i was rewatching some clips

this is a small clip i like to call Shiro I Love You But What The Fuck Don’t Push Past My Son Like That

Raven tries to make Damian smile

So I was rewatching some clips of Justice League VS Teen Titans, and the scene where Raven offers Damian a piece of her cotton candy, made me realise something.

So we know how the scene goes, she approaches him, gives him the cotton candy, and he days “this tastes like pure sugar” (and his face opens up, it’s not the constant frown, which is interesting) and she makes a joke “boy, were you up on those mountains a long time”, and he imediatly turns away and frowns (he doesn’t like to be made fun off). Raven being the empath that she is senses that and says “It was a joke, I’m not criticizing” and Damian says:

Like he expects her to stop trying to make jokes, to give up. But watching the Teen Titans: Judas contract, I don’t think she gave up, in fact I think she is trying to make him smile.


When Nightwing loses to Starfire, Raven turns to Damian and says “Guess we know who is taking out the garbage at the new place”, with a smirk in her face and watching Damian’s reaction to her joke (which I think he doesn’t laugh or react much, other than looking at her with a frown, because he was really trying to pay attention to the train and taking notes)

And at the end of the movie Raven gives Damian a puppy, out of the blue! But this little theory of mine got me thinking that the puppy was another way to try to make Damian smile and help them both act more like teenagers.

This is so dumb, but as I was rewatching through some choice clips of S4 for fanfic purposes, this little bit near the start made me happy. You know, speaking of a show that does have its moments of attention to detail. 

Here’s Jimmy sitting in Thomas’s throne, reading the paper  and throwin’ shade, just as Thomas always does. 

Until the king himself returns. Look how fast he pops right up without Thomas even saying a word. 

But of sitting at the table with the rest, he goes out of his way to pull a chair next to Thomas instead. 

Goddammit, these two are QUITE THE PAIR, ughhhh. I can’t. 

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I was rewatching some clips and one of my favorite things about WillKev's relationship was that they understood something important about each other that the rest of the house didn't. Will was seen as some young innocent guy, but Kevin immediately saw his "evil" and bitchy side and loved it. Kevin was thought to be fake and disingenuous, but Will could see through it and knew he's just a bit awkward and in his own head a lot. I love the self confidence talk in the hot tub, they were so honest.

That’s really cute and you are totally right. Both of them have more than one personality trait, and even though they are perceived a certain way by the houseguests, they saw someone different in each other. It’s incredible that Kevin got to see how fun and “bitchy” William was, and he loved that side of him. He knew how smart he was from the beginning and was probably the only one in the house that that didn’t underestimate Will. And Will could see that Kevin was in his head a lot and in his own world sometimes, not necessarily that he was being cold or fake with people. He could see how genuine Kevin was with him and they trusted each other so much. Their friendship allowed them to be allies in the game despite their different alliances which is just incredible. It really shows how strong their connection is. 

sorry i’ve been so quiet all day, it was actually quite productive! and i come bearing good news! i got ALL of my travel plans for destielcon FINALLY figured out, got plenty of hours in at work, and started the sketches for (if i math correctly, which is a miracle) the centerfold pieces for the new g’n’g! these’ll be posted when they’re done ♥♥


I love Izuki
I love Izuki

I was rewatching some knb clips and I found a sadistic love for distressed Izuki’s voice XD

Hyuuga: Underclassmen wash their seniors’ backs.

Kagami: Huhh?

Izuki: You just wanna make him do it.

Kagami: Like this?

Hyuuga: UGHHH!

Izuki: HYUUGA??!!

Kagami: Huh? How’d that happen?


Hyuuga: …i thought he was going to kill me.

Huyyga: UGHHHHH!

Izuki: HYUUGA, WHY?!

Kagami: I thought I’d try again.

Izuki: With a scrubbing brush?!!!