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Keep Quiet

Word Count: 2,936

Warning: Nothing but smut mixed with fluff.

A/N: I had to change it up a little in this story. I feel like we always read about Suga as the controlling, dominating, aggressive guy (and there is nothing wrong with that, trust me. I like all forms of this man). But I feel like there will be times when he will turn into an absolute sweetheart for his girlfriend… when she is not bugging him. ^^ Please enjoy!

You entered into the boys’ dorm which was a lot quieter than it usually was. Earlier while you were at work, your boyfriend had called you and asked if you could stop by his place. He didn’t tell you why and got a little irritated when you kept pestering him for the reason. Knowing Yoongi, he was secretly plotting something. There were rare times when he would do romantic things for you. He would keep to himself, preparing everything on his own just to show you how special you are to him. Sometimes he would get annoyed at you when you questioned his actions but that was only because he was nervous, although he would never admit it. At the end of the day, you two would snuggle up together, pleased at how it all turned out.

You took off your shoes, unaware that someone was seeking your attention. You heard a small whimper and turned to see a tiny brown puppy excited to see you. Dropping to your knees, you greeted him.

“Hi Holly! Have you been a good boy?” Rubbing the playful dog in your arms. “Yes you have. Yes you have.”

You stood up, still holding Holly. Glancing around the room, there wasn’t a person in sight. “Come on,” you spoke. “Let’s go see what daddy is up to.”

The place didn’t look any different from how it usually was. Maybe you were wrong about Yoongi’s motives after all. You opened the door to his shared room, thinking he might be inside. Of course he was there. His headphones were on and his laptop was opened. He was working. As soon as you found who you were looking for, Holly wanted out of your arms and into the arms of his owner. You sat him down and watched him scurry to Yoongi, jumping into his lap. He easily became distracted and removed his headphones.

“Sorry to disturb you while you were working.” You teased. Yoongi’s head whipped in your direction, finally noticing your presence.

“I wasn’t working, I was just keeping myself occupied.”

“Yeah? Doing what?” When he realized he was working, he became defensive.

“Did you come here to interrogate me?”

“No, I came here to spend time with my boyfriend.” You giggled, walking over to stand behind him planting a kiss on his neck. He smelled so masculine, it drove your hormones crazy. “Where’s the rest of the gang?”

Yoongi placed Holly on the floor and grabbed your hand, guiding you around to sit on his lap. “I asked them to leave for the day.”

“Why did you do that?” You asked curiously, already knowing what he was going to say. You just like hearing it.

“It’s been awhile so I thought we could have date night. We could order your favorite food to be delivered and watch a movie or whatever you want to do.”

“Aww Yoongi-poo! You left your schedule open to spend the day with me? That’s so sweet of you!” You teased, watching his cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

“If you’re going to ruin the moment, you can leave.” He turned his head away embarrassed. You laughed.

“I’m sorry. That sounds like a wonderful idea,” you kissed his lips. “Thanks babe.”

The two of you sat in the kitchen waiting for the food to arrive. You were sitting on the counter and Yoongi moved to stand between your legs. His arms wrapped around you, resting his hands on your ass and your arms draped loosely around his neck. You smiled, taking in his presence.

“I’m really happy you are back. You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.” You kissed the top of his head.

“Yeah I missed you, too. But the good news is that I have a couple weeks to relax before I have to leave again.”

“Does that mean we’ll get to spend more time together?!” You asked excitedly.

“I can’t make any promises but I’ll try to makes as much space in my schedule for you.”

You smiled and nodded, deciding not to push the subject further. The kiss was supposed to be a quick peck but it soon became heavy. The sounds of your wet tongues and breathing were all that could be heard from the kitchen. Yoongi’s strong warm hands entered under your shirt, running up your back. Your hands tangled in his hair in an effort to pull his body as close to you as humanly possible. This went on for some time before he broke away.

“Can you stay the night?”

“That depends, am I allowed to?”

“I didn’t ask the guys to leave just because,” he replied smartly. “I don’t want anyone to disturb us when I take you tonight. I want to hear you moan as loud as you can for me.”

“I can definitely do that.”

You leaned in for another kiss only to be stopped by the sounds of someone knocking on the front door. You and Holly waited on the couch as Yoongi retrieved the food. Deciding on a mystery thriller, the two of you ate and watched the movie, having small debates along the way. You snuggled up close to him, laying you head on his shoulder and your arm around the front of his waist.

Halfway through the movie, the beeping of the door followed by noisy chattering of six voices flooded the living room.

“Hey hyung, hey noona. What are you guys doing?” Jungkook asked curiously.

“Oh cool! You ordered food!” Taehyung yelled as he ran over to the table, eyeing the leftovers. He didn’t ask for permission to have some and immediately started eating.

“What are you guys watching?” Hoseok asked, leaning over the back of the couch separating you and Yoongi.

By now, your once quiet romantic evening was being invaded by the other members. Jungkook and Taehyung ate the remainder of the food, you and Jimin were having a conversation, Hoseok was pestering Yoongi, and Jin and Namjoon commented on the movie. Yoongi’s was getting pissed by the second. This was not how he saw this day going. He abruptly stood, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Y/n wait here. Everyone else in the bedroom.”

You watched them all get up and leave out the room. Once inside the bedroom, the door was shut rather harshly.


-Meanwhile in the room-

“I thought you guys were staying the night out?” Yoongi questioned.

“Yeah… we thought it over and we wanted to come back.” Jungkook answered sheepishly.


“You weren’t the only one that just came back from tour. We wanted to rest at home, in our rooms, in our own bed.” Jin replied crossing his arms.

“But you knew what tonight was. I had asked you guys to stay out for a reason.”

“Well if it’s that important to you, why don’t you guys just go to her apartment like you usually do?” Taehyung joined in.

“Why can’t we spend time here for once? Why can’t we just have a moment to ourselves?”

“Because you live with six other guys. Privacy no longer exists.” Jin stated as a matter of fact.

Yoongi was about lost his temper and Namjoon noticed, quickly offering a solution. “You guys can continue your date and we won’t bother you. We’ll just stay in our rooms for the night. Will that help?”

Yoongi didn’t answer, instead he walked out of the room slamming the door behind him. He dropped down on the couch next to you and you could feel the heat radiating off of him. He was pissed and you could tell. You wanted to calm him down but was worried you would say something that would set him off further.

“Please don’t be upset, Yoongi. We could still have a good time.”

“It’s just the one time I ask them to do something for me, they don’t want to. They can be very insensitive sometimes and right now it’s driving me crazy! I shouldn’t have to always leave home to spend time with you.” He leaned forward resting his head in his hands. “I just wanted everything to be perfect and for you to be happy.”

You stood up and kneeled in front of him. “I am happy, Yoongi. It didn’t matter if the boys were here or not. What’s important to me is that you thought about me enough to make time in your schedule for us to spend time together.”

Yoongi lifted his head and kissed your lips. He leaned back to look into your eyes. The fire in his eyes had died down a bit and seemed calmer. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

You pecked his lips again. “Yes, I’m positive.”

The boys kept their word and stayed hidden. The two of you settled back on the couch to watch the remainder of the movie. Yoongi was stretched out, lying on his back while you rested on top of him, between his legs. Due to you being at work all day and listening to his heartbeat, you were beginning to doze off. He hadn’t spoken for awhile and you were sure he had already fallen asleep. You shifted, throwing your leg over his, leaving one to rest in between his. Doing this, you unintentionally rubbed against his groin. Instantly waking up, you let your mind run wild with thoughts of fucking Yoongi on the couch and became horny. He was only dressed in sweats and a simple black shirt so it wouldn’t be difficult to access his member. Your hand moved to the inside of his pants. You slowly stroked him, rubbing your thumb along the head of his penis over his slit. Slowly but surely he was growing harder in your palm. So much so that he pressed right against your covered pussy. You removed your hand and braced yourself on the couch to lightly grind on him. You heard Yoongi’s deep voice mumble something but you couldn’t understand it. Glancing up at him, his eyes were closed and you thought he was just talking in his sleep. This time you angled yourself so that his bulge rubbed against your clit. You bit your bottom lip to keep from moaning. You could already feel your panties absorbing your wetness. Your head was down, watching what you were doing to him. Both of his hands rested on your hips, helping you grind on him. Initially, you were stunned but when you look at Yoongi, not only were his eyes open but he had a smirk on his face.

“Why so surprised?” He teased.

“I didn’t think you were awake.”

“So you thought I wouldn’t catch my little vixen in the act, trying to get herself off without me?”

“Does that mean we can still have sex? I’m so horny, Yoongi.” You whined. He chuckled and nodded.

He was about to pull you on top of him but you stopped him. You eased further down his legs until your whole body nested in between them. Grabbing the waistband of his sweats, you pulled them down letting his cock spring free. Your mouth watered at the sight. You missed how he tasted and how he would grow in your mouth. You held his cock up by the tip, planting soft wet kisses up the shaft. You moved your hand so that your mouth could latch on to the head, sucking away all the precum that tried to escape. Yoongi groaned above you, sitting up to remove his shirt. He watched you take more of him in. The tip of your tongue traced over the band of tissue connecting the head to his shaft. You knew that spot made his toes curl. And just as you figured, you heard him take a deep breath. You held onto the base of his cock and slowly bobbed your head in a rhythmic manner. Yoongi’s hand tangled in your hair, helping you with your movements. The movie had long since ended, and the light from the TV illuminated your bodies. When you looked up at Yoongi, his head was leaning back and his lips were parted as he enjoyed the feeling you gave him.

Your hand stroked his cock at moderate pace as you moved to place his balls in your mouth. Knowing how sensitive they were, you handled them with great care. Each tender sphere jumped around your small pink tongue. Yoongi’s grip tightened on your hair before releasing it all together and pushing you away.

“Baby, stop before you make me cum over that pretty face.” He grunted.

You sat up and watched him undress out of his pants, letting you know it was time to remove your clothes. Yoongi stood to help you, allowing you to lie back on the couch where he just was once you were naked. He spread your legs and situated himself between them. He leaned forward and took a nice long lick up your slit before resting back on his ankles, bringing his middle and ring fingers to his mouth wetting them. He placed them at your opening and shoved them inside. Right away, Yoongi fucked you on his fingers at an extremely fast pace. You could feel yourself dripping onto the couch but the movement of his fingers had you lost for words.

“If we are going to do this then we have to be as quiet as possible. I don’t want them disturbing us again. Do you understand?” You opened your mouth to talk but nothing came out. “Y/n, do you hear me?”

You knew that if you had opened your mouth to answer, the entire apartment complex would know what Yoongi was doing to you. You nodded your head in agreement. He removed his hands, bringing his wet fingers to his lips licking away your sweet nectar. He leaned forward, guiding his cock to your entrance only leaving the tip inside before resting on his forearms. Yoongi bucked his hips causing him to slide into your warmth. You were seconds away from moaning out but Yoongi covered your mouth with his own. He slowly rocked his hips into yours, making love to your body in the most sensual way. You rested your hands on to his smooth back, pulling him in closer. You suck on his tongue as he pushes your legs further apart with his body. Yoongi gave you slow but deep thrusts, rolling his hips into yours. His actions only made you want him even more. You hungrily play with his tongue but all administrations stop when you both hear a light whine by your heads. Breaking the kiss, you both look towards the sound and find Holly staring at you two with doe eyes and his head resting on the cushion.

You are the first to turn away, quietly giggling. You pepper kisses on Yoongi’s neck.

“I guess I’m not the only one who wants your attention tonight.” You whisper in his ear.

“Fuck! Out of all the nights…” he mumbles to himself, trying to think of what to do. The last thing he wanted was his dog watching him have sex. Using gestures, Yoongi tried to get Holly to lie on his dog bed.

“Yoongi…” you moaned out, rolling your hips. He turned his attention back to you and kisses your lips. Thrusting into you once before Holly whimpered again.

“Min Holly…” Yoongi groaned in frustration as he looked back at his puppy. “I promise I will give you all the attention you want, just give me thirty minutes.”

As if he understood every word, Holly walked away. You shook your head, amazed at what just happened.

“That’s why I love that dog. He understands me,” Yoongi chuckled and looked down at you. “Now, let me tend to my other spoiled baby.”

His lips were on you in seconds. Sucking a purple mark on your neck. His hip movements were deep but now his thrusts were filled with a bit more urgency. You looped your arms under his and held onto his shoulders. Biting into his collarbone to keep from screaming. Feeling the tight pinch in his skin and your muffled moans only motivated Yoongi to move faster. Rotating your hip upwards and spreading your legs wider, he was able to slip deeper inside of your pussy. Yoongi moved to lay behind you, lifting your leg in the air. In this position he was hitting spots you never knew existed.

“Fuck… Yoongi…” you breathlessly cried.

He held you as close as he could. His arm came up under yours and rested at the base of your throat. He turned your head to connect to your lips. You cried in his mouth as a signal that you were near your end.

“All most there baby.” Yoongi groaned, pumping his dick in you faster.

He could feel every detail about your velvety wet center when you squeezed around him. You had entered into another dimension when your orgasm passed through you. You couldn’t speak or hear but only feel Yoongi’s cock guide you out of it. His thrusts started to subside soon after, unloading a never ending string of cum to paint your walls. You both lay there breathlessly, softly pecking each other lips.

“I love you.” Yoongi smiled.

“I love you too, Yoongi-bear.”

He groaned causing you to giggle but a clearing of the throat interrupt the moment. You both look at the doorway to find Namjoon with his eyes covered.

“Now that you two had a good night, Yoongi I think you need to clean up after Holly before-” The shriek of Jin’s voice echoed through the dorm. “Jin stepped in it.” Namjoon sighed.


Betsy DeVos has no idea what the difference between proficiency and growth is

  • Department of Education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos’s Senate confirmation hearing was Tuesday. 
  • Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) described an experience contrasting proficiency to growth and used that to ask DeVos for her views on the debate. DeVos couldn’t answer the question. Read more

Betsy DeVos cites danger of “grizzlies” as reason to allow guns in schools

  • Also during her confirmation hearing, DeVos cited grizzly bears as why the federal government not to take action against guns in schools.
  • DeVos said in Wyoming, “I’d imagine there’s a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies.”
  • One Wyoming teacher explained to Mic that fences and bear spray are used to ward off bears. Read more

Teachers union chief says Betsy DeVos “is a trainwreck waiting to happen”

  • Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president of the National Education Association, said in an interview that DeVos is unqualified and has the wrong vision for the nation’s schools.
  • “I don’t think you will find one human being who could actually point to something who could say, ‘Because she did this, it really improved those traditional, neighborhood public schools,” Garcia said. “What you’re seeing here is a trainwreck waiting to happen.”  Read more

anonymous asked:

I actually liked the episode (and I was very prepared for the worst). But tell me why didn't you, please, I really respect your opinion!

Hi love :) Sorry it took me a bit to answer this…I read it last night, but I was tired and needed to get some sleep.

First off, I’m happy you liked it, I really am. At least some people should get some joy and entertainment out of it, but here’s some points why I just can’t…

  • It’s very sloppy writing. Things that happened earlier are being completely disregarded and explained away with like one line, if at all, e.g. the last scene of TLD (4x02) where Eurus/Euros (how the hell is it spelled? I’m gonna go with Eurus now) is revealed and she’s aiming her gun at John, saying she’ll “put a hole in it”, and it apparently was only a tranquilliser. Why? Why do all that? Have her pretend to be three different people, first flirt with John and apparently text with him, then pose as his therapist and go all dramatic on his ass…and then “Shot me during a session. Only with a tranquilliser.” is a throw away line in the next episode. That reeks of bad storytelling, like they wanted this big cliffhanger just for dramatic effect but then couldn’t be bothered to do anything with it. Same with the explosion at Baker Street - they are jumping out of a freaking exploding building, through the window! And then we get a cut and see them being fine on some boat.
  • Plotholes. John in the well: he was chained by his feet down there, which is why he couldn’t try to climb up himself, but then a rope is thrown down and the chains magically disappear? Sherlock’s ‘recurring’ dreams of water because of the well (those dreams have never been mentioned before btw, there was one line in TST (4x01) “You’ve been having dreams. A recurring dream?”): how can he make a connection to that well when he never knew it even existed? Sure, he suppressed the memory of Victor, but he had no clue what happened to him and that he was thrown down that damn well, so how does “Deep water, Sherlock, all your life, in all your dreams. Deep waters.” make sense?
  • Shit happening out of nowhere. The whole Eurus thing. They can’t expect me to be invested in something that came up during the last few minutes of the previous episode…that’s the first time the whole secret psychotic sister stuff came up. Sure, we got the line about “the other one” in HLV, but that was 3x03, three seasons into the show. And yet they claim it’s “the culmination of everything we’ve been building up to for the past six years”. That’s the final problem? Bear in mind that this might be the last episode of the whole show, and they’re telling me this was a story about Sherlock Holmes and his secret sister who apparently made him the way he is, even though none of that has ever come up prior to HLV. Even ‘Readbeard’ wasn’t mentioned before TSOT (3x02). But sure, “Every choice you ever made, every path you’ve ever taken, the man you are today is your memory of Eurus.” Sorry, not buying it.
  • Same goes for Moriarty. He had a five minute conversation with Eurus, and she apparently brainwashed him because “It took her just five minutes to do all of this to us”. So everything Moriarty did to Sherlock and John was because of her, that’s it. It takes so much away from his story and his infatuation with Sherlock, and it doesn’t even make a whole lot of sense because all of S1 and TGG (1x03) took place BEFORE that “christmas day 5 years ago” when Moriarty and Eurus met. The christmas they met would be the one in S2 during ASIB (2x01)…timeline wise. Maybe I got this all wrong - if I did, someone please explain to me why he even was in that episode and why that five minute unsupervised conversation was put in there - but that’s how I understood it.
  • The episode as a finale for S4. None of the episodes really have a connection apart from Eurus being 294 different people in them. Without TFP explaining why everything prior to it felt so weird and out of context (and it did! even casual viewers picked up on that), the whole season seems messy and disjointed. I’m talking about TST (3x01) and Mary in particular here: her whole redemption arc was done in that one episode, and ofc they only have three per season, but there’s still a way to make that feel more organic. Because the way it was done I’m simply not buying it. She went from wanting to kill Magnussen and shooting (and actually killing) Sherlock and threatening him to shut up about it afterwards to being a lovely and nice wife and mother in the span of a few months? And she fully ‘redeemed’ herself by…sacrificing herself. (And let’s not even talk about how absolutely shitty Mary’s death was done and how it’s impossible for anyone to jump in front of a bullet like that. I’d forgive other shows for that, but not Sherlock, a show that only two episodes earlier explained how being shot actually works and that “it’s not like it is in the movies”.) It just doesn’t sit right with me. Neither does John actually forgiving her for lying to him on that big a scale and for SHOOTING SHERLOCK. I’m sorry, but if my partner shot my best friend, there’s no way in hell I’d just be like ‘okay, shit happens’…and this is John!, the guy who killed a man for Sherlock after one day of meeting him. After watching TST I still thought all of this was a plan, now, after having seen the whole season, I just think it’s bad writing and horrible execution.
  • The episode as a (possible) finale for the whole show. No, just no. Like I mentioned above, TFP and its plot doesn’t wrap up the show in a nice bow for me. It’s barely connected to the rest, and it’s certainly not the big final chapter of the story they have been telling before. I felt nothing. Season 4 as a whole feels ridiculously separate from everything else and not like the show I love, I can barely recognise it, which is probably mostly due to the fact that this used to be a story about John and Sherlock (not talking Johnlock here, though I will get to that), and this season didn’t really have that at its core. The heart of it were always the two of them - “the story of two men and their frankly ridiculous adventures”-, but with these three episodes I can’t even remember them really talking to each other or having any interaction that shows the reality of their friendship/relationship/connection except for a hug and Sherlock saying John is family and, like, not wanting to shoot him.
  • Johnlock. What this show did was queerbaiting, plain and simple. I know there’s people who keep insisting it’s not because Moftiss once said they’re not telling a romantic story about John and Sherlock, but the show, its subtext AND text did, and that’s what I care about when I watch something. It was there, blatantly obvious even to someone like me who never used to pick up on those things prior to watching this show and who didn’t go into it expecting or looking for it. But I saw and noticed it before there were a million metas about it out there…and we didn’t just imagine it or make shit up. There’s a reason so many people believed in Johnlock, the show told us but didn’t follow through, and that’s queerbaiting. It’s a big fuck you to so many lgbt folks who truly believed they’d get actual, beautifully told representation - me included. It’s heartbreaking and so so cruel because they played us. It’s still there, in the show, and to me it will always be what John and Sherlock’s story is about, but it wasn’t made explicit. And that hurts, it really does.

So yeah. Even without taking non canon Johnlock into consideration I had a lot of problems with this ep and think it’s simply not good, the whole vibe of it didn’t feel right. There’s some other things I didn’t particularly like (what they did to Molly, the fact that Mary apparently knows John and Sherlock best, or that they summed it all up with a bullshit line like “Who you really are, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend.” - what kind of message is that?), but this is already super long by my standards, so I’ll leave it at that.
Here’s to hoping all of this makes sense; I started writing it right after waking up and my thoughts were still a bit of a mess and I also had to switch my brain to English. Maybe I’ll do a rewatch of the season and have some more to say about it then, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon because I really don’t feel like it. Which already says a lot because I’ve watched every other episode at least 12 times.

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I wish I could kiss him. Damn! Don’t think that in front of Queenie. Bugger! She’s grinning, oh no, she knows I like Newt…

“Please, don’t tell him!” You begged her suddenly when everyone but Queenie and you left the room, and she grinned. “Queenie!”

“Fine! But you have to tell him eventually.” 

“What a good idea! Why haven’t I said something earlier? Oh right, he does not like me back!” You huffed sarcastically and crossed your arms moodily. You wished you could have shielded your thoughts. 

“Are you sure?” She smilled even brighter and you knew that something was fishy about her sly smile.

“Did you read his thoughts?” You asked and she shrugged her shoulders.

“I can’t stop it, and yes, I did. He likes you. You’re his best friend and you’re probably the only one who he would even consider to really, really like.” She held a giggle nack. “He thinks you have a nice behind. He tries to hide his thoughts.”

“Applesauce!” You were quite shocked. Newt was never someone who gawked at women and told you if they had a nice cleavage or behind or smile. Never. You had assumed he was asexual and that his beasts were his only true love. “You’re kidding me.” 

“I’m not.”  

“Oh bugger, what should I do. I can’t go up to Newt and tell him that I have crush on him. That’s weird, even for me.” You exclaimed helplessly and groaned, but stopped when you heard a soft ‘Oh’ behind you,stiffening. Turning around, you looked up and saw Newt at the door, looking surprised at your words. You gulped and blicked, your throat suddenly dry. 

Queenie smiled and left the room and you cleared your throat. 

“Well, that was not how I imagined it at all.”

Writing is Hard: Racism in a Fantasy Landscape

I wasn’t going to write about the Black Witch. And I’m still not going to write about it (if you’re curious about the book you can check out Goodreads here:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25740412-the-black-witch).  But I do want to talk about two things that have been on my mind since reading reviews: racism in fantasy and redemptive arcs for actively racist characters.  Because I think it’s important for authors going forward to understand why and how an author ends up with books that attempt to deconstruct ideas of power but then fail miserably.

This post is about addressing racism within a fantasy storytelling structure.  I’m going to save my discussion about redemptive arcs for racists for another post.

I touched on the idea of dismantling racism within a fantasy setting on twitter earlier this week.  Authors, especially white authors, like to tackle ideas of racism within fantasy settings by creating fake races for the point of view characters to be racist against.  This seems like a good idea in theory, but it is actually harder than just writing fantasy cultures that have a correlation to real world cultures and deconstructing real world racism within a fantasy setting.

Here’s why:

1. You have to teach a reader about the power structures in your fantasy world. And then deconstruct them.  Part of writing fantasy is about teaching a reader how to read your book.  This involves setting up scenes that illustrate the possible outcomes that can exist in your fantasy world.  Can your characters use magic? Great, now you have to show the reader the price of that magic, or the societal ramifications of that magic.  But you also will have to do that for the racism against the made up races within your book.  So creating a made up race creates more work to be done on the page.

2.  You have to be especially careful about how you code your characters.  If you accidentally code a race as a real world race but neglect to deconstruct the power structures of the real world you’ve created a trap of your own making.  If you code a fantasy race as several different real world analogs then that means there are several different cultural expectations you must subvert on the page.  If you don’t address the stereotypes and cultural narratives surrounding the real world people, then you aren’t going to be successful at deconstructing the power structures of your fantasy world on the page. You have to always be actively deconstructing and subverting at least two power structures: the real world one that people understand and expect and the one you’ve built.  Oh, and also worldbuild and have a plot in there somewhere.  That’s a lot of spinning plates to manage.

3.  You can’t erase the real world people of color who actually suffer from racism.  This is a biggie, because one of the reasons authors resort to made up races is to not have to tackle real world racism and expectations of cultural out groups.  But erasing Black people in a book that dissects and deconstructs the ramifications of chattel slavery in a fantasy world where the legacy of chattel slavery is the driving force behind the world’s current power structures is itself kind of racist.  Erasure is it’s own kind of marginalization.  And let’s be honest: if you aren’t comfortable talking about how racism exists in the real world, your fake world racism discussion is going to be shit.

4. Fantasy races like elves and vampires are not human and by their definition are already the other.  So if the recipients of your fake racism are non-human races then as a writer you have to work even harder to show the dehumanization of the people who suffer from racism (or whatever you decide to call the prejudice that is tied to power that takes the place of racism).  And if those people are not human then you are going to have to first humanize those characters, and then show the complexities and nuance of them as a people.  As well as all of the stuff we talked about above.  That is a lot of work.

Bottom line:

Readers will bring real world expectations to your fantasy world.  That means they will also bring real world expectations of power structures to your fantasy world.  That means those expectations will have to be subverted and addressed on the page, along with all of the worldbuilding that is required from writing a fatnasy.   And if you can’t do that in a way that keeps your story moving, your story will fail.

At Eleven

Another Jay Park fluff.

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You never liked arguments. For one, you were not the type to bite back at people. No, you’re too scared to do that. So you would stay quiet and let the other person lash out what they are feeling until they calm down. Or worse, they get angrier at you.

The latter was what happened between you and Jay.

You lay in bed, back flat against the mattress and eyes staring at the ceiling. You’d long forgotten when you put your earphones in, but the row earlier with Jay—which involved him the only one speaking for most parts—lingered in your mind like it’s happening right before your eyes at the moment.

“If you don’t like it, just tell me. How else will I know?” Jay told you on your way home, as calm as he could, but you could hear the irritation in his tone.

The thing about Jay is he never yelled at you. Maybe when you’re not in the same room and he would call you, but not when the two of you are fighting. Shouting didn’t really solve anything. And you didn’t do well when people raised their voice at you. It only made you fall quieter; more resolved to swim in your own space.

Jay understands you like that.

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People wonder why I love true crime so much, they just assume I’m some killer in the making. What they don’t understand is that true crime has been an incredible distraction for me.

When I was heavily involved in true crime I would spend my day researching, reading, learning about the case that I had forgotten why I was upset earlier that week or why I was depressed the other day. Instead of being depressed and having panic attacks at night I think about the case think about why it happened think about the unanswered questions

It keeps me busy and i feel like I’m doing something productive by learning something new. It helps me a lot, helps me understand people, teaches me about psychology.

#when will the Original Iwatobi Relay Team come back from the war

I was feeling nostalgic earlier and i skimmed through the high speed manga and i remembered again how much i love my tiny rarepairs, like makorin who are adorable and smiling up there because they were friends and also had fondness for each other.

and also i saw this tiny panel

it’s smol and like… at the back of a Very Important Haruka panel but this made me smile so much because this was the scene before Nagisa went to say “I’m really nervous!” all smiley at Haruka??? this implies that he was more nervous and worried but rin talked to him so he’s kinda more smiley after?? that’s such a cute small detail!!! also rin and nagisa are so touchy, i appreciate my cuddle buddies being on #brand.

i love nagirin so much ok

i was being dumb earlier so this happened

At night...
  • Me at 12: 30 am: It's getting kinda late, I should probably go to sleep
  • Brain: But what about that fanfiction you wanted to read? The night is young!!
  • Me: But...
  • Brain: And isn't there that post you were looking for earlier? We have a few hours before you have to do stuff, why don't we scroll down until we find it!!
  • Me: ...
  • *3 hours later*
  • Brain: Haven't you been telling yourself to finish that anime you started a couple weeks ago? Let's finish it now!!!!
  • Me: But there are 8 episodes left
  • Brain: So? They're only take 20 minutes!
  • Me at 5: 00: FML

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What do you think of a ravenclaw, huffelpuff friendship?

“Why are you so stressed?”

“Because I have an essay due in 5 hours that I haven’t even started yet!”

“What?! I did that last week! How come you didn’t get it done earlier?”

“I was writing a new song. And reading that new book I bought. And looking through old childhood photo albums.”

“Okay. Well this is 100% your own fault but I’m your friend and if there’s anything I can do to help just let me know okay”

“Love you”

Feel free to read just the phrases in bold to get a glance of the main ideas!

-Find a valuable reason for why you want to wake up at a certain time- I’ve found that no matter how many alarms I’d set, or how far I’d place my phone so that I would have to stand up and reach for it, I would still go back to bed or even worse, not even stand up to turn the alarm off. By giving yourself a good solid reason to why you are “sacrificing” more hours of sleep, it may be easier for you to be more consistent with the sleeping patterns you want to follow. 

 -Sleep the amount of hours you need to function- no matter how many valuable reasons you have to wake up, if you don’t get a good night sleep, or sleep for just 4 hours, you may be able to wake up, but your brain will be in “zombie mode”. Try going to sleep preferably at around the same time at night, so that you get used to the fact that when that time comes around you should be in bed, doing something relaxing. 

-Have a set night routine- in conection with the previous tip, having a set night routine will set you in the right mood to rest better. Maybe take a bath, brush your teeth, apply moisturizer, have some tea, and do anything that you specially enjoy and relaxes you. This way you might fall asleep quicker, having a better quality rest. 

-Have a notebook near your bed- this tip has worked wonders for me when there are too many things crossing my mind which prevent me from sleeping. For instance, things that I have to do the next day, things I didn’t do that day, things I forgot and remembered just when I was about to fall asleep, etc. So having a notebook or piece of paper near you, will be beneficial for you as you’ll be able to write down all those thoughts (which could be any, such as fears, exciting upcomig events), pulling them out of your brain. This works for me also, because when I wake up in the morning I’m able to read what I’ve written the previous night and get excited (if I’ve written something I’m expecting), motivated (if I read the list if things I want to cross out), or willing to face my fears if it is something I’m dealing with.

-Enjoy your morning routine- have something special you can do every single day to make your mornings more enjoyable. Maybe have a warm shower, prepare a nice breakfast, watch an episode of your favourite show or do anything that will put a smile in your face. 

-Remind yourself that it will be worth it in the long run- if the first tip isn’t quite working, try thinking in the long run, and how eventually keeping a consistent early waking pattern will benefit you in terms of further productivity, better understanding of a certain topic, etc. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that not waking up early one, two, three days, does not mean you are a failure of will not prevent you from reaching your desired goal. 

-Sleep with your blinds open if the sun rises early in the morning- this is very helpful as your body may naturally get used to waking up earlier just by the sunlight coming through the window.

-Have a calming alarm which gradually starts to rise its volume- this will help you wake up in a better mood. Also, I’ve found that if I wake up with the sound of an anoying beeping alarm, my heart speeds up automatically, and that is something I don´t find very pleasant. The bedtime option in Iphones is really good, but there are plenty of apps in the AppStore and PlayStore as well.

-Find a buddy who is willing to wake up early with you- this is a very good one if you know of someone else who is trying to early rise like you. You can agree that both of you will check up on each other at a certain time and if one of you doesn’t reply, then that person owes the other one a breakfast or whatever they choose. Make it fun, kind of like a competition. Also, this will give you some sort of sense of achievement if you “win” at one point!

-Go gradual in terms of setting your alarm- if you are used to waking up at 8am, setting your alarm for the next day at 5am may not be a realistic expectation, or an easy one to be consistent with. So, try to go step by step, and in a lapse of maybe two weeks, create a schedule to try to wake up 15 or 20 minutes earlier every 2 or 3 days, and see how your body reacts to it, and how well it adapts. If you find that its not that hard to wake up 20 minutes earlier, maybe speed the process up until you reach your desired waking up time.

Hope you find some of these tips useful, have a wonderful week! 


SM is more obvious than Kaisoo themselves, and here is why.

Soooooo yeah. Every year since debut, correct me if I’m wrong, Kaisoo have celebrated their birthdays together on the day in between. The 13th of January. And why should January 13th 2k17 be any different? SM has worked tirelessly over the course of 2k16 to separate the two members of Exo, Kim Jong In and Do Kyung Soo, but what’s the reason for their separation? If they are indeed “Just friends” like SM says then there should be no reason for this, friends celebrate their birthdays together all the time. But if you recall earlier this year a rumor was spread on social media about a hidden gay couple in a kpop group. Now, I didn’t read the article because I didn’t want to read up on something that was not confirmed, you really can’t trust the internet these days. But like so many other people who look at the logic in things my mind automatically turned to Kaisoo as the culprit of such rumors. BECAUSE of their history in the spotlight of supposed gay couples in the media. And if you do your research then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Just look up Kaisoo moments from debut to now and then tell me they aren’t a little too close to be “just friends”. Questions have been thrown around about them since even pre-debut, but maybe SM is finally seeing the real issue here. Having a gay couple in a group under their label could seriously hurt their sales numbers. And we wouldn’t want that, even over two human beings happiness, god forbid. So now SM, as one of the three largest music companies in South Korea, is getting scared. And so they figured to make themselves feel safer they would try their hardest to eliminate the chances of anything seriously suspicious happening between the two artists. By separating them at every chance they get. So there. How about we completely ruin a tradition and ban the two lovebirds from celebrating their fucking birthdays together because something as innocent as a birthday celebration could completely blow up in our faces and we would have a fucking crisis on our hands because two people of the same gender love each other. SM please. Think before you act. Because now you’re not only hurting them but you’re hurting yourselves. Bastards.

I know that this is extremely topical and relevant to the current plot on the show, but I’m going to talk about it anyway.

The burger date.

The scene in Andrew Dabb’s The Things We Left Behind, directed by one of the few people involved with the show that have come out and said that Destiel is not a thing that the show is doing (Sure, Jan). The scene between Dean and Castiel has been analyzed to death, and there were several comprehensive posts also comparing the scene between Dean and Castiel to the scene between Castiel and Claire in both composition and content.

But one thing that I don’t remember reading, that I feel is missing, was a comparison between the scene of Dean and Castiel at the diner and the scene between Sam and Dean in the bunker earlier in the episode. And I think this is crucially important.

I first started thinking about this in response to questions by Sam-girls as to why the scene of Sam preparing the grilled cheese sandwich for his brother Dean was cut out of the episode. There was a response by someone involved with the show (I want to say Jim Michaels?) that it was cut for time which didn’t satisfy the fans demanding answers, because there were so many other things that could have been cut for time in the episode. And I agree with these people, although do not share their upset over the scene being cut.

Because cutting the scene of Sam preparing the sandwich and having Sam deliver the sandwich to Dean brings the two scenes into sharper contrast, and we need to contrast the two scenes.

We cannot understand one without the other. We need both scenes to get the full impact of the other. Andrew Dabb, as I’ve discussed many, many times in the past, loves narrative symmetry and his scenes are always in conversation with and complementing one another. And these two scenes are especially dependent on each other, the first interpreting the second and vice versa.

So, what we learn from the first scene is that Dean hasn’t been eating for a long time. Sam doesn’t prepare food for Dean. Sam doesn’t concern himself with Dean’s eating usually. Dean is the big brother that takes care of his little brother Sam and makes sure that Sam is fed.

Andrew Dabb has written more about Sam and Dean’s childhood than just about any writer on the show, has established the canon of their childhood in which Dean took care of Sam, was parentified. It was in Andrew Dabb’s Clip Show that we saw Dean still take care of Sam as an adult, making sure that he got something to eat even when they had nothing to eat in the bunker. And this scene is in sharp contrast with what we have learned about the boys in the past. This is the first time we see Sam take care of Dean’s physical needs. That is how concerned Sam is for Dean. This is to emphasize how long it has been since Dean last ate, last concerned himself with food, how small of an appetite he has under the thrall of the Mark of Cain.

Dean is not hungry. He doesn’t seek out food. But he eats the sandwich that Sam has made for him – in order to avoid having a conversation with his brother.

The line that laid the foundation for Sam and Dean’s scene, which lingered over it, was spoken by Sandy the social worker just prior to the first shot of Dean in the episode [about Claire]: “She doesn’t need a friend, she needs a father”. We are meant to ask of Dean what he currently needs  – is it a father? Is it a friend? Is it a brother? Or something besides?

Sam, Dean’s brother, attempts to mother Dean, and that is the wrong answer. Dean doesn’t need Sam to be his mother. It’s a bust. Dean doesn’t respond but withdraws.

In the scene, Sam and Dean sit at the same table but there is a distance between them. Dean uses the Three Stooges film he’s watching to build and maintain a wall between them. While they are sitting down together at the same table, watching the same film, laughing together, they’re not actually connecting. There’s a disconnect between them. Dean is avoiding the exploration of his own inner feelings, his own dark thoughts, by escaping into watching a comedy, disguising his true thoughts and feelings into levity, which is what he does. We’ve known since the first season that when he’s really hurting, when he’s truly in pain, he will make a joke out of it. It’s how he deals.

There’s a disconnect between Sam and Dean while Dean eats the sandwich Sam prepared for him. Their conversation tends toward the trivial. Dean is not hungry. They are both dishonest – Sam telling Dean that he’s glad he’s feeling better when what he is is concerned for his brother, and Dean letting Sam think he’s doing better when he’s genuinely not. When, and we learn this in the other scene, what Dean is thinking about inside while he laughs on the outside, is that Sam will never be able to stop him when the moment will inevitably come that Dean Winchester needs someone to stop him. That is the subtext in the scene.

“Better than ever,” Dean tells to Sam. It is every inch a bold faced lie. Dean is not honest with Sam. Dean is not even honest with the sandwich while he greets it with “Hello, beautiful!” And Sam is not honest with Dean, his gaze lingering on the Mark of Cain, clearly worried but keeping it all inside.

Sam returns to being Dean’s brother by teasing him, asking him whether he needs some alone time with the sandwich, as he makes some obscene sounds of pleasure acquainting himself with it. This is also in contrast with the other scene.

They sit together. They laugh. They share a picturesque broment. And everything about it rings hollow. Everything about it is a lie.

In the other scene, Sam doesn’t ask Dean whether he needs alone time with Castiel. Sam can tell that he does, and agrees basically to work the case on his own to let Dean have the time alone with his friend that he clearly wants and needs.

Everything in the diner scene is an inversion of the scene between Sam and Dean.

Where Dean had avoided Sam’s company in the bunker they shared together, Dean seems to have dropped everything the minute Castiel called to get to him. Where Dean pretended for Sam, he has no artifice with Castiel. He tells his honest thoughts, he shares his feelings. They don’t laugh at something outside of themselves, but share humor between them. They connect.

Dean is hungry. He’s really hungry. He’s not pretending to be hungry to avoid a conversation. He’s hungry to a point that he does something he knows will look very strange to the normal, every-day on-lookers in the restaurant. He lies neither to Castiel nor to Castiel’s sandwich. It is Castiel that attempts to avoid having a real conversation with Dean initially, making small-talk on the ketchup. It’s Dean that insist they have a real conversation about what’s bothering him. It’s Dean that insists on a real, genuine, honest connection between them.

Dean looks at Castiel and tells him, “Hell, yes” in tones that have more want in them than his dishonest “Hello, beautiful” had had previously.

Dean is interested in how Castiel is doing, not feigning interest. He wants to know how Castiel is doing where he had no interest in how Sam was doing, where he avoided his rather obviously hurting little brother earlier.

I want to emphasize this: the fact that Sam actually made a sandwich for his big brother Dean whose nutrition he has never felt responsible for in his life means that Dean had not been eating, had not been hungry, for long enough of a time for Sam to have paid attention to it, for Sam to have become worried about it. This same Dean eats two sets of burgers and fries, the epitome of a hungry, hungry hippo.

The contrast is of utmost importance.

They have a normal conversation, and then they have a deep, emotional conversation, and the question lingering over all of this is whether what Dean needs is a friend and a confidant over a brother at this moment – or whether it is something else besides that he needs. Unlike Claire he does need a friend absolutely, of this much we can be certain.

Castiel sits on the same side of the table that Sam had occupied at the bunker, but where Dean had been turned toward his lap-top his entire body is open and facing his friend, leaning toward him like a dove huddling for affection.

Where Sam did not ask Dean how he was doing but spoke what they both knew was a lie about Dean looking better, Castiel asks directly. And initially, Dean does lie. It’s a reflexive lie, it’s his instinct. But where Castiel doesn’t press him but merely gives him space, he does fess up to the truth of what he’s feeling.

Where it was dark in the bunker, it’s very bright in the diner. Where Dean was wrapped in dark tones, he’s now shed his dark cloak. Where he avoided Sam’s gaze, he looks Castiel directly in the eyes, his gaze firm except for when the bashfully look away. We cannot understand the full impact of one scene without the other.

And don’t mistake this contrasting of the scenes for a competition for Dean’s affection. This is not a Dean-off. The scenes are contrasted to highlight the theme of “Love… and love” in the narrative, of what we were told over and over during the tenth season. Dean loves both Sam and Castiel. Both Sam and Castiel love Dean. These things are truths that we hold self-evident. But they are not one and the same, love… and love.  

Sometimes a girl needs both a father and a friend. And sometimes a guy needs both a brother and… that very loud negative space.

That his entire body is crying out for.

When you and EXO get into an argument.

This is based off a request I got earlier, it is a longer Suho reaction, so click “here” if you want to read it.

Part Two - the make up

I am sorry if some of these sound the same.

Xiumin – When you got home, you found Xiumin sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone. You walked over and placed your chin on top of his, 

“Hey, you all right,” you asked as you looked down at his phone. He was looking at the trailer to your upcoming movie and got to the part where you had to kiss your fellow actor. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked referring to the kiss.

You moved around to the front of the couch and said, “I thought I did tell you.”

He sighed shaking his head, “You didn’t.”

“Oh, well it doesn’t matter now.” You said sitting down next to him.

Xiumin stood up and walked to his room shouting, “It does matter, especially when another guy is kissing my girlfriend and she doesn’t tell me.” 

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Suho – It had been a long day for both of you and when you returned in late from work, Suho had a few words to say to you. Both of you started yelling at each other until you said,

“I am not five! I don’t need you to be worried if I come home late. Do I constantly check on you when you don’t come home on time, no I don’t!” 

“Well maybe it would show liked you actually cared about me, Y/N!” 

Fulled by your anger and the completely wrong accusation made, you spun on your heel and walked out of the room.

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Lay – To surprise Lay with the release of his new album, you flew over to China to congratulate him. However it wasn’t the response you anticipated.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” Lay said opening his apartment door and stayed in the door way.

“To congratulate you on the album, it’s really good!” You said smiling, but the emotion wasn’t reciprocated of Lay. “Why haven’t you invited me in yet?”

He looked behind him then back at you, “Press are in there at the moment, and they don’t know about you.” 

“Oh that’s better than what I thought.” You said, realizing the mistake as soon as you said it.

“What do you mean?”

“Well you didn’t invite me in so I assumed that-”

He looked at you and shook his head. “I can’t believe you would think that of me Y/N,” he said whispering. “We will talk later.”

With that he shut the door in your face.

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Baekhyun – Baekhyun texted you to say that he could come home early and asked if you could make dinner. You kindly agreed since you two rarely had dinner together, so you decided to finish most of your projects for work before he came home. However you got wrapped up in so much work that you forgot that Baekhyun was coming home early, until you heard footsteps coming through the door.

“Hey Y/N,” He said sighing, indicating a bad mood. “What times dinner?”

“Shit,” you muttered standing up walking over to the kitchen, “I will start now, sorry I forgot.”

He hummed sitting down on the sofa, “I am sure you are.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“Nothing,” He sighed closing his eyes. “I am just in a bad mood, work is so stressful at the moment.” 

You cooked dinner but the comment that Baekhyun said still tugged at the back of your mind. 

“Baek what did you mean by I am sure you are?” You said as both of you sat down at the table.

“It’s just I asked you to do one thing and you didn’t do it until I came home,” He said eating his food. “I mean what could you have been doing all day to forget.” 

“Plenty actually,” With your change of tone, he paused eating looking at you. “I was doing my projects for work that need to be handed in.”

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Chen – You were having a bad day already, but it didn’t help that when you came home Chen decided to scare you. You were holding two cups of warm coffee, so when he did scare you; it fell onto the floor and you. You knew it wasn’t his fault for your bad mood, but that was the tipping point.” 

You didn’t mean to shout at him but it just slipped out, “Chen just go away, I really need to be alone right now!” 

Before he could reply, you stormed off into your room to clean yourself off.

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Chanyeol – Spelling and grammar in english has never been your thing, so when you were asked to write half a page in Korean for work you were mortified. This lead you to ask Chanyeol for help, you wanted to write it yourself but you needed a proof reader. You weren’t bothered by how many mistakes you made and you knew you were bad at writing Korean, however you didn’t like it that Chanyeol started to joke about how bad you were. 

He knew that this was a sensitive subject of yours, so when he did so, it made you spit out.

“I would like you to write a perfect paragraph in English, Mr. Park Chanyeol.”

You grabbed your paper and walked out of the living room and back into your study. To give an extra effect on how angry you were, you slammed the study door.

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Kyungsoo – Kyungsoo decided to plan a small date night since you two barely saw each other. You two planed to see a movie and get a take out dinner afterward, then eat back at your place. However that was ruined when you got a phone call from work.

“Kyungsoo I am really sorry, I have been called in for the night shift tonight.” you said putting your phone back into your bag. “Rachel is sick and no one else can fill in.” 

He huffed and muttered, “Of course.” You looked over and glared at him, “All I mean Y/N, is that anytime that I plan something for us it gets ruined by your work.”

“My work?” You laughed still looking at him, “Kyungsoo, tell me how many times you have had to cancel on me because of your work.” 

Quietly he said, “You could just say you can’t make it.”

“Pull over,” Kyungsoo turned his head to face you, but did as you asked and pulled over to the side of the road. You left saying, “Kyungsoo sometimes I think your ego takes over ever so slightly. Just because I don’t have a job that demands me to be in the spotlight 24/7, doesn’t mean I have a less stressful job.” 

With that you slammed the door and walked out.

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Kai – On the rare occasion that you two would argue, when it happened it would be big. Neither of you liked to argue with each other, so both of you would bottle it up until one of you was having a bad day. 

Today it happened to be Kai.

Because of his demanding schedule, he had been more tired and irritable recently, with you knowing this, you tried not to do anything to set him over the edge. However when you two decided to put the T.V on, the news started to bash on EXO’s new comeback. You quickly turned the TV to a new channel, but it didn’t stop Kai commenting.

“Why do news outlets need to comment like that?” He said rubbing his eyes.

You sighed realizing what was inevitably going to happen, “I don’t know Kai, but it happens every time for a comeback. You know and I know that this comeback is great.”

“But what if they are right?”

“They aren’t right.” You said trying to comfort him.

“How do you know, you don’t ever have to deal with this kind of pressure!” 

With that comment, you two got into a large fight which resulted into Kai leaving your apartment, and going back to the EXO dorms.

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Sehun - You didn’t mean to be late, it was just the traffic was really bad. You parked the car than ran into the restaurant, finding Sehun in the back corner looking through his phone. When you approached, he looked up and said,

“Where were you? I have been waiting here for nearly an hour.”

You pulled out your chair and quickly sat down, “The traffic was so bad and I left my phone at home, I really am sorry.” 

After ordering the food and discussing how each others day went, Sehun pulled out his phone and slightly ignored you. You kept trying to start conversation but he would only reply in short answers.

“I understand you are angry at me, but you don’t need to be so rude.” You said leaving some money on the table, before you made your way out of the resturant.  

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