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fix the show and stop worrying about the fandom, written by @eaudrey35

The lenghts that ABC is going to save Shonda Rhimes and Shondaland is crazy.  I mean sending Anon messages to ppl trying to find out abt the boycott is really sickening and dumb.  They running around here trying to gets a head up and calm the fire but not dealing with the fire starter.

Yea, ABC, some are boycotting Scandal.  Some are boycotting the whole TGIT.  Because unlike you, ABC we know a money pit when we see one.  We know un-talent when we see it.  I mean since she “took her show back” how many magazine covers?  How much product placement have y'all made money off of?  No Getty’s Burgers franchises, huh? Nope.  Nada.  Zilch.  Shonda has cost ABC millions.  Think abt how many magazines covers and types of jam they could’ve made popular?  And how about promoting tourism and boosting the local economy for Vermont?

Y'all so worried abt stopping a boycott, but you’re not listening to the fans on what will bring them back.  Ppl came,to Scandal for the character of Olivia Carolyn Pope, then we got Fitzgerald Thomas Grant lll thrown in too.   Bonus!  We didn’t come to see a toxic feminism girlpower BS where Olivia is Mellie’s personal mammy-maid-do-girl.  Nobody wants to see how far Olivia will go for Mellie when she won’t go that far fixing herself.  Nobody wants to see her back in the WH being a fucking mistress when her ass could be a damn wife.

We are sick and tired of these second rate characters being built up while Olivia is tore down never made to be fixed.  We never said Olivia Pope needed to be prefect.  She can be a complicated mess who is a work n progress.  But the only thing we’ve gotten is that Olivia Pope is the problem and that ABC is unacceptable.  Yet, instead of you guys listening to the fans, y'all resort to tricks and lies just to get intel on what fans are planning to do.  Well, ABC, since you wanted to know…  this fan is boycotting all of TGIT.    Every!    Single!    Last!    Show!

Note:  the commentary above was written by @eaudrey35

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(Hi! I don't know if anyone talks about that, and sorry for my English! While I 'm reading the Blue Arc, I noticed an important thing. In the 113 Ciel goes in" sleeping/transfusion" room. He wears shoes and he falls asleep with them. But when Lizzy appears next to Ciel, he hasn't shoes! It's strange. When he wakes up ( there's Violet too) he wears shoes! I really can't understand! What do you Think? Thank you! Ps: i love your blog, it's the best ever!)❤

Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely words. <3 (And no need to worry about your English. ^^)

Yes, there are a few differences between the Ciel who’s falling asleep and waking up later and the one we see sleeping. Here’s Ciel before he falls asleep:

And after he wakes up:

In both times he wears his medical eye patch and these laced shoes. But here’s how he looks like while being asleep:

Both the eye patch and the shoes are missing. Also, the scene with Lizzy seems to take place in a different room than the one Ciel fell asleep in. So I see five possibilities how this could be:

1) It’s a drawing mistake. But I doubt it since the room is obviously different and Ciel is shown twice without the eye patch. 

2) The one with Lizzy isn’t the same person as the one falling asleep in the room. That could be explained with the Two Ciels Theory and if Sirius is Ciel, for example.

3) The scene with Lizzy has taken place at a different time than when Ciel was asleep in that other room. But since Ciel was there only once I’m not so sure about that.

4) It didn’t really happen and Ciel only dreamed about it. He’s worried about Lizzy and he knows that Lizzy cares about him so while sleeping he might have dreamed about her.

5) Someone took off Ciel’s shoes and eye patch and put it on later again. That could have happened. Since they also took his blood they might have looked for infections or anything first? The loose clothing most likely is there so it’s easier to get the blood but they might also check if someone’s healthy enough to take his blood (probably less for the sake of the donor but rather for the sake of the recipient). And it might have taken place in another room because they have all the necessary equipment there, maybe.


Some days you just don’t get the pump you want. Worked really hard at the gym but it’s just one of those days I guess. So I move on and just worry about being ready for a good run tomorrow and gym Saturday morning. Didn’t get the results I wanted but I got a good workout in so that’s all that matters.

Two regulars were in the cafe last night, one male, one female (not married/dating/otherwise I should state). The female had her baby girl with her. The male holds his arms out for her and the baby girl just turns away.

The mom laughs: “Looks like she doesn’t like men today!”

The male laughs: “That’s all right. If daughters learn men are no good, the parents don’t have to worry about them dating.”

I remark: “Well not really, because then parents just wind up with daughters like me. Queer as fuck.”

The male gapes at me. The mom nearly starts crying in laughter. I feel hopeful for this child’s future. XD

Lets real talk for a second

Hey everyone. I wanted to take a moment and say that I really appreciate the fact that you came and spent time with us on Friday. I hope you’ll do so again this Friday. 

I know there are lots of NDRV3 streams out there. I know there are even some English translation streams/youtube videos. I’m sure some of you have seen them. What really makes me appreciate you all is that you hang out with us and don’t spoil the game. Unfortunately I’ve seen some. A few people have been posting execution screenshots that end up on my dashboard. Others put spoilers in your YouTube thumbnails. It really bugs me but what can you do? I just gotta live with it. 

I know Jess was a little worried that she’s not playing the game as fast as everyone else and she isn’t able to be one of the first people to talk about the game with you all. She was also worried that the stream wasn’t progressing through the game as fast as other streamers/YouTubers, but this is what I said:

If you don’t take the time to enjoy the game at your own pace, why even play it? I would LOVE to stream every day like some people can. Hell, I wouldn’t mind living the streamer lifestyle for awhile. Thanking subs, reading off donations, hanging out with some cool people in chat, watching the kappa emotes…but I work. Jess works. We do the best we can and have TONS of fun streaming one night per week.

That means its going to take us a LONG time to get through NDRV3, especially because Jess is translating it all for us. 

Getting back to my point: I’d like to express my appreciation to Jess. She works HARD on those translations. Its not easy translating on the fly like that, but she’s pretty damn good at it, and I’m proud to stream with her.

I’d also like to let you all know that I appreciate you as well. Thanks for coming and hanging out with us on Fridays. Some of you have literally been there EVERY stream since we started. That’s AWESOME. You’re really amazing people. I appreciate those who are with us week in and week out, and I appreciate those new folks who dropped by for our first NDRV3 stream. I really hope you will all continue to come by the stream when you can, or check out the uploads on Twitch or YouTube even though we won’t be going at the same pace as the others. Its my goal to continue building xIIL3GENDARYzetsubou into a friendly community where we can share ideas and enjoy each other’s company while discussing mutual interests. 

Hope you all have a great day. :)


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I don't know if you want kids so this could be very off base/irrelevant, but do you ever worry that one day if you are a parent that you won't be able to dedicate as much time to your dogs? That's something that I worry about for me, sometimes.

Kind of, yes, because it seems really likely that this would happen. Little humans need and deserve so much, and I’d want to give them all of it. Thankfully, dogs are adaptable, flexible, undemanding little beasties by comparison (Chalo and Priya especially). I hope I would be able to keep my time with them sacred, but I imagine it’s really, really, really hard to sustain that balance when other little beings start tugging on it. 

Even now, I don’t manage to meet Chalo and Priya’s needs in an ideal way every single day – but they occupy a treasured, untouchable, dog-shaped place. Over the span of their lifetime, even if my priorities change, they’ll always be one of them.

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Can you do smth for the taegi mafia au with the phrase "what is a king without his queen" or vice versa

I have a couple of more mafia Au request i have to do today so i hope you don’t mind headcanons for this one it helps me get through stuff faster T_T 


Normally Taehyung would do everything in his power to keep Yoongi out of anything he thinks is dangerous. Not really because he doesn’t think Yoongi can handle himself, he knows Yoongi is tough as nails, but more so because Yoongi’s already been through enough all Taehyung wants is for his husband to run his bakery and be happy without worrying about anything. 

This time it’s different. 

Taehyung receives an invitation to a poker game by another well known boss and he knows it’s a set up. The guy that has sent him the invitation is someone that has been after part of Taehyung’s drug trade for a long time now, Taehyung knows this poker game is an excuse to get him “off guard”.

This would be where he might go to Jimin or Hoseok as backup but this time he can’t because they are already known by the other boss. The moment the other boss sees them he’ll know Taehyung is planning some kind of hit on him and it’ll just be a straight mess. So instead, he get’s Yoongi. 

Because of his past as a stripper most people in the mafia scene don’t really think much about Yoongi or they just flat out overlook him. To them Yoongi is just a “whore” Taehyung turned into a “housewife” and nothing more. In their eyes Yoongi is no threat at all. 

Taehyung uses this as his advantage by showing up to the poker game with his precious little husband dressed pretty in some short shorts and thigh highs. Yoongi’s blonde hair is combed to the side and his eyes are lined in pretty liner while the shirt he stole from Taehyung does it’s part in hiding the guns he has strapped to his sides. 

Yoongi is dressed the part of pretty boy that shuts up and looks nice, basically he’s playing his part of “housewife” all while keeping careful eyes on any danger. 

No one thinks much of it when he giggles and sits himself on Taehyung’s lap with the excuse of wanting to learn how to play poker too. Yoongi “leans in to kiss” Taehyung on the neck but really he’s whispering locations of weapons and threats to his husband while Taehyung pats his thighs lovingly. 

Midway through the poker game Yoongi and Taehyung notices the man do a type of hand sign to signal something and Yoongi gets up with the excuse of having to use the restroom.

The man pulls out a gun and points it at Taehyung thinking he’s finally got him cornered and trapped. 

Taehyung just laughs. 

“Did you really think i would come without some sort of backup?” 

For a second the other boss is confused but then he finally realizes what Taehyung means. Before he can do anything Yoongi is pressing Taehyung’s twin guns against the back of the man’s head.

Taehyung smirks. “You should know the ones with the prettiest faces are the most dangerous.” 

They don’t kill the man by shooting him. They just use the guns enough to get out the building but before finally leaving Yoongi tosses something to the man.

It’s a home made bomb Jimin made.

Once they are outside and the bomb has gone off Taehyung pulls Yoongi closer and kisses him. “What would this king do without his queen?” Yoongi jsut rolls his eyes before kissing Taehyung again. 

“The king would be lost.” 

It’s true:) 


Hello duckies! Some bittersweet news coming your way: I won’t be very active anymore on this blog, not only am I starting a rather work heavy semester, but this art/writing block for the fandom can only mean one thing, I did too much too soon and too early on! I’m going to take a bit of a hiatus for this blog in terms of content. I will still be around to reblog stuff, or chat, or in general gush about the movie! But I will not be very active anymore until…sometime? I have no clue really. If you choose to unfollow, don’t worry your little head or feel guilty or ANYTHING like that. It’s your decision fully and I’ll respect it :) With that being said! I’ve reached 447 followers, and I’m so happy to have gotten to know all of you!!! It means so so much that so many people like this blog, and I wish I could’ve been able to chug out more art and stories for you :’D I’ll see you all on the flip side in the (hopefully!) near future!! Happy trails duckies! Love you all!!!

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//so to anyone who’s been paying attention lately this seemed kind of inevitable.

I’ve been really losing my muse lately and have just felt rlly bad about her, so I’ll be off for a while trying to feel better and such. It’s no one’s fault but mine so no worries guys <3 Love you all v much!

on one hand im rly happy when something i like gets really popular bc im just like idk happy for the creators and happy that people are having a good time and its a huge party and theres lots of content and sharing. I love the feeling of a community coming together to appreciate something and I like seeing how stuff affects peoples lives in a positive way. 

but then on the other you get more Fandom Issues and then you worry that people low key hate ur fandom or the thing u like and you might even end up feelin guilty or insecure about liking it which, ironically, you WOULDNT if it were LESS popular. 

idk am I the only one who has these issues from time to time? Like i guess im just super sensitive to this sorta shit and i get really self conscious really easy about stuff I like (dont tell me “not to” trust me if it were that simple I wouldn’t feel this way all the time)

Sometimes I really worry about how I’m not truly great at, well, anything.  I’ll always be the jack of all trades. Capable and hardworking and having a general understanding of most things I attempt, but never the master.

So, it hurts to see people I know who I have at one time mentored surpass me constantly. 

But then again, I suppose that is going to be my mark on the world: I’ve inspired others to excel.  And that is something to be proud of. Right?

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(For the anonymous one question thing) how ya doing pal?

I’m alright. I’m far from better. I’ve recently discovered, though, as much as I might not feel like it sometimes, and I might worry about being accidentally really rude or salty (which I will be when I’m not feeling well) being around people really helps. So that’s a start. And tomorrow I’ve got class which can be a blessing or a curse. I’ve been bored and had my mind wandering with nothing to do, but class might be overwhelming because I have two profs who are bent on not letting students do well, and then there’s band and I’m frustrated because I don’t play as well as I should be. So idk that’s something to look forward to.

Thanks for your concern! That sounds super sarcastic, but I promise I’m being genuine.


Lets do it!” Said Anika
“But Brooklyn and I have to be home by 6 and it’s already almost 4″ Said Kinleigh
“It’s all good, My mum is working late tonight, I’ll just text her at 6 to say we’re home and about to watch a movie. She won’t be home until 11:30, as long as we’re back by 11, she won’t even notice…”
Kinleigh looked worried “Brooklyn, I don’t know about this..”
“Oh god.. Who brought this boring loser?” Said Anika.
Shut up, Anika!” Said Brooklyn “Kins it’ll be OK, really.. It’s not that far, and no one will even notice we’re gone, your mum knows you’re staying at my house so she won’t check on you, and My mum won’t be home for hours yet, it’s a fool proof plan!”

By now Kinleigh had been accepted into to the gang but she was still viewed as the ‘baby’  She didn’t want to be the wimp or boring loser of the gang like Anika already thought she was, she needed to prove her wrong. 
She took a deep breath and said “OK….. Why not, it’ll be fun!”

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I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry about the pressure you're receiving. You're one of my favorite fanfiction authors and I just wanted to thank you for all of the content you have given. It really means a lot. I hope that uni and work goes well for you ❤️

thank you my friend ^-^ i just want artists and writers etc to be able to create the things they want without having to worry about feedback. i love you lots and thanks for the nice message

so i posted this via mobile but mobile is pretty crap so i’m going to post it again with my laptop we’ll see how this goes

i haven’t watched mark or jack regularly in months and i really don’t feel like making gifs
i just want to watch

i figured i should say that explicitly so you guys know

i’m fine don’t worry about me i just haven’t been active on here i spend a lot of time on twitter because i have all my good friends there

i’ve been watching pewdiepie a lot he’s really funny like dude

i actually have another blog and that’s still going strong i don’t know what happened to this one (it’s @hannahisanangel in case you were wondering)

hannah hoffman is a good youtuber you should check out her channel

also skam is such a good show like

anyway thanks for sticking with me even though i’ve been pretty dead recently i appreciate ya <3


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I'm sorry. This might seem dumb. But I just found your blog and your art seems awesome. What AU is the one where Stan and Ford are taking care of lil Dip and Mabel?

Haha dont worry, and thank you!

 The AU you’re talking about is a just a silly little joke AU I came up with so I have an excuse to draw a lil dip and mab hanging out and having wacky shinanigans with Stan and Ford (its also an excuse to draw Stan in that really goofy version of his outfit that I love a lot) it’s nothing special, I think I called it the happiness AU or something like that.

The premise of the AU is that everything is good and lil Dip and Mab get to visit their silly Grunkles (Ford is still doing weird things and Stan is running the mystery shack) while now being much younger than 13 (I imagined something like 5? or maybe like 7 I dunno, kids are weird)


I don’t know if it’s just me, but this line surprised me so much but in the good way?

He isn’t worried about the possibility that people see him in a situation like this with an other man.
He is just worried people think he doesn’t take the competition seriously. 

For any other anime with fanservice it would have been some teasing like “they’re gonna think I’m gay / dating a man” or else. 

So this is making me so much happy because it convinces me even more this ship is treated seriously, and not just like some queerbaiting since the question of gender hasn’t even been mentioned once in this anime!!!


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