i was rewatching red vs blue

Sarge said “I quit.” in season 8 when he found out the war he was fighting was fake and Red vs. Blue really wasn’t real. He was depressed, built a pillow fort, told the team he was no longer their leader and said “I quit.” 

Caboose, Simmons, and Grif attempted to comfort him, and eventually Sarge picked himself up and volunteered to go with Caboose to save Church and peptalked Grif and Simmons into going with them. 

Remember when Grif said “I learned it from you!” to Sarge about his leadership in Rat’s Nest? In S15, Grif told the team “I quit.” But no one built a pillow fort with him. No one stayed behind to talk him into going. They just left.

So I was rewatching Red vs Blue, and I noticed one thing. When Dr.Grey appears, Locus starts to visibly shake.
At first I thought “Oh, if this is a scene where they used the motion tracker thingys, its just the natural shaking/movement that we do when we are forced to stand still”
But the more and more I looked at it, it was too much shaking to be natural.
Found in Season 12, Episode 9, 12:18.

anonymous asked:

So I heard a lot about Red Vs Blue but... what's it /about/? I thought it was some parody of MMO's but then I heard some shit about an AI modeled after a dead wife? And Florida got exploded? What's? Going? On?

Okay so… the basic gist of RvB is that there are two teams on opposite sides of a canyon; Red Team and Blue Team. At first, they’re caught in the battle equivalent of capture the flag, where all they need to do is get the other team’s flag. It’s been going on for a while and it doesn’t seem to be all that important at first, which raises the question: Why are they there at all? In fact, it’s the first line of the show. “You ever wonder why we’re here?”

However, as time passes and more events unfold, their simple game of capture the flag turns out to be a lot more complex then originally expected and not only does there seem to be a darker subplot to their roles as soldiers but a lot more answers to the question “why are they there?” then they ever expected to find are discovered, the majority of which are tied to a big super soldier organization called Project Freelancer and one of the blue soldiers named Leonard Church.

And…that’s all I can really say without going TOO far into major spoiler territory. It’s honestly a really cool show, despite it’s….less than impressive beginnings (the first few seasons are definitely funny, but kind of dull to sit through, especially during rewatches imo). There’s plenty more to it than originally meets the eye, and while I wouldn’t call it PERFECT, it’s definitely fun and has an interesting story. You’ll both laugh super hard and cry your damn eyes out, sometimes in the span of a few episodes.

Also yes, Florida is fucking destroyed in its canon. It’s a great running joke and the reasons behind why it happened are just as great. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT great, but I will never be over it.

the funniest  joke in rvb
  • church: you dont suppose that sword is making him sick do you?
  • caboose: i dont see how he hasn't sneezed once
  • church: we dont know anything about it though, maybe it runs on radiation and its poisoning him
  • caboose: or, maybe it runs on solar power!
  • church: why would solar power make him sick?
  • caboose: is he a republican?

i rewatched some of s9 earlier and what really fucks me up is that the three-on-one fight dropped YORK on the leaderboard

okay, tex will be number one. that makes sense. but the leaderboard only had six places and york was BOTTOM of that list. york who has always been number two, only behind carolina; york who has never successfully opened a lock in the field (as an infiltration specialist!) BUT is good enough to make up for it anyway! york is brave and smart and honorable and getting shot drops HIM on the leaderboard

not maine, who threw the grenade. not wyoming, who was also using live ammo. neither of them listened to a word he said the entire fight, they abandoned their team just as surely as he did, and okay so he shouldn’t have tried to help tex since he was fighting her– but she helped him!

but no, the director GAVE them live ammo as a dare– go ahead, try and kill her. if they’d succeeded, he would have to try again anyway, to “get her right”. and they failed, obviously, because she’s tex. he set this stupid experiment up not caring if the very best of them got injured or killed out because maine and wyoming couldn’t contain their stupid pride

if that doesn’t make it clear that the leaderboard is not a reflection of ability alone, nothing does