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namjoon + lavender for @nightgreyowl


Jon Snow and Sansa Stark + parallels (requested by bericdondarrion)

Musically - Tobi

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1.5k

Request: Hiii! Can I please request a Tobi or Simon imagine (I don’t know if you do Tobi, so preferably Simon tbh) where Y/N is a YouTuber and is dating Simon and she does a video recreating musically’s so she like belly dances/twerk and stuff, and Simon or Tobi get teased or jealous bc she’s really good and everyone’s going on about how good she is? I don’t really know, but something like that please

A/N: I thought i would do this for Tobi as i’ve already got a request for Simon!

I’m using The Gabbie Show’s ‘ REMAKING CRINGEY F*CKGIRL MUSICAL.LYS! ‘ as a basis so if you want to understand what im on about you might wanna watch it, if you want to

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Thank you for requesting!



You and Tobi had been dating for just over a year now, you met at a youtube/gaming convention and hit it off pretty much immediately, a few weeks later he asked you on a date and you two had been dating ever since

Both of your fans loved your relationship, you had your own youtube channel with 4+Million subscribers and Tobi loved every minute of it, always jumping at the chance to have you on his channel so he can show you off 

You had uploaded a video the night before and Tobi hadn’t had a chance to watch it and him, being the good boyfriend that he is, wanted to watch it before you arrived at his flat later the day, he had already been tweeted about you so many times so this video sparked his intrest, well that and the fact its had 1.5 million views in the 14 hours that its been up for off

“Hey guys whats up its Y/N here and today I am going to be remaking cringey fuckgirl musciallys, this isn’t going to go well” A voice spoke through the speaker of the laptop that was in front of Tobi and Freezy 

For Tobi, it started out pretty innocent, him admiring how perfectly you recreated the musically’s and how beautiful you looked while doing it

Tobi’s thoughts were interrupted when a loud sigh left his friends lips, he noticed how Cal’s eyes were fixed on your body, his eyes staring hungrily he didn’t like the feeling he got when he saw the look in Cal’s eyes

Ignoring his paranoia of him thinking one of his best mates wanted to fuck his girlfriend, he focused back on the screen, seeing that you were recreating a musically to the song ‘Work’ by Rihanna and his thoughts changed, half of his mind went blank in slight anger at his friend for watching you so intensely and the other half caught up on the way your body moved on the screen, your hips messing with his mind making him think about how you moved them for him

But he knew now wasn’t the time to get excited as he watched you move onto your next musically, the song “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran began playing and his face changed one last time as your version of the musically began to play and he heard a faint whisper next to him say
“Fucking hell” triggering another look over at Cal who seemed even more in to the video than before, he loved you and didn’t really want his friends looking at you in the same light that he does Tobi paused the video and looked over at Cal

“You okay bro?” He asked making Cal look back at him

“Yeah course” he responded

“You seem really into this video”

“I mean-it’s a good video I enjoy watching Y/N’s videos and well it’s not like she’s bad at what she’s      doing” he chuckled, gaining an dagger off of Tobi

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, his voice abit more defensive now

“I just mean that if she wanted to she could become a dancer or something, she’s got the body and the face for it too”

“Do you have some sort of weird crush on my girlfriend”

“I don’t have a crush on her Tobs I just think that she’s really good at this and she looks really good while doing it, she just does it so well it’s hard to not imagine things”

Tobi didn’t respond to that, he didn’t know how he just stood up and left, going to his own flat and lying on his bed sighing loudly
He didn’t know why he was angry he just was, he didn’t want other boys, especially his friends, thinking of you in certain ways that he feels should just be a personal feeling between the two of you

He knew you were going to be at his flat sometime soon so he decided to edit to distract himself, he didn’t want to take his anger out in you just because he was jealous, obviously that’s not what happened though
Curiosity took over Tobi and he ended up back on your video, finishing the last few minutes, liking it and then scrolling and reading a few of the comments, he didn’t see anything bad to begin with just the simple supportive ones

“Oh my god this is so good!!”                                            


“Y/N your my favourite youtuber keep doing what you doing”

They made him smile, even though they weren’t for him he enjoyed seeing the amount of support his girlfriend got on youtube, he knew he wasn’t going to be that lucky that all the comments would just be about how much of an amazing youtuber you were
He was right about that, after scrolling down for a while the comments became abit more explicit, one caught his eye more than the others 

 "9:13, I bet that’s not the only thing those hips can do baby"
He saw that it had near enough 300 likes and many replied agreeing and bluntly saying that they like to fuck you in many different ways
He decided to click on the time and the video skipped forward to the Work by Rihanna musically, he understood why people love it as he did too, he just wasn’t impressed with certain peoples reaction to his girlfriends dancing and how it was so similar to his 
He gave up after that, he knew that the only person he was bothering was him self so he gave up, deciding now would be a good time to lie down until you arrived at his Not long after, you arrived at his door, unlocking it and walking in going Straight to Tobis bedroom, as that’s where he always is Walking in you see him sitting on his bed with his head in his hands, clearly not hearing you walk in

 "Tobi?“ You questioned making him look up and you “you alright babe?“

  “I’m fine, how are you?” He brushed off the question and tried to change the subject off of him and onto you, but it didn’t work

 “I’m great, are you sure your okay?” You went and sat on the bed next to him He simply just smiled at you and lent against you, sighing loudly You looked up and seen his computer screen was on a YouTube comment page, automatically thinking it was his your stood up and sat in his chair looking towards his screen, his eyes watching you the whole way You scanned through the comments, instantly knowing that they weren’t on one of his videos, you scrolled to the top seeing your video paused You sighed

“Why were you reading the comments on my video babe?” You asked slightly confused and concerned, spinning around in his chair to face him “Is that what’s bothering you?”

 “I just” he started and sighed, pulling the chair closer to the bed so you were face to face and holding your hands in his “I just don’t like seeing other guys say those things about you, the video was amazing don’t get me wrong I loved it, I love all of your videos, I know i can’t prevent it but seeing other guys say certain things about you makes me feel a certain way and I don’t like it”

 “Are you jealous?” You asked, shaking your head with a small smile playing on your lips

 “Of course I’m not”

“Don’t lie to me baby I know you are” you started laughing slightly, leaning forward so you were closer to him “You don’t have to deny it, I think it’s cute. But you have no reason to be jealous, these guys are behind a computer screen writing stupid comments on girls videos, honestly baby you have nothing to worry about" He sighed, you stood up and laid down on his bed, holding out your arms for him to lie down next to you, with he did, wrapping his arms around you and leaning his face into your chest

“I know, I just wanna be the one who gives you those compliments, I don’t want someone else to come into the picture and sweep you off your feet with the things I should be saying to you do I?” He spoke lifting his head up and moving so he was face to face with you, leaning his forehead against yours with his hand still wrapped around your waist pulling you close to him 

 "I’m in far too deep with you for me to even think about leaving you Tobi" With you reply he gave you a soft smile before connecting his lips with yours, placing a light lingering kiss before pulling away
 "I love you more than anything you should know this Tobi" you spoke once again, reassuring him that you wouldn’t leave him for anyone

 "I love you too baby" ending with another kiss to the lips, this one longer and passionate, like you were both trying to show how much love you both had for each other through this kiss Eventually you pulled away smiling at him You spent the last few hours of the day cuddling and watching any movies you could find

Tobi was all you could ever want, the kisses and cuddles were just a bonus for you

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suspect is armed and dangerous, approach with caution. 


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