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CHAPPiE Themed Sentence Starters

[ Ableist and sexist slurs, child abuse implications, general violence, overall profanity, and spoiler warnings included. Under the cut for length. Some quotes are paraphrased for easier use. ]

  • “You’re a simple AI program. but you think you’re real. You know what’s in there? Nothing. You’re just a bunch of wires.”

  • “Look! There’s dogs here!”

  • “You do not want this to be your legacy.”
  • “If somebody really disrespects you, you can deal with them without using a gun. You just stick a knife in them..“

  • “This city belongs to me!”

  • “I hate them! Why do they do this?! I’m gonna crush them!“

  • “Play fuckin’ hide-and-seek with your big titanium baby.”

  • “I don’t like the real world.”

  • “I’m…I’m alive. .”

  • “I need a new battery.”

  • “Have respect for me! I’m your maker!”

  • “I want to live! I want to stay here! I don’t wanna die.”

  • “Don’t steal other people’s things!”

  • “Why won’t you talk to me? Come on…”

  • “I’m gonna teach you a lesson! You are a very bad man!”

  • “Why do humans do this? Why do you all lie?!”

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