tickle your thighs

           - secretly loves when you hang off of him though, but he’ll never tell you 

Piggy Back Shorts

Okay this is purely self indulgent cause I need more Piggy Back rides to happen in fanfiction (don’t get me wrong I love bridal carries but I feel like I never see a classic Piggy Back Ride..) 


Bucky is very much a different man from his time as the Winter Soldier. With being a brainwashed super soldier he forgot a lot of social ques.
-Insert- Social Awkward Tony Stark and they’re a pair made in Heaven.


Tony’s tired, standing from his work bench he stretches while silently debating on if he’ll go attempt to sleep in his bed or just relax and watch that movie he wanted to see. James had been hanging out on the couch, watching the genius at work. SO he saw the man stand up and watching him slump into a exhausted stance after his stretch…. well his instincts told him: HUG. 

So he walks over and wraps his arms around Tony, nuzzling his cheek on the shorter man’s soft hair.Confused, Tony tenses, Stiff as a board, he asks, “What are you doing?”

“Hugging.” James continues to squeeze and nuzzle Tony gently.


“Cause I wanna hug ya.”

It takes a little bit but Tony relaxes and his hands come up to grip James’ shirt.
They stay like that for a bit but the exhaustion catches up to Tony and he’s really tired. Thank god James is a few steps ahead. Turning in the genius’ arms he crouches down so Tony can flop on his back. Securing him arms, he stands with Tony cuddled against his back.

“Are you giving me a piggy-back ride?” Tony could barely hold back his bewilderment..

Calmly walking towards the elevators with his new charge on his back, “Depends on what a piggy-back ride is….”

“It’s what you’re doing now.”

“Then I guess you have your answer.”
Tony glares (or tries, the motion of Bucky walking is soothing enough to rock him to sleep!) at the back of Barnes head before moving a hand to flick his ear. James laughs before hefting Tony a little bit higher in retaliation.

Multiverse Lovers - Part Four - Thomas

Title: The Happenings of The Maze

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Thomas/Reader

Word Count: 9,590

Warnings: 18+, NSFW,  Dirty Talking, Shameless Flirting, Maze Wall Sex, Bondage (I GUESS???), Shower Sex, Masturbation Wars, Piggy Back Rides, Mentions of Running, Mean Hoes

Notes: Surprise? In the midst of me getting ready to leaving work, I was going through my millions of messages, and @thelittlestkitsune was sweet enough to offer to proofread for me. @savage-stilinski offered as well and I feel bad because the message was buried under 4 other people. BUT YES. HERE YOU GO. Tell me yo thoughts!

PS I am the biggest putz in the world and forgot to mention that @minhosmeanhoe is the reason you guys got the masturbation wars. She is the one that gave me the suggestion and god, I love when Camile gives me ideas like this. They are so brilliant. Thank her for that lil tidbit yo.

Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

The soft breeze that rolled over your body sent shivers down your spine, hugging the blanket closer around your body. The sound of feet shuffling around you filled your ears, their quiet whispers stirring you from your sleep. The sunlight shone brightly, a few rays directed straight into your closed orbs. You snuggled further into whatever vessel you were on, hoping the noise surrounding you would dissipate, leaving you to resume your much-needed rest.

A loud rumbling began to vibrate the ground around you, your body jolting up in shock at the sudden disturbance. Your head whipped around, your body unsteady in the thin fabric you had been thrust into during your sleep. In your attempt to steady your swaying body, you toppled from what you assumed was a hammock, the material spinning in circles and depositing you safely into a pile of mud.

You heard a round of laughs fill the air around you, lifting your head slowly from the ground to see what was going on. A handful of eyes watched you from afar, their eyes flashing at you dangerously. Have you never seen a girl fall out of bed before? Fucking perverts. You wiped some of the mud from your face, grimacing at the amount that coated your hands. Glancing around, you found yourself in a large, green pasture, buildings hidden in the distance. The source of the rumbling were the large walls that encircled the pasture sliding open, a gap appearing in the gray, weathered stone.

The maze…?

“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!” a sassy voice cut through the morning air, startling you. Your arms gave way in your shock, face splattering into the same pile of mud as before. The person broke into a fit of laughter, noisily slapping at their knee at your agony. “That’s a good sign of how today is going to go, eh?”

“Be quiet, Minho,” a calm, British voice cut off the sassy one. “She’s already late for breakfast and shucks knows she’s going to need it with her training today.”

Your head perked up, standing from your kneeling position to turn and face the two boys at the foot of your hammock. Minho and Newt stood before you, the keeper of the runners snickering at your dismay and the second in command crossing his arms, sending you a gentle smile.

Yup. I’m in the maze. And I guess I’m the greenie… Whoop dee freaking doo.

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Prompt 38

Person A is smol and surprisingly strong and can always carry their tol Person B (much to everyone’s surprise).


“I mean…big brother? I think of him more as a large brother. It’s just you don’t really do the traditional big brother stuff. You don’t call me squirt, you aren’t good at baseball and I have to give you a piggy back ride when your legs get tired.”

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Could you do a short and chubby Terezi and a tall and skinny Kanaya with Kanaya giving Terezi a piggy back ride?

this was fun !! i love when people ask for ships (any quadrant) esp rarepairs like this!! also feel free to tag this as kin/me/id/etc,,


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Tt, I'm 4'10 so everyone wants to give me piggy back rides but I hate piggy back rides. Can I fight them?

(( OOC: Y-You’re 4′ 10″ ??? 

………. *sweats* …………. 

C-can…….. can I give you a piggy-back ride? ))