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I have some serious love / hate relationship with tumblr ngl LOL I originally wasn’t going to post this here but oh well.

I’m waiting for them to rebroadcast the Kashuu concert on DMM so I can rewatch it without much lag *A* but here are some compilation clips from the concert. Please purchase the DVD/BD which is going to be up for pre-order!

The songs on here are not 100% in order.
Love Story
Mistake (I think its super cute that he did the rap for the song LOL)
Utsukushi Higeki
All of my favorite songs basically LOL

Poor Ryuuji, you can tell hes pretty tired after 16 performances tho :o

but seriously, when will Horikawa have his own solo show too?! XD

You can also purchase a stream rental on DMM website directly, theres several blogs on tumblr thats guides you on how to procure a VPN and how to purchase DMM points to buy the concert shows. DMM /does/ take paypal which also works when you want to buy points for your TKRB game account! 

This is so dumb, but as I was rewatching through some choice clips of S4 for fanfic purposes, this little bit near the start made me happy. You know, speaking of a show that does have its moments of attention to detail. 

Here’s Jimmy sitting in Thomas’s throne, reading the paper  and throwin’ shade, just as Thomas always does. 

Until the king himself returns. Look how fast he pops right up without Thomas even saying a word. 

But of sitting at the table with the rest, he goes out of his way to pull a chair next to Thomas instead. 

Goddammit, these two are QUITE THE PAIR, ughhhh. I can’t. 

Raven tries to make Damian smile

So I was rewatching some clips of Justice League VS Teen Titans, and the scene where Raven offers Damian a piece of her cotton candy, made me realise something.

So we know how the scene goes, she approaches him, gives him the cotton candy, and he days “this tastes like pure sugar” (and his face opens up, it’s not the constant frown, which is interesting) and she makes a joke “boy, were you up on those mountains a long time”, and he imediatly turns away and frowns (he doesn’t like to be made fun off). Raven being the empath that she is senses that and says “It was a joke, I’m not criticizing” and Damian says:

Like he expects her to stop trying to make jokes, to give up. But watching the Teen Titans: Judas contract, I don’t think she gave up, in fact I think she is trying to make him smile.


When Nightwing loses to Starfire, Raven turns to Damian and says “Guess we know who is taking out the garbage at the new place”, with a smirk in her face and watching Damian’s reaction to her joke (which I think he doesn’t laugh or react much, other than looking at her with a frown, because he was really trying to pay attention to the train and taking notes)

And at the end of the movie Raven gives Damian a puppy, out of the blue! But this little theory of mine got me thinking that the puppy was another way to try to make Damian smile and help them both act more like teenagers.

Things I am annoyed by

Rewatching some early berena clips (why yes, I am shipper trash, thank you for noticing) and something that annoyed me the first time is annoying me again. Why is Bernie constantly apologising for shit, and why is the show suggesting she’s genuinely in the wrong? Like, a lot of the time I think Serena’s being totally unreasonable. And specifically the ending of the episode where Bernie gets outed on the ward and her life goes to shit, Serena sticks the boot in because Bernie hadn’t outed herself to a woman she barely knows at this point, all in the name of “honesty”. And like, how the fuck was Bernie supposed to be honest at this stage in her journey? Coming out is fucking hard, seriously. And this is a woman who was born in a time when being gay was against the law for crying out loud, and more to the point she was in the army. Gays were witch-hunted out of the British army until really, really recently. There were whole units devoted to investigating and ferreting out lesbians in the army, and their tactics were obscene. Seriously, this woman has been trained to bury her identity really fucking deep at this point. And you know, I get this with straight friends too. They honestly don’t have a clue. I had a friend shocked and incredulous that my wife and I don’t hold hands much in public because she wouldn’t react badly to seeing the gays out in public so she thinks no-one would. And attitudes are different now and blah blah blah but I was born one year after homosexuality was decriminalised in Scotland, and my wife comes from a country where it’s still illegal, so we are hard-wired a certain way. I’m really glad that future generations of ‘mos are having and will have easier lives, but the past is what it is and it’s made of us what it’s made of us.

Anyway, this is all just a long-winded way of saying I might write a post-episode scene where Bernie gets mad as hell and decides not to take it anymore.

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i was rewatching some soshi clips and remember how in one of the lh/yt vlives they were playing the stone flicking game and yuri turned into a mathematician to calculate angles and then barely flicked the stone ajfkdljkl

shes a weird kid

@hysth replied to your post “Fic: 3 Nights Ch2 - 2 Months (Charity/Vanessa)”

I don’t know if you take prompts, but rewatching some clips from the episode on 26th of October made me really crave a fic where Vanity are out with the kids or whatever and there’s a clown and Charity freaks out, clinging onto Vanessa because she’s terrified and the kids just scream their heads off laughing or something

I do indeed take prompts; they’re always welcome.  I’m not great at fulfilling them - I tend to go off on a tangent.  But this makes me think of…Vanessa wants to take Charity to see IT.  Terror ensues.  ;)

sorry i’ve been so quiet all day, it was actually quite productive! and i come bearing good news! i got ALL of my travel plans for destielcon FINALLY figured out, got plenty of hours in at work, and started the sketches for (if i math correctly, which is a miracle) the centerfold pieces for the new g’n’g! these’ll be posted when they’re done ♥♥