i was rewatching red vs blue

“ didn’t say goodbye , now i’m frozen in time,
getting colder, colder
one last word, one last moment, to ask you why
you left me here behind”

I have all these headcannons with these guys. I just really like to believe that Epsilon/Church pretends to hate Caboose. I wanna believe that he secretly considers Caboose his best friend. I’ve been rewatching the season of Caboose’s depression and I had the idea. Church would probably apologize to Caboose right? probably. maybe…. LET ME BELIEVE


Note: Every year I paint a picture of Caboose and Epsilon to track my progress as an artist. Last year you guys seemed to really like the painting. Recently, I’ve discovered how to play with textures in sai and I’m really loving it! It makes painting much quicker and easier.

Maybe I’ll do a post with all three years of Caboose and Epsilon art. Would anyone be interested in seeing that?


You have to learn to despise people on a personal level. Not because they’re red, or because they’re blue, but because you know them, and you see them every single day, and you can’t stand them because they’re a complete and total fucking douchebag.


They contain everything I know about the men and women who fought bravely on Chorus, and I entrust their story to your care. They were unique individuals. I fought both beside them, and against them, and… against them when I was supposed to be beside them. But in the end, they were my friends. And I will miss them dearly.

Season 5 ~vs~ Season 13       

Alpha ~vs~ Epsilon

So, I’m rewatching season 11, and I was watching the scene where Wash and Tucker have their moment where Wash is like “you just need to try” and I noticed that at the end of the speech, when it switches to the Federal Base where Locus is grabbing some soldiers to go find them, Wash can be heard through the radios.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is, I’m pretty sure a large amount of the Feds and Locus got to hear Wash’s story about how a grappling hook came into contact with his balls.

I like thinking about that scene where Wash, Donut, and Sarge meet Doyle and Wash threatens him before and after Doyle passes out.
The scene is mostly played for laughs for the most part, but its a really great moment because you can see Wash clearly about to just lose his shit. He’s been conflicted about himself and his past for a while, as shown in his fever dream, but right here he is only a hair away from going full freelancer.
Wash can smell the manipulation and while he can’t pin point why, something feels off, and Wash has had it up to his yellow stripes with being manipulated.
He’s trying to hold it back, but if the next words out of Doyle’s mouth weren’t something he likes I’m pretty sure he would have 100% put a bullet in his head. Even Sarge and Donut are quiet and just follow Wash’s lead, because the last time he was this intense Donut got shot and Sarge had to hit him with a car to even slow him down.
I would give anything to see their faces.