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hey... whats nier automata?? i've seen your art and got curious... since you do a lot of fan art of things i like!!! like mm and satsu... i realy like your work!! byeee!!

It’s a game! Currently out for the PS4 and Steam, here’s the trailer :


The director Yoko Taro tends to go for pretty despair inducing stories and pretty unique stories and characters which I really love.

Plus he always puts a lot of lgtbt characters on his games in a very natural way which I’m also quite a fan of. Nier:automata is by far my favorite out of his games though

Stressed Sherlock

Summary: the title say it all.

Warnings: N/A

Additional notes: this is maybe set early afternoon, I didn’t realy think about the time this was set while writing this.

Sherlock had been stressed over that past few days, and when he gets stressed, he becomes very moody. 

“Like he wasn’t moody before.” John had stated the last time you had saw him. “Please will you try and calm him down a bit, (your/name)?”

“I’ll do my best” you replyas you hug him. You soon break the hug and go your seperate ways.

As you walk back into 221B Backer Street, you could hear that he was shooting the wall again. “Mrs Hudson will be angry again when she finds out about this” you think as you walk up the stairs. Sherlock shooting the wall was something he did when he was either bored or stressed about something, and today was no expetion to that rule. You knew that.

You loved him, yes, but just like everyone else, you found that he sometimes got a little irritating.

You walked into the flat to find him lying face down on the sofa. Knowing what mood he would be in after the shooting, you went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. Soon you felt a pair of strong arms around your waist and hot breath on the back of your neck. You carried on pouring the tea, not thinking about the fact that he had somehow managed to get behind you without you hearing him, sinnce it happened a lot if you didn’t pay him attention.

He started nuzzling your neck with his nose causing you to giggle. You eventually gave up ignoring him and turned round, cating him off gaurd. While he was in a little bit of a daze, you attached your lips to his. He didn’t seem to mind that, so you deepend the kiss. But all good things must come to an end, because you needed to break it for air.

“Your tea’s ready” you whisper teasingly. He brought his lips back to yours for a quick kiss before grabbing his mug and dragging you to the sofa with him where you spent the rest of the afternoon.

Navy: And then I told them “the other rubies are mean to me :(” !!

Doc, Army, and Eyeball: [laughing their asses off]

Leggy, already in tears : Imm so’ sory I didn’nt kno I was beign meabn to you I jsut waated to do good onn the missson I dndnt realis se


here it is: all out!! characters set!

And you know what is my favorite thing about drawing this? That thing is that it isnt headcanons


I dont know if i alredy send this, because my internet is bad ;u;

So, Jakei-senpai! I realy LOVE, underverse, and i hope this amazing animation serie have a great underversary <3

 Ever time i was bored or sad, i watch again the Underverse videos, and i feel better! You are a amazing and nice person, Jakei! I hope you be fine!

Happy underversary!!!! :3

(ps: sorry for the bad english ;u; i am a brazilian fan! <3)

Response: Thank you so much for your words and your fanart. Maybe the next part is taking so much this time but I’m really glad you still watching the other parts. I hope the next one can make you feel better, too!