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fahc aesthetics→meg “dollface” turney

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suspect has been known to use disguises such as wigs and costumes to conceal identity and hide in plain sight. trust no one.

suspect is armed and dangerous, approach with caution. 


It is true that I can speak the exact, the idiomatic English. But, my friend, to speak the broken English is an enormous asset. It leads people to despise you. They say — a foreigner — he can’t even speak English properly. It is not my policy to terrify people — instead I invite their gentle ridicule.”

[ poirot remake ]requested by rob-anybody

harish patel as hercule poirot


Ok so roughly 5 years ago I made a J7 timeline video to Katy Perrys E.T. Since then I obviously upgraded my Voyager RIPS and over the last few years I had several request about if i’d ever consider remaking it with the newer clips I had.

Well I finally relented and made it again. I tried to keep it the same as the original. Altered some timing here, swapped out a few clips in the scenes, added new clips from those episodes and even managed to sneak in one or two clips from episodes I missed in the original. I even went with the original, “slower” version of the song.

So all in all same video with additional parts and hopefully a bit of a face lift. (Due to the music I don’t think it loads on some devices and I think it’s also blocked in Germany. Sorry about that!)

I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Mostly it’s to say thanks to people for being hella nice about the original all these years.

It is rather fast paced in parts and does have a few fast transitions between clips to keep in time with some of the beats in the song. Just as a warning.


Request; The guys keeping you company/entertaining you when you’re the outcast at a party (With extra ChimChim cause why the hell not)


for some reason in my head they were at the party with you (must be a damn huge party) and then i realised that probably wasn’t what you meant after i made the darn things D: If you want me to remake this i will -imsorrythatisuck-

Requests open;;