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So every once in a while I see the yoi/viktuuri ‘wash the dishes’ discourse come up again, and tangentially, I have to ask: What’s the dish washing culture in Russia? Basically, my question is, does Russia have dishwasher-machine culture or dishes-in-the-sink culture?

Additionally other people from other cultures, do let me know as well because in Korea, it is definitely dishes in the sink, wash by hand.

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I wonder when He Tian realized that he was atracted to Momo, how can I explain is this possible He Tian was interest in him since the beggining? I dont think so. I like to think about it because Tian's mind is a mistery to me, also my headcanon about Momo being organized broke up after this update lmao~

i had that headcanon about guan shan too, but yeah, after this chapter i think we really need to reconsider it!! at least he cleans the dishes after he’s done eating, which is more that can be said for the others………but in the end he’s still a 15 years old boy, we should probably expect him to be a bit messy!!

as for when he tian realized he was attracted to guan shan, that’s kinda hard to say: unlike guan shan, who we’re seeing slowly falling in love as time passes, he tian has always shown some kind of interest in guan shan

personally, i do think that he tian has been attracted to him since their first meeting, at least when it comes to physical attraction. a lot of people use as a proof of this the fact that he tian seems to be looking at guan shan’s lips in that moment ( which, if you ask me, he absolutely is), but not everyone thinks so

what kinda seals the deal for me is that he tian didn’t really have any reason to talk to him that morning after the fight between guan shan and jian yi/zheng xi: they were strangers, the only interaction they had was far from amicable, and it’s not like he tian ever wanted to get revenge or something like that, so i really can’t explain him deciding to get involved with guan shan, unless he tian already felt some kind of interest towards him, and a physical attraction would definitely explain that

if we're​ talking about being in love, tho, i definitely think that it came a bit later, and to me the moment that changed that for he tian, that turned a simple physical attraction to something more, is when he brought guan shan to his apartment to cook for him: in that chapter, he tian asks guan shan questions about his life, wants to learn more about him, and that’s the first moment we’ve ever saw he tian showing a personal interest towards anyone, which is a pretty big deal imho. after that, i think he just kept falling in love with guan shan more and more as time passed

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When you love your parents and know they adore you back,

but at the same time: you’re also an exhausted introvert who works in tourism; And after a string of 12+ hour days, and you just wants to chill in bed alone and play some pokemon. 

Dear Future Wife, 

Chances are I won’t be very good at buying you jewelry. Truth is I don’t really get it. But it doesn’t mean I won’t try. You don’t have to like sports. But if you do, that’s a nice bonus. You don’t have to cook, I really like cooking. I just don’t like cleaning. Something to do with dish water… you’ll learn soon enough. I really like crappy television.. like really like it. It’s not for everyone, but I promise to make it a little more tolerable (I heavily invest in their lives). I’ve thought about your taste in music. As long as your soundcloud doesn’t have every single florida georgia line song ‘liked’ and reblogged? I’ll strap on some cow boots and line dance with you once in a while. I may not be good at it, but I am willing. I absolutely hate Christmas. But I’ll take you to the Christmas markets, decorate a tree and build a gingerbread house, as long as I get to eat the access candy. It’s occurred to me that I run hot in my sleep, yet refuse to share my blankets, we’ll probably need two duvets on the bed. I get the one made with down.  You definitely don’t have to be into crossfit. I mean you might have to brush up on the lingo… it can be your second language… or third. I hope you’re multilingual, but you don’t have to be.. It has also occurred to me that there are other posts, and blogs like this out there.. someone talking to you.. You can read them all you want, but do me a favour? Please don’t marry the wrong one’s author? Marry the author of this one.

—  I know you’re reading this right now. I can’t wait until you tell me about that time you found a sappy blog post about some girl wanting her wife to know exactly who she was getting into. 
Keys to My Heart

Summary: We’ve all wanted Dan to get his piano fixed forever. But when a cute repair guy shows up and causes trouble, can a simple song played on the piano fix things? Well, that and a long overdue discussion of the past.

Word Count:  4765 

Warnings: tempers, a hickey, and lots of angst and feels

Notes: My first fic of 2017! Just a little oneshot because I wanted to write about Dan’s piano skills, which have been off to war apparently. This fic was edited by one of my new betas, the lovely @cantcatchmegaythoughts!:)

I hope you guys like this! If you do feel free to leave some feedback in my ask; you know I live for it:P

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Hiya! I hope you're doing good big sis Sori! I was, maybe beause I was already having a bad day, getting really nervous & upset about the new RR novel. I was wondering if you had an outlook or comfort to give me? You should get that IR post done too!

B-big sister? Ah! I’ll be your big sister for sure! I’ll be everyone’s big sister! I will protect you from an author that lost his love, from the fandoms whose immature view on love can ruin so much, I will protect you from all! So any IR fan who wants and needs anything a big sister should give, here I am!

Now allow your big sis Sori to shed some levity on this situation.

Let me just assume that being upset is a direct result from the faux enthusiasm of the IchiHime and ‘RenRuki’ fandoms.

Let me rephrase. I have yet to see an IchiHime fan who is a genuine RenRuki fan…. I have yet to see an IchiHime fan who is a genuine Ichigo and Orihime fan.

When you fucking spent every waking second prior to chapter 686 calling Rukia “prepubescent,” trying to take away her relevance with your “Kubo could have picked any one else,” reducing her powers to “chucking ice,” calling her fights and defining moments lackluster, pretending she’s weak, convincing your idiotic fandom that Rukia’s past and pain doesn’t apply because you don’t want her to be able to handle Ichigo’s, calling her manly so you can pretend Ichigo doesn’t see her as a woman, saying she isn’t worth Ichigo’s equal etc. you’re not a fan. You’re an asinine schmo and transparent on your beliefs. They can call her ‘Queen’ all they want, but they  don’t give a shit about Rukia and if they’re pushing this “terrible, barely worthwhile woman” to Renji, they don’t care about him either.

Don’t worry or sadden your heart, my little sister. Don’t you see how freakin’ insecure this kind of behavior is? Just think about how many of those exact same ‘fans’ making you nervous now, wasted their perpetually pissed off brain cells slaving away at many a sizable post begging trying to convince themselves and their fandoms that novels like The Honey Dish Rhapsody and the Death Save the Strawberry are fodder material in respects to IchiRuki. Now this new novel comes out and they’ve realized the error of their ways? Ha, no!

Make no mistake, they are not happy because their precious ship may be getting a novel. However, are they pissing their pants because an opportunity to push Rukia away from Ichigo has presented itself? Yeah. And quite plainly that’s where the ‘happiness’ comes from.

Let’s forget their hypocritical ways and focus on The Honey Dish Rhapsody for a little.

In particular, I really enjoyed Ichigo cleaning Rukia’s dish and ranting about the eleventh divisions terrible, horrible lack of table manners while Rukia, being so at peace, was lulled into death-deep sleep on the counter. When Ichigo turned back around and thought “What a happy expression you have there…”  and certainly don’t forget the “He [Ichigo] felt deeply that… he was so fortunate to have come to Soul Society, that he was so fortunate to have something to protect.” He thought this looking at a happy again Rukia (an emotion she hadn’t felt in a good 40 some years mind you).

What about Ichigo waking Rukia to go sleep comfortably in her room by shaking her shoulder and “feeling incredibly happy.” ? Followed by the relatable actions of a grumpy after being woken up Rukia. “Bastard! What do you think you’re doing!”

That’s not too shabby.

Or in Death Save the Strawberry (a title Kubo created):

When Orihime was asking Ichigo about his ‘condition’ and trying to reverse him back to a state before his powers left (did you hear that? It was the sound of my tears hitting the ground. Orihime so earnestly tries). That moment revealed to us,  an Ichigo living so deep in his own utter self-damnation and going through the inescapable misery of once again feeling useless because he lost an immense piece of what allowed him to feel worthwhile. His need and what he felt his purpose of existence should be just…wasn’t an option he could carry out anymore.

This scene was very reminiscent of the sadness Keigo brought up to Ichigo, but instead of Rukia being the focus, Ichigo’s powers were. This shoud remind us  that Ichigo is so, SO kind. Y,es it was terribly easy to see that his smile was fake, but he still tried hard (so hard) to pretend he was okay. Down to the “Don’t worry! Thanks for trying your best.”

Sweet berry boy.

Then, Orihime sort of curled up and put her head in her knees in disappointment and sadness, because as she thought “I want to help but I can’’t do anything for him..” and ‘I didn’t intend to put that expression on his face!” Then, Rukia comes out, rests hands on Orihime’s shoulders and:

“…..Ichigo has always fought in order to protect something. That is his action’s philosophy, as well as his foundation stone. If it’s a dispute between two people without any special powers, I’m sure Ichigo doesn’t fall behind in that respect. I think that there are lots of people he can protect in that respect too…However, he has now come to know. The existence of people he can’t save with just the power of a human being….For Ichigo whose will to protect is stronger than anyone else’s, it must be an unbearable pain…. Leave it to me.”

Rukia’s been watching Ichigo and caring for him in any way she could manage. She thought “I want to help him. Without any moments delay, by any means necessary.”

His pain must have been hers too. If they share destiny, they share the pain the comes with it.

And there we go again. It’s Rukia, always Rukia that manages to do something for Ichigo. Anti’s can preach all their crap about how the other Shinigami helped, but without Rukia, can you honestly say they would have wanted to?

Save for Rukia, they all, ALL of them, doubted Ichigo. And though it took dramatic measure, so did Ichigo’s human friends.

The Fullbring Arc wasn’t just for sad coincidence or to make a heart-breaking few chapters. It was to show where,how, and what makes Ichigo shine.         S-H-I-N-I-G-A-M-I.

You know what? For anti’s that claim he only wants power…he had power, a form of it.

But Rukia, who cares for Ichigo and places his well being and happiness above the value of her own life, above the feelings of happiness she finally experienced in being with Ichigo and company in the world of the living, above the well being of her former best friend and the prestige of her brother, above the chances of her brother being dealt bodily harm, above the scorn of her peers, and that Rukia knew Fullbringer wasn’t enough. Rukia, who knows and has experienced Ichigo’s will more than anybody else, knows that anything short of Shinigami is not enough. If power and any form of it was enough to make Ichigo happy, she would have let him be.


Let’s not forget their complete rejection of Fade to Black, a movie Kubo-sensei had an uncommonly hands-on dedication to. He worked extremely heavily on the movie from concepts to the final product, down to the script and character sketches. ‘”I [Kubo] joined in on production, put together the story and settings after discussing it with everyone…”

When Kubo had to come up with the Japanese subtitle ”Calling Out Your Name” he did it because “I…found that in the plot, someone calling out someone’s name, especially in this story where Ichigo calling out Rukia’s name was a strong expression, that even though no one else remembers you, I do, … I found out it had an important meaning behind it.”

So all the “RUKIAAAGGHHHH” jokes, yeah they actually mean a pretty heavy something. That’s why Ichigo said Rukia’s name so many times in the movie. And why when Rukia finally said ‘Ichigo,’ …well remember that deep sigh of contentment and bliss? That smile and those eyes he gave her? Yeah.

Kubo was also there from start to finish on the creation of the script and the voicing (with heavy input and much of it his original ideas). So quotes like:

“It’s not your injuries hurting you, it’s your heart…”

“Deep inside… I though Rukia would be the one to remember me..”

“Don’t hear me? I’m calling your name Rukia!”

“Ichigo! Even back in the real world you realized something happened with Nee-san! Everyone else may have forgotten about her, but you haven’t! That means you’re still connected!”

“I’m right here Rukia! Try to come back to me!”

“Try to break through to me, Rukia!”

“Rukia… is the one who changed my world!”

“I’m linked…connected… to Rukia!”

“So what’s your relationship with this Kuchiki-san?”                                      “That’s none of your—she’s a very important friend!”

“This time I will be the one to give you strength!”

“Memories aren’t everything! You can’t steal the bond that holds us together!”

Reuse of: “If we fail, both you and I will die together.”

“You saved me again.”                                                                                    “Well, you saved me first.”

“Ya know if death really isn’t an end for us, maybe that encounter wasn’t a beginning. We could’ve been linked much longer. I don’t know for sure, but I feel that a connection once linked will never disappear. So even if we forget everything, our connection will return once again. Maybe it will for you and those siblings too”

“See ya Shinigami, I’m going first.”
“I am not a Shinigami. I am Kuchiki Rukia.”

Those quotes got a pass an an A+.

It was a movie he wanted people to focus on. Namely focus on Ichigo and Rukia. “Ichigo and Rukia.I want people to focus on the change in Ichigo and Rukia’s feelings.”

Do I even need to mention the embrace, the casual living together, Kubo wanting to expand on the final speech, the red string of fate?

Then the whole, what now 9 years debate of the “More than friends, less than lovers”?

Which was actually more along the lines of “To say it’s friendship isn’t quite right, but to say it’s an amorous feeling isn’t quite right either. This two have a relationship unlike anything in other works. To be in such close standing and not dive right into romance.”

Such close standing. As in they lived together, they woke up together, they got ready for bed together, they had intimacy in casual things and not only in big, life-changing situations. Ichigo brought Rukia food, they studied for human world tests together, they had funny little adventures (i.e. searching for a body for Kon, Ichigo protecting Rukia from swindling market-men, Rukia being bribed with sweet-bean paste treats into telling Don Kanonji where Ichigo lives and then the two of them bailing on the TV personality and instead took to terrorizing a scaredy-cat spirit, etc.) They were joined at the hip and they learned things about one another no one else could know.

Casual and life-changing. That’ a pretty fantastic relationship.

But, let’s clarify a brushed over point. ‘Amorous’ or the dating/couple angle that was being discussed had to do with sexual desire. More specifically, showing, feeling, or relating to that aforementioned sexual desire.

I don’t think anybody could argue that Ichigo and Rukia are…prudish or contained in that aspect. Sure, Ichigo grew amusingly flustered at Yoruichi sudden nudity, and he was definitely curious about Matsumoto’s implied nudity, and Rukia’s partial nudity was an experience (save for Ichigo’s worry of the diminishing reputation/integrity Rukia and himself would have if people kept assuming they were sleeping together, his reaction at Isshin and Yuzu assuming he had taken Rukia ‘into his chambers to bed her’ or the shameless innuendo Tenjirō Kirinji placed on Ichigo towards Rukia ..I mean “doesn’t it put you in the mood for peaches?” directed at Ichigo is pretty damn suggestive), and yes Ichigo’s feathers were ruffled  with Orihime showing some cleavage, but Ichigo isn’t openly the type of guy to willingly go to into sexually charged situations or act on whatever degree of amorous feeling he may ever be having.

Likewise Rukia telling Ichigo when he claimed to be a moral man in the presence of Matsumoto’s teasing (tell me one person right now who doesn’t adore Rangiku?) that “why don’t you prove your morality by shutting the gap between your fingers”,being clueless about the rumors of her sexual relationship with Ichigo, and her overall modest way of carrying herself doesn’t make her the most sexually aware character in the series.

Sex isn’t the basis Ichigo or Rukia need for a foundation to a possible future romantic relationship.

To compare fairly, even Orihime doesn’t harbor amorous feelings towards Ichigo. It was a pure kind of crush, not a “how can I get him into bed?” kind of crush.

All this is extra by the way, I got that IR post you’ve been wanting coming in a fast-approaching post.

So if the new ‘RR’ novel can half match even the extra without shafting the characters even more? It would be a literary feat.

Now let’s have a talk, sister to sister.

Let’s say this RenRuki novel is amazing. Let’s say it tells us that Renji had an everlasting love and that Rukia missed him everyday. Let’s say that it gave us a play by play of the making of Ichika. Let’s say Ichigo and Orihime are included in there, being God-forbid… lovey-dovey. Let’s pretend the worst happens and the novel says that Ichigo and Rukia grew apart (by some dimensions beyond ass-pull) because of Renji and Orihime.

Originally posted by horsesaround

What more is it gonna do?

Give us two more five panel children?

Fix the canon in the manga?

Change the fact that if Kubo wanted too (and this is even before a legendary manga started deteriorating with these the two canon ships as the tip of the spearhead) these ships and their ‘romantic factor’ would have been heavily (and mutually) emphasized?

Erase that nearly 100% of the work Kubo is most proud of centers around IchiRuki?

Blow up the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of IchiRuki moments?

Make the fact that Kubo loves drawing Ichigo and Rukia together (remember when he was a shipper on national television and when asked to draw Ichigo alone..who was next to him) fly away?

Take away the color spreads and the poems dedicated to IchiRuki (let’s not even mention the infamous speed of the world poem. Lord knows how triggering it can be)?

Shred up the pages where Rukia dries Ichigo’s rain?

Set fire to how Ichigo and Rukia took away each others depression?

Rid us of the point that Rukia has protected Ichigo more than any other character in the manga?

Hypnotize everyone’s knowledge away from knowing Ichigo and Rukia have had more laughs and ridiculous adventures and casual, mundane intimacies than any other characters?

Step on the fact that Ichigo and Rukia and only Ichigo and Rukia share the titles of: King and Queen, Sand and Rotator, Yin and Yang, (Black) Sun and (White) Moon, Death and the Strawberry, the Matching Powers and et cetera,et cetera, et cetera?

Destroy the least subtle parallels I have ever witnessed, I mean I CANNOT BELIEVE Kubo’s lack of finesse , between IchiRuki and Masshin? Aka the love and destiny Ichigo inherited?

Make everyone forget that Ichigo and Rukia are the main two?

Butcher the fact that Rukia was the first character Kubo-sensei created with the intention of becoming the main protagonist and Ichigo was created and built to compliment Rukia because Kubo felt the protagonist role wasn’t for Rukia alone (literally made for her guys)?

Ice that Kubo said he felt Rukia was the protagonist for the Shinigami and Ichigo was the protagonist for the humans?

Rid us of the “Man in my Heart,” “When you’re ready talk to me,” “Despair cannot stop you,” etc. speeches?

Erase the ink strokes where Ichigo and Rukia were thought to have been in a romantic and sexual relationship (on at least 4 different occasions)?

Melt those omake Kubo drew where he shows Rukia and Ichigo spending Christmas and New Years’ together?

Delete the tweets that say thank you for loving my daughter or remove the text that shows us Kubo has freaking color schemes mapped out for IchiRuki?

Make us forget that Renji had a ‘love’ and understanding weak enough to leave Rukia alone for years and years and years? Rukia had no one, she was pulled out of the academy, her brother (Renji’s fucking captain) wouldn’t spare her a look, her lieutenant died, her captain is always sick, she never speaks to anyone, she can’t make friends easy, and what the hell did Renji do? He sat there and hoped that soon his title would impress her enough to believing he was worthwhile again. Why didn’t he go to her on the anniversary of their friends deaths, why when he surely heard the rumors of Hisana did he not go see if his best friend was okay, why when her lieutenant fucking died did he not go comfort her? Why did he let them grow worlds and people apart? Why did he ignore her as badly as Byakuya did? Why was she such a coward for her? Why was he taking her to die? Why did he cut her, why did he choke her, why did he not let her go to Ichigo when she was on her deathbed already? Why didn’t he change until he learned how to treat her better from Ichigo’s example? Why? Because, Renji is not for Rukia.

One Boy, One Shinigami. The Accidental Encounter. The Story of Destiny Begins.

That’s right, nothing else can change my world.

Even though time passes, this bond will never break.

If it can be said that the heart is unchanging, than that is strength.

Things that take you high are not only wings.

When the two that share destiny, part and reunite beyond the frame of time, the ceased clock will awake and begin to tick again.

The rain drags Black Sun down, but the rain is dried by White Moon.

The Sun that locks Heaven, the Moon the eclipses the night.

Ichigo and Rukia.

Oh my God, honestly? What more do we need to get? Would you have been truly happy getting a broken and half-assed title of canon instead of true depth and emotion? Instead of a heaven shattering, through worlds and worlds, soul-deep, we’ll die together-we’ll live together, we’ll fight together, we’ll change the world together love?

Maybe you can look at the outcome like this. Ichigo and Rukia couldn’t be together. You can place whatever forbidden fruit, different worlds, dystopian reason that makes it the most beautiful to you.

Ichigo and Rukia couldn’t be together. But they can’t be apart and they can’t be with others.

At least not beautifully.

We have everything, we can let IchiHime and RenRuki can have their rotten scraps left behind by an uncaring author and a dimensions weaker kind of ‘love’.

Ichigo and Rukia will transcend.

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could you please do when Calum and you are roommates but you don't really get along until one night that he's having a nightmare and he asks you if he can sleep with you? pretty please, love you and your writing :)

Coming home to your apartment messy with laundry all over the floor and dishes still sitting in the sink was not ideal after spending an uncanny amount of time working, but you weren’t surprised to see that Calum hadn’t cleaned up like you asked him to before leaving earlier that day. “Seriously Calum?” you asked frustrated, barging into his room, across the hall from yours. “I thought you said you were going to clean up a little around here. I don’t ask for much you know? All I ask is to come home to a decent looking apartment.” Calum sighed before rolling over to his back on his bed, arms folded across his forehead, looking up at his ceiling, not daring to make eye contact with you, “I’ve had a bad day Y/N. I really don’t feel like fighting with you right now.” Rolling your eyes you turned around, fully intending to to walk away from his “issues” but you couldn’t help yourself from fighting back, “Well Calum. When your rock star day, filled with the countless whores you bring to fuck in our apartment, and coming home drunk off your ass gets a little better. You know where you’ll find me, cleaning up your fucking mess.” You slammed his door before going downstairs to do just that.

“Y/N” Calum whispered nudging your shoulder. “Y/N. please wake up.” You lazily opened your eyes, not expecting to see your 6ft roommate leaning over your bed. “Calum, what are you doing?” “I can’t sleep.” You scrunched your eyes, not fully understanding what he thought you could do to help, “Ok?” You questioned slowly. Calum stood by your bed for a minute, not wanting to sound like a baby, but reluctantly asked, “Can I sleep with you tonight?” You got up so fast, you almost hit your head on your bed’s headboard above you, “Calum. What the hell, I’m not going to sleep with you.” You whispered-yelled, not believing that he would ask such a thing. “What? No. no no no. I didn’t meant it like that. No, I want to sleep as in actually sleep with you in your bed, I can’t get over the shit dream I just had, and I can’t really handle being alone right now.” You sighed before scooting over letting Calum slide into bed beside you. “I know you think I’m a horrible roommate and I don’t blame you. I’ve fucked up enough to where I’m surprised you haven’t kicked me out.” Calum said looking over at you, trying to catch your eyes in the darkness. “You’re not always that bad. I just, I had a bad day today too and I kind of took it out on you when I came home. So in all honesty I should be the one saying sorry.” Calum chuckled, shaking his head before leaning up on his elbow, looking down at your sprawled out figure, “All of it was true though.” Calum sighed, “I only fuck random girls because I’m scared of trusting someone with all of me. At least with them, it’s a one-time thing then it’s over. I never have to hear from them again.” There were a few moments of silence until Calum picked back up, “But you know what Y/N. I trust you. You tell me exactly what you’re thinking, I never have to question that you’re only sucking up to me because I’m Calum from 5 Seconds of Summer. I know that you like me for me, Calum, and I thank you for that. It’s comforting to know that I have a friend outside of the band.” Smiling you grabbed Calum’s hand, “Of course I’m your friend Calum.” The two of you were almost asleep before Calum spoke up, “Admit it, you’re jealous of the girls I bring home.” You sighed before replying, “Go to bed Calum, before I make you clean the bathroom, then you’ll really wish you did the dishes today.” 

Not sure if this is what you were looking for, but i hope you enjoy. Sorry its so late love! xx

Imagine having a well-planned out Valentine’s Day date with Woozi at the Pledis building rooftop.

BONUS: When you reach the building, you were surprised to see the other Seventeen members dressed up in suits and waiter attires. It turns out that Woozi “hired” them to help out with your date.

“One day, I got a phone call telling me that my dad had collapsed. He seemed rather healthy, but because he smoked too much he had a stroke. It’s still very clear in my mind, getting that call and crying while asking my mom what we should do. My dad ended up in the hospital for a few months because of his stroke. Suddenly there wasn’t anyone in our house earning money, so my mom had to start working. I was a middle school student at the time and had to start making money as well, so I ended up getting a part time job. I had to quit my classes at the academy and give up my gym membership, and started to serve and wash dishes at a ddeokbokki restaurant. Before that I had never washed dishes or done any sort of cleaning really, so I kept thinking while I worked, ‘Ah, why is my life like this?’ Before, when I wanted something, my parents would buy it for me but… I think during that time I really blamed my mom and dad for our situation.. It was quite sad. But on the positive side, I had started to call my dad at the hospital and visit him; it made me talk with him a lot more. Honestly, before my dad got sick, we didn’t talk much. When I got home from school, I would just say something like ‘I’m back’ and that would be it. As time went on, my dad was able to get discharged from the hospital and told me, ‘don’t smoke’. Later, by chance I checked his jacket… I was so surprised. Inside were cigarettes….”

“어느 날 아빠가 갑자기 쓰러지셨다는 전화가 걸려왔어요. 되게 건강하시던 아빠였는데 담배를 너무 많이 피셔서 뇌졸중이 왔던 거죠. 그 전화를 받고는 엄마에게 어떡하냐고 울었던 기억은 아직도 선명해요. 아빠는 그렇게 몇 달을 병원에 입원해계셨어요. 갑자기 돈을 버는 사람이 아무도 없으니 엄마가 돈을 벌기 시작하시더라구요. 전 그때 중학생 이었는데 저도 제 용돈을 벌어야 해서 저 또한 갑자기 알바를 하게 되었어요. 다니던 학원이랑 헬스도 한순간에 다 끊어버리고 어느 순간 떡볶이 집에서 서빙을 하고 설거지를 해야 했죠. 그전까지 집에서 설거지 한번 청소 한번 해본 적이 없어서, 일을 하면서 ‘아… 내가 왜 이러고 있지’ 란 생각이 막 들더라구요. 원래는 뭘 사달라고 하면 다 사주시던 부모님이셨는데… 그땐 엄마, 아빠를 되게 원망했던 것 같아요. 참 서러웠거든요. 근데 한편으론 아빠가 아프시니까 병원을 자주가면서 아빠와 전화도 많이 하게 되고 얘기를 많이 하게 되더라구요. 사실 아빠가 아프기 전에는 아빠와는 말도 잘 안했거든요. 집에 가면 다녀왔습니다 같은 얘기만 하는 정도였죠. 그런데 그 힘든 시간이 지나고 아빠가 퇴원하시면서 제게 말을 건네시더라구요. ‘담배 끊어라’ 라구요. 그후 얼마전 우연히 아빠 외투 주머니를 만졌는데… 순간 놀랐어요. 그 안에 담배가…” 

vividists  asked:

I really wanna prank someone today but I don't wanna be an asshole. any harmless prank suggestions to pull on people?? ♡

I told my mom I was gonna do the dishes and clean my room today but really that’s been an on going prank for years now