i was really nervous about putting that up

Tbh autistic people are so cool the way we seek information. If i want to know the ins and outs of how cars work, or the human heart or nervous system, or the history of dragons or the way complex buildings are made or how to make my own computer from the ground up there is going to be an amazing autistic person out there who can tell me all about it in such a way that is so engaging because they are truly excited and happy to talk about it and they really truly KNOW what they’re talking about because of their love/intense interest for the subject and all the research they put in and i just thinks thats so fantastic like damn look at us were so cool.

Thank you anon! AND HECK YES IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS REQUEST The rfa boys as dads makes me !! scree !! in love !!

I didn’t reread this to check for mistakes because it’s really late but i will recheck it tomorrow and fix anything that needs fixing!

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Update + Survival Strategies for Medschool

Today a few people came crying to me and a few more expressed their low mood. This is one of the days when medschool really sucks :/ Keep reading to see how I stay sane myself.

On the bright side, I felt much more confident doing prehospital care scenarios tonight and learned a lot so I’m glad I went and didn’t follow the lazy minion in my head.

I was quite curious about the feedback I’ve been getting from tutors and doctors in hospital so I peeked into my feedback and some of it is so positive I thought they must’ve confused my name with someone else’s. Either that or I managed to fool everyone into thinking I know a lot when I don’t feel that way at all. If I did, it must be my new life attitude working - I decided I would:

- show up (unless really unnecessary)
- put on a poker face if feeling nervous, smile a lot
- fake it till you make it, including dressing the part
- not take criticism to heart - seriously throw that negativity out the window, you don’t need someone to tell you you don’t know something and make you feel bad for it if you already know you don’t and you’re working on it
- remember the consultant/attending only knows more because they’ve had more practice, they are not better, just further down the line
- strategically answer questions when 100% sure
- reason through the ones where not 100% sure
- talk around the answer when I really don’t know (only because when I say I don’t know, doctors keep pressing me more and saying that I probably do - annoying habit!)
- ask questions
- ask more questions to avoid getting asked questions or in response to a question if I don’t know the answer (they forget they were the ones to ask)
- joke with the doctors & make friends with them, they’re mostly nice people
- befriend the junior doctors and final year students, they’ll help without even being asked
- carry a massive notebook everywhere and take down every single case or piece of information I hear - helps you learn + makes you look like you’re on it
- never trust them when they say they’ll send you the slides because they never do
- Google, Wikipedia and YouTube are my best friends
- the Oxford handbooks and the BNF are my second best friends
- learning outcomes: use ‘em, you’ll feel like a genius if you read around them in advance
- ask to do things on wards/theatre/clinic, take bloods, do ECG, calculate & prescribe meds, clerk, examine, assist in surgeries, suture
- go to conferences, learn more about the specialties you enjoy, it’ll fuel your studying
- feign interest even if really disinterested, it works and you learn
- buy a cheap whiteboard and draw complex pathways on it so they’re ingrained in your mind forever, look at it as you come and go

- chew gum discreetly, always
- wear monochrome and smell good but not overpowering
- make time for fun with friends every day
- speak to family everyday
- do a few good things for others everyday
- gym a couple times per week
- eat well (not too “healthy” and not too unhealthy - balance is key!)
- tidy up room (& life) every once in a while
- memes (can’t stress this one enough)
- allow self to wallow in self-pity for a day or two but make sure to reset and get back on track after the specified time frame
- learn about the world and not lose touch with what it is to be human, watch documentaries, read articles, communicate with old friends and stay in touch
- hot showers before bed, face scrub, chill in dressing gown and spa slippers
- change bed linen every week
- keep window open at night
- spray air freshener or light candles
- decorate walls, have books on the shelf
- never drink coffee, always drink water
- eat any and all free food to avoid cooking
- not take self too seriously and take every opportunity to have some banter

Someone’s Angry....

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Prompt: Dean, Sam, and reader go out for a night of fun. Dean has the biggest crush on reader but doesn’t have the guts to admit it. Someone starts hitting on the reader and they are obviously uncomfortable. Sam tries to convince Dean to go pretend to be their boyfriend but Dean is too nervous, so Sam goes and saves reader from the creepy flirt and Dean is uncharacteristically grumpy for the rest of the night. 

A/N: I wrote this a bit differently, I put lines between the parts where it is supposed to be just Sam and Dean at times when they are away from the reader so that way I could write about them too. I got this prompt from @otpprompts and wanted to try it since I’m trying to come up with stuff of my own. I take requests!

Words: 1,444

Warnings: None, I don’t really think, except implied smut? 

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I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should post this, but I figured that after two years of keeping this in my folders I might as well. There are two panels missing because I had no idea what to put there, which was one of the reasons I didn’t post it right away. Anyways, enjoy! (link to the song on youtube)

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“It took us a while
With every breath a new day
With love on the line
We’ve had our share of mistakes
But all your flaws and scars are mine
Still falling for you.

I’ve been working on this for a while for myself so I thought what better day to put it up than Valentine’s Day! 

I get nervous about posting more personal artwork but those of you who know me know I’m a huge fangirl and these two have been my life for 5 years now, so I hope you can allow me some indulgence!

Besides they really do belong together right? ;)

Dating Wonho would be...
  • Him acting confident when he asks you out while he’s screaming on the inside
  • Him trying to impress you by taking you on a really fancy first-date

  • You just being happy to spend time with him, but he doesn’t get that yet

  • Him being scared of everything, mostly heights

  • The moment he realized that the sushi restaurant that Minhyuk had so admittedly suggested was on the third floor 

  • “Oh my god why did they put us by the window, I’m so sorry but we are lEAvInG!”

  • You teasing him for being scared heights, and then feeling sorry because he looks really embarrassed by the whole thing

  • You making it up to him by suggesting your favorite ramun place that is safely on the ground

  • After you two have been dating a while, him showing you the music he’s been working on

  • Which he is both excited about and nervous bc what if you don’t like it?!

  • You loving it and encouraging him, listening to him compose late at night when neither of you can sleep

  • Him constantly telling you all the reasons why he loves you

  • “You know why else i love you? Because you’re so good at making ramun.”

  • “Silly, anyone can make ramun, it isn’t difficult.”

  • Him calling you at random times just to talk because he misses you

  • Protective Wonho jumping into action if anyone tries to mistreat you in any way

  • Eskimo kisses

  • Butterfly kisses

  • Random pecks on the lips, cheek, or forehead when the two of you are alone

  • Him picking you up sometimes, just to see how much it makes you blush

  • “Are you okay? You’re the color of a tomato.”

  • “Oh you just hush.”

  • Piggyback rides when you’re tired

*deep breath*

Here we go.

Dear Johnlock friends,

I am a little nervous about this, so please bear with me. I have never done anything like this (usually I just reblog things and crawl into a corner). So, here we go.

I’m a Sherlollian. So we obviously disagree on some things in the show. But I spent the better part of an hour typing up a Sherlolly meta and I came to a realization. For me, honestly, this is just a ship. One that I feel passionately about, but I have never really thought it will become canon. But I think you guys, for the most part, have put so much of yourselves into this ship that its possible demise is heart wrenching in a way I can never comprehend. But do you know what? You should be proud of yourselves. Holy shit, you should be so damn proud. Even if Johnlock never happens, you have created a culture. And when people talk about Sherlock, Johnlock comes with it. And everyone I’ve talked to, though they think you guys are kind of crazy (in the best possible way, I think), admires your loyalty and your theories. God, your art and your fanfictions are amazing! Your metas even make me doubt what I think. You even have me half convinced I’m going to be seeing an alternate version of the episode on Sunday. And the few TJLC Explained videos I watched are well thought out and well made.  

And I understand that you may think that Johnlock not becoming canon is a huge step back. You may be right. Part of me is heartbroken for you (assuming, of course, that Johnlock doesn’t become canon, though all is not lost) and wants to see everything you hoped for, all of the theories of the scene not being shown at the initial screening, to be right. They could be. It’s Sherlock after all. But you guys are amazing. God, you are so great. I am so fucking impressed. You have made a show into a cause. You see things that I could have never seen and honestly, I kind of want to see a version of Sherlock written by any of you. 

Sorry, I’m not really articulating this very well, but in essence, I just wanted to say that I love you guys, despite the fact that I haven’t really interacted with any of you. You have created a fandom phenomenon. You are a cause. And though I am done with tumblr for a little while (I really need to get my shit together), I hope that you are happy with the new episode for better or for worse.



(and to all my followers, if you’re reading this, I appreciate everything that you’ve done and all your support, and maybe I’ll talk to you again at another time)

The Regulars - Part 2

As anxiety sets in I decide I better to go to class and surround myself with as many people as I can. 

I look at the card again, I close my eyes tight trying to forget about it completely. I decide to hide it in my sock drawer. I can’t risk Bri finding something like this, she would kill me before The Joker would. 
I quickly throw off my clothes and throw on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and some black converse. I put on a bra and a sweatshirt over. I am already late but I am too nervous to really care about that right now.
I walk out of my room and Im putting my hair up in a bun as Bri walks out of her room, heading towards the front door. 

“Need a ride?” She laughs and i give her a smile back.

I grab a notebook and toss it into my bag and follow her out the door, I walk down the flight of stairs behind her and then sit in the passenger seat of her car. 

Im staring out the window, looking for any sign of him or anyone following us. I keep telling myself i am being too paranoid, but my gut feeling is telling me I am not.

Bri notices my anxious movements, “You sure you don’t want to stay home? I can drive you back, my first class isn’t all too important so I can stay with you if you want.” she glances and me and then back at the road. 

“I’m, i’m fine. Just didn’t get much sleep, ya know.” I sit back in the seat and close my eyes. I want to wake up from this nightmare so badly. 

“I’m sorry about making jokes earlier. You know its just how I ..”  finish her sentence.

“I know, its how you deal with the stress. You trade stress for sarcasm.” I laugh with my eyes closed.

I feel the car come to a stop and I hear her put it in park. She gives me a nod for us to get out and a soft smile follows. I open the car door and we both walk onto campus.
Classes have already started this morning so there aren’t too many people around. i take a deep breath as Bri and I part ways. 

I am much more focused on my surroundings today and i am constantly looking over my shoulder and jumping at any sound.
I finally make it to my literature class, 20 minutes late. I open the door and squeeze in between two other students, I would usually just take a seat in the back but the thought of having my back open like that makes my stomach turn. 
I can’t focus, my thoughts constantly going back to those moments. ‘Its not like I know who was chasing him. I don’t know a thing. I have no idea what was going and i really don’t know why he is doing this.’ These things consume my mind.
My body stays tense for the whole hour and a half. My shoulders start to hurt and once the class ends I stretch my back. People start to leave the class and make sure in the center of the crowd. 

 I walk out of the building and realize I have an hour till my next class. I try not to let the panic set in, I walk inside the main building and keep a lookout around me. I send a text to Bri.

To Bri - “Are you out of your class? Want to get something to eat?”

From Bri“Can’t. Makeup test today.”

She is quick to respond and my heart sinks as I think of spending an hour alone, so I text Ryan.

To Ryan- “What are you up to?”

From Ryan- “Soccer practice in a few. You ok?”

To Ryan- “Forgot! Sorry, yeah im good. See you at home later.”

I decide to sit in the cafeteria, hoping that people are in there. Its quite a bit of a walk, I take a deep breath as I step out into the open court yard with scarce amount of people around. 
There are a few people studying around the campus and my tension eases up, but I still walk a little faster than usual. I make it to the cafeteria and start to think I am over reacting to all this, I try to talk myself into believing that.
There are a few people sitting around the cafeteria, i take a seat along the edge of the room, keeping my back against a wall. 
I pull out some headphones from my bag as well as my notebook, I plug in some music start studying. I am hoping this will take my mind of things completely. 
It does. An hour goes by quickly and I get up feeling much better. I look up an realize im alone. It almost makes me feel a little better thinking he had a chance and he didnt take it. I smirk at the empty space and put everything away in my bag. 

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I walk out of the cafeteria and head to my history class, its just around the corner. I get to the door of the class room and there is a note typed up. 

“Class will be cancelled. Family emergency. Please check online for assignment, it will be due next week. - Prof. Sharon.”

I roll my eyes and walk back to the front of the school, there are plenty of people around now that class has just let out and people are making their way elsewhere. 
I run into bri as she was heading to her next class, which is usually by my history class. 

“Hey! How did your test go?” I give her a nod as she walks towards me.

“Sucked but passed. Were are you going, isn’t your next class by mine?” 

‘Cancelled, again. I almost forget what Professor Sharon look like.” We both let out a small laugh, “Im just going to get a taxi home.” 

“No need, i’ll get a ride with Ryan, you can take my car home.” She digs her keys out and hands them to me.

“Thanks Bri! I’ll see you at home.” I give her a smile and start walking past her.

She grabs my arm and turns me toward her again, “No walks. Ok?” She laughs but i know she is serious.

“You got it sarge!.” I use my free hand to salute her and we both smile at each other as I walk towards her car. 

I get in the drivers seat and start up her car. I turn on the radio to kill the silence, nothing interesting just noise to keep me out of my own thoughts for a moment. I drive home and park in her normal parking spot. I press the lock symbol on the pad as I walk up the stairs to our apartment, two small beeps ring out.
I get to the front door and unlock the door, i open the door and once i am inside i lock the door back up behind me. I set her keys down on the kitchen counter and grab an apple from the fridge. I kick my shoes off by the front door and put them on the shoe rack placed there.
Im not left alone here often, we all almost have the same schedule with school and work.
I go to open the door to my bedroom, i walk inside and stop in my tracks as i stare at the sock drawer. I bite my lip wanting to look, maybe it was a dream and the card isn’t even there. 

I go to take one more step toward the drawer and a hand is wrapped around my moth and another around body, closing my arms at my side and picking me up off the ground. I drop the apple and it rolls next to my bed post.

“Don’t make this difficult. I will not hurt you, unless you make me. If you make me we will both be in trouble.” A low whisper is said in my ear as i struggle to get free. 

Im kicking my legs and trying to scream but the grip he has on my mouth is too tight and my feet aren’t hitting anything. 

“He wants you awake but I don’t see that happening.” He lets go of my body for a brief second and I am swinging with everything in me. He holds a small packet to my face, the smell is strong once he brings it close to my nose.
He drops the packet to the ground and wraps his arm back around me.

“There, there, I told you i won’t hurt you.” It sounds like a smile is one his face.

Tears start rolling down my cheek and onto his hand, a rush of weakness comes over me. My legs aren’t swinging as hard and my body is loosing the fight to fight. My vision starts to blur and my body goes limp.

“Perfect.” he shifts my body in his arms so he is carrying me with my legs over one arm and the other has my neck rested on it. 

I can’t make out his face but i can see the shape of him. He is a big guy, his shoulders are broad and he is wearing a tuxedo. I close my eyes trying to get my body to move, it doesn’t. 
Whatever was in that packet didn’t put me out it just made me incredibly weak, I felt as if lifting a finger was like lifting the world.

I blink my eyes hard a couple of times trying to clear the blurred vision, it helps a little bit. 
We are outside, i am looking at him and he is staring straight. He has dirty blonde hair and some facial hair. I start making mental notes of his features for police reference. 
He bends down a little to open a car door, he sets me down in the back seat and he puts the seatbelt on me. 

“Told you I wont hurt you.” He closes the car door and get in the driver seat. 

My head is leaning back against the cool leather seats. I have my eyes looking at the sky through the back window, he is driving so fast I have to close my eyes in order to not get sick. 
It feels like only minutes have passed and he stops the car and gets out in one swift motion. He is opening the passenger door and picks me up again, being careful not to hit my head on the car frame as he takes me out of the car.

From what i can see, he has brought me to a house. It looks like a regular house. Its alone on a empty desert landscape. ‘Are we even in Gotham anymore?’ My mind wonders as i look for something familiar. 

“Welcome home.” The man has a smile on his face but still hasn’t looked at me.

He sets my feet down on the ground and my head starts to spin. I grip onto him as tight as I can, finally regaining a small amount of strength. He has his other arm wrapped around me so I am really not standing much, he open the door to the house and I realize this isn’t a regular house at all.

As I am still technically being carried, my eyes get wide at the sight, my heart starts to beat a little faster.
The ceilings are high, chandeliers placed throughout, the light they give off is dim and golden.
The first things I see when is a living room. Its huge and open, there is a movie theater sized screen on one wall and a huge black leather couch with chairs to match. There is a white bear skin rug between the screen and the couch. 
The floors are a gold and white marble, it shines in every direction. The walls are coated in a dark shade of red. Gold accents are placed throughout. Its extravagant and elegant, the colors give a dark vibe but it’s not frightening. 

There are a set of stairs on both sides of the living room, they connect at the top with a long hallway. There are only two doors upstairs. 
I am carried past the living room and I am met with a set of 3 doors, all are white with gold knobs. He takes a few steps down the hallway to the second door and turns the knob.

Inside is a full length mirror across from the door as well as on the ceiling. There is a bed in the middle with ropes and chains dangling off the sides. There is a dresser on the wall next to the bed with a lock on it. I swallow hard. 

He lays me down in the bed, its big enough for two. The sheets are a royal purple, they are soft. The bed post is a shining gold. The walls that are there are white and the floor is cement. 

He takes the chain, it has cuffs on the end. He takes my left hand and closes the cuff on my wrist. I try to pull away but my strength is nothing compared to him. He repeats the action to my right wrist. He takes the chain on each side and locks them to the bed frame that has a single silver loop in the center. My hands are now chained above my head. 
He uses cuffs on my ankles as well, my legs are spread as he hooks one to each side of the bed. 

Tears are escaping my grip, I try and pull my hands and ankles free as my body comes back to itself. 
The guy takes a stands in the corner of the room and I stare at him, tears falling to the side of my face.

“Why? W-why are you doing this?” My voice shakes.

He doesn’t say anything. His attention is to the door as it open up. 
I close my eyes tight hoping to wake up from this nightmare as a catch a glimpse of the green haired man walking in. 
My eyes pop open when I hear his growl by my ear.

“Keep those open, I wouldn’t want you to miss out out on any of the fun.” He grins at me.

The guy that brought me here gets up and leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

I can hear my heart racing. I bite my lip holding back the tears and holding back the need to close my eyes. 

He keeps his face close to mine. His white skin is like porcelain, its enticing. His eyes are wide and his pupils are dilated leaving a small amount of ocean blue to be seen. His mouth is red, blood red. I can see parts of the silver caps on his teeth shining through as his tongue runs lightly across it. Around his eyes is darkness, exhaustion maybe. His scars on his face are visible from the contrast of his skin. 

He pulls a knife out of a holster located somewhere on his body. I cringe as he comes close.

“Awe, you scared doll?” He laughs and brings the knife to my neck.

I press my lips together and shake my head no, thinking thats what he wants to hear. 

“Good.” He takes one hand and lifts my sweatshirt away from my skin and then takes the knife and slowly glides it through the fabric. He cuts the sleeves as well and pull the fabric out from under me. 

I groan as it leaves a burning sensation on my back, I feel my eyes welling up as the pain made me realize whats is going to happen. I lay there chained to this bed in my bra a jeans as The Joker stalks around me.

“Sir, I didn’t see anything. I sear I d..” I try and plead.

His laugh cuts me off, “Sir, sir, haven’t heard that around here for a while.”  He grabs my chin and gets close to my face, “Don’t call me sir. Anything but sir.” 

He steps away from the bed and his breathing gets heavy. His chest is rising and falling with force.
His eyes start trailing my body, slowly taking his time looking down every limb and body part. His tongue glides over his teeth again.

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He walks over to the dresser slowly, he pulls a ring of keys out from his pocket and I hear the click of him unlocking whatever he keeps hidden in there.

He looks back at me, and grin slowly appears on his face, “I cant’t wait to show you my toys, doll.” A crackling laugh leaves him.

So, the Green Card interview went really well yesterday. Lauren was hella nervous, but the immigration officer turned out to be a lovable nerd and he asked us as many questions about our thoughts on Doctor Who as he did about our marriage. Honestly, we’re tempted to look him up on Facebook and see if he wants to hang out sometime.

He told us the system could take up to a month to get the results, or longer if there were any issues, but that he’d put it in the same day. Looks like it went well, because I just got approved for Permanent Residence.

Such a relief after this year-long process!

And sitting in that immigration office waiting room with such a diverse crowd of people also interviewing really made us feel a little bit better about this country. There are shitty things going on, but there are still families of all types from so many places becoming a part of it. That was heartwarming.

Reckless Endangerment

Summary:  Rose Tyler’s smile was a drug, and he was addicted. Like any addict, he’d do anything to get his fix.

12/Rose, rated M for swearing (like, a lot of swearing) and eventual smut, chapter 1 rated T. for @timepetalsprompts​ weekly prompt. Fanart by the amazing and talented @rishidiams

Written after a sequel to China Rose was requested. 

Beta’s by RishiDiams and @tenroseforeverandever - thank you!

World’s biggest ‘thank you’s to the ladies of Leather Fetish - @beth51276, @rishidiams, @wipedcleanbysummer - for putting up with my endless fixation on this project. <3

Chapter 1

16 December, 2016

He sat in his office, staring at the two small boxes, trying to figure out how he found himself in this position. He had no idea what had possessed him.

Well, that was a lie. He knew exactly what had possessed him. It was the same thing that possessed him every time he saw it. He was a powerful man, but Rose Tyler’s smile was his weakness, and he wanted to see it all the time. Preferably directed at him. That was terribly unlikely, though.

Ian Docherty was a bastard.

That wasn’t an insult to his character, merely a descriptor. One he didn’t mind, just as he didn’t mind his nickname, ‘the Oncoming Storm’. He was well aware of the fact that he was a bastard and made no apologies for that fact. As a Queen’s Counsel to the Crown Court, a barrister and a litigator, being an arsehole was a vital part of his makeup, necessary to his career.

But Ian had his soft spots, too.

When he’d first heard nearly eleven months ago that Sarah Jane wanted to take on a new pupil, he’d rolled his eyes. The nine partners in the firm - three senior and six junior - had been called on to vote whether or not to bring this person in. The ‘Smith’ of Stewart, Docherty, and Smith, Sarah Jane, had a habit of taking young prospective solicitors under her wing. Though he’d always scoffed at his friend and partner, even he had to admit that she had a knack for picking out exceptionally talented solicitors-to-be. More than half had been hired on permanently by the firm at the end of their pupilage year.

Still, he had no patience for them fumbling around with wide doe eyes and searching for the spare fucking copy paper and all of the other trappings of new hires. Leave that shit to someone else, thanks ever so.

It had been clear to Ian that Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, the other senior partner besides himself and Sarah Jane, was in favor of hiring this Rose Tyler, and the junior partners would vote as they felt prudent, which was to say that they wouldn’t be voting against the senior partners.

Ian had known it was a losing battle and he’d backed down into a ‘yea’ vote, but not before making his position clear: “I don’t give a fuck. Just don’t expect me to be leading this chit around by the fucking hand, alright?”

Alistair had chuckled and assured him that nobody expected any such thing, then instructed Sarah Jane to bring the girl in to meet the partners of her new workplace.

Rose had come in, looking as shy as they all did, but absolutely gorgeous. Blonde, with a wide, lush mouth, generous curves, and topaz eyes, she’d arrested his attention from the moment he’d seen her.

He’d shaken his head to clear it. So what? She was gorgeous, yes, but he was forty-five years old. He’d had his head turned by a woman before, more than once.

Then she’d given the room a shy smile, and that’s when it happened. On 26 January, 2016, Rose Tyler smiled, and Ian Docherty discovered that he had a weakness big enough to drive a lorry through.

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seamusfinnigcn's accent challenge

hey y’all! so you guys wanted me to do the accent challenge so here it is!! i’m sorry about the audio quality and i’d recommend to put your volume all the way up! i couldn’t risk waking anyone up so sorry xD also i’m sorry about the awkward bean that is me, i was really nervous so yeah :D

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If Cress and Thorne had a child:

  • Cress getting super nervous about telling Thorne
  • when she tells him he kind of just stands there for a minute
  • once he actually comprehends what she said this delighted smile encompasses his face and he lifts her up, twirls her around and kisses her
  • in the middle of the kiss Thorne goes rigid and puts Cress and down and says “I hope I didn’t squish him”
  • Thorne always referring to the baby as a “him” because he’s terrified of having a girl 
  • Cress refusing to see the gender because she wants a “surprise”
  • really she just finds it hilariously adorable when Thorne gets nervous
  • Winter and Cress going on shopping trips to find baby clothes and toys and having the time of their lives
  • they always force Cinder and Scarlet to come too
  • they secretly enjoy it, but obviously won’t admit it
  • Cress going into labour early and Thorne getting really nervous
  • Scarlet insisting that she can help Cress because “I’ve delivered calves before, so how hard can it be?”
  • Thorne having none of it, and whisking Cress off to the hospital
  • everyone pacing anxiously in the waiting room because only one person’s allowed in the patients room (obviously Thorne’s in there)
  • Thorne holding Cress’s hand the entire time 
  • and stroking her hair
  • and telling her it’s going to be okay
  • and making jokes, Cress has to tell him to stop because laughing hurts and she needs to concentrate
  • Thorne wanting to name the baby something nuts like and Cress point blank refusing
  • Everyone rushing into the hospital room and they all take turns holding the baby
  • When it’s Cinder’s turn she shies away
  • Thorne notices and laughs because “the great revolutioner Linh Cinder, former princess of Lunar and current Queen of New Beijing is scared of a baby?”
  • Cinder mutters something insulting and takes the baby 
  • later Thorne asks Cinder if she wants to be the Godmother
  • she replies very nonchalantly when really she would have probably cried if it were possible
  • Everyone’s so excited and happy and delighted with the new addition to their little family especially Scarlet’s and Wolf’s toddler who’s estatic that she might have a new friend

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How do you (and other amazing RPers) think of those threads? I'm curious because there is not a lot in the books about the characters you use and like how do you think of these story ideas? I'm really nervous, since I'm going to start RPing soon, but I don't remember everything about all the characters and all the stories and I feel like it's going to be a real problem when trying to come up with thread ideas.

(( OOC: I think the best thing about these characters is that they have such complex, beautiful and heart-breaking stories - but not a lot of canon information. So we have a lot of freedom to explore these characters and really put our own stamp on them.

Personally I have always loved writing. Growing up, my nose was rarely out of a book and I would always be writing stories - I still have notebooks and diaries full of them up in my attic somewhere. So I think this, paired with a very active imagination, has helped me a lot when coming up with thread ideas.

I wouldn’t worry about not knowing everything about the characters - that’s what Pottermore and The Harry Potter Wiki is for! For example, when writing Toujours Pur I did a lot of research on the Black family, which helped me a lot with mapping out their characteristics. But you don’t always have to follow canon! You can create an AU, or use “creative licence” which I do a lot ahem to come up with a story that you want to create.

And if you’re still struggling to come up with thread ideas - take inspiration from elsewhere. There are loads of great posts and head canons on this site, you could always re-create them or use them to spark an idea, as long as you credit back to them.

I hope this is helpful to you in some way… Good luck! ))

I’ve seen a lotta people talk about “make Hanzo be more affectionate and show his love!” And I’m all for that but concept:

What if Hanzo thinks he is showing his love openly, but it’s only obvious to himself?

Like, it’s little things he sees as big things. Like making Jesse coffee in the morning or letting him ramble on and on without snapping at him or telling him to be quiet. Indulging him quietly. Such small things, but to him it’s like screaming from the rooftop how much he loves McCree.

Then one day Jesse asks why he’s so distant around the others? Like he’s gotten kinda insecure about their relationship but he’s too embarrassed to outright say it, but he’s nervous Hanzo doesn’t really… care. And Hanzo is so confused cause he’s like???? I let you watch me train???? I put your serape in the dryer quickly on cold days just before you get up so it’s fluffy and warm???? He says it so simply, “of course I love you.” And love wasn’t even what McCree said outright but it’s what he’s been desperate to hear… Hanzo just didn’t think it needed to be said.

McCree says it all the time after that. Hanzo says it rarely, but that’s mostly cause he’s all abot actions speaking louder than words. He understands that Jesse is like 90% words tho.

Basically: Hanzo isn’t a people person and gives Jesse a lot of leeway that is so normal for everyone else that it isn’t immediately seen as the huge show of love and trust that Hanzo thinks it is.

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I also need some bokuto and Kuroo bromance😋

Well, this was going to be exciting.

I know he was nervous. I could obviously tell. Bokuto wasnt the type to fidget and shake when something big was about to happen. Even before really important games, he was messing around and laughing with his friends.

But now.. He looked like a nervous wreck.  He had been having feelings for his friend for almost three years up to today. After a while of putting up with his complaints about being ignored when he tried to flirt (With those shitty pick-up lines, which I taught him.) I decided to try and build up his confidence until he was ready to confess. It seemed that today was that day.

I approached Bokuto slowly, not wanting to startle him. We had been talking about it for weeks, and now was the moment of truth. He was watching Akaashi from a few yards away, his eyes locked on that gorgeous body of his. I’ll admit, he was kinda cute. I’ve got my eyes on someone else, though. Bokuto looked rather lovesick. I’d make fun of it later. Teasing is not something he needed right now.

“You think you’re ready?”

Bokuto almost flinched at the sudden words, making me laugh a bit. He seemed embarrassed. This was nothing like the way he usually acted. He’s got it worse than I thought he did.  I smiled a bit, rubbing at Bokuto’s shoulder a little, his attention going back to Akaashi without him responding to my question.  I suppose that was a no. I didnt want to pressure him, of course. He would do it when he’s ready.

I noticed his hands were fidgeting a bit more at the end of his shirt, nervously curling his fingers into the soft fabric. He really needed more help than I expected he did.


I wrapped an arm around Bokuto’s shoulders again, giving him the best smile I could.

“Hey..Dont worry about embarrassing yourself. You two have been friends for a long time. Even if you get rejected, which I doubt you will, you’ll most certainly stay friends. I’ve seen the way he looks at you. There is no way he doesnt feel a little bit the same for you. Come on, give it a chance.”

I could see a fire being lit in Bokuto’s eyes at the words, and I couldnt help but smile as I watched. He was rather easily inspired.  He breathed in deeply, his eyes screwing into a look that hid a sense of determination as he stepped forwards, slowly making his way over to Akaashi. I stepped away, not wanting to embarrass him to pressure him. I walked around outside the gym a bit, running a hand through my messy black hair. How the hell do I always have bed head? I mean, yeah, it looks cool. But still.

I was pulled from my train of thought as I heard my name called excitedly. I turned to see Bokuto rushing towards me, his eyes holding an enlivened glow and his face set in a grin. He seemed happy, relieved.

I knew it.

Bokuto started rambling on about Akaashi’s reaction. How cute it was, how glad he was that he felt the same way, how gorgeous his eyes looked as he heard Bokuto’s confession. I perked up a little as I heard the part about their date the next day.

Told him so.

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I know your little secret, Mr. Osborn. That nasty business in New York, then Ravenscroft—it’s tragic, really, that someone so young could be so corrupted. I’m sure people would love to read about it. Everyone loves a good tragedy. I’ve left a few clues for someone at the Star City Gazette. Let’s see if they can put the pieces together.

Harry doesn’t understand - it was kept under wraps, everything was covered up. He knew that much - Oscorp were so careful to make sure the world didn’t know about this - about what hides inside his mind. There’s only one person who knew and - Harry hopes he can still trust them. Though, it’s been a long time… so much has changed. Maybe he can’t trust anyone he thought he could.

And now he’s stuck. He can’t make any calls, can’t contact the Gazette - on the off chance that they weren’t going to figure it out, calls and investigation would change that. But he can’t just sit here and wait. He worked so hard to pull himself together. To get his head together, get himself back to normal. Back to a point where he could live his life. But this…

He wants to believe it’s a trick, a competitor trying to shake him now that Oscorp is ready to launch in Star City, but he can’t be sure. Not when they know about Ravencroft. How could they know about Ravencroft?

His neck is itching - the rash, the only leftover of his illness that came so close to claiming his life and he scratches it absently. He tries to take a deep breath, forcing himself to calm dow - he can’t lose control, not right now. He can’t let him out again, not in the face of this. He needs to figure this out - a plan of attack, defence, whatever he needs to keep this under wraps


Kolvina + Humbling Kol Mikaelson

Joe Sugg imagine || Skip the question. ||

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hi darling!! could you write one where Joe and the reader are talking about past relationships (they’re a couple btw) and Joe ends up finding out that the reader is a virgin?? thank you! ☺️💕

- -

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your imagines are amazing ahhh I literally have you on notifications 😍👌I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Joe finds out y/n is a virgin, and she gets really embarrassed about it. thank you!! 💕

- - -

Sitting in your living room with your boyfriend of a little over a month you had gotten back from seeing a movie and ended up sitting and talking about life and things like that together.

You had both found yourself on the subject of relationships gone by and it had made you feel very nervous.

“I don’t think I have any crazy ex stories.” Joe said in thought about it, he had taken a drink from his glass of water, putting it back down on the table. “What about you?” He wondered and you shook your head slowly, your heart beat getting faster. “No … Nothing crazy or exciting about my past relationships.” You admitted.

“Not even an ex who tried to kidnap you or something, ‘cause you are so beautiful?” Joe asked and your cheeks turned a deep shade of crimson, “Ah … No, none of that.” You assured, you couldn’t even imagine something like that happening to you.

A short silence had taken over you both, Joe ran his finger under his lower lip in thought, waiting for you to come up with a question as it was your turn. “What about … Hmm.” You tried thinking of a question. The longer it took you the more nervous it made you feel, you weren’t sure why.

“How old you were when … You had your first kiss? Like – proper.” You wondered, “thirteen.” Joe didn’t hesitate to answer that one, “after a school dance, a girl in the group of friends I had gone with kissed me.” He was in thought about it and before long, he shook his head, “it was awful.” He laughed, his fingers running through his hair. “You? He asked.

“Pretty much the same story.” You nodded and Joe raised his eyebrow at you, “A girl you went to a school dance with kissed you?” He asked looking amused.

“No, I meant … The same situation but with a guy.” You rolled your eyes a little. “What was his name?” Joe asked casually, feeling like something wasn’t entirely right with your answer. “Uhm, I don’t know – I can’t remember it was ages ago… Mark I think.” You shrugged it off.  “You don’t remember the name of your first kiss?” He asked casually.

“It was a long time ago – why?” You asked, not seeing the big deal about it.

“Because… I remember the name of my first kiss, what day of the week it was and what I was wearing.” Joe admitted, he was pretty sure everyone did, it wasn’t something you forgot.

Even if it sucked, it was still something special. “Oh, well – that’s nice.” You said casually, trying to avoid the subject now, feeling awkward, Joe not believing you, cleared his throat, going to ask his question now. “When did you lose your virginity?” He watched you, watching you tense up a little bit, your cheeks going a little pink.

“Skip the question.” You whispered, nervously and you avoided his stare at you.

“Why? Nothing to be embarrassed about…” Joe said, “I just don’t wanna talk about it, really.” You said, feeling a bit helpless.

Finally catching on, Joe said; “or … Maybe you don’t want to answer the question, because – you’ve never had sex?” Joe raised his eyebrow at you.

You looked up quickly, staring at him as he stared back at you. “Have so.” You said in defence. “I’m not saying it to embarrass you, I’m just saying – if you haven’t it’s not a big deal.” He shrugged now.

“It’s embarrassing anyway.” You muttered, looking out the large bay window behind your couch. “It shouldn’t be, just a yes I have or no I haven’t question, not the end of the world.” He didn’t want to make you feel weird, but it wasn’t a big deal – to him it wasn’t anyway.

“No, I’ve never had sex, okay? I’m a virgin.” You muttered, answering his question the most embarrassed you had ever been in your entire life, “and my first kiss? It was the twenty-fifth of September … A Friday … I was wearing jeans and a black sweater,” you whispered. “… You were wearing a denim jacket… You kissed me at London Victoria station because my bus had arrived early and it was the last one.” You said, now you were extremely embarrassed.

“I was your first kiss?” Joe asked in surprise, not having expected to hear that from you. “Yes.” You said lowly, still avoiding him. “(Y/N).” He said softly seeing he had embarrassed you, which wasn’t his intentions at all.

He got up from his end of the couch and slide down to sit off centre beside you, putting his hand on your knee, “I didn’t mean to upset you.” He said, watching your face.

You turned to look at him carefully. “You didn’t upset me.” You whispered. “It’s just embarrassing, okay?” You suggested,

“it’s embarrassing that I was your first kiss? I’m sure that girl at the dance thinks the same thing right now, too.” He said trying to make you smile or laugh, but you didn’t.

“No, not you … Just that, my first kiss wasn’t that long ago… I have no experience with anything, it makes me uncomfortable talking about it…” You played with your fingers.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed about, (Y/N).” He said softly. “No, I know – but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel stupid about it… Everyone else I know has lost it.” You shook your head. “Can we not talk about this anymore?” You asked.

“Listen.” Joe said, putting his arm around you and pulling you against him even though you fought him a little bit. “Don’t be embarrassed about it, I’m not gonna lie to you… I didn’t lose it myself until I was twenty, that wasn’t that long ago either… And it wasn’t to a flight attendant on a plane either.” He muttered recalling that video he made with Joe Weller and Callum.

“What?” You asked in confusion at him. “Nothing. Anyway – the point is … When you find the right somebody in your life, you’ll know it, don’t go giving up something that is special to someone who doesn’t deserve it.” He smiled at you. “I wish I would have waited, I think a lot of us do.” He nodded. “Do you feel better?” He wondered watching you.

“A little … But can we please change the subject now? Like … Anything.” You didn’t want to talk about it anymore, but you were happy knowing Joe wasn’t weirded out by your lack of sexual experience and was so sweet about it.

“Like … What do you wanna talk about?” He agreed to let the subject go. “Anything.” You shrugged, cuddling into him a little bit. “How about my pet snail?” He asked…