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welcome to the Castle, friend. 

Don’t get too friendly with him though, Rosie. Granddad Weasley would never forgive you if you married a pureblood.

penrhynnn  asked:

Hi :3 So I saw your fall theme prompt post thingy and I was wondering if you could do Gintoki/Takasugi or any of the guys really doing fall themed baking with a SO? Like making candy apples and cinnamon rolls or something? Idk I thought that could be fun :3

Sakata Gintoki

• He’s all about those Halloween goodies. Or any goodies really

• He’s pretty reluctant to actually help his s/o bake as he doesn’t really like it. If they pout and ask him in a sweet voice, how could he possibly say No?

• If that’s not your thing you can always threaten him with not getting any sweets

• He’s good at cooking and baking but he doesn’t like to do it. However, he finds baking with his s/o enjoyable

• Expect a food fight and to be covered in flour

• Gintoki wants to make everything and I mean EVERYTHING

• He’ll settle for making pumpkin rolls, various flavors of cupcakes and sugar cookies shaped like bats, coffins, pumpkins and whatever else

• Please don’t let Kagura anywhere near the kitchen she will devour everything even whatever isn’t baked yet and Gintoki will sulk for days

• Gintoki doesn’t want to share the sweets with anyone but his s/o which results in him, Kagura and Shinpachi getting into an argument like they always do and Gintoki eventually giving in

• Demands they make some kind of sweet beverage to go along with everything

Takasugi Shinsuke

• Normally he doesn’t do any kind of cooking or baking. It’s mostly because he’s too busy

• He finds baking with his s/o relaxing and really enjoys it. He’s no master chief but he’s not half bad at it

• Prefers to make things like pies, pumpkin bread and cobbler

• Takasugi isn’t big on sweet and can’t eat too many but he figures they can share with the Kiheitai

• He likes to have some kind of relaxing music playing while they bake

• He’s pretty helpful for the most part but he finds himself watching his s/o bake more than actually baking himself

• He’ll see to it that the kitchen is spotless when they’re done and tries to make as little mess as possible

• Suggests they have some kind of mulled cider or wine with the deserts

This is really random and sorry so many of my posts are personal and not really TSC at the moment (just apologies XD). This isn’t really a question or announcement, just me ordering my thoughts. So to be more active on Tumblr, I could just quit tagging everything, because tagging takes sooooo much time, and prevents me from building up a queue. But some reason I’m reluctant… will I attract less people? Will blog be harder to find? I don’t know, maybe it’s just habit. So any advice?? Honestly, it would make a huge impact on how much I post. Original posts will still be slow, but my blog would be fill of content… the right answer is so obvious but for some reason I’m reluctant lile I said. So encourage me or give me advice or something, wise people of tumblr XD

All That You Can't Leave Behind

Alright guys here it is! It’s a Luke smut and I really really really hope you enjoy it. I haven’t posted a full smut in a while so I’d really appreciate some feedback! Oh and as always, please don’t read this if you’re not comfortable with some very detailed sex!

Thanks guys! Love you all!



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Since you post a lot of them and the internet isn't helping me out much: How does one gif exactly?

Hey anon! Well, there are a whole heap of ways to go about doing it, but I’ll just walk you through what I do:

1. Find some kind of recording tool that can record in HD (I use a free one called LoiLo Game Recorder, but any capable program will do). Of course, the higher the resolution you set for the recorder, the better the video quality (but be warned - these HD videos can quickly take up A LOT of space on your harddrive).

2. Use a program like Photoshop that can import video frames to layers (I personally use Photoshop CS6). Choose the recording you want to use, but only import whatever section of the video you want to make a gif out of. Otherwise you will end up with A LOT of frames and Photoshop will probably cut it off at 300 or so! You should see the frames come up in the timeline at the bottom of the Photoshop window, as well as on the right hand side (as your layers).

3. Tinker with your gif! This is mostly because of Tumblr’s 2MB size limit, so you might need to try a few things to get a HD gif that is under 2MB. Crop it, cut out frames, resize it, etc. If you cut out frames (as in, remove every second frame), keep in mind that your gif will probably look like it’s moving in SUPER SPEED. So remember to slow down the frame-rate a bit. Even without removing every second frame, I generally go for between 0.06-0.08 second delay between frames. The default is 0.02. You can do this in the timeline at the bottom of the screen - just highlight and change them all.

NB: it is also a good idea to make your gifs according to a Tumblr size guide, like THIS ONE.

Size guide tl;dr – for a smaller gif, make sure the width is 299 pixels or smaller (anything between 300 - 539 will be automatically stretched out to 540 pixels - the width of a dashboard post - and the gif will probably look grainy/blurry). 

Examples under the cut! <3

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Fic Rec Thursday ✿

thank you to all of the lovely people who were super supportive of me during my recent episode with anonymous hate regarding this fic rec (and super special thanks to @huxblush​ who’s such a sweetheart ♡)

–> Ascension (WIP) by @plinys
Ben Solo in hiding on Kashyyk, meets General Hux, this is one of my favourite WIPS in the fandom, the plot is just so unique and interesting that I seriously recommend you read this one, it’s amazing and so underrated

–> Catharsis by krispys_can
Hux/Finalizer, mechanophilia, and it’s hot as hell, Kylo is such a tease

–> Sought by Many, Found by One by @lady–starkiller
bounty hunter!Hux, one of the tags is “Ben Solo’s ‘Han Solo’-isms” and it’s so accurate, it’s really brilliant

–> Take Our Hands Out Of Control by @stereobone
♡ Hux working out his feelings towards Kylo, a stunning piece with highs and tragically sad lows about the evolution of Kylo’s and Hux’s relationship

–> A Satisfactory Report by @saltandlimes
♡ Kylo rides Hux whilst giving him interrogation report, pure sin, pure gold

–> How Vulnerable You Are by crystallineink
♡ post-Starkiller rescue, very sweet, lots of banter between them at the start

–> Bodies, Can’t You See? by sual
♡ omega Hux, mpreg, soft Kylux, lots of protective mama Hux, if you like mpreg then this is definitely worth it!!

–> Noah’s Ark (WIP) by graspthesanity
♡ AU, mafia baby!Hux & musician!Kylo, a super sweet first chapter introducing the primary characters, excited to see where it’s headed!

Under Glittering Chandeliers by @amndarose
♡ Kylo Amidala AU, fake relationship, BEAUTIFUL, Hux and Kylo are secretly protective of one another, greeeeat

–> There’s No Escape From My Authority (WIP) by @the-marron
♡ Emperor Hux and Kylux slow burn, Hux’s character is extremely well written and I’m super eager for more updates

–> Over, Under by @snaxo
♡ Hux braids Kylo’s hair and your teeth will rot from the adorable fluff

–> Oops, Engaged by JulieCox
♡ Accidental engagement, embarrassed Hux is cute, really adorable and has some super hot smut scenes in

–> Glowing Gold by @squire-reblogs                                                    ♡ post-TFA, Hux being reluctant to admit his feelings is reeeeeally cute, really engaging writing

–> Tug And War by @jonstarks                                                              ♡ power bottom Hux coaching virgin Kylo on fucking, EXCELLENT SMUT 

–> where the wild things go by @jonstarks                                           ♡ follow-up to and lead us not into temptation which is one of my all-time favourite kylux fics, my heart just can’t take how stupendous this work is

–> Ambitions by dentigerous                                                                 sequel to The Corruption of Ben Solo, which I just absolutely adored, and this piece is just as amazing, the writing is really immersive and its a really unique and vibrant take on Ben’s struggle with finding his place, super brilliant work

–> Tension by @mssdare                                                                       ♡ PWP, sub!Hux has a hungry desperation to get his release and its so hot, awesome smut

–> Homeostasis by @rex-luscus                                                               ♡ Bed-sharing, so cute, pre-Kylux 

–> All That You Left Behind (WIP) by @infinitelykylo                            ♡ Kylo dies and Hux doesn’t cope, fucking hell my heart was ripped out and smashed on the floor with this one, the tears were so real 

–> a change of plan by @poedatemeron                                                ♡ BDSM, bottom!Hux, a+++ smut holy hell 

–> The Slave With No Name (WIP) by @the-dead-play-witness             ♡ Slave!Hux, lovely characterisation of Hux, super interesting opening with the promise of only getting better with updates 

–> Space Cupcakes by @novasalt                                                         ♡ Tumblr AU, tooth-rotting fluff! 

–> find my way back to you by @bracefacefreak                                  ♡ redeemed!AU, Hux sensing that Kylo is in danger, fluff, hurt/comfort, protective!Hux is suuuuper cute

–> Heartless Machine by @the-cookie-of-doom                                     ♡ Droid!Hux, oh fuck my heart just breaks for Hux, the writing is super heartfelt and emotional 

–> Bloodsoaked Lullabies by @ficlet-machine                                      ♡ MafiaAU, sheer brilliance, the setting is really immersive and Kylo’s characterisation is extremely intriguing, definitely read this!

–> Fairway Gallows by @the-fluff-awakens                                            ♡ Teen Wolf AU, crackfic

That’s all for this week!

Okay, so I’ve been really reluctant to make a post like this because asking for help is hard and I don’t really have a big following on here but ✨ I could really use the help. I’m still currently waiting to get approved for financial aid from school which will be my only source of income. Once I do get approved for financial aid, it will still take me 6-8 weeks to receive. My account is currently $-73.88 and I don’t have any money to get it to zero. I have chase bank so I’m just going to keep getting extended overdraft fees. If you have the means to help me even a little, I would really appreciate it! Anything helps! I live in an apartment with my brother who only makes enough for his share of rent. My portion of rent $375 and it’s due by October 5th and If I can raise even half of this, I’d be able to breathe a little bit easier. 😅 please help, I’m drowning 😅 PayPal.me/MarissaJacobs

My last words on the subject...(re Delena)

I also loved that Damon told Elena that her leaving wasn’t really going to solve anything…b/c she’s just putting off the inevitable…but he knew that that’s what she thinks will help…so…he let her go.

No fanfare…no super-sad eyes…just a very honest, adult, “Travel safe”.

As bad as they think they are for each other…they really are the best for each other.

…and Elena voicing her reluctance in leaving, but Damon letting her go, and making it okay for her to do so…just proves it.



So today’s post is coming so late because I was really reluctant about posting it! Some of you may not know but there has been a lot of negativity thrown my way about not being “big enough”! And this picture really makes me look smaller than I am. Guys I am really a big guy! I even considered doing some nudes to prove it!! LOLOLOLOL!!! I am 300 lbs and although there are people who are bigger I still consider myself plus size! Clothes can make you look how ever you want even smaller!

I digress! I liked the outfit so Im posting it anyway come what may!!!

In this outfit

Blazer 48- thrifted
lace up shirt xxl- thrifted
Sean John pants 42- Macy’s
Happy Socks- Marshall’s
Shoes 12- Leather Man
handkerchief- Bebow Fashions

http://bigguyflyy.tumblr.com/ for big guy fashion!!!