i was rewatching some clips

This is so dumb, but as I was rewatching through some choice clips of S4 for fanfic purposes, this little bit near the start made me happy. You know, speaking of a show that does have its moments of attention to detail. 

Here’s Jimmy sitting in Thomas’s throne, reading the paper  and throwin’ shade, just as Thomas always does. 

Until the king himself returns. Look how fast he pops right up without Thomas even saying a word. 

But of sitting at the table with the rest, he goes out of his way to pull a chair next to Thomas instead. 

Goddammit, these two are QUITE THE PAIR, ughhhh. I can’t. 

sorry i’ve been so quiet all day, it was actually quite productive! and i come bearing good news! i got ALL of my travel plans for destielcon FINALLY figured out, got plenty of hours in at work, and started the sketches for (if i math correctly, which is a miracle) the centerfold pieces for the new g’n’g! these’ll be posted when they’re done ♥♥


More answers

Last week, you guys asked me questions to answer in a video. I didn’t get to answer even close to all of them, so here are a few more from Tumblr I wanted to reply to. If you don’t want to see future posts from my Ask Box or things like this, that’s totally fine and you can block the tag “Joseph Answers” on your Tumblr Savior. Thanks for all the questions!

This past week I cried at some point during all five new episodes of Steven Universe that were released. And then some more when I rewatched clips of my favorite parts. Episodes involving Pearl just kill me (in a good way).

Sam and I are putting the finishing touches on our new music project. We also commissioned a music video that is already done. It’s gonna blow your mind.

The Road to Oz. The Shaggy Man was trippy.

Right now I play a lot of Lara Croft Relic Run. A lot.

This is a complicated question because no two situations have been the same. Most of the times I’ve picked up and left have been during points when I’ve been completely fed up with my current situation or the direction my life is headed, and I’d reached a breaking point. Someone else asked me a similar question, and I touched on my thought processes a little bit in my recent Q&A video.

A few semi-relevant quotes I enjoy:

“You’re always haunted by the idea you’re wasting your life.” - Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

“I was born to breathe. But I wasn’t breathing just because I was born.” - Noriko’s Dinner Table

“Everybody is scared most of the time.” - Amy Poehler, Yes Please

I’ll only tell you if you’re a Nigerian prince who needs help smuggling money out of your country and you’re offering me a 20% cut.

I haven’t been in a great place mentally for the past couple of years. I’m a big believer that you are what you surround yourself with, and I think some of the things I was following on Tumblr were compounding the situation by increasing my negative thoughts. That isn’t to say you should never be informed about news that is less than heartwarming, but it’s important that you absorb that information from a productive source that is somehow conducive to how you respond and aligns with your current mental or physical state. Does this make sense?

I also felt a lot of pressure from the expectations of what others thought I should be reblogging or posting. I felt I had to post this, or state my opinion on that, or try to appease everyone at once, and it was just too much of a burden. It was like my Tumblr blog wasn’t even mine. This time around, I’ll be posting whatever I want, whether it’s ugly sketches I’ve drawn, boring photos from my camera, little pieces of writing, or screencaps from horror movies I enjoy that nobody else cares about. I also want to connect more with the people who enjoy any of the content I create, and people on Tumblr are generally cool.

There are a couple things that have happened to me in the past two or three years I would like to make videos about but they’re still too fresh. My favorite professor in the creative writing program I graduated from always used to emphasize the importance of allowing a certain amount of time to pass before writing about a personal event so that it can be better understood and analyzed through reflection. That amount of time varies greatly depending on the event and how the person deals with it. At this moment, I know that not enough time is between me and the events I want to talk about for me to possess the amount of understanding necessary to discuss them appropriately and the way I want to. I guess if I died tonight I would regret not being ready to talk about those things, but I’d also be dead so I probably wouldn’t really care.

Thanks again, guys!