i was rewatching red vs blue


You have to learn to despise people on a personal level. Not because they’re red, or because they’re blue, but because you know them, and you see them every single day, and you can’t stand them because they’re a complete and total fucking douchebag.


They contain everything I know about the men and women who fought bravely on Chorus, and I entrust their story to your care. They were unique individuals. I fought both beside them, and against them, and… against them when I was supposed to be beside them. But in the end, they were my friends. And I will miss them dearly.

Season 5 ~vs~ Season 13       

Alpha ~vs~ Epsilon

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OKAY I AM SORRY BUT NOT SORRY. Season 4 RvB lives on my iPhone so I can listen to it as a radio play at work, and it is an absolute gift. I’ve been meaning to make a post about how awesome it is anyway, so here you go:

  • Blue Team Simmons!
  • “Luckily, I am not lazy like a Shizno.”
  • “Not me, I call you Mrs. McCrabby.“
  • Literally every line of dialogue between Simmons and Sheila.
  • Donut getting so competitive against the skull and the wrench.
  • “Now hold still. For science.” “Not the face, not the face!”
  • “Excuse me, is that any way to talk to a lady?”
  • Church wanting to make sure that Caboose’s underwear gets changed.
  • Simmons being SO BAD at being Blue Team.
  • “Another meeting of the pronoun club. Same time next week, folks.”
  • “God damn man, I would love to live in your world for about ten minutes.“ Seriously, the sheer affection in Church’s voice kills me every time.
  • Also Church would canonically hold Caboose’s hand while he screamed himself to death from liquefying internal organs, I AM NOT OKAY.
  • “A password should contain at least one number, and one letter. For example, your password would be 2dumb2live.”
  • “Hmm, it’s quiet… too quiet. [gunshot] Now suddenly it’s too loud.”
  • Doc complaining about the chore system at the evil lair. “And don’t even get me started on the phone bill!”
  • “Years from now, you’ll drive yourself mad wondering, if there was anything you could have done to save him.” THIS IS OMEGA SPEAKING HE KNOWS HOW CHURCH CAN DRIVE HIMSELF MAD I AM NOT OKAY.
  • “I’ve also been told that a twenty dollar co-pay is pretty much standard.”
  • “With heart, and true determination, we can get him through this!” Doc, sometimes you’re pretty fine.
  • Church is willing to explain to Caboose how babies are made. CHURCH JUST LOVES CABOOSE SO MUCH OKAY.
  • Grif trying to cheer up Sarge. “You wanna call me an idiot Sarge? That always makes ya feel better.”
  • ✨ ✨ J U N I O R ✨ ✨

I finished my rewatch of Season 13 of Red vs Blue last night, and I am awash with intense feels.

That led to what it usually does: fic, but since I haven’t really written for this fandom before, I’m a bit… nervous… about just posting it up.

So if anyone would be my super awesome new best friend and read the couple chapters for me and let me know if they’re a steaming pile or not, I’d be eternally grateful.

(Deep breath) Here’s a snippet!


“You never had an AI try to kill itself in your head,” Wash said with an unusual fretfulness to his words. His hands are white-knuckled around his third cup of coffee. “I know what I’m talking about when it comes to stupid decisions being made for you because of someone else’s personal bullshit, Tucker. It’s best to just move on. Don’t forget. Just move the fuck on.”

All thought of Felix was gone from Tucker’s head for the moment, replaced by a cold weight settling in the pit of his stomach. “Epsilon tried to kill himself?” Tucker repeated, just to make sure he’d heard that right. This was new; this was important; this was the notoriously secretive Agent Washington opening up to him. Felix could wait.

 Wash almost never talked about his time as a Freelancer, least of all about his short run with the Epsilon AI unit. Tucker had learned to live with barely knowing anything about Wash at the Crash site, but here, with Wash offering his past up out of nowhere… Well, Tucker was naturally fucking curious.

But Wash just nodded in return. He had that too tired look in his eyes again, even as he continually chugged cups of coffee like he never would again. “Memory isn’t a key. It’s a bitch,” was all he said, and Tucker knew without being told that it was best to leave it at that.

sacredly-ordinary  asked:

Hello! So I found your blog through the rvb tags and I just want to ask someone this before I forget about it. I'm in the process of rewatching Revelation and I starting thinking about how Tex is a byproduct of the Alpha. How is it possible that Tex aka Beta can be implanted with an A.I? When Tex received Omega, does it make sense that Omega wouldn't have recognized her as part of Alpha as well? Just curious..

Sorry for the wait on this one, I’m a bit busy with classes and work.

It isn’t unheard of for the AIs to work together as seen with the Meta. Not only that but if you see the interaction with Delta and Alpha (Church) in season 5 he was still able to function as a normal AI without jumping all over the Alpha. However, he did have to be reminded a couple time by Wash to stop talking since Church didn’t know he was the Alpha.

Therefore, Omega and Beta working together is a pair that could and did work together. Not only that but there were hints of Omega attempting to take over Texas who was at the time the stronger of AI. But if you look into their interactions they were never close. It was a constant struggle for Texas to keep control of herself, so much so she pulls him without permission. I guess what I am suggesting is that Texas wasn’t implanted but partnered with Omega.

Omega was even part of the trio of AI (Sigma, Omega, Gamma) who helped tortured Alpha, therefore, able and willing to lie for the director and creator whom he trusted. So, lying to Beta/Texas should have been easy for him and would have given him more leverage if he chose to use her to actually find the alpha for himself, if he wanted of course. Sadly, we don’t get to see Omega at this time to know if he actually wanted at the Alpha or was content with his place (though I personally doubt he was ever content since he is power hungry).

Hope that answers your questions.