i was realy

my brother got ren and stimpy plushies too :D i’ll taske pictures of them when i can i’m sorry i’m just realy excited over pinky and the brain ;__;

Navy: And then I told them “the other rubies are mean to me :(” !!

Doc, Army, and Eyeball: [laughing their asses off]

Leggy, already in tears : Imm so’ sory I didn’nt kno I was beign meabn to you I jsut waated to do good onn the missson I dndnt realis se

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People only love u cuz of undertale! If u Do ninjago u will lose fallowers CUZ UR A DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn’t mess with the ice boy if I were u bud-


here it is: all out!! characters set!

And you know what is my favorite thing about drawing this? That thing is that it isnt headcanons


Triste vederti andar via, quasi speravo che restassi.
—  Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know?