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Jason and Tim arguing over who had it worse when it came to living up to their predecessor's legacy

‘All I’m saying is… I was living in the shadow of a dead boy.’

Jason looked up from his book with a scowl, turning the page a bit more roughly than he had meant to. He and Tim had been holding their own pity party of “who had it worse” as Robin when it came to living up to their predecessor’s legacy. Jason had made some comment about “back in my days as Robin”, and Tim had had enough self-respect to become offended. And as a consequence, Jason had only gotten through five pages and was tempted to just give up reading altogether. 

Truth be told, he knew that Tim probably had it much worse than him, when it came to this specific issue. And he was only arguing with him because he knew how much arguing for the sake of arguing annoyed his brother. 

But then again, the only thing Tim really had to do in order to surpass his predecessor, was not die… so Jason stuck to his guns. He set his book down and leaned forward, giving Tim his best “I don’t even have time to tell you how wrong you are” look. 

‘Tim. Firstly, I’m a bit offended at being called a, quote unquote, “dead boy”…’

Tim frowned. ‘You call yourself a dead boy all the-’

‘-And secondly,’ Jason interrupted him cooly, ‘My standards were far, faaaar lower than Dick’s. To live up to my predecessor’s legacy meant being a perfect, obedient, chirpy, quipping, circus act, which was not happening in a million years unless global warming wasn’t a thing and hell froze over, giving us another ice age. You, on the other hand, just had to not do any of the things I did.’

Tim pursed his lips, sitting there in silence as he regarded Jason with a look of complete and utter exasperation. 

‘So…’ he said slowly, enunciating every word, ‘not die.’

Jason nodded, rolling his eyes. ‘Yeah. Like I said. Lower standards.’

Tim sighed, massaging his forehead as he turned back to his laptop, tapping the keys distractedly. ‘Okay. But consider this: in order to not die, I actually had to achieve a standard of near-perfection as Robin that not even you or Dick were expected or pressured to reach.’

‘Okay,’ Jason countered. ‘But consider this: in Bruce’s eyes, none of us are ever good enough.’

‘So your point is, we’ve all had it bad and it’s pointless to try and decide who had it worst because we all had a common denominator and standard to live up to: Bruce.’

Jason shrugged and lay on his back on the sofa, opening the book again. 

‘Even Bruce doesn’t live up to Bruce’s standards, so yes. It’s fucked up and we were all screwed from the start.’

‘Oh boy. That went south real quick.’

‘So wait, when I go off on Bruce, it’s too far. But when we’re talking about when I was a “dead boy” it’s all fine and dandy?’

‘All the time, Jason,’ Tim repeated without looking up from his laptop, his voice bland. ‘All. The. Time.’

Unable to think of a reasonable response or blatant lie, Jason scoffed and stood to find somewhere he could read in peace and not get his ear talked off or, god forbid, counselled by his younger brother.

‘Well, you try dying and see if you can stop talking about it. It’s a life-altering event, a real milestone.’

‘It’s also only meant to happen once,’ Tim said pointedly.

Jason paused to consider this. ‘Hold up. So, technically, Damian has already lived up to the standard I set as Robin because he also died and came back. Grayson had to fake it, so he’s disqualified… and we’re not counting Steph because she was never even given a chance, and would beat all our asses in the ‘who had it worst’ game.’

‘Which means I do have it worse than you, because the standard I now have to live up to is resurrection.’

‘WWJD, Timbo,’ he grinned, finger-gunning his brother as he walked backwards out the door. ‘”What Would Jason Do?”’

‘Die and come back a salty gun enthusiast,’ Tim muttered under his breath, mulling over their conversation and taking it more seriously than he should. ‘Also, Easter was last month.’

work for it | reggie mantle (riverdale)

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request: can i ask for a reggie x reader where he tries to ask her out but plays hard to get? thanks! :)

it was just another pep rally for the river vixens but for cheryl blossom it meant that there was another opportunity to be in the spotlight, being the captain and all.

you smile over to your red headed best friend, she was nervous like always. her parents had attended every single bulldog/vixen event but after jason’s death they had stopped because the memories flooded back each time they sat in those bleachers.

tonight was different though, tonight both blossom parents were here to support the teenage girl, so we had practice every damn day for at least a few hours. 

we had to make this rally perfect so cheryl could show her parents what they’ve been missing.

“you know this routine inside and out cheryl, you could do it in your sleep” you reassure her placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“thank you” she smiles softly at you “what are best friends for?” you giggle bumping her hip with your own as you apply your last coat of mascara to your eyelashes.

it was our fifth and final period and cheryl had ordered an emergency practice which resulted us being forced out to practice on the field with the jocks because the gym was being occupied by freshman gym class.

“5 minute break” cheryl yells allowing us to rest and hydrate.

you wonder over to the drinks table pouring yourself a cup a icy water from the cooler they leave there for the jocks.

“drinking our water i see?” you jump at the sudden voice almost covering yourself in water “god you scared me” you mumble wiping your mouth of the fallen liquid.

it was the one and only reggie mantle, it was common knowledge to all the kids at riverdale high that the raven haired jock had a thing for you. you flirted back and fourth tension building between the two of you.

he’d asked you out multiple times as well as half the other guys on the team but you refused to date anyone of them. the girls on your squad were puzzled at your decision to turn down only the best of riverdale high but you just shrugged it off.

you didn’t want to fall into the stereo type of an ‘easy’ cheerleader.

its not that you weren’t attracted to him because god, you were. he was tall, strong one of the best bodies in your year but he was more than that. you were the only one who’d seen past his bad boy jock facade.

he had everybody fooled, except you.

“can’t a hard working vixen get herself some cold water?”

he smirks “depends” he steps closer continuing to flirt

“will this working hard-gorgeous vixen want to go on a date with this beautiful specimen of a bulldog”

you roll your eyes placing the cup back down on the table

“you know what I’m actually not that thirsty” you turn and walk back toward your squad, swinging your hips as you know his eyes are watching your every agonising move.

“your going to have to try harder than that reg” you yell to the boy

he bites his clenched fist before jogging over to his jock friends.

you begin to stretch when cheryl approach you a smirk evident on her face. you grab her shoulder to stabilise yourself as you tuck one foot up.

“what are you doing?” she questions you, looking you up and down then behind you were you know reggie is staring based on the voice of coach clayton yelling at the poor boy.

“mantle! ball. over here” you giggle turning and giving the small boy a wave

“gosh (y/n) why don’t you just say yes!” the captain fumes at you.

“because its reggie cheryl” you muse taking a break from the stretching.

she huffs crossing her arms over her chest.

“oh c’mon you don’t seriously think i should go out with him? you hate reggie and me dating jocks remember what happened last time?”

she ignores you staring off behind you

“god what are you looking out” you turn spotting a familiar red head looking your way.

you smile and wave at your long time friend before turning and facing your best friend.”

“oh. my. god.” you squeal bouncing on your feet

“what now?” she snaps

you grin widely “you have a thing for andrews gah this is golden!!”

her eyes widen and she shakes her head “no i don’t!” she defends 

you laugh clapping your hands together

“it doesn’t matter his into you- they’re all freaking into you”

your features soften “cheryl archie is NOT into me” 

“I’m serious its completely platonic- wait what does this have to do with me and mantle?” you question dipping down to touch your toes.

“well if you start seeing the bimbo jock-” you interrupt her “don’t call him that”

she sighs “anyways if you start seeing each other than you my dear friend can put in a good word with efron- and then we can have double dates at pop’s!”

“god you didn’t just refer to archie as zac efron” you giggle

she narrows her eyes causing you to shoot your hands up “fine fine ill put in a good word to archiekins, i don’t need reggie for that”.

you bend down again touching your toes when you hear whistles and a huge thud.

you both turn quickly glancing as reggie is sprawled out onto the floor clutching his head as he rips off his helmet. before you know it your legs are carrying you over to the injured boy dropping to your knees as you approach him

“reg oh my god are you okay what happened?!” you bout running your hands over his face worry covering your expression like a blanket.

he winces trying to stand up only to stumble down, you stand quickly trying to bare all his weight. “arch” you mumble begging for the bulldog to help you out.

he swoops over holding the boy up, “what happened?!” you exclaim glancing at his team mates they all go quite holding in laughter “what?!” you ask confessed looking to your friend and the injured raven haired jock.

arch sighs laughing before answering “someone was having a good look at your ass and moose clocked him because someone didn’t have his head in the game”

you laugh covering your mouth as your cheeks heat up “hey i wasn’t-” he tries to defend himself leaning against his team mate.

“oh im sure you weren’t” you tease poking his chest

“practice is over mantle your on the beach tonight” he throws his hands in the air in frustration pulling away from the support of his red headed best friend

“c'mon coach-” coach clayton tucks his clipboard under his arm pointing a finger at the raven headed captain “i can’t afford you trying to show off to your girl- rest up”

your eyes fall to the ground blushing as Reggies attempts to cover up what his coach just said

a laugh spills from your mouth but your hands dart up to stop anymore from being realised. he glances at you with pleading eyes his rosy cheeks evident on his tan skin.

“(y/n)!” you turn to see your best friend yelling your name “i gotta get back to practice to you need help getting him to the bench?”

archie shakes his head adjusting his grip on the sulking boy “nah we’re good, go back to cheryl before she bursts a vessel”

you give the two boys a two finger salute before winking and rushing back over to your hot headed cheer captain

“jeez cap don’t get your knickers in a knot” you complain throwing your hair up into a pony tail.

she huffs turning and clapping to get the vixens attention “lets go bitches formation!” she yells

you roll your eyes getting into position catching the boys staring as we start our routine. “be right back” you mumble to the red head before jogging over to the pair on the first row of the bleachers

“yes” you smile catching reggies attention, the ice pack of his head slipping as he moves his hand away. they share a confused glance before looking back at the dumb smile on your face.

“wait what?” the raven haired boy chuckles nervously “ill come with you- on a date. pop’s. tonight” you speak with confidence twirling your hair.

a smile grows on his lips “really?” you dip down to reach his eye level “as long as ginger god comes too, for my ginger goddess” you point to the anger cheerleader standing with her vixens

“deal?” you question smile lazily placing your hand on his thigh

he looks to archie and he shrugs “im in” you give your friend a fist pump before looking back to the shy boy “deal” he finally speaks smiling up at me.

“what made you change your mind?” he asks nervously

you bite your lip backing away “i told you mantle, you had to work for it”

his smugness overwhelms his features archie elbow him in giddiness as he watches his friend flirt with the girl of his jock dreams

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Butterfly and the Beanie

Jughead x Reader

An unlikely pairing, that starts with good intentions, but… is it match made in heaven or a match that was just made to burn?

Warnings: Not everything can have a happy ending. (Swearing, Fighting.)

Word count: 3,148

A/N: I just got done watching 13 Reasons Why and feel a bit melodramatic so this happened. I did it more for a storyline and less for cute moments. I hope you all still enjoy it.  I tried first person with this one, please give me feedback on which point of view you like my writing in best: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. The narrative switches from flashback to current day, hope it’s not too confusing. Ps i’m very proud of this.

I’ve been thinking about those words ever since I walked out of school today.

High School Sweetheart

The definition: Jughead and I.

Or at least, it was.

As I walk home, holding everything in, I try not to think about it, but I can’t help it.

How I met the boy that ruined me in all the best and worst ways.

I met him at the Drive-In, a few weeks after my dad and I moved to Riverdale to start anew in the fall of my freshman year, after my mom passed away, I remember it clear as day.

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Percy Jackson Road Trips

This is how I imagine a road trip with Reyna, Nico, the 7 and Thalia would go:

•Frank having to drive because Annabeth, Thalia, Reyna, and Piper have terrible road rage, Nico and Hazel aren’t old enough, Jason drives like a grandma, and Percy and Leo stop at every attraction they see.

•Frank being terrified of being responsible for nine other lives plus Chirons van.

•Annabeth somehow snatching a seat next to Frank because she has the least amount of trouble reading the maps.

•Leo and Percy playing Pokemon on their DS’s (them arguing over who’s better, Squirtle or Charizard.)

•Reyna and Nico sitting in the way back, playing on their phones (which Leo made monster-proof), reading and ignoring everyone.

•Thalia and Piper taking up the whole second row, shouting profanities at passing drivers.

• Percy and Jason plugging Hazels ears to block out the profanity.

•Annabeth being the worst backseat driver ever, and poor Frank being the victim of it (“No, Frank! You gotta speed up! No not that fast!”)

•Mayhem breaking out when Percy reveals he has his moms blue cookies, everyone fighting over them.

•Hazel being squished in between Jason, Percy and Leo.

•Hazel playing “I Spy” with Jason

•Jason trying to calm everyone down and get them to join in on his and Hazels game.

•Eventually everyone starts singing the American anthem, and Percy keeps bugging Frank to sing along.

•Reyna and Nico just watching the madness.


CEC but only for minor details. I blame @cerusee for inadvertently inspiring this with a comment.

Jason Todd & Bruce Wayne
Rated T for Jason’s mouth

Bruce’s head hit his pillow and three seconds later he was almost completely asleep.

One second after that, the door to his bedroom was flung open and the dim light from the hallway flooded the room, seeming overbright when he snapped awake. He relaxed, just incrementally, when Jason stomped into the room and flung all six feet and two hundred-forty pounds of himself across the foot of the bed.

“I fucking hate everything,” Jason snapped, tugging a corner of the blanket over his head.

“Jay, it’s….” Bruce said wearily, sitting halfway up and glancing at the faint clock readout. “…four in the morning. What are you doing.”

“I hate you, too,” Jason said, though his heart didn’t seem to be in it. “Everything and everyone.”

Bruce was too tired and too seasoned, by now, to dramatics to let the words bite too deeply without more of an explanation. Even still, they stung a bit.

“Even Alfred?” he asked, aiming for distraction.

There was a long pause and from beneath the corner of the blanket, a muffled, “…no.”

“Well, go climb in his bed, then,” Bruce grumbled. “Let me sleep or tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t hate you,” Jason muttered a few seconds later. “I dozed off and spilled coffee on the book I was reading.”

“This seems like an excessive reaction,” Bruce said, falling back against the pillows. The thick blanket on top of him was edging away in jerks and he grabbed for it once but it was yanked out of his hand. He lifted his head enough to see Jason rolling himself in flopping turns, cocooning himself in the comforter.

When Jason stopped, he was thoroughly encased in the blanket and Bruce was left with the thin flat sheet. He sighed.

“It was Red Harvest,” Jason said. “The only one left from that set you got when–”

“I remember,” Bruce said, feeling suddenly helpless. “I’m sorry. We can find another set.”

“It’s not the same,” Jason said. “But whatever. I’m fucking overreacting, it’s not anything.”

Bruce sat up and yawned and reached down to tousle Jason’s hair, just barely visible through the slight air tunnel he’d left in the blanket.

“It’s something,” Bruce said, leaving his hand on Jason’s hair. “I’d be upset, too.”

“I’m sorry I threw The Maltese Falcon into the fireplace,” Jason said, turning his head so Bruce’s fingers brush the top of his ear. He doesn’t pull away. “It was stupid.”

“It was,” Bruce said, remembering tiny and defiant Jason’s face flickering over to panic the moment he realized what he’d done. He could still picture it with crystal clarity. “But I was more worried about your hands after you tried to pull it back out.”

“You kept trying to force painkillers into me,” Jason answered, a little wryly.

“I kept walking in on you crying,” Bruce protested, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. “Alfred had to tell me it was about the book. I thought you were in pain.”

“I was,” Jason mumbled. “But your repressed soul didn’t have the capacity to understand shit.”

Bruce chuckled and tugged on Jason’s ear.

“I’m working on it,” Bruce said.

“It’s only taken you a fricking decade or more,” Jason said. He exhaled noisily. “I’m so pissed at myself. I loved that book.”

Bruce caught himself right before offering to replace the set, again.

“I’m sorry,” he said instead.

“I’m gonna get up,” Jason said. “I’ll let you sleep.”

“You can stay,” Bruce said, glancing at the clock and dreading waking up in two hours. He was reluctant still to make Jason feel unwelcome. “But I’d like that comforter back.”

“Nuh-uh,” Jason mumbled. “Get your own.”

“It is my–” Bruce cut himself off.

Within the blanket, Jason gently snored. Bruce slowly pulled his hand away from Jason’s hair.

Bruce debated getting out of bed and rummaging in the linen closet for another blanket but he decided it was too much work, and pulled the sheet up around his shoulders and went back to sleep.

Batfamily x Reader - Warrior (Pt 1)


Requested: no

Song: none

Word Count: 1471


It was humid and dark outside around 3:30 am at Wayne manor, no stars shown through the thick clouds and smog. You would think that when it’s humid, the air would smell fresh and clean, but not here. The air smelled stale and compressed, like it was trying to suffocate you, but didn’t put in enough effort to actually succeed.

The house was quiet and dark, empty and silent. The halls were eerily quiet and no shadows were cast on the walls because the moon was buried deep behind the seemingly millions of layers of smoke. It was pitch black and silent, except for one room. The light in your bathroom was on and barely audible cries came out muffled through your hands as you sat on the floor next to the sink.

A razor covered in thick, red, fresh, blood sat in the sink along with all of your soul, poured out of your body with your blood, as well as your will to live, and by the bottle of pills spilled all over the floor, you already knew this, yet the house stayed silent, as if it was holding its breath, awaiting your next move.

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The Best Day of Your Life

Anon:  Soulmate AU! Where on your fifteenth birthday the name of your soulmate appears above your heart.  With Jaybird please!

A/N:  You have no idea how excited I am for this.  Jay is my true love, and thinking about this request just gives me chills ^.^

(Y/F/S) – Your favorite show

Word Count:  This is hella long.  I have no regrets.  7,087

Warnings:  Language, sexual talk, sexual crap going on (not much detail)  NO SMUT

Also, this is my first reader insert.   So, please, cut me some slack!  And you may notice some similarity to Batman: Under the Red Hood. Well that’s because that is what I was going for.  But I had no way to watch it when I wrote this, so it is definitely different.  Oh well.  Let me know what you think!

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The Literature Incident

Jason prided himself in being a man of great literary tastes.

Therefore, this had to be done.

“What the hell are you doing, Todd?”

Jason hesitated for a mere second before continuing to pull books from Damian’s personal bookshelves. “Doing what needs to be done. Look at this!” he cried dramatically, but with a hint of anger. “Aristotle? Plato?!”

Damian’s brows furrowed into a pout and he walked further into his room. “What is wrong with Plato and Aristotle? They were both respected and brilliant philosophers-,”

“In ancient Greece!” the older brother turned and almost slammed the thick volumes on the table behind him before whirling around and resuming his job, almost hellbent now. “No modern literature!”

“Well, I don’t generally find the concept of dystopian futures and ridiculous love triangles to be very appealing, Todd, so no-,”

“You haven’t even gotten any Romantics!” Jason threw his hands in the air, sounding offended. “How on earth do you not have any Romantics?!”

Damian’s frown deepened and he stepped closer, picking up one of the discarded books and running his hand over the cover. “I read Frankenstein, Todd, and honestly, why is it that much of a concern to you-,”

Frankenstein is Gothic you brat.” The man snapped, throwing more books onto the table in exasperation. His expression turned sour when he returned to the shelves before him, hand skimming down three whole rows with a scowl. “Shakespeare. More Shakespeare.”

“I will have you know, Todd, that William Shakespeare was a brilliant author and you have no right to disrespect him in such a manner!” the 13-year-old barely caught the 2 special edition sonnet books that Jason tossed backward before they flew across the room. “He is-,”

“And, oh look! More Shakespeare!” Jason interrupted again, earning a grumpy huff from his younger sibling.

“I like the wordsmith.” Damian rolled his eyes and gently, almost lovingly, placed the thin novels on the table with the others. He looked up to find Jason grabbing several more volumes into his arms and looking over the next few rows.

“Read some goddamn Thoreau, you literary piece of shit.” He snapped, eyebrows furrowing in disgust. “Better yet, Hemingway. Anthony Burgess, that’s some weird shit. You’d probably like that.”

The boy sighed, stomping up next to his older brother and placing his arms outstretched. “Give me back my Shakespeare, Todd.”

“Are these History books?!” Jason asked, voice going up an octave in disbelief.

“Yes, I-,”

“You read these for leisure?!” He sounded on the verge of a breakdown.

Damian crossed his arms. “Mother has always taught me to know the valuable knowledge of this world, and that includes their history.”

Jason slowly turned his head towards his little brother, eyes narrowed in anger. He growled; He would not have his little brother so unexposed to good literature! Talia had brainwashed him with all this non-fiction stuff, he needed some good fantasy! “Your mother is a monster!”

Damian rolled his eyes again. “I do believe that has been greatly accepted in this family, Todd, but this is the first time I am hearing it being used to insult my knowledge of “modern” literature.”

“You have 5 copies of Dracula?!” Jason slammed the Shakespeare novels on Damian’s bed and shuffled through the books with vigor. Suddenly, he drew away and cast a glance to his little brother. “You’ve read Jane Eyre?”

His green eyes became unamused. “Once. Never again.”

The Great Gatsby, The Odyssey, the Tale of Two Cities, Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens, The Art of War?!” Jason scoffed, throwing his hands in the air. “All of these classics!”

“I thought you liked classical literature, Todd,” Damian said pointedly. “Father told me that when you were a child you greatly enjoyed the times when he or Pennyworth would read them to you. Why are you so upset about me having them?”

“I am not upset that you have them, Short Stop.” He hissed. “I am upset that you have them and not other books!”

“What other books, Todd?”

Jason was appalled. He knew that Damian had been raised with a bit of a traditional childhood, but he didn’t know that it was this severe.

Gesturing to the bookshelves, he almost shouted, “Harry Potter! Percy Jackson! Some Narnia maybe?”

“Narnia is not a modern series, Todd,” Damian added with another eye roll. “It was written by C. S. Lewis in the 1940’s and was-,”

“More modern than these!” Jason interrupted. His eyes raked over the last few books in Damian’s collection and his heart puttered to a stop. Realization hit him and he turned, ever so slowly, almost without breathing, and whispered. “Tolkien.”

The newly teen raised an eyebrow. “What?”


“Are those the books that you were so enthusiastic about as a child-,”


“I do believe that you are overreacting, Todd. They’re merely books.”

Jason froze, completely, arms outstretched in anger and eyes wide.

Merely books.

Merely books?

How dare he.

“We’re going to the bookstore,” Jason stated, grabbing Damian’s hand and dragging him towards the door. “We are going to fix this atrocious disaster and then I am going to piss on your mother’s grave. Come on.”

“Todd-what- let go of me!”


“Todd, unhand me this instant!”


Damian will never admit it, but later that night, when he is seated in front of Todd, cross-legged and quiet as Jason reads The Fellowship of the Ring to him, using all different types of accent for the many different characters, he hasn’t been happier all week.


Whore4batfam posted a little thing a while ago about Jason sorting through Damian’s books and I just couldn’t help myself. They’re idea, my little ficlet thing!


anonymous asked:

I love this prompt challenge! Reading your stuff makes me so happy. If you're still accepting numbers, could you do 18 and/or 34 for Jason and an older batsis pleeeeease?

Thank you! Yes, as of now, I am still accepting the numbers’ prompt challenge and thank you for requesting! Hope this was okay enough for you? It’s too short for my liking though.

“Jason, how are you?” The moment you heard your brother was alive, you had stopped at nothing until you found out where he was currently living and without even waiting for Bruce or Dick, you had immediately tracked him down and thus, here you were.

Jason scoffed. “I am alive… I can tell because of the pain.” He grunted before stepping aside and finally letting you in to his apartment. He stared at you as you walked in, taking in the sight of his apartment and somehow Jason is kinda glad he had bothered to clean it this morning.

“Don’t get smart with me, Jay.” You told him before turning to look – really look – at him. Jason is taller than you remembered, a lot more handsome than you remembered as well. But you know deep down, very, very deep inside was still the little brother that grew up with you and looked up to you.

Jason closed the door and crossed his arms. “What do you want?”

You stared at him for the longest time, causing Jason to fidget and tense under your stare. “Just wanted to see how my little brother is doing.”

Jason rolled his eyes and uncrossed his arms. “You saw me – I’m alive – so you can leave.” He turned back to open the door but stopped in his track when he registered the arms that is now wrapped around his body. “What the – “

“I missed you a lot, Jason and I never stopped thinking about you.” You finally cried in to his back. Those long months of mourning, hating the world, depression and even acceptance’s worth of tears poured out of you and you tightened the hold you had on Jason.

Jason could feel the back of his shirt getting damper and he swallowed the lump in his throat before turning around. Your arms are loosely around his waist now and Jason sighed before lifting up his hand to pat your head, tenderly albeit awkwardly.

You smiled through your tears. Your brother was never one to know how to express his feelings for you. So you pulled back and gave him a small smile. “I’m glad you are alive – I really am.” You told him as you wiped away your tears. You stepped back and took a deep breath before exhaling. “I just wanted to see you.”

Jason nodded his head before he opened the door. You take one more look at your brother before heading towards the door. Jason will talk to you whenever he is ready, you told yourself. You are not going to push him for answers right now.

But as soon as you stepped out of his apartment, you are drawn back in to a very quick embrace from Jason. You turned around to face him; Jason is not looking in your direction and instead, he is looking at something in the distance. “It’s not like I missed you too or anything.” He muttered but that was loud enough for you to hear and you knew right then that the two of you will be fine.

glass-closet  asked:

I am here to take your virginity! Well, your ass.. ask virginity. Right. I have an actual question, too: what were your three favourite J2 moments of 2016?

Oh, my Dear @seraphyde666, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to take my TumblrCherry!!

And girl, is this thing painful… Only three best moments? You’re killing me here, I’m a terrible lister, I never do them because the moment I’m done with them I know I’ll remember something better than what I’d picked. But, hell, I’m not gonna be a virgin forever, no, siree, I refuse! So here goes cheating….

1. JIB 2016

For all that JIB 2015 killed us with sorrow, JIB 2016 redeemed us with quite a few memorable moments. I’ll tell you three of my favorites:

The Epic Hug

There’s not much you can say about that, especially not now, everything has been said and we all kinda have an idea of how important that entire moment was: from Jared choking up to Jensen fiercely pulling Jared to him—and the pats on the head.


The Blushing Bride

This is a moment that not many talked about but I loved for so many reasons. Look at Jared self-conscious at hearing his friend Jason tell him and the world how much Jensen was smitten when he met Jared. It’s such a sweet moment.

“The one that changes everything”

“Smitten” was actually the word Jason used to describe how gone Jensen was, form day one; it’s a pity that I can’t seem to find were I read that, back in the day.


The Non-stop Looks (Jailbreak)

Here we have Jensen once again serenading his husband. Through all the songs he sang he found a way to sneak a peek to his Jared.


And it all culminated with this…


2. Hiatus Bliss

J2 roaming the Arrow Stages and their awesome caps.

My boy

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J2 reenacting some of our fanfics…

This very significant moment…

And this… I have no words…

3. The Last Hurray

When I saw this picture my heart legit skipped a couple of beats. This picture SCREAMS couple so much that I had to change the captions for Jared's sake

Unfortunately, that was the last time J2 willingly let us know they were having a Date Night.

Honorable Mentions


No Brothers Allowed

Prompt: Every single blanket and pillow has disappeared from the Wayne Manor mysteriously, along with Tim’s s/o and Damien… Turns out they made themselves and epic pillow fort and refused Tim of his s/o because Damien and them were having bonding time. So Tim spends the next four hours trying to get his s/o back from Damien while his s/o sided with Damien. by anon

“Okay, Jason, it isn’t funny anymore. Give me back my pillows and blankets.” Dick demanded as he stalked into the kitchen. He had come to the manor to find all the bedding in his room missing.

“Only if you give me mine back, Dick.” Jason retorted.

“I don’t have your shit!” Dick said angrily.

“The stuff from my bed is missing, too.” Tim pointed out before Jason could react. “Y/N and Damian are also nowhere to be found.”

The three men just stood there in silence for several seconds before wordlessly heading up to Damian’s room.

They found a sign on the door that said “No Brothers Allowed.”

“The fuck does that mean?” Jason asked, lifting it up and looking at the back. On the reverse of the sign, “This means Drake, Grayson, and Todd. Father and Pennyworth are on a case by case exception.”

“The little shit is too smart for his own good.” Jason muttered as he reached for the doorknob.

“Wait, it might be trapped.” Dick said, pulling Jason’s hand back before it could make contact. He instead reached up and knocked.

“Hey, Dami, my sweet little brother whom I love very much, do you happen to know where our blankets and pillows are?” Dick called out.

“I have commandeered them, Grayson. L/N and I required them for our miniature batfort.” Came the slightly muffled response.

“So Y/N is in there with you?” Tim asked. He was afraid he had angered her earlier because he was paying attention to a game instead of her. His one day off this week and he was ending up spending it without his girlfriend.

“Yeah, I am in here, Tim. Do you need something?” He sighed when he heard her voice.

“I was gonna go get dinner and wanted to know if you were coming with me.” He answered.

He could hear the two whisper back and forth for a bit before Y/N answered. “We actually have some food in here so I’m good.”

Tim frowned as he heard Jason snort beside him. “Demon spawn stole your girlfriend, man.” He laughed. Dick nudged him and gave him a disapproving glare, but that didn’t wipe the smirk from Jason’s face.

“Well, then can I at least come in and have dinner with you two?” Tim pleaded.

“Are you incapable of reading the sign, Drake? It says ‘No Brothers Allowed’ and you are listed specifically on the back.” He heard Damian call out from the other side of the door. No doubt the boy had moved to block entry of any who tried to breach his stronghold.

“Y/N, come on. It is the one free day I have this week and I would like to spend some of it with you.” Tim begged, ignoring the way Jason started shaking with laughter.

“Did Damian fucking stutter? I think he made it clear you aren’t allowed in here.” Tim sighed at her words and started to walk away. He stopped when he heard the door open. He turned to see Y/N leaning into the hallway with a teasing smile on her face.

“You can swing by around seven with some takeout and I’ll bring our blankets back to our room. But only if you leave us alone until then.”

“Sounds fair to me.” Tim said with a smile as he headed down the stairs.

“Glad that is settled. Can we have our stuff back now?” Dick asked with a sickeningly sweet voice.

Y/N pondered it for a moment before looking him in the eyes. “No.”

The door slammed in the blink of an eye and laughter echoed out from the homemade fortress.

What Every happened to Jason Todd?

I realized the other day that Jason Todd has an odd early history that newer fans that met him after his 1988 death might not know, or really understand. So buckle up kids! it’s time for Comics history

the year is 1980 and what’s about to happen is all George Pérez and Marv Wolfman’s fault. Most things in the 1980s are Perez and Wolfman’s fault come to think of that, more later. You see back between 1966 and 1978 the Teen Titans had been a moderately successful book. However in 1980 DC relaunched them with a new book and a new line up and Perez on art and Wolfman on writing 

I don’t think I can over state how big of a deal this turned out to be. The New Teen Titans might still be the best selling comic book DC has ever had. the Titans were wildly popular and drawing in a new readership of late teens, 20somethings and even a few adults and as it turns out those people have a lot more money then children. However DC had a problem, the leader of it’s flag ship team, Dick Grayson, was a side kick. Technically so was Kid Flash and kinda also Wonder Girl (who is complicated) but neither was as big a part of their hero’s comic as Robin. So around 1983, 3 years into the New Teen Titans mega run the idea of replacing Dick with a new Robin was born. 

Yes that’s right that little ginger boy in pink is Jason, the very first time he shows up in comics. You see DC was so nervous about replacing a beloved character (remember in 1983 there had only ever been one Robin for over 40 years) that they gave Jason the exact same back story as Dick. Dick’s mother and father were the Flying Graysons, Jason’s family the Flying Todds, and you guessed it, Jason’s Parents get murdered

and he gets adopted by Bruce 

for reasons I don’t really understand (mostly having to do with tricking people into think Jason was Dick) they dyed his hair black and Dick turned over the old Robin suit and name to the kid. The next few years aren’t great as Jason lacks a clear personality, and was drawn basically just the same as Dick. but in 1986 Mike Barr, Alan Davis, and Paul Neary took over at Detective Comics, while their run is short, it also is where the iconic Jason of the 1980s comes from

the art style made Jason clearly distinct from Dick by making him very small and skinny, giving him big eyes, while Barr’s writing played up the small adorable bean. 

Special mention should go to Doug McEnch’s earlier writing for opening the way for a small and adorable Jason

Any ways remember how I said everything is Perez and Wolfman’s fault? well here we go. Having gotten sky high sales out of their wonder boys DC asked them what they wanted. The answer? to remake the world. I won’t go into it but by the middle 1980s DC’s continuity was a bit of a mess and it fell to Perez and Wolfman to fix it. 

This was Crisis on Infinite Earths, which if you haven’t read, you should. Any ways the blew up all DC reality and started over again. So when reworking orgin stories the higher ups were a little embarrassed the Jason Todd and Dick Grayson have the same one, and they’d largely stopped talking about Jason as a circus boy any ways so in 1987 the new origin of Jason Todd was born

This version of Jason was slightly more scrappy than before, but this has been greatly overstated:

Sadly for Jason as always in the 1980s he was a victim of forces outside his control. Two major Batman works came out around this time. 1986′s The Dark Knight Returns and 1987′s Batman Year One both by Frank Miller

Both are grim and gritty takes on Batman when that was a pretty new idea. Year One is more important since it is a retelling of Batman’s first year, a dark grim hardcore story line that had no Robin. Batman was drawing in new “serious” and adult fans while fans that came in as teens in the 1980s during the vampire years (no really it was a thing) were adulating. And a large number did not like Robin, some people didn’t like that he wasn’t Dick Grayson the Robin they grew up with. Some people didn’t like that he was drawn as a cute small bean, and some people just hated Robin and longed for a mythical past when Batman was hardcore and didn’t have a Robin. Writers struggled to fit Jason into this new and darker world resulting in

The famous comic where in Jason maybe throws a spousal abuser off a balcony. This pleased basically no one, Jason’s fans were horrified by this shift from up beat punning happy Robin to angry and violent, a lot of fans were turned off by this maybe breaking of the No Kill rule, and those who didn’t like him saw him throughout this story line as whiny and rebellious against Batman. The stage was set for

DC decided in 1988 to let fans decide if Jason lived or died, in any case they planed to retire him any ways. The facts around the phone line are disputed, it seems pretty clear DC never expected him to die. A few factors worked against him, the big one being it was 50 cents a call, that’s about a buck today but for teenagers without credit cards there was really no way to vote. There’s long been a rumor that one guy set up a machine to dial in to the kill number once every 90 seconds for 8 hours. Though this story has never been confirmed. Any ways at the end of the day over 10,000 people voted, 5,271 to live and 5,343 to die. 

Hope that was informative 

Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Reader- Stalker From Another Universe (Part 3)

I’m so sorry for not posting!! A lot of stuff has been going on, but I’m back!!

Part 1                  Part 2

“I wonder if I’m showing up in a comic book right now,” you said, staring out the apartment window.  “That would be pretty cool.”

Jason laughed and joined you by the window, “Yeah, but how would they draw you?  From what I’ve heard, you don’t like all of the styles they draw me in.”

You nodded, “It’s probably the dude that’s in charge of drawing Red Hood and The Outlaws.”

“He does get my good side,” he joked.

You snorted and nodded once again, your focus still on the beautiful horizon of Gotham.  It had been two months since you magically appeared in Jason’s apartment, freaking both him and you out.  After that fiasco, he called Roy to help you adjust to the weird universe you might be stuck in.  None of the members of the Justice League called Jason to tell him they figured out how to send you back home, and you were starting to lose hope.  It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy spending time with Jason and Roy, but you worried for you family and friends.  You worried that they might think you were kidnapped, killed or even sold in human trafficking.  You shuddered at the thought.

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Sick Day

For @audreycritter you accidentally inspired me today, enjoy the fluff. 

Words: 1,500

Rating: Gen

Summary: Bruce isn’t feeling well, and Damian wants to make sure he gets proper rest. 

Across the table from Bruce Damian sneezed. The boy rubbed fiercely at his nose with the back of his hand, before returning his attention to his breakfast. Bruce watched him for a few moments before deciding the sneeze was the result of some dust in the air and not a sign of illness. He always had to check with Damian, his youngest made a habit of concealing anything he took as a sign of weakness.

Bruce settled back in his chair and took up his coffee mug to take a sip. The liquid caught in his throat for a moment, prompting a cough he knew would result in spraying Damian with hot coffee. He resisted, swallowing the sip a moment before the cough broke out. Damian looked up from his food, a tiny frown on his face. Bruce held a hand up as he tried to stem the coughing fit and at last caught his breath.

“Coffee went down the wrong pipe.” He said.

Damian’s frown deepened. “That would not be possible, Father. But I understand your meaning.”

Bruce chuckled and found himself coughing again, the tickle of liquid at the back of his throat still irritating him. He took a second drink from his coffee cup, this one more of a gulp, to stem the tide of the coughs. At last they stilled. Damian’s frown had turned into a line, one that read as worried.

“I’m fine.” Bruce repeated his reassurance. Except now that he said it, he wasn’t sure it was true. His initial coughing had been due to the mishap with the coffee, but his throat was still scratchy. He shrugged it off as burning from the coffee.

Damian clicked his tongue. “If you say so.”

It was afternoon when Bruce finally admitted it to himself. There was something wrong. It didn’t feel like allergies, as much as he hoped it was, but more like the beginnings of a cold. He decided to leave early from the office asking his assistant to forward any messages he might need and returned to the manor. He called a cab instead of Alfred, by the time he made it home he was feeling even worse.

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The strongest Talon: 4

A/n: thanks for reading guys.

Jason watched his sister, y/n, come down the stairs. He couldn’t believe how much you had changed. Other than captain sunshine, you were one of the sweetest ones in the family. Now, you were so quiet and broken. It hurt him so much to see you like this.

You walked over to the mats and stopped in front of Jason. He looked down at you (since the boy is 6"1 which is giant compared to the author) and smirked.

“We gonna do this or not?” You said impatiently. He laughed a bit.

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Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Originally posted on my Wattpad account!

“Listen, I have a quick question for you, do you want to help me with an experiment?” you ask Dick.

“A what? ” he asks confused.

“E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T!” you spell it out for him and he gives you the ‘really’ look.

“I’ve heard that, I meant what kind Y/n? ”

“Uh, so we kinda, sorta get Jay a bit jealous…” You mumbled out quickly turning around.

“Jay jealous? What did you do?! ” he asks now clearly curious.

“Funny you should ask…A guy wanted my number but of course I politely declined saying that I have a boyfriend,and well Jason saw it and he kinda punched the guy but didn’t want to admit that he was jealous.” you pour it all out.

“A.. Ha.. Where exactly do I come in? ” Dick raises an eyebrow at you.

“I want you to pretend that you’re going to kiss me.” you smile at him and his jaw drops.

“And end up in a gutter somewhere?! No thank you! ” he scuffs.

“Dick pleaseee! I’ll do anything you want for a week!” you plead and he shakes his head.

“Not a chance, I’m not ending up with a bullet between my eyes because your boyfriend won’t admit he’s jealous! ”


“Remember the plan.” you wink at Dick.

“I hate you so much right now Y/n. ” he hisses at you.

“Batman costume for you Dick and brand new weapons from Roy and Bruce!” you reminded him and he sighed noding.

“Oh hey Dick! How are you? ” you say a bit louder hoping to get Jasons attention who was upstairs.

“Great, I just missed those…uh..beautiful eyes of yours?” Dick played along a bit unsure hoping that Jason didn’t have a gun with him.
“You’re such a charmer. ” you flirt ready to put your arm on his shoulder when it was snatched half way trough.

“This is my cue!” Dick announces and runs off.

“Coward.. ” you scuff.

“What in the name of Batman are you doing Y/n?” Jason asks you, anger evident on his face as he holds your wrist.

“Noothiiiing.. "you trail off.

"Bullshit.. Spill.” he demands and gives you a look.

“Okay fine! I wanted to make you jealous! You say you’re not but clearly you are! ” you say and pull back your wrist from his grip.

“Every guy says he’s not jealous when he really is!” Jason starts to laugh at you and you pout stomping your feet.

“Stop laughing or I’ll go that other guy who wanted my number! ” you protest and Jason stops laughing a serious look now on his face.
He pulls you closer kissing you on the lips.

“It wouldn’t work anyway… Unless you have a Lazarus pit near by..” he trails off and walks away.

“Jay! You didn’t! Tell me you didn’t! ” your eyes winden in understanding of what he just said.

“I love you Y/n!” he yells back at you avoiding the subject completely.

“Oh not again.. ” you mumble under breath.

Hope you liked it!
Thank you for reading! ❤
~MadRedQueen000 💋

Trauma and Healing: Meeting the Outlaws [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Part 2 my dears! Hope you love it <3

Warning: Mental Illness (hearing voices)

Ch. 1 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 4 - Ch. 5


Ch. 2 Meeting the Outlaws

Waking up felt… strange. It’s warm and soft, comfortable even. There was a soft light trying to penetrate through your eyelids. Was this a dream? You haven’t felt like this in years, not since you were taken. Having forgotten this feeling, before it was just something you imagined and tried to remember, but now it’s real.

You move your hands around where you were laying. Feeling sheets and a comforter, the pillow under your head. Taking a deep breath, noticing the smell of cigarettes, gunpowder, and green apple? A surprisingly nice concoction. Opening your eyes, greeted by the warm light streaming in from the windows.

Sitting up slowly, wincing when feeling pain pulse through your temple. Bringing your hand up to massage the side of your head. Looking around, first noticing the red blanket wrapped around you. Then seeing a few guns on a dresser, also seeing a desk with a laptop and manilia files. A rather large collection of novels scattered on a bookshelf. There was a copy of ‘The Outsiders’ marked and on the night stand.

“Where?” Mumbling while still surveying the room. Hearing the door click, eyes shooting in the direction.

A woman peered in, she had green eyes with orange skin and hair. “You are awake” she smiled. Turning to what seemed like gesture someone to come.

Seeing a man with red hair come in, wearing sunglasses. Then the man who saved you the night prior, remembering the red helmet. “Who are you? Where am I?” staring at the three. The three exchanged looks, “I’m Arsenal, then there’s Red Hood and Starfire” the red haired man introduced them all.

You simply continued to stare, “You’re in our safe house, can you tell us your name and what happened to you?” Red Hood asked next.

“I, uh, I’m [F/n] [L/n]” you paused. “And I’d rather not talk about it” grip on the blanket tightening.

“We don’t mean about the trafficking. About your powers is what we mean.” Arsenal clarified whilst taking a hesitant step forward. You had to stand up, “I-I don’t know what you mean. W-What p-powers?” stuttering as, mind trying to wrap around the accusation.

The two looked at Red Hood who came and stood in front of you. A familiar smell of cigarettes and gunpowder wafting toward you. “When I took King down, you looked as if you were hearing things. You were yelling for something to ‘shut up’ before an energy pulse came from you.” He explained calmly, you stared at his mask before turning away and running a hand through your hair.

“I-I hear whispers sometimes. But it’s just from being held for so long.” You shook your head, trying to convince yourself. The three looked back at each other, “Were you in Central City the night of the particle accelerator explosion?” You heard Arsenal’s voice from behind you.

Thinking you walked and looked out the window, seeing the skyline. Remembering back through all of the times you were ever sent to Central City. Rubbing your face when remembering the night in question. You had been.

Crossing your arms across your chest and rubbing your upper arms. Looking over your shoulder nodding but keeping your gaze on the floor.

After that night the whispers started.

“We should let you get cleaned up, please use our bathroom and shower. I could let you borrow some clothes of mine.” Starfire offered.

“Thank you, I’d appreciate that” Looking down at your old, dirty clothes.

The three exited the room, leaving you to stare out the window. Taking a deep breath you went into the bathroom that seemed to adjoin the room. Seeing a towel laid out already. Closing the door behind you before turning on the shower. Not able to remember the last time you had taken a shower.

The warm water washed away all of the dirt and grime from your captivity. Observing the bottles of soaps. Eyes landing on the shampoo called ‘Harvest Apples,’ smiling upon remembering the scent that came off the sheets earlier. So, Red Hood was the one to offer you his bed.

The three outlaws stayed in the common room. Jason was leaning against the back of the couch, of which Roy was sitting, and Kori was sitting on the floor cross legged.

They didn’t speak until they heard the shower start. Kori broke the silence first, “Do you think she is a metahuman?” watching the two men in front of you.

“It’s possible, from what I saw it seems that way.” Jason looked between the two. “Maybe we should call Ollie and Bruce? They will know how to figure out what she can do.” Roy suggested, fiddling with one of his arrows.

“That may not be a bad idea” Kori affirmed, they both looked at Jason.

He may be on good terms with Bruce again after forming the Outlaws but he still preferred to keep Outlaw matters separate from the League. Though he knew they were right, they had a Tamaranean, an archer, and a marksman. They didn’t exactly know too much about metas.

Sighing, “Fine, but just them. The League doesn’t get involved.” Jason stated as they both nodded. Roy went to call Oliver while Jason headed on to the fire escape to call Bruce. Kori headed into her room to find some clothes for you.

Finding a pair of jeans and a sweater. Walking back to Jason’s room, where he offered to let you rest. She laid the clothes on the bed, noticing your discarded clothes on the floor and the bathroom door closed. She lifted up the dark green button up shirt you once wore, taking note of the holes and tears. It was dingy and tattered.

She heard the shower turn off and headed back to the common room, finding the two back and done with their phone calls. “Well?” questioning upon stopping in front of them.

“They’ll be here early tomorrow morning.” Roy began, crossing his arms. “Bats promised to keep it out of League matters.” Jason continued on relaying the messages they received. Kori nodded, “I put some clothes in there for her, I think I’ll let her keep them. The other clothes are littered with holes.”

“When I was in there the shower turned off, I’d get your helmet and glasses if you wish to keep your identities secret” Kori observed as the two men nodded and searched for the items. Though you never came out.

“Should we check on her? It’s been 45min.” Roy stared at the still closed door. “She will come out when she is ready” Kori commented, flipping through a magazine. Jason nodded reading the book he swept off the nightstand before leaving the room earlier.

After 15 more minutes Roy’s curiosity was getting the better of him. “I want to see what she’s doing” he stood and walked to the door. Quietly cracking the door open. He peered in the room the others coming behind him. You were sitting on the floor head in your hands, hands covering your ears. They could hear you faintly mumbling something. Listening closer, hearing “Just be quiet. Stop.. Stop!” in a faint whisper.

Though your voice grew, hands beginning to pound on the side of your head. “Stop! Stop! Just shut up!” yelling. Jason ran into the room, the others right behind him.

He grabbed your hands and kept you from hitting yourself, “Stop! [F/n] Stop!” yelling to get through to you. When you looked at him your eyes had changed color from [e/c] to fiery gold, a magic of the same color swirled around your hands. He let you go and stepped back as you stopped resisting.

Your eyes widened at the sight, taking deep breaths. The magic faded and your head dropped in your hands again. Rubbing your eyes before looking at the three, “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for” Kori kneeled beside you.

Jason and Roy looked at each other, Jason looked back at you. His hands went to his helmet, he pulled it off. Roy followed suit with his glasses.

“[F/n]” he sat in front of you. You were shocked to see the two without their mask and glasses on. “You’re welcome to stay with us, my real names Jason Todd. That’s Roy Harper and she’s Koriand’r or Kori. We want to help you with your powers.” He watched as your eyes returned to their initial shade as you relaxed.

“I-I couldn’t burden you like that.” You looked between the three.

“No burden at all, we’d be honored to help you.” Kori smiled, placing a hand on your shoulder. “You already almost punched Jay, you’re an Outlaw already” Roy laughed, receiving a glare from the marksman.

“I don’t know what to say” looking back at Jason. “That you’ll let us help you” he instructed. You were stunned at first before allowing a smile and nodding. Kori smiled and hugged you. It had been so long since you felt a friendly touch. Usually you’d recoil from such an embrace but no this time you accepted it. Though Roy was soon to tackle the both of you. Jason only laughed, you smiled up at him.

This caused what felt like butterflies to form in his stomach. What’s that about?

You were happy to have help from them, but you couldn’t help but think. ‘There’s still so much they don’t know’

Curious, not Guilty~Jughead Jones One-shot

A/N: Gif’s not mine

Summary: Based on the line “That’s not where I would hide a body”.

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Word Count: 1900 exactly

Warnings: Mentions of death, fluff

Originally posted by marorra

I was sitting in the Blue and Gold office with Jughead and Betty. We were looking at the murder board and discussing why Jason’s body was thrown in the river.  Or at least, they were discussing it. I was just there with my computer, typing any of my thoughts into a document which I preferred much more to talking. Jughead was leaning against a table with his signature beanie on, Betty was sitting on one of the old plastic chairs and I was at the table with my laptop open, staring at a document full of my suspicions.

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The Quest for the Lost Treasure (Part 2)

Pairing: Adventurer!Jason Todd x Adventurer!Reader 

Word Count: 2395 (this is usually how it’s gonna be) 

Prompt: In university, you discover that an ancient treasure supposed to have been “found” was actually still lost. Determined to be the one to find it, you set off on a journey to find it, and run into Jason Todd and his adventurer posse. With Jason’s expertise of the land, and your natural talent for adventuring, you two are the perfect mix. Will you find the treasure smoothly? Or will you fail and lose a friendship? 

Warnings: foul language, mention of rape, jackasses 

A/N Here is where our favorite batboys come in :) hope you like it!

Reader POV

“What?! Are you kidding me? ¡¿Qué quieres decir con que no estoy en Colombia?! ¡¿Dónde estoy?!” I yell at the concierge.

Desculpe, senhorita, mas você está no Brasil. Rio de Janeiro.” he says. Portuguese. I’m in Brazil, he said. I’m in Rio.

¿Como isso aconteceu?” I switch to Portuguese. Not the first time I’ve been to Brazil. It’s a long story.

Não sei, mas estamos investigando.” he says. They’re investigating? Oh my god, at this rate, I’ll never make it to Colombia.

Preciso ir para a Colômbia. ¿Como vou para a Colômbia?” I ask.

Todos os nossos voos para Colômbia são reservados. Podemos dar-lhe um lugar para ficar gratuitamente como compensação para este inconveniente.” he says to me. I nod my head and gives me a few papers and sends me off. I sigh in frustration. I put my papers in my backpack and pick my duffel bag off the ground.

Brazil. How the hell did I end up in Brazil? How am I supposed to get to Colombia? I pull out my phone and call Maya.

“Y/N? How is Colombia?” Maya answers.

“I wouldn’t know, Maya, I’m in Brazil,” I say.

“What? I thought you bought a ticket to Colombia! Why are you in Brazil?” She asks

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I have to find a way to get to Colombia. I can’t stay in Brazil too long.” I say as I look around the bustling airport.

“Where in Brazil are you?” Maya asks.

“The Amazon rainforest. I’m in Rio, Maya, Rio! Rio freaking de Janeiro!” I yell.

“Well you know my grandma lives there. You can stay with her until you figure it out.” Maya offers.

“Thanks Maya, but the airport gave me a free place to stay so I’m gonna take advantage of it. I’ll call you when I get settled in.” I say.

“Okay. Let me know if you end up going to my grandma’s house. Good luck,” Maya says and hangs up.

“Thanks. I’ll need it.”

So, the hotel that the airport said I could stay at for free was literal shit, so I did end up going to Maya’s grandmother’s house.

“Hi Mrs. Caixeta. Thank you for letting me stay here.” I say as I step into her house. It’s honestly incredibly beautiful, like a palace.

“Ah, no problem, Y/N. Anything for granddaughter’s best friend,” Maya’s grandmother says with her portuguese accent.

“I promise I’ll be out of your hair soon. I’m going to have make some calls to the airline company and see if I can get tickets to Colombia. Like I was supposed to,” I say with annoyance.

“If I can help in any way, let me know,” Mrs. Caixeta says and walks away.

“Will do. I’m gonna put my stuff down and head out for a drink! Be right back!” I yell out. I put my bags in a guest room and leave the house to go to a local bar.

I’m gonna need way more than one drink to deal with the airline tonight.

Jason’s POV

“Hey hey, how about her?” Tim nudges me. I take a glance at the girl Tim points out and shake my head.

“No. Tim how many times do I have to tell you? I’m not interested in anyone right now. Just that treasure. La Corona.” I take a swig of my beer.

“Fine. I’ll go talk to her then.” Tim sticks out his tongue and saunters over to the girl.

“He’s not gonna get her number,” Dick turns to me with another beer.

“Don’t I know it,” I say sarcastically.

“Look Jay, I know you’re really interested in La Corona, but tonight, just relax. Go talk. Dance. We’re in Rio, let loose for one night,” Dick tells me.

“Can’t. My eyes are on the prize. And they’re not coming off anytime soon,” I look around the bar. But I spoke too soon. For a second I forget about the crown as I spot her in the crowd of sweaty bodies. She looks distressed, but her E/C eyes are still sparkling.

“Oh really?” Dick asks as he follows my gaze.

“Yeah,” I say absentmindedly.

“Then you won’t mind if I go to talk to that girl over there,” he points to the girl I saw seconds ago.

I give him a hard glare.

“No. Go ahead,” I say. He raises an eyebrow and gets up from his bar stool, strolling over to the girl.

This is gonna be great.

Reader POV

Uma margarita por favor,” I tell the bartender. A minute later he comes back with my drink.

“Bottoms up,” I say and begin chugging my drink. I put the glass on the counter and look at the bartender.

Outro,” I say and he prepares another margarita for me.

“Here let me get that for you,” a voice behind me says. I turn around and a man with black hair and piercing blue eyes is standing nonchalantly with a beer in one hand. He’s handsome, but something tells me he’s not my type.

“Thanks but I can pay for my own drinks.” I smile and turn back around to get my drink.

“Aw come on. A free drink? Who can pass that up?” He asks me.

“I can,” I say before chugging this margarita down as well.

“What about a dance?” He keeps asking me.

“Has anyone ever told you how annoying you are?” I respond. He puts a hand over his heart and a fake hurt expression comes over his face.

“Wow, I’m so offended,” he tells me.

“Good,” I roll my eyes. “I really hope my rejection doesn’t make you keep pestering me.”

“Nah I get the hint, I’m just trying to converse with you now,” the man smiles and drinks his beer.

I raise an eyebrow.

“I’m Y/N,” I say and hold out my hand.

“Dick. Dick Grayson. Explorer, Adventurer. Archaeologist.” He shakes my hand. I sit up a bit.

“Adventurer?” I ask.

“Yeah I know, but it’s really fun,” he shakes his head.

“No no no, I love adventures too. I’m actually supposed to be in Colombia looking for La Corona de la Tairona. But my flight ended up here and I’m trying to get tickets tonight so I can leave tomorrow.” I explain. Dammit. Not a good idea. Now he’s gonna go look for it.

“Seriously? My team is looking for that right now! Maybe you could join us.” Dick says.

“Oh I was planning on just going by myself.” I admit.

“Aw come on, it’ll be fun,” Dick makes puppy eyes at me and pouts.

“Sorry, Dickie, but as tempting as that sounds, I’m doing this by myself.” I give him a smile.

“Alright, Y/N, then may the best adventurer win,” he winked at me and took a sip of his beer.

“A little friendly competition…okay. I’ll see you in Colombia then.” I cross my arms. I hop off my bar stool and put some brazilian reals on the counter.

“Now, if you excuse me, I have to go buy a plane ticket to Colombia.” I salute Dick and leave him sitting at the bar as I make my way to the exit.

When I finally get outside, it’s dark. It’s weird, it only felt like I was there for 10 minutes. I guess time does fly when you’re having fun.

I begin walking home and it’s eerily quiet as my boots click on the cobblestone road. Weird.

As I turn into the alley I came through the first time, about 4 men come out of the shadows. Oh shit.

“Oh shit,” I say under my breath. They creepily inch toward me as I back up but someone stops me. Another man.

Com licença, mas eu só preciso passar por aqui.” I say in Portuguese, hoping that I sound authentic enough to pass off as a local.

“You aren’t from here,” one of the men says in a thick accent.

“Uh, quê?” I continue.

“If you were from here, you’d know that this alley is dangerous, senhorita,” he continues.

“Okay, you got me. What do you want?” I ask.

The man behind me takes my hands and roughly holds them behind my back. The leader, I suppose, approaches me and holds my chin so our eyes meet.

You,” he snickers.

“You’re sick,” I growl. He tells the man behind me something in Portuguese really quickly and the next thing I know, someone is lifting up the hem of my shirt.

“You little shits. I didn’t come to South America for this.”

Jason POV

“Definitely, I mean she seems like she could’ve helped us,” Dick tells me as we leave the bar.

“Well it’s her loss, not our fault she’s stubborn,” Tim sticks his hands in his pockets.

“It doesn’t matter; we don’t work with anyone but ourselves,” I roll my eyes. It’s dark out, but lanterns lit up the way.

“Well still, we could use a determined person like her on the team,” Dick says.

As we approach an alley, I hear a shout and strings of curses follow.

“Get your nasty ass hands off of me!”

“Shut her up!”

Out of instinct, I run to see what’s going on. As I stop in front of the alley entrance, what I see surprises me.

The girl from earlier at the bar is fighting off Brazilian thugs. Four of them. She was throwing well executed punches left and right.

“Woah,” I say in awe.

“Jason! What’s going…on?” Dick and Tim catch up and stop behind me.

It isn’t until she falls backward and one of the guys is about to capture her that I decide to step in.

I quickly walk up and punch him in the jaw in one swift move and then he’s out.

“Leave her alone for fucks sake,” I spit. I cross my arms over my chest and look down at the girl who’s looking up at me with an expression I can’t read.

“Like something you see?” I raise an eyebrow. She closes her mouth and narrows her eyes. She slowly gets up from the ground and dusts herself off.

“Good joke, it’s been a long time since I heard one,” she mirrors my stance. My jaw falls open at her back talk.

“Oh I see. You’re one of those girls,” I shoot back.

“And you’re one of those guys,” she counters.

I narrow my eyes. She narrows hers too.

“I just saved your ass, don’t you think I deserve a thank you?” I ask.

“I was doing just fine without you,” she replies.

“If you consider almost getting raped ‘just fine’, then yeah I guess you’re right,” I chuckle.

“Whatever you pompous asshole,” she rolls her eyes. My eyes widen in anger.

“Pompous asshole? Who are you calling a pompous–?!” I start.

“Hey hey hey! Guys you finally met! Jason, this is Y/N. Y/N this is the team leader, Jason Todd,” Dick comes running up, Tim trailing behind him. Y/N. So that’s her name.

“Uh I would say it’s a pleasure to meet you, but I’m not a liar,” she scowls at me.

“Likewise,” I return the scowl.

“Glad you guys are getting along,” I hear Dick mutter.

“I’m Tim Drake. The historian, or as Jason says, ‘the nerd’ of the group.” Tim introduces himself.

“Nice to meet you Tim.” She shakes his hand.

“We should get going. We have to leave tomorrow,” I turn to Dick.

“At least offer to take her so she doesn’t have to spend shit tons of money on a plane ticket,” he whispers.

“No.” I respond.

“Jason…” he says.

“I don’t work with outsiders. We’ve been over this,” I growl.

“Really? Wow that’s amazing! Thank you!” I hear Y/N say from behind me.

“Hey it’s no problem.” Tim replies. I turn around and furrow my eyebrows.

“What? What’s no problem?” I ask sharply.

“You’re taking me to Colombia. Thanks,” Y/N gives me a smug smile.

“No. No we’re not. Who said that?” I walk over to her and Tim.

“He did,” she points to Tim, who waves sheepishly at me.

“Drake, I swear…” I turn to him.

“I had to offer. It was the gentleman thing to do,” he shrugs.

“We’re not gentlemen. We’re explorers.” I hiss in face.

“Jeez lay off of him. You’re just gonna take me to Colombia and then we can part ways. It’s not a big deal,” Y/N intervenes.

“It is a big deal, Y/N. You see, you just so happen to be hunting for the same treasure we are. I want to be the one to find it. I don’t like sharing. And I certainly don’t like letting a little girl like you get a step ahead in the game so she can get the glory. So yes. It is a big deal.” I say, getting in her face.

“Excuse me can you repeat that? I think I heard some sexist bullshit in that logic. Do you seriously think that me, a ‘little girl’, shouldn’t be able to get the glory of finding an ancient treasure? Some nerve you have. I don’t like sharing either, Jason, but at least I’d have the decency to help a fellow explorer out.” She spits back.

“The sexual tension is real here,” Dick mumbles to Tim.

“Shut up, Grayson,” I hiss while not breaking eye contact with Y/N. She doesn’t budge. Suddenly, she grabs the collar of my shirt and pulls me down to her level so our faces are centimeters apart, which completely catches me off guard.

“If it really means that much to you, I won’t tag along. But know this: you’ve crossed me, so don’t expect me to help you if I see you out there, suffering and desperate. Good luck, Jason. You’re gonna need it,” she says with venom dripping from her words. She lets my collar go and picks up a bag and disappears into the alley.

Silence falls over us for a few minutes as we stand in shock.

“Wow.” Tim finally says.

“Definitely.” Dick agrees.

“Shut up. Let’s just go home.” I say and turn back around. I lead my brothers in the other direction back to our place.

Something tells me this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing Y/N.


Qué quieres decir con que no estoy en Colombia?! ¡¿Dónde estoy?!– What do you mean I’m not in Colombia? Where am I?!

Desculpe, senhorita, mas você está no Brasil. Rio de Janeiro– Sorry, miss, but you’re in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro.

¿Como isso aconteceu?– How did this happen?

Não sei, mas estamos investigando.– I don’t know, but we are investigating.

Preciso ir para a Colômbia. ¿Como vou para a Colômbia?– I need to go to Colombia. How do I go to Colombia?

Todos os nossos voos para Colômbia são reservados. Podemos dar-lhe um lugar para ficar gratuitamente como compensação para este inconveniente.– All our flights to Colombia are booked. We can give you a place to stay for free as compensation for this inconvenience.

Uma margarita por favor– A margarita please.

Outro– Another.

Com licença, mas eu só preciso passar por aqui.– Excuse me, but I just need to pass through here.


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