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things to do together- long distance edition!

when chires and carers don’t get to see each other irl, that can make things feel really hard, and like you can’t do all the same things other chires and carers get to do together. here’s a list of things to help try to remedy that!

this was requested by an anon !

1. use hosting sites to watch things together.

    | watching things together can be a great way to spend time together! be it an old favorite movie, a cute tv show, or silly videos online, it’s really fun to do things like that together so you can feel closer!

2. skype call through the night.

    | as someone who gets very scared and has bad nightmares, it helps me a lot to be in a skype call with my dependeds through the night! it sure doesn’t beat sleeping next to them, but it’s the next best thing. i’ve found it helps a lot with not wanting to go to bed because you want to talk to the other- you can just talk until right when you fall asleep!

3. send a book back and forth and annotate it.

    | i know that the way i phrased this makes it sound like icky schoolwork, but it’s way more fun than that! if you find a book that both of you would like to read- even if it’s an old favorite, or a short children’s book, it’s really fun to write little notes about what you were thinking while you were reading it, and have the other do the same! it’s also fun to highlight things that remind you of them.

4. send handwritten notes for when the other is down.

    | a lot of the times, when the other person is down, you can’t always be there for them, especially when it’s long distance. if you write a bunch of notes and send them to the other for when they’re sad, it can definitely put a smile on their face to see a handwritten note from the one they love reminding them why they want to keep going, to motivate them, and to cheer them up.

5. make a playlist together!

    | make a playlist together- or a few! songs that remind you of one another, songs that you can fall asleep to, happy songs- make the playlists together, so that way when the other one is missing you and they want to have something in the background that can make you think of them, you’ll have those playlists!

6. make each other friendship bracelets.

    | in my opinion, this is one of the cutest things, like. ever. friendship bracelets can be incredibly easy to make, and you’ll each have something special from the other that’s just for you. it’s unique and special and they’ll always be with you no matter what that way!

7. play online games together.

    be it online rpgs or flash games, playing games together can be an incredibly fun and unique way to bond and hang out, no matter how much distance is between you! we’ll make a list at a later date filled with games you can play online together! we’ll link it here when that happens, but for now, there are a ton of masterposts floating around on tumblr with games you can play!

i really hope that this is even a little bit helpful! long distance can be hard with anyone that you care about, especially someone who you’re in this close of a relationship with. best wishes to all of you guys!

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Do you remember Tough Mudder when Jared called Jensen "baby"? It was when Jen reached the top of the obstacle called "Balls to The Wall". I only just realised what he said after hundreds of times watching and I'm freaking out! 💜

Hello, dear miss!

How could one forget? It happens at 6:34 and I’m not gonna lie - my heart beat a little faster hearing him say that. ;) Here’s a good ask someone sent to J2madhatters about this particular occurance.

Did you notice the underweargate story at 12:37? I thought that was terribly telling as well. Jared knows just how Jensen behaves with his underwear. Sure, besties. ;)

Oh, and here’s another cute part! No idea what it was for, but not going to complain in the slightest.

I really hope they do another Tough Mudder some day and film the experience for our viewing pleasure. This particular video always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Thank you for the message, sweet lady! I hope you have a fabulous and relaxing weekend ahead of you. :)

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so many parents proudly declare “I make sure my kids know they can tell me anything” when what they really mean is “I make sure my kids know they are only safe if they tell me everything.

these are the parents who think they’re cool and progressive because if their 12-year-old son comes to them and says he wants to try a beer they’ll give him a glass at the dinner table, but then they turn around and laugh and brag about how tough they are because when they found out their 14-year-old daughter had tried a cigarette without telling them they beat her and locked her in her room for days.

they’re the ones who smugly look down on other parents for not accepting that “kids are going to want to experiment with things” and “you can’t stop them growing up”, but then say with the same gleeful twinkle every abuser gets in their eye when they think about the power they have over someone, “they don’t get to lie to me, though, and they know it.”

there’s a difference between feeling comfortable opening up to someone and feeling like it’s the least dangerous of two options. honesty at the point of a gun is not an expression of trust. if you actually want your kids to feel comfortable sharing things with you, that includes respecting their right not to. the right to privacy is fundamental; a genuinely respectful relationship cannot exist without it.

I know I post a lot about being afraid of Rowan’s death, but I am actually honestly more scared of Aedion’s death. Everyone I talk to says they can see that happening and he seems like a high risk character and that really freaks me out. I know the fandoms main cinnamon roll is Dorian and I wont argue with that but my cinnamon roll is Aedion, I freaken love that kid and if he died....i mean Aedion is so...i mean

-Aedion, who threatened to burn down the rest of the library and attack the librians for Aelin when she was banned as a child
-Aedion who would crawl into her bed and listen to her insecurities 
-Aedion, who Aelin names whenever someone asks if she has siblings
-Aedion, who almost beat Dorian up as a child when he spilled tea on Aelin’s dress
-Aedion, who followed Aelin around as a boy and made sure she was always protect
-Aedion, her only friend as a child
-Aedion, distraught and upset that he wasn’t going with Aelin and her parents when Adalarn invaded, because he wanted to protect her

-Aedion who was kidnapped and forced to be a general for the man who killed his family and destroyed his kingdom
-Aedion who from the beginning worked with rebels, staging entire fake battle scenes just to make sure his country men lived
-Aedion, who never gave up hope in finding his long lost cousin
-Aedion, who threatened anyone who spoke badly about her
-Aedion, who slept his way through Rifthold, earning the title of Adalarns whore, just so he could try to feel something again

-Aedion, who had long talks with Chaol about his break up
-Aedion, who said Aelin didn’t need to do anything to earn his loyalty 
-Aedion, who was the first person to probably figure out what the black rings were, several months/years ago
-Aedion, who sat alone in the dark with tears in his eyes when the slaves in Endovier were slaughtered
-Aedion, who didn’t even know Sorscha really, but cried out and screamed when she was beheaded

-Aedion, who tried to die of an infection rather than be a spectacle for Adalarn and used as  trap for Aelin
-Aedion, who said he just hoped Chaol got Dorian out in time
-Aedion, who stared in awe in wonder at Aelin’s badass skills during the rescue
-Aedion, who told Aelin that none of what she did makes him ashamed, never never, that what she did to survive was okay with him, that he would never judge her
-Aedion, who still tries to follow her everywhere
-Aedion, who says he blames all her scars on himself, he should have protected her, BUT WHO IS PROTECTING YOU MY BABY
-Aedion, who sat up at night showing off his scars to Aelin and looking at hers
-Aedion, who smoked a pipe at a the bar becAUSE IT GAVE HIM AN AIR OF DIGNITY 
-Aedion, who mulitple times calls Aelin queen or your majesty because hE REALLY SEES HER AS HIS QUEEN AH
-Aedion, the first thing he said to Rowan being “You never mentioned he was so handsome” 

-Aedion, who wants to be blood sworn in front of a crowd of people, in front of the world because my baBY IS DRAMATIC AF
-Aedion, who tries to make them breakfast in the morning but always burns it

-Aedion, who is the best effing wingman for Rowan and Aelin
-Aedion, who is afraid of Lysandra and snow leopards lowkey
-Aedion, who had one convo with Rowan and knew why Aelin gave him the blood oath
-Aedion, whose first thought upon hearing who his father is and that he is demi fae is, “What if I outlive Aelin?” MY SMOL SON, HE THINKS ONLY OF HER OHMYGOSH
-Aedion, who could smell Rowan’s attraction to Aelin from day one and trIES THE REST OF THE BOOK TO GET THEM TOGETHER AH MYGOSH
-Aedion, who carries ROwan (with help from Chaol) all the back from the battle with the witches, and calls him BROTHER WHEN HE WAKES UP AHHHH

-Aedion, who was going to stay behind fighting, dying, for Rowan 
-Aedion, who said he didn’t need the dagger Rowan gave him, bUT WOULDN’T TAKE IT OFF AFTERWARDS, WEARS IT ALL THE TIME, BLESS HIS HEART HE IS SUCH A FANGIRL
-Aedion running to tell Rowan about all the castle problems and his feels while Aelin is passed out at the end of qos
-Aedion who dumps water on Aelin and Lysandra because hE IS SO PUMPED TO GET HOME, HE JUST WANTS TO GO TO TERRASEN SO BAD AH MY POOR LOVE

Aedion who says things like this, “ Whatever you had to do to survive, whatever you did from spite or rage or selfishness … I don’t give a damn. You’re here—and you’re perfect. You always were, and you always will be.”

SERIOUSLY GUYS, JUST GO TO GOODREADS AND LOOK UP QUOTES BY HIM, HE IS SASSY AF AND THEN THE NEXT SECOND SAYS SO MANY FEELING DEEP EMOTIONAL THINGS, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! Aelin and him love each other, they are the only family left in the world and if sjm kills him (because if he dies, we all know its him self-sacrificing himself because he has already tried to do that how many times? For chaol and Dorian, for Aelin and Rowan like 5 times, he has only been in two books!) i will literally LOOSE MY SHIT. I will legit start sobbing and will pretend the book was NEVER WRITTEN AND WRITE MY OWN! 
Aedion Ashryver is my smol son, my smol bean, my cinnamon roll and i love him so much. 
I need his ending to be him crying when Aelin is crowned, crying when he takes the blood oath, falling in love slowly and be all shy about it, having little fae wolf pups, getting drunk with Rowan, hugging Aelin and Elide, being an Uncle to Aelins children, I NEED HIM TO BE ALIVE ALWAYS DO NOT EFFING KILL OFF AEDION ASHRYVER HE DESERVES LIFE AND HAPPINESS OKAY!?

Fear mongering rant over….#prayforsjmcharacters2k16

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Your message was actually the first Danny!! ;v;

  • Who was the one to propose: Kyle. Okay. He can be a real sappy romantic and does the whole nice date, favorite activities type of thing before he casually pops it, and it’s so outta the blue to Kenny’s he’s pretty shocked.
  • Who does the cooking: Kyle would do the majority of the cooking. He’s had a lot of experience helping his mom (whether he really wanted to or not) so he knows how to make a few things and has the eye. Kenny tries his best though I mean he makes some great pancakes on sleepy Sunday mornings and helps out. 
  • Who is more organized: Kyle’s fairly more organized. Likes being tidy. Kenny is a bit of a mess in comparison, leaves empty cans out and drives Kyle nuts once in awhile. 
  • Who suggested kids first: Kyle would. Got such a big heart he does. Taking care of people is something he loves doing. 
  • Who’s the cuddler: Kenny by a landslide. There’s just some days where he can’t seem to keep his hands off and hug Kyle from behind. He’s very affectionate and Kyle does not mind. 
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: I think they switch really. Kenny usually spoons, like the full arms wrapped about him like a protective mildly-too-warm cocoon. Kyle likes to rest his forehead against Ken’s back or neck, but he’s too damn restless to stay that way long lol.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Probably binge watching a bunch of shows or movies on tv, especially really old or just lame B movie dramas that are predictable as hell. They’ll sit and talk through half of it, laughing at the awkward moments and making little bets. 
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Think this might be pretty rare since I think if they’re drinking they’d be out doing it together, but it’d likely be Kenny coming home from hangin’ with Stan or whoever. He’s giggly and crawls into bed Kyle’s like ok shut up now im sleeping. You’ve told me that joke before. Take a shower Kenny. 
  • Who kills the spiders: Kenny would likely jump to it first 
  • Who falls asleep first: Kyle conks out pretty fast 
  • A head canon: Kenny plays around too much in the kitchen and bugs/flirts with Kyle while he’s busy. He takes the freaking foam hand soap and claps his hands getting soap in Kyle’s hair, so of course Kyle retaliates and there’s shenanigans afoot. 
  • Do they have any “rituals”? Probably getting ready for bed together, sitting the same way. Kenny always takes the long way on long car trips so Kyle can play a favorite playlist of theirs. And… other things ;)
  • Who has the most patience? Kenny, by far, has boundless patience compared to Kyle. He’ll look irritated, but he wouldn’t say anything, and certainly would never blow up, because that kinda thing for him would be a recipe for tears…
BTS When You Date Someone They Don’t Like

Thanks for your request the95duo! I know my reactions are usually on the longer side, so this time I kept them short. Tell me what you think! Gifs are not mine.

Jin: “Really… him? Are you sure?”

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Suga: “He pressured you into this, right? Do you want me to go beat him up?”

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J-Hope: “Y/N, you can do way better than him…”

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Rap Monster: “Well that’s good I guess… nope… it’s not.”

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Jimin: “No, you are not dating him. Break up with him now.”

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V: “What!? No! You can’t! What about me!”

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Jungkook: “Did I hear you right, because there’s no way someone like you would end up with someone like him…”

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~Requests are open!~

Had a POT date yesterday with a man I met on AM. He offered me $200 to have coffee $400 if we could go back to my place. He was really nice and someone I fealt I could beat up if need be. He’s 59 about 120 pounds 5'5 Warning : NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ANYONE! After walking and chatting awhile we got in my car even though the Starbucks was 5 seconds from my house I drove around awhile and stopped at the carwash and took back roads to keep him from remembering the way. Once we got there and got to fooling around I asked for my money which of course he didn’t have because he was “rushing”. Not sure why these joes insist on trying me 🙄. So we had to get dressed and go to an ATM because I put no trust in these hoes. After he gave me the money his dick stayed in marshmallow form. Easy Peasy.

Xoxox, Ursula

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So imagine if ace was a superhero in a moden au, what would his name be and who would be fight???

This made me laugh so hard. ace in a tight spandex suit. can you imagine? oh man.

Idk if he’d be a superhero though? Like, I feel like at most he’d be an anti-villian. For sure he’d fight roger. All day, every day. Except roger wouldn’t really put up too much of a fight. Just kind of repel ace’s attacks (while trying not to laugh) and then in his frustration he’d idk bump into someone and snap and try to beat them up and he’d get his ass handed to him and then he would proceed to try and beat that person up every day instead (3 guesses as to who *cough* whitebeard *cough* i’m talking about) and then whitebeard would be so amused by the boy that he’d adopt him into his little band of vigilantes who don’t really help the city like a regular superhero does but does protect those that they see fit to protect (that sounds more like a gang doesn’t it? Whoops)

As for name, how lame would I be to just call him Fire Fist? like.
So original, amIrite? *sarcasm

I am literally so bad at this though. omg. Like Superhero aus are my worst area. Like superheros and comics just aren’t my thing (much as i love and adore movie thor ♥).

(PS. someone who will absolutely be able to answer you better than me would be @shishiswordsman cause. i can’t do it for shit.)

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Hi I saw you were back answering anons so welcome back! I'm glad you were able to take a break, sometimes that can be important. Anyway, I noticed that Level F, Bait was deleted off of ao3 and I was wondering if anybody had the PDF or something? Thanks so much!

Hey ! Thanks for your kind words :)

I haven’t this fic in my archives. Maybe someone can help us?

(the summary was:   Level F, Bait : Zayn’s lounging on his bed, reading. “Hey. So what’s going on?”“Found a homeless kid in the park. He’s really beat up. Brought him back here for a shower and to figure out where to put him. Oh, and he had these weird dog tags? Saying to call some bloke named Wayne, but he begged me not to.” Louis shrugs. “I dunno. Do we have food in the house?”“Sure. And why am I not yelling anymore?”“’Cause he jumps like a baby deer whenever there’s any noise louder than about a fart.”“You certainly have a way with words.”)

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maybe i'll tell him... one day *frowns* you-you do like someone? *a lil heart broken* why don't you think it'll work out? i mean... you're the perfect guy! why wouldn't she like you back? -✨☄️

RK: Beats me. I think she might like someone else…

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You really should tell Bin, though. You’re sweet and pretty… I’m sure he’ll accept your confession. *smiles weakly*

I’ve got to go, I’ll see you later. *gets up to leave*

Astro RPs/Bias Talks are open!

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Do you have by any chance tips to someone who wants to be a web developer in the future? Thank you!!

I’d say be motivated and try to learn as much as you can. Not sure if you’re going to school or learning things self taught. But the industry is constantly evolving and you have to be able to keep up with your skillset. I don’t say this to overwhelm you. But it’s not a field where you can learn a few thing and be set. So being able to pick up a skill on your own is really important. Just be flexible and willing to constantly grow and learn. 

But don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t grasping something. (I’m assuming this question is more aimed at the code side of things.) It took me a while too, to fully understand the coding process - it is kind of an abstract process. I just had an aha moment one day. 

This was kind of an open ended question so I hope I answered it properly. Self-motivation, eagerness, and confidence are good skills to have.

Cowboys and Costume Parties

Okay, so I really really don’t like this one and I’m in the middle of working on my Haunted Septiween stuff and I’m trying to only write cute, adorable things I like.  Idk. I don’t like it.  If someone else wants to turn this into something, please do.  

I got dragged to a costume party and you’re the hot cowboy I’ve been crushing on forever and I’m just going to leave where is my ride? Oh, you want to drive me home? Okay.

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I think when we want to love someone, we overlook their flaws. We want to believe that they are better than they really are or we hope that they will change because we want to have a future with them. But sometimes that person isn’t who we hope they are and they don’t change into the person we hope they’d be. And it is time to let them go. Don’t beat yourself up for loving him. I am sure there are things that you learned and that you now can carry with you to help you make better choices in the future. Realize that though you can’t change the past, you can put it behind you. It doesn’t have to affect you now if you don’t allow it. You are your own person and you do not need to be defined by someone else’s inability to appreciate and love you for who you are
—  All my love to you poppit
Coming Out to my Mom

I just saw your tips on coming out. & the first tip made me laugh & reminded me of coming out. We were in the car & I got quiet and really serious, I made a bigger deal out of it than it needed to be. I told her I wanted to tell her something but I was scared because I didn’t know how she was going to respond & I kept beating around the bush, she grew nervous & told me to just say it. So I told her that I didn’t identify myself as straight & I’m not sure what I am I would say queer or pansexual & she said “okay? God I thought you were going to tell me you did something horrible, you made it sound like you killed someone.” I was just like what? & said “THATS ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY? Okay?” & I remember she was like yeah it’s not a big deal what do you want me to do? To disown you? To cry? I’m always going to support you whether you’re with a man or a women. I’m not scared of what you are, I’m scared of how the world perceives & treats those who aren’t what they think is “normal” this world is full of hate towards homosexuals & I don’t want you to be hurt or suffer because you’re not straight & people are unaccepting of that. & she told me how much me loved me and would always accept me for me & it didn’t change who I was. Moral of the story: coming out may seem like a huge deal to you (it’s okay if it is), especially when it comes to your loved ones & their reactions, but when someone loves you, who you are in their eyes is not defined by your sexuality or how you identify yourself.

wowww this story brings a smile on my face ! it is sooo nice how your mother reacted ! You must be lucky !
Coming out can be a scary thing but it will turn out in the end, mayeb not directly for some people but it will turn out fine ;) even if you think you are alone and nobody will accept you, I will say there will be somebody.. you are not alone ! 

I really, really, really wish managers would take a brief second out of their days to understand what “social anxiety” is. Like, legitimate social anxiety; not the assumption that social anxiety is “I’m bashful/shy around people sometimes.”. I’ve had to change my hours several times to keep my manager from scheduling me shifts that were fucking mine in such ways that not even the steady regimen of daily medication and weekly therapy I go to were helping.

Since I’ve “cut down” on some of my hours, my social anxiety is back under control and I no longer feel like I’m going to implode if I don’t have the proper amount of time to “deflate” after being around people for 8+ hours a day. Sure, I’m not making as much as I could – but having a job and keeping it beats having a massive panic attack at work and being fired because you made a scene or told someone off (when you REALLY didn’t mean to).

Don’t get me wrong – I do love people. Some of my customers are awesome folks and have become regulars. but.. I really DO need my time to deflate, to come down and become “normal” again. Managers (as with everyone else in general) really don’t understand and mine seems constantly perplexed when I turn down an offer to work a double shift or close one night (10pm) and open bright and early the next (6am) day after day.