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"Please tell you know how to defuse a bomb" with timmy bird perhaps?

Books are a magical thing, especially when you need to know trivial knowledge that you think will never come in handy. Tim had always loved reading, seeing as it was one of the only ways he could amuse himself as a child and not have his parents look at him with the usual disappointed, judgmental glare. And the knowledge he gained from the various books he read did seem to come in handy, for example at this exact moment, when he was faced with a bomb that was steadily ticking down to the imminent doom of Gotham. “What’s happening on your end?” His comm crackled to life and Jason’s voice cut through a few layers of static as Tim was peering at the contraption before him “Oh, nothin’ much, just trying to figure out how to stop this bomb from exploding. You?” Jason groaned “Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse. Please tell me you know how to defuse a bomb.” Tim rolled his eyes, knowing that Jason couldn’t see him “What do you take me for, an idiot? Don’t answer that. Of course I know how to defuse a bomb, I’ve read a book before.” “Oh, excuse me for presuming that like most people you don’t know how to defuse an extremely complicated bomb.” Tim could hear the sarcasm practically dripping off of Jason’s voice “Well, I can usually figure out how to deal with you, so it’s practically the same thing.” Jason let out a dry laugh “Ha ha, at least I don’t level cities if you cut the wrong wire.” “If you ran unchecked and it happened to suit your plans, you could and would probably level a city.” “While that could be a possibility, you should really stop chatting and defuse that bomb. I would rather not die. Again.” Tim smirked, again aware that Jason didn’t have the ability to see him do so “Dude, I defused that bomb about a minute and a half ago.”

The problem with reading Percy Jackson books is that when you start you can’t stop. So I read them all. About gods, the heroes, the teeny tiny books about their camp system. Everything. I read the Kane’s so I can read about the crossovers I read about Magnus Chase because Annabeth. Like shit. And all that happens in the mean time of my life does not exist. When I’m in school I don’t study like fuck studying this guy here *snort* study like what? No! Stupid mister study. I read fanfics look up fanpost headcanons pictures. Rick you’re ruining my life. And I love it. I get bad grades and I’m antisocial but Rick’s books help me they let me forget the reality for a moment and sometimes that can be a life saviour.

  • Jason Todd: Batman, this is Red Hood. I'm calling to let you know how disappointed I am in your story. How horrible you shit on me and-
  • Jason Todd: STOP IT, ROY!
  • Roy Harper: YOU LIED!
  • Jason Todd: STOP! STOP! GOD DAMMIT!
  • Jason Todd: Batman, this is Red Hood calling. I'm calling to let you know how disappointed I am in your story. There’s many things that I read in here that were false, like you saying that I wore Yeezy Boost 350s to the docks with my leather jacket, when I wore vintage brown Dr Martens.
  • Roy Harper: 29 DOLLARS!
  • Jason Todd: Batman, this is Red Hood calling. I’m calling to let you know how disappointed I am in your story and the light you shed on me when I am going through such a hard time in my life. I opened up to you so that way the world could potentially know what a great, amazing, talented, strong -
  • Roy Harper: *starts crying*
  • Jason Todd: - healthy, boy that I am – not even a boy – young man. I am petrified! Petrified with this story!
  • Roy Harper: *grunts*
  • Jason Todd: I’m so disappointed, and I’m letting you know that I will clear this up. Have a nice life. Goodbye.
  • Roy Harper: That was beautiful. You did such a good job of expressing yourself.
Jason and Tim in: Always lock the bathroom door (Ft. Dick Grayson)

Tim: *seated on toilet, happily reading a magazine*

Dick: *swings the door open*

Tim: Dick, I’m trying to use the bathroom!!*tries to close door*

Dick: *swings it back open* Nope, you know the rules little brother. JASON!!

Tim: no no please don’t call ja-

Jason: *appears from down the hall* Whats up

Dick: look at your little brother


Tim: *desperately tries to cover himself* Jason don’t take a pic-!

Jason: *takes multiple pictures* Dick, get in this selfie with me

Tim: Seriously, you guys stop!

Dick and Jason: *Take multiple selfies with Tim in the shot*

Dick: Tag me in that one!

Tim: can’t a man take a crap in peace?!

Dick: What kind of man wears My Little Pony boxers?Hahaha!

Jason: *Takes picture of boxers* This is so going on instagram hahaha

*Dick and Jason walk away laughing*

Tim: God, I hate this family

If Jason wins he will be the second openly gay winner of BBUS.

If Kryssie wins she will be the first openly bisexual winner and first plus-sized winner of BBUS

If Morgan wins she will be the first person named Morgan to win BBUS. (Not even the first or second or third straight white blonde skinny woman with 6 letters in her first name to win BBUS)

Goddess - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: hey could you write a equal to Godess? I would really like one because reading the gave me some confidence. <3

“Holy fuck.” You gasped. You collapsed onto the cool floor and struggled to catch your breath as your boyfriend continued on with the workout without much issue. As you lay sweating through your strained breaths you began to regret agreeing to work out with him. When Jason realized he was the only one of you two still doing something he immediately stopped mid workout and came to your side.

“Are you alright [Y/N]? We can stop if you’d like.” He offered gently.  

“I’m fine.” You insisted. “Go on without me Jay.” You say trying desperately to control your breathing so he wouldn’t know just how hard you were struggling to keep up with him. You threw your arm over your face to cover your eyes while your bright red face slowly started to return to a more human color. When he didn’t move away from you, you carefully peeked out from under your elbow to find that he was gazing down at you with worry plaguing his features.

“[Y/N] if you need to stop …”

“It’s fine Jason.” You insisted probably a little too harshly. To Jason’s credit he didn’t appear offended by your snap, he only wordlessly handed you his cold bottle of water. You wanted nothing more than to just pour it over your overheated body but opted instead to use it for its intended purpose. You drank down the chilled water like you had been stranded in a desert and only now just discovered water. You heartbeat pounded in your ears and you were quite literally dripping in sweat.

“You don’t have to keep up with me, [Y/N]. You should go the pace that you’re able.” He reassured you softly. He brought a towel up to your face and started tenderly dabbing away at your excess sweat. You sat up on the floor with a groan and moved to rest your forehead against his bare shoulder.

“I know. It’s just …” You trailed off trying to find the right words to voice the thoughts you had been having for a while. “I just want to be good enough for you.” You whispered sadly, your eyes downcast in shame trying desperately to avoid his gaze. Jason frowned and brought his hand up to guide your chin upwards so that your face wouldn’t be hidden from him. When you dared to let your eyes flash up to his gaze, his features were a mix of warmth and concern.

“You are enough for me, [Y/N]. Why would you think you’re not?” Jason insisted as he gently took your cheeks between his hands. Jason gazed intently into your eyes and your cheeks reddened even further.

“You deserve someone healthier, someone can be beautiful on your level. I’m not that person and no matter how hard I try to be, I never will.’” You admitted in a sad whisper. Jason’s frown deepened and he wrapped his arms securely around you, pulling you into a tight embrace.

“Hey. Enough of that.” He whispered into you hair, emphasizing his words with a soft kiss to your temple. “I love you, [Y/N] nothing will ever change that. I guarantee you that I could not care less how you look. I love you the way you are. I promise.”

“Forgive me if I find that hard to believe.” You mumbled against his bare chest. Jason sighed and rested his head on top of your head. He absentmindedly started running the tips of his fingers through your soft locks. He had told you once before that he loved the feeling of your hair running between his fingers, it always reminded him that he was alive and he had someone to live for.

“What do I have to do to make you see yourself the way I see you?” He whispered into your hair.

“I don’t think you can.” You whispered remorsefully.

“Bullshit.” He said in almost a growl before crashing his lips to yours. “God damn it [Y/N]! I hate that you see yourself this way. I love you.” Kiss. “You are worthy.” Kiss.  “If anything,” Kiss. “I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you.” He said passionately with a heat burning in his eyes. You were taken aback by his sudden intense affection but you were never one to not want him to shower you with affection. Dear god, you always wanted this man but right now you just didn’t feel comfortable in your own body to be around his perfect naked form.

“Jason…” You said starting to pull away from him.

“[Y/N].” He responded moving his lips to start brushing along the sensitive column of your neck. “Please. Let me love you like the goddess I already think you are.” He pleaded against your neck. You scoffed at his choice of words. The word goddess seemed to imply perfection, something you clearly were not.

“I’m no goddess Jason.” You insisted. Jason’s eyes flashed up to yours and narrowed.

“You might not think so, but for me, I worship the ground you fucking walk on. You have me completely and utterly taken. You ask me to jump, I ask from which bridge. You tell me someone hurt you, I ask where you want them shot. I’d do anything for you, [Y/N]. I’m not going anywhere unless you tell me to.”

“You really think that?” You asked meekly. Jason tighten his arms around you and brought his lips back up to your lips to give you a firm kiss.

“Of course I fucking do. You’re the goddess of badassery and you’re all mine. Fuck unattainable beauty standards, baby. You’re my perfect goddess and I wouldn’t change any part of you.” Jason insisted. To emphasize his point he leaned down and pressed a sweet chaste kiss on the tip of your nose.

“You wouldn’t change anything about me?” You asked in disbelief. Surely he must be joking. You could rattle off a million and one things about your body that you hated.

“Nothing.” he promised.

“But my face is too pudgy.” You insisted. Jason shook his head sadly and cradled either side of your cheeks with his palm.

“Perfect cradling size.” He planted a soft kiss on your cheek.

“I hate my nose.” You continued.

“I love you nose.” He shot back kissing the tip of your nose.

“My stomach isn’t flat.”

“So? I don’t think I know a woman who’s is.” He shrugged. His hand traveled the hills and valleys of your torso and slowly pushed your shirt up over the small of your waist.

“My cellulite has cellulite.”

“You know, Wonder Woman has cellulite.” He said matter of factly. His hand moved down to gently palm your ass. He gave you a gentle squeeze before continuing to run his hands along your thighs.

“My left boob is bigger than the right..”

“I never noticed.” He said his hands slowly tracing back upwards to cup your breasts. He gently squeezed them in deep contemplation. “Nope. Still not seeing it.” He shrugged. “I think I might need to do further research though just to be sure.” He whispered seductively in your ear as his hands moved to push your shirt up the rest of the way and over your head. As soon as your skin was exposed you wrapped your arms around yourself, subconsciously covering yourself from his gaze. He gently guided you hands away from your body. His eyes widened and filled with appreciative wonder at the sight of you in front of him.

“Holy fuck. How did I get so lucky?” He breathed out in genuine wonder. Jason readjusted you onto his lap and with the new angle you could feel his arousal pressing up into you. You bit back a smile at the realization that he had a very unapologetic hard on for you. As if your hips had a mind of its own you instinctively pressed your hips further down against him. Jason leaned his head back and groaned at the added pressure. “Fuck [Y/N]. Do you feel that? Do you feel the torture you put me through?” You gasped at the sensation of your lover’s throbbing erection pressed against you.

“So how are we gonna do this babe? Are you going to take control and ride me like there’s no tomorrow or am I going to have to tease you relentlessly until you’re begging for mercy and then ravish you?” He asked with a husky need in his voice. You weighed your options carefully. While the second option was just as appealing as the first, knowing Jason his teasing would be torturous. You needed him now. You wordlessly pushed on his shoulders until he got the message and laid on the floor. His fingers gripped either side of your hips as you moved to straddle his hips. He thrust upwards against you with a broad mischievous smirk gracing his lips.

“That’s my girl.” He grinned up at you. His fingers glided over the expanse of your hips and dipped into your shorts. He stroked and teased along your clit. When you were practically mewling on top of him he finally slipped a finger into your hot wet core. You threw your head back and let out a strangled moan at the glorious intrusion.

“Jay!” You moaned.

“Yes babe?” He asked innocently as his fingers began to pump torturously inside of you.

“I need you! Fuck!”

“I think you forget, I under your complete and utter control. Say only the word and I will do whatever you wish.” He said, his unoccupied hand toying at the edge of the waistband on your shorts.

“I want you to fuck me.” You pleaded wantonly.

“Really? That’s what you want? You could have asked anything of me, clean the apartment, punch Superman, kill your greatest enemy, conquer the known universe in your name. Literally anything you can imagine, my goddess and it could be yours.

“Yeah, yeah. Make love now, conquer later.”  You commanded. His grin widened and he pulled down your shorts in panties over your hips all in one go. He slipped out of his own shorts and his erection sprung forth pressing against your aching core.

“As you wish, my goddess.” He whispered reverently. Jason took his cock in his hand and lined it up with your entrance, gently stroking the tip across your wetness. Eventually you grew impatient of his teasing. You braced your hands on his chest and sank down onto his hard cock.

“Oh Jay!” You breathed out when he was fully inside you. You leaned over him and captured his lips in a passionate kiss as you started to swivel and bounce your hips along his shaft. To your great pleasure Jason was soon moaning and grunting into your mouth.

“Fuck.” He swore under his breath. His hands framed your hips, his fingers digging into your ass as he tried to control his hips from involuntary bucking.

“Fuck me Jason.” You whispered against his lips. Jason let out a low groan at your commandment but let go of his inhibitions and began to thrust his hips upwards to meet your own.

“Fuck . .  . [Y/N].” Jason grunted his face twisting in pleasure. “God baby. I love you … so fucking much.” He whispered his thrusts becoming harder and more erratic. Your fingers dug into his chest as your hips met and you began to feel your release approach. As you got lost in all consuming pleasure Jason continued to pound into you from below, his grunts and moans growing louder and louder as he too neared his climax.

“Oh god! … Oh! … Fuck … Jason!” You cried out as your pleasure overflowed. You let out a string of curses and your lover’s name as you came around his cock. Jason guided your hips down on him a few more times before he thrust upwards once more. Jason let out a deep guttural groan as he came hard into you.  You caught his lips in yours to swallow his cries of pleasure. When his pulsing inside you ebbed you moved to rest your forehead against his as the two of you tried to catch your breath.

“You never got to finish your workout.” You breathed out jokingly, still trying to catch your breath from your lovemaking. Jason chuckled and pressed a lingering kiss to your lips.

“True but I did get to do my favorite type of physical activity.” He offered.

“And what, pray tell, would that be?” You asked with a small smirk playing at your lips. You knew he was baiting you but he seemed just so eager to say whatever line he had cooked up in his head.

“Making love to my utterly enchanting goddess.”

Drug Addict - j.b. imagine Part 2

Read part 1 here!

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Summary:  You find out Justin is still doing drugs after he said he would stop. (continued)

Requested: yes, by a few people :)

Warnings: strong, suggestive language, mentions to drugs, some violence. if you aren’t comfortable with any of these, don’t read this! some fluff too 

Y/N’s POV 

It’s been a few days since Justin and I’s argument. I haven’t heard from him in days. It made me worried because what if something bad happened to him? he hasn’t answered any of my texts, calls, nothing! I wasn’t going to get the authorities involved because I didn’t want Justin to get into any more trouble with the law. He’s had a few run ins, if I may add. So, my best bet was to pray and hope for the best. 

 I fidgeted with things around the house. I haven’t cleaned up the mess I made a few days ago of our stuff. Funny thing is, Justin left his things here. I expected him to bring his things with him but, I guess not. His wallet and phone was gone so I expected the worse when he would come home, that’s if he did. It was about 3 in the morning, and I couldn’t sleep. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a good nights sleep. Justin just has me worry day in and day out. I felt like a mother worried sick about her child’s whereabouts. 

I began dozing off until I was interrupted by the front door opening and somebody stumbling in. I sat up in my bed quickly and questioned who that could’ve been. Maybe it was Justin because nobody else had a key to the house. I cautiously got up from my bed and slipped my feet into my bedside slippers. I walked out the room and looked down the stairs. 

 I saw a figure sitting at the bottom of the stairs. “Justin?” I called out to him, or at least I thought it was him. I received no response. I continued descending down the stairs until I reached the last step. Justin or whoever it was wasn’t moving. He wasn’t dead, he was probably sleeping. 

I nudged him a little bit and he made a groaning sound. “What the fuck? Can’t you see I’m sleeping?” The voice slurred. It was definitely Justin. Once I was certain with his identity, I sat next to him, still nudging him to get up. “Piss off, bitch.” He spat. 

 I glared at him in annoyance, “Justin, if you don’t get up, I’m gonna call your therapist." 

"Fuck you. You’re not going to do shit.” He said. How much I hated when he was high. He was a complete asshole. 

“Jesus Christ Justin, why must you always do this?” I groaned, getting up from the stair, “Get up so I can go back to bed." 

"I don’t fucking care. I’m actually quite hungry.” He said, “Got any food?”

 "Justin, can you just-“ 

 I was abruptly caught off by Justin throwing up on the ground. It was never ending. He laughed at the mess he had made. 

"Well, that’s funny. Clean that shit up y/n.”

 "Get up Justin. You’re going to shower because you really need one.“ I muttered, helping him up. 

"Didn’t I say fuck off? I don’t need you or your help!” He yelled. It was taking every single might inside of me to not kill Justin. I have officially had it with him. I grabbed his arm and yanked him up, not caring if I was hurting him. 

“Leave me alone you whore! Get off of me!” He yelled, pushing me away from him. I didn’t budge and continued dragging him up the stairs. I should really work out more. By the time I reached the top of the stairs, Justin gave up on trying to get me off of him. I sighed contently and took him into the bathroom we shared. I stripped him down to his undergarments and I did the same with myself. 

“Shower sex, huh? Life’s good.” He joked. I kept a straight face, rolling my eyes at his remark. Life was no where near good for him nor me. I turned the water faucet on to the hot side and waited for it to be just right for him. Maybe I should give him a cold shower, maybe it’ll sober him up a little. I slung his arms over my shoulders and placed him inside the shower. We had a walk in shower that made this so much more easier. I don’t know how I’d survive with a regular tub. 

I slumped him in the corner and pointed the faucet head towards him. He sat back and enjoyed it. Was I enjoying this you may ask? Sort of. I was glad he was home but, I was mad at the fact that I’m losing precious sleep, not that I’ve been getting any but, I guess this was better than me worrying. I don’t even know why I was just in my bra and panties when I wasn’t even in the shower. I ran my hand through my y/h/c, messy hair and rested my chin on my palms. “Hey, y/n.” Justin called to me. 

“What?” I questioned, not making eye contact with him. 

“Can you join me, please? I’m lonely in here.” He said, laughing at the end. “You’re lonely?” I raised an eyebrow, “You put me through so much hell and you want me to join you?” I scoffed, rolling my eyes. 

“Aw come on, y/n. I said please.” He continued. 

“Okay, fine.” I finally gave in. I got up from the toilet seat covering and walked into the shower, taking a seat next to Justin. He immediately rested his head on my shoulder but, I didn’t mind. It was sort of nice having him back. I rested my head on his and enjoyed the moment. Who knows when this’ll happen again, minus the vomit and cursing at me.

I decided to interrupt the cute moment we were having. “Justin, you need to promise me something. It’s just one thing.”

“What is it?” he questioned, sitting up a little.

“Promise me that you’ll never come home again at three in the morning, high as a kite. And allow me to get you some help because you really need it.” I sighed, looking at him. 

He looked back at me, “I guess I can do that y/n. I’m sorry for putting you through all of, this. I don’t deserve someone like you.”

I nodded my head and smiled, “ If you didn’t have me this would’ve been way worse.”

to jason that stocks bananas in walmart,

you sent me videos to watch tonight when we were video chatting. you didn’t notice because you were doing something with your phone but i stopped watching the videos on my phone for a little while and i just started watching you.

you can say i’m beautiful as much as you want (and i will probably continue to deny it) but jason, i swear, there is something mesmerizing about you.

this is going to sound cliché but seeing as you won’t ever read these letters unless i choose to direct you to them anyway, i’m going to say it: i never need to hear my favorite songs again, your laughter is the best sound i have ever heard. it’s magic. even if just for a moment, it makes everything okay.

when you laugh, it feels like i’m flying.

i hope that one day i can make you feel like you’re flying too.

- the girl with the glasses.

[Sally has befriended one of the regulars at Sweet on America, an English teacher and aspiring author who, after learning she writes a little, has been trying to talk her into attending the writing seminar he goes to. Sally has instead agreed to a compromise- he stops asking, and she’ll let him read some of her writing.]

Sally (Wiping the counter and watching him from the corner of her eye): I’m afraid it’s unfinished- I keep meaning to sit down and get it done, but somehow that never happens. Lately, I haven’t been sure if it’s really worth the effort, anyway.

Paul (Looking up from the page for the first time in nearly twenty minutes): You’re kidding, right? Sally, this is great!  Have you shown anyone else yet?

Sally (Still cleaning but allowing herself a smile): Well, Percy knows I write when I have the time, but he’s not a huge reader- he’ll read for school, but I don’t think he’s ever going to find it fun. Dyslexia’s tough. I don’t want him to feel obligated to spend an hour trying to unscramble my chicken-scratch.

Paul(Raising an eyebrow): I can’t imagine the kid you described to me thinking of looking at something you wrote as an obligation. I think he’d be proud of you.

Sally(Shrugging): Well, someday I want to make something we can both be proud of. I’m not there yet, but any day now…

[There is a moment of silence while Sally cleans and Paul hesitates, trying to work out how to phrase his next question]

Paul(Carefully): What does your husband think about it?

Sally(Pausing in her work): I don’t know. I try not to bother him about this kind of stuff.

Paul(Frowning): You mean like your thoughts and feelings?

Sally(Staring down at the counter): …Yeah.

not to be dramatic or anything but nobody will ever love me as much as jason todd loved his birth mother who he knew for literally like an hour

this woman sold him out to the joker and stood there and smoked a cigarette while watching the joker beat her son nearly to death and did literally nothing to stop it, barely even shows any remorse, and jason still uses the last of his strength to drag himself across the floor to untie her and shields her from the bomb blast with his own body and some of y'all still have the nuts to say jason is a bad person im sorry but y'all can eat my entire ass


21 “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

I wanted to ask if you can make something with my oc (Taylor) but it can totally be a reader insert if you want to..

But to get to the point I want prompt 21 with Jason

Soft spot for this prompt because an old OC of mine loved the rain. I love writing rain and it was fun (and tricking but I loved that it was tricky) to write a character that could read minds. I would love to try writing her again. (A guilty part of me wants to see what she would do around Gigi… that girl has CRAZY ideas) 

@speedypan @nightwing-rules @guns-n-lilies

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

Jason stood there, eyebrow raised as Taylor walked slowly out into the rain. “Yes,” She turned to look at him, her forest green eyes laughing as lightning crashed above her lighting up her face. The water dripping from her dark hair as she lifted her face to the sky, eyes closed as the water washed over her. Jason jumped down from his perch his green boots splashing in the water.

“Robin…” Taylor sighed tilting her head back, “for once stop thinking and just… let the rain wash over you.”


Taylor sighed as she jumped from the building, Jason right behind her.

“Well, that went well.” Jason joked light brushing the blood from his jacket. Rain pouring down around him. Taylor smiled turning to look at him. The feeling of the water washing over her felt amazing.

The sound of sirens could be heard in the distance. “That’s our cue,” Jason said leading her to his bike. Taylor followed jumping on behind him.

As they rode through the city Taylor held onto his back letting the rain hit her as they sped through the city. Jason’s mind was on the road, while she tried to let him have his privacy she could sometimes feel his thoughts leaking through. So at moments like this, when the thunder rolled over the sky and Jason’s thoughts were perfect. He was happy, at peace as they rode through the rain.

Lighting flashed across the sky as they pulled up to Jason’s apartment. It sent bright white lights across Jason’s helmet as he pulled it off his head letting out a sigh.

Getting off the bike he took her hand helping her up spinning her around. Small raindrops flying from her dark hair and clothes.  

“Typical Taylor” Jason said shaking his head as he started to walk up to the door of the apartment. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” walking up Taylor pulled him back her green eyes sparkling with laughter. Gently she took his hands leading him back to the street.

“It’s like you are reading my mind.”


Taylor stood there, the world around her seemed to be crumbling. Figuratively and literally. The wild wind whipped around her while ice cold rain hit her body. Her green eyes looked up into the sky as bright lighting lit up the pitch black sky.


Her gaze fell from the heaven’s back to earth to see Jason. Hesitant, she could hear his thoughts rushing through his mind as he walked toward her.

“Taylor… I’m sorry…”

The sound of thunder seemed to drown out his voice as he tried to explain. Try to tell her why he had left her behind. Why he had done thing things he had done. She didn’t need her ears that were now pounding with adrenaline. Pounding like the rain that fell around her.

“Don’t,” she told him cutting through his thoughts with her own.”don’t”

“I have to,” he thought back to her, “I have to because… because…” he let his mind open to her showing her how he really felt. All those feelings he hid, that she let him hide from her.

Slowly he closed the gap between them.  

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and I wanna stop and feel the rain.” he said taking her face gently in his callous hands, “With you.”

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After reading that headcanon where Tim falls asleep anywhere, I can't stop imagining Tim getting comfy on the couch and because hE JUST CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO GET A GODDAMN BLANKET, just decides to sleep under the couch cushions for warmth. Jason's the one to find him. An intervention was held.

Okay, so this is like. Super true. But Jason’s idea of an intervention is to sit on top of the cushions Tim’s using as a blanket (and, by extension, entirely on top of Tim), to discourage him from doing it again. Like. Still helpful, but maybe not that helpful. Tbh.

Despite Frank being the shy, bashful boy I can’t help but feel like he would be the calmest expectant father. Like Hazel would go into labor and Frank would have his stop watch out to time the contractions and he’d have a mental checklist of everything he needs like the overnight bag and Hazel’s favorite cup to put ice chips in. He would have read like 5 different birthing books to account for every single possible scenario. He would remember everything he learned from lamaze class, calmly talking Hazel through the breathing. IDK MAN over prepared and calm hot dad Frank is very important 

After sitting through the supergirl show tonight and after reading article after article referencing how the upcoming Valentines Day episode “would be Sanvers centered,” it sadly reminded me of when Jason said to a fan while filming in downtown Vancouver that “the finale episode would be Clexa heavy”. If I’m not mistaken both tonights episode of Sanvers scenes and the finale of all Clexa scenes were roughly 4 minutes of total screen time each. So how does 4 minutes of screentime make it “heavy” when there is roughly 48 minutes of the show. The number 4 is a lot less than the number 48 so um yeah how is that a “heavy” episode? This is why I get so pissed off is all their blatant lies…

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I'd all a playlist for Familiarity if you don't mind. :) Also have you heard the song Breaking the Law by Emeli Sande?? I feel like it could be a really cute songfic... if you wanted too that is.

Because Familiarity is part of a series Im gonna give you the series playlist ;) Ghosts That We Knew is from Jason’s point of view while everything else inspired Damian; and your songfic is bellow the cut and also here ^-^ Im a little rusty about songfics and I never use the full song, but I hope I did it justice~ Also, I chose JayRoy as the pairing, hope you dont mind. ok shut up AJ let them read the fic already

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