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In questi momenti mi rendo conto di essere totalmente instabile. Inadatto ai rapporti; nascondo sempre i miei reali pensieri nella speranza di non deludere nessuno. E così mi faccio un male tremendo e a lungo andare ferisco anche chi mi sta vicino.

The Next Step (Final)

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     With a mere twist of the doorknob, you soon find yourself staring into a pair of baby blue eyes that you’ve missed oh-so-dearly. Your breath catches in your throat and the two of you seem to look upon each other in silence, drinking one another in to reaffirm that you really are here together. The silence feeding the growing tension between you and the weight of each other’s stares begin to become too much for your liking.

     It feels like every single thought that’s been racing through your mind is obvious to him; he can read them all and he can decipher your vulnerabilities before him. He can see your doubt and worry over this reunion and watches as your face slowly begins to actually display that for the world to see- eyes widening as you bite your lip, no longer is you gaze slowly roaming over him or simply stuck in his deep blue pools, but rather they’re frantic as they look him up and down. The disbelief and panic finally settling in.

     As if he could predict your next move, and with how well he knows you, he probably did, Ethan places his foot in between the door and its frame, trying to make his way into your apartment before you manage to shut him out. Even if you really didn’t want to and rather, this is just an example of you panicking as your mind leaves your body in an attempt to escape this stressing situation.

     "(Y/n)! Please, I want to talk, that’s all,“ Ethan pleas from the other side of the struggle. His voice is marked by pain and desperation. Though, it soon wouldn’t be the only thing marked with pain.

      See, as you can recall, you have been waiting for him to reach out to you for a week now. A week.  He was silent, scarily quiet and absent in your life after a fight that made it seem like he would be content with a situation like that.

     No visits, no calls, not even a single text… But now he wants to talk? After a week of uncertainty and doubts that you were finally going to sort out, he is the one who wants to talk? Those words struck a chord with you that you didn’t even realize existed and with it, you step away from the door.

     With the opposing force now disappearing, Ethan finds himself falling forward onto the floorboards of your apartment. Groaning at the sudden contact, he ever so slowly pulls himself up and looks up to see your less-than-pleased expression.

     "You had a whole week to talk, Nestor.”

     Last name? Ouch.

     He visibly winces below you, though you can’t tell if it’s due to your harsh tone or his harsh landing. Both, maybe? Either way, it is not going to break your resolve anytime soon.

     Will you forgive him? Of course, especially with realizing just how much this relationship means to you after talking with Tae.

     But, there is one thing you must let him know.

     You are still pissed about it.

     So, you’ll make him work a bit harder this time- oh, maybe you can get another plant out of this…

     Meanwhile, Ethan is quite terrified as he looks up at your towering figure over his.

     It’s time to pull out the big leagues.

    "I know, I just…“

    "You just what?”

     He exhales deeply, trying to steady himself and stand back up, somehow hoping it would make him feel more confident with his words. The back of his mind remembering Mark and knowing that he would tell him to speak his truth, no sugarcoating or excuses.

     "I felt like I would only make an even bigger mess of us, that I would say something and ruin everything that was still good. So, I kept putting it off. I was a stupid coward, I know that, but I just didn’t want to hurt you any more than I already have.“

     Your guard lets up, your stern resolve slowly softening at his words. The piercing glare you had is no longer burning into his, but drifting to the side with a hooded gaze. Yet, you can still feel those baby blues that try to reach yours, communicating all of his regrets and love to you with a single glance.

     With a sigh, you begin to admit your own truth, ”…I waited for you…“

     Your words were soft and almost inaudible to the point where he isn’t sure if he heard them correctly.

     "You waited for me..?”

     Biting your lip, you nod curtly. You try to cover your inner disappointment and sadness with anger but fail, the stern gaze is more heartbroken than you wished as tears gather at the corner of your eyes.

     "Yes. I waited for three days, Ethan. Three days. I thought some space might do us some good but you never even called! Or sent a simple text, for that matter! I started to think that this all meant nothing to you. You didn’t want to move forward and when it seemed like our relationship was over, you did nothing to save it,“ by the time your rant was over, the tears are falling down your cheeks and you can’t keep your chest from rising and falling at its uneven pace.

     Now it is his turn to look away, guilt riddling his mind. He opens his mouth in an attempt to say something but it only falls flat. Soon, biting his lip and trying to formulate the right words to say.

     Your brows furrow and a frown sets on your expression before walking over to your couch and sitting down. A humorless laugh echoes in the otherwise silent apartment, "I thought I meant nothing to you, Ethan. I just wanted something, anything from you. But… but you didn’t give me anything. Not even a freaking text.”

     He soon follows your path and places himself on the couch beside you, pretending it didn’t hurt when you scooted away from him. “You thought you meant nothing to me..?”

     "What else was I supposed to think?“

     You have a point and he knows that it breaks him, but he knows it.

     "I… Don’t ever think that, please? No matter what, even if things go wrong, there’s never been a moment where you meant anything but the world to me,” Memories flash through his mind, making a small smile slide across his lips.

     "You know, when I first met you at that café, you were in sweats with your nose in some book about art history or whatever, you looked so dorky and beautiful. Yet, when I saw you try to get the straw in your mouth without looking, failing about ten times before finally looking up with that puppy-dog pout of yours to take a drink, that was when I knew I had to have you in my life. From the very first moment I saw you, you mattered more than I thought possible.“

    As it turns out, you’re a sucker for memories. Because you couldn’t help your own smile from forming at the memory, a day that was supposed to be one of stressful studying, melted away with his sweet words.

     "You said you were matching with my blueberry muffin…” Your soft laughter meets his ears as if he’s a deaf man hearing a heavenly orchestra for the first time. The tension falls and he doesn’t even register that you rest your head on shoulder, with him placing his on yours by simple instinct.

     "What can I say? You have good taste in food and men.“

     A blissful sigh escapes your parted lips as you nuzzle further into him, "I really do.”

     You look up at him with adorning eyes and a warm smile, a sight he’s missed for far too long, “I also really do love you, Ethan. If you want to wait a bit longer to move in, then I understand.”

      He shakes his head, mirroring your expression, “No, no. You were right, we should move in together- it’s been long enough.”

     Your eyes narrow as a teasing smirk spreads, “Ethan, it’s okay. We don’t have to just yet.”

     His baby blues stare into yours and after looking around your apartment, he nods his head, “Here, if this goes well, we’re moving in together. Okay?”

     Believing that he meant your relationship, you nod as well, “Of cour-”

     However, he didn’t mean your relationship.

      Instead, he captures your lips with his own and like they’ve done a million times before, even with you taken by surprise, they melt together in a harmonious kiss that quite literally takes your breath.

     After he finally pulls away, damn the need for oxygen, Ethan chuckles lightly.

   "Yeah… We’re moving in together.“


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Hey i realy like the art you make of villian deku. What program do you use to make those 2 villian deku gifs with the sucker for pain lyrics

Hi there! I used Paint Tool Sai to draw them and I just take them to Photoshop to animate them into gifs!! I basically just draw the frames and move them around like the words! Hope that helps!

Adrien and Plagg at school
  • Adrien: I envy you, Plagg - you were able to see Ladybug's face.
  • Plagg *sweating*: Naaaah... It wasn't anything special... She just has...
  • *Marinette walks past*
  • Plagg *TRIGGERED*: ...one of THESE faces...!!

We’re sitting
And watching Jason play baseball,
We’re watching Jason play baseball!
We’re watching Jewish boys,
Who cannot play baseball, play baseball!

Navy: And then I told them “the other rubies are mean to me :(” !!

Doc, Army, and Eyeball: [laughing their asses off]

Leggy, already in tears : Imm so’ sory I didn’nt kno I was beign meabn to you I jsut waated to do good onn the missson I dndnt realis se


here it is: all out!! characters set!

And you know what is my favorite thing about drawing this? That thing is that it isnt headcanons