i was reading this kaisoo fic and then i saw this and i cried

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Hye myownfan1611... Yeah Im a big fan of ur vids!!! 😘😘😘 and also ur theories... Im from Malaysia too 😚✌🏻️ hmmm... I want to know~ When did u started to actual believe that Chanbaek is real?


to answer that actually i can’t pin pointed when i exactly started to believe in Chanbaek (or can i..?) , but perhaps around Growl era.. during EXOShowtime..?

i’m telling you, i actually 1st heard about EXO through AFF.. i like reading fanfics before, and my fav tag is “yaoi”.. i know EXO since History, but not really know them.. Hunhan introduced me to EXO’s OTPs.. i read Kaisoo fics before.. among many fics in AFF with tag yaoi, there are a lot of fic made for EXO couples.. one of the couple is Chanbaek.. i stopped reading fanfics around 2013 (Growl Era) but then EXOST come out.. i get to know them more in Showtime.. one of the reason why i get to notice Chanbaek is maybe because i used to stan Baekhyun.. during Showtime, i saw many Chanbaek moments.. how Chanyeol treated Baekhyun, their sweet phone call and many more.. after that i started do my own research.. i look up for them, looking for the evidences and gifs and moments they had before i know them, during MAMA era, Wolf era, love handsign, Showtime footsie, and many more..

me and my friend always spend hours to talk about each chanbaek moments we found.. comeout with our own theories and i start making my analysis posts.. the one time i really know for sure that Chanbaek is precious to me is when Baekyeon happened..

tbh, i cried.. i cried so hard and push myself away from EXO for weeks.. because watching Baekhyun hurts so much (like i said he used to be my top3 besides i love chanbaek so much atm).. many people told me that Chanabek is dead, sunken, destroyed and i’m so close to believe in them and leave the fandom like many other EXO fans that time.. but later, Chanbaek proof me wrong.. their 1st airport preview after the scandal.. there are many possibilities in my mind at the moment..

if chanbaek IS real - Chanyeol must be very sad bcoz of Baekyeon so he must be avoiding Baekhyun at the airport..

if Chanbaek is not real - chanbaek will be normal, laughing and joking around at the airport like they always did..

but what happened really unexpected..

Chanyeol still walk with Baekhyun.. but they didn’t talk at all.. didn’t smile at all..

and this is after few weeks.? months..?

i think this is the first airport moment after the scandal..

so i’m convinced, there’s must be something between them.. if not, why suddenly they were not like themselves after the scandal..??

why suddenly talk about their airport moment..? LOL. hahaha.. i always got carried away.. maaf.. hehe..

owh yeah.. i also look at their instagram updates (mostly Chanyeol).. Baekhyun’s apology letter, Chanyeol’s lyrics post.. many more.. hahaha..

i’ve done a lot - i mean a lot - of research regarding Chanbaek.. looking at each other their moments from so many perspectives..

like this one for example.. who is Baekhyun looking at..? Taeyeon.? Chanyeol..? Kyungsoo..? who is Baekhyun smiling at..? smiling about..? and who is Chanyeol’s looking at..? why they flinched when their eyes meet..? did their eyes meet..? when no one looking at the MC why Baekhyun looking at the Mc’s direction..? 2nd gif, why Chanyeol do that..? why Chanyeol look at Taeyeon..? did he look at Taeyeon..?  WHY..!? WHY..!?

these are all the questions (among many more) that i need to answer first before i make my statement, my standing about Chanbaek.. i may not have intel / insider info about them, but based on my instinct and my close observations, i come out with what i call - Chanbaek.. a pair that i believe so much.. with my whole heart..

unbelievers may say that i’m a delulu, and immature.. but doing what i like is not wrong.. i didn’t kill anyone, i didn’t harass anyone.. i’m using my human right to like them, and share my thoughts, my creation with other people that like the same thing as me.. ^_^

so in the nutshell (why nutshell?? haha) so in conclusion, i started seriously believe in them during Growl and stronger after Baekyeon.. hehe..

the end — lol

love -Ai-

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ive been looking for this fic where Kaisoo were dating then jongin got hurt and lost his memory of kyungsoo and kyungsoo was really really sad, suho was ksoos bro. and ksoo got drunk cuz jongin got a new gf... then he cries a lot and he and jongin do the do??? ive been looking for this fic for a year.... </3

Sorry, I don’t know this one. Hopefully someone will recognize it and HELP! Since I just read a lot of amnesia and memory loss fics looking for this one I am going to go ahead and post them all in a list here. I hope this helps soften the blow. 

*Update 6/6: someone was awesome and sent this to help find this story: Anonymous said:the anon who asked for that fic where jongin has amnesia… im sorry i dont remember the title of the fic lol but its side kaistal and jongin wakes up from his accident thinking he was still in a relationship with krystal so he moved??? i think. and ksoo kept a photo of them together but throw away the rest but one day jongin came back (i dont rmmber why but i think ksoo drunk call him??) and saw the photo and sex happens and jongin doesnt regain his memory but they’re together in the end.

This sounds so familiar!!! but I still can’t find it. However based off of this I found this story:  Living Hell That I will just add to this amnesia list. I hope this description helps the OP find their story!

: Complete 2 chapters. so good. Jongin gets memory loss so Kyungsoo fabricates some details. 

I’m home (Waiting for you): complete one shot. Jongin and Kyungsoo grow up in an orphanage together and then Jongin gets adopted and vows to return for Kyungsoo, but doesn’t. Years later he runs into Kyungsoo at college, but Kyungsoo has amnesia. 

Amnesia: Complete 13 chapters. Jongin gets amnesia and doesn’t believe he is dating Kyungsoo

Cold ocean, hot sand, warm heart: complete one shot. Kyungsoo rescues drowning Jongin, who has no memory of who he is. 

So Long: Complete one shot. Kyungsoo forgets Jongin every time he teleports away and comes back?

Black and White: Complete one shot. Tragedy. When you find out about your soul mate you can suddenly see color. They meet, but then Kyungsoo has an accident.

abandoned: complete one shot, band au, Jongin just randomly forgets who Kyungsoo is.

In life, and love: complete one shot, Jongin and Kyungsoo are old and Kyungsoo has dementia

Pumpkin Spice: Complete 9 short chapters, tragedy. Jongin recounts the story of him and Kyungsoo, who had an accident…

Forgotten: Complete one shot. They are old and Jongin has dementia this time.

Remember Me: Ongoing. High school, Jongin has ongoing memory loss and Kyungsoo deals with it.

Amnesia boy: Complete one shot. Kyungsoo is a detective on the scene, and Jongin can’t remember anything because of the traumatizing event so Kyungsoo takes him home with him

Amnesia: Complete one shot, Jongin was born with a brain thing that makes him not remember anything, Kyungsoo is his butler

This Kim Jongin: Complete one shot. Jongin’s plane goes down right after he breaks up with Kyungsoo, and doesn’t remember who he is while Kyungsoo takes care of him.